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Piano Adventures

Theory Book Level 2B – 2nd Edition

By Nancy and Randall Faber.

The 2B Theory Book offers eight superb new pages for in-depth study of chords, harmonization, and rhythm. New improvisation activities offer creative exploration of scales in C major, G major and F major.

Topics covered include:

  • The family of C’s
  • Arpeggios
  • G Major scale
  • The damper pedal
  • The eighth rest
  • The dotted quarter note
  • and more!

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Table of Contents

Barbershop Sounds

Latin Rhythm Band

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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 1997)

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48 pages

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6.4 ounces

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9 x 0.16 x 12 inches


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60 reviews for Level 2B – Theory Book Piano Adventures

  1. NM

    Exceptional series – very well thought out and developmentally appropriate …

    Exceptional series – very well thought out and developmentally appropriate. Combines the right amount of moving ahead with review. All the pieces are appealing and student-friendly.

  2. flower


    Good book!

  3. 1000 Hours Outside

    Top teaching book!

    I’ve been teaching for 20 years and I love using the Faber Adventures book!

  4. Lexar

    Great lesson books

    My son is taking lessons and this is the book his teacher used. He is learning a lot through a lot of fun songs in this serials. .

  5. S. Phoenix

    Great piano series!

    Great piano series. We homeschool our three children and have used this series for four years. It is easy to follow and fun. What more could a parent and teacher ask for?

  6. Pichette

    Love the convenience

    Exactly as described! Love the convenience!

    One person found this helpful

  7. Beth Vye

    I love it.

    This is a great theory book. This has great exercises that my daughter understands. We would purchase again. Definitely would recommend.

  8. Kelly Mom

    Five Stars

    Great theory book.

    One person found this helpful

  9. Ray

    Five Stars


  10. cripplefinger

    Faber piano books are excellent

    Purchased this book for a student. Faber piano books are excellent

  11. TB

    Great quality book

    Arrived promptly. Great quality book. I’ve used them as a teacher and as a parent.

  12. A.W


    Grandson loves it

  13. J&K L

    Faber piano books are wonderful, and theory is interesting and colorful

    Faber piano books are wonderful, and theory is interesting and colorful, trying to make it fun for them! I recommend these for young children under 12.

  14. preachermama

    Good instructional music book

    We ordered this because our son’s music teacher asked us to. However, I prefer the music adventures to other music instructional books that I have seen. They seem rather kid and teacher friendly.

  15. santillomk

    Solid Plan

    Good song selections, progressively challenging lesson plan. My daughter really enjoys it. It motivates her to play regularly and she has been making solid improvements in her piano skills and music theory knowledge.

  16. Anonymous101

    Perfect condition

    Perfect condition

  17. rdandkids

    Great Series

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Great series for piano students. I have used these from the beginning with my kids and find them very easy to follow. They have very nice songs, and have a diverse collection of music.

  18. Jacob SHIN

    Working good

    Working good

  19. Era industries

    Great series of piano books.

    Great series of piano books. My daughter has been using this series for years. They are great!

    One person found this helpful

  20. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Purchased for my grandson and is working out great.

  21. Victoria Michelle

    good accompaniment to lesson book

    I always use the theory book together with the lesson book. I think it is especially important when new concepts begin to be introduced, like in 2B. A great resource

  22. Lily

    The best!

    Truest the best piano instruction books. My sons’s piano teacher as well as my sons love these books!

  23. Cameron and CarolCameron and Carol

    Great book. Not good condition

    Not rating the book..I like the series and they work. 5 star. I’m rating the condition. 1 star.I didn’t think this was going to be a used book. A third of the book has been completed!! If I didn’t need it right away I would send this crap back. Guess you get what you pay for. I was able to erase most of it but there is some things written in ink. WTF??

  24. Janelle Hvidsten

    What can I say it’s a book

    nice book

  25. Aman P.

    Awesome theory book!

    I bought this for my daughter, and it has great exercises to strengthen knowledge of music! The exercises were also very fun and I would recommend this book to any intermediate piano player!

  26. Premarital

    Perfect 🙂

    I used it to practice some piano with my kid. It wasn’t used beforehand and was freshly printed. No complaints!

  27. Cn

    We all like Piano adventure more

    My son used Bastien piano basic in the beginning when he was 3. A few months later after he finished level 1B, he transferred to Piano adventure (Lesson, Theory, Performance, Technic & Sight-reading), because his piano teacher was using it. It’s well organized. We all like Piano adventure more, and my son loves to do theory book the most. His teacher teaches him Suzuki level 2 at the same time. Now he is almost 4 and half, he finishes Level 2A , half of Level 2B and half of Suzuki 2. I am going to buy Piano adventure Level 3A.

    3 people found this helpful

  28. Heather

    Nice book

    My daughter loves this book. It presents itself well.

  29. Amazon Customer

    This was a great product

    Nice product but it did take a bit of time to arrive

  30. Sulmax99

    My degree is a B. A. in Music …

    My degree is a B.A. in Music Theory with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy. I have taught piano to all ages, and I have also played professionally with various groups. In my 40 years as a musician I have never seen a piano method in book form that is as complete and well thought out as this one. I don’t think anything else available would keep a student as engaged or produce a more well-rounded musician as this series.

    2 people found this helpful

  31. Melissa Perry Moraja: Award Winning Author

    Piano teacher requires

    My twin son and daughters piano teacher use; as does all the kids who are playing piano in our neighborhood.

  32. A Merrill

    For the piano student

    Great book for the piano student. It is easy for my student to understand.

  33. precise


    gave this book to nephew for christmas. he was so excited to get them. he started playing them right away.

  34. L. Allen

    Five Stars

    Great piano lesson series

    One person found this helpful

  35. Aloha Momma

    great book for kids

    Great music theory book. This book makes learning theory fun for my daughter. The instructions are understandable and the book pages are eye-catching.

  36. Kindle Customer

    needed for class

    the books came quickly and were just what we needed for my son’s piano lessons. He’s been using these books from the start.

  37. gary 44

    Five Stars

    just what i needed

  38. T Summers

    Music Theory Can Be Fun!

    This method helps my daughter have fun while learning piano theory.

  39. S. Sanders


    These Faber Piano Adventure series are very easy to use in teaching beginning and intermediate students. It is easy for teacher and student.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars


  41. Stone54

    Five Stars

    Good book for learning piano

  42. Monica Gribnau

    Five Stars

    great book

  43. Big chief

    Five Stars


  44. Caligirl

    Five Stars


  45. Boomer

    Five Stars

    Our youngest will enjoy these.

  46. Jim ‘n Em

    Five Stars

    Great series to teach kids piano.

  47. julie cook

    Five Stars

    Very good product!

  48. Gina

    Five Stars

    Great piano books.

  49. joyce

    Three Stars

    The piano teacher asked for it.

  50. Assia Cioffi

    Five Stars

    good book

  51. trini_rag

    Great lesson book

    Recommended by our piano teacher. Easy to follow along for lessons in piano.

  52. Mike D

    Great songs and presentation of concepts

    I like the Faber and Faber series because they present fundamental musical ideas in a systematic order, the songs are by and large interesting, and the pictures are well done. The music of course is the most important part, but the presentation can affect how the student frames the piece, mentally, which in turn affects how they approach it. I also like how they stress the identification of intervals in the accompanying theory book. Some other books don’t stress this aspect of reading, but it is very useful for most students.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Grand Staff

    Does a great job of introducing new theory concepts at the same …

    Does a great job of introducing new theory concepts at the same level as the other Lesson Books in this group. It explains how to do the theory so it can easily be done at home after or without short explanations with the teacher.

  54. Charmaine



  55. HTS

    Great series!

    The entire series is very well done! My daughters studies through these courses in piano lessons. The progression and explanations are great.

  56. Emstar

    Great books for adults

    Great piano books for adults. Bought these for my husband to start taking lessons. He and his teacher like them.

  57. Familyties

    Great piano books

    My boys use these books for piano lessons. They are easy to use and learn from and my boys have both learned a lot through this series of piano books. A must buy for any piano player learning to play.

    2 people found this helpful

  58. 1derwoman

    Great series

    We’re raising 5 pianists, all using the Piano Adventures series and they are all excelling at their own speed and ability. Great teaching tool with more theory overall than any other set I’ve seen. Our kids know things I was never taught about music and at such an early age. It’s fabulous.

    3 people found this helpful

  59. Amazon Customer

    Great theory books

    I use these all the time as a piano teacher.

  60. Carlene

    Great product

    Great product, kids loved it

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