Suzuki Viola School, Vol 1

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SUZUKI (November 1, 1999)

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32 pages

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57 reviews for Suzuki Viola School, Vol 1

  1. Lee Hunt

    Suzuki Music

    I gave this book 5 stars. Easy to follow and good music written clearly. The entire(CDs, music, instruction, etc.)Suzuki program I would rate 4 stars because of the minuses below. Read below for my opinion on the suzuki program.I with my children have been involved with Suzuki violin (6 1/2 years), cello (5 1/2 years) and now viola (beginning). This is a great program when used in a private teaching situation and with sheet music. Suzuki includes quality music for your student to learn. The CD has a professional musician playing through each song and will help the student understand what beautiful tone should sound like on the string instrument.The pluses to this program:+Teaches classical music from the great composers of the past.+Teaches skills and techniques that all string instrument students need to know.+Advances the student through needed skills by song (skills/techniques increase in difficulty with each song learned)+Student advances quickly to quality music and builds confidence in their skills and development on the instrument+Ear training is very important when learning a string instrument and this will help establish good tone if listened to frequently, coupled with practice and good instruction+ encourages lots of repetition and memorization which is great exercise for the brain+ Dr. Suzuki believes that any child can learn to play with correct instruction and repetition. He also wanted a to create a music program that produced good people/citizens not just great and important musicians.The minuses of this program:-Doesn’t include theory or note reading training. Must supplement with other material.-CD music is played up to speed so student can’t really use the piano accompaniment at the end until they have advanced much further then when song was learned.- Must purchase both the books and CDs, plus any supplemental material and have private instruction which adds up $$$$ This is probably the reality of any music book or private program offered.I feel the pluses outweigh the minuses. It is so good to help students achieve success on a musical instrument. However if you just listen to the CD it will help but will not substitute for the work of practicing, having a competent teacher, and support at home. Best of all it is really beautiful and up lifting music to listen to.

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  2. igit eia

    Amazing music

    The music in this book are very easy to learn but it is very nice to listen son had an amazing time learning these songs

  3. It’s Me, Y’all

    Recommended by our private music tutor; my 12-year-old says it has helped him and has info he hasn’t learned in school orchestra

    This past school year was my son’s first year in middle school orchestra. He selected the viola, and borrowed an instrument from the school. In order to continue to borrow the instrument over the summer, we needed to enroll my son in lessons this summer. My son is actually the one who asked to take lessons this summer; we were happy he was the one who asked to take lessons.Our son’s orchestra teacher does a great job. I had no idea that a bunch of beginners would sound as good as they did by the end of the school year. However, the orchestra teacher cannot possibly walk around to each individual student to correct posture or the way they’re holding the instrument, or even where their fingers are. The orchestra teacher directed us to a solid tutor for the summer, and he suggested that we get this book. We got it, and my son was immediately able to play several of the songs.The songs at the end of the book? Well, we did not get to those over the summer. What we did get from the private lessons was a better idea on how to improve posture, how to how the instrument, how to angle the bow. . . all of the things that helped.BIGGEST TIP I CAN OFFER: If you are ordering this for someone who is just beginning, or who knows how to read music, ask that person to try to hum/sing what each song would sound like by reading the music. I did that with my son. It’s been years since I laid my fingers on a piano, and unfortunately, I have forgotten how to read music. However, we discovered that it was a TREMENDOUS help to ask him to hum/sing (la la la) the songs before playing them.My son was 11/turned 12 while using this book, so please keep in mind that this input is from the standpoint of a parent trying to assist a middle schooler who has shown an interest in the viola. Our private music instructor happens to have a PhD in composition (!) and plays with the philharmonic here, in addition to teaching at a private school. This is the series he uses for his students, and it’s what he recommends to everyone who comes to him for private lessons.My son said that he liked some of the tips in this book; it has information that he hasn’t learned in orchestra at school.I would recommend this for beginners.

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  4. Sue

    Violin book has gotten a lot more revision and upgrading

    The updates for Suzuki violin are excellent. The viola books are being left in the dust.

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  5. Jeff


    I cannot give an opinion on the content, but both the original and replacement books were damaged: very bent, one had water damage, the other had a large mark/line down the cover. Unacceptable to me for what is supposed to be new. Returning both and not trying my luck again.

  6. T. Diamond

    Servicable, Not 100%

    This is one of 2 books my teacher uses for her curriculum. Please note that this book refers several times to a CD, but there isn’t one included. The CD is supposed to be important for beginners to learn the sound they are aiming for when playing. Comparing this title with the equivalent violin title shows that the viola gets less attention and updating (and the violin edition comes with CD). I recommend purchasers also look into getting the accompanying CD for best results.

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  7. Mary K


    My daughter’s school uses this book, purchased per their request

  8. Vicky

    Nice layout and specific practice suggestions clearly stated

    Re: Viola Books 1 + 2: I like the summary of practice suggestions for each piece at the back of the books – this layout is much, much easier to use as compared to the violin books which try to pack way too much information (including multiple language translations) on each tune page.

  9. Tek Rai


    The songs are nice.

  10. Southern Mama

    for the new learner

    This was recommended by the strings teacher as the next step up from the Essential Elements series. Working great so far!

  11. Shopping Junkie

    Anyone learning to play Viola should have this book.

    I spare no expense for my kids education. Anyone learning to play Viola should have this book.

  12. Mihaela Ragusitu

    Five Stars

    I liked the book.It has some instructions written but It was in good condition.

  13. DS

    Good product

    As expected

  14. Jessica

    I would recommend Applebaum instead

    It was a quality book, but it does not show you the fundamentals. The songs are too long for a beginner. I am not a suzuki fan. I would recommend Applebaum instead.

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  15. Y.D.

    Very good for songs

    Very good for songs, but you will need to use something else, like strictly strings, if you want to learn to read notes, and also a different book for scales.

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  16. Reader

    A great copy of standard viola instructional book

    A second copy to book to replace lost book

  17. Sk joynal abadin

    So refreshing !

    So refreshing smooth and slightly sweet deliciousness! Just ordered more.

  18. I do not recommend

    Required text.

    Required text

  19. Darlia1

    Four Stars

    This is such a great foundation to help learn viola

  20. Krystal

    Great Book for Beginners

    Perfect book for beginner students learning how to play a string instrument. This program helps students advance at a rapid pace. I highly recommend this item.

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  21. engst

    Standard Suzuki book required for lessons

    Comes with a CD which is helpful for reviews and listening/ear training.

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  22. あき



  23. Cliente Amazon

    rapidez y de gran utilidad

    Llegó rápidamente, y es justo lo que mi hija necesitaba para aprender a tocar la viola.

  24. エリア



  25. Sonia Perez

    Muy bien

    Muy bien

  26. ちびこ



  27. コロレ



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  28. Kay Churrie

    Five Stars


  29. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars


  30. Eric W.

    Five Stars

    no problems

  31. fernandezb

    Five Stars


  32. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Good price but somewhat damaged upon arrival

    New book but arrived damaged. May have been returned once.

  33. Stephen

    Five Stars

    Wonderful book.

  34. Susan C.

    Suzuki method is solid

    Very good

  35. Marge S.

    Excellent Method

    I have long used the Suzuki products in teaching and needed a new book as mine had become quite “used”. The ordering through the secondary vendor through Amazon was very smooth and painless.

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  36. Hi Wen

    Not a new book.

    This is not a new book, the cover is damaged .

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  37. Amazon Customer

    Perfect if your viola teacher requires it

    We love the Suzuki program. My kids are learning songs fast. Each song teaches a new technique.

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  38. J.V.

    New Book

    Brand New. As Described

  39. LindaR

    Scary book

    Ok, maybe I am really prejudiced against this book. I have been learning viola from the Essential Elements books when my instructor decided I should be using the Suzuki. I feel like a lost little kid when using the Suzuki book. Its like it a big girl book and I’m still a little girl. At least as far as viola playing goes!It might be good if it was the first book for the new student and you had a really awesome teacher!

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  40. Kenneth Hutchinson

    Great Price

    Awesome Book

  41. Amazon Customer

    another satisfied customer

    This is an old standard. How can you go wrong learning a new instrument

  42. Seongjin Choe

    Five Stars

    It is very good to beginner

  43. Kitty peaches

    Love it, helped tremendously for at home practice

    My viola teacher uses this method for teaching. I got the book and CD. Love it, helped tremendously for at home practice.

  44. tiam

    Good learner

    Top notch book for the beg/med student.

  45. Family in Vegas

    Five Stars

    as described

  46. Aga Villaroman


    Helpful book

  47. joanne m. Gudenburr

    Five Stars


  48. PandJ

    came sooner than expected

    My daughter started viola lessons, and her teacher wanted her to have this book. I thought the price was right with the free shipping offer (when combined with other items to total $25 or more)

    One person found this helpful

  49. vmattoni

    Item as described

    As you’d expect….

  50. Jorge Barbarosa

    Suzuki Method

    Tried and True

  51. GHGlaser

    It’s nice when you can avoid paying huge bucks in the music store for books such as this.

    Just what the teacher ordered.

  52. Virginia Nickerson

    Wonderful instruction! Great examples and enjoyable to play

    Wonderful instruction! Great examples and enjoyable to play!

  53. Matt

    Five Stars


  54. Phillip L Brandt

    Suzuki Viola School

    The book is fine really, but frustrated with this whole process. First we order volume VII and Vol I arrives. perhaps our mistake. Then we order Vol VII and it arrives, but when we open the cover, the actual contents are Vol III. Suzuki has some production issues. Finally found it at a local store, held the proper Vol in my hand, confirmed that it was correct, and discovered that it was cheaper than Amazon’s list price, but best of all we could actually verify what we were purchasing before we bought. I will be supporting my local retailer. The hassle of returning individual items like this is not worth the convenience of ordering from my house.

    4 people found this helpful

  55. Derrell S.

    Five Stars


  56. JP

    Five Stars

    Good Book for self study with the seperate CD

  57. Nelson

    My kid love this. Easy for him to learn

    My kid love this.Easy for him to learn.

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