Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand

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Classic keyboard and piano stand with a single-X-shaped design for stability Adjustable-height options include 39 inches, 37 inches, 33.8 inches, 30.3 inches, and 25.6 inches Made of durable steel and PVC materials (with a plastic PP bottom) for long-lasting strength Sleek black color for a stylish appearance and easy coordinating with other equipment Measures 16.1 by 17.7 by 37 inches; weighs 6.6 pounds;

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6.61 pounds

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16.14 x 17.72 x 37.01 inches

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43210000 (Computer Equipment and Accessories)
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4.6 out of 5 stars

3,491 ratings
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4.6 out of 5 stars

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#274 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #5 in Keyboard Stands

Date First Available

September 25, 2019

60 reviews for Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand

  1. Singing Otter

    True to description

    Probably could have done with a single but for heavy keys this one’s alright.

  2. Grant

    Good for the Price

    I have a small 49 key keyboard and this is perfect for it. There is a bit of wobble if the legs are tightened all the way due to minor imperfections but went away when loosened ever so slightly. It is a little taller than some may like but overall a good stand for the money.

  3. Jessica Bollinger

    Works great!

    Use my piano quite often. Bought this for my Casio and it works great. Doesn’t fit perfectly but i like being able to slide it closer or further away while I play to keep me comfortable.

    2 people found this helpful

  4. Nithin Thomas

    High quality for a low price

    Most similar products are 3-4x the price. This is a steal at the price.

    One person found this helpful

  5. Ted Wynn

    You won’t be disappointed

    This is a great product. Bought it to support my new piano keyboard. It is well designed and strong. Easy adjustment with several detents for exactly the height you need.I am very happy with my choice of this product and you will be too.

    3 people found this helpful

  6. Andrew Wilkes

    A little misleading selling these with the X shape stands

    This is a functional and sturdy stand, but if you need an adjustable one, do not get the Z shape. I assumed because the Z shape was was offered as a variation on the 2 adjustable X stands, that would mean it too was adjustable. It is not and I already have a pretty tall keyboard. My fault ultimately, its still functional, just a little annoying. I have to sit pretty high to play comfortably.

  7. Amazon Customer

    What I neeeded

    Is perfect for what I needed. It is made od welded box beam and is well designed for what it is. Its pres and cons are basically the same because of its heavy construction it is sturdy and stable and doesn’t fold for transporting. It is capable of holding and of me keyboards I put on it even when my cat climbs on it. I got t to keep it set up with my keyboard on and don’t have any worries. It replaces my X frame stand because of its sturdiness but I use the X frame when traveling because it folds up and is easier to carry. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a sturdy stand that is not needed for frequent transport from one place to another. Would definitely buy again.

  8. Katie Did

    Easy to assemble and adjusts easily.

    My 12 year old grandson assembled the stand and set up the keyboard! It was easy to assemble and seems very stable!

    One person found this helpful

  9. Kevin J.

    27″ High Z-Stand Too Tall For Most Digital Pianos

    This is a really solid and easy & quick to assemble stand that was perfect for my synthesizer. But be warned if you’re buying this for a digital piano the keys will most likely be too high for the 28.5″ floor-to-keyboard standard seating position. Otherwise a great stand that I’ll keep around due to its ease of assembly and sturdiness.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Jay

    Not adjustable but good.

    I was reading reviews claiming it to be adjustable, but it’s a fixed height. Not terribly high, but higher than my office chair so it looks like, ill have to find a proper seating. Took 2 mins to set up, out of the box. Nice and sturdy, but the height is kind of annoying.

  11. RY



  12. Steven Smith

    No assembly required!

    I pulled this out of the box fully assembled! Very sturdy. Could use better way to make adjustments for uneven floor but it’s just like a rickety table at a restaurant; Shove something under one leg and done!

    One person found this helpful

  13. Chris Espinoza

    I use this for my rane one dj controller

    I absolutely love this thing. Holds my rane one no problem with an odyssey case. Awesome. And way less $$$ than a main stream stand.



    The specs say this stand can hold over 100 lbs. A good sturdy keyboard stand needs to hold over 45.This is the most satisfying stand I’ve ever had for easy of assembly, sturdiness and because the design leaves ample room for my knees, legs and damper pedals.I fortunately like the height, which is 21 inches. I place my heavy keyboard on it and my lighter keyboard goes on a more versatile, higher stand in front of it.This stand also was deemed to NOT accommodate an additional attached rack stand.But I do love the ease and sturdiness.

    One person found this helpful

  15. StephanieStephanie

    Easy to assemble, sturdy, roomy

  16. Kaizoku!

    Sturdy enough for a Korg B2, 88 key

    I wanted a good stand for a nice keyboard that would stand up to some use by an 8 and 5 year old.It had to be sturdy, stable and strong enough to hold up a Korg B2 and so far, so good!It’s easy to set up (just make sure the wider legs are on the bottom) even though my package was damaged and I had to put the end caps back on.The ratcheting/locking handle seems very secure and I’m confident (especially since you can also velcro the handle in the locked position) that it’s going to stay in the position that I set it in.

    One person found this helpful

  17. JW

    Easy setup with adjustable height

    Functionally, it provided the proper support I need for the portable keyboard. It is easy to setup and the adjustable height is good. The only thing that it can improve is that the non slip grip that the keyboard sits on actually slips quite easily and needs to be adjusted to ensure that the support for the keyboard is sturdy.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Jacqueline Hanna

    It broke my finger

    This is a great piano stand but I don’t like how you adjust the height. I was adjusting it yesterday for my nephew to play on and the whole thing collapsed and locked closed onto my finger and broke it. So now I have a broken finger and I can’t play using the stand I bought. Just be careful when adjusting the height and know it’s going to try and close downward.

    One person found this helpful

  19. DanielDaniel

    Pretty big. Solid.

    The stand itself is pretty good. It’s not adjustable, so you better like it’s default height.It’s very stable, but at 20 inches it’s way too deep for my 10 inch keyboard.

    2 people found this helpful

  20. Amazon Customer


    Great product and priced well. Had to return this due to needed adjustable height to accommodate my height needs. Otherwise great product.

  21. CDW

    Its missing 2 protective plugs that covers the ends. Don’t have time to replace them or send back

    Using to hold my keyboard to play for a service. Missing parts make it look a little rough.

    One person found this helpful

  22. customer in WI

    Great Stand

    Product is easy to use and set up, velcro does get caught in clothing, so make sure to put that side away from the side you’re sitting at.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Didnt come with screws

    Pretty annoying. It’s useless without screws. Doesn’t use normal screws you would have around the house either. Ordered a replacement and it also didn’t have screws. Would not order again.

  24. Louis W TurnerLouis W Turner

    Great for DJ gear as well!!

    I had been using a folding plastic table for my DJ gear for years now. I wanted something a bit more lightweight, easier to carry, and more stable. I thought to myself, “Why not try a keyboard stand?” I have a full flight case with a pioneer DDJ-1000 and a very heavy Alienware 15 R3 laptop sitting on it. I haven’t used a keyboard on a stand in 20 years, so I have no concept of how sturdy they are. I went ahead and bought this stand after racking my brain reading very concerning reviews on many stands.I set it up and did a live set for about 3 hours. I am extremely happy with the stand!!Not only is this stand sturdy, it feels very well constructed. The rubber grips the floor and the flight case so well that I pretty much must lift components to move anything. The handle for adjustment comes with velcro wraps to keep it locked down. However, I don’t think you’ll need them. A fair amount of force is required to lock that latch. That is very reassuring. I honestly have no complaints and I believe my flight case could weigh 3x as much as it does and this stand would be fine.All this said, I’m sure this stand will not perform as well on uneven ground and may even be a bit wobbly on carpet. But, on the composite flooring I have, it works perfectly.

    2 people found this helpful

  25. Mariya


    Overall it is a nice and sturdy stand. The reason I took off one star is because it’s not adjustable at all. After reading the reviews and questions it seemed that the height of the stand is adjustable, it’s not. Good thing we have a taller piano chair that my kids can use to play comfortably and rest their feet on the bar, otherwise we would have to return it.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Lang

    It’s not shaking at all with my roland e-piano

    It works perfect with my roland fp30x, it’s very stable. nice to have it!

  27. Bee

    Missing parts

    The stand didn’t come with the bolts to connect the pieces. Not sure what I am supposed to do with it now or if amazon can send me the bolts?? Other than that the pieces seem sturdy and i am gonna try and find the bolts somewhere else.EDIT: I ended up finding the bolts! They are already screwed into the stand, which I didn’t expect or could see. Which definitely made it difficult but they should hopefully be in the stand

    One person found this helpful

  28. Francisco Vallenilla


    Great product. Easy to assemble. Steady.

  29. Carter


    Perfect for what I needed it for

    One person found this helpful

  30. NYC Gal Out☆NYC Gal Out☆


    Easy to use, no tools requires. You basically just open it up and then lock it in place by pushing a plastic lever. Doesn’t take up a lot of room. Seems sturdy enough… isn’t the most visually appealing though. Height is adjustable based on how wide you want the bars extended. The wider it is, the lower it is, and vice versa.

  31. Jammarrae Summerour

    Very Good Stand

    The stand works great for my son’s pianos. I would love the grip to be on long to cover the full length of the side base of the stand where the piano would be placed.

  32. 🍎


    No tools needed.Easy to set up. Sturdy around. The height is what it is and so is the width. It doesn’t expand further.

    One person found this helpful

  33. DoctorByDayDoctorByDay

    Sturdy and easy to adjust

    Great piano stand! I researched stands and ended up with this one. It arrived today so I haven’t had it long, but I’m very happy with it so far. It’s easy to adjust and I like the velcro strap to ensure the lever stays in. I don’t understand why it’s so wide, though.

    2 people found this helpful

  34. Nettie

    Great stand!

    I Bought it for my husband, as he’s beginning to learn how to play piano. He needed a piano stand and I saw this one. This is a great stand! Sturdy, easy to assemble and relocate if needed.

  35. Andrew M Crete

    You had two jobs: holy keyboard and don’t wobble. You hold the keyboard

    Was really hoping this was gonna be sturdy. The BUILD of it is sturdy, but when it’s expanded/deployed it still wobbles quite a lot. Lame.

  36. Kat

    Good stand for keyboard

    The stand is perfect for my 61 key piano. The assembly was a breeze. Only needs to screw in a couple of things with the provided tool. It’s sturdy and ajustable. Perfect for the price.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Does the job

    I bought this for my daughters keyboard, it does a good job and stays in place however it would be nice if there was a way to tighten the keyboard to the stand so that I don’t have to worry about her knocking it off accident.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Debbie

    grateful it held up my heavy roland concert piano

    just didn’t know if it would be sturdy enough for such a heavy keyboard about (40) lbs?

  39. kindjal

    Works perfect with Alesis recital grand

    This stand is quite sturdy that holds my Alesis Recital Grand keyboard well.

  40. rachel tang

    Good product

    It has the best quality and steadiness. But unfortunately the height is not adjustable. And it’s too tall for my need. Have to return it tho.

  41. Stefanee

    Solid but tall!

    This is a great stand! It’s solid! I have a Kawai VPC1 88 key keyboard. It fits beautifully and doesn’t move around or feel like it will fall. My only issue is the height. Once you add the keyboard it’s awkwardly tall. We’ve had to find an adjustable height stool to make it better and that changes your posture and how your feet reach your pedals. Aside from that it really is great and not enough of an issue for us to have to return it.

    4 people found this helpful

  42. leprkan

    Good stand with a slight wobble – which goes away on carpet

    I currently use this to hold up my Native Instruments Komplete Control A61 keyboard controller. I don’t play professionally, I am still only learning, and mostly use it to play with sound clips when I’m putting together music with my Maschine MK3. If I setup on a hard floor, the wobble is prominent and is a little annoying. This stays in my carpeted office 99% of the time, so I don’t even notice it. I recommend it if you’re just looking for something cheap to hold up your keyboard (or ironing board, or whatever). If you want quality, I recommend spending the extra money for a professional grade.

    One person found this helpful

  43. My


    The stand is nice and sturdy but it’s prop big for my husbands 61 key keyboard. I was trying to surprise him since he’s been wanting a stand for his keyboard but it is kind of big (width wise) like a good 4 inches or so. I don’t know anything about keyboards or stand but He’s ok with it. For anyone looking to buy a keyboard stand please check out the dimensions and purchase accordingly. Lesson learned

  44. PJG

    Flimsy stand for a DJ Case & Controller

    Did a test with this stand with my DJ Controller and Case and did a session with it. After using it for a few minutes I noticed how bad it was shaking and swaying. I was thinking it was the position of the case, but it wasn’t. After looking at where it was swaying, it seems to sway due the second bar bolt mechanism that uses a spring to hold it in place. The second bar isn’t strong enough like the other with the locking latch. I wished it worked but doesn’t work for my purpose. Hope this helps others who consider using it for DJing.

  45. Bizzburple

    Good stand, could use a couple of tweaks

    Great keyboard stand. It’s extremely easy to adjust, and I love that the locking mechanism is metal, not plastic. The top and bottom prongs are the same length and look identical so I suppose it could be used either way. But it would be nice to have a little more travel for the rubber pads. at its shortest distance, its barely narrow enough for the keyboard to sit on it. It would be nice to have some sort of attachment feature to ensure the keyboard does not slide off.

    9 people found this helpful

  46. Jason N

    Solid stand

    Been sturdy for the past year I’ve had it

  47. Gabriel Holbrook

    Solid stand for the money.

    Stand was strong and supported a small 61 note piano. Good adjustability for height. The only problem was that the bottom “feet” were a bit warped and so the stand is somewhat rocky on the floor. Not the biggest deal, as you can correct it with a beer mat.

  48. Gabriella Campbell

    A great stand.

    I got this for my 8i key digital piano. I do not trust a single x stand because of the weight of my instrument. The stand is sturdy and solid, no shaking. It is comes set up. All you have to do is adjust it to your preferred height setting and you are good to go! I am satisfied!

  49. E.A. Robinson

    usually don’t think of Amazon Basics as pro gear.. until now.

    This stand is everything you need at a great price. I was very surprised to see how sturdy it is. I have a heavy PC88 weighted keyed piano on it and I could literally put four of them on it and it would not have a problem. Doesn’t move at all when I play. Just very happy with this purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  50. jro806

    Good stand, warning for parents.

    This is a very sturdy and well- made keyboard stand. A word of warning, however for parents of curious children: the lever that adjusts the height does not lock. Yesterday, my 6-yr-old pulled on the lever, causing the stand to come crashing down, keyboard with it, catching his arm in between the bars. We thought, at first, that his arm was broken, but thankfully it is not. Good stand, just be careful!

    88 people found this helpful

  51. Roxanne

    Not a sitting stand

    I was confused by the product description. The graphic shows a person standing beside the assembled stand, but that person must be over 8′ tall. The height in inches is accurate, but the graphic and the printed description “designed to be used while sitting” was misleading. The quality was excellent, it was easy to assemble and very sturdy, but it is much too high to be a sitting stand, unless the musician is sitting on a barstool-height chair. Had to return it.

    3 people found this helpful

  52. JJ

    Good product

    It’s easy to assemble, at first I thought it didn’t come with the screws but they were already in their hole, I just had to take them out.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Robert Bowman

    Nice item

    Easy to assemble and the perfect item I needed for my keyboard

    One person found this helpful

  54. Adam S.Adam S.

    Gets the job donw

    My Yamaha keyboard is nearly 60 lbs and close to as old, and I needed a replacement after misplacing the original wooden stand. I needed something sturdy and safe up to this high weight limit. This product meets my needs. The locking mechanism appears nearly immune to mechanical failure, so I don’t worry about it coming down. I do get a lot of shaking when playing loudly in the upper and lower registers. Easy to bump my knees against the stand as well. But overall, I am pleased with my purchase. I bet for a lighter keyboard it would be a perfect pick.

    13 people found this helpful

  55. Aubrene E Knott

    Great product for the price

    Very happy with this purchase fits our Donner keyboard well without any issues. No wobbling or safety concerns so far!

    One person found this helpful

  56. Birmingham, Alabama

    Decent item! Works ok! I will key it and be happy

    The product is a good item. You will not be able to bang on the keyboard with this stand, take it easy. This is a good item

    One person found this helpful

  57. mandi blais

    Does Exactly What It Is Supposed to Do

    Very sturdy, simple to assemble. I have a Korg MS 20 mini on it right now. I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but it looks like it will hold up well.

  58. Owl

    It looks nice but is a bit too tall

    It’s non adjustable and a bit too tall. It does look nice. It doesn’t fold. It felt sturdy. The top pieces are too long, so it wastes space. Mine had 3 of the 4 pads put on the top and bottom put on crooked. One actually had a sticky part sticking out. The amason basics sticker looked removable. I returned it for being too tall and the amount of space it takes up. It will probably work well for taller people.

  59. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy for heavy digital piano

    Sturdy for heavy digital piano. My only gripes are two. First, as one might expect, there is no legroom with these “X”-type stands. I have to position my piano at the front edge of the stand just to be able to sit close enough to play comfortably without having my knees against the X parts. Second, there is no rubber padding in the middle of the keyboard supports to keep your keyboard from sliding around the top of the stand. There are rubber parts towards the outer ends of these supports, so your keyboard is not likely to slide *off* the stand, but I wish the manufacturer would include grippy rubber parts in the middle of these supports, between the double-X members, to keep shallower keyboards in place.

    6 people found this helpful

  60. Juanita Acosta

    Buen stand para piano

    Personalmente siempee busco un stand que sea ajustable para cualquier altura asi que este cumple con esa cualidad. Es fuerte y soporta mi piano yamaha p45. Lo que no me gustó fue que en la caja que vino, estaba en pobres condiciones. Por todo lo demás, el equipo funciona de maravilla

    One person found this helpful

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