GLEAM Guitar Stand – Adjustable Fit Electric, Classical Guitars and Bass, Guitar Accessories, Folding Guitar Stand (CG-4) Musical Instruments

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Fit Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass and 26 Inch Ukulele. EVA is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument to protect its finish. Made by strong iron and have different height adjustment. Lifetime warrenty and service. Notice: No not fit Jazz Bass and Jazz Guitar.

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GLEAM Music Stand

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GLEAM Guitar Stand

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GLEAM Microphone Stand

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GLEAM Guitar Bag

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GLEAM Other Accessories

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1.59 pounds

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17.72 x 13.78 x 27.56 inches




60131500 (Musical instrument parts and accessories)
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4.4 out of 5 stars

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#20 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #2 in Stands for Single Guitars & Basses

Date First Available

March 12, 2019



60 reviews for GLEAM Guitar Stand – Adjustable Fit Electric, Classical Guitars and Bass, Guitar Accessories, Folding Guitar Stand (CG-4) Musical Instruments

  1. Emeterio Rivas

    You get what you pay for

    First of all it does the job does hold a guitar 2nd of all it is very loose in general not very sturdy but if no one is touching it or anything like that itll do the job instructions kinda self explanatory but if your someone who cant follow instructions this is gonna be a deal breaker for you since the instructions kinda suck

  2. Matthew Hansen

    Just get the Rokit

    This is incredibly low quality. Get the Rok-it stand instead if it’s a stand for your space. Only adv of this one is that it collapses down a little more so might be better for gigs.

  3. Amazon Customer

    ok for the price

    works ok for the price, serves it’s purpose

  4. Ronald A. Green

    Decent for the price

    The past couple stands I’ve had broke down because of plastic parts which were critical to it’s purpose. No plastic on this guy, I suspect it will hold up well. No complaints so far! Based on what I know so far, I would recommend it.

  5. Kittie Peters

    Handy little guitar stand

    This stand is PERFECT for my Baby Taylor. I wanted an inexpensive stand to put by my family room chair to keep my guitar close by. It’s too light for stage use and I wouldn’t trust one of my expensive or heavier guitars on it, but for that little Taylor, it is perfect. Also a good deal at 16 bucks.

  6. Nightsedge

    Light, portable guitar stand – Beware the somewhat unstable ‘front’ legs and light build quality

    It’s a portable guitar stand.I purchased it to hold my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid in the corner of the living room, which it does just fine.It’s NOT thickly built or particularly rugged-feeling, but not exactly ‘cheap trash’ feeling either. I suspect that for most people, and most guitars, it’ll be fine.It IS highly portable and folds up nicely for transport, though again I don’t know how rugged it would be if folded hundreds of times.Lastly: The two front ‘legs’ are too short for serious stability, my guitar sits fine on the stand, but pulling the neck forward about 4-6″ will ‘tip’ the stand over forward.

  7. Crizette B. MiguelCrizette B. Miguel

    Just what I wanted

    Easy to assemble and the perfect stand to display my guitar.

    One person found this helpful

  8. Kyle

    Top part doesn’t lock into place properly

    Stand is portable, easy to assemble, and overall decent. The only issue I have is that the top part that’s used to hold the neck of the guitar locks in place through a small knob that when pushed in, allows the neck to be positioned upright. However, that knob doesn’t fit/line up with the hole in the top neck and therefore won’t lock in place. It’s an inconvenience but the stand works fine regardless of this issue

  9. Amazon Customer

    Great for the price

    This isn’t anything too fancy, but it does what it is supposed to do and is easy to put together.

  10. Sanya

    Very sleek and stylish guitar stand

    This is the exact guitar stand I wanted to get! Its sleek, stylish, assembly was easy, it looks minimal and holds the guitar from bottom as well as the fret board. Very convenient to take the guitar off and put it back. Get it!

  11. D. Chan

    Easy Great value

    Good value. Easy to assemble. Acoustic Guitar sits nicely on it.

  12. JAJA

    Lightweight, but does the job

    PRO: Used it for 5-string banjo. Fits nicely. CON: bottom cradle rotates unless stabilized (I used a rubber band).

  13. james gillies

    Guitar stand

    It holds my guitar

  14. Dale in Los Angeles

    OK for thin, light guitars

    This is OK for thin, light guitars. The construction quality isn’t great so I wouldn’t trust it with heavy or expensive instruments. It also won’t accomodate dreadnought-sized acoustics that are over 4.5″ thick at the bottom (and some are 5″ and up.)

  15. Miceland

    My stand guitar up . No play

    Me like guitar standMe take guitar and stand up

  16. Kenneth Bondurant

    It’s exactly what it is

    Not much to comment on. It is a simple guitar stand. Pretty standard. A classic design that does exactly what it says. I guess I’m writing a review just to let people know it’s not something that easily breaks just because you use it. I say get it… it’s fine.

    One person found this helpful

  17. Mrs. Meanie

    Very poor construction.

    The feet, the neck part, all feel sturdy-ish and this guitar stand was easy to put together, but the piece with the arms that holds the guitar bottom is so flimsy, it puts the whole thing off kilter. There is nothing that locks it in place and nothing that locks the arms open, so it is left to spin freely.I took it apart and returned it as soon as I realized that I could not easily load my guitar on and off. I have a fairly lightweight acoustic guitar, so weight is not a problem. maybe it would stand sturdier on a harder floor as opposed to carpet? But I don’t feel like that is the problem.I got a stand to safely store my acoustic guitar. I don’t have a problem learning an items quirks, but sometimes, my husband may have to move it all out of the way and I just want a stand that is heavy duty and ready to go, so neither of us accidentally damage anything involved.I understand that this is still cheap, even though I did not choose the cheapest option on purpose, imagining that the extra few dollars would make a difference in quality. Unfortunately, I don’t think it did.

  18. Rin

    Not the sturdiest design

    It does the job and holds up the electric guitar like it should. For the price point, it’s a good product. However, I had two minor complaints.The bi-bracket fit into the tripod, as shown in the instructional video. However, the insert from the bi-bracket made it difficult to rotate it 180 degrees and it took several frustrating tries to get it to work. Perhaps the product we got had a faulty design? I also thought that the end of the insert of the bi-bracket should have had some sort of cap, screw, or other mechanism to lock it into place and prevent it from slipping out of the tripod. Assuming you don’t move the stand, the weight of gravity will be sufficient to prevent accidental slippage of the bi-bracket from the tripod, but it still worries me a little.Additionally, one of the ends of the safety buckle fell off. It barely lasted a month and a half of daily, gentle use. It seems to be very thin, soft, and fragile. Using a glue gun might fix the problem but I wouldn’t be surprised if it falls off again. It would be great if the ends were made of a sturdier material.Overall, you get what you pay for. It does the job. If you plan on using this regularly, expect the safety buckle to break. Watch the instructional video for help on how to assemble the stand.

    2 people found this helpful

  19. BuckzBuckz

    Quality stand

    This guitar stand is my favorite guitar stand. I look forward to our future together. It’s so good I never want to take my guitar off of it. Highly recommend

    4 people found this helpful

  20. Joe

    It does the job… just barely

    This is a very lightweight and affordable stand. It’s not terrible but I wouldn’t buy one again. It’s too unstable for my liking compared to other affordable brands. The piece that holds the neck up can sometimes become easily dislodged and fall down after you remove a guitar from the stand. Not a big deal, you just have to remember to put it back up before stowing your guitar again. That’s not something one typically has to do with a guitar stand. Overall it gets the job done but I would spend a couple extra dollars and buy a more robust product.

  21. BlakeBlake

    Nice stand

    Good stand, sturdy and easy to put together, it’s my first stand so can’t really compare it to others

  22. Familia Zepeda Olalde

    It’s great

    Very good for its prize it goes its work. But very sensitive.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Cheap for cheap

    Nice and light, so definitely portable. Definitely on the cheap – The top is pretty “squirrelly”. I have a fairly heavy bass and it makes me a little nervous, so I’m getting a heaver-duty one for my mental health. OK for cheap, light guitars I suppose.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Decent enough stand for the price.

    Not all that sturdy but it gets the job done. What are you expecting for 15 bucks? If you’ve got a high dollar guitar don’t cheap out, buy a quality stand. This thing is perfect for cheap guitars or those gigs when your worried about stuff going missing.

  25. larry d McNeill

    Works great

    Works great for regular guitar but will not fit a v shaped guitar’s

  26. Amber


    Good quality. Great price!

  27. RandomUser


    A little flimsy when there’s no guitar on it, but works fine as a guitar stand

  28. Milo Bloom

    Looking for a really nice stand? Look elsewhere.

    The bottom portion of the stand folds up easily, just a little too easily. The way it connects to the main part of the stand doesn’t lock in any way so it spins in the hole easily causing the bottom portion to turn upside down which makes it fold up. If you just want something to cart around to shows and only get minimal real use it’s probably fine. If you’re looking for a really nice stand for home or studio, look elsewhere. Spend a little more if you have to. You’ll be glad you did.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Works great

    This works good not the sturdiness though.

  30. Bedo☔Bedo☔

    Fits my OUD!

    It is perfect for my Oud. I am in love it looks so pretty and it is sturdy. Great price also and fast delivery. It was hard looking for a stand that will fit my Oud but thanks for the person in the comments here who tried this for his Oud, that is how I knew this was the one yay thank you seller!

    2 people found this helpful

  31. Amazon Customer

    So far so good

    I’ve received the stand a few days ago and I’m pleased with it. I use it to store my electric guitar and it does that just fine. I’ll update my review in case anything changes. I think it’s priced right for what you get

  32. S. Moniz

    It works!

    For cheap money this stand works exactly as I needed it to. Sturdy enough to support my guitar without worrying it will fall over and padded to prevent damage. Plan to buy a couple more.

  33. Terrence Simpson

    Cheap, but works

    Not for shows? Wouldn’t travel well with other gear packed.Great for house, studio. Cheap enough for that, but again not for giging

  34. Bobby

    Well made

    Well made and sturdy for the price

  35. Rosa

    Es buen soporte para la guitarra de mi esposo .lev

    El soporte , era para la guitarra de mi esposo , así que si le gusto y quedó satisfecho.

  36. Angie Capps


    Fits my husbands guitar

  37. Review Guy

    How Does This Have So Many 5-Star Reviews??

    Seriously! This thing is flimsy and very cheaply put together. Granted it’s cheap, and it works great for a cheap kids’ guitar. But with this many stars I assumed it’d be a reliable, quality product, and it certainly is not! The bottom portion that holds the body of the guitar folds (probably to cut down on shipping costs), so when you unfold it to use it, it completely exposes the metal hinge. If you’re not careful it could seriously damage the bottom of your guitar. The top of the stand that supports the neck of the guitar also folds and unfolds. When it’s pinned in place it still is very loose, and it holds the support at a very odd upward angle. Overall though, it does hold a guitar. I would never trust this stand with a guitar I cared about though! You’ve been warned.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. Teagan

    It’s nice, but…

    This is good in a pinch. My issue lies with the bottom of the stand (*Not the base, but the piece that holds the body of your guitar). Unless I’m missing something, it really isn’t that sturdy. It will hold your guitar! The problem really only occurs when there is NO guitar on it. The piece folds in half, which is excellent for portability, but it doesn’t have any kind of locking mechanism. That being said, the attachment to the neck of the stand doesn’t prevent the piece from rotating, which means you’ll constantly have to spin it back right-side up before you can put your guitar back. It doesn’t bother me too much, just a bit of an obnoxious extra step. Overall, it’s fine for the money.

    8 people found this helpful

  39. S.Lee


    Nephew liked the portability of it for taking between his parents houses.

  40. Clifford L Ponder

    If you want something to hold your guitar

    Another product that does what you expect. My acoustic guitar sits nicely waiting and wondering when I will pick it up. The guitar seems very relaxed and comfortable. I was concerned the guitar might feel scared it could fall, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. I think that being relaxed has helped with its tone. Like all of us, if we aren’t relaxed we can have a harsh tone. Being relaxed yields a much more cheerful and gentle tone. I think the guitar is pleased.

    7 people found this helpful

  41. Nathan David Hughes


    I’ve had a couple stands like this and I don’t expect much but for it to hold my guitar. This is barely passable. I’m not worried about my guitar falling over but the stand is in no way sturdy. The top arm that supports the neck swivels from side to side. It’s not so bad that I want to go through the trouble to return it, but I definitely wouldn’t purchase again.

  42. Evelin Grillo RojasEvelin Grillo Rojas


  43. PT

    Neck holder fails; bottom support a nuisance

    Two issues: First, the neck holder–that ‘U’ holding the top in place–is supposed to swing up 90 degrees and snap into place, secured by a spring-loaded nub that locks in place through a small hole in the vertical support. Unfortunately the spring is far too weak, and so there is no pressure holding the nub in place. This causes the swingable neck to fall back to its closed position. The second problem is the bottom guitar support. This also folds, sort of like butterfly wings–it is designed to be unfolded and held open by the weight/bulk of the guitar. The problem comes when you remove the guitar, and that weight/bulk is gone. At that point the bottom support folds back onto itself, and spins over 180 degrees so that the inside of the fold is facing 180 degrees from where it should. For this reason you cannot just simply place your guitar back onto the stand. Instead, you have to flip the bottom support over, unfold it, hold it open/unfolded with one hand, and put your guitar back onto the support with the other. It’s a bad design (I bought more than one of these; this literally is not a one-off).

  44. BobcatFan

    Fairly stable

    Works well for basic use. I will say it’s fairly stationary, I’m not taking it apart and transporting, but works well for my use.

  45. Skyent

    Better than others

    I really like these stands. I have 5 guitars (3 electrics and 2 acoustics) and the 2 acoustics I use these stands because they have a better fit for the larger guitars, especially the 12 string. The other stands I got at a local guitar store and they are much cheaper and not as sturdy feeling. These are great stands. As I get more guitars, I will buy more of these stands.

  46. Shadow eX

    Worked well

    Holds my guitar up for display and easy access. The rubber loop to keep the guitar in place doesn’t easily latch and unlatch so I just don’t use it.

  47. Amazon Customer

    I just got it and like it, but…

    It does not feel very sturdy. However, that being said, I’m not jacking up my car with it. It holds my bass well. It is very portable. It is stable, just don’t bump it hard.

  48. Daniel Perez

    Flimsy but

    It’s a good guitar stand for the price but definitely would not trust an expensive instrument on it due to flimsiness of the overall product.

  49. Juanita

    Trouble with lining up holes to connect parts

    Holes didn’t line up to put top rest on stand.

  50. Chauncey

    Will not work with a ukulele but great with most other guitars

    It holds up the guitar. If you need more details please just ask.

  51. egghead

    Okay for home but not stage

    It’s fine for home use but not heavy or sturdy enough for the stage. You also need to tape down the neck support with duct tape to make it a little more stable.Good value for money and would buy again. (I have 2 already)

  52. Liane Swisher

    It holds the guitar, but too light for my preference

    It is an overall good product. It does hold the guitar in place and I like the thing that makes sure the guitar doesn’t go off it. I just don’t like how light it is, but that’s just me.

  53. Al

    Good for very light guitars.

    I use is for my lightest bass, 6.5 lbs. If you have a 8+ lb guitar, pick something more stable.This one folds up for easy transport, that’s its redeeming quality.

  54. Raymond E. Hausele, Jr.

    good product for the price.

    Good prodfuct for the price.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Alan Watson

    Decent quality stand for the money

    I like the light weight and portability of this stand. I tried it with acoustic and electric guitars and it was fairly stable with those instruments. I tried it with a banjo and it didn’t seem quite as stable. Overall the quality was good for the money.

  56. George Hubenko



  57. CraftyCollins

    Does what it needs to do

    Holds the guitar just right

  58. jared

    Good Stand but was shipped in flimsy original manufacturer’s box and NOT Amazon’s packaging.

    Guitar stand is fine… don’t listen to negative reviews, it works on all of my guitars perfectly. Some people are just remedial and don’t understand how to properly follow directions… either that or they got a lemon. You can return defective products but you can’t return stupidity.Anyway, didn’t come in Amazon box and is clearly marked as a, “Prime” product. Came in original manufacturer packaging and that flimsy box was shredded. -1 star for lazy employees. Luckily, the stand wasn’t blemished or broken.

  59. Shawn Metz

    feels cheap

    feels cheap … so much so i had to buy another stand

  60. Trevor Goodchild

    Could be sturdier

    Could be sturdier works as described. Good for money spent

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