Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2

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Hal Leonard (September 1, 2008)

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48 pages

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60 reviews for Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2

  1. Thomas V. Inman

    What my wife used to learn the uke….

    From “Twinkle, twinkle little star,” to “Michelle,” I can hear amazing progress in the other room. She has used the book learning to play beautifully. Easy to follow because of tableture and music, so she is learning how to read music. Unlike many “how to” books, the layout is user friendly and contains the variety she was looking for. As a guitar player myself, some of the advanced arrangements are easily transferred, so we can pick and strum together. A good buy, even without the CD.

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  2. Michael L.

    Not as advanced as I expected

    Ukulele lessons

  3. Drowsy Mary

    Not as Good as Book One

    I thought this wasn’t has good as Book 1. I couldn’t use several of the songs included for practice. The book included the lyrics and chords for these, without the score, so I had no idea how the melody went. There were other songs with their scores and the instruction was just as good as Book 1. If you like the Hal Leonard Method, you will find the book useful, but be prepared for a little frustration.

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  4. Gerry

    Overall I am enjoying this book.

    I really like the audio access. Some of the music staffs have missing lines so hard to determine correct notes. I like being able to zoom the chord pics.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Kindle version doesn’t have audio

    I bought book one and the audio was embedded. I liked it so I went ahead and bought book two even though I am not ready for it yet.The audio is not embedded in this book and there is no code to access the audio. The content is probably as good as book one but you really need the audio as a beginner. I regret this purchase.According to the Hal Leonard website the audio content should be embedded by the vendor so it looks like Amazon screwed this up. I will update if I find out how to get the audio.

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  6. Kim

    Just as expected

    Just as expected , we needed this one after we finished the first one.

  7. Hope

    Easy to follow

    I haven’t worked all the way through this book but the parts I have, have been easy and very fluid to learn through. Would highly reccomend!

  8. Myrna Huichapan

    Hal Leonard Method book 2

    I have had a Uke for some time but finally decided it was time to learn it and Hal Leonard help me accomplish some of that because his way of learning was easy to understand and the lessons helped me to achieve some very good knowledge about my Uke. If you are a beginner this is the set of books to begin with. Good luck you all future Uke players!

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  9. Sarah Sizemore Tilley

    Another great book

    A very helpful book in bettering ukulele skills!

  10. Bella

    Helpful book.

    I finished book one.. but will continue to refer to it often still. This is a good continuation of the first book and I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn Ukulele and music.

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  11. mary

    Five Stars

    Easiest way I’ve found to learn more than chords. I can now play melody as well.

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  12. George

    Could be helpful but certainly not a “method” at all!

    I didn’t see any method in the “Method..” – it’s a bunch of scores loosely attached to various subjects like hammer-ons, pull-off and like, but 90% it’s picking notes and nothing else, no strumming, no picking patterns, let alone chord-notes melody or different musical genresThe bottom line, it could give you some additional ideas when you’re already good with the instrument, but don’t try to use it as a self-teach book, go straight for “Ukulele for Dummies” if you really want to understand the instrument

  13. Mrs. Dish

    I am happy I purchased.

    Very good book!

  14. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Have several of these books and they are all great..

  15. Grand Rapids Michigan


    This is tougher than book 1. I am taking my time to get thru book 1. This is well done. If you are an intermediate uke player maybe this is for you.

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  16. Daniel

    Quality beginning uke playe8

    Great advice

  17. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Book was as expected. Book arrived on time.

  18. David Edward Hudson

    Four Stars

    Good tuition books

  19. Mauricio Graminhani

    Five Stars

    Perfect, but it was not said that the disc would no come with the book.

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  20. Student

    Good beginner series.

    This is a good beginner series (book 1 + 2). One of the best.

  21. Lisa Q. Rand

    Poor to no instructions

    Lots of holes in the instructions full pages of things that have close to no explanation and just don’t make sense. Went through the first book just fine this one is hateful. Not even worth $7.00 Skip it!!!

  22. Daria

    great book, thanks

    Fast shipping, great book, thanks!

  23. clalien1

    Three Stars

    Teaches method for people who read music.

  24. Darling Clementine

    Go Lil’ Rev

    Continues Bk. 1. Should be part of a ukulele library. Good for making the instrument accessible. Goes well with Bk 1.

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  25. Michael E. Califfsr

    Uke Book,good one

    These Uke Books are great for beginners and are a logical progression in their use.I find them to be quite easy to learn from and the DVD’s included are a much wanted feature.

  26. Donald

    Great sequel to book 1. I got a new respect for ukulele from this book. Thanks

    Worthy of his great ukulele book 1.

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  27. rjbarr

    great instruction book

    Shipped fast, great instructional book. Was able to start playing uke right away.

  28. Barbara Dahlberg

    Five Stars

    Love Little Rev, he is a good teacher with clear instructions and guides.

    One person found this helpful

  29. juanita babcock

    Five Stars

    Will be using it soon.

  30. lee speiser

    Five Stars

    Good service, good price

  31. akitaken

    Five Stars

    well-graded good uke book.

  32. Kindle Customer


    This is the book that I have been waiting for it has alot of good stuff inside. Get it now.

    One person found this helpful

  33. Wayne

    Five Stars

    Good book. Now I have to practice and use the information.

  34. Very Pleased!

    Wonderful learning tool.

    Wonderful learning tool.

  35. Bob Sullivan


    It is not mentioned in the description anywhere but this book is NOT for DGBE Baritone tuning!

  36. David Mc

    The book is ok, the songs are boring and outdated

    New cover on some very old and outdated songs – not too inspiring but you can get some good bits of info from this book

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  37. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    The book is fine.

  38. D. Zanter


    This book is ok. Not too bad for the price, however I was hoping for more “Hawaiian” instructions on how to play the uke.

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  39. rwalker

    Good for adults, not suitable for children

    Good for adults but not suitable for children due to the subject matter of some of the songs. “I plunged a knife into her breast” (Banks of the Ohio), fighting and drinking (Sloop John B), drinking (Rye Whiskey), going to jail (Pay Me My Money Down). imprisonment (Worried Man Blues), etc. This is the classic material of folk music and nothing wrong with it, but it is not for kids. For my younger uke students, I like Everybody’s Ukulele Method by Ukulele Mike Lynch.

  40. Phillip J. Keller

    Five Stars

    Good book.

  41. Kayakgirl grl

    A perfect follow-up to book one.

    I had wanted to learn chord families and picking to play leads and solos and this book covers that in an easy to follow manner.

  42. Jim

    Finishing Second Book

    I’m not much of a judge of musical method books but I’ve finished book one and almost this second book and I am learning to play the ukulele. I’ve moved on to sheet music for songs that I’m interested in and that is fun. Most of these “method” books use old public domain music that is not very interesting. There are some online sources for specific songs with uke notation for very reasonable prices. Just look for sheet music.I think that both books of this series have been very useful. There is also a “chord finder” book in the series that is probably worth your consideration.Uke on!

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  43. Kimberly

    Very happy with my purchase

    All the Hal Leonard books I have purchased over the years have been exactly what was described. They are written in a way that makes them easy to understand. They progress from easy to more challenging songs in a logical manner. I will keep buying from this author for years to come.

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  44. M. R. Taylor

    A lot to learn here, but some missed opportunities.

    After playing through book one of this method in the morning, I took the opportunity to play through book two in the afternoon. The format is the same as book one, and continues where it left off.The Pros, Weakness and Cons for this Ukulele Method:*Continues to have you pluck traditional melodies, learning new keys, notes and bits of theory as you go.*Continues to include traditional notation & tablature for most of the pieces.*Teaches you three major moveable chords, very useful information. The author does not, however, back this up with much practicle application (though there are dozens possible).*Covers hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides, but only provides one piece to reinforce these important techniques.*Covers a few new strumming patterns and techniques: Ragtime & Calypso Patterns and the Five-Finger Roll & Triplet Stroke.*Introduces the chord families of D, Bb and A as well as further exploration of minor keys. At this point, if you’re using this method, you should be used to the fast pace of learning new, sometimes difficult chords.As with the first volume, I think this is an excellent introduction to melodic picking, but does not fully capitolize on the opportunity to add harmonic counterpoint and other techniques of melodic soloing on the instrument. Chording continues to move along at a fast pace, but that is just the author’s approach – though I’d prefer a more gradual approach, with more reinforcement of the principles introduced (a lot of lost opportunity here). However, if you choose this method and follow through with it, you will learn a lot that you can apply to whatever music you choose to learn later on.M Ryan TaylorUkulelePlay.com

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  45. Rex C. Becker

    Most Effective & Cost Effective Training

    Hal ZLeonard are the best source of instruction. I am a VA patient who uses these quality books for Music Therapy!! I would not use any other brand.

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  46. Dale R. Palmer

    Great Way to Start

    I like the size of the printed music and the fact that it has tablature along with the melody line and also the ukulele chords (and words). It is easy to follow, well written, and a quality book to get started. I play guitar so the chords and strumming came easily. This book starts with melody playing and helps me learn the location of the notes on the strings. It is a quality product. I also bought book 1. Together they cover most of the commonly used keys.

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  47. Pretzelcityusa

    Love Lil Rev!!

    Lil Rev is an excellent teacher, so you can’t go wrong with any of his books. They are fun and user friendly.

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  48. Jim Hickey

    Good follow up from Book 1

    Good follow up from book 1, however, you really have to have a good grasp of ALL the material in Book 1 before diving into this. Lots of theory is covered and it’s pacing is good. I teach a lot of youngsters and prefer not to teach them in method books with TAB. I get around this by not telling them how to read it HAHA! If there was a TAB free versions of this book I would give it 5 stars.

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  49. Steplander

    Needs a better song selection

    I use this book to teach my students.I wish it didn’t have so many religious based songs, but beyond the need for a better song selection it’s a good lesson book.

    2 people found this helpful

  50. Lisa

    Like Method Book 1

    Like Method Book 1, I was skeptical about this method book, but this was just a reminder to me to not judge a book by its size. Every page of this 50 page book is chock full of lessons and songs that progress as you learn. This is a MUST for a new ukulele player.

    2 people found this helpful

  51. Jackson Dunes

    A Really Good Start

    I bought both books in this series and they really offer a good start. Simple and basic instructions in an easy to follow format. The books are a little over-sized but that makes them easy to read. The songs are presented in both notation and tab so even a novice can play songs right away.

    Pug at the Beach: An Island Dog’s Reflections on Life6 people found this helpful

  52. Lilly G

    Four Stars


    One person found this helpful

  53. Uncle Kimo

    Reference book

    If you have some background already with music and or the ukulele this will be of some help. Always good to have to refer back to when the old memory fades.

  54. October

    Only book. No CD.

    Some of the reviews stated this book had a CD that came with it but it doesn’t. Other than that it is a great book.

  55. Gina

    simple way to learn uke

    bought the method books 1 and 2 and the easy songs book. super easy to follow and learn. reasonably priced.

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  56. William

    Four Stars

    Good book for beginners

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  57. Ranger

    Just what I needed

    The book is a continuation of book one (e.g., more cords, great new strumming and finger picking styles, additional songs, etc.). Along with the CD, it’s just fantastic for teaching what you need to know. It’s an essential tool for a beginner like me.

  58. ShannyBanany

    Great learning tool!

    We had such great luck with Book 1, we ordered Book 2 and lessons are coming along wonderfully. I also ordered Easy Songs for Ukulele Supplementary Songbook, which my 11 yo daughter LOVES. These books were recommended by her instructor – highly reecommend!

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  59. Renee Hoffman

    Hal Leonard is the best

    I started with the Hal Leonard Uke Method book 1. so the book 2 continues. Movable chords and continuation of learning new chords with songs.

  60. Ed The Techy

    Great for learning the Uke

    I bought all the books in the series. Great for learning the Uke. This is just such a fun instrument. Much easier then playing the guitar.

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