Easy Songs For Ukulele Supplementary Songbook

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Hal Leonard (September 1, 2008)

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48 pages

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60 reviews for Easy Songs For Ukulele Supplementary Songbook

  1. Brent David

    Concise yet easy to read and understand

    This is the perfect book for those who want to do more than just play chords.

  2. Harpo

    Good for new ones or more advanced

    Easy to play notes and chords good for newer one like me.

  3. Bag Lady

    Easy for absolute beginners

    I have been playing the ukulele for 3 weeks and having never played any musical instrument before in my life – I believe that makes me an absolute beginner. I love how easy it was to start playing the songs in this book. Made me feel like I could actually play something that was more advanced than children’s nursery rhymes. The tabs are a lifesaver and help me out enormously as I struggle to read musical notes. Definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants to expand their repertoire as they learn.

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  4. Mary Anne

    Uke book, for the uke… with fun songs

    All the songs in this book fit the uke with its standard tuning of GCEA (high G). Some of the other books I looked at seem to have just taken guitar melodies and then put UKE chords on top, but the melodies then fell off the range of the instrument you have so are unplayable. Not so with this one. Every note is playable on the uke (tabs are provided) and all the lyrics are given. I never saw some of these verses before (btw, turns out that Tom Dooley guy was a jerk after all). This is a great book for sing alongs. Lots of fun tunes: “I walk the line”, “house of the rising sun”, “all my loving”.

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  5. AJM

    Fun song book

    I’m a beginner ukulele player and I’m enjoying this book. The songs are fairly easy to play. The book has both notes and tabs which is convenient.

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  6. Texas Lone Star

    A great start for new uke players, even better for experienced stringed instrument players.

    for an inexpensive beginner uke book, it’s great. There are some really good songs in here and the chord guides through each song and tablature for note playing comes quick, especially if you’ve toyed with guitar for some considerable time. You’ll be playing the uke immediately. A few songs by the Beatles and Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and more. The tablature helps you get the tune if you’re not familiar with a song.

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  7. annabyrd

    Easy ukulele book

    Great beginner’s ukulele song book. Nice large notes and writing.

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  8. Kokitty

    Nice book.

    Great for beginners!

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  9. Jim Hickey

    Good but not for everyone.

    The Bad: I am a music instructor and try and avoid using TAB with beginners. I try and get them to use the black dots…so, as this book contains TAB I would only use it with experienced students or adults who want to work on melody. Thus, the 3 star rating because I can’t use it for everybody I teach.The Good: The songs are cool! It is a good supplement to the Ukulele Book 1 so if you are purchasing that book, this is a good add on to your purchase. If you are a TAB reader, it is fine.

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  10. Yana Marshall

    This is just right

    I am a beginner, and this book is just perfect to carry around with me and practice. I don’t have to worry about charging up my laptop to find ukelele chord music to play outside or in my car or whatever. The only problem is that I have to stop to turn the pages. I don’t have to do that with my laptop. But I like the freedom and light weight of a book. The songs are classic in this book, and great to learn.

  11. Pami K

    good book

    I have the method 1 book and want to continue. Method 1 made it very easy to learn notes and chords

  12. Giovanni Bello


    This product it is really helpful, for a beginner UKU player, i really recommend it.I start using it, and is easy, since i got it, i play and play my UKU

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  13. Gina

    familiar songs. simple to learn.

    bought the easy songs and the method books 1 and 2. easy to follow and learn. familiar songs. great price.

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  14. LKB77soldierswife

    I feel it’s a useless book for someone learning tab

    I play several instruments, but have never learned a string instrument before, so I decided to start learning the ukulele. The book starts by defining very simple music terms which I found silly (like “verse” and “chorus”), But it gives absolutely NO explanation of how to play the tablature. I have no clue what all the numbers on the four lines listed as TAB even mean. I wish it gave SOME kind of explanation of how it all worked. I feel it’s a useless book for someone learning tab.

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  15. E. Moyer

    A Great Way to Start!

    I bought this songbook for my beginning Ukulele students. I love the tabulature in addition to the notes. It’s a perfect way to learn the fingerings while learning to read the music, words, & chords. The songs are all familiar. I think it is a good supplement to any instruction books.

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  16. La

    Worth picking up

    If you are a beginner, this is really worth picking up. Lots of great songs, like “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry,” (Come back, Hank Williams…)

  17. Harry

    Four Stars

    My daughter says it could benefit from some more contemporary selections.

  18. Daniel Hixon

    Enjoying This Book

    I don’t love every song in this book but I do like most of them. The chords are mostly easy and great for establishing a foundation. This book and the 

    Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele

     were a gift for my wife last month and she sounds great playing the songs.

  19. Ed The Techy

    Great beginners guild for learning the ukulele and playing songs

    Great beginners guild for learning the ukulele and playing songs. Simple and easy to follow. Don’t give up and you will be able to play fairly quickly. Very fun instrument.

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  20. John Davis

    Four Stars

    Good song book for Uke

  21. Josy

    Don’t get this on your kindle.

    I’m a beginner uke player. Some of these songs are easy for me, but others provide a good stretch. However the kindle format means you have to turn pages to play the entire piece. You can make the image larger, but that cuts off part of the page. I suggest buying the book. I do love the Hal Leonard Fast Track books for uke and harmonica. I’m going to order this one in paper.

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  22. olharv

    A good basic book for beginners

    wide song selection. easy to see cheats, Print is very dark and high contrast – you can see all the notes even if slightly buzzed on mai tais. Not all the tunes are going to be your faves but you will probably like half of them. Not bad for a book with twenty songs. With the notation, I expect that this book would be very good for duets, one fingerpicking and one strumming.

  23. M. Sean Cary

    Great for Beginner Uke Players

    My daughter loves it and has now learned most of the songs.

  24. sshomekid

    Ukulele book

    I bought a ukulele for my grand-daughter. I grew up with the guitar, I don’t know how to play the ukulele, this books has the fingering charts, however, I’m not sure what sounds are correct…so, the book is great, but the player (me), I still don’t know what I’m doing.

  25. J. Milligan

    Just OK

    This book is definitely for a beginner. You can actually get most of this type material for free on the Internet if you will just do a little searching. But the book does serve its purpose and it is a good purchase if you would rather have a book than trying to find some similar material on the Internet. It also makes a nice gift if someone is receiving a ukulele for the first time.

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  26. Steve Vrana

    The Internet Really Makes This Obsolete

    When I bought my first ukulele two years ago, I purchased this songbook. What a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the songs. Each title includes sheet music for piano with easy to read ukulele chord diagrams. And the most difficult chord in any of the songs is a B flat–and that isn’t that tough to master. You also get complete lyrics.So what’s the problem? There are only twenty songs, and not a lot of variety: five Beatles songs, two songs each from Elvis, Woody Guthrie, and Hank Williams. Truth to tell, I haven’t opened this songbook since the day it arrived. There are numerous websites where you can print practically any song you want. Why would you spend good money on this? And this songbook says nothing about strum patterns. Overall, it’s just not very helpful. It was a rookie mistake on my part. I wish I had my money back.

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  27. D

    Easy read and to learn the songs

    Such a easy to read and learn uke book. I love that’s it tabs. I don’t play often so not good at uke or guitar but this is a book I can play the songs and pick up no matter how long it’s been since playing

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  28. Ronald K. Ridley

    Easy pop tone for uke

    Pro – I like the strings with the number of the fret on it as well as the chord bars shown for the songs with the words.Con – It could tell you when to play the chords and with what strumming pattern as well as when the picking comes back on. This could be used as a duet with one person strumming the chords while the other person does the picking.

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  29. Customer

    I love that this has the tabs

    I love that this has the tabs. It makes it easy for almost anyone to pick up and play. The songs are great, a nice variety of genres.

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  30. Steve Foreaker

    Ladies and Germs, I present….

    Good book. Songs are easy and fun. Hell, if I could play everyone of these songs well, I’d be a hit at any party.

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  31. Dennis Lopez

    Not much Popular Songs

    I was expecting popular songs – old and new, but it is the kind of a song book that is nice to have but will be not be in use. I wish for song books like this, there is a way to view the lists of songs.

  32. ShannyBanany

    Loving the Hal Leonard series!

    We had such great luck with Book 1, we ordered Book 2 and lessons are coming along wonderfully. I also ordered Easy Songs for Ukulele Supplementary Songbook, which my 11 yo daughter LOVES. These books were recommended by her instructor – highly reecommend!

  33. Pandora Logsdon

    Four Stars

    Everything we need to learn simple Ukulele and have fun.

  34. Hisako

    Purchased for Self

    I did not recognize too many of the songs, and there was not very much variation to the music being played. I recommend using online music/chords/tabs if you want more popular, up-to-date music, or even easy songs like these in the book

  35. Joann W. Layton

    It wasn’t what I was looking for.

    The book is probably a good book but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for the old folk songs I learned to play on the ukelele on but the songs in this book were too modern for me.

  36. Karen C.

    Four Stars

    Still learning to play.

  37. El Kabong

    Good book but not for me (yet)

    I bought this thinking I can start learning my daugther’s ukulele that she no longer wants. Boy was I wrong ! This book is great, in my opinion once I find the Ukulele for Dummies or Ukulele 101 book.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Myrna

    Love this book

    The little diagrams with the dots above where you change cords is just what I was looking for. You don’t have to memorizethe D cord, or the C cord, etc. Much easier to play songs without much memorizing.

  39. dan

    decent songs

    has couple of cool songs in here, tells you chords, not that great of a selection though, but im happy.

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  40. Kindle Customer

    Good book

    Good book. It has good songs, but I wish it had more classic songs.It also makes u rate the book and you can’t get out of it so I’m giving it a lower score.

  41. Julie

    very good

    Great songs, but there are easier versions out there. I am a very new beginner and found some of the cords difficult but all in all this is a great book of songs

  42. alliecat


    This is the best book for beginners! It has tabs too. It’s got the song “walk the line” and “your cheating heart”

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  43. A. Mary Mc Evoy

    A beginners delight

    This is a very useful book for the beginner.It is written very well with this in mind.I recommend it highly.It arrived in very good time,packed to perfection,and in first class condition

    One person found this helpful

  44. leadguitar126

    useful for uke players

    I enjoy trying popular songs on the ukulele. Especially when the chord diagrams make it easy to figure out how to play the chords on the uke! More like this.. please!

  45. Kindle Customer

    Good Beginning Songbook

    This book has a lot of good eawsy songs for the beginning player. It should be used witth the Hal Leonard Ukulele Method, Book 1 to teach students, or yourself, to read notes (or tabs) which ultimately will lead to a better more advanced uke player. The songs can also be played just with chords.

    2 people found this helpful

  46. LookInto’s Matt

    The book is okay but the song aren’t all that great

    I just wanted to learn to play the Ukulele for fun and bought this in addition to the Uke which came with it’s own book and DVD. This book is okay but the songs are more on the lame side. It was cheap enough but I don’t think I’d buy it again knowing what I know now.

  47. Eric

    Starter book

    This song book is a little thin on music and chord charts, it was a good starting point for me but i needed several other books to really get enjoyment out of this purchase.

  48. Lucie

    Easy to follow

    This is a great songbook for ukulele beginner; with the pictures of the chords right above the text / notations and the selection of the songs almost “guaranteed you will know”, as a complete beginner I had a blast trying them all on the 1st day I picked a ukulele into my hand

  49. Ginny Straub

    ukelele song book

    I was disappointed that the book was more suited for adults than an 8 yr old child who was beginning to play. The instructions were good, but I did not think I could give it to him b/c of the song selections. Age appropriateness would be good to lidt with this item. Thank you.

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  50. Debbie

    Easy Songs for Ukulele

    Came on time and in great shape. Haven’t had a chance to play any of the songs, but looks like great songs. Thank You

  51. Brandon W.

    Great for learning!

    This was great! Everything I expected. Made a perfect gift for my wife who is learning how to play. It was fun for me too and I already play.

  52. Nicky Burns

    Good songs

    Like the songs good for a beginner like me~

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  53. Daniel

    Perfect for beginners

    Ecellent and easy to follow.

  54. Wayne

    great book

    I purchased this book in hopes it would help me learn to play the ukulele. There are a lot of great songs in this book. Now I just have to learn to read and play them.

  55. Pascal J. Benvenuti

    Songs that are fun to Play !!!

    Great little book that is loaded with songs that are fun to play on my Ukulele.

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  56. T. P. Stropes

    Great for the Novice..

    This is a nice book to have for your first song book. Call me old fashion but I like a songbook instead of having to hunt songs on the internet. For the money its a good deal.

  57. Kim


    Nice, simple, with the chords, tabs, and lyrics. Don’t like that you have to stop and turn pages. They could have avoided this easily and included more CURRENT songs. Other than that, it’s okay.

  58. Vicki

    Four Stars


  59. pete519

    Four Stars

    Good basics for Uke

  60. Bonny K.

    Very Cheaply made but works

    I have to leave the back stand out all the time, because it is made so cheaply, however IT DOES WORK, just don’t open and close it to many times.

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