Alfred’s Beginners Drumset Method

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Alfred Music (January 1, 1990)

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48 pages

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50 reviews for Alfred’s Beginners Drumset Method

  1. plainmaryjane

    2-Teachers Approved

    Bought this book for my son beginning drums back in May since it was recommended by his teacher, and now 6 months later, he’s still banging along in beat with the rhythms! We even had to switch teachers a couple months ago, and the second teacher liked this one so much, she’s now recommending it to other students.

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  2. W. Williams

    Alfred’s Beginning Drumset Method

    I decided I wanted to learn the drums so I sought out an instructor and this is the book he ask me to purchase. As the middle age student I found the book to be easy to read and follow. The DVD is helpful for the different views and listening to how the beat is supposed to sound. This book combined with a good instructor has been a great teaching tool.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Easy to follow and read–really love it.

    Just learning to play drums at age 72. This book is easy to follow and actually has me making more time to practice.

  4. Nicholas F.

    now I had to try his drum methods they are so like back in the 60’s

    I have been studding Alfred courses in Guitar Trumpet piano. now I had to try his drum methods they are so like back in the 60’s! all his books arelike when I started now I can use his methods like I am @ a school but now I am learning on my own! I am 52 I feel still have some of his books!

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  5. Chad

    Teacher recommended

    Our drum teacher recommended and uses this book with all of his students.

  6. Richard R. Folk

    So far much student success with this book. Push …

    So far much student success with this book. Push through the exercises and it will pay off in the end.

  7. Cree81v3N4m3

    Four Stars

    A very introductory book. Just what my nephews needed.

  8. T. Bates

    Bought this for my son at the recommendation of his …

    Bought this for my son at the recommendation of his drum teacher. He’s advancing quickly so it must be working.

  9. Sea Turtle

    Great for beginners

    Great book for the true beginner. I use it in conjunction with my teacher’s book as an added challenge to what he’s teaching me. Will get you playing the basic rock beats, fills, and some jazz too.

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  10. Rebecca Schall

    I am happy with the purchase

    Items arrived on time. Packing was adequate. Item was as described and a little more than I expected them to be. I am happy with the purchase.

  11. Tom Paine

    Now to find a teacher to work with this book

    as a struggling midlife crisis drumming student, it has been difficult finding “THE” one book from which to learn and reinforce “the basics” of drumming. After about a dozen purchases (or two), I found the Alfred Drumset Method Book.There are a LOT of methods for teaching drumming, and many methods for learning.I started drumming about 18 mos ago – about a year after my 10 year old son started snare drum classes in school – with a 90 year old semi-retired jazz drummer (father of a friend of mine – he still had 32 students up to July 2005 – retired due to a stroke but he still helps me out occasionally when I visit) and his methods were great, but the books he used were upwards of 60 years old (Roy Burns’ Elementary Drum Method, Joel Rothman’s Rolls Rolls Rolls, Ted Reed’s Progressive Steps to Syncopation, Stone’s Stick control), heavy on rudiments, marching rhythms, and he’d play vibes while I and my son took turns playing rock, shuffle and jazz grooves w/ him. I’ve heard his students over the years and his methods worked, but as an adult, physician, post-post graduate I was looking for another method outside of the way he was presenting it to me.What works about the Alfred book for me is this: simple 4/4 rock grooves, introductions of simple progressive bass,snare, tom changes around the set which reinforces independence and fills, a visual and kinesthetic introduction to fills and 4 bar riffs and a similar treatment of jazz rhythms. It’s done in a way that builds rapidly to a finished product where learning the components separately wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I was looking for. Kind of like learning how to drive by being given a five minute review of the controls and then driving around a parking lot versus taking an auto mechanics course for six months before seeing what a finished car looks and feels like.Somehow this makes sense to me where “Drumming for the Complete Idiot” and similar books didn’t work. Or maybe it was torturing myself with those other books for so long that now with the Alfred Method, it all comes together. My son and I are playing together across the basement (he has his set, I have mine) and learning from each other. When he needs books, I’ve got them, and he uses the Alfred book too, but it’s time to find another teacher for one on one.The Alfred Drumset Method, a good investment. But unless you’re a real self-starter, find a teacher who will work with you with it.

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  12. Spring M.

    Just what I was looking for:

    I am a new student and the one I’ve was looking for was the book that started with Billie jean. Took a gamble and it ended up being the one. Good starter book easy to read, and follow.

  13. Rick sanders

    Good drumming primer

    Excellent dimming primer! Provides all information needed to get started

  14. Jenna K

    Teacher recommended


  15. K. J. Mcnickle

    Poor Kindle Version with no Sound Files or Links

    This review is for the kindle version of the book – and the review I wish I’d read before I purchased this book. This is a facsimile edition, and none of the pages are dynamic or interactive. Even the table of contents is just a picture of the text from the book. There are no links, there are no sound files for listening to the sound examples, and very little instruction in the text of the book or explanations of the concepts. You need a teacher to know what to do, because the book does not explain things beyond a sentence or two. This book is NOT for a self-learner trying to learn how to play a drum set. This same book thru iBooks is dynamic and at least has has all of the sound files, and costs $7.99 from iTunes. I wish I’d known that earlier, because I don’t want to buy this lame instruction book twice, or pay $10.99 for the CD only thru Amazon in order to hear the sound examples of the lessons. This kindle version is a hack job, and when did they write this and take the photos — 1982? Skip this book and get The Complete Idiots Guide which I am ordering soon.

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  16. Tip

    You MUST have these books and CDs if you are serious about learning the Drumset!

    I use Alfred’s Drumset Books as the textbooks in the drumset courses I teach at our local music school. The books are well written, and the accompanying CDs (which can be ordered separately) contain clearly-recorded examples of every chart in the book. These books and CDs are a MUST for any aspiring student of drumset percussion!

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  17. Billy Eubanks


    Good product fair price.

  18. ZhouYang

    good book

    good book

  19. Aiden

    Great for teaching the basics

    I’m learning the drums and this is a great book that teaches the basics. It is pretty dated by look and the pictures inside but the informatikn is solid.

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  20. Priscilla Yip

    It has lots of great exercises, definitely a great way to learn

    I’m a new learner, my instructor told me to get this book. It has lots of great exercises, definitely a great way to learn. This book is incorporated with a CD, but it doesn’t come with it. I truly think everyone should not only get the book but also the CD, specially when learning the drum fills, timely is everything, the CD really really helps.

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  21. Tara Parker

    Five Stars

    Good stuff 🙂

  22. Sharon

    Boom boom

    As described

  23. S. Owens

    Good Book

    Excellent beginner method. Teaches basic groove concepts, fills, and chart reading. Overall a good book for beginners.

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  24. robin

    One Star

    I did not receive the hit hat and crash ride for the drum set

  25. Daniel J. Shevock

    A good foundation on drumset

    Most of the begining drumset books available focus on either rock or jazz styles. This book begins a student in both rock and jazz in a simple and comprehendible way. I suggest the student work in both sections at once.

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  26. aummie


    My son plays the drums and this was recommended from his drum teacher for getting into kit. No complaints from my son so good enough for me!

  27. Joe P. Cullen

    Excellent Sequence of Material, Great for Beginner and Intermediate Drummers

    I have been teaching private drum lessons for many years. I have settled on this one for almost all of my beginner drum students, and here is why:-Excellent pics of how to hold the drum sticks, how to play heel-up or heel-down on the bass drum and hi-hat;-Clear description with pictures of the parts of a drum set;-Excelllent, clear isntructions throughout the book above and below the drum grooves and exercises;-Great songs to play along with, after learning the techniques needed to achieve this goal;-Book comes with CD if desired, which makes learning the grooves even faster for students without a private teacher;-Logical layout and sequence of techniques. *******This is my favourite and most important part of this book. It lays out the grooves and fills in an excellent sequence from simple to intermediate, to advanced level material.Many, many drum books that I have and have used or taught from are lacking in placing the information in a logical sequence.I recommend this book very highly for all drummers starting out, and for intermediate drummers looking to fill in the gaps before they move to an advanced level.

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  28. jbmaggs

    One of the best intro books I’ve found

    20 yrs teaching. This is one of the best intro to drumming books I’ve found. Does a great job building on each skill as it is learned. Mostly beats; the few fills it has are ‘meh’…but great for learning rock/pop beats.

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  29. Kyle Geddes

    Great book!

    My son is using this as a beginning drummer, and it’s really working well!

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  30. C. Smaridge

    Five Stars

    A must have for learning the drums

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  31. Rebecca Schall

    I am happy with the purchase

    Items arrived on time. Packing was adequate. Item was as described and a little more than I expected them to be. I am happy with the purchase.

  32. Casey

    Gift for my son

    He was very excited to get it.

  33. Corey Cothrum

    but pretty solid.

    Very basic, but pretty solid.

  34. FireMedic1201

    Its ok

    This book is used widely. The book progresses to fast, and does not allow a more gradual transition through pattern playing exercises. The book is over priced.

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  35. Stephen G. Carl

    Five Stars

    Good tutorial for the novice drummer.

  36. JS

    No Exercises on the DVD

    The DVD doesn’t have the tracks for the exercises on it. It just has intro videos. You have to buy the CD separately. I wish I would have saved 10 bucks and bought the book alone.

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  37. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Exactly what we expected and a great price

  38. hlk226

    great book, works well

    great book

  39. Andrew D. Herberger

    drumset method book

    This book is really good at showing what to do on a basic drumset. Complex beat and fills are really well-written.

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  40. John D.

    Five Stars

    Very satisfied with the product and service.

  41. Michael E. Wall

    Five Stars

    Good beginners instruction

  42. Dad of four

    Great book

    Great book! Easy to follow along and learn drumming techniques. My 8 yea told daughter is really enjoying the drums.

  43. F&J

    Five Stars

    The DVD really helped with my daughters lessons.

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  44. RO

    seems great

    It was for my 8 year old and it works for him.

  45. Joseph Sebast

    Good begginer book

    A good book for learning the basics of kit methods. It’ll get you jump started on some standard beats and fills.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Billi Mohney

    Two Stars

    Did not come with CD as described.

  47. Clayandjulie

    Five Stars

    Perfect for beinner drummers no matter what age!

    One person found this helpful

  48. Amazon Customer

    DVD does’t Word


  49. Jennifer M

    An old classic, recommended by most teachers

    Best beginner drumming handbook

  50. Cheryl Csengery

    Five Stars

    Recommended by my Sons Percussion instructor.

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