Alfred’s Drum Method, Bk 1

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Alfred Music; 0 edition (July 1, 1987)

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80 pages

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9.6 ounces

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8.75 x 0.25 x 11.5 inches


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60 reviews for Alfred’s Drum Method, Bk 1

  1. Amazon Customer

    Like it


  2. M. Sabo

    Five Stars

    drum teacher recommended the book. very prompt delivery. good product.

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  3. Sally jenkins

    Four Stars

    great beginner book! wish it showed rudiments though

  4. Marly


    The book was good. Although, there were a couple of symbols that were not explained. That could have been done better.

  5. Mom of 2

    Great book for begining band

    This was the exact book my son needed for begining band. My son says it is easy to follow and is happy playing the drums so I am happy too.

    One person found this helpful

  6. NK Pati

    great book

    Great book but the book came without the CD

  7. Melissa Cruz


    👍 nice

  8. Delos D. Harriman

    Go-To Primer for Percussion Students and Drum Corps Members

    This is THE go-to entry-level instruction method for students learning the drums. Thinking of joining a drum line? Here is your textbook.

    2 people found this helpful

  9. Beth spoor

    Five Stars

    This is a great book for my 13yr old to help him practice.

  10. BossLady

    Two Thumbs up!

    This was a requirement for my son’s private lessons. He seems to love it.

  11. Amazon Customer

    great for refresher and beginner

    this book is perfect. shows you everything you need to know,from what each drum is, cymbals, why & where, proper way to hold sticks, and wonderful training techniques and practices. I also pull it up on YouTube and play them as well. I also got the drum set method. I recommend it really to all drummers.

  12. Stan W. Vangilder


    I know everyone says you should start here when learning to play drums. I’m not so sure. This book seems to have been written in 1987 for a kid in a marching band who has a music teacher working with him. I’m trying to learn my way around my new drum kit, but this book has nothing about coordination or technique with toms or cymbals. There seems to be almost no explanation at all of what’s going on – just a few pages of reference material then endless pages of sheet music to play the snare and bass drums with increasing complexity. I’m following the book, but without other resources like a real instructor and YouTube channels, this book won’t be much help. In fairness, it was written at a time well before people attempted to become self-taught at anything.

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  13. Joseph J. Truncale

    A very good book for anyone taking drum lessons with a teacher.

    For the last 8 years my passion for music has grown so much that I have learned how to play (at least to some degree) numerous musical (Ukulele, Harmonica, Recorder, Flute, American drumming and hand drums, and many other percussion) instruments. Over the years I have taken many courses and purchased numerous books to improve my skill level.I just purchased this wonderful 80 page manual (Alfred’s drum Method book 1 by Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black) which is organized into 39 drum playing lessons. The introductory part of this volume covers the snare drum, getting ready to play, the bass drum, the cymbals and elements of music. The lessons cover a wide range of drum practice lessons but without a drum playing teacher it will not be easy to follow some of the material. They do have a Drum DVD available for purchase which no doubt will help in learning the lessons in the manual.If you are taking drum lessons this book will enhance your drum learning sessions.Rating: 4 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Chair/Seated tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga stretching for seniors and the physically challenged).

    8 people found this helpful

  14. Valerie

    Great way to learn drums

    My drum teacher uses this book and helps me a lot so I got one for myself and is a lot of help.

  15. Carol S Long

    Good practice drum and music for beginners

    My son can play most of the music he started drumming last year. He likes it and took it home to practice where his mom has a snare and high hat in the garage so I’d say he enjoys it more easily than a big set at times.


    I use this book often

    This is a great book for beginners to intermediate drummers. I use it with my students often. It does jump a litlle bit without explaing some of the notation changes, but overall, it’s still a great resource

  17. Seth Z

    Get it, and don’t call me Sandy.

    Alfred is my best friend. That’s truth. I only wish I could Alfred in person, but I have recently discovered that Alfred is no longer with us. He apparently was a man named Sandy. I suppose I would forgo using my real name when writing a book about drum methods. “Sandy’s Drum Method”…. nope, it just doesn’t have the right sound (get it? .. right sound?)Anyway, the book is great for those wanting to learn the basics of reading snare drum sheet music. It won’t make you a master of the drum, but it is a step in the right direction. If you have a yearning to learn drumming, or just want to know why some music notes look so very weird, this book will help you in either case.

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  18. Tessa & Michael

    Perfect Teaching Book for beginners

    I’ve been playing drums for over 20 years. This is my go to book for teaching. A great start.

  19. Jim Olsen

    a good purchase

    can’t wait to put into practice

  20. Summerroll

    Great beginner’s book

    A drumming teacher asked that we purchase this book. We have been using it for about 5 months.Like other Alfred books, the quality of the book is excellent. Staffs and notes are easy to read. The paper is thick and the book stays open well on a stand. We have packed it in suitcase and brought it with us on vacation to practice, and it holds up well.The lessons progress on a logical pace and is just right for the beginner. Sometimes our kids get frustrated easily. With this book, they are making progress and learning about rhythm very easily (there’s still griping about practice, trust me); it makes learning more fun. We practice one page daily and it takes about 20 minutes to do it a few times. Would definitely recommend it.

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  21. Jennifer McDiffitt



  22. Melissa NY

    right book, reasonable price

    My child’s teacher recommended this book, and it helps him play his glockenspiel, even though the book is about drums. I hope it does help him learn his chops!

  23. Stephen G. Carl

    Five Stars

    Good beginner tutorial

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  24. David Heim

    Five Stars

    Good method

  25. Mamie Keith


    This book was recommended by the instructor. He has beern successful with the lessons. The lessons provide reviews of things practice.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Exactly what we expected and a great price!

  27. Kevin Hall

    a classic

    One of the must haves for any student or teacher. Clearly written and well organized, solos keep it interesting for students.

  28. Tonya Delaune


    My son is currently in the beginning stage of drum lessons. This is a required book from his instructor. My son uses this book weekly.

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  29. Yuliya Yufa

    good condition and price

    good condition and it only for one year of use, so I would not like to pay full price of brand new books

  30. lisajenmcc

    drum book

    got for school and came quick and is brand new was what we needed and if we need anything again would order again and recomend to others.

  31. jjsjunkmail

    Drummer Songbook

    Purchased the songbook for my son who recently particpated in the Indiana State School Music Association – ISSMA comprtition. We saw two other drummers with the same book. My son has been playing just over a year and the Solo #10 he played was challenging and well received by the judge. The songbook was delivered on time and undamaged. I would recommend this song book to other drummers.

  32. Ron Edwards

    One of the best of over 50 available snare drum books

    I’ve examined over 50 books on snare drum instruction and this is one of the top two. (Drum Method by William Schinstine & Fred Hoey is the other.) Good modern quality and sequence of material. 39 lessons and 23 solos. 2-line combination studies for each lesson (good for duets). Counts and sticking indicated in light gray. Nice illustrations for each new rudiment. Roll is introduced in Lesson 17, 5-stroke in Lesson 18, 9-stroke in Lesson 19, 13- and 17-stroke in Lesson 20, flam Lesson 27, drag in Lesson 34, ruff in Lesson 35. Minor nitpick is that you need to skip around to get rudiments in a better order. Also, it’s missing the single stroke rolls and paradiddles! Brief bass drum and cymbal technique. Great value for the money.

    20 people found this helpful

  33. Amazon Customer

    Great book

    I’m no Neil Peart but this is a great resource for any beginning drummer. I would love to share with you how much I love the Artisanal cover or the feel of the Gluten Free ink on my hands or how this book improved my dating life but I want to be honest. This is just a good book.

    11 people found this helpful

  34. Jodi Reilly

    Basic book

    My son has used similar drum books in the past. This is the book his teacher requested. My son says that it is very basic, so if you are looking for basic then this is a good book. However my son has been playing for a few years now and is bored with this book, so I don’t recommend it for experienced drummers.

    2 people found this helpful

  35. Greens

    Wasn’t brand new

    The book was clearly used someone’s name was crossed off and there was a sticker over the bar code which I had to peel off so my son could enter the code on the website for virtual school

  36. alicia

    Received quickly

    My 11 year old needed this for school, ordered it Friday got it Saturday in time for his 1st day.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Good starter book

    I’ve given drum lessons with various lesson books. This one is highly recommended. It has a lesson for each element so that beginners understand the element well before moving on. It doesn’t go too fast for beginners. I’m using this now for two new beginner drummers and it is ideal for them.

    5 people found this helpful

  38. Eric B Robertson

    Great beginner student book

    Suitable for a beginning student that has had some reading experience and is looking to move towards intermediate skills.

  39. Vishwas

    It’s really good if your in drumming lessons but a cd doesn’t come with it

    I like it

  40. Allison Sirry

    Easy to learn!

    Fantastic to reas

  41. dano

    Good for beginners

    Good drum instruction book for beginners

  42. mollygirl

    Good textbook

    School required this text.

  43. DT

    Good Book

    Good lesson

  44. Urmila H.

    Good book

    Purchased this for my daughter.Very good book.


    Drum like a Pro

    This is the book my 9 year old’s drum instructor told us to get. Very easy to follow. Breaks down everything nicely. Has really good combinations to practice. With regular practice of the essential drills from this book she’ll be ready to drum anything.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Amourdutigre

    Kudos for such a good entry level book

    This beginner’s book is just what my oldest grandchild needed. I am teaching him not only to play the drums, but read the drum score. This will be quite helpful, and he is already getting into it. Kudos for such a good entry level book!

    2 people found this helpful

  47. Marie


    muy bueno

  48. Amazon Customer

    Great guide

    Great book for beginners. My 8 year old is learning to play and her instructor recommend this book for her lessons and home practice. I’ve seen her improve vastly and understand the material with ease. Highly recommended

    One person found this helpful

  49. yolaqui

    great book for beginners

    Great book for beginners. Easy to follow along with and very detailed.

  50. Shanna Gillespie


    My daughter just started from lessons he teacher suggested this so far so good she loves practicing at home and trying to read music

  51. R. Zajac

    Good resource for homeschool music class

    Easy to understand for the most part. Using this book as part of homeschool curriculum to teach my 9yr old son. With a little guidance from my college son who used this same book in elementary public school, my 9yr old is learning well! Alfred’s books are a great music resource for beginners on up!

    One person found this helpful

  52. Blair J.

    Small Notation

    Text and notation is way too small. Some explinations of notation in the Combination Excercises is missing.

  53. Lucy L.

    Great starter book for snare drum lessons

    It’s a classic. I appreciate that the book is slow and methodical (great for elementary school kids), and that they emphasize the counting of the beats/subdivisions. It is also written by percussionists (vs. other methods like “Essential Elements” — terrible organization for percussionists, although it’s good for the winds and brass) which I appreciate.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. Amy Putnam

    Super duper standard

    I’ve used this book for years with many students. Now my own daughter is using it, too. Progression is a little fast ….wish there were more exercises before the concept moves on but still, a great text!

  55. Idreamov

    helpful book

    wonderful for beginners

  56. nelly


    mi hijo me hiso comprar otro porq este no está completo

  57. C.T.

    Great way to start

    I bought this book to teach my 7 year old Grandson how to play. You can’t go wrong with Alfred’s methods for any instrument.The basics are explained easily and each lesson builds upon the other.You won’t regret playing the drums and learning how to play correctly.

    One person found this helpful

  58. R. Settje

    Four Stars

    as expected.

  59. Jason Heiple

    Love it. Great pacing and variety to keep students …

    Love it. Great pacing and variety to keep students from getting bored. The solos mixed in with the repetition studies break up the monotony and keep the students thinking.

  60. T. E. Meissner

    Great book to learn from

    I got this for my son, it was recommended by his drum teacher. He loves this book he’s learning so much from it. Great beginners book! I would highly recommend this book.

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