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For the Young Beginner

my first piano adventureLesson Book A

Written for ages 5 and 6, My First Piano Adventure captures the child’s playful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills. Three distinguishing features of the Lesson Book A make it unique and effective for the young 5-6 year old beginner.

my first piano adventures, kids, learn, music, play, pianoIncluded Songs

  • Bed on a Boat
  • Birthday Train
  • Boa Constrictor
  • Buckle My Shoe
  • Cookie Dough
  • Cookie’s Journey up the Mountain
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Dallas Dips L.H. Donuts
  • Dallas Dips R.H. Donuts
  • Dinosaur Music Night
  • Eensie Weensie Spider
  • Graduation Party
  • Hangin’ on a Fencepost
  • and more!
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Faber Piano Adventures; Pap/Com edition (January 1, 2007)

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88 pages

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60 reviews for My First Piano Adventure Lesson Book A with Online Audio

  1. Anup

    Best 👍

    It is taught in a very simple way so it is very easy to teach children.

  2. H. Wall

    Perfect for a beginning 5 year old

    Our 5 year old started taking piano lessons this summer and My First Piano is what her teacher recommended. It is a very cute book. I think it is perfect for a 5 year old who is new to the piano and who is still developing his/her reading skills. The lessons are simple and they move at a slow pace but they are fun and teach the basic concepts. Our daughter has really enjoyed this book. She particularly likes her “piano friends” who are introduced in the very first lesson and are part of every lesson thereafter. The CD is a great option and worth the extra few dollars. Some of the songs are too fast for our daughter to keep up with on the piano but we enjoy listening to them regardless.

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  3. MB’s mom

    Appealing to young children, cute, and fun!

    This book is great for my 4 1/2 year old, who has been taking piano lessons for about two months. The drawings of the “friends of the piano” are adorable. In addition to playing the CD while at the piano, we love playing the CD in the car–in the car we can still sing along, do some of the hand exercises, and also pretend to play. My 2 year old is even getting into it, specifically requesting some of the songs and demanding “piano lessons.” Luckily, we have a wonderful piano teacher who happily indulges him by giving him a 5-minute mini “lesson” to the 2 year old after my older child’s lesson is done!

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  4. T.P.

    First Piano Lessons

    My daughter has been doing well on these books. She is five and is starting to be able to follow a beat. These books make it fun too with their “characters” and the phone app that goes along with the books. Using them with my younger son also to play around on since he wants to be like his bigger sister.

  5. AAA

    Kids are excited to learn

    My kiddos use this program with their piano teacher. It was a little creepy to me at first but if you know nothing else maybe you won’t even notice. The kids really like it & I’ve come to like it as well. Catchy tunes that easily get stuck in your head.

  6. John H. Singh

    Lots of colors

    It was a difficult to decipher the lessons, but I figured it out.. I like the book for 7-11 year olds better

  7. meloncollie

    great book for younger kids

    my daughter started piano lessons couple of months before she turned 5, and this was the book the teacher asked us to buy. while a few of the lessons were hard to comprehend what they were trying to achieve, majority of lessons were well thought out. the little animail figures in the book kept my daughter interested, and she loved to play majority of the songs in there. the exercises also strenghted her fingers in just a couple of months.the teacher told me that she’ll be done with the book in about 2wks, so i just put in the order for the next 2 books in the series.

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  8. C. M. Parker

    What to use when your kids complain about piano lessons

    This has been a great motivator. The lessons are very, very easy, but it’s the perfect place to start with a child from 3-5. We’re actually using it as the ‘fun review book’ among other books with a bit more content. My seven year old secretly likes to watch and do it with us, even though he’s pretty far beyond the level. It’s just plain fun. I think they’ll keep dancing to the CD after we’ve finished the book. (We have to listen twice; once to play along on the piano, and once to dance.)

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  9. DJ Thornton

    So Impressed!

    -So impressed with the quality of this book. It is very child friendly. The art, colors and content are cheerful and engaging.

  10. enbnrb

    Keeps my students engaged and interested with fun songs they actually want to play

    I’ve been teaching out of the Faber my first Piano Adventures series for years. Keeps my students engaged and interested with fun songs they actually want to play. This is perfect for 4-6 year olds, or even a little older if they are struggling with the concepts in the primer book. It takes the concepts the are in covered in 12 lessons of the primer book, and expands on each skill/lesson further. Lots of coloring and physical movement to keep little ones engaged.

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  11. PG


    Good for beginners. It has a good starting notes with detail for kids to learn easily.

  12. Kotek

    Great for young kids

    I am no pianist, but I am able to teach piano till probably level 3-4 Alfred’s lessons. I play a bit and have been always involved in my oldest daughter’s lessons. I have learned a lot myself too. My 5 year old scatter brain or rather active son is not ready to take piano seriously and I don’t even have access to a piano teacher who accepts kids his age (pre reading and this active!). He begged for piano lessons so I bought him this book along with Alfred’s Prep Course A set.Alfred’s a bit too fast for him. He needed something even easier and more fun. This is real fun for him. He can’t get enough and he just cracks himself up with some songs, laughing no matter how many times he plays it. The best is Kangaroo song with it’s boing in a wiggly voice at the end. He made me make a movie of him playing it for his cousin 🙂 I think after this book he would be ready for Prep Course from Alfred’s set. I also need to add that my 7 year old is having fun with it. She took piano lessons with a teacher almost a year ago, stopped at Alfred’s level 1a book and didn’t want to continue her lessons. Now almost year later, she is having fun with this one with her brother. It’s way too easy for her, but fun. After not playing piano for almost a year, she is asking for lessons again… Thanks to this silly book :)However, I must add that this book would have been too simple, boring and easy for my oldest daughter at this very same age: 5. We had something similar for her to start with: Hal’s with CD and it wasn’t her cup of tea. She went right into Alfred’s level 1a and flew through it in a month. She got to level 4 in 4 semesters. My then 6 year old had to go through the Alfred’s primer level before getting to 1a. So it really depends on a kid….It worked for us and I am happy we have it. Hearing my son and ROTFLOL with every practice is just so much fun for me 🙂

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  13. Yair Zadik

    Audio is online only and needs a teacher

    The description says “Softcover with CD” but there wasn’t a CD with the copy I was shipped. Also, from the other reviews it seemed like this book could be used with the CD to explore a child’s interest in music and piano without a significant time investment by a teacher or parent. Looking at the lessons, this book requires a parent or teacher with decent piano skills to help throughout, but doesn’t include a teacher guide. Maybe that’s in online videos?

  14. Vishala jain

    Best purchase

    My son is the 1st time piano learner, his teacher suggested this book and yeah it’s the best we can give him

  15. Alex

    Very helpful!

    a very good basic learners book for kids!

  16. NYC_gal


    Bought the set of 3 FABER books for a 3 going on 4 year old that I’ve been caring for since he was 20 months and he loved them immediately! He’s highly intelligent, taught himself to read at age 2 and LOVES music! But he’s also a typical 3 year old in that he get’s hyper, has a short attention span and needs a lot of handholding to properly learn piano. I know piano, read the amazing reviews on this trio of books (lesson, writing and xmas) and decided this sounded like a great introduction to piano. He was truly inspired to commit to learning piano after opening the books. I highly recommend buying both the lesson and writing books (obviously the xmas book is optional), especially because the lesson book comes with a CD, which of course he loved because it ties in with the book and acclimated him to the whole concept of piano lessons. And the writing book is something he can grow into. I will say that he participated in Music Together for over a year and has that whole collection of books and CD’s–so he’s quite familiar with following music and singing and playing along. But he would open these books on his own, pop in the CD, follow along and grab his Casio keyboard which I bought him a while back (another great purchase). I also spent some time with him going through the exercises and explaining things which is obviously an essential part of the process. All in all, I was so happy (and relieved) that he took to the books because you never know about these things!

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  17. Amazonuser#356

    Very good!

    I use this book for my younger students and they have no trouble picking up the techniques. This is a very good quality product and well executed.

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  18. adam speiden

    Great Beginner Book

    Great book but the play audio link/app is only for Apple users. Please have it downloadable to android users. it would help a lot

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  19. The.Verdict

    This is a fun book

    I took many years of piano as a child, so I have some piano knowledge buried somewhere in my brain. I decided to use this piano series to teach my child as part of our homeschool experience. The book is very easy and fun to use. It is very colorful and low pressure and starts at the very very basics. We are about a third of the way through the book and we have only worked on very very basic things like white or black keys… Loud or soft … Telling a story using piano noises… Each lesson is very quick. I love the CD that comes with it. The CD is used in almost every lesson. The book is very well laid out in that it tells you exactly what CD track to use, and which page in the writing book corresponds to the lesson book.

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  20. Mimai

    Love the book!

    My son’s piano teacher recommended this book series. It’s the best piano book for young starters that I can imagine. He absolutely loves it!

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  21. Sandra Gruenler

    … didn’t care for this series at first but it’s pretty good. It’s kind of in between Suzuki and …

    I didn’t care for this series at first but it’s pretty good. It’s kind of in between Suzuki and traditional reading. My son is 6 and we initially went to a teacher that used staff reading from the very beginning. It was a little over whelming for him.He has a new teacher and she uses this series. This got him interested and confident. We’re starting to do staff reading now and it was a smooth transition.A couple things: these are short books. We went through this one in about 4 lessons so be prepared to be buying books often.The bottom of the page has a ‘teacher part’ to be played with what the student is doing. If you play, it’s a really cool feature. The student parts are pretty boring. My son really enjoys when we play together.We never use the CD and ignored most of extra games and stories in the book. We just used it for the pieces.I’d recommend this series for teaching your child piano.

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  22. Brezzzzi

    Really good book for beginners

    I used to teach piano this books a little different and how it words things but it’s pretty easy for my four-year-old to understand not sure I am that stoked about it but it does it’s job to teach!

  23. Amber

    Lots of games introducing good position, hand shape, etc.

    I like the way they teach piano in a way that kids will surely love. In other piano lessons, I have to treat my 4-year-old with gummy bears to keep him beside the piano. When I use this book, along with CDs, the child is naturally engaged with play and music, it makes him happy to practice, practice and practice. Highly recommended!

  24. D T

    Easy to learn and follow

    Great book for young beginners. Very colorful and just enough whimsical to draw interest. The CD is a great way to listen and practice. The only thing I didn’t like was that some of the songs on the CD are not in the book.

  25. JRH



  26. Susan Rhone

    The online audio is a waste. The book is great fora preschooler though, it you start near the middle

    I’ve been teaching piano a many many years. I do love these books for the beginner preschooler or kindergartner, it really depends on the child. However, don’t waste your time with the online audio. I just does not make sense to me

  27. Kathryn Gregory

    Cute, a bit slow

    Got this book on recommendation via the internet of great books for beginner pianists. (In full disclosure, I’m a homeschooling mama who took 10 years of piano lessons and has an undergraduate degree in oboe performance.) The book is cute, but I think might move a bit too slowly for my 7 year old daughter who is already picking out tunes on her own at the piano. We’ll see – I am going to start her in the book today. Seems like it’s a good early introduction to music theory, which I never had.

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  28. M. MantheM. Manthe

    Ordered 2, one great, the other cut off

    I ordered 2 copies. One is great. The other one all the pages are cut about 3/4 of an inch short. This cuts off important content on many of the pages. It wouldn’t be very usable with a piano student.

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  29. Mary E

    Great for the young beginner!

    This is a wonderful book for the young beginner and I would recommend it for Kindergarten and first grade students. I also use the Writing Book and find the combination of both books provide for excellent beginning piano instruction. Many times children are overwhelmed with all the information primer books give them, but these books are specifically written for a young child with characters to follow throughout the book and a CD to listen to as they learn their piano pieces. There are interesting sounds on the CD and the children want to listen to it again and again and again. They look forward to each week’s lesson and the new “games” in the book with the fun songs. As a music educator and private piano instructor for almost 40 years . . . . . this book is a WONDERFUL find!!!!

    8 people found this helpful

  30. Elise Kunihiro

    Great foundations for younger beginners!

    I have used this book for over 10 years with my younger beginning piano students, and it is awesome! The book lays essential piano foundations in a child-friendly way and younger children are able to progress at a decent pace through the book so they don’t get bored. I would recommend this book for younger beginners (4-7 year olds). I have a degree in Music Education and years of piano teaching experience and highly recommend this book.

    One person found this helpful

  31. GinaG

    No it’s not too young for your little one to start, and I have just the book!

    For adults this book is soooo slow and kind of annoying. But for the kid they’re teaching, it works well. The CD helps with realistic rhythm so little ones don’t have to count the notes perfectly or use a metronome but can still move forward without creating bad rhythm habits. I use this in my music classroom with little ones all the time. With the CD. The kids like it and feel successful. And they actually sound good playing the songs with their tiny fingers. Recommended for ages 4-6. No reading required.

    2 people found this helpful

  32. Marika Kraus

    Love the Faber method.

    I have taught lessons since 1999, having used many method books, I swear by Faber. This is a new product, specifically for non-reading young children. My daughter is four and she’s my trial subject. She LOVES this book. It has great simple songs on the CD to keep things fun and duets for both of us to play together. One of the biggest challenges teaching a young age is that they don’t have the retention or discipline to practice at home so each weekly lesson becomes the same review. Using the CD, non-playing parents can easily support their learning child which is very helpful.

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  33. Sarah J.

    Her Piano teacher recommended

    4 1/2 year old started learning Piano and the teacher is using this for her lessons. Fun to learn and good to teach and CD music is nice

  34. Karina

    I love this book for young kids

    I love this book for young kids! It has such wonderful tunes and pictures. The ‘friends of the piano’ works wonderfully, my students love them! The overall feeling is that it is the best book for young kids to get started on the piano! I recommend it!

  35. Lumme

    Very confusing for a first time learner

    I bought this book because my son’s piano teacher recommended for her class. It’s cute with color pages but if you do not know how to read piano notes or understand a basic of what piano note reading is, you are doom. I have tried to understand this, I have listened to the CD but the CD was way to quick for me let alone a 4 years old. I showed it to people who would know more than me about learning piano, but they couldn’t get certain basic teaching. My son is longer interested in learning piano. He didn’t want to be near this book either.

    4 people found this helpful

  36. Donna Beck


    Fun book for students

  37. New Mom

    Children will enjoy learning piano

    My child enjoys learning to play piano and I believe it is the way this book taught her, highly recommend!

  38. Jared/Tina Pratt

    Piano for the win

    Easy to follow lessons for my 5 year old and for my husband to teach. The characters guide the students through the lessons where they learn about “loud” and “soft” and “high” and “low”. My son asks to do his “work” since he finds it so much fun!

  39. NationalSource

    Faber books are amazing.

    We are new to piano and this book set is required by my sons piano teacher. The Faber way to teaching is great..a lot of focus on posture and rhythm

  40. UKsk8r

    Wonderful Lesson Book

    This book was recommended by my son’s piano teacher and we find it is perfect for him/us. He is 5 years old and we purchased it when he started lessons at the age of 4. He also loves dancing to the CD. We’ve even enjoyed playing it in the car. I highly recommend this product. Our car was broken into while at an activity center and his bag w/this piano book & cd were taken. Our son was very upset that someone took it and we’ve since repurchased it.

  41. Stephanie

    They do a great job of combining theory with practice and not moving …

    This is the second time we have a child going through the Faber piano books. They do a great job of combining theory with practice and not moving so quickly as to overwhelm.

  42. Charlie Brown

    Easy and Super Fun!

    We got this book as a recommendation from my daughter’s piano teacher, great and probably the best material out there for young beginners; get them interested on the instrument while having tons of fun. At this price and considering all the content, you can’t go wrong with this if you have a young person interested on learning piano, which can be a traumatic experience. But please keep the learning experience easy and relaxed, Chopin is dead OK?

  43. Hope1115


    I’m no piano teacher and I had bought this in hopes that it would help me navigate my 5 yr old through the basics…. that’s a big HECK NO. If you don’t have experience with a piano and I mean, more than 2 years as a child yourself. This is not a good starter book. Also, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more about finger placement and basics like that.Bit of a waste of money here. We did better going on You Tube and watching videos and I felt like they provided a better foundation.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Mike

    Well planned but there are other beginning books that piano teachers should look into.

    Good for young pianists.It’s ok.I see that other piano teachers like it because of the piano accompany.Me, as a musician, I rather compose my own.But this book is well planned.

  45. HugYourFamily

    Well written, wish they had DVDs!

    We purchased books in this series for my10 year old daughter and while ther are well written, she lost interest in practicing. The ones with the CD’s are better since she can play them even when dad isn’t around to help. I wish they had DVDs to be the “music instructor”.

  46. Amanda McLin

    Great addition to our homeschool curriculum

    Great addition to our homeschool curriculum with beginner interested in piano.

  47. AC

    It’s not truly “written for ages 5 and 6” as …

    It’s not truly “written for ages 5 and 6” as the description states. At a minimum, it’s written for an adult who already knows how to read music, to teach ages 5 and 6. In the description they should have stated “student and Teacher”, instead of “student and Parent”. Parenting doesn’t imply knowing how to read music. The teacher for this book is expected to read notes and play them for the student to learn by example.

    3 people found this helpful

  48. Shanna Kirk

    New piano student

    We got this at our music teacher suggestion. It’s bright easy to follow an easy to read.

  49. Barbara

    Great for beginning 4-6 year olds.

    This is a great series of 3 books that engage the 4-6 year olds in playing the piano. Wonderful series!

  50. Rebecca Crowley

    Great book for young beginners!

    I use this book and the accompanying writing book in my piano studio, and my young students love these books! I use them for ages 4 and 5 (and sometimes 6, depending on the student). The students love listening to the music on the accompanying CD, and the activities in the two books keeps my students interested in piano. I highly recommend the lesson and writing books for young beginners!

  51. Petra Petra

    Great Customer Service

    My 7 year old daughter started piano with this book and we noticed it was missing some 20 pages. I called the company and within one minute they set me up with a replacement copy, no questions asked. And the book is fun and easy to follow. Highly recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  52. Rosa Rodriguez

    So MUCH FUN!

    My 4 year old daughter (now 5) and I loved this little book and the super fun CD that comes with it. The songs are silly but very appropriate for her age and she is learning piano skills in a way that is appropriate for her little hands as well. All of my kids 7, 3 and 1 year old like listening to this CD and doing the songs with her. As an intro to piano, this is perfect and will make an enthusiastic little musician. As your child progresses through the My First Piano Adventure series I highly (read urge) you to try the Step by Step Piano Course by Edna Mae Burman along with the A Dozen a Day exercises. They are hands down the best piano course I have come across for older children.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. S M

    My child is excited about piano, and practises often!

    My daughter’s piano teacher recommended that we purchase this book. From Day 1 of classes using this book, my 5-year old has been excited about piano and practises every day – sometimes multiple times in a day, with no urging from me or anyone else. The accompanying CD is key. The songs are fun to sing along and dance to, and really help children to understand the tempo and the melody. Initially it was difficult for her to keep up with the CD, but after practising a new song a few times without the CD, she now “graduates” to playing along with the CD whenever she deems she is ready. I find it just lovely to watch her playing and singing along to the CD, bobbing her head and really enjoying the music that she is making. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

    3 people found this helpful

  54. J Beutel

    Looks Like An Excellent Starter Course, but Problem With Ink

    Got this for my nearly 5-year old niece who is showing some real interest in piano. Would like to give this to her for Christmas and hopefully go over a bit of it with her. Only see her a few times a year (different state), so dealing with a narrow time-window over the holidays. In all fairness, I’ve only managed to look at a few pages, but it looks like a well-designed starter course. The problem is the smell. The ink/printing process is very fumey — to the point that it makes my wife ill. Others with chemical sensitivities may have an issue with this. Frustrated because I’m trying to store this/get it to my niece (with myself present to talk with her about it — I have a background in piano)…but the logistics of our visit in that regard are suddenly/unnecessarily thrown off (my wife can’t be present when my niece opens it!) — just due to the chemical ink issue. Just something to be aware of. Once it is unwrapped / airs out a bit, it may be better.

    4 people found this helpful

  55. Amazonofile

    Solid Choice for Beginner Students

    I have played piano along with numerous other instruments for over 30 years, but I have never taught formal lessons. I am not a professional so I looked to the experts for recommendations for a new 6-year-old student that I was asked to teach. This was recommended so I gave it a try. I worked through most of this book and the companion book with my student with good success. The books are well-paced and the pieces seem to satisfy my student’s desire to play songs on her own. I really liked that many pieces came with an accompaniment part for the teacher. My student seemed to really enjoy playing these the most. Since I have no experience teaching, I appreciated the in-depth and methodical approach of the books. I have no other students in the works, but I would definitely use these books again.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Ellen M. DuBois

    Super piano lesson book for my beginning, young students!

    I really enjoy teaching with the Faber books in addition to other methods I use. No matter what the level, this series focuses on getting my students to read their music more quickly. There’s a strong base in music theory and I find my students play from the grand staff a bit more quickly. The pieces tend to have a bit more challenge to them, depending on level, and I’ve seen very good results using these books. From lesson books to theory and technique and great solo pieces, I recommend these as a piano teacher. 

    My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book A with CD11 people found this helpful

  57. Tante

    I am using TMy First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book …

    I am using TMy First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book A with CD, to teach my kindergarten granddaughter piano. She’s loving it. I’m an amateur musician, but this book provides the structure we both need to help her learn the piano in an easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn manner. Her brother is using the Primer Level Series by Nancy Faber which was selected by his piano teacher. I attend his lessons, and then I lead him in practice during the week. The teacher is able to expand upon the book to meed his individual needs, and I am able to use the books to follow his lessons with practice.

    4 people found this helpful

  58. MommaCX3 ☀️❤️

    My kids are really enjoying learning piano with this series and enjoy the music that comes along with it (we use …

    Really cute books. My kids are really enjoying learning piano with this series and enjoy the music that comes along with it (we use the free audio online but this book also comes with a CD). Very active and a lot more fun than another book we used. She is a very early beginner so it will be interesting to see how this book progresses compared to the one my son used. He made a lot of progress in the book he used but this one is definitely more fun.

    2 people found this helpful

  59. Amazon Customer

    Excellent course for preschool beginners

    As a piano teacher for over 10 years, and one who has tried many teaching methods, I LOVE the Faber methodology! I have used the regular series for about 5 years now with great success. I just purchased “My First Piano Adventures” lesson and writing books as a Christmas present for my four-year-old daughter to begin her piano lessons, and am so pleased with them!! She loves and enjoys lessons and practicing, and the concepts are presented so simply that she is learning very quickly! As a teacher and a parent, I couldn’t recommend these more highly!

    2 people found this helpful

  60. dung


    Like it

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