Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand

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Longest lasting, most durable music stand made. Easy, automatic no-knob friction-tilt neck delivers constant tension at any tilt position. Solid-brass bearings, greaseless heavy-duty chrome inner shaft, and the original “Magic Finger Clutch” provides one-hand friction grip. Heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base provides excellent stability and requires minimum space on stage risers or in storage. Secure at any height, even with a heavy load of music.

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Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand


  • 20”x12 1/2”
  • Height Varies from 26”-48” (Lip to Floor) With max height at 60 1/2”
  • Long lasting
  • Easy, automatic no-knob friction-tilt neck
  • Solid brass bearings
  • Heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base

Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand

Manhasset Symphony Stand – Perfect for orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians that demand high quality and durability. This is our most popular music stand. The Manhasset Symphony Stand is used by more schools than all other music stands combined.

All the components of the Manhasset Music stands are available and can be purchased separately too. This includes all models of desks, shafts, bases, and all pieces of hardware and fasteners

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Item Weight

7.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

20 x 19 x 48 inches

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60131500 (Musical instrument parts and accessories)
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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#395 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #8 in Sheet Music Stands

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 16, 2004

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1 Pack

60 reviews for Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand

  1. invisible

    Eight year experience with this product, great performance.

    This is a basic friction operated music stand, which means there is no need to continually reach around it to adjust those big L bolts you remember on those old stands in the band room. My eight year old stand has about a pound and a half of music stacked on it with no tendency to wobble, jiggle or otherwise drop things. When it is put in place it stays in place, but its easy to adjust. Finally I’m getting around to ordering a second stand, will let you know about whether the new quality is as good as the old.Updated to add that the second one, bought recently, appears just as good as the first. I used pliers to tighten the foot (could have just turned it hand tight I suppose) and screwdriver to set the tension on the top nuts and its good to go. I don’t expect much problem with needing to adjust since the first one never needed adjustment after it was initially set.I also to forgot to mention before this update that these things have proven to be pretty kid proof and dog proof, having had several instances in the past few years where the older one was knocked over. A family member knocked over the new one running through the room and it survived it well. I don’t recommend this sort of punishment but it does happen in the real world around the house. (I suppose in a concert setting you could expect about the same from passing saxophone players and trombonists.)

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  2. Lola

    Highly sturdy and holds music well

    Versatile item. Great for leaving signs on for people to follow and also for what it was invented for: holding music. A few clothespins and it’s great for outdoors too.

  3. Antarctica

    Not your dad’s Manhasset Stand

    Used and abused these things for years growing up playing music. I needed one and ordered. Was dismayed to see that the fitting at the top was now made out of plastic where I am sure it used to be a cast piece. Obvious cost cutting at the expense of quality.I think I’m going to need another one, and next time I’ll just buy the Amazon Basics one to see if it is any different. Definitely didn’t get the old quality I expected.

  4. Nevada Girl

    Excellent for home use and for the price.

    I have several instruments being practiced in this household at various times, and we have spent years fighting with the little fold-up wire stand. My kids had given up on using it, and instead sat on the floor with their music spread out, rather than waste the time assembling a stand that would likely fall over, or get pages stuck between the metal pieces. I had not done anything about it, because I remember checking a long time ago, and finding nicer stands to be cost-prohibitive. When I stumbled across this stand, and read the reviews, I thought the price warranted a go. We have not been disappointed. My daughter now uses this stand instead of the floor for violin, my son does much better with his trombone, etc. Though it doesn’t fold completely away like the old fold-up, the top does angle flat up and down, and we just store it in a corner, completely out of the way, but ready to go in seconds. We like the wide music area, as it can hold wider selections, and you can have several music pieces on the stand at one time without any difficulties. We have had to take it to traveling concerts, and it has held up well. It has easily fit in the trunk of our car, and has held up well. Though probably not quite as heavy or as sturdy as the very expensive commercial models, it has been very adequate for our needs and has held up remarkably well. I was so pleased with it that I talked a friend into buying it for her husband to use as he practices his guitar. He also happily gave up his old flimsy fold up stand. If you are fighting a cheap fold-up, you will wonder why you waited so long to try this one.

    6 people found this helpful

  5. TracyTracy

    Easy to adjust. Instructions included!

    I like that the stand is fully adjustable without needing to tighten knobs, loosen bolts, etc. The height of the stand is adjustable by just pulling or pushing down to extend the pole. There is just enough friction/resistance to hold the desired height. The angle of the shelf is also adjustable in the same way, even though there are bolts, there is no need to loosen/tighten to adjust the angle.NOTE ON INSTRUCTIONSInstructions are printed on the cardboard packaging, see my picture. There is NOT a separate instruction sheet. I think a lot of reviewers are not seeing the instructions, i missed it initially too. There are really just two steps. 1) using a wrench, remove the bolt at the bottom of the pole and reattach to the base. 2) using a flat-head screwdriver loosen the screw on the plastic collar attached to the shelf, insert the pole into the collar and then tighten the screw. I see some reviewers are suggesting to loosen the two nuts on the shelf to attach the shelf to the pole, but that is not needed. The two nuts only adjust the tension of the shelf when you are adjusting the shelf angle and they are set correctly from the factory, they do not affect the mounting of the shelf to the pole.

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  6. Melida


    I love this stand! Light and sturdy

  7. DEC

    Works great for my needs

    I got this as a copy holder for my home workstation. I wanted a copy holder for when I’m working with documents but do not want them sprawled all over my desk which is only about 4 ft wide and thus not loaded with space. This is perfect for that and beats any other option I was able to find. And I did a lot of looking around So yep, good for more than just music and at a reasonable price. As some have said this is not the heavy ones you recall from school if you were in school in the 70’s and 80’s in band like I was. But it is sturdy enough for my needs and stays at whatever height I put it. I can toss an 11×17 printout on it and have room left over.

  8. gw

    great stand, but not like i remember

    i love this stand, it is perfect for standing or sitting. very stable. i will say it is not as heavy-duty as the ones i remember from school, and seems to be of a considerably lighter gauge metal. also the shaft is of a smaller diameter.we were tough on those stands back in school, and they took the abuse. these stands would not hold up to high-school kid’s rough-housing. but, i expect they will do perfectly for a home setting, and much better than those folding, i will withhold a star in comparison to the stand of years passed. i would have just done a half star demerit, but that is not an option. i would definitely buy again and recommend it over all the others i see on amazon.

  9. Private Name

    its exactly what you think it is

    its a music stand just like the ones from school

  10. JoshJosh

    Decent stand

    It’s a sturdy and well built stand. Having said that, there are a few things to improve.1. If you have hardwood floors and think you can use the stand out of the box, you are wrong. It looks like the sharp edges of the base are specifically designed to bite into concrete. So you have to get a set of floor protectors, sold separately by Manhasset. These really have to be part of the product out of the box.2. You need a socket wrench to securely tighten the bottom bolt. It’s still possible do that with a regular wrench, but it’s a little bit tricky.3. The retractable part of the pole is covered with a green grease which has a strong smell. You need to wipe it off with an alcohol to get rid of that smell and keep your hands clean.4. I’m sure it’s just my stand with this kind of issue, but I couldn’t insert the pole into the base because of a welding spatter. I had to file it off first.Other than that, it seems to be a great stand.

  11. Tom C.

    Well Made & Easy to Use

    Our existing Manhasset music stands have withstood the test of time in our church. I purchased two more to support our growing music ministry in the community.

  12. Geomancer

    Just like I remember from school

    This is a great and durable stand, almost all of it is made from metal. The back is tall enough to hold sheet music, which is typically larger in size than standard 8.5×11 paper. It’s more than wide enough for two sheets, or for a spiral bound book to lay open flat. The stand stays at the elevation and tilt that you want without slipping, and is easily adjusted just by pushing/pulling. No tools needed, nothing to loosen/tighten.Assembly out of the box does require some basic tools, but it’s very easy to do and can be done by yourself.This stand is not very portable. While you could disassemble it, that would again require tools.I’m very pleased with this stand, and am glad that I got it!

  13. Charles Kincaid

    Cheap imitation of the ones we used in school

    Works great as long as you are not touching it. For instrument players this would be GREAT. Probably as mistake for singers. Every time you touch it this rings like a struck bell. Microphones pick up the sound at quite a distance.Will stand up great and for a long time under heavy use. There are lots of places I would use it and a few places not to. This is not meant for frequent disassembly. Not for the road. For use at home or in you permeant studio this can be wonderful.

  14. M. MarksM. Marks

    Nice but not as stable as I’d Hoped

    I had hoped it would be a bit more stable. It’s better than the one I was using and the legs don’t extend as far so that was a plus. To increase the stability I slipped a 10 lb barbell weight down the pole. Now it is super stable and I’m very happy with it. If the stand base was about 3 lbs heavier it would have been stable enough to fit my needs without the added weight. Also adding an attached shelf caused the extending height rod to lower from the shelf weight. I added a second shelf to act as a lock to hold it in the raised position. Would have been nice if unit had a locking mechanism. With these self added changes I now have a super nice music stand.

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  15. Clifford E. Hatfield

    Excellent Value Music Stand

    Every musician or student that routinely practices at home needs a music stand. You can, of course, save money and a little bit of space by purchasing one of those folding, portable stands, but you’ll open yourself to practice sessions filled with frustration. This Manhasset stand is robustly built, but lightweight. You can raise and lower it without having to loosen and tighten anything…just pull it up or push it down and adjust the tilt angle to suit your needs. There is plenty of height available to allow you to stand while playing if you like. It is STABLE and will not dump even your heavy music books on the floor, or worse yet, on your expensive instrument. It is plenty sturdy enough to mount a light and a holder for mutes or a bow. It is entirely suitable for ensemble and dance band work. It is wide enough to place 3 sheets of music side by side (with a little overhang). I bought this stand because I suffered all of the events I talked about avoiding at one time or another. Yes, I’m a little hard headed about spending money on some things, but enough is enough. This music stand is a quality stand and is a great value. Without a doubt, this stand is worth opening your wallet for. Really! No, it doesn’t wobble (unless your floor has a hole in it).

    5 people found this helpful


    This is the best…

    This is the BEST music stand on the market. Heavy gauge aluminum and steel–sturdy, and stable. The desk easily accommodates a large binder or book of music. The stand adjusts without tools, levers, or knobs. You just pull up or push down to adjust the height, and tilt the desk backward or forward to suit your preference. Its adjustable height allows it to be used while sitting or standing.I have been using my other Manhasset weekly for 7 or 8 years now, and it’s still firm and stable. I routinely place a large (1.5 “) 3-ring binder, full of music, and a large hymnal, on top of the binder, on my stand. No problems at all. Sometimes, I need to spread three or four pieces of sheet music out across the desk…I use my open binder to extend the width a bit in those cases. Again, no problem!This stand is not foldable or compact. It is a full-size concert stand. But, if you want a good-looking, reliable, sturdy, long-lasting music stand, consider the Manhasset. There is also a table-top model available.

  17. Jason W. Hamilton

    If you need a music stand that isn’t portable, this is the one to get.

    Headline is the review. This is one of those wonderful buy-it-for-life things that don’t cost a fortune. Here are some notes compared to the older style I’ve encountered in the past.This doesn’t have the very heavy steel table that I’m used to from schools, otherwise it’s the same old music stand that everywhere seems to have.While it will not serve as an appropriate armament against a grizzly bear the way the older ones do, it still manages to be very stable. It still has the magical ability to adjust all sorts of different ways and continue to hold a decent amount of ways without the need to loosen and tighten knobs.The table is not magnetic, I don’t remember if the old ones were. Like the old ones, it is not at all portable. However the lighter weight of the table means it’s overall a little easier to move around. If you have hardwood floors, make sure to order the rubber feet covers.

  18. TXDidiTXDidi

    Very Sturdy with Lots of Accessories

    This is a fantastic stand — just like the ones I used in high school and college. Now I can have it set up all the time in my music room and keep my portable stand in my bag ready to go to rehearsals. I had my husband set it up (not real proficient with a ratchet wrench). We had one moment of confusion when it said to pull the silver inner shaft out of the stem and then attach the music desk. We could not budge that silver extension within the pole. I finally had the bright idea to attach the desk/music holder part of the stand onto the protruding stub of the inner shaft and then we were able to hold the base down with a foot and pull up on the stand and it then adjusted nicely. I also like how you can buy accessories for this stand. You’ll notice I have one accessory attached to the pole. That’s the Manhasset #2800 Accessory Box with Hanger….very nice for holding a drink, pencils, etc.

    3 people found this helpful

  19. Belfire777

    Reliable for Church use

    This product truly stands up to its reputation. One thing i don’t understand is how can this stand be so light weight (7.6 pounds) and still be so very durable its unbelievable.I purchased this for my church because i was tired of replacing/fixing the onstage music stands. People just don’t know or don’t care to loosen the stands before adjusting so the screws always get stripped and wont be able to support anything much less itself. (These will generally last 3 to 6 months before the screws strip. 1-2 uses a week)BUT these Manhasset Stands, there is no loosening or tightening (except the first initial setup when you assemble it) so there is no worry of stripping screws. I have no idea how they do it how you can pull, push and tilt and it will retain the same tension.Just simply amazing! for those that think $40 is a bit steep, let me put it this way, cheap stands go generally $20 to $30 and they will break if not properly used, in less than a year where these Manhassets last for decades.If thats not enough to convince you, for those stands that have all those knobs and screws, think of how much time you can save by not having to adjust the legs, shaft and head via the knob!Buy it and be amazed!

    One person found this helpful

  20. Caitlin G. Hostetter

    A stand that holds up

    After replacing a few junk music stands for around $30 each I finally got this design and it’s durability is fantastic. Should have gone with it first!

  21. Paul B

    The best!

    This is a perfect music stand. Used by bands and orchestras everywhere. Nice wide music holder. Easy to adjust. Not really portable. The same company has one that has a foldable stand.

  22. Amazon Customer

    5 Stars for the stand…BUT

    This model #48 music stand is the best you can buy. Well made, and very sturdy. After a quick and easy assembly, there is nothing to loosen and re-tighten when you adjust the stand. Works great and easily holds the heaviest of my music books. Another big plus for me is the heavy-duty, low-profile, base. It can be a good space-saver. Unlike the folding style stands, the feet can slip under other furniture. This gives you more flexibility in tight spaces. Now for the BUT…..Manhasset gets 0 stars! My bad for not noticing that this $40 plus stand does NOT have any floor protectors on the feet. You must (and should) buy them separately at another $6 plus bucks. Even if you intend to use this stand in a carpeted area, as I will, there will certainly come a time when you need to move the stand. I have decided to start practicing my guitar again after a long hiatus. I have dedicated a small area of the bedroom for this purpose. In the past 2 weeks, (between Amazon & Guitar Center) I have purchased a Fender amp, a K&M guitar stand, a Neewer footrest, and a Tempur-Pedic chair. Hey Manhasset, guess what they all have in common? That’s right, they all came with some kind of rubberized floor protector. Gee whiz, even a cheap $12 stand has rubber feet! You have the Best stand and many of us are willing to pay-up for it. So do the right thing….Floor protectors on all stands!

    One person found this helpful

  23. D M Stark

    Assembling Your Music Stand

    A lot of people here tell you how well designed and well built these stands are, which is true. So I thought I’d instead tell you how to set yours up, since it might not have come with instructions (at least mine didn’t, as well as those of other reviewers).The stand comes in three parts: the desk (the top part that holds your music), the telescopic pole, and the base. The manufacturer puts a light coating of sticky stuff on all the metal parts to prevent rusting in the warehouse. Remove it with a little solvent and a rag. You can use lighter fluid or paint thinner (no it won’t remove the paint). If you don’t have solvent you can try whatever household cleaner you have around.At the base of the pole you’ll see a cone-shaped collar bolted on. Remove the bolt with a wrench that fits it and remove the collar.Now place the base of the stand on the floor and on its side.Press the now-collarless end of the pole into the hole at what would be the top-center of the stand’s base if it were standing on its feet.Place the cup of the collar against the end of the pole that’s now protruding through the hole, and bolt the collar and pole to the stand’s base. A socket wrench is the best tool for fitting in there.The desk has a plastic clamp that fits over the top of the unpainted inner core of the pole that slides up and down. The clamp is held tightly to that core by a bolt with a nut at each end of it. With two wrenches that fit those nuts, loosen one nut so the clamp opens a bit. Slip the clamp over the top of that core of the pole and push it down as far as it will go. Tighten the nuts snugly, but don’t over-tighten them and break something. You’re through.Want your stand to last forever? Keep a coat of car wax or wooden-instrument wax on it to protect the paint from deterioration and abrasion. Renew about once a year.

    143 people found this helpful

  24. Heather Hunter

    Not the old manhasset

    Manhassets are different now! I ordered this expecting the sturdy metal stand I have used for years in orchestras, but they are thinner now and made with some plastic (connecting the stand to the pole). I am sad and would have gone with a different brand (peak, or Wegner maybe) or tried to buy an old metal stand from a local conservatory or music program if I had known, as I wanted something heavier and sturdier. That said, it does the job.

    One person found this helpful

  25. DrKDrK

    Absolutely outstanding

    I’m 6′ and play violin standing up, so I needed something tall and sturdy. This stand is everything I could have hoped for after using it for a year. It sets in front of a TV, so I push it up and down several times a day, and the mechanism is smooth and stable. It looks quite nice as well. Just be aware that magnets will not stick to it. While it looks like metal, I think it’s some sort of high quality plastic, which is great because it won’t dent or warp. The lip is nice and wide. I keep several sheet music books open on it at all times, plus a tuner, and of course a pencil. It will hold several heavy books without sliding back down. Excellent stand. Couldn’t be more pleased.

    2 people found this helpful

  26. BrandonQDixonBrandonQDixon

    Great Stand!

    This is a strong and sturdy music stand. It can stand up to the task of holding heavy binders and a great deal of sheet music without sagging down. It also has a solid base, which prevents it from tipping or rocking. In the 5 months that I have owned one of these, I have never experienced any problems.Setup is simple and straightforwards. The stand comes with instructions that are easy to follow, but all you need to do to set it up is to screw the base into the pole, set the stand itself into the pole, and tighten everything to your satisfaction. It is possible to tighten everything enough to prevent anything from moving or rotating, but in my experience, there is a “sweet spot” that will allow the stand to be tight enough to hold sturdy while being loose enough to allow you to adjust it to your needs.I have never had any problems with the stand. After assembling it for the first time, I have not needed to adjust any of the screws. They have stayed tight for nearly 5 months. The stand itself looks brand new, and it blends in very well in a home and professional setting.I chose to purchase this stand instead of one of the other brands because the university I am studying music in also uses these stands. In a university setting, stands are adjusted, transported, and sometimes, abused throughout the entire year. Every so often, a stand or two may need to be readjusted or re-tightened, but other than that, they have all held up fine.Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a music stand for home or professional use.

    19 people found this helpful

  27. Tedd Blankenship

    Absolutely Brilliant – Wonderful Design – It’s all Good!

    It’s not very often you come across something that just makes you want to use it. The design is indeed brilliant. I have this music stand in my wood shop and use it everyday when I practice my ukulele. I may buy another one to put woodworking plans on when I’m building furniture. You can lift it up as high as you like, put a book or sheet of paper on it and read it easily. You can also slide it down to sitting in a chair height and read music on it. It doesn’t shake, wobble or tip. It holds three or four heavy books with ease. No bolts or clamps to adjust to change heights, simply put a foot on the base, slide it to where you want it and it stays put! Excellent in every respect. And there you have it. I guess I like these stands. Thanks Tedd in KS

  28. Jason


    Quality Music Stand with Available rubber feet for wood floors.

  29. Mark Twain999

    Holder swivels far too easily

    Stand is well made and light but the sheet pan is thin and easy to bend.Big problem is that there is no way to tighten the inner and outer tubes so the pan swings with a slight touch. Maybe OK in some situations but not in a studio.

    One person found this helpful

  30. Pawin

    Quality Music Stand

    After reading the other reviews of this music stand, I had a slight (and only slight) concern about putting this music stand together properly. My concerns were eliminated, as soon as I opened the box. The pieces were packaged nice and neat, with a cardboard filler which kept the pieces from moving around in transit. Printed on this cardboard filler were directions in English (no Spanish or French), and some good drawings, which showed how to assemble the 3 pieces properly (using a screwdriver and either an 11/16 or 17mm ratchet or wrench). I had the unit assembled, properly in about five minutes. It appears that the manufacture heard the concerns about assembly directions, and have resolved them, at least for the English readers (maybe next printing will also include Spanish and French).The product itself is now my main music stand,and my wire music stand supplements it. I have grown my music books, and needed something more substantial, and this fills that need. The 2 ½ inch lip holds so much more than the 1 ¼ lip from my wire stand. I now have several books available ready to practice with, which means more practice time, and less readjusting of practice material. The wire stand is great if only one or two books are going to be used; this Manhasset stand is wonderful for more than two books.Since I am learning to play the guitar, the height adjustment is great for whether I am sitting or standing for practice. Time will tell, as to long term duration of the height adjustments. The swivel of the desk, will allow for positioning, according to how the light is hitting my books.The only down side with this unit, is it is not a traveling music stand. While you could take it somewhere, it will not as easily and compactly pack like a wire stand.

    4 people found this helpful

  31. consumer

    Great music stand!

    I’ve used Manhasset music stands since I was in the 5th grade, and now I’m a senior citizen. They are simply the best. Sturdy, dependable, and nearly indestructible. It holds a leather music folder filled with music. No tipping over or dumping music on the floor.I knocked off a star because I didn’t have the tools to assemble it, so I took it to my local hardware store to have it assembled.It doesn’t fold up for transportation, but it does fit in the back of my SUV. Considering the sturdiness of this stand, it’s not too heavy to carry to rehearsals.

  32. RXC

    Exquisite! Focus on the Music, Not Music Stand Drama–No Wiggles, Easy to Adjust

    11/29/18 – Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music StandI should be ashamed. I ordered this Manhasset Music Stand well over a month ago, received it the same day, put it together in less than five minutes and was playing music from it in less than 7 minutes from the time my husband carried the box upstairs for me. It quickly became my pride & joy, my best purchase of the year and I haven’t written a peep about it. Actually, I did write about it–I wrote to a friend to recommend he buy one for his wife for Christmas!I returned to playing a musical instrument from my HS days some decades back. I had my share of “music stands,” starting with an open desk drawer, and then my old reliable but wiggly, silver, aluminum, 2-piece folding stand. I had two of those. And then, I recently got a very sturdy steel stand. It was great except the lip that holds music was only 1 inch deep. Seriously, 1 inch? Even my old $10 aluminum stand had a 1 1/2 in. lip.I decided not to mess around with the inadequacies and frustrations of an unprofessional music stand. As much as lower quality stands cost, it wasn’t that much of a leap to splurge for a top-quality Manhasset Music Stand, especially when it’s on sale. The lip is 2 1/4″ deep! I can leave some of my select music books open, so I can easily resume where I ended my previous practice session. With my 1-inch thick Klose book, the stand is as sturdy and stable as ever, even with other books on the stand.I must admit, I read a lot of reviews in which reviewers complained of receiving stands with missing parts, difficulties getting the bottom bolt loose and bookplates that wouldn’t raise because of the poles being stuck. And then there were those with dented bookplates, and “feet” that scratched wooden floors and snagged carpets. All of these issues prevented me from buying sooner.After wasting money on a crap stand a couple of months earlier, I decided to quit messing around. I’m just too old to deal with music stand irritations. I decided that out of all of the problems some reviewers reported, there was a larger number of reviewers who received Manhasset stands with all of its parts, bolts that came apart just fine, poles that raised up & down with ease, bookplates without dents and feet that didn’t scratch floors and snag carpets (although, I did purchase the floor protectors for $3.71.)I took a chance and don’t regret it. With a Manhasset Music Stand, my practice sessions are all about the music, without a hint of music stand drama.I’ve spent a substantial amount to replace the music I had decades ago, plus some additional stuff, but my Manhasset Music Stand is my pride and joy–perhaps, my best purchase of the year.The Manhasset stand is very sturdy, and very stable. The bookplate tilts all the way back, upside-down. (I can’t say I understand why or how someone would use it that way.) The bookplate also swivels around & around to the left, and around & around to the right. The pole telescopes smoothly, up and down without touching a button. When it’s at the height you want, you just stop raising or lowering the neck or bookplate–there’s no tightening a screw or pressing a pressure latch against the pole. You just stop and the bookplate stays right where you stopped. The bookplate, itself, is pristine–not a dent, scratch or rough edge. The feet are also smooth–no rough spots to scratch floors or snag carpets. As I mentioned, I purchased the floor protectors, but they weren’t necessary.This Manhasset Music Stand is exactly as I remember them from High School. Obviously, I’m very pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend it.I apologize for sounding like a commercial, but it’s such a pleasure to have. I truly can’t think of a better music stand.I did not receive any compensation for my review. All of my comments are strictly my own, based on my actual use. If you find any of my comments beneficial, could you please click on the “Helpful” button below? I’ve been trying to write more reviews to help others as others have helped me. So, I would appreciate knowing that my comments have helped at least one consumer. Thank you.7/17/19 Update – I just wanted to say thank those who indicated that my review was helpful. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it! Also, I must say, I still LOVE my music stand! It’s among my Top 5 purchases over the last 1 1/2 yrs. A close runner-up is the Black Leather Prestige Buffet Case I purchased for myself last (2018) Christmas. One last thing: I mentioned above, recommending a friend buy a Manhasset Music Stand for his wife. Well, she absolutely LOVED it! She loved it at least as much as I did. It really is a great Christmas gift. In my H.S. and college days, I never had any money. I worked, but for some reason, I never had any money! (It’s hard to accumulate any savings at $2.00 – $2.35/hr!) Back then, even if I was aware Manhasset would sell their music stands to the public, I never could have bought one because I was always poor. It might be a little pricey for an average gift, so, it would be a great gift idea for a parent, grandparent, or significant other to purchase for the musician in their life. Or, if you want to make a good impression on a musician you would like as a significant other . . . well, it definitely would have made a good impression on me!Thank you very much for taking the time to read my review.

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  33. Jon

    The sturdy music stand you remember from high school band

    Was looking for sturdy that would survive a household with children. This is it! Lots of solid metal. Only sacrifice is that it is not really portable nor does it break down…but that is not what I was looking for. I wanted a durable stand that is just like what I remember from high school band and this is it! One thing to keep in mind: the base is raw metal, so be mindful of that if you are going to put it on a delicate floor.

  34. Ben Martens

    Solid music stand that will last

    Do you remember those sturdy metal music stands you had in grade school? These are the ones! You can’t pack these up into a small bag, but if you want a music stand to stay put and hold your music solidly, this is the one. I’m done trying to save a few bucks with cheaper ones. Plus, if there’s a zombie apocalypse while I’m playing, these are hefty enough to make a pretty good tool for fighting back.

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  35. I.M



  36. Sharon Stine


    So far the clip on light has done all that it was claimed to do. Easy to charge battery.

  37. Oregon Coast

    Best there is!

    This is the ONLY kind of music stand to buy!

  38. Excellent stand. Easy to adjust and plenty of room to hold notebook I use.

    Excellent stand

    Use for speaker’s podium in places that don’t have one. Easy to adjust and plenty of space for my notes.

  39. Bobby Blue

    This is the best I have found.

    Before purchasing this from Amazon I went to a music store. They had this same stand on display and I really liked what I experienced. Of course this stand cost a lot more in the music store but there is nothing like seeing trying before buying.Delivery was made on Saturday even thought scheduled for Monday. Prime is always a very pleasant surprise many times.I read a lot of reviews starting with all the 1, 2 and 3 stars. I have not experienced any of the “problems” shown in these reviews. The packaging and delivery was very good. There was no flaw in the products including no scratches or oil. I was able to loosen the bolt from the end of the pole very easily with a small adjustable wrench, put the feet onto the bottom, insert the bolt and tighten it easily. If I would have a negative comment it would be having to hold the stand very tightly with one hand while tightening the bolt with the wrench, but the bolt does not have to be extremely tight.The desk is metal and easy to put on the top of the pole. It tightens with a philips screw driver. After tightening the desk can be turned to the left or right and will no detach from the pole and does not wobble, which I find is a very good feature. Otherwise you would have to lift the stand off the floor turn the whole stand for proper placement in front of you.Yes, the stand is heavy and does not topple over when the desk bearing a heavy load. This is another feature I like.I use 2-1/2 inch 3 ring binders. All my music is individually put into plastic non-glare sheet protectors and results in the binders being heavy, unlike individual sheet music. The desk is does tilt to lay flat. This is nice but I do not have a need for that, however tilting the desk to fit your need is very easy and will stay in place.Raising and lowering the stand is very simple as well. To raise the stand put one foot on the base, put one hand on the pole and pull upward; this is effortless. Wherever you stop for the height preference the stand will stay there. To lower just push downward on the desk. There are no knobs to tighten height of the stand in place and that is another great feature I like. The pole is one piece and not in section.With the 2-1/2 inch binder closed and laid on the desk ledge there is still some of the ledge showing. The desks depth of the ledge is 2-1/4 inches, width is 20 inches and height is 12-3/4 inches. This accommodates a 2-1/2″ 3 ring binder very well.This is a permanent stand; not portable so, you would need a place to keep it when not being used. Besides playing accordion (which is why I purchased this stand) I also have an electronic piano. I have the piano near the wall to support the stand because of the weight of the binder with the sheet music in it. I was finally able to move the piano away from the wall and remove the music stand from it because I put this music stand behind the piano. When I want to play the accordion I just remove it away from the back of the piano and put it wherever I sit to play the accordion. Because of all my eye operations sitting on the piano bench with the music on the piano to play the accordion puts me too far away to see the music clearly. So this was an unexpected surprise too because I was wondering just where I was going to store the stand when not being used.Scratching the floor. Yes, it definitely will scratch the floor, but my apartment has carpeting. Here is a suggestion if you are going to use it on a hard floor. I have rolls of rubber matting used to put under items you do not want sliding around or table tops. (Also great to keep audio/video equipment in place.) You can cut 3 squares and put them under each foot to keep from moving on and scratching the floor. The protectors would be nice but you are forced to buy another item for the stand. Your imagination can be used to prevent being forced to purchase another item.I really like this stand and found it has a lot of benefits that I described above. Also remember, I you have an Amazon credit card and have accumulated points – why not let Amazon pay for it with points?10 stars from me if it were possible. May God bless you and I hope my review is beneficial to you. – Bobby Blue

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  40. The Simpsons

    Do it. Don’t skimp.

    You’ll just waste your money on the other 1-3 stands you buy before buying this one. Do it.

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  41. LL-SDGO

    Quality, sturdy, functional, better dimensions

    Many positives: all the dimensions are larger than all brands I seen, I especially love the 2-1/4″ lip- it could securely hold a bigger music books. I did need to slant the stand a few degrees to keep books flat. It does not have those wire things that keeps sheets and pages flat against the stand. I will probably buy those long clips. The 2-1/4″ lips allowed stacking more music books and sheets. Very well made, a hefty secure, solid feel…yells quality.A few negatives: 1) lifting the stand to a taller position requires a bit of muscle. I do not see how a childwould be able to lift up. Pushing to a lower position is fine for me. it would been much easier if there was something to grip-grab onto on the skinny pole, since one has to hold the stand down with one hand and pull the stand part up. There is no locking mechanism (clamp, lever, tightening screw), Manhasset calls it their “magic finger clutch” it appears to be entirely friction held/secured. I hope it holds up over the years. 2) The lowest position of the lip is 27″ – 2″ higher than my current stand. But not a big deal for me. 3) No rubber feet from scratching wooden floors- rubber feet optional only. 4) There were no operational instructions in the box. Only a basic assembling instructions. But nicpicking there really isn’t much in operating a music stand. Only lowering a raising the stand and the “magic finger clutch” required a bit more explanation.

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  42. J Michael BraunsteinJ Michael Braunstein

    Just like the pros use

    Because I am one… I don’t write reviews. This may be the first. The stand arrived ten minutes ago. It took maybe three minutes to attach the stand to the base, etc. And here’s why I’m writing a review. It’s not often that you order something that you first used 45 years ago and it shows up exactly as you remember it. I worked as a recording engineer at the top studios in Los Angeles and over 70 worldwide in the ’70s thru ’90s. This Manhasset stand is the exact model used in the best studios and sound stages. And I was thrilled to see that the stand I got was like out of a time machine: Same exact design, same exact quality. Classics rarely survive the sands of time and the slow descent into mediocrity. Somehow this product did and it’s a treasure. I trust this comment will help someone decide.

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  43. Joe Federici

    This is THE music stand

    Look no further. If you want a music stand for home, for the stage, for any place that doesn’t need massive portability – look no further. This is EXACTLY what I wanted: durable, reliable, clean. These are the stands used in nearly every music department, school, and conservatory.If you’re looking for a stand for home, the studio, the practice space, the stage, – get this one.

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  44. Dylan Woodring

    If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it.

    You can never go wrong with a good ol’ Manhasset music stand! Of all the brands of stands I’ve used, Manhasset seem to be on top time and time again as far as quality is concerned. They rarely buckle (and if they do, just tighten a bolt!), they don’t throw your music on the ground, and the central spring tends to remain in good condition for a while. The forward-backward screw can be tightened to support more weight – perfect for sitting laptops or smaller soundboards, for example. A good purchase.

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  45. Daniel Medel Meza

    Excellent music stand

    I purchased this music stand about seven months ago and it is still like new. It did not take too long to assemble when I received the product. If you are looking for a portable stand then this is not for you. However, I have used it for gigs and it works perfectly fine. I have used it to its maximum height which is about 49″ to 50″ while outside and it has not moved at all. I use a 12.9″ iPad pro and it is held very well. The portability is not the best, but this stand is of high quality. Would purchase again.

  46. SW

    Sturdy, Stable Stand

    Minor assembly required but very sturdy and stable once put together. Feels solid and like a high quality music stand of the kind you find in most school and other professional settings. Adjustable and the top is large and stays at adjustment level you put at. Can be used for sitting or standing play. Has some weight to it, so hard to knock over. So much better than any of those portable models, and well worth the slight uncharge from those rickety stands.

  47. Damian Sutton

    It looks the same, until you look closer

    it looks the same, but this is not the same music stand you remember from public school orchestra. It is made from VERY thin metal, not thicker metal the way it used to be. The adjusting stem is holding for now, but feels kinda flimsy like the rest of the stand. In fact, it seemed slightly lopsided when i put it together so i reached out with my finger tips and bent it back into place. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a high-quality version of this stand but this is the EL CHEAPO version. I’m keeping it because i need a stand and it’s better than the folding versions. But my quest for a great music stand continues.

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  48. :D


    I am 5’11” and it worked perfectly. Good height, very sturdy and perfect for practicing.

  49. glo100

    Not portable, but a good close-by stand

    The stand was slightly confusing to set up initially, but is very sturdy. It won’t bend at all like my fold-up stand. It is difficult to change the height, and I think I might buy oil/grease for it.

  50. Richard Sanders

    Perfect size, lightweight but sturdy, and excellent quality.

    I love this music stand. It’s lightweight, stable, and excellent quality. Very easy to adjust to exactly the angle and height you want. Since I’m using it on a hardwood floor, I bought the rubber slip-on feet, which work great to prevent scratching, provide stability, and still move easily.I noticed a few reviewers complaining about grease on this unit that had to be removed with solvent, but mine arrived completely clean and dry, no grease, and it also had assembly instructions. You do need 3 tools — a basic screwdriver, a 7/16 inch wrench, and a second 7/16 inch wrench, or you can substitute a crescent wrench and pair of pliers. The instructions recommend that one of your wrenches be a socket wrench, but I got along fine without it. Easy to put together in 5 minutes.You just unbolt and remove the collar on the bottom of the column, stand the column on its top end on the floor (vertically), and then place the 3-legged base on top of the bottom of the column and reattach the collar/bolt, to secure in place. Next, adjust the Desk to the angle you want (use wrenches) and attach to the top of the column with the stand now right side up and on the floor. You’ll first loosen a screw, then slip it on, then tighten the screw. You can push/pull the stand to any height you want and it stays in place. Best of all, the desk top is large enough to hold 3 sheets of music.I understand you can also buy extenders to hold more sheets of music, as well as other accessories. But the light Manhassat offers doesn’t seem to provide enough coverage. I’m using a clip on double arm LED light that is adjustable, works great, and if I get the extenders, I’ll simply add another one. Here’s a link for the light at Amazon:–Music-Stand-Light/dp/B00GLHFK9C/ref=sr_1_13?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1391025646&sr=1-13&keywords=Dual+Arm+clip+lights

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  51. Amazon Customer

    Great sheet music stand. Made in USA!

    Great sheet music stand. Made in USA!

  52. TimothyNCTimothyNC

    Old standard…still quality…one improvement

    Manhasset stands have been used and abused by schools for a long time and still function well. For my needs, I have a 3.5lb spiral hymnal. When turning between pages far apart, a large chunk of pages has to move from one side to the other which shifts the weight rather abruptly. Trying to do this single handed while holding a Tuba, I cannot steady the stand with the other hand. All the other stands I tried failed at that test. Not only does the Manhasset pass, but I can also adjust it single handed (height, tilt, and rotation). It is very light for it’s strength, although that makes it a bit more of a challenge when moving the stand with a heavy book on it–it gets very top heavy to balance it. But when it’s stationary, it does not topple over. I purchased the floor protectors for it and they do a great job of preventing scratches on my laminate floor.There is one simple improvement I would make. Due to the heavy hymnal, I had to tighten the bolt for the tilt tensioin. It”s 1/2″ on both sides. Wrench sets don’t have 2 wrenches the same size. A better solution would be to have a bolt where the head and nut take different wrench sizes a wrench set could be used–I’ve seen this in other products.

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  53. Amazon Customer

    Very good


  54. vlshansen

    This is the taller model, very sturdy, a classic

    Very sturdy, well probably outlive me. Not a good stand to carry very much because of it’s weight but certainly a classic.

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  55. KB

    You better purchase a 17mm socket wrench first

    Excellent industry standard music stand, but you better have a 17mm in socket wrench if you are trying to assemble this jawn yourself and a lock washer if you want it secure and not wobbly.

  56. Jessica

    These stands are the best!

    We have purchased several of these stands. They are great!

  57. Sara

    High Quality

    I purchased a music stand from another company. It was made of metal but it had a lot of plastic parts and it arrived with a broken part (plastic). I returned it. I realized I wanted a higher quality music stand that would be more sturdy and last longer. I selected Manhasset because I read a lot of reviews and people consistently said it was the best. I agree. It is an excellent music stand. The quality comparison between Manhasset and the other brand I had purchased was night and day. I do recognize that the Manhasset is less portable but I did not purchase my music stand for portability. I wanted a music stand that would last for years and be able to handle the weight of my music binder. The Manhasset IS portable (if you have a minivan you would be fine or you could disassemble it). But if you need a very music stand that can quickly go into a small bag so you can go from gig to gig, then you might want to get another music stand. But the the Manhasset was what I was looking for….

  58. oa3

    Assembling tools are needed but not included

    A screw driver and a 17mm wrench are needed for the assembling. And this stand has a non-adjustable base, taking up a larger space than I expected.

  59. CFortC

    Lightweight and strong enough

    I had one that I purchased back in the late 1970’s. However, during a downsizing move I foolishly gave it away.The new one is fine and has given me no trouble so far. There are two reasons for taking away one star from my rating: (1) only friction grip for the height adjustment compared to my 1970’s model which had a tightening screw; and (2) overall less weighty than the original (on the margin, weight means stability).

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  60. Jumbo

    Sturdy classic

    Same sturdy metal stand made in the USA. Doesn’t budge with a heavy binder of music open on it in any position. As a bonus it makes me feel like I’m back in the music room at school. No wonder you find these in every school and church- you can tell it’ll last forever.

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