Hal Leonard Guitar Tab Method

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Hal Leonard (July 1, 2015)

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32 pages

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25 reviews for Hal Leonard Guitar Tab Method

  1. Saltypancake88

    Great for beginners!

    Bought this for my 11 year old who plays electric guitar. At first I didn’t love that it wasn’t full songs but it’s great for his short attention span. It’s handy for short practice sessions and easy to learn from. Glad I bought it!

  2. M. Kohary

    Use for repetoire, don’t use for learning

    I’m a guitar teacher, so my review is biased towards music education. My view of this book is that it has good content – if you can already play some guitar and want to quickly expand your repertoire, this book fits the bill. It has a lot of great and recognizable riffs, and you’re likely to find something in here that you don’t already know and can learn quickly to add to your personal catalog. (Note, many of the “songs” are really just a couple of bars with the main riff, but it’s a good starting point to find songs you’d like to learn.) I use many of these riffs in my lessons. But, and this is a big but, the book leaves a lot to be desired as a “method”. It shows you how to play some things, but addresses virtually none of the why. This stems from – you guessed it – not teaching music, but teaching tabs instead. This leaves the depth of music in this book only surface deep – it’s like learning to read a book out loud, but not understanding what any of the words actually mean.So, I’m going to split the bill and give it 3 stars. If you are an intermediate or better guitar player, you will likely find some useful things in here and can use this book to teach yourself repertoire. But if you are a beginner, do yourself a favor and don’t start here – get yourself a book with an actual music method (I like Hal Leonard’s regular guitar method book) and a good teacher to go through it with. Learning to read music is an invaluable skill to have, and will lend itself to understanding what it is that you’re actually playing.

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  3. acadia

    this is good for the BEGINNER beginner

    This was good for me when I knew absolutely nothing about the guitar. Very short snippets to play and you can hear how it is supposed to sound w the tracks online but these snippets are so well known, you won’t need it

  4. A.B.C.


    Most books are boring but this is fun.

  5. KM

    As a gift I was told it was good.

    This was a gift

  6. pen name


    This book is a lot of fun to go through. I will admit however, it is not a part of my daily practice routine, but more a part of when I want to just get on the guitar and noodle. It has a lot of short riffs to it that are fairly simple, even for a beginner. For the price of the book, I definitely recommend it.

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  7. Brian Rhody

    Very easy to follow

    I like the samples. Very easy to work with.

  8. NamelessNameless

    Kindle Version has broken multimedia – But the content is good !

    Really good book BUT! Once I began reading it none of the audio clips would play in my Kindle apps. Not the Android, not the PC version.The audio clips worked fine when I was looking at the book sample before I purchased.Back to the content… Other than the audio clips not working for me… the rest of the content seems to be really good. Three Stars for the bad audio clips.

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  9. Ken K

    Different from other HL guitar books!

    This book takes the beginner approach from their other books and turns it upside down. The “riffs” all start from the lowE string vs starting on the high E. The riffs are easy and mostly well known and fun for the student. The only problem is that they only learn the riffs and not the whole song. The images are all in “tab” orientation and look upside down in the book.

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  10. Dragonryder

    Tab Method Warning!

    Get this. Better on computer or iPad as the music is embedded. If not the included CD has it all. Great way to learn and to learn short riffs.This should be a book anyone starting to play should get. The warning is you’ll wind up buying them all. :-)Fun way to learn.

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  11. stueystu


    I would recommend this to others. The audio and text combined make the book very easy to understand. Well done.

  12. John Mercer

    Four Stars

    Not all songs complete.

  13. GAP

    Four Stars

    Great book now why does this one come with a CD but the acoustic one doesn’t?

  14. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars

    Guitar teacher recommended. Was a clean book in great condition.

  15. DEER

    Good one.

    Good one.

  16. Agnes M. Hoff

    Three Stars

    As expected.

  17. Chet

    Great product

    Best learning book yet easy to follow and not under done or over your head makes it easy to learn

  18. Amazon Customer

    No audio/video with Kindle edition

    No audio/video with Kindle edition; I am using iPad.

  19. Laura

    molto bello

    libro molto ben fatto e indispensabile per muovere i primi passi con la chitarra!esercizi carini e divertenti!si imparano i riff più famosi!è scritto in inglese!

  20. ipad user

    Good book for beginners

    I am new to the guitar. The book walks you through it slowly. It’s a good way to start learning small parts of some popular songs you know.

  21. Yasmeen Gagnon

    Great music book

    Excellent beginner guitar book

  22. David G

    Good for acoustic or electric beginners

    This is a good method for beginning acoustic or electric players wanting to learn TAB. Lots of short snippets of famous tunes in TAB format.


    Four Stars

    great thanks

  24. davide albertindavide albertin

    Recensione Hal Leonard Guitar Tab Method Book One

    The author takes us by the hand and guides us step by step through the fantastic world of music, in this case specifically centered on the instrument that, more or less, we all have, at least once, tried to play the guitar!Just an excellent job that the author did in preparing this manual. Inside, many tips, explanations and practical explanations on how to get started, well presented even for a neophyte like me. I was afraid in too difficult a reading and that it would discourage me, but the guide is gradual and helps to make progress starting from the basics.There are tips on how to choose the guitar, what it is made of, how to tune it, the posture to use while playing, scales, chords, etc … It also suggests some techniques for playing without a pick, to embellish the songs, to improvise, in short, a small bible to devour !!!!

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  25. genonceau

    enfin une methode pour les debutants

    superbe methode pour apprendre les bases de la guitare a travers de morceaux connus tres bonne pedagogie pedagogiea achetez sans hesiter

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