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Faber Piano Adventures

my first piano adventures, faber, music, piano, practice, kids

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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 1997)

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40 pages

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4 ounces

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9 x 0.12 x 12 inches


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60 reviews for Level 3A – Theory Book Piano Adventures

  1. rdandkids

    Great Series

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Great series for piano students. I have used these from the beginning with my kids and find them very easy to follow. They have very nice songs, and have a diverse collection of music.

  2. Jannie

    Highly recommended

    Great series for piano learners. I bought the entire set for my child.

  3. Patrick M.

    Never disappointed

    This is a great series and the theory books are all great. It makes it fun to learn theory. I also really like the eye and ear training exercises.

    One person found this helpful

  4. Camille Horrocks

    Love it!!

    Love the book, the Faber series are a really great variety for piano students! My children enjoy the songs, but I also love that each song is teaching a new technique!

    One person found this helpful

  5. E Mullins

    Five Stars

    great teaching aid

  6. jane123

    DS and his teacher love this book.

    DS and his teacher love this book.

  7. Risko Family

    Piano lessons

    These are nice instruction books for Piano lessons. My girls have used these books from the beginning and are therefore used to the teaching style.

  8. Shirley Williams

    Five Stars

    Good series.

    One person found this helpful

  9. one

    Five Stars

    it looks good

    One person found this helpful

  10. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Bought this for my daughters and they love it!

  11. Malm

    A good general theory book, lots of drilling of primary chords, introducing natural and harmonic minors

    The Faber Piano Adventures are a good foundation for students, helping reinforce the basics in technique, performance, theory and musicianship. The theory book works in conjunction with lesson, technique and performance books, but be aware that you are buying the same editions. I’ve had it happen before when I have bought the 2nd edition of the lesson book, but not theory and therefore had the corresponding pages not match up. Music is printed in relatively big print which is great for student and teacher! Has lots of emphasis on primary chords and intervals as well as introducing natural and harmonic minor scales.

  12. EmilyA

    Must Have

    This theory book, as well as all the other ones accompanying the other levels, really are a huge added bonus to this series. The theory book follows the lesson book perfectly, unit by unit, allowing the student and teacher to reinforce what is being taught and played. The pages give the student the opportunity to work through and write out what is being performed on the piano in worksheet style. It allows for better comprehension and retention. The composing activities really bring out the lessons as well as allowing creativity to develop in the student. It also helps build the student’s musical term vocabulary. Music Theory is its own separate part of studying music that completes the learning process. This book is well worth the 6 bucks!

    One person found this helpful

  13. Summerland

    My daughter switched to Faber’s Level 1 books after starting …

    My daughter switched to Faber’s Level 1 books after starting out in Alfred’s. She has progressed quickly in the Faber books and they seem to be more of a “click” to her. She’s now entering 3A and is enjoying the new books immensely. We really appreciate the variety available at each level, including Popular Repertoire and Christmas songs. The Faber Theory is also more interesting than Notespeller, which is what she used instead for a couple years.

    2 people found this helpful

  14. Lili Zheng

    for kids

    recommend by my piano teacher

  15. xiaotuma

    Very good piano textbook

    My daughter has been using Faber series for a year. Very well organized and all the songs in the books are beautiful and fit to the right level. My daughter improved fast by using this textbook.

    One person found this helpful

  16. L F


    Best for all ages, my students like Bastien at least as well as Faber and Alfreds, probably better. Bastien introduces music better from what I’ve seen comparing the three series. My students get thru Bastien material faster than Alfreds and Faber. I don’t think Bastien is easier – but it builds, preparing students for what is coming more effectively.

    3 people found this helpful

  17. R&B

    A must have for piano lessons.

    I could not effectively teach piano without the theory book. This is a fun way to teach students music theory, which is essential for growth as a pianist. My students enjoy the activities in this book and the opportunities for creativity that it provides. I highly recommend supplementing your lesson book with this theory book.


    Like this series

    I have been pleased with this series of books for my kids piano lessons. They have a variety of songs/arrangements.

    One person found this helpful

  19. Shanna Greene

    Great product

    Great book that progresses naturally and easily. I’ve been working through them on my own without a teacher and I’ve improved so much. Very easy to follow.

    2 people found this helpful

  20. Hbg7

    Very nice!

    These Piano Adventure books are wonderful! They are bright and colorful and go in perfect steps for a young learner. My daughter has used many of these and is doing great with piano lessons! An added bonus is there is a certificate of completion in the back of each book so your child gets an “award certificate” when it is completed.

    4 people found this helpful

  21. kg


    Very good book and my kid really loved playing

  22. Grand Staff

    A great book to help your students advance in Theory

    A great book to help your students advance in Theory. It has weekly assignments to use in conjunction with the other books from this same Level through Nancy annd Randall Faber.

    2 people found this helpful

  23. Ginger



  24. Andrew Cameron

    Great Seller

    Item arrived in timely manor and was correct.

  25. Amazon Customer


    My daughter loves. Her piano teacher recommended.

  26. Qian Shen

    Good for piano beginner

    Nice price m, fast shipping

  27. Marianne Stamm

    Music lessons

    Great for teaching piano

  28. Stacey Phillips

    This series though

    Natural progression

  29. AnonAnon

    Missing pages from book

    I bought this book to have ready when my daughter finished the 2B book. We recently started it, only to discover that it is missing about 10 pages in the middle, which appear to have been replaced by pages from a Disney song book instead. (In the photo it goes from page 8 to page 5, from Morning by Grieg to Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.) It is followed by a few more Disney songs before picking up theory again at page 17. We are now outside the return period so I guess we’re stuck with it.

    One person found this helpful

  30. alexanderg26

    I suppose it is a very good book.

    This series was requested by our child’s piano teacher. I suppose it is a very good book.

  31. Marti J. Barrett


    This book was perfect for what my daughter needed it for. He piano teacher recommended it and it was just the right speed.

  32. Shawn Gordon

    Five Stars

    love it

  33. Utah Mom

    Five Stars

    Great theory book.

  34. Heike Smith

    Five Stars

    Excellent books. Arrive on time.

  35. John Smoth

    Kids enjoyment!

    Our kids love these books. They are learning their piano and enjoying doing it!

  36. Andrea


    This book helps to understand concepts. You can just fill it up when you learn something new! It is great.

  37. S. Sanders


    I use these books for teaching beginning to intermediate students. Very easy to understand. It is easy for teacher and student.

  38. Caleb


    Got here in a reasonable amount of time! Great program

  39. Andriko

    Five Stars

    Fantastic book for my child.

  40. Jeff D

    Five Stars


  41. Diane Kaminsky

    Five Stars

    perfect for my students

  42. W E Barker

    Five Stars

    good book

  43. Amazon Customer

    Sold as new but marked up

    It’s too late to retun this item, and because it is Christmas songs, I haven’t opened it until now, and it is marked up with markers but sold as new.

  44. Lim, ji hye

    Five Stars


  45. Juareg2004

    Five Stars


  46. Kenyan mama

    Great Series

    My daughter has used this series since she started piano lessons several years ago and has made great progress

  47. mnmstaten

    Five Stars

    Faber series is great!

  48. Amazon Customer

    I was wrong a book.

    It was easy for kids.

  49. BungeeJumper

    Five Stars

    My kids love this series.

  50. Mia

    I don’t recommend the Faber series to an adult learner – it’s boring, too bare bone, and the selected music doesn’t sound good

    I bought this series as an adult learner. I feel I need to catch up on lost time because I could not afford a piano before. Now with digital pianos, learning to play the piano is affordable. I bought the Faber adult series. While we keep hearing how gifted children are and how quickly they learn, it may be true to some extent but I have serious doubts that they have an advantage over us since they are satisfied with Twinkle Twinkle little star. And rare is the child who turns into a Glenn Gould, the virtuoso, in any case. Our adult ear is a little bit more sophisticated and if we have enjoyed good music for several years, this book just doesn’t give it justice. I realize that we have to start slow but often 1/3 to 1/2 of the page in the Faber books is used up with teacher/student practice duos. As many adults, I bought this book to learn on my own for the most part. Teachers should come up with their own material. We, the students, are buying these books and would like more material to practice on our own, not these tiny scales scribbled at the bottom for the teacher’s use. Also, the music is oversimplified to the point that unlike the movie on Mozart when the Emperor or the Court exclaims “There are too many notes”, here it is the opposite there’s such a scarcity of notes it is difficult to appreciate the “music” we are playing. It is so bare bone I have had to go back to the real sheet music and add notes manually to make it sound decent and a little bit more challenging. At the Faber pace, it will take us 5 years just to go through the basics! I was very disappointed about the contents of the entire series (I bought 6-7, even extra music) in light of the good reviews. We love music that’s why we are learning, it seems that beginning piano books are intent on making us dislike it and discourage us. (I’m a complete novice). I stopped using the books entirely after a month. Now I get sheet music to practice, use the internet and will go to exercises, such as Hanon next. Even the Faber adult series is made for children. I don’t recommend them.

  51. Viperbotika

    These books are all the same… Boring! The Hanna Method is much better.

    This book looks like any other book with the same boring songs and complex way of learning. The Hanna Method piano books in IBooks is much better. I would say the absolute best in the market when it comes to truly understanding music on all levels and songs that are written to cater to emotion rather then row row row your boat type music.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Ellen M. Spooner

    Five Stars

    This book is just where my students should be.

  53. kat

    good book

    It isn’t too challenging, but isn’t easy either. My daughter (age 12) is zippig through it – she is a year 2 student.

  54. Caligirl

    Five Stars


  55. H. H. Thurgood

    Five Stars

    great price, great book!

  56. Karla Christiansen

    Five Stars

    Just what we needed.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    enjoy them

  58. Wilma Brito

    Five Stars


  59. SS

    Three Stars

    I like Piano Adventures, but the description said it was the second edition and I received the first edition.

  60. J. Riley

    Five Stars

    Great piano books!

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