Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Musical Instruments

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Includes the P45 Digital Piano, power adapter, sustain pedal and music rest 88 fully weighted piano style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos Dual mode lets you combine 2 voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience. Tuning- 414.8 – 440.0 – 446.8 Hz

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Yamaha P45B

The P-45 is the lowest-cost, 88-note, weighted-keyboard digital piano that Yamaha offers. This digital piano has a basic set of features, ideal for the needs of the beginner piano student.

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Authentic to the Touch

Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Plus the matte finish of the black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time.

Yamaha’s Classic Sound Engine

AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling uses digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano. AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms (L and R) captured with two microphones. The P-45 uses AWM to play one sample per key at varying levels of volume and timbre.

Simple, Single-Button Operation

Various P-45 settings can be changed with a single button. Hold down the “GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION” button and press the keyboard to change Voices, play demo sources, configure the metronome and more.

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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#2,374 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #12 in Home Digital Pianos

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March 11, 2015

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60 reviews for Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Musical Instruments

  1. Terry edwards

    Learning piano

    I bought this to learn how to play piano. The piano is of very good quality. Can you tell me when I purchased this. I’m trying to figure out how long I’ve been taking lessons.

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  2. nico k

    E and F keys (all of them) stopped working after 5 months

    This piano was absolutely fantastic. For five months. Now the E and F key don’t work. They do this odd thing where if you strike the E you can’t strike the F next. Or if you strike the F you can’t strike the E next. If you try to play them one after the other, silence. And they do it for the whole range of the keyboard. Strange. Very irritatingly, we’ve just signed our daughter up for lessons and now we are out of the return time and have to take this lemon to get repaired. SUPER ANNOYING. Yamaha is being pretty unhelpful. Incredibly irritated.**UPDATE** In the middle of lessons and recital season, our piano is currently being held captive by a local repair shop. Yamaha would neither accept a return or make a trade, nor would they send a loaner; taking the piano to our local repair shop was the only option. We are now in for the cost of the piano and the transport to the repair shop, out for the cost of lessons and have a child with a recital looming who cannot practice. The local shop has been disparaging about Yamaha products and customer service and has no date for return of the piano as they “wait for parts.” I will be calling Yamaha again today to plea my case for a replacement or refund as I’m souring to the consumer treatment. They could have resolved this easily. If this had happened sooner, we could have just dealt with Amazon’s amazing return policy. Instead, we are here.**FINAL UPDATE**Yamaha customer service is abysmal. I empathize with anyone who goes through what we did trying to get our piano repaired/replaced. Re: the above update, I called Yamaha that afternoon as promised. Again, I was met with a snotty attitude and ridiculous remarks. The Yamaha representative told me a) I never should order from Amazon as they would have dealt with this differently if I’d bought directly from them (I’m sure Amazon will be thrilled to hear this) and b) it’s very common for consumer products to be sent out for repair before replacements. Fair enough. But the example he used was a car—if your car needs a repair it has to go into the mechanic. I would argue that most car companies offer a loaner when they are remiss. It’s not called a courtesy car for nothing.But in Yamaha’s world, there is no courtesy and there is certainly no courtesy piano. The CS rep transferred me to the parts department to see if they could determine “if” the parts (of which I still have no clue what they were) have been ordered and if so, how long it will take to ship them for repair to my local store. I received a voicemail, left a message and as you can probably tell where this is going, never heard from them again.I dropped it at this point. My sanity wasn’t worth the constant huffing and puffing from Yamaha and I couldn’t bear to argue anymore. 7 weeks after our piano stopped working, it returned home. Minus the cost of transport in a hired car x4 (we are in a major city and walk everywhere), minus our child’s prepaid piano lessons (she made due on a janky old keyboard with missing keys in the interim—thank goodness we happened to have access to that, thanks friend) and minus time and effort dealing with a pretty crabby company.Our piano works fine now. If I ever have to go through this again, I don’t know how I will react. Honestly, I just don’t get it. I don’t need companies to bow to my every whim, but this is 2016, and money talks. And so do poor reviews. I will never recommend this product to anyone. In fact, I will likely never recommend ANY Yamaha products. It’s kind of like that pretty girl/handsome guy that has such a bunk personality you quickly realize they aren’t attractive at all. And you end up falling in love with the person who treats you right. Yamaha: treat your customers RIGHT.

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  3. Steven White

    Good value gigging keyboard for the price

    This is a good keyboard for its price. Its value proposition is that it’s portable, light enough to lug around to gigs, and decent-sounding enough to just plug in and perform with. It’s simple to operate, does what you’d expect it to, and the weighted action is great. I have few reservations about this keyboard as a gigging keyboard. I wouldn’t use it for production, and I wouldn’t play it at home, because the samples aren’t that good and the samples trigger when a key’s only partway down (which feels and sounds weird at times). But for ease of transporting around, and for setting up quickly and gigging, it’s going to be great. It’s far lighter than my controller keyboard, which ironically isn’t even as nicely weighted as the P45.By the way, I ordered the P45 after an unsatisfactory experience with a Williams Allegro 2. I bought that from Guitar Center. A power supply isn’t included with that keyboard, and the staff had picked out the wrong one, so when I got home I had a non-functioning setup. I started looking online for a power supply for it and things were just so far from straightforward about getting the right one (not even the Williams website would tell me what model# of supply I needed, nor even did my email to them asking that question) and I started to think that it was kind of bad of Williams not to even include a power supply with the keyboard. That keyboard is 150 dollars cheaper than the P45 but it’s about a tenth as good, I’d say, all things considered, so I returned that and ordered this. It came within 3 days, which was amazing.So, I’m satisfied with this P45 and I’d recommend it to anyone with similar needs to mine.

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  4. CarefulPurchaser12

    Decent Piano But Weighted Keyboard Not Like A Real Piano

    I bought this piano and have been using it since 2016. I play it for at least an hour most days, sometimes much longer.Here are my main points:Pros:1. I love the sound programs. It comes with two grand piano programs, electric piano, two pipe organ and two harpsichord programs. The first pipe organ and first harpsichord program are stunning. To hear how good they are, plug in a pair of headphones, or connect to a home audio system.2. Very portable. There are a number of stands you can order that fit this piano. It is light. I wish it had a case.3. The keyboard is responsive enough to play virtuoso music.Cons:1. The keys are weighted but nothing like a real piano. Doesn’t seem to have as much dynamic range.2. The keys are noisey. They make noise. Turn off the sound and play, you can hear it. Some keys are more noisey than others. It may be the more freqently used keys are noisy. However, if you wear headphones (I have wireless ones) or turn the volume up, it doesn’t seem to bother.3. The speakers are not so hot. It has two very nice piano sound programs, they sound great with the headphones, they sound mediocre to bad on the piano’s speakers.4. The piano is of course, light. Very light. Don’t get carried away and don’t place anything like a cup of coffee or a metronome on the piano.5. The headphone plug is in a VERY inconvenient location.6. I am not sure how much longer this piano will last with hours of practice per day. It just doesn’t seem robust enough to last 10 years with 2 hours of use per day, especially since the keys are getting noisey.On the whole, I needed a keyboard, I am in an apartment, I have neighbors, I play classical and baroque music. This instrument satisfied my needs and allowed me to grow as I play Bach, Beethoven, etc. I am able to play my pieces on a real piano, though it takes a little getting used to, and I am able to practice organ and some harpsichord technique (holding notes for the correct values and precision release).I suspect there are better pianos out there, but they are all more expensive. This one is doing the job for now. $500 wasn’t too much to spend.

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  5. Tezza

    Truly amazing!

    I was a little disappointed to see the packaging was somewhat damaged when it arrived. Nevertheless, the keyboard emerged unscathed. After a few minutes of looking over the setup instructions, I had the keyboard on the stand, powered and ready to go.My first reaction was the piano sound. If you closed your eyes, you’d have no idea that you weren’t playing a reasonably high quailty upright piano. Some people have said the sound is a little muffled, I would say it sounds like a typical piano backed up against a wall with a bunch of sheet music draped across the front. I have zero complaints about the sound.The action of the keys is heavy, perhaps very slightly stiffer than an older “broken in” acoustic piano. If you close your eyes you won’t necessarily think the action feels exactly like an acoustic piano, but it is a nevertheless very acceptable and pleasing action.The sum total of this instrument, and I do believe it is an instrument, is phenomenal for the price. You won’t be disappointed in the sound or the keyboard action. You’ll be wondering how they pulled this off quality instrument at this price point. Truly amazing!I tried the other sounds. The two piano sounds are great. The only other memorable sound for me is a pretty convincing organ (there are two). Haven’t tried the metronome yet.This is a great instrument if you’re buying a digital piano to learn how to play, or if you just want something that is really close to an acoustic piano with the weight, bulk, cost, tuning problems, etc. Highly recommended!

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  6. cfc

    Has a defect on the 5 highest keys. Otherwise great sound and proper key sensitivity

    I haven’t yet activated the guarante to fix the issue with the 5 highest keys, but I will update this review with the result.The key sensitivity is very good for this price range.The sound is great, not just the loudspeakers, but also through the headphones (depending on your headphones of course)My daughter has played piano for only a year, but this was a massive upgrade from her first, semi-sensitive piano.

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  7. Music Theory Student

    By far the best deal for quality, full electric keyboards, on a somewhat budget

    Great volume controls, great key action and weight, and a good selection of sounds (although I think there could be more). This is a great keyboard for those looking for a high quality entry 88 key keyboard.

    4 people found this helpful

  8. Patti Todd

    Beautifully made, Beautiful Sound

    This piano is exactly what I wanted. 88 keys, weighted keys and beautiful sound. As a beginner, I wanted to feel comfortable that I had the right piano on which to learn and play for years to come. I also love the look of the piano on the stand that is made for it as it looks and feels substantial and yet is is portable. A perfect mix of benefits!

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  9. Ian Hegarty

    Either the Nicest Student Keyboard or the Cheapest Professional Keybaord…

    Depending on how you look at it. For someone who wants to learn, and possibly even gig or open mic night, this is the absolute bomb. I have played Casio’s equivalent, and the keys on this are way faster. I also much love the UI, it only has 3 buttons, 10 tones, a metronome, reverb, and a 2 person mode (splits the keyboard in half and duplicates the octaves, which is great). The keys themselves double as buttons while you hold down the button. For me this was a huge plus, as I wanted to sink my money into weighted keybaord and cared nothing for all the tones, or more polyphony, or even an LED screen.This is exactly what I wanted, it’s like Yamaha read my mind, I can’t recommend it highly enough, with the only exception being if you have the clams and can afford it, get the next model up, as the speakers on here do leave something to be desired, which doesn’t detract from it for me at this price. I can also work around this issue either with the USB out or the headphones jack.Pros:-Price-Minimalistic-Key action- Sounds great-Feeling of keys-Looks great- 64 Note polyphonyCons– Speakers face the floor -Speakers are a little undepoweredOverall at this price, it’s exactly what I want and then some

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  10. mmcwatters

    Just wonderful

    A great proxy for a real piano. Most keyboards we’ve tried are tinny, flimsy, with poor sound and keyboard feel. For the money, this is as close as we’ve found to replicating an actual piano experience. My sons are both learning to play and they love it. It has rich sound and a full keyboard, both surprising considering its compact size. Highly recommend for beginners, people on a budget, or people with space constraints…or all three!

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  11. Adam

    Great quality

    The quality and the sound of this piano is absolutely amazing. Worth every penny.

  12. whatsleft

    Good keyboard for most levels of player

    What you expect from Yamaha. Great keyboard touch and feel. Minimal sound choices, as outlined in description, but the ones they have are right on. Sound through the onboard speakers are OK, not great, but loud enough for an indoor setting or small get together if needed. Connecting to an amp is a little tricky as you need to use an adapter for the headphone jack. I had one in my bag of “stuff”, that worked fine on one side, while another didn’t. Basically need to use a stereo to mono adapter that avoids phasing on the mono side. In most professional stuff w/ a L/R output, left output is also mono output. Haven’t really tested that aspect of it yet so don’t know if a stereo to L/R splitter will work properly. Overall, though, very good keyboard for beginner to pro, depending on what using it for.

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  13. Reny Greenleaf

    Love this

    My kids play this constantly!

  14. AnnieAnnie

    I got the like new version and it is perfect

    I got the “like new” version which is almost $100 cheaper. The box was a little bit damaged as seen in the picture. But everything else is brand new. The sound of the piano is great. So far so good.

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  15. Joseph A. McGranaghan

    This is a serious keyboard with excellent sound reproduction.

    I got this so that my grandson would have something to use while staying with us over the summer. He loves it, his teacher loves it and it is an outstanding keyboard. I had another Yamaha that was more for beginners with lots of voices and features. This one is light on features but heavy on sound quality, piano feel and playability. Highly recommended.

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  16. Mara Llanos


    Soy principiante y me encanta, excelente sonido y fácil de usar.

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  17. Robert Dwayne Horton


    I bought this keyboard after returning the Yamaha P71 due to high note keys not making a sound. After receiving the P45 I realized it’s the same keyboard as P71 with the same problem. The only difference is the P71 is it’s only available at Amazon and is $50 cheaper so if you’re looking at purchasing one of the them save your money and get the P71. However if you know you’ll need the high end keys you will be disappointed. I spoke to Yamaha tech after first purchase and they said to send it back. I’m going to reach out to them again and probably return this one as well. Really disappointed.

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  18. Ougm

    Really good

    Just updated from a 64 key Yamaha to this one for my daughter, it’s a huge difference in sound. Really nice compared to the 200 dollar sge began taking lessons with. Very happy with the purchase

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  19. Marcellino FurtadoMarcellino Furtado

    Acoustic snob – impressed!

    I am an intermediate pianist and I usually practice on a wurlitzer console piano, an hour a day, but I had to buy this in order to practice while traveling. I am an absolute piano snob. I strongly believe that the touch and feel of an acoustic piano is infinitely superior to the feel of a digital. That being said, I am impressed. Let me be clear: this is not a replacement for a piano. It is impossible to learn to play the piano well on this device because it does not have any character whatsoever. However, if, like me, you are in need of something-rather-than-nothing to practice with then this may work. There is a lot I could say about the feel but at the end of the day it’s just an imitation of a real piano and theres a certain quality of life that is missing. Just know what your getting. I am happy with it and I cant wait to get back to my real piano, but in the meantime it will do.

    9 people found this helpful

  20. Weston N.

    Decent Piano on a Budget

    This piano feels pretty darn close to a real acoustic piano. The keys are fully weighted and the sound is decent.With regard to durability: I have owned this piano now for four years. It still works. But it is not the same as when it was new. After about a year, no noticeable changes. After two years, still going strong. Three years, no problem.At about the four-year mark, the action does noticeably degrade. The keys feel mushier than a year ago and not as crisp. This in and of itself is nothing to complain about on a keyboard with weighted keys. All keyboards with weighted keys will eventually degrade over time and at ~$500 it is not held to the highest of standards. That said, the keys develop a “clicking” sound over four years’ time, which is much more annoying than mere mushiness. The “clicking” sound comes from the mechanical action of the key (it does not come from the speaker). The “clicking” sound is very soft and not an issue if you use headphones exclusively. Over-the-ear headphones will block the “clicking” sound. If you do not use headphones, however, the click is loud enough to disturb your internal rhythm and is very, very annoying.I still give the keyboard 4 stars, because I think for the money, it’s a good value proposition. Yamaha generally makes good, decent products. Take it or leave it. If you’re looking for a decent sounding, decent feeling keyboard to tide you over for a few years, this keyboard is perfectly acceptable. If you’re looking for something that will last a decade, you should probably be looking at more expensive equipment.

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  21. Bugs Bunny

    Love this piano!

    For six months I have been taking piano lessons and I am completely new to this. Been using a borrowed digital keyboard and it has been making my learning a rather slow progress as the keys were to “soft” not sure how else to describe it. I had to un-learn what I had learned when I played on the grand piano (my teacher’s). It was very difficult to keep doing this. Since I am loving playing the piano I decided to purchase the Yamaha p45 and I absolutely love this thing. The feel and the different sounds that I can play is great! It is making my learning much more enjoyable!Very happy with this purchase.

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  22. Michael White

    Great Instrument

    Yamaha describes this as their entry-level piano with weighted (vs. spring-return) keys. It’s an awesome practice piano. Touch is heavier than my Yamaha C7 grand at home, but very realistic and nicely engineered. Not a particularly loud maximum output with the speakers, but definitely satisfying sound quality. Bass is way better than expected. Be sure to order a decent sustain pedal, like others have suggested. The only real minus is poor access to the 1/4 inch headphone jack. It’s in a deep recess in the back of the unit. The Knox z-style stand pairs nicely with this if you hacksaw about 6 inches off the fronts of the supporting arms (very easy) and pop the plastic ends back into the holes. Good purchase!

  23. Joel Hernandez

    Llego a tiempo y de muy buena calidad

    Muy buena calidad

  24. Ton S.

    Great choice for beginners.

    If you were looking for something to start off as a beginner, this Yamaha is another great choice to start off. I bought it for my children. It is simple to use. Great sound for the price.However, if you are an experience player, I would skip this one and go for more pro level keyboard.

  25. Kristine

    This was the best Christmas gift my son received

    I bought this for my son in college and he loves it. He has already connected it to his computer and uploaded some tunes he has played.He is one of those gifted people who can “play by ear”.There is so much you can do with digital, and this is exactly the same “feel” as playing a regular piano.The seat and the holder for the piano were perfect as well.It is nice he can carry this piano anywhere, without multiple humans helping.This one is #1 as far as digital “weighted key” piano’s go.Certainly not a toy.Elated with this purchase~

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  26. Lisa P

    Plays great!

    This piano is great. I’ve had it for about 2-3 months now. It was easy to set up and I think it sounds great. The pedal confused me at first because it wasn’t working and I thought it was broken– but I googled it and turns out you just have to turn the piano off and on after plugging it and maybe keep your foot on the petal the whole time. You have to buy special adapter plugs in order to plug your headphones in (I bought eboot adpater and it was very cheap).I like the feel and the sound. I would recommend this!

    One person found this helpful

  27. Bobbi Conley

    Awesome instrument

    Very happy with this product. The sound is very good and it is extremely easy to operate the many functions it comes with. It’s perfect for our Country Chapel Church.

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  28. Mountain Charlie

    Sounds great, stuck key

    I’m a 74 year old rookie at piano playing, so am NO expert. But this sounds to me like a regular piano. The very highest keys I can’t hear, but I won’t blame the keyboard. One problem though is not my deficiency: One of the black higher note keys won’t play. It gets blocked by something so it won’t go down like the other keys. I found someone on Youtube that shows how to fix it, so I’ll try that myself, rather than returning it. I don’t think it will prevent me from learning how to play.

    7 people found this helpful

  29. Eagle101

    Wife loves it

    I bought this for my wife for Christmas because she expressed an interest in playing again. She says that the keyboard feels great and the sound quality is excellent. She has so far enjoyed playing the piano again.

  30. Wendy R.

    Great quality for price and beginners.

    I purchased this keyboard to learn how to play piano. The sound quality is amazing and I love that it comes with a sustain pedal and music stand. I would recommend purchasing a stand and stool along with this product.

  31. Lloyd B Miller

    I’m not an expert but for me it works well.

    There was one problem with my particular piano. I couldn’t fit the adapter into the hole in the piano.Luckily, I had the right person check it out. He knew other ways to open up the piano and get theadapter into it. Then it worked. So if you have this problem, don’t give up. You have the correct adapter. That can be determined from the numbers on the adapter. But you might need help if it has this problem.I’m particularly interested in composition. I don’t need the most expensive piano with the highest fidelity sound. To me, it sounds great.

  32. Ben

    the real deal!

    This feels and sounds absolutely amazing. Everyone goes on about how it’s a good beginner keyboard, and that’s true of course — the price point has a lot to do with that, but it understates the quality — this plays and sounds better than *any* piano I’ve ever put my hands on in the music store.. and it won’t require constant maintenance to keep it at that level… In fact, if I ever encountered a classic piano that sounded this good, I probably would not be allowed to put my hands on it..I like the function button + key combo thing a lot, I guess they did it to cut costs, but a single button gives a clean classy look vs having a ton of buttons on the top of the unit. However, they could’ve labeled what each key does! they literally all do something, but they’ve only labeled a few. In particular, split keys and octave up/down are not labeled, nor are the tuning options or reverb options, or any of the demo songs but they are all there.. I’ll have to keep the manual handy until I can remember the important ones.

    23 people found this helpful

  33. Otero1016

    Sounds amazing

    I bough this piano for my 10 year old son how is been playing for a little more over a year. It was time to get him something more professional. His music teacher recommended me this piano and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted something that the sound quality sounded like a grand piano and this really does. The sound is amazing my son loves it. Makes me happy to see him happy. And best part the value of money is exactly within my budget not having to pay for something pricey like a gran piano. I would definitely recommend this to anyone loving for something with in a budget but want something that sounds amazing.

  34. Bethany K WalkerBethany K Walker

    Weighted Keys! like a real piano!!

    Bought this for Yamaha P45 my teenaged daughter (thus the condition of the bedroom😂)She upgraded from a Casio 66 keyboard and we are SUPER impressed with this piano! Wow!Weighted keys 🎹 and comes with a foot pedal,Real piano sound. We did research before and found this is a one of the best models and getting it from Amazon at a lesser price PLUS it shipped to us in 1 day was the icing on the cake for the sweet sixteen surprise!

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  35. Bert Honeyfellow

    This is a better problem than before but it is still a problem

    I am no professional piano player. I have as an adult only been practicing for about a year. I was practicing on a yamaha dgx-205 which does not have weighted keys. I got sick of going to my lessons and playing on a real piano, only to find that the key’s weight would trip me up. So I looked for the cheapest possible keyboard with decent reviews and weighted keys and I settled on this one. Now as I said, I’m not pro, and I haven’t played on a lot of pianos. But I gotta say that the keys on this keyboard seem way heavier than the real pianos I have played on. I have played on two different uprights and a baby grand piano. They all now feel lighter than what I’m used to! This is a better problem than before but it is still a problem. It is really hard to get intonation right now as I always seem to mash on the keys when I’m at practice. I guess you get what you pay for. I just wish you didn’t have to pay so much to have remotely realistic weighted keys.

    6 people found this helpful

  36. donna

    Wonderful piano!

    I love this keyboard! To my ear, it doesn’t quite sound like a good acoustic piano, but it’s very close. I just play for my own enjoyment, anyway, and for that the sound is just fine. The only thing I find rather feeble is the sustain pedal—it’s small and lightweight and moves around a lot (maybe I emote a lot while playing?) and I may have to replace it with something more substantial. Initially the sustain pedal didn’t work at all, and I was groaning mightily at the prospect of having to send it back. But I consulted the manual, and lo and behold there it was: my problem and the fix, which worked like a charm. The sustain pedal has never given me trouble since then. On the whole, for this price, I think the Yamaha P45 is a terrific piano. So many conveniences that an acoustic doesn’t have! The only features I’ve used (besides the marvelous mobility, and it’s light enough for me, a woman, to easily carry) are volume control, which works beautifully, and the “grand piano” function. I’ll eventually get around to some of the others, but I truly just wanted a piano and I’m totally satisfied with the Yamaha P45.

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  37. Dr. babbo

    Fun to have in a small home!

    Fabulous keyboard! Feels & sounds like a real piano, I use it for fun & to teach my grandchildren!

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  38. Strawberry Girl

    Not as good as I expected

    I’m a beginning/intermediate piano student, and I was looking for a keyboard that would feel and sound close to an acoustic piano. I play on a grand piano during my lessons, so I’ve had many opportunities over the past few months to compare this keyboard with the real thing, and I am dissatisfied enough that I’m currently shopping for something better. First the good: the weighted action keys are great. I can’t tell any difference from a real piano. The pedal on the keyboard is obviously different, but I don’t have any trouble switching back and forth with the acoustic piano. My real complaint is with the sound. Beginning with the octave below middle C, the notes are very loud, so much so that they drown out whatever you’re playing with the right hand. The other problem is the dynamic range. Although the keys are touch sensitive, the difference in volume between pounding on them and lightly touching them is probably half of what it is on a real piano. This makes it hard to develop good technique, and pretty much everything you play isn’t going to sound well balanced or have interesting dynamics. I have tried readjusting the settings on the keyboard, but it doesn’t help. I highly recommend spending a little more to get something better. Also, I recommend the blog AZ Piano News for unbiased and thorough digital piano reviews.

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  39. Connor

    A Quality E-Piano

    This piano is an awesome home piano when paired with the L85 stand. The P45 has a great feel, sound, overall look, and number of voice options to choose from. I was conflicted in choosing between the P115 and the P45, and I know I made the right choice. The P115 is also a great piano, but the extra $200 wasn’t really worth it in my eyes. When it comes down to it, an instrument doesn’t need iPad connectivity to get the most out it when its main purpose is to be an electric piano. The inside of the main piano box contains a music holder, sustain pedal, AC adapter, and the P45 its self. In my opinion, anything past this is going to give you diminishing returns, I found the 64 note polyphony is plenty unless you plan on doing some of the more advanced classical music.[ I also recommend getting a better sustain pedal separately as the one that comes with it is lightweight, moves around, and doesn’t look or feel like a real pedal ]

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  40. Doug W

    Great student option

    This is a really good solution if you have a beginning piano player in the household. The quality is fine, it sounds good, the action is good. My daughter has been taking lessons for a year and a half with it and is progressing nicely and when she plays a real piano she doesn’t have any problems in terms of the action being different or whatever. She can practice with headphones (which was GREAT when she was first starting, now she sounds good enough I’d rather just listen). When we first got it a friend who plays nicely banged out a few things and it sounds surprisingly good.I’m sure we’ll be upgrading eventually – I’ve noticed her choir accompanist bringing a P-115 when they’re in a room without a piano, and it seems like a real workhorse – but I’m definitely not feeling any rush. There will probably be a better model out by then anyway.

    2 people found this helpful

  41. Ryan B.

    You will be happy with this purchase

    This is a great entry level weighted key keyboard. Yamaha has a great rep for a reason in this space.If you are looking for an entry into weighted key keyboards, this is the one. Simple as that.The only complaint I have is that the headphone jack needs a enable/disable function so that you don’t have to reach on the backside of the keyboard and plug/unplug every time you want to switch between headphones and the internal speakers.

    One person found this helpful

  42. Prime Mike

    Sounds great.

    This is easy to use and sounds great. My wife and 10 year old grandson both enjoy playing it.

  43. Eric

    Sounds and Feels just like a Piano

    This piano doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, actually it only has 10 sound, but they are all GREAT! The graded hammer action makes this feel just like you are playing a real acoustic piano. The grand piano and organs as well as harpsichord sounds are the best, but simply pairing the grand piano and strings, will give you a sound you can’t stop playing. Highly recommend this keyboard!!!

    One person found this helpful

  44. Alan XuAlan Xu

    Elegant piece with extraordinary sound!

    This is the second time I purchased a P45 (this time it’s a gift for my friend). The sound texture and quality of it are just amazing. I compared several e-pianos, and this is the one that’s most similar to a real piano both in sound and weighted touching feeling. Price-wise, it’s absolutely the best choice comparing to other products within the price range. Hugh recommendations for those who are still wandering around.

    3 people found this helpful

  45. Mark W. Dunn

    A very satisfied customer.

    My nephew was interested in learning to play the piano. He and his parents agreed that the flexibility a keyboard setup could offer might make the learning process more enjoyable, increasing the likelihood that he would stick with it over the long term. So this was a gift I purchased for him. The one requirement was that the play action of the keys simulate, closely enoug, those on a conventional piano so that my nephew would have no problem switching from one to the other.The Yamaha P45 was a great choice. If blindfolded, I don’t know that I would be able to distinguish between a piano and the P45. My nephew has been taking lessons for a few weeks now, and shows no sign of losing interest. His two brothers have been enjoying the P45 as well. One has taken it upon himself to download music from the Internet and learn a few songs on his own.I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  46. ____

    Quite legit, you’ll be happy with it.

    I bought this for my wife to learn piano. She is happy with it and here are my impressions:I’m a part-time professional musician (10 yrs and still going) although I do not play piano much, I do know good from bad. This one is great. The weight of the keys and response feels like a real piano. The sound is pretty good, not great. But I haven’t heard it plugged into an awesome sound system yet. The tone options like organ, synth, etc all sound good enough to gig with. But this thing is pretty bulky and heavy to lug around so I recommend keeping it in one place. It is definitely not a toy, it is a musical instrument and for the price it’s very hard to beat. Overall Yamaha is a brand you can trust when it comes to sound equipment, I’ve had a lot of experience with them in the past.

    155 people found this helpful

  47. Sue K

    I found this P-45 provides a great piano tone

    As a long time P-95B and Clavinova CVP-301 user, I found this P-45 provides a great piano tone. With the quality and price, it might be the best choice for grown-up beginners, and even for a dorm room keyboard for those who are looking for a solid piano sound.However, if you are looking for a keyboard for little ones within the similar price range, I would recommend YPG-535 since it has a variety of sounds, styles, and a display.Also, X-shape keyboard stand is uncomfortable for legs. So, if you can, thinking about the long-term investment, purchase a home bundle or H-shape stand separately!Pros: Great piano tone quality, affordable price, MIDI connectivityCons: Limited sounds, speaker is not loud enough for an ensemble with different instrument, but solo practice or voice accompaniment is just fine!

    6 people found this helpful

  48. Stephen Spinner

    i spent a “good part” of 1 month in a nursing home rehab with this great keyboard

    Wow! Amazing hammer-like action on this very substantial $500 keyboard; just a tad too springy next to the real deal but great key bed and authentic sounding sounds for so little money. Also, needed a very narrow keyboard and lightweight due to my particular situation and this one fit the bill perfectly!!! Highly recommend.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Andy

    Great keyboard!

    Feel of the keys and sound quality are as close to a real piano you can find.

  50. Rosemary R. Pushkarewicz

    It was wonderful. My son plays and that was the b st choice for him. Excellent

    My son to practice on. Full set of keys and other sounds to be added in.

  51. KVae

    Awesome keyboard, needs adjustable music stand and fixed sustain pedal to be perfect

    I couldnt be happier with this piano. The quality of the sound is amazing and even better than my churches $1,000+ Arius Model. The only thing is that I wish it had a built in fixed sustain pedal as the one it came with slips all around the place and the music stand does not swivel forward so it makes the piano come off the wall an inch or so (tight apartment)i wish it was ajustable so the piano could fit flush on the wall(you can remove it if you want it flush against the wall), otherwise, the best keyboard Ive owned, and for the price the sound quality is too good to be true. I shopped at guitar center and compared casio’s and williams models, some more expensive even and this was far beyond the best. Happy playing!

    5 people found this helpful

  52. Lorraine J.

    Great keyboard

    After 2 months the sustain pedal is not working —it now works when you don’t step on it and stops when you press on it.Would love a replacementAlso the headphone jack should be located in the front —- very difficult to place it in and remove it up against the wall.Otherwise I love the keyboard and the weighted keys—–bought it to get back to my roots during the quarantine.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Eric Epling

    Great sound quality and feel

    This is a great product for a beginner or an experienced musician.

    One person found this helpful

  54. leo

    get your own USB A/B cable

    The MIDI connector is USB, I don’t think you need any special interface.It did come with a foot pedal which, when pressed, continues to play keys that have been pressed.It does not come with a USB A/B connector (for the MIDI connection). Or at least I didn’t see one anywhere.Because that I didn’t see it come with a cable for the USB MIDI connection, I will probably leave off a star.Unfortunately, one of the keys, low F, is significantly louder than the others so I must return it (touching it lightly plays a sound like you hit it). So the lowest octave is rather unusable because of this artifact. Despite that, I keep giving it more stars because it doesn’t deserve a low rating for a random defective part.

    3 people found this helpful

  55. Pop

    Failure to Success

    Received on time but unit had stuck key; easily made arrangement to return; new keyboard showed up very quickly (even before bad one was returned) and replacement is great; grandson loves it and it sounds great. Definitely not a toy.

  56. J. Proffitt

    Nice key action, low volume

    The piano is basic. It looks basic, feels basic, and if you want no thrills whatsoever then this is the piano for you. The keys have a nice action, the pedal not so much. It’s hard to tell if you even have it pressed by feel alone. I like the sound of the piano, the tone is nice. However, my largest complaint is the volume. It’s really low. You can crank it wide open and not bother anyone in your house. I like to play at louder volumes because I like to be immersed in the sound, and in order to do this I have to wear headphones.

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  57. CACTUS


    Great value for a beginning piano student. 88 weighted keys and very portable. No tuning costs, easy to move, doesn’t take up much room, moves room to room easily. The action is not going to feel as good as an acoustic piano or a higher end keyboard, but is adequate for study.This would not be a bad choice for a music student that needs something to keep in a dorm room, etc.I would recommend ordering an aftermarket sustain pedal. The included pedal is a small plastic box that is more or less a throw away item.Me: I am a musician with music degree, but not a pianist. This is perfect as I teach my kids beginning piano skills and also plunk on my own.

    5 people found this helpful

  58. Gary


    This was for my wife she loves it

  59. Cameron Blair

    Perfect beginner piano

    Great for if you are still learning piano.You can connect to your desktop with a midi/printer to usb cable.You can use an editor on pc with it, or use flowkey to learn on your own (which i would recommend)Great piano.

    One person found this helpful

  60. KarlaKarla

    The sounds of the piano is great ! Great quality

    It’s great to begin to learn how to play the piano

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