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Progress Chart

Keep track of your progress.

Color or put a star sticker for each itme.


Leftover Popcorn

A natural cancels a sharp or a flat.

A natural will always be a white key.

-Circle the natural below


Mr. Hayden’s Theme

Playing the same piece using a different scale is called transposing.

The note names change, but the intervals stay the same.


The Queen’s Royal Entrance

This piece uses a hand shift between C chords and D chords.

Warm-up: Play back and forth between D and C chords. Use left hand, then right hand.


Table of Contents


Sample Page


Sample Page


Sample Page

faber, piano

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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 1997)

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64 pages

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8 ounces

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60 reviews for Level 2A – Lesson Book Piano Adventures Faber

  1. Karla


    Great book. Continuing after red books. Happy with purchase.

  2. Cathleen chuck

    Good book

    Great quality

  3. Brian Leiker

    Great for piano lessons

    We use this book at piano lessons and it works well

  4. Shravan Nivsarkar

    My Kid loved this.

    Exactly what I my kid was looking for.

  5. Beth

    Love This Series

    I’ve been teaching piano for about 6 years now and for the first few years, I flipped between a few different method books among students to see which ones I thought were progressive and had fun songs.The Piano Adventures Method books have been my favorite so far if you’re looking for a solid lesson book to lay the groundwork, it gradually introduces a student to different dynamics, key signatures, theory, pedal introduction, etc… and I have enjoyed most of the accompaniments!All in all, I have stuck with these method books not just because they are simple for a teacher to follow but also for a student, I think lesson books are a vital part of teaching a child structure and discipline, it also allows for more freedom when they become teenagers because you can break away from lesson books and focus on more repertoire since you’ve already established that structure and disciplined practice that a lesson book offers.10/10 recommend.

    2 people found this helpful

  6. Jason Anschutz

    A good beginner lesson book

    I bought this some time ago for my piano students when I taught piano lessons. My students really liked it and could easily learn and grasp the piano song material. Now everyone is different. Some like the Bastien series, which I worked out of when I first started taking piano lessons. I found this is more of a structured piano book which works really well with other material in the level series.For a recommendation. It all comes down to preference and if you think your student(s) can grasp the material which is in my opinion a tad bit more structured. If you’re not convinced of buying this book, go to your local music store and ask to see it and compare it to other songbooks. You’ll know if it the right choice for you once you get to know and understand song material from this book. Me,I’d recommend it if you would like to teach a good understanding of basic piano song structure.

    One person found this helpful

  7. Citizen J

    Recommended by our instructor; excellent series

    An excellent series with tunes that are musical, even if simple. And the approach to learning is respectful of all levels, not demeaning. So different than the way I learned years ago! A pleasure both for those learning and the adults who have to listen to all the practicing!

    One person found this helpful

  8. T. Kiyak

    They have worked for us

    Great series of books teaching how to play the piano. Our piano teacher uses this series, and I have spoken to at least four more instructors in the area that all use these series to teach piano. Our daughter started with the first book in the series at age 5 and has been going through the books for the last two years. They teach the concepts progressively, with focus on good technique, enough variation, and a good selection of songs. She is never bored, and learns at a consistent pace. The main books for each level are called “Lesson Book”. The “Technique and Artistry Book” for the same level is a companion to help students improve their knowledge and technique about music and piano artistry. So they complement each other well, and we tend to move in parallel in both of those books. We primarily use those two in our classes. For each level there are also “popular repertoire” and “Christmas books” that take well known and liked songs and arrange them for that specific level of learning. We’ve sprinkled these here and there to keep things interesting for our daughter. There are also CDs that accompany the books, but I have no experience in those.

    3 people found this helpful

  9. ken lam

    Great for learning piano

    Bought this for my daughter. She learning piano right now and she said this book is really helping her advance.

  10. Carolyn

    Best student method

    I’m a piano teacher. I’ve used the Faber products for years! They are excellent and don’t disappoint!

  11. Sharine Borslien

    Piano Adventures Lesson Book is solid!

    I have been teaching piano at the beginner and intermediate levels for ten years. I find the Faber & Faber Piano Adventures Lesson Book to be thorough with regard to well-rounded piano instruction. Their newer version duplicates some of the supplemental materials that I provide (i.e., pentachords, scales, I-IV-V chords), which my students learn far in advance of the book’s timeline. By the time most of my students complete level 2A, they have memorized all the major pentachords and scales and are working on the minor keys. Still, for under $8 per lesson book, this series is affordable and packed with songs that my students enjoy learning. I appreciate the massive efforts of Faber & Faber to make piano study fun and steadily progressive.

    14 people found this helpful

  12. Wv Momma

    Best Lesson book for a second year player.

    Favor lesson books are the best for a new young player. The child learning piano is in second year of lessons.

    One person found this helpful

  13. Alejandra CM


    Not much to say, except that the quality of the book is great.

  14. Heather

    Right book, but new edition

    Be careful when ordering this one. Apparently they have updated the 2A edition and the songs are not the same as the regular 2A book. Well, some are the same. i ordered a second book for my kids so they could keep one at their grandma’s house to practice and it is NOT the same as their other 2A book. I think it is still usable but we will have to look for the songs on different pages than in their original book. Not a huge deal, just a little inconvenient.

    4 people found this helpful

  15. Karen German

    Perfect for learning

    Easy to follow

  16. Jenny

    Perfect for my daughter

    We were using another piano series for my daughter that my son had used. She was doing okay, but just not excited about playing the piano. Her piano teacher recommend The Piano Adventure series. It has great songs that keeps my daughter wanting to play (and us wanting to hear them practiced). There are fun illustrations on each page to catch her interest. This series was a much better fit for her.

    One person found this helpful

  17. nicole

    I love the Faber Piano Adventure books

    As a piano teacher, I love the Faber Piano Adventure books. They provide an excellent range of musical styles and integrate music theory principles in a comprehensible manner to children. While I’m sure the “Music Theory” books Faber provides are excellent, I’ve found the integrative theory in the “Lesson Books” to be sufficient for my needs. Of all the piano teaching books I’ve used over the years, I like Faber the most.

    3 people found this helpful

  18. Jimp


    Daughter has been taking lessons with this series of books and it has been great. Highly recommend.

  19. C. Whittaker

    Quality item, as expected. Would buy again.

    Quality item, as expected. Would buy again.

  20. Stefania


    It is great it has all the best music

  21. enbnrb

    Keeps my students engaged and interested with fun songs they actually want to play

    I’ve been teaching out of the Faber Piano Adventures series for years. Keeps my students engaged and interested with fun songs they actually want to play. This series helps build a good foundation of repetiore and theory knowledge.

  22. Kristin

    Cover misprint

    The media could not be loaded.

     The content of the book seems fine, but the cover seems to be misprinted and cut very poorly. If damaged product is being sold, that should be disclosed and the price should be discounted. I am not pleased about paying full price for a damaged book although there is some comedic value that it was delivered this way.

  23. arizona

    Great series

    Love series. Always buy. Company sent in timely manner

  24. Norman Zhang

    Good book

    Very nicely organized!

  25. Tammy Termini

    Great book

    My kids find the format easy to follow!

  26. John

    Great Book

    Recommended by the piano teacher. My daughter is using it daily for her practice.

  27. Jason wang

    Five Stars

    happy with it , very clear and useful. my daughter use it to practice.

  28. Lewis

    Great Content

    Great book for level 2

  29. Chris Drinnon

    Great piano series

    Received as described. Happy with it! Now if it could just motivate my son to practice!

  30. charlie



  31. Don

    best kids lessons

    best kids lessons

  32. lfavshorty

    Exactly what we needed

    Book was fine. Arrived damaged and bent , but Amazon was willing to work with me on replacement. Unfortunately, replacement was also damaged, but book is exactly what we need.

  33. soprano

    An excellent series

    I use the Piano Adventures series quite often with students. The literature is appealing and the concepts are presented well.

  34. T2viva


    Great quality we expect and receive from this series

  35. Joe stone

    Good for beginners, but they sent me the wrong book twice

    The book is good for beginners. I was sent the wrong book by the ((send))er. That’s why this gets 1 star, when you make this mistake twice I think people should be aware ( I was sent this book twice ) instead of 2A sight reading.

  36. Shoham



  37. julia

    Print is so wrong

    The media could not be loaded.

     From page 24 to back to 17 page then couple duplicated pages. Again , it started from page 24to 41pages. Between 25-40 pages are totally missing.. who might check every page is right? When I noticed it that it was too late to refund or exchange and has to buy again .. waste money ..

    One person found this helpful

  38. Kristy Zhou


    Came in great quality exactly how it was described.

  39. Anouk Van Ryckeghem

    As advertised

    Recommend by piano teacherGreat series of books and exactly as advertised

  40. JP


    Excellent book!

  41. GardenGirl624

    Exactly what we needed

    Piano book great for my daughters next step up.

  42. Janelle Hvidsten

    What can I say it’s a book


  43. Olsen07


    What my 14 year old needed her second year of piano

  44. curtis donaldson

    Great series

    I love this series. It introduces kids to things slowly, but my second grader has been picking up on this really quickly. She has been playing for about a year. She has only had consistent lessons for a few months now. Prior to this, she had some lessons for about two months and then I just worked her through the first book myself after we moved until I could get her a new teacher. I don’t know that I would be able to do it myself at this level, because although I have a music background, I do not have a background in piano, but she is grasping it with her piano instructor!

    2 people found this helpful

  45. Erika V

    Good book. The lessons written to educate students are …

    Good book. The lessons written to educate students are rather minimal, but have the basics. As the teacher, I just expand on the topics covered or explain them in more detail if the student is struggling. The pieces are good. Just hard enough that the kids need to prattle, but not so hard that they give up in frustration. I would use this book for kids who have played for a year or so and are working on adding new skills such as independent hand movements, eighth notes and other new note lengths, and some more basic musical terms and notations.

    3 people found this helpful

  46. Scott McCleary

    Great for students

    Great book for learning Piano and if you have progressed through the lowe level books this continues right along with the learnings and understanding of students.

  47. Doobie Nice

    Tasteful and enjoyable music

    Great publishers. Easy and precise instructions for learning elementary ages. Teaching made clear and productively. Tasteful and enjoyable music.

  48. Mischief

    Perfect fit second stage beginners.

    I wish I gad these books when I started learning to play the piano.

  49. Chris

    Missing and out of order pages

    The book came with missing pages and some duplicate pages completely out of order starting on page 24. Unfortunately by the time my daughter progressed to this page, the return window already closed. The book is practically useless now.

    One person found this helpful

  50. christine

    Teacher’s preference

    My kids use this for there piano online class.

  51. MDawn

    I’m using this series to teach my 10-year old great niece how to play the piano

    I’m using this series to teach my 10-year old great niece how to play the piano. She is learning quickly and enjoys the songs she plays.

  52. Eunice

    It is a beginers book

    It has good songs and teaches you music.

  53. grillmaster

    Learn from the best

    Great lesson plan.

  54. Kim mama

    Happy lesson

    My daughter learns very happily with this book.

  55. Lovely135

    As described

    Her piano instructor recommended it. It came as described

  56. Mila Barros

    Songs are nice, first ones work well as a review

    More exciting than Lesson Book level 1. Songs are nice, first ones work well as a review, moves in a goog pace. More familiar songs, I really like this book!

  57. Shana Milligan

    The Best Of The Best

    The best of the best books to teach from…. Moving them along at a pace that keeps it exciting but nothing over board….

  58. rdandkids

    Great Series

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Great series for piano students. I have used these from the beginning with my kids and find them very easy to follow. They have very nice songs, and have a diverse collection of music.

    4 people found this helpful

  59. FrequentBuyer



  60. Amazon Customer



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