Ultimate Support GS-100 Genesis Series Guitar Stand

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Hanging-style Security Yoke Height-adjustable Guitar Stand Stable and Portable Friendly To Your Guitar’s Finish Patented Leg Locking System

From the manufacturer

Genesis Series GS-100

Genesis Series Guitar Stand with Locking Legs and Safety Strap Yoke

The GS-100 is our most popular guitar stand. This feature loaded stand is height adjustable, features our patented leg locking system, and features a wide yoke that narrows to allow you to easily place any number of necks comfortably. The rubber safety strap provides added protection for your instrument , while the fabric covered legs are designed to protect the finish of your Electric, acoustic, or bass guitar.

Genesis Series Guitar Stands from Ultimate Support

Genesis Series guitar stands from Ultimate Support deliver innovative features and performance in a road ready package. Each model offers our patented leg-locking system for stability. The protective padding on the legs is designed to prevent damage to the finish on your guitar. Whether you’re looking for a quality stand for your acoustic, electric, bass guitar, or even your favorite combo amp; there’s a Genesis Series stand for you!

  • Part Name: GS-100
  • Part Number: 13710
  • Set Up Height: 33.5″ – 45.5″ (851 mm – 1156 mm)
  • Folded: 3.5″ x 21″ (89 mm x 533 mm)
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)

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Safety Strap

The GS-100 features a safety strap that folds out of the way when not in use. When in use, safety strap folds over guitar and secures it.

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Easily adjust the height of your stand to fit electric, acoustic or electric bass guitars.

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Protective Padding

Protective on the legs won’t harm your guitar’s finish (although a high quality case is always recommended for long-term storage).

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GS-55 GS-100 GS-200 GS-1000 Pro Leg-Lock Mechanism ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Height Adjustable ✓ ✓ Safety Strap Yoke ✓ ✓ Self Closing Security Gate ✓ Compact A-Frame Style ✓ Support Arms ✓ ✓

Item Weight

3.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

3.5 x 3.5 x 45.5 inches

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60131500 (Musical instrument parts and accessories)
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4.7 out of 5 stars

594 ratings
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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#12,355 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #65 in Stands for Single Guitars & Basses

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Date First Available

April 13, 2004

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60 reviews for Ultimate Support GS-100 Genesis Series Guitar Stand

  1. EMONT

    The base is good, but the handler is pure plastic!

    I have a Yamaha SVC-100 Cello, so I expected a well manufactured support, the base (tripod) is good, but the handler is pure PLASTIC including the pins that secures the instrument. The lever made between the handler and the vertical extender seems to be weak, so if you move the support with your instrument, take care of not release both (instrument and support) holding both, I guess if you only hold the support, the upper part could break. Again the tongs (silver color) are pure plastic, and it is not a fine termination. So sad…

    One person found this helpful

  2. Dave Lloyd

    Best guitar stand I have ever owned.

    The locking mechanism on the leg portion is somewhat tricky, but once you understand it, it’s a breeze. Don’t wreck this great guitar stand by forcing it


    Really sturdy

    Excelente producto, muy buen soporte para un bajo short scale . Es seguro, el soporte agarra la parte superior del bajo y la parte blanda inferior del soporte recibe al bajo . Se puede reglar la altura y se puede doblar para guardar . Muy buen soporte .

  4. Bob

    The locking legs is nice

    A piece of foam for the headstock to sit on to prevent marking the wood, would be nice

  5. Ed K

    Great until it broke – quickly

    I loved this stand – it folded neatly, great for gigging and my guitar was so secure. I use Hercules auto-locking hangers and thought this was an inexpensive alternative to the stand. More like cheaper. The auto latches are built like a kid’s tow with cheap plastic and broke within 3 months. I was really disappointed. I’m going to buy the real deal now.

  6. L. Young


    A little bulky folded but I like the security of the catch mechanism. It holds my 5-string bass securely and due to the body shape I need a hanging stand.

  7. Richard R Cale

    Allows me to play more

    Getting my guitar in and out of the case slowed me down. Now I can turn around and pick it up.

  8. Thomas E.

    Does the job.

    Well built. Locking mechanism on yoke is kind of pointless as there is no chance the guitar would slip out. Leg lock is a little funky, but for the price is good.

  9. GradyPhilpottGradyPhilpott

    This Stand is Perfect

    This stand is perfect. For the price, it’s hard to see why anyone would settle for cheaper. The stand is stable and locks the guitar to the stand at the head stock. The locking mechanism senses weight and locks the guitar in place without extraneous adjustments.A great product.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Daniel RegnerDaniel Regner

    Missing pieces (like the important ones)

    Works great well constructed but…. The telescoping neck clamp was missing a screw from the box altogether. I had an Allen key laying around so I stuck that in for the time being. Minus the missing pieces, works awesome! Pretty substantial, works great for the guitar.Would be willing to change my rating in exchange for parts 😉

  11. FrankG

    Great stand but needs clip at the top

    A big improvement with the jaws at the top. But there’s an issue if you use this stand for gigs. If you collapse it for transport, the jaws at the top spin around (expected) but there’s no locking mechanism to keep them on that side. So there’s the opportunity to get your fingers pinched (which of course is not good before playing a gig). A simple clip would have improved the travel usability tremendously. I have a heavy duty rubber band on the top, but its a bit cheesy looking.

  12. NM

    Exactly what I needed. Not what I wanted.

    I bought this on the recommendation of another guitarist friend. It does exactly what I need, but the build quality feels cheap. The top hinge portion (the head does flip back for portability) feels cheap. But the other components, leg lock, legs, etc. feel like quality. I would have preferred a metal U-shaped bracket — this one is plastic.

  13. Nick

    Good stand, but not for a gigging musician.

    This design is by far my favorite, but it’s not very durable. I’m a gigging musician and wanted a Hercules style stand that could fit in a bag, and this fits that bill perfectly. The problem is, the plastic moving parts start to break down very shortly after buying, from simple use of setting up and collapsing. After about a year, it looks more beat up than anything else in my gigging gear.It’s a good stand, and is a great choice if you’re not moving it to different gigs, but at that point, you might as well get a Hercules stand. I’d love to replace this, but the price tag does not justify replacing it once a year from light gigging use.Either bring down your price, or bring up your quality!

  14. P. Refsnider

    Excellent for 4-string basses

    Works for my basses EXCEPT 5-string necks with 19mm string spacing. These necks “just” fit, but too tight.

  15. Brian W. Pearsall


    I like how is holds all my guitars from acoustic 12 and 6’s to electrics. 100% satisfied

  16. Bob C

    releases easily when it’s supposed to

    If and when something works as advertised, that should be enough to sell it on its own merits. That’s the case with this stand, as it does its job well: securely holds your guitar, doesn’t tip, releases easily when it’s supposed to, etc. If your instrument is particularly expensive, then spending a few quid on an item like this is worth the expense, and, frankly, this isn’t all that pricey, relatively speaking. Buy this with confidence.

  17. MichaelM

    I like it.

    overall a nice stand. I wish the jaws were a little wider; you have to be precise when inserting the neck of the guitar into the jaws.

  18. Wieslaw V. Burdziuk

    GS-1000 PRO Genesis Series Guitar Stand

    I liked my first one so much I both a second one. Nice guitar stand.

  19. ISKA


    This is perfect for my guitar and I even am able to safely keep a throw over it to keep the dust off

  20. nickybaseball

    Great Stand!

    I love this stand. Holds my Gamma bass nice and securely. Love the stability of the thing. Would be very difficult to tip it over. And it breaks down nice and small, too. The neat mechanism that holds the legs can be a little difficult to move, but once engaged, it holds the legs tightly. I highly recommend this stand for anyone with a heavy instrument like a bass or Les Paul. Can’t go wrong here.

    One person found this helpful

  21. Amazon Customer

    It didn’t work for me

    There was nothing I liked about this product. It didn’t securely hold any of my guitars. The area touching the guitar neck can scratch the neck, especially when the grip doesn’t hold the guitar and it slips. The materials holding the guitar are cheap. I don’t want anything plastic near or to be able to touch my guitar.This is a product with a good idea but poor execution. Save your money, you will be happier with an old school guitar stand

  22. A. BrooksA. Brooks

    Leg broke off

    I had this stand for a couple of months. Today when I put my Fender J bass in it the leg broke off the stand. The plastic locking mechanism in which the leg is bolted on cracked making this stand unusable. Of course I can not return it now. Just beware of CHEAP CHINESE GOODS.

  23. S Cummins



    5 people found this helpful

  24. JEJON

    Very Fragile!!!

    This stand has to be treated w/ kid gloves! The locking mechanism is made out of cheap plastic and can break easily…… go with an all metal stand!

  25. T



  26. Vaughn McMillan

    Five Stars

    Great stand! No complaints at all.

  27. Douglas M.

    Five Stars

    love it!

  28. Sherry

    Five Stars

    Best ever

  29. j-sonj-son

    Sleek/Sturdy Guitar Stand

    Super sleek, stable and well-made

  30. David Conger Berry

    Five Stars


  31. rhythmguitar

    Don’t risk your instrument!!!

    Upon opening one of the legs a piece of plastic broke off. Closing the locking mechanism with all legs extended, the leg with the broken piece was quite wobbly. NOT worth hanging an instrument on. An excellent design, I just wish Ultimate “Support” offered an upscale one made of superior materials. Alas, I will be forced to try my luck with another sub par manufacturer.

    4 people found this helpful


    Great Stand

    Great Stand. Safely keeps guitar in place.

  33. Les Wise

    Five Stars

    Awesome product – Super Fast Service!!!

  34. Amazon Customer

    Looks like a Hercules is on the shopping list for me

    Had to send it back. It might have been Amazon Warehouse’s fault, but this was a dud. The width of the spot for the neck wasn’t big enough for the guitar, so I always had to put the guitar sideways to get on the stand. Not going to risk that kind of behavior with my $2000 Martin. Looks like a Hercules is on the shopping list for me.

    2 people found this helpful

  35. Michael D.

    Broken, ZERO customer support

    After 6 months the cam lock became too loose to hold up my Les Paul. There has been no support for this despite the supposed 1-year warranty.

  36. John M.

    Five Stars

    Worked as advertised

  37. drdos

    Five Stars

    Very sturdy stand.

  38. Doc9871

    You Get What You Pay For? Yep

    Its a piece of garbage. Plastic support for one of the legs snapped off, no way to repair it. Do yourself a favor and buy a real stand like a K&M.

  39. Bradley W. Bleck

    Just ordered my second one

    I’m pretty much a guitar newbie, with reasonably good guitars, an Epiphone Les Paul and a Seagull acoustic, and these stands hold each securely with no tipping or slipping.

  40. T Constable

    It works until it doesn’t

    As others have stated, the sturdiness and durability of this stand is a major issue. If too much pressure/weight is applied to the stand, the locking mechanism fails, unlocks, and at least one leg (in my case the shorter, rear leg) collapses. Fortunately, I discovered this while setting the stand up rather than while it was holding a guitar. Pushing down on the stand with even modest pressure causes the failure, which would cause a guitar to fall and quite possibly break. I haven’t entered the return/replace/refund rabbit hole, as others have described it as futile and frustrating. I cannot recommend this product in good faith.

  41. D. EVELAND

    Ultimate Guitar Stand

    Really nice guitar stand. Folds up nicely and seems very sturdy. I wanted a guitar stand that would hold my guitar securely while out playing and this has an automatic locking feature when you put your guitar in it.

  42. Robert P.

    Safe & Secure!

    This is a quality stand, far from so many of the other cheap products. (On Stage)Sturdy, folds nicely, I feel confident with any of my Gibson, PRS, Taylor or Fender guitars on it.Thanks Ultimate for a quality product!

    One person found this helpful

  43. Kindle Customer

    Good stand

    Have a Fender bass and it holds it fine.

  44. Tim B.

    Four Stars

    Works great!

  45. FigTree

    Secure and sturdy.

    Perfect stand so far. Secures my bass!

  46. Justin


    Had this product for just over a year. Wasn’t even used all the time. Only used for guitar or bass. Plastic broken at crucial point rendering it useless. Go for a better quality stand. Glad I saw the break before it completely came apart and potentially ruined an instrument.

  47. Bruce Pritchard

    Poor redesign

    I have one of the original GS-1000 stands, that’s what I thought I was buying. My issue is with the redesigned yolk which has rubber ribs that grip the neck when you try to remove the guitar, pulling whole stand off the ground leaving you holding your guitar as the stand falls back to earth when it finally decides to let go. I will be returning this.

    One person found this helpful

  48. Jeff M

    Flawed design – buy a different stand

    The little plastic clamp which is supposed to hold the guitar stand at a certain height is weak, thus my comment on poor design. This causes the stand to slide down each time you place your guitar on it until it’s touching the floor. I have purchased two similar stands from other manufacturers and they work as they should — rock solid and stable. Usually products from Ultimate are good, but this was a complete miss. My advice is to purchase a different stand.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Rick Logan

    BEST guitar stand yet

    BEST guitar stand yet ! Awesome Ultimate ! I have your mic stands ~ speaker stands and more ~ You guys rock ! A+++++

    One person found this helpful

  50. Bryan P.Bryan P.


    Stand broke on the plastic leg-locking system upon its first use. My bass fell face down to the floor, fortunately no damage to my instrument. Cheap materials. Not sturdy at all. I was so excited about having a portable stand for my gigs. I’m going with Hercules as they seem way more reliable.UPDATE:Contacted customer support at Ultimate Support, told them about my issue. They sent a new stand directly from their factory. It’s working great so far.

    4 people found this helpful

  51. James R. Oliphant

    Sturdy enough for high-end guitars

    Love this stand, it’s very sturdy, and holds a heavy Les Paul easily.

  52. Rocket965

    Best stand I ever had.

    I have three of these and I have procured two more. I love the automatic lock at the top of the neck. The wide leg stance is awesome and stable and the legs lock. I use these for my acoustic guitars. Love these stands and would recommend them to all users. My friends love to use them too. The have held Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Violins, and even a Chello or two. It will work nice for a Banjo.

  53. Reed Ellenberger

    Good stand for the price

    I like the Hercules stands better, this one does the job for less.

  54. R Wulf

    Sturdy construction, portable unit

    Unit works wells, the only draw back is the how the holder end flips over but it kinda clunky to store

  55. Jim Collins

    Great guitar stand.

    Very strong and sturdy. I had the Hercules stand similar to this and I think this one is better and far less expensive.

  56. TLG

    Sturdy Stand – Seems to be a Good Height for Bunny Proofing

    We’ve been bunny proofing our family room so I needed new guitar stands to keep them away from the bunny’s teeth. (I didn’t want to attach grips to the wall and I didn’t want to re-locate the guitars.) I kept trying to find reviews that listed the height of the cradle, since I wanted something higher, but couldn’t find any. Therefore, my review is primarily for bunny-proofers looking for the same answer. The height from floor to grip is 43 inches, fully extended. The distance between the bottom of my 3 guitars and the floor ranges between 9 and 11 inches (acoustic, resonator, electric). Hanging seems to be another deterrent, since it will swing if the bunny stands on her hind legs and investigates – preventing a firm grip for gnawing. This guitar stand is very sturdy and I love the auto-close feature. She’s noticed the rubber feet and has given them a bit of a nibble, but she doesn’t seem to notice the guitars hanging above her. I’ve ordered two more, but I will say that if I had expensive guitars that I wanted to keep in mint condition, I don’t know that I would trust this stand with those in regards to the bunny. I think this stand makes it more likely they won’t be damaged, but they’re not completely bunny-proof for our bunny’s size. If you had a dwarf bunny, I would think they’d be fine. Expensive guitars would likely find a home in another room, or I’d break down and install the wall grips.

    One person found this helpful

  57. Kevin A. Stewart

    Keep Your Instrument Safe When it’s Not in Your Hands

    This is very good guitar stand and is somewhat less expensive than the nearest competitor. It also has the advantage that it closes up more completely and takes less space to pack up and is easier to fold. I have both this and the competitive guitar stand and they’re both good but the Ultimate Support has a bit of an edge. If you value your instrument, you’ll only want to use this type of stand (this or the competitor). They cost a little more, in general, but if you’ve ever had a guitar fall over because of a cheap stand, you know these are well worth the cost.

  58. Roger simmons

    I like it

    I like the convenience of being able to take this to jams with out having to drag everything else with me beside my guitar. the head was a little sticky on closing the clamps, but, seems to be smoothing up with use. I can’t give 5 stars as I question the security of the lock-up system for the legs. will report further after a lot of use

  59. Stuart

    Sturdy and secure

    I have several of these stands and use them to hold guitars and basses. In addition to being well-built and secure, when not in use, they can be folded down into a very compact size for storage.

  60. Mike Reger

    As good as Hercules..without the high price

    I had the Hercules ones and after a few years all the rubber parts became sticky and brittle..these work just as good for nearly half the price..Very satisfied

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