Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Book 2

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Hal Leonard; 2nd edition (January 1, 2000)

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48 pages

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60 reviews for Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Book 2

  1. Wayne Simonds

    Good Second Book in the series

    Good Second Book in the series. My son seems to be learning from these so no problems. We will continue to send him to class and utilize this book.

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  2. richard p walker

    Five Stars

    orderd book 2 but receives book 1

  3. Paul

    Hal Leonard Guitar Method Books

    I use all 3 books in this method for my students….and it works well.

    3 people found this helpful

  4. Robin Bird


    This book & CD was very helpful. I haven’t played guitar in several years and was able to get right back into it. The lessons go from simple to complex and the CD is great to play along with.

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  5. SD

    Loves it!

    My son loves this book!

  6. Sarico

    Very good method

    I am learning music by myself and the Guitar Method books are very good, even if you don’ t have a teacher.

  7. Tammy Goodrich

    Perfect for beginner that is ready to move up!

    Really walks through the chords and strings. A lot of familiar songs to work with and learn. Diagrams make it easy to follow!

  8. Oligoxue

    Five Stars

    good methods book

  9. charles evans

    Four Stars


  10. Donna F. McCullough

    Guitar Method Book 2

    I will be working in this book shortly. I fills my needs of continuing the Hal Leonard Guitar lesson process.

  11. Dakar

    a good continuation of Book 1

    This book continues from Book 1. Has notes and chords and discusses some of the music theory such as root notes for chords etc. This is for learning music notes and not for Tab. But learning the primary chords by name, such as C, E or G7, is very valuable. Even if you don’t want to learn all the indiv notes. Learning the chords by name is easier to play than by tab even.

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  12. whistleinmyboots

    A mixture of strumming and notation exercises

    The learning purpose of the book could be more clearly defined. Book 1 was designed to help students read music. Book 2 alternates strumming exercises with reading, which could either be desirable or undesirable based on your goals. If your goal is to read music, you are going to have a drastic jump in symbol decoding for music notation fromThe first book and you will need more reading supplements. Students struggle a lot with this book

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  13. mgoodwi1

    Bought for someone

    I can’t really say.

  14. Matt R.


    As expected

  15. Dave

    great instructional book

    I’m already a bit beyond this book with my playing but it’s a great learning tool anyway. I like all of Hal Leonard books. This is no exception. I like that these books go step by step in progression, each book leading to the next.

  16. Christine in WI

    Just starting but seems to move on nicely from book 1.

    I had completed and enjoyed all the lessons in book 1 so I decided to continue with this same line of teaching. So far I have enjoyed the content and think it will be very useful in helping me progress in learning to play guitar.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I like it

    Helps with my guitar practice

  18. Josh

    Easy to interpret

    I have almost completed Book 1 and curiosity got the better of me so I took a quick look through Book 2. It looks to be well written and straightforward. Simple enough to teach yourself and nice to discuss and play along with an instructor.

  19. Melissa Asr

    Great book. As described.

    Great book.

  20. Jarrett A. Webster

    Great product

    Great product

  21. Mark Chyna

    the only way to learn guitar

    Hal Leonard books are very well organized and give you step by step instruction to learn your instrument while getting the fundamentals down along with avoiding bad habits. Make sure to get the manual with the audio CD- it is indispensable!

  22. Praveen


    Great book👍

  23. Gary Covert

    Great book

    Great book.

  24. Connie

    … lessons and our class asked if this was a good book to have and he said yes so I …

    I am taking guitar lessons and our class asked if this was a good book to have and he said yes so I bought it and am enjoying leaning new things that are in it.

  25. Carolyn H

    They do not include the pattern exercises so that a beginner could hear what something sounds like and repeat it

    My biggest problem with the books is that the CD only includes certain tracks. They do not include the pattern exercises so that a beginner could hear what something sounds like and repeat it. Obviously there are hundreds of those in the book, but it would still be helpful to have access to it so I know if I’m doing it right or not.

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  26. Guitar Player

    Geezer can play guitar now…

    I finished book 1 and now am almost finishedwith this book… book 2.Buy it and play guitar…. from sheet music too !Nice !Next will be book 3… then the BLUES BOOK too !!!I can make fine noise on a guitar.

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  27. Ann in the northwoods

    Great book.

    Great series of teaching books. Love the cd that you can play with. Helps with the learning process. Songs are classics that have been around for ages.

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  28. Amazon Customer

    Great fun for me

    Getting a lot of practice and learning out of this book. Great fun for me.

  29. David T.

    Good beginner book

    I have all 3 books of the series. I have tried other books to learn on my own and this one explains the basics better then any other series I have tried.

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  30. mte1955

    Five Stars

    More difficult than Book I and still pushing through it but well done.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Perfect books for learning Guitar!!!!!!!!

    These Hal Leonard guitar books are perfect series of books to learn to play the guitar. From beginner to more advanced, each book has a more advanced level of learning. Highly recommend.

  32. Peter Drake

    nice item

    I’m using it with a student, and we really like the sound tracks that come with it.

  33. The Waterballoonist

    Better than book 1

    I have used book one of this series for years in my teaching and finally decided to give book two a shot. It’s so good! There are a bunch of passages that are riffs from legendary tunes. Very straightforward explanation of tab and fingerpicking.Definitely worth it if you/your student is ready.

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  34. Angela Johnson

    No bends or ripped pages. Good buy

    Came in perfect. No bends. Only thing is that I thought it was supposed to come with a cd too, and it didn’t.

  35. MrBeercan

    Great for the Beginner to move on.

    This book is a follow-on to book 1. I like the Hal Leonard series better than the Mel Bay series. Mel Bay’s books go too far too fast.

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  36. Romanza

    Good, but considerably harder than book 1

    Good book, except Hal Leonard makes a big jump from book 1 to book 2 intellectually. Kind of like going from Elementary School right to High School. Maybe this is because book 1 is typically easier than other Guitar 1 methods from other book companies. it’s definitely the right choice after Hal Leonard 1 (Hal Leonard is an easier system than Mel Bay and some others). Really surprised Hal Leonard hasn’t covered power chords and a warm-up exercise up to this point?

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  37. Patrick M.

    fun to jam!

    I really like using this book alongside of Mel Bay Book 2. The combination of the two books gives students a great foundation for playing the guitar. This book offers some outstanding practice with strumming patterns. The CD is a must if the student is to really get a feel for playing the style and playing with others. So often students who play guitar don’t getting a chance to play with a group. This CD gives the student this opportunity in addition to making playing the guitar a blast! I have taught many students over the years and have found this book to be extremely popular and well worth the money.

    9 people found this helpful

  38. Jessica Dekovitch

    Not for me.

    I felt like this really didn’t expand my knowledge from the last book especially considering I wanted to learn music notation.

  39. edwyn perezedwyn perez

    El libro es el modelo diferente a la foto de venta

    El libro llego, pero es el modelo viejo. Diferente al publicado en la foto de amazon.

  40. Jill B.

    Great book for beginners

    This was a great book for learning how to play the guitar. My daughter loved it.

  41. Tammy M

    Five Stars

    perfect beginner book!

  42. Anthony De Lucia Jr.

    Simply Excellent!

    I tried a few different guitar method books in teaching my son to play – everyone get you through the notes on the six strings and then dumps you in the middle of no-where.After a few false starts with other methods I found the Hal Leonard Guitar Method books and I absolutely love them. They are the best by far and we’ve been very please with them. I play a bit of guitar but never had formal instruction. These books served as my “lesson plans” for teaching my son and it works!We’ve gone through all three (Book 1, 2 & 3) and then started working with a few specialized/focused books (Blues guitar, Rock guitar, Guitar Theory, etc.). They all move at a good comfortable pace and leverage exercises that build and reinforce the concepts being taught.If you’re thinking about learning to play or teaching your children to play, this book is a great investment.

    17 people found this helpful

  43. RiseOne

    awesome in depth training

    just like my title says…if you are just starting out on guitar…go through books 1-3 its good help! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    One person found this helpful

  44. Kindle Customer

    Needs complete update

    There’s no question that you can learn to play guitar with this method, but you’re not likely to enjoy the songs. Polly Wolly Doodle, Sinner Man, Frere Jacques, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire, Kumbayah? I am 60 years old and these songs are too outdated and religious for me. I can’t imagine youngsters enjoying them.

  45. Jwclaw

    Big jump from kids book 2.

    I got this book because I thought the kids book 2 and book 1 over lapped too much. But once I got the book 2 I realized it was a huge jump and that book 1 was just right for the next book.

  46. Shawn Parker

    Hal Leonard is king

    Stick with a teacher, and make that teacher Hal Leonard

  47. Nane

    Great book

    Great book for those learning how to play…

    One person found this helpful

  48. margaret mary sutcliffe

    I also like the layout which somehow seems user friendly

    A bigger step up from Book 1 than I expected so it helped to have done Book 1 well without rushing it. Lots more new things to learn and still very varied and interesting. I also like the layout which somehow seems user friendly. These are very good tutor books, full of fun and not too easy.

    One person found this helpful

  49. Parminder S Singhera

    Three Stars


  50. Olivier Darveau

    Five Stars

    good book…

  51. bruce p farenwald

    Four Stars

    using the CD with Amazing Slowdowner makes the process very comfortable.

    One person found this helpful

  52. yihan yang

    Five Stars

    It’s good!

  53. L A Read


    Just what we needed to continue with our guitar lessons and tutorial at school. We recommend it for guitar students.

  54. granny pm

    Five Stars

    Son learned to play using this

  55. candidademo

    good book

    helpful & easy

  56. Daniel Lambertson

    Five Stars

    Good book

  57. Mitchell Green



  58. Sue Gates

    If you just learned how to read guitar notes,this book is perfect

    After i learned how to read notes,i was given the Complete Book (1-3) It takes you from notes to chords and everything in the middle. This is a treaure. I will Always refer back to it. The Big Red Book!!

  59. Celeste Martella

    Hal Leonard Guitar Book 2

    Took 18 days for company to send in-stock 47-page booklet. Company never responded to my email concern/request. Booklet was in excellent condition. . . just took too long to receive.

    One person found this helpful

  60. Guitar

    Five Stars

    Great book used Ha Leonard to teach guitar and love his step by step books.

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