Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

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The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone Great for use as a travel guitar when space is limited Gig bag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea

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Yamaha FG Junior Compact Acoustic Guitars

Built with the legendary quality and playability the FG Series, Yamaha designed the JR Series for the younger player, frequent traveler, or anyone who is more comfortable with a smaller-bodied acoustic. Carefully selection of woods goes into the building of every single Yamaha guitar and the JR1 and JR2 are no exception. Features include a spruce top, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware. This compact guitar delivers authentic acoustic sound anytime. Includes a gig bag for easy transport and safe storage.

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4.78 pounds

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60131303 (Guitars)
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4.6 out of 5 stars

989 ratings
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4.6 out of 5 stars

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 30, 2004

Back Material


Body Material


Color Name


Fretboard Material


Scale Length

21 1/4"

String Gauge


Product Dimensions

33.2 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches

Neck Material Type

Nato Wood

Top Material


Number of Strings


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Guitar Bridge System


Material Type

Meranti Wood

Musical Style

Folk, Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B

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60 reviews for Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

  1. grass_junkie

    Nice But Not a 3/4

    This is a nice little guitar. It sounds good and plays easy but it is a 1/2 scale guitar. It sounds better than most 3/4 guitars I have played however. This one is for a student who is younger than 10 so it will be okay for a few years. The neck is beefy and the fretboard wider that most 1/2 scale guitars, I think that is why it’s size in confusing. It’s built like a tank with heavy bracing. The lack of finish on the neck may cause it to get dirty and stained but shouldn’t hurt anything. For a true 3/4 scale in this price range I would look at an Oscar Schmidt or similar, they are finished better and are a true 3/4 scale but may require more attention to the set up to get them playing as good as this FG Jr.

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  2. Gern

    Fantastic guitar, well worth the price!

    We have two of these. Bought them for our kids, but I enjoy playing them too! They sound great, and are very well-built. Our kids have both outgrown them, but we’re keeping one of them because I like playing them so much.I really do not have anything negative to say about these guitars. They are durable, and sound great. Considering that they are a ‘beginner’ guitar, nothing at all feels cheap on them, they are very solid. The shorter scale is great for kids.

  3. Kman1


    Ok real quickly…the quitar sounds a bit “tinny”, not at all like the one I played in Guitar Center, I’m hoping some DiAddario 11’s Bronze strings​ will open her up some. That said…..great little travel guitar for my Tiny Trailer. The fit and finish is excellent and its so easy to play. I bought this through Amazon warehouse for a great price. I suspect the reason it was returned was the one zipper on the gig bad didn’t work but the other was fine, no biggie as far as my needs. Like others have said not only a great starter guitar for a youngster but perfect for a travel guitar. If strings wake this up a bit more I will change my rating to a 5 star 🙂

    3 people found this helpful

  4. Vincent Vega

    Great for very young / young beginners

    My 14 year old daughter, who is small for her size, has no problems playing this guitar.I stretched the stock strings and after that it stays in tune very well for at least a couple of days of practicing before she needs to make slight tuning adjustments.Yes it is small. My daughter thought I had messed up and purchased a Ukulele when she first saw the box, but now she practices daily on it and loves it.

  5. Paul Scheller

    Yamaha guitar

    Beautiful guitar we gave to our granddaughter, good size for a 13 year old.

  6. John Elliott

    It’s pretty and has a nice sound! Perfect for small hands.

    Bought this for a small nine year old. It fits her hands perfectly. Looks and sounds very good.

  7. Amazon Customer


    I’ve been using this guitar for almost 3 years now and it’s been nothing but great! It sounds and looks beautiful for the price, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start playing guitar, as it’s an amazing beginner instrument!

  8. Cindy McNeely

    Great guitar for the price

    This is great guitar for young beginners. I bought one for my grandson when he was 5 years old. He has several really good guitars but still plays this one all the time because it’s so small and fun to play.

    One person found this helpful

  9. Craig Stoughton

    Not just for beginners-this is great stuff

    I’ve been playing for thirty years and I think this is a great little guitar. I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that this does not seem like a 3/4th size guitar, seems maybe smaller, but, I like the size. The action is great out of the box. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned that this guitar projects and resonates lower tones a lot better than you would think it would due to its size. A fun, portable, easy to play guitar with some nice tones that has now taken up permanent residence next to my tv room chair. Great job by Yamaha (as usual)!

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  10. NPmatt

    My son loves it!

    A very nice little guitar for my nearly-13 year-old son. I tuned it when it arrived (within a week of ordering) using the Snark SN-1 I ordered with it and he played around on it every day until his first lesson last night. His instructor commented that it was a nice guitar and said it was comfortable even for him and would make a nice traveling instrument for adults. Incidentally, he also said the Snark tuner was one of the best on the market–he has an identical one himself. Back to the guitar, my son learned his first notes last night and my wife and I have been entertained by the openings of “Smoke on the Water” and “Amazing Grace” since then. He loves this guitar! Thank you to those of you who answered my questions before I purchased this. It was money well spent!

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  11. bowling

    JR Guitar

    Very nice. Grandson really liked it.

  12. Danimal

    The Best Reasonable Option For Small-framed Players

    I’m an active musician – so I try to buy the best musical instruments I can afford (within reason) for my boys. I worked at a local music shop for 3 years, and have played several 3/4 scale acoustics. For the value – the JR1 (some call it the FG Junior) is hands down, the best. The baby Martins have a cardboard tone (I believe some are even made of a composite material – yuck). Baby Taylor’s sound very nice, but they’re about 100+ bucks more, and they don’t sound 100 dollars better. These sound great and play well for their size and price. I should mention that I’m a primarily a drummer, and taught lessons for a few years. My suggestion for parents wanting to get their kids started playing music – get them something NICE. It doesn’t make sense to buy a “toy” guitar that sounds unmusical and will need replacing when it won’t stay in tune (Pretty much anything from the MART stores) – there’s no need to take money out of their college fund for a Taylor, either. Half my students quit playing the drums by 16. I’m pretty sure there are A LOT of $300 wall-hanger 3/4 scale guitars out there. If your child develops a true passion for playing, by all means invest in the next step up. I recommend the Seagull S6 if you’re partial to inexpensive guitars made in North America, or if they’re really getting good go for a solid top Martin, Taylor, or Gibson, etc. Shy away from often-times shiny, colorful guitars like Ibanez, Dean, and even Fender. They sound thin and boxy in person, and even thinner plugged in.

    14 people found this helpful

  13. Amazon Customer

    Good Travel Guitar

    There are a number of options out there for travel guitars. There is the Taylor Baby and Martin LX. Those are the same size as this Yamaha and sound and play better than this Yamaha. But, they are double the price. I also have a Taylor GS Mini which is a higher price point and is a larger travel guitar (7/8 Size instead of 3/4). The Taylor GS Mini is bit bigger in size. But, the play and sound is out of this world. I just did not want to take my GS Mini out everywhere. So, I got this Yamaha. It is good quality, nice size and nice and cheap so I dont have to worry about leaving it in the car to have it ready for playing when we go somewhere or are on the road.I have researched and tested many many different travel guitars out there. If you are looking for a decent quality and sound and reasonably priced travel guitar to not worry about getting banged up as you take it to places, this is one of your best options. Fully recommend.

    23 people found this helpful

  14. RJP

    Does not stay in tune.

    I’ve always had good luck with Yamaha products but this product is substandard. This guitar does not stay tuned. Not much else to say. Its tough to find quality acoustic guitars in that price range… almost impossible. Solid body electric guitars are a better option for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  15. Jim

    Love it

    I bought this for my 7yo that is learning to play. I find myself playing it more often than I play mine. Plays well, stays in tune, pretty decent tone for such a small body. I’m happy with the purchase.

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  16. AdamBomb

    Best 3/4’s guitar for the money, no gimmicks!

    A real instrument made of real woods.. spruce, mahogany, and rosewood. I teach guitar lessons and this is THE starter guitar I always recommend. My son is now 9yo and has shown some interest finally, so got him his favorite color, sunburst. Guitar sounds as good as the Baby Taylor’s I’ve played. The deluxe gig bag is seriously really nice, didn’t expect that. Only a couple gripes cause I’m picky.. the sunburst color was a little too dark, more black than natural finish in middle. Then the frets were filed long ways on neck, the wrong way, so when you bend a string it felt like sandpaper. Must of been a newbie at factory cause the others I’ve played wasn’t like this. I just sanded frets and oiled fretboard and the guitar was good to go!

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  17. Jeff

    Would give 5 stars

    but the zipper sticks on the case from day 1 and it’s a little annoying

  18. Robert McGrath

    Great travel guitar for adults (and kids)

    My old Yamaha acoustic that I got from my cousin (made in the 90s) was in rough shape so I decided to give this 3/4 size guitar a shot. I figured it would be nice to have something that would be easy to take on the go when I go on vacations and what not. I would first like to say that this guitar is definitely not too small for an average size adult. I’m a grown man at 5’10” with average size hands and the guitar is completely comfortable to play. I would only imagine it being a problem if you have very thick fingers. The guitar sounds very nice as well, sure it doesn’t have as full of a sound as a normal size guitar, but this thing sounds good, no question about it and it’s certainly loud enough to play alongside a full size acoustic. Its very lightweight and comes with a backpack style travel bag. If you’re looking for an extra guitar to take on the go with you I’d say this is it, especially for the price point. No string buzz, no issues, and a very full sound.

    6 people found this helpful

  19. Kindle Customer

    Great for beginners

    If you want to learn to play guitar, start with a good one like this. It is a bit smaller than a standard guitar, so you don’t have to spread your fingers as far to finger the chords. The play is easy. You don’t have to press down real hard to finger chords. The sound is nice. It keeps tune if you tighten it up a bit. The craftmanship is acceptable. I had to adjust it because the low E was rattling. But, if you are just learning, a little rattle isn’t a bad thing. You’ll eventually learn some good chords and upgrade to a better guitar.

    2 people found this helpful

  20. Xhiljola Dorsman

    Surprisingly good for the money

    The media could not be loaded.

     I wanted a small guitar that I could travel with and that I could take out on the balcony but I also wanted it to have some sound to it. I think this one for the price is great. Hopefully you can get an idea of the tone from the video I made. The construction seems sturdy enough. Just put some really nice strings on it like elixirs and it will sound pretty solid. I paid around $120 and I think for that price this thing is a nice little guitar.

    27 people found this helpful

  21. CW&D

    Huge Disappointment

    Allow me to preface this with the fact that I know guitars. having played over 50 years and have a guitar collection many would covet. I did my due diligence before buying this JR2. and what arrived was nothing like I saw locally. My young grandson wants a guitar like his big brother who has an FG800 in natural which is an absolutely amazing guitar for the price. The only thing available locally was a JR2 in sunburst. It had a nice gloss finish, perfect neck and sounded great but a JR2 in natural was only Amazon had one in natural, in stock and ready to ship.The top had an acceptable gloss finish while the back and sides were satin and the back or the neck and head stock were stained but hadn’t been sanded smooth. The sides of the frets were sharp and the fret board appeared to have never been treated and was dried out. Getting the thing in tune was time consuming and after playing a couple cords it was already out of tune. The the tone was tinny unlike the local store model in burst and it had a bad fret buzz on the E and A strings. The neck was okay and I probably could have adjusted it some but this thing needs a complete set up to get it even close to being playable it it’s at all possible.

    85 people found this helpful

  22. paul jones

    Won’t hold tune on E-string…. can’t play

    Was so excited to give my grandson this for christmas. Figuring it to be a Yamaha guitar it would be as a fine tuned instrument. Unfortunately the E string will not tune. The pieve that adjust the tension of the Estring just slips won’t hold tension or tune… VERY DISAPPOINTED in the craftmanship bc I have played Yamaha guitars all my life 60 yrs & am a big fan of Yamaha guitars…. needless to say this untunable guitar just sits there unplayed what a shame… I am going to contact seller & see if they will replace or repair this guitar. I will re- update after contacting seller. Other than the E-string not tuning this would be a good guitar worth the money but as of now it’s just for looks. UPDATE… BUYER BEWARE SELLER DOES NOT BACK PRODUCT SOLD!!! I PAID OVER $150 FOR THIS GUITAR ONLINE..BIG MISTAKE THEY DO NOT CHECK THEIR GUITARS CRAFTSMANSHIP B4 THEY SHIP. THEY SHIPPED ME AN UNUSABLE PRODUCT & SAYS CONTACT YAMAHA NOT US ….MY PERSONAL OPINION I WILL NEVER USE this seller ever again & will not shop Amazon ever again ….they just take ppls money & run …. BUYER BEWARE….

    7 people found this helpful

  23. JoJoJoJo

    Sounds great

    The sounds are great.

  24. Kazimo

    Met our expectations

    I purchased this item for my 7, soon to be 8 year old daughter and it’s everything we expected it to be.Within a day of our oder we received notice that our order was shipping and a few days later it was at our front door. The box arrived with a little damage and a huge boot print on it. I thought the worse. Pleasantly to my surprise, everything was intact. The guitar and gig bag where in excellent shape. I tuned the guitar and it has been holding tune and it sounds great. As for fit, it fits my daughter remarkable well and it looks like she’ll be able to play it for several years.Full marks for the vendor and for the merchandise. I am happy with everything and more importantly, my daughter is on cloud-9.

    5 people found this helpful

  25. Anthony K.

    Perfect for my 8 year old to learn on.

    Bought this as first real guitar for my 8 year old to learn on. I asked his instructor about it before purchasing it and he said it was the one he recommends for all of his young students to begin on. Sounds great and holds tune well. I bought the 3/4 for my son he is right on the line of being too big for the 1/2 and too small for the 3/4, but I thought it would be better to grow into it.

  26. MT

    Perfect Size

    It’s great! The neck is short and the body is thin. It sounds great as well. It’s perfect for someone short (around a 12-year-old’s height).

  27. Sylvia L.

    Great for all playing levels!

    This is definitely not only for beginners! The sound is great for any player but especially anyone with smaller hands playing bar chords!

  28. Heidi


    Even though this is sized for a child, it isn’t a toy– it holds its tuning week to week in between lessons so little guy can play it whenever without having to take that step.

  29. joe

    Absolute best guitar of this price range

    This guitar is amazingly well made. It holds its tune perfectly. It has a rich, warm tone that is beyond what one would expect from a guitar its size. I have had various discount garbage guitars both electric and acoustic plus nice electric and acoustic guitars from Fender, Gibson, and Martin as well as a Cordoba ukulele. I love this thing and it makes me want to pick it up and play it. The bonus gig bag it comes with is also of good quality.

    5 people found this helpful

  30. Tami Schmidt

    This is a very nice little guitar for youth

    This is a very nice little guitar for youth. I would get different strings because the strings are a bit harsh but that’s an easy fix . It’s a great little guitar. I highly recommend. The sound is very nice for the price and it’s a cute little guitar. It will also be good enough to take traveling to sit around the fire side if you need something small.

    2 people found this helpful

  31. Diane

    Classic quality from Yamaha

    Classic Yamaha. This is a well made 3/4 size guitar, purchased for a young girl just starting to learn how to navigate the instrument. The finish is beautiful and the case that accompanied the guitar is of good quality.

  32. Jesus Oscar Gonzalez

    nice guitar

    good nice

  33. Grant

    I shred it too

    Perfect for my 8yo boy. I play it all the time too.

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  34. Marc L. Kelley

    A nice 3/4 guitar we purchased for our nine year old …

    A nice 3/4 guitar we purchased for our nine year old daughter. It’s a quality piece with great sound for a 3/4 size. It came with good strings, tuned up well, and holds its tune as expected.Our package only included the guitar and bag, which was some letdown. And, while the bag is nice, we have been having problems with the zipper. When it arrived the zipper was off track, and we have to unzip and zip again a few times to get a clean closure.Overall a good buy.

    5 people found this helpful

  35. Oliver


    The hiatal works great, and I love the colour. When I ordered it a thought, “I really hope I get my money’s worth”, and I did!

  36. G. Campbell

    Perfect for young child to learn on

    My 6 year old can’t get his hands around the frets of a full size guitar, so this 3/4 size unit was perfect. When in tune, it sounds fine. Compared to my full size Yamaha, this guitar goes out of tune more frequently, probably because the hardware is a little cheap. However, I tune this sucker up with my cheap Koirg tuner in under a minute, and my son is making good progress in his guitar lessons on it. Like I said, when in tune it resonates nicely and sounds nice. It also has pegs at either end of the sound box for a strap, unlike my full size guitar that only has a peg at one end (?!). If you have kid with small hands embarking on guitar lessons, this is a great choice.

    21 people found this helpful

  37. Mindphreak

    Great inexpensive guitar for beginners on up

    For the money this is one of the best beginner guitars you’ll find. I bought this for my 10 year old son who expressed interest in learning guitar. It’s sturdy and can handle some bumps and bangs. It sounds decent and feels pretty good. I bought a similar Yamaha as a teen 25 years ago and they still make a great product. I have no complaints about quality.I especially like how the size is reduced enough for a kid, but still very playable for an adult. I’ve enjoyed getting back into it as much as he is learning fresh.If you’re new to guitars you won’t be disappointed. If you’re an experienced musician, you probably aren’t reading this review…

    5 people found this helpful

  38. Brian Palmer

    Medium guitar

    First guitar for my six year old granddaughter, I’m sure she will be the next Carly Simon.

  39. Mike R.

    Great 3/4 scale for children.

    I was very surprised when this arrived. It was a purchase for my 7 year old Godson and the quality and tone were a very pleasant surprise. The guitar arrived in great condition, the action was set well, neck was straight and the playability was great. The case is also quality. No complaints at all and he loves it because it looks similar to my Gibson J45 and now we are “guitar twins.”

    One person found this helpful

  40. thomas gregory lemaster

    Perfect for travel or beginners

    Exactly what I was looking for to take with me when traveling. Soze and quality are great. Exactly what I expected from Yamaha.

  41. Jessica Stanley

    Amazing sound!

    This is a quality guitar, especially for a beginner’s piece. Very impressed.

  42. Ralph Gonzalez

    For any age, any level.

    Bought this for my 16 y/o daughter after she expressed interest in learning guitar. Her interest has waned but from day 1, I’ve been playing it almost exclusively. I have another full-sized guitar but I just love the way this one feels. I’m 6′ 200# and have been playing off an on for 20 years. Still a beginner but I know what feels good and this is it. Great product with a great sound.

  43. John

    Awesome Guitar

    Affordable, quality travel guitar. Love it!!

  44. lovesroses

    Very Good, But Small 3/4 Accoustic Guitar

    I am basically an advanced beginner, having started out about a year and a half ago on the Yamaha 3/4 Size Classcal Guitar (with nylon strings.) Also taking lessons. I recently purchased this Yamaha FG 3/4 Size Accoustic Guitar.In my opinion, it has good intonation, has a more than decent rich sound to it. It is definitely not a “toy” guitar. After about five tunings at the beginning, it has held its tune well–only very few tweaks. The action is low without buzzing, which is good for tender finger tips, and just plain, overall fretting. I have to agree with some of the reviewers who believe this to be smaller than a 3/4 size guitar. This one is pretty small. I don’t think it’s 3/4 size–more of a half-size. I am only 5 feet tall, female, with small frame and fingers, and I find the distance between the strings to be a bit of a tight squeeze. Distance in frets is okay for my stature.I was worried that going to a steel string accoustic guitar would be painful on the tips of my fretting fingers since I have nerve damage in my fingers–one of the reasons I started off on the Yamaha 3/4 size classical with nylon strings (which is a great nylon string guitar for beginners), but I don’t realize any difficulty or pain with this steel string guitar. I have calluses by now, but even so, for one just starting out on a steel string, I don’t think it’s any more painful than starting out on nylon strings.A setup by a luthier, I don’t think it is at all necessary unless you are at least an intermediate, at which point you probably own a $500+ guitar that has a louder sound (I think this one has more than average projection, and aginn, intonation). Besides a bit of a problem with the string-to-string closeness, the only other thing I can think of is the fretboard, compared to the overall size of the guitar, and the body, is more than average heavy–not a real biggie, but I thought I’d mention it.Because of its small size, if you are taller than five feet, or have average or large hands, I can’t give it five stars. If you know enough about guitars and think you can handle a guitar this size, I would give it five stars, especially for a small child.All in all, if you are looking for a beginner steel string accoustic guitar, especially for a child just starting out, I don’t think you could go wrong with this guitar. You get a real guitar at a very good price, that’s pretty vibrant, while keeping in mind that it is on a small scale. Here, I would give it five stars.If I had a child who wanted to start playing a steel string accoustic guitar, I would not hesitate to purchase this guitar. If you are taller than five feet, or have large fingers, I do feel this good guitar would be a bit of a tight squeeze, and also possibly not as comfortable to hold. If, on the other hand, you want to purchase a very nice quality guitar without shelling out big bucks, especially for a beginner, I would highly recommend this guitar.

    9 people found this helpful

  45. JC

    As Advertised

    I bought this “used – like new” to save a few bucks, but I am sure it is brand new, not a single flaw. The only problem was that the shipping box was a little damaged, but the guitar was packed safely inside, the internal packing was like new. It plays well and really rings compared to my full size Yamaha classical. It is a little small for my fingers on some chords but I really enjoy playing it. It would be perfect for a children’s beginner instrument. I tuned it a couple of times and then it holds tune well. The steel strings don’t stretch compared to nylon strings. I was worried that the tuners would be too cheap but they work well. Decent sound for such a small instrument. I will keep it.

    3 people found this helpful

  46. VeronicaVeronica

    Awesome transition from Uke

    I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. A few years ago I got a super cheap one for free from a friend. It was way too hard for me to play and I gave up pretty quickly. Then I got a ukulele and I actually got somewhere on it. I don’t particularly like the sound of a uke, but I love the size. I’m not THAT small, but I’m 5’3″ and a dreadnaught swallows me whole (or at least it feels that way). I’m used to keeping my uke by my favorite chair, which has arms and isn’t a great place to play, but that’s where I usually do it. So I got this 3/4 size guitar to ease my way into the guitar world. I love it. It doesn’t feel like I’m trying to play a sedan… my arm fights nicely around it, and it’s just comfortable. Does it sound amazing? I mean, it’s a cheap guitar, but the action is low enough without getting it set up that I can actually play it. Eventually I’ll get a nicer one, probably a smaller version of a full size, but for now, this one is perfect.ETA: I just got this guitar setup at Guitar Center, because the B string was sharping when fretted. It’s all fixed now and I love it even more. I definitely recommend setups if you need to lower the action or fix any intonation issues, even if you just bought the guitar, just consider it part of the price.

    3 people found this helpful

  47. Yuri hernandez

    Es muy buena

    Para empezar

  48. Ryan Jackson

    Best living room guitar.

    Best living room guitar around..you know the guitar you got to just play while watching TV? This one is perfect for that. This is my second one in 10 years..last one I gave to a friend. It is actually really well set up, holds tube, sounds good, and super affordable. Perfect for smaller people that struggle with full size fingerings techniques..this guitar is awesome. They also hold up well at open mics.

    3 people found this helpful

  49. PenNameHerePenNameHere

    Great value children’s beginner guitar, just one solvable problem

    Overall this is a good beginner guitar for children and is solid value for money. The construction is necessarily cheap givenThe low price point, and the voice of the guitar is thin and limited in both range and volume, but of all the more affordable junior models the Yamaha JR 1 and JR 2 are closest to a small Taylor or Martin by far. This is a very small 3/4 and is really designed for children learning guitar, I think. The guitar comes with reasonable phosphor bronze strings: upgrading to Martin Silk and Steel strings going from 11 to 47 improves playability and gives overall warmer rounded tone (the kids’ guitar teacher recommended these and I agree with him now). The JR 1 is an identical guitar to the JR 2 in terms of construction (I have one of each for each kid), although the JR 2 comes with a _much_ better gig bag. The one major drawback of these guitars is the saddle: It’s both made of urea plastic and is not compensated giving the guitar very bad intonation out of the box. This saddle left the B string in particular out of tune – noticeably sharp – at various points along the fretboard. Upgrading to a replacement compensated bone saddle resolved intonation nicely and may help the guitar’s voice a little as well. I used a 72mm long saddle at 3mm thickness – the shorter length than the 74mm slot allowed me to position it right where it worked best for the strings and pegs. 3mm thickness is very snug in the slot which is great for transmission of vibration to the sound box. Since I have both JR 1 and JR 2 models I bought this set of two bone saddles and nuts – https://amzn.to/2SqvCl7 – and may upgrade to the bone nuts later (JR 2 saddle replacement in the pic attached). Overall recommended if you’re buying a starter for a child to learn on. An adult seeking a strong parlor guitar ought to look elsewhere.

    36 people found this helpful

  50. Happy dad

    Great LITTLE guitar

    This guitar is fantastic. My daughter wanted a guitar with a slimmer neck, so I thought a student size would fit the bill. Honestly, when I opened the box I was taken aback. The ad said 3/4 size, but that is much smaller than I expected. Tee body if the guitar is smaller than two typical shoe boxes. My wife thought our girl would be embarrassed by how small the instrument is. She opened it for Christmas and was not as enthused as I expected; later she did say it seemed “silly small”. I had already played on it and set it up, so I knew when she played it would impress her. My son who has been playing for more than a year on three of my guitars and one of his own is now asking for one of these to tote around.The physical size is smaller than I expected…much smaller.The “acoustic size” is much larger.Great sound, good projection, sonically it is exactly what I expected from a Yahama .The scale is length is such that an adult may have trouble fitting chords into the frets. I’m a three finger A chord guy, that is tough on this guitar.Very happy with the purchase.

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  51. Lauren

    A decent beginner’s guitar

    We bought this for our grandson and it is a decent 3/4 size acoustic guitar for a young beginner. He is just 4 but can hold it and strum it with ease. I like the fact that it holds its tune pretty well and doesn’t sound tinny or cheap like some smaller guitars. I think he will like it and be able to learn some basic chords and strums on it. I have given guitar lessons to children for years and would recommend this as a good beginner instrument.Lauren

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  52. Mr. Pickey

    Seemed to be a good pick. I was really surprised when it arrived …

    My 6 year old has a toy guitar that is always hooked to his side. I knew if he was really interested in playing I should get him somthing he could really play.After reading the reviews, this Yamaha FG jr. Seemed to be a good pick.I was really surprised when it arrived of the overall quality of the instrument. Going from a kids department store acoustic guitar to the Yamaha is like going from a toy guitar to an instrument you could use in at music lessons, recital, campfire ect.The guitar is clear, crisp, and loud.This is the real deal.

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  53. Sasuke

    Simply excellent!

    I bought this guitar with another Yahama piano for my kids. They are amazing products. Great quality, sounds great!!

  54. Amazon Customer

    Good! For Adults and travel. Jr1

    My earlier review was for the Jr2- I don’t know why it was posted for the Jr1! Well, anyway this is a nice guitar for the money. There is some initial buzzing in the beginning- but not anymore. It has great tone- it’s clear and bright. I like that. Great sustain. Great travel guitar for adults. comes w/ a gig bag. Jr1 is a great guitar- buy one NOW!

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  55. Win C.

    It’s not a Martin, but it does the job

    I bought it for my seven year old grandson and he loves it, we are just waiting for him to learn to play it. I play it for him from time to time, and it stays fairly well tuned. It is a better instrument than I thought it would be for the price. It also comes with a soft case, which is okay. I bought the case that Amazon advertises and it has more padding that provides more protection than the one that is included with it. I bought it because of reviews that I read about it.

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  56. Amazon Customer

    Very nice guitar for a kid

    This is a very nice guitar for a kid to play with. If you are looking for a realistic looking/sounding guitar for your child to play around with this is a nice guitar. You can buy something very similar that doesn’t look as nice at a much cheaper price elsewhere (toysrus). If you are looking for a guitar for your child to use in guitar lessons this is not the guitar for you. The sound is off/too high pitched for real guitar playing.

  57. Uday Thedlapu

    Best Guitar Ever

    I loved this product there is no reason to not buy this thing.

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  58. mazzas

    Hard to beat for the price…

    This is an excellent little guitar. It is well made and sounds pretty good for it’s size. The tuners work well; they’re snug and turn smoothly. The result is that the guitar says decently in tune from one day to the next. This is a weak spot in many 3/4 scale entry level guitars. Frets all seem level, neck is straight, and there is no noticable fret buzz. Action is pretty good right out of the box on mine.

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  59. champt02

    Great for beginner!

    My 7 year old son LOVES this guitar. Some have said it’s a little pricey for a beginners but I am all about buying something quality that will last. He loves playing on this guitar and is always so excited to show it to everyone. It is easy for him to tune.

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  60. Michelle Rae Buzzell

    Perfect first guitar

    My 10 year old son has been taking lessons on this guitar for about 4 months. His teacher is very impressed with the sound and that it holds it’s tune pretty well. It’s been a great started guitar and now my 8 year old is wanting to start lessons and I’m going to buy a second one. My son had no trouble playing on the steel strings, but my 8 year old complains about the strings, I will likely have the 2nd guitar restrung with lighter strings.

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