SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit – Practice Drum Pad Set with Two Different Surfaces

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Practice Anywhere, Anytime- Are you just learning to play the drums & looking for that perfect portable practice drum pad set? Are you trying to find a high-quality drum pad to use for snare drum practice? Get started with this Slint Drum Practice Pad Set! You can easily practice your skills at home or in the outdoors. Durable for kids’ use & well-built to last for years. Portable and lightweight, take this Snare Drum with Stand anywhere as it’s easy to set up and disassemble! Premium Double-sided Drum Pad – Lightweight and sturdy, this premium double-sided drum practice pad kit is specially designed for a real drum practice experience. The primary side features a nontoxic, slightly textured, high density natural elastic rubber that offers the feel of a real drum when used. The back is equipped with a softer rubber that provides a less rebound surface. The drum sides are mounted on a high-quality, robust wood frame – created to deliver a fantastic experience. Professional Snare Stand – This Stage Series solid double braced drum pad stand is fully adjustable in height as well as snare diameter, making it suitable for most drums. The rock-solid drum practice stand is also stable enough to adjust to any comfortable angle you need. The rubber-faced clamps will not leave a mark on your snare while holding it securely. The clamps are designed to fit any standard snare drum (6 inches deep), as well as small top drums with a diameter of 8 to 15 inches. Everything You Need in One Set – This Snare Drum Practice Pad includes a premium PRACTICE PAD and DRUM STAND. Along with these, you’ll receive all the accessories you need to use your drum pad. This includes, 3 pairs of drum sticks and 3 portable covers for your drum sticks, 6 gels for drums, a practice pad, and a stand. Our Promise – We have designed this product keeping quality in mind. Your lifetime warranty is included with this purchase. In the rare circumstance that you are not completely satisfied with this product, it can be returned for a full refund. We are always available to our customers should any issue arise.

Product Description

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice<img alt=”drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice” src=”,0,2200,660_PT0_SX600_V1___.jpg”/>

Express yourself with music!

Are you just learning how to play the drums, looking for that perfect portable practice pad, or maybe you are a professional drum player trying to find your next high-quality drum pad to use for snare drum practice.

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice

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drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice

drum pads, drum practice pad, drum pad and sticks, drum practice pad with stand, drum pads practice

My life changed when I discovered music

I started sharing the gift of music as a teacher and I discovered how magical that can be. Since then, my mission has been helping everyone have music in their life.

Those who wish to sing, always find a song

The beauty is in the ritual of learning it. Put your soul into it & it’s worth the effort. Start drumming and discover how amazing music can be.

Drumming video course included

With your purchase, you get a free membership to our club that includes video tutorials, 24/7 support and a huge community of drummers just like you.

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8.95 pounds

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16.14 x 5.91 x 12.99 inches

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60131500 (Musical instrument parts and accessories)
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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#813 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #1 in Drum Set Snare Drum Stands #2 in Practice Pads & Devices

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April 22, 2019

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Wood, Rubber


Practice Drum Pad Set

60 reviews for SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit – Practice Drum Pad Set with Two Different Surfaces

  1. Spoken Word

    Stand sturdiness

    It is good for beginners but the stand is not sturdy. Pad keeps coming off of stand.

  2. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    it’s great

    I haven’t played in a long time. I have no where to put an actual drum set. so I thought this would be a good idea. I am right. I play every night after work. I played probably 5 hrs today. it works well, has pretty decent bounce back. for now I couldn’t do any better than this pad. its not electronic, I’m in my room, leave the door cracked, and no one can hear me. it’s great & gives me the pleasure of doing what I love.

    3 people found this helpful

  3. Lou Salvalaggio

    good quality

    happy with purchase

  4. Stacey Chapman Ragin

    Good value for the money

    My 16 year old daughter loves it. She’s in marching and jazz band transitioning from bass drum to snare. My only complaint is the warranty scan code is no good and neither is the customer service email. Very suspect

    2 people found this helpful

  5. Bud L.

    Great practice pad!

    Sturdy stand. Quiet side comes in handy. Nice pad!

    One person found this helpful

  6. Chris Lawrence

    I have no regrets

    Love it

  7. Cheronda Walker

    Great Gift

    This was a Christmas gift for my son. He really loves his drum💙

  8. Amy McFarland

    Great for Beginners

    My son has had this for about 4 months now. As a mom I love it. The noise is not super loud and when he goes to lessons, it can be placed directly on top of the snare drum. It has held up well!

  9. Jd

    the pad is nice but…

    the pad works wonderfully and is really quiet, my only complaints are that around the edges of the pad it’s peeling a little bit, and that the bag and sticks are not made all that well.

  10. Stephanie

    Good Deal for beginner

    This is a useful practice tool for the beginner. It sits well on top of my snare, but functions well separately as well. The logo pops out which is annoying, but otherwise it’s a good, cheap option.

    One person found this helpful

  11. becka echelberger

    Great for all drummers beginners and pros

    It’s amazing to practice rudiments and rhythm quietly and it’s very portable, I haven’t taken it anywhere yet but you can tell. The sticks are mediocre but tis is life

    One person found this helpful

  12. NSC

    Great Value

    Perfect practice pad with stand. Adjustable and lightweight. Great for practice while watching TV or in living room.

  13. charlotte_Aug

    Nice product for the price

    Great product for the price! The noise level is tolerable. Exactly the one that I was looking for.

  14. Onel

    It’s decent.

    This is an average pad. It’s still definitely overpriced just like every other practice pad I’ve ever seen. I’ve been able to practice on it just fine but after every time it leaves a white powdery residue. It’s pretty loud so u can’t practice at night if people are sleeping. The drumsticks it comes with are extremely light. It also comes with a bag, stickers to stick it places so it doesn’t move, a paper showing different drum rolls, and a business card. The slint label on the pad in black is always about to fall out for some reason too I don’t know why.

  15. Sandra

    Good Pad, Decent Accessories.

    Pros:-Orange rubber feels great for marching percussion playing and has a good amount of rebound.-Orange rubber is relatively quiet.-Actual sound difference in “rimshots”.-Pad feels sturdy and well made.-Stand is easy to adjust and is sturdy.-Bags are all well made and fit the items.Cons:-Black side doesn’t feel like a playing surface.-Slint logo is a different material and isn’t good to play on-Stand rubber pieces rub off on wood.-Stand is only tall enough for sitting and playing.-Stand parts are stubborn for adjusting.-Sticks are poorly made.Overall:The Pad: The pad itself is actually quite a nice pad and could easy be used for anyone looking to practice. The orange rubber side has a nice rebound to it the pad feels well built and sturdy. I wouldn’t consider this pad double sided, as the black side really just feels you stuck cloth over a table, especially with heavier sticks.The stand: The stand feels decent, and is nicely included for the price. The tilt adjustment is a little finicky and has set notches rather than one smooth movement. The parts seem to be somewhat stubborn for moving up and down and such making adjustment kind of a pain. The stand also does not raise very high and could only be used if sitting on a stool or chair.The bags: The bags feel generally well made and a nice addition. Each item fits fine into the bags, and the zippers seem sturdy and will last for a long time.The sticks: The sticks definitely feel like they’re just thrown in. They’re decent sticks but I wouldn’t recommend them for a main pair of sticks.

    13 people found this helpful

  16. LCLC

    Appealing all-in-one bundle of shoddy items

    I’m a beginner drummer who started with an electronic kit but wanted a proper practice pad to wail on to develop strokes without worrying about wearing out my snare head and fighting a tall rim. This kit does the job but only in the context that it passes muster to be beaten on.The snare stand is almost comically bad, it bends in places that it shouldn’t due to loose junk rivets and because of this it’s nearly impossible to get a good three-point grip on the pad. When you do get the pad mounted well enough for use, you’ll never get it flush with the ground. As for the pad itself, the adhesive is peeling on both sides in a week’s time.I don’t mind having expendable cheap kit to practice on, but this is defective to the point that it is nearly unusable.

    4 people found this helpful

  17. Lauren Hall

    Great drum pad!

    Bought this for my daughter as she began learning the drums. She uses it for practicing rhythms since eshe doesn’t have a full drum kit yet. It’s great to have for beginners and also fairly portable. The stand is sturdy and holds up well. Once adjusted it does stay in place. We’ve moved it (adjusted) quite a few times around the house and the stand stayed in place. The sticks are pretty good quality (so far as we all know) and she’s very happy with it. Drum instructor told us it was good quality also so, there’s that. Slightly heavy for a 6 year old, but she handles it well. Cases are good quality and no broken zippers as of yet. The stick case is great and is nice to have the backups ready to go. I might prefer some separation within the case (like slots for each set of sticks) but that is my OCD and overall, works great. Good value and sturdy.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Aaron Levy

    Superb Practice Pad Set for Beginners

    When I first got a hold of the SLINT Practice Pad Set. I was pretty amazed at all the extras it came with.First off, everything was packed nicely, and everything was in a separate bag making it easy to organize.The pad itself is very durable. I dropped it intentionally to see how well it would stand up to falls, and it did very well. The rubber did not separate from the base, and there were no evident indentations or dents.As far as how it responds, its very responsive to a variety of sticks from Marching Snare Sticks to Drumset Sticks to Practice Aluminum Weighted Sticks. The pad held together very well and took a beating quite nicely. Pun intended.The stand it is provided with does the job of holding the pad well, although I would not recommend putting a snare drum on it. The height is a bit lacking, as I wanted it to be about 6 inches higher as I’m a pretty tall person even when seated.The sticks it comes with are a bit smaller than normal 5A sticks, but that’s to be expected. They’re light and definitely meant for beginners.It also came with some dampeners for acoustic drums, which was a nice touch! Can always use those on gigs when playing on house kits!As far as the overall value, it really can’t be beat. The cost of buying everything separately would cost way more than this. This is the best deal you can get if you are looking for a practice pad for a beginning percussionist or drummer.

    24 people found this helpful

  19. Caw

    Happy whacking, love the pad, sticks, and bag.

    Love this product. Awake and practicing mostly at night makes you a pariah with the neighbors. This pad solves that problem. Second I’m new to drumming and play on buckets…no recoil, so the pad helps me experience recoil and to discern if I am playing from my wrists enough on buckets to mimic the missing recoil. What the pad needs is a rim. Are there practice pads with rims? Wish the carry bag had pockets for sticks.

    One person found this helpful

  20. De’Ryan Brister

    Great value!

    It’s not built to last for ten years but it is great value for your money’s worth!

  21. Boris GodunovBoris Godunov

    Nice pad with cheap drum sticks

    Pad is ok but one of the sticks already broken in 3 weeks after a very light use of 30mins a day 🙁

    One person found this helpful

  22. J. Russell

    Get this drum pad kit!

    My 11 year old son wanted to start drumming. Since he has a habit of wanting to do something and then quickly losing interest, I did not want to invest in a full drum kit to have it sit in a corner to collect dust. I was also not thrilled at the prospect of listening to a beginning drummer in my house. I teach in a classroom next to the band room, and for 55 minutes, 5 days a week I have the utmost priviledge to listen to the drum line practice. This drum pad set up is super easy. My 11 year old had it all put together in about 2 minutes (And, believe me this kid isn’t a super genius or anything…he stuck his finger in a blender once and pushed the on button. Don’t worry, it only needed 7 stitches and he’s fine now). I love how portable it is with the bags so my son can take it with him when he goes somewhere else to annoy people with his constant tapping on things. This pad, stand and bags are all very well built and I am sure will last many years..if he uses it that long.

    107 people found this helpful

  23. Rodney B

    It’s great for beginners/kids.

    The value and quietness of this in your house is worth it! The sturdiness could be improved, but at this price point, it works!!

  24. George Buickus Jr

    Good Purchase

    Strike feedback slightly less than expected

  25. KevinKevin

    A Good Practice Pad For Kids!

    This drum pad is nicely made and it works well for my son’s beginner drum class. It also includes drum sticks and a nylon zipper case for the drum pad. The case could be improved by including a strap or pocket to hold the drum sticks. As it is, you must carry the case and drum sticks separately. The only other flaw is the gel self-stick pads provided that you are supposed to stick on the bottom of the drum pad as “feet” fall off immediately–like in minutes. Either the adhesive must be improved or another method to attach them must be found. Overall this is an excellent drum pad set–nicely priced and a great deal of fun for kids and adults alike. Recommended.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Dgorbet34

    A little hard to get to hold in place but hood for the money. The sticks helped with the value.

    The pad is a little bit cheap and it’s starting to come off a little bit especially on the black side and I’ve only had it for about a week. The stand isn’t very sturdy and it’s hard to adjust. The drumsticks are lightweight and low quality but do the job. It’s not very expensive so overall it’s worth the money. But if you’re looking for something sturdy and a nice drum pad maybe pay a little bit more but other than that if you’re just looking for something super cheap to do the job this will do the job.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Danielle Ellis II

    Great Deal

    I like how the kit came with cases , my only thorn would be that my kit arrived without the drum sticks. Very easy set up.

  28. Stezme

    Great for beginners!

    Bought this as a birthday gift for my grandson. He love it now I have to get me some earplugs! 😆

  29. Chad WilsonChad Wilson

    Cheap Stand

    As soon as I started assembling the stand, I repackaged it and requested a refund. Some parts of the stand are good quality, but most of the connecting parts are made from Chinese pot metal, or something like that. If I were using this stand for just one person and rarely ever packing it up, it would be fine. However, I am purchasing this for students who will be collapsing the stand and carrying it around multiple times a week. Just collapsing the basket to return it was difficult. The rubber L shaped snare grabbers fall off very easily. The hing for the snare basket tilt makes that sound that you just “know” sounds like something thats going to break or fall apart.I decided to buy the RealFeel + Girbralter 5000 series snare stand. For $30 more, I think you get a much higher quality snare stand, that could actually support a snare drum as well. If you want to get the SLINT practice pad + a higher quality snare stand, that would prob be fine as well.

    12 people found this helpful

  30. T J

    nice little practice set-up

    this works for the starting drummer. Heck, it works for the seasoned pro as well. Everything you need is included and seems like quality stuff. A nice added feature is everything has a storage case for mobility.

  31. J. Pollard

    Bottom side to thin for practical use.

    Solid pad. However, to claim it is both double-sided & silent is very misleading. The bottom (black) side is just some super thin foam. Played with just a tiny bit of volume you are pushing right through to the MDF to get a nice loud clack from the stick. That said, the top (orange) side is thicker that most other commercial pads on the market. This should lend extra durability, extending the pad’s useable lifespan, and it provides a lively playing surface, as well. Note that neither side gives you Silent practice, as the listing indicates. I would have given just 3 stars, but to get this solid of a build along with the extras is pretty much unheard of at this price point.

    One person found this helpful

  32. Alan

    Perfect for beginner needs

    I’m starting to learn the drums and needed a drum pad to practice on since my room walls are thin and I don’t want to be limited on when I can practice. This is perfect for me! I can hop on whenever I feel the urge to practice and it doesn’t bother anyone. I love that it comes with a carrier for everything if I wanted to take it anywhere. And also the drum sticks I got were solid! One was like a darker brown shade and they’re now my favorite. I read a review that said the sticks were cheap but they feel fine to me.

  33. Justin Goldberg

    Great for starting out, or just if you want to hit stuff!

    I bought this as a birthday present for my mom Denise Goldberg, and she loves it. Very easy to put together and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The setup is basic but sturdy, I’ve got one myself and I’ve hit it as hard as I can and it doesn’t have any issues. The bounce on the pad is great, especially for anyone first learning to control the sticks. The extra drum sticks and the covers are very convenient and make it an even better value for the money.Whether you want to actually start learning drums, or just think, “I want to bang on some drum pads,” this is a great kit and comes with everything you need.

  34. Randall

    They reached out and made me a happy customer.

    The kit was as pictured and works well, but we didn’t receive any drum sticks. They reached out and fixed the issues quickly.

    One person found this helpful

  35. shawn


    I am teaching myself via youtube rudiments of drumming. I purchased this practice pad set because it had a lower price due to damaged packaging. I didn’t find any imperfections or damage on the equipment so it turned out to be a great deal for me. So far I love it. I’m not sure i have enough knowledge yet to rate the quality but i’ve been beating on the pad for quite some time and it seems great. Love the rebound i get which I can only assume mimics a drum. Definityly helped me understand learning the rebound stroke.

  36. Peter Walker

    Good deal for the money

    I was pretty pleased with the product except for a flaw here and there. The rubber end covers on the snare stand don’t fit quite right almost like they are too large for what they are intended for. The angle of the stand in relation to the user is off by about 10 degree’s. It’s not face on like one would expect it to be or the way it should be to be able to practice properly. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it for someone just starting out.

  37. SHERRIE B.

    Awesome Purchase

    Purchased for my 7 year old grandson who has a passion for music, especially drums. He sets it up himself and he gives that pad a workout! He’s not exactly gentle with it, but it is very, very sturdy and made very well.

  38. Kandis Henderson

    Good practice drum pad!! (Horrible delivery)

    This drum pad is exactly what I wanted for my son who wants to start playing the drums. Seems well made awesome it comes with a carry bag helps keep it clean as well. Only issue i had which I dont believe was the company’s but Amazon was the fact it was a xmas gift and it showed up just in the products box and not an Amazon box which ruined te surprise and risked someone stealing it when left on my porch. But like I said I dont feel thats this company’s fault and the pad itself is great.

  39. Logan

    Would be 5 stars except that I didn’t receive sticks in the package.

    Love the pad, seems very well made. The stand seems fine and sturdy for a pad, don’t think I’d trust it with a drum. The cases were neat, and the set would be really great (especially for the price), but I didn’t receive sticks in my package. It doesn’t seem like a common issue though. Would be a 5 star set if it came complete as advertised

  40. I’m Caroline

    Great starter

    Great starter before purchasing a whole set of drums.

  41. Danbert

    Takes a beating nicely

    I like to hit stuff. Not gonna lie.Hit the head, hit the hay, hit the skins (that’s drumming)I love my E-set but can’t always move it around to where I want to practice and the man I usually end up skipping the rudiments to play with the sounds.I’m an old drummer and want to actually finally learn how to play.I like the look of this pad. That’s why I ordered it over any of the others. (Well, and the price was pretty good.)I didn’t pay a bunch so I didn’t expect too much. When I got it though, the package was heavier than I expected. It’s got great weight to it. I haven’t tried balancing it to see if there is a heavy end if that matters to you.It looks as good as the pictures suggest.The carry bag:…is not high quality. I expect it to not last near as long as the practice pad should. I also wish the bag came with a stick holder and a pocket for guides. Here’s the deal, lacking these things suck but I’m not gonna drop a star off because I “want” more than I expected and more than what I got which was more… well you get it.The sticks:…are alright. I am keen to my regular sticks and probably will not use these for anything more than “friend” sticks. (You know the kind. The ones you pull out when your friends want some time at your kit and they just aren’t good with spatial awareness, applied force, and reason).The pad:As you may have guessed by now, I am not an expert in practice pads. I have built my own. Mostly I just used some wood or MDF and glued either rubber mat or dense foam to it.This one feels very well built. The pads on each side which give you differing feels, sounds, and noise levels appear to be well adhered to the middle board. I will update if I notice it delaminating.Buy it. If it’s your first or for your kid, get it. It’s not expensive, it’s solid and a pleasure to play.

    22 people found this helpful

  42. Margaret


    Nice quality. Perfect for my beginner percussion player for school band:)

  43. Deanna PadillaDeanna Padilla

    Drum teacher approves

    great practice pad, his drum instructor said it’s perfect. Doesn’t slide, isn’t loud.

  44. TK

    Works sufficiently well

    I purchased this to get back onto my drum kit after a couple year hiatus resulting from covid impacts, working extended hours from home, as well as all the neighbors doing the same. Although I have a Tama kit in the house I thought it might be nice to have this setup with the stand so I can be more mobile with it. I actually found the orange side of the pad to be pretty functional, to my surprise. Works well for drumming rudiments. You can put the pad on top of your snare drum as well. I really think that is the purpose of the side with the black pad – to rest against your snare batter head. It does not impress me as being sufficiently durable for continuous practice. I have never owned a brand name practice pad such as an Evans so I can’t compare the performance. Not sure who needs three bags for this stuff but ok. Sticks are another issue. Labeled as 5A, they are much closer to a 2B stick which is a drum line size stick, almost 5/8 inch in diameter, and feel rather ponderous. And 3 sets no less (?). I will stick (no pun intended) to my Pro-Mark Shira Kashi Oak 5A’s thank you. Stand works well enough, max height is about 24 inches. The QR code provided in the package for the “warranty” takes you nowhere, so I don’t know at present if there is a warranty or not.

    9 people found this helpful

  45. Chris LanganChris Langan

    Beginner Drummers…..Here’s a Great Bundle to Get You Started!

    Hi, I’m Chris… A Professional Drummer and Drum Educator. I recently received this Practice Pad bundle to test out. As a Full-Time Drum Teacher, I’m constantly asked: “What do I need to get started?” For those who are not ready to run out and buy a Drum Set, I always recommend a Practice Pad. We need to learn the notes and get our hands in shape before we can jump behind a Drum Set and jam out anyway! I’m always working on my hands and a Practice Pad is great for any time or setting. They aren’t loud, and they typically have different types of surfaces to mimic an acoustic drum. But a Practice Pad isn’t the only thing you actually need. You need Drum Sticks too. And unless you just put your Pad on a table, it really wouldn’t hurt to have a stand for it. You can truly get alot of work done on this type of set up! But you are more than likely going to have to get each of these items separately. After taking a look at this particular bundle, I have some thoughts that I’d like to share with both the consumer and the company! First off, in this bundle, you get a 12″ Double-Sided Pad, Stand, 3 Pairs of Sticks, Soft Cases for everything, Drum Head Dampening Gels, and an Audio/Ebook with some lessons. That is more than enough to get you learning rhythms, and putting your hands to work. The cost of the bundle is roughly $70. Some of the most popular Practice Pads run between $30-$50. That’s not including anything else. So is it worth it? Well…In my overall opinion, YES! My only critiques would be these. The bundle comes with cases for your pad, stand, and sticks. I really can’t see anybody needing those. It just seems unnecessary. Maybe the stick bag, but not for the pad and stand. You also get a pack of Drum Head Dampeners. These go on actual Drums to control the sound. It just seems like an odd toss in. Most people who are buying a beginner Pad Bundle likely don’t own, or know much about Drums, to begin with. I feel like these would get tossed aside. I do appreciate the Audio/Ebook that comes with it. You can learn some basic things to get you started. I think you could possibly take those few items out of the bundle, and people would still be happy, but perhaps drop the price a tad. Or….you could take those items out, keep the price the same, and take that extra money to help improve the Pad, Stand, and Sticks! Those are the most important, and with so much competition, you want to have the best quality! Like I said…Overall…I would say buy this item if you are a Beginner looking to get started!!! If you are a Professional like myself, who already plays and has gear, it’s probably not necessary for you. And that’s ok!! If you are a teacher, I would highly recommend this to your students if they need to get a Pad and get started! Thanks so much to SLINT USA for sending this out, and Best of Luck to you all!!

    83 people found this helpful

  46. Da

    good product, but smells

    the drum and stick work great, but the bag they come with has a strong chemical smell, we left it in the open air for a few days before using

  47. Lydia Lettsome

    I love it

    Great investment

    One person found this helpful

  48. Stolen Highlights

    My son loves it.

    My son is 13 and he’s a intermediate drummer. This is perfect for him to practice all day with minimal noise. It’s a great way for him to build his technique without disturbing everyone in the house.

  49. RachReviews

    Good for a beginner

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums. Got this because it also said it came with an ebook/audiobook and the website given on the sheet doesn’t work at all. Waited specifically for this one because of that. Little disappointed but luckily YouTube exists.

    4 people found this helpful

  50. Scotty D

    It’s ALOT IF FUN but it’s too short

    So I’m a 53 yr old man , and have always wanted to play drums ssooo I challenged myself to learn by only watching you tube videos…I know it’s crazy but it’s working. So the slint practice drum pad is really cool and so much fun!! The stand is very stable at any height you choose however it’s only 2′ tall at its highest settings, I know that’s good for slot of drummers but I’m a tall guy and while just practicing I don’t always want to sit that low I really wish it could 3′ would be so helpful. Loved everything else it came with, I have several friends who play and they live that it’s always in my car everywhere I go because you never know your going to to rock out!!! I have rock and roll emergancies all the time…..good job Slint thanx

    One person found this helpful

  51. Cake

    The cheaper option

    I was super bummed that this showed up without packaging. This was a gift for my partner. Not only was it not in a shipping box, but the product box was damaged.I saw some reviews talking about saw dust, definitely dust on the pad. The sticks are good for super beginners but don’t expect much from them.NO MORE INSTRUCTIONAL WEBSITE! If you are getting this for the free book or tutorials, it doesn’t exist.I’m glad I got this on sale. We will keep it, but I was disappointed.

    One person found this helpful

  52. RichZ

    Adequate to start

    I bought this kit to begin practicing my rudiments. It’s generally a good value. However, there might be better alternatives depending upon your needs. The snare stand that comes with the kit is adequate for a pad but not very rugged. The “crown” or “basket” tightening mechanism is plastic, so it eroded and would not hold a firm grip on the pad for long. I ended up buying a Griffen stand. The pad itself is fine but sounds rather dead. In the end I replaced it with a Vic Firth practice pad which has more return for the strike.No regrets buying it; it just is what it is: an inexpensive starter kit.

    3 people found this helpful

  53. Tenika Wright

    A Xmas Hit!

    My 7/0 son wanted a drum pad for Xmas and when I came across this, I knew it would be a hit! He’s been playing the drums since he was a year old and lately , he’s been watching a lot if cadence videos so the drum pad is great for him to practice on. Everything is made with good quality and so far, nothing has been broken. The only thing I don’t like is the drum pad bag is a little to small. You have to really fit the drum pad in there to get the bag to zipper but other than that, I would highly recommend this especially for the young drummers!

  54. Eric Wegrzyn

    solid. no disappointment.

    Simple. It is what it is, & does what it says. We all have our own sticks/backpacks, so the case & sticks are a courtesy, nothing more. The rebound is nice & is sufficient for practicing rolls. All that being said, you can practice drums anywhere, with just a couple sticks. But this pad is helpful & is quality. (Not a fan of the orange color, but who really gives a 💩 right? lol)

  55. Kevin D.

    pad, sticks and a STAND

    have been “beating” on this for about a week now. Was so happy to find this bundle. The rubber side of the pad is great and offers good rebound. The thinner foam (rubber?) side gives a different feel, which is helpful when working on different techniques. 3 pairs of sticks, they get the job done. I however have fairly large meaty hands and picked up a couple sets of heavier sticks that are more comfortable for me. That said I do still use the sticks that came with this, as it makes me focus more on the different grip styles. The sticks should work great for people with normal sized hands. The included carrying cases (1 for sticks, pad and stand), while not the greatest are def far from the worst and the do their job. For me the shining part of the bundle… the stand. Fully adjustable, it WILL hold many different sizes of snare drums. It looks, feel well built. It is easy to take apart for transport and to reassemmble. As I said at the start, I have been beating on this for over a week now and the stand is still stable, the practice pad hasn’t moved and i’ve adjusted it many times over finding a comfortable angle to have to pad at to practice on. So even with all the adjustments, nothing comes loose and it is still rock solid.

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  56. C.Howsare

    Pads great. Carrying bag was defective

    Zipper won’t close on bag. Means my kid can’t use it to carry pad to school. But the pad works perfect.Seller contacted me and made it right and apologized for the bag being defective. Upped star from 3 to 4 based on customer service.

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  57. Karen H.

    Fun to play – good rebound

    This drum pad and sticks are fun to play. There is lots of rebound available from the pad’s orange surface. And the sticks are of solid quality- i was afraid they’d be junk but they’re not. The only thing i didn’t like was that the drum pad had dust (saw dust?) on it when it arrived and I haven’t been able to remove it all. But it plays well (and quietly) so I kept it as is.

  58. Simple Drum Samples

    Standard Practice

    The Strike practice pad is a pretty standard drum pad. After drumming and using practice pads for almost 20 years I did not find this pad particularly “quiet” or anything extraordinary. I like that the pad is full size (so it can fit on a standard snare drum) and that it came with a stand. The feel was not quite as “bouncy” as other gum-rubber pads but is still pretty true to a real drum; I would compare it to a marching snare. The back side of the pad has a playable surface as well which is nice but it is a lot softer than other pads I’ve played.Personally I don’t think the value of the package is worth the cost because of the items included with the practice pad. The stand is hard to work with, carrying bags are thin with cheap zippers, and the sticks are borderline unusable.If you love the color orange and have never drummed before it’s an ok purchase but please go buy yourself a real pair of sticks.Update – company said they are working on finding new auxiliary items to ship with the drum pad.

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  59. Daniel g.Daniel g.

    Good Pad !👍

    could someone please tell me what this weird set of six clear and jelly like things that were included with the kit IS ? what do I do with these thing?(😱) ; I feel like this is alien technology & that’s going to turn into something and eat me. what are these six see-through clear weird alien blob looking things that were included with the drum pad and sticks and drum case? ( See photograph)

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  60. Ashika

    Slint Drum.

    My husbands new found interest to learn to play drum. He loves it. It’s pretty cool how it can work as close to the real drum yet without disturbing our neighbors. It was a surprised gift for him. I tried playing it .It’s pretty cool. My 3 yr old calls it snare drum. Yeah, she high jacks it too.Update:We had some issue with the pad . It had a bubble in the center. I contacted the seller . Mr Jayzel was the one who helped with replacement of the pad. Although I wasn’t able to get the pad in time:( because they were sold out. At the end I was offered 2 options either to wait or get money back. So I those money back. Yeah. I was also allowed to keep the current set. As he said he didn’t want us to be without one. I those this option keeping in mind that it was unknown when the pad will be available.

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