Level 3B – Lesson Book Piano Adventures

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Faber Piano Adventures


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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 1998)

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64 pages

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8 ounces

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9 x 0.2 x 12 inches


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60 reviews for Level 3B – Lesson Book Piano Adventures

  1. BlazeCoach



  2. Sabrina F. Brown

    Five Stars


    One person found this helpful


    Five Stars

    worked great!

    One person found this helpful

  4. Carroll Watts

    piano book

    Exactly what I wanted. We will use this book a lot. The student is making great progress. Thank you much

    One person found this helpful

  5. Linda Wilson

    Five Stars

    Great Book – The Adventures books are the best, in my opinion, for teaching piano.

  6. Mariela C.

    Five Stars

    Liked the price.

  7. tanda

    Five Stars

    Best piano program available for young learners.

  8. L. Schratz

    Great piano book for young students

    My children have been working their way through this series, and it is paying off! I definitely recommend this book!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars

    met my expectations

  10. Yiyuan She

    Five Stars

    Good quality!

  11. Mary

    Great Course

    Great Course

  12. J. Scharlach

    Five Stars

    Love the combination of classical, jazz and popular music that these books offer.

  13. Jesse Velasquez

    Five Stars

    Best System for children to learn Piano!

  14. mary

    Best piano books!


  15. musicalrosa

    The BEST piano series!

    This is the best piano lesson series available in my humble opinion. I have been teaching private piano lessons for almost 10 years now and have tried many different series…none compares!

    3 people found this helpful

  16. Customer

    Five Stars

    It is good! Easy to learn for kids!

    One person found this helpful

  17. E Mullins

    Five Stars

    great teaching aid

  18. Ruth A. Reece

    Best authors

    I am using the entire series to learn and feel they do an excellent job on their series of books. Would highly recommend this series

    One person found this helpful

  19. glenn lamz

    Great music book!

    The book came in excellent condition!

    One person found this helpful

  20. lehuamarie

    Four Stars

    Each lesson is explained well and is thorough with engaging songs for the piano student.

  21. Leeanne piao

    This is bad

    Paper all broken down and to easy

  22. Up Up

    Five Stars

    Piano teacher asked us to buy this book, arrived brand new and fast.

  23. Jannienie

    Highly recommended

    Great series! I bought the entire set of level 3b for my child.

  24. Jian


    Kid like that

  25. rtor

    great condition

    great condition

  26. L R

    piano book

    Great piano book

  27. Mary D.

    received wrong book twice

    I wanted level 3B 2nd edition , performance book ,which is pictured on this site and discussed in the write-up. I decided to order a used copy from Good Will. There was nothing wrong with the piano book, except that it was not the 2nd edition, which has different content than the original 3B edition. I was disappointed, but decided to order again from a different Good Will seller. The same thing happened! It is wrong for the sellers to pretend to be offering what is advertised, but sending something that is incorrect. It does make a difference! The pieces are almost completely different in the two editions.

  28. Pete

    Great Lessons

    Great practice for my 7 year old! I wish I was learning as much as her. Would recommend to anyone.

    2 people found this helpful

  29. JodiL

    Great Piano series for beginners that are starting out Teen-Adult

    Continuing in the same teaching series. Our piano student has progressed very well through these books for the advanced or older beginner.

  30. Uturbina Amann

    Great buy

    Well packaged, good book

  31. Laina McNichols-Martin

    Five Stars

    just fine

  32. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars


  33. D

    Good series

    This Faber series is my favorite for teaching.

  34. jaegon kim

    Five Stars

    good bookfast shipping

  35. Henry C.



  36. Yu Bian

    Five Stars

    great book

  37. J. Riley

    Five Stars

    Great piano books

  38. Didij

    Five Stars

    As promised.

  39. Healthy source

    Two Stars

    The top of the cover is ripped.

  40. Isolde M Morales

    Three Stars

    Just what the teacher ordered.

  41. Jeff Switzer

    Effective tool in learning the piano

    I have a friend whose daughter has used this series of books (Level 1 – 4 so far) in association with her piano lessons. She has made good progress. Sometimes the books are purchased on Amazon and sometimes from other sources.

    One person found this helpful

  42. CeeCeerun

    Good self teacher

    I’m learning piano now as a very beginning, this book helps me get into the basic level of music

    2 people found this helpful

  43. Amazon Customer

    Great book

    My kids love this series.

  44. Kindle Customer

    Great piano series

    This is the best piano series out there. Great learning tool for teachers and fun for students

  45. Burton, OH

    Great series.

    I’m a piano teacher of over 25 years. I love the Faber Piano Adventure methods series and use it with most of my students.

  46. Nauticow

    Great series for young student

    A great series at piano books. My daughter has use this series for several years. I remember using the same books as a child. Books let you progress but not too quickly so that you can get the foundation.

    One person found this helpful

  47. B. Kalapurakkal

    Good print and great seller

    Good print and great seller

  48. Makena

    Good books for learning piano

    My daughter just started this book. The songs are beautiful to listen too and she’s been progressing nicely with the Piano Adventure books.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Martha

    Really enjoy watching the students learn the beautiful teaching arrangements

    Really enjoy watching the students learn the beautiful teaching arrangements.I’ve never had a student complain about Faber Piano Adventures!

  50. Amazon Customer


    Good book

  51. Amazon Customer

    Great book

    Great for beginners

  52. Gavin

    Good piano book

    Great for piano learners.

  53. TO

    Book was very helpful.

    Book arrived on time and has described.

  54. Just Looking Around!Just Looking Around!

    Not much to say it was what I ordered

    Book came brand new like I ordered it.

  55. draybot

    Part of a thoughtful course

    Well presented exercises of skills needed to be mastered for the progression of piano playing.

  56. Audrey ReynoldsAudrey Reynolds

    Ordered “new”. Received “used”.

    Ordered a new book. Receieved a used book or a book someone decided to throw around, smash, and scrape. I teach piano using these books all the time so I know what brand new looks like vs. has been stuffed in a students bag. My guess is that I received an item that has already been returned by another customer. I like this book series and have been teaching out of them for years, but I expect a new book if that is what I paid for.

    10 people found this helpful

  57. Amazon Customer

    Their music is fun, memorable

    I never have any complaints about Faber books. Their music is fun, memorable, and perfect for the levels they advertise it at. Some of the newer adaptions of the books are missing songs I loved growing up, but their new songs are just as good. I would recommend Faber to anyone.

    5 people found this helpful

  58. Don

    best kids lessons

    best kids lessons

  59. WiseCrew

    GREAT curriculum!!

    We really like these books, which have been selected by our children’s piano teacher. They are playing very well & are thoroughly enjoying it. We like that the songs are truly great works of art, even from early on. We don’t have to spend countless hours listening to senseless piano “playing” even for our new learner, as they are playing songs (albeit easy ones) from the start.

    2 people found this helpful

  60. Mrs. G

    Music kids will want to practice!

    I love that each piece allows some focus on a new skill or technique so it’s not so overwhelming for the student. At the same time, none of the pieces sound like exercises. They are all lovely compositions (some classical, some new) that my son enjoys playing. It’s never a struggle to get him to practice because he likes the music. That’s HUGE.

    4 people found this helpful

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