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The 2nd Edition Level 2B Lesson Book offers a systematic approach to scales, primary chords (I, IV, V7), and transposition for the keys of C, G, and F major. This new edition features nine new songs, plus enhanced arrangements of favorite pieces from the first edition. The new “Scale and Chord Adventures” appendix offers teachers the flexibility to explore major and minor scale and chord patterns in all twelve keys.

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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 1997)

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72 pages

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8.8 ounces

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9 x 0.18 x 12 inches


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60 reviews for Level 2B – Lesson Book Piano Adventures

  1. mike000mike

    A great Book used by many piano teachers and suggested by piano teachers

    I’ve used many of these books from this series or publication company based upon recommendation from my piano teacher for my daughter’s weekly lessons she has benefited greatly in these books are well organized and keep kids interested in the music

  2. Cathleen chuck

    Good book

    Great quality =)

  3. joseph



  4. TA


    My son’s piano teacher likes to use this piano book.

  5. Windy88

    Very useful

    My daughter and the teacher like it helps them for practicing very good for beginner’s.

  6. Mary

    Great piano book! My daughter loves all these songs!

    The book came right before it started to rain. I think it should be bubble wrapped for protection against the weather and bending during shipping

  7. T. Kiyak

    Faber Piano Adventures – It has been working for us!

    Great series of books teaching how to play the piano. Our piano teacher uses this series, and I have spoken to at least four more instructors in the area that all use these series to teach piano. Our daughter started with the first book in the series at age 5 and has been going through the books for the last two years. They teach the concepts progressively, with focus on good technique, enough variation, and a good selection of songs. She is never bored, and learns at a consistent pace. The main books for each level are called “Lesson Book”. The “Technique and Artistry Book” for the same level is a companion to help students improve their knowledge and technique about music and piano artistry. So they complement each other well, and we tend to move in parallel in both of those books. We primarily use those two in our classes. For each level there are also “popular repertoire” and “christmas books” that take well known and liked songs and arrange them for that specific level of learning. We’ve sprinkled these here and there to keep things interesting for our daughter. There are also CDs that accompany the books, but I have no experience in those.

    15 people found this helpful

  8. Rachel Dickey

    Great book Bad Name

    I have been teaching piano for many years and the 2b Lesson book is my favorite of the series. The songs progress at a good pace and there are a an excellent variety of musical styles represented in the book. My only criticism is the name. Why name it 2b? Kids like to progress upwards and it could easily be renamed to level 3. Everything is relative. Overall, Faber and Faber are a fabulous series to teach from. I highly recommend this book and the series.

    4 people found this helpful

  9. Deniuve Zapata

    Excelente mi hija lo utiliza mucho 👍

    Es fácil de entender y super útil

  10. Joy

    Great music book for all ages

    Such a great lesson book! I loved the 2A version and I knew this book would be just as great. It is so easy for my 9 year old to understand. This was my first time ordering his music books. I must admit, I was very cautious but I’m glad I ordered it. This book is truly authentic. I’m so glad Amazon had it available.Lastly, the picture on Amazon looks yellow…but in person it’s actually orange like it’s supposed to be. I’m happy.

  11. V. W

    Good, Brand New


  12. JP


    Excellent book!

  13. Amazon Customer

    Good book

    It is really good book to learn piano

  14. song hyon

    Five Stars

    Piano instructor recommend this for my nephews to have and study during lessons. Great book.

  15. Nancy H. Lingmann


    Piano teacher, and gotta have them

  16. lmcm12


    Just a little expensive.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Missing lots of pages

    Our book is missing lots of pages. It was put together wrong (I’m sure it was by accident) but we really need a replacement book because my daughter is using it for piano lessons. We didn’t realize the pages were missing until right after the return window ended. Check your books!!

  18. C❤️G❤️P


    Children enjoy playing music from this book

  19. Mom

    Piano teacher recommended

    Daughter use it for her piano lessons.

  20. Nick

    My piano teacher likes it.

    Good book

  21. dianamo

    You can’t go wrong with Faber and Faber

    Great product and fast service

  22. jordy

    Great buy

    Love it

  23. CajunRD

    No problems

    Our local music store was out of this particular book and my daughter needed it for her piano lessons. This book was delivered in a timely fashions at the same price (including the shipping & handling) so no complaints!

  24. luv2read

    Piano book

    It’s a piano book and it is a great lesson book.

  25. jcjb


    When these books first came out, I switched all my students into this method. I am still loving these books 15+ years later. Nice, incremental learning,and fun piece. Same goes for the other books in the series.

    3 people found this helpful

  26. Angelica Gonzalez


    Very good for practicing!!

  27. Aleksandra


    Perfect book for the beginners

  28. Mateos Lemmi

    A great series of books

    These books in this series have been good for my daughter. She likes the songs for the most part. Her teacher didn’t require them but was hopeful we would get them, and I’m glad we did.

  29. santillomk

    Solid Plan

    Good song selections, progressively challenging lesson plan. My daughter really enjoys it. It motivates her to play regularly and she has been making solid improvements in her piano skills and music theory knowledge.

  30. rdandkids

    Great Series

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Great series for piano students. I have used these from the beginning with my kids and find them very easy to follow. They have very nice songs, and have a diverse collection of music.

  31. kelikeli

    Great piano method

    Great piano method. I have taught out of these books for years. Amazon killed a small forest sending it to me though. Huge box and wrapping with only one small book.

    5 people found this helpful

  32. mazlum c uder

    Correct item. Fast delivery.

    Correct item. Fast delivery even during these crazy COVID-19 times.

  33. SKKS

    Good piano lesson book

    Arrived on time and new as expected.

  34. KAL


    These books are the best on the market. Fun and helps you learn at a faster rate than most.

  35. Carlene

    Great product

    Great product, kids loved it. The Fabre books are fantastic resources and I recommend all their products highly.

    One person found this helpful

  36. Chris N.

    Good enough

    It’s alright

  37. Laura T. Virgadamo

    Great practice book.

    My ten year old has been using this series for years now and it doing great.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Good Lessons Book

    Both my kids use these books. They have worked great.

  39. Kindle Customer

    Love Adventures!!

    This is the best piano series out there. Great learning tool for teachers and fun for students.

  40. Sonia L.

    Good piano books

    My son uses these books as recommended by his teacher and they seem good.

  41. Aman P.

    Great for beginners and intermediate piano players!

    I bought this for my daughter who plays piano. It was recommended by her teacher, and was very useful. She likes the songs in the book very much, and I would definitely recommend this product.

  42. Premarital

    I Love It

    It’s a great start to the piano and much help to people who are young want to invest more time in piano. Nothing wrong with the print nor any damages.

  43. Marina G

    Great progression from earlier books

    Fantastic book for continued beginning learner. All the songs are fun for kids and my daughter really enjoys them. This book is a very suitable natural progression from the earlier books by this author.

  44. Gail G. Butler

    Essential piano music book.

    Good book. Granddaughter likes it very much. Her piano teacher suggested it and they use for lessons.

  45. J.D

    Best series for students

    I love this series for kids. It is best series out there for kids to learn to play piano.

  46. Cn

    We all like Piano adventure more

    My son used Bastien piano basic in the beginning when he was 3. A few months later after he finished level 1B, he transferred to Piano adventure (Lesson, Theory, Performance, Technic & Sight-reading), because his piano teacher was using it. It’s well organized. We all like Piano adventure more, and my son loves to do theory book the most. His teacher teaches him Suzuki level 2 at the same time. Now he is almost 4 and half, he finishes Level 2A , half of Level 2B and half of Suzuki 2. I am going to buy Piano adventure Level 3A.

    One person found this helpful

  47. stephanie Roelle


    Just what we needed!

  48. William

    This Is My Planet Earth?

    “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty” is now “This is my planet Earth, This is my home of birth”?For you maybe.

  49. Mark s

    The book we needed!

    Needed this for my sisters lessons and book was in perfect condition. Thank You!

  50. JI

    Excellent quality and song choices

    My 7 yr old daughter has been using this book for her piano lessons and so far she’s really enjoying it. Some songs are familiar to her while others are new. Nevertheless it’s appropriate for her level and the print quality is excellent. We have gotten other piano books where the images and notes were not clear, not the case with this one.

    2 people found this helpful

  51. Anonymous101

    Perfect condition

    Perfect condition

  52. Amazon Customer



  53. NanaNana

    Just wrong!!!

    This is the second copy of of The Faber 2B I’ve ordered this week with this same issue. A whole section is missing from the book. As a piano teacher I send links to students to purchase products and this is extraordinarily frustrating!This is the replacement for the original that was also wrong.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Jacob SHIN

    Working good

    Working good

  55. Kamy

    Incorrect page numbers and missing pages

    There were missing pages and lessons in the copy we received. After page 25, it jumped to page 48 and the lessons kept repeating. We will need toOrder another copy again!

  56. Douglas G Frederick

    As expected

    As expected

  57. Era industries

    Great piano book series option

    Great piano book series option. My daughter has used this series for years, and loves them.

  58. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Great for the beginner

    One person found this helpful

  59. Jessieann Hibbard

    Great piano book!

    I have taught piano lessons for 10 plus years and these are the best books on the market. They are easy to follow and they follow a great developmental progression.

    3 people found this helpful

  60. mrskatie


    It’s what our piano teacher requested

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