Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method 1

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Alfred Music; 3rd edition (February 1, 1966)

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64 pages

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8 ounces

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60 reviews for Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method 1

  1. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Great material, but product not shipped well.

    These are great beginner books. 2 stars because they were shipped “brand new” but arrived with broken spines. They need to be shipped in something more sturdy so they are not folded in transit.

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  2. Yulduz Bozorova



  3. Kindle Customer

    Music in me.

    Nice and easy for me to learn.

  4. Tina smith

    Five Stars

    My husband loved it

  5. Cheryl Cherry-hill

    Good buy!

    I got the book for my 85 year old mother who just started guitar lessons. She loves the book because the notes are large enough for her to see!

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  6. Gabbie M.

    Love it

    This is a great guide for beginners.

  7. JR

    Five Stars

    Easy to follow

  8. Sharon Clark

    Great choice.

    Easy to follow and understand, starts easy and builds on skills as you move forward without throwing you in right away.

  9. Charles Wilson

    Five Stars


  10. Morg


    Great beginner guitar book! no confusing terminology, and always to-the-point!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Good starter book for guitar

    Could introduce strumming and chord structure more instead of concentrating on picking notes

  12. jp

    would have been 4 stars but no sound files

    At a private teacher I do like this book…. but obtaining sound files is proving to be next to impossible. Of course you can shell out 13.46 for the cd but that seems a little unfair. Anyway, I did find it in iTunes store and purchased it and … viola….the sound files are included and actually will play….. but they are too fast for beginners. My plan was to find these files on my laptop (I know they are not coming from the cloud as they work even when I turn off my wifi) and use the Anytune app to slow them down…. but I can’t find them on my hard drive! They are there somewhere … but I can’t locate them. Anyway, if you are reading this and have found these files please let me know in a review. I would say in the questions section but for some reason I can’t find the “ask question ” link…. ugh.

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  13. william

    Perfect start into playing guitar manual.

    Exactly what I was looking for. Shipped quick. Highly recommend this seller.

  14. Rick

    Been around for a generation

    The original edition(s) of this classic beginner’s book date back to the 1960s. When I was 8 or 9 years old (1965-ish), my dad bought a beginner’s guitar for me, along with this book. I was glad to see that the book is still around [in an updated edition], and I bought it as a future gift for my grandson… or someone else if he decides he doesn’t want to learn the guitar.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    very good

    My friend wanted me to teach her 8 year old son how to play the guitar, so she asked a retired music teacher what a good book to use is, and he recommended this one. So we each got it and so far I am very pleased with it. I have never known how to read music (I learned to play chords years ago, but never to read music)but this book teaches to read music as you learn which string of the guitar plays which note and where it is on the music staff. I am learning things as I teach my little friend also. I really like this book. It is simple to understand and it is laid out in a way that I (and my student) don’t feel overwhelmed. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about playing than just chords.

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  16. Kara Anne

    Great book for a beginner

    I bought this book for a friend. As I am giving her lessons. It is well written and easy for a beginner to understand.

  17. Harpo

    Good for beginner

    Easy to follow. Good for beginner.

  18. R&M

    Great Book for Beginners

    Fantastic book to start learning how to play and read music. Very simple to use where you don’t need a teacher to help you thru the book. I started with this same book over 40 years ago and I just bought it again for a friend who is wanting to learn to play.

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  19. L. M. Bolt

    Easy to understand and very helpful

    I’m three years in to re-teaching myself piano with Alfred’s books and I’ve always wanted to play guitar as well so I bought this one. All of Alfred’s books are easy to understand but, as with anything, practice makes perfect. I’ve been doing the lessons for just over a month now and am pleased with my progress. Playing any instrument takes time and practice and I find myself wishing I could play more than three simple lines of ‘Ode To Joy’ but ,as with the piano, I know I’m learning things at this necessary stage and this book is very helpful.

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  20. invisible

    Not the most inspiring elementary music book.

    This is an elementary level book, which has pictures, fretboard diagrams and standard notation. Many of the songs are traditional ones but others would be unfamiliar to the twelve year old target reader. It was designed to use song files which were not included and not linked so I suppose this means the learner must learn the song before they can hear it played. So I doubt that any child I know would be motivated to practice without strong mentoring from a teacher or family member. At this point I’d say it would not be as effective otherwise.

  21. Nurse James

    As good as ever

    Every bit as good as when it was part of my training in 1965 forming a strong foundation for learning music theory as it applies to Guitar. This purchase is in an effort to show my Son how to fret with all Four fingers.

  22. Mark Weathers


    This is a great beginner’s guide to learning to play the guitar.

  23. catherinepb

    Good method, but not so good theory

    It seems to progress in a very methodical way from one string, two fingers, onto the next string and eventually all fingers. So the student can work up those callouses and build the finger strength gradually. I’m not sure I like how the theory is presented, and so I use a separate book for the music theory. That’s why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Kids need to learn slower.

    It is great accept it goes to fast unless you have a teacher helping you. I have a teacher to help me but some people don’t!

  25. A.Prime.Shopper

    Miss the chord chart

    It is still a good tutorial for learning to read music on a guitar. However, I REALLY miss the chord chart that they used to have inside the back cover. It is now best for only note by note playing.I used this many, many years ago when I was learning guitar, so this has probably been through several new editions since then. But, one of the most useful references was the the index with finger charts for nearly any chord. If I had known that it no longer contained this, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. Will have to use on-line chord references instead.

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  26. Lou

    Not very basic for a beginner, more like a lesson on music reading

    The book is good but not what I expected for a non player beginner.

  27. Sandra Robinson

    Guitar method for us oldies works!!

    Maybe it’s because I’m ‘older’, I am struggling a little. Mainly with the first string cords, but each time I practice them I see an improvement and better understanding. This book is great for explains thing in a clear and precise way. Love it. Highly recommend it.

  28. PeterSz

    It is OK I guess but it did not help …

    It is OK I guess but it did not help my kids to want to learn the basics of the guitar.

  29. Muhammad Bilal

    Easy to learn

    Very easy and detailed information for beginner learners

  30. TimM

    Good basic book

    Bought this for our 11 year old daughter, who wants to learn the guitar. I went through the book and brushed up on my cords and note reading so that I could help her. The book makes it very easy to learn the basics and our girl is having fun trying to learn the instrument.

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  31. Amazon Customer



  32. G. Davis

    Good, needs to be updated.

    Good instruction, old songs.

  33. Leo

    Very instructional

    Very instructional

  34. Norma V

    The foundation to learn the guitar and play it.

    This guitar study is an expanded version of the Alfred guitar book 1. A basic study for the beginning student or a guitar player who would like to learn guitar basics and theory.

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  35. Cher G.

    She is very happy with the book and it is easy for her …

    My daughter has started guitar lessons and this is the book her instructor asked her to purchase. She is very happy with the book and it is easy for her to follow.

  36. Gene’O McQueen

    guitar hero

    was excited to open the package and start playing. although i have a long way to go to be the hero that enamours mariah carey i’ll practice, practice, practice until she recognizes my style.

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  37. Luke Freml

    Nice book

    Nice book

  38. DEEVCO

    Five Stars

    Needed for guitar lessons and was recommended by the teacher.

  39. Roderick E. Tankerson

    Good Buy

    jumps right in. best for teenagers and adults.

  40. Clara

    great book, very useful for beginners

    Came fast, great book, very useful for beginners.

  41. SaigonSteve

    Good for the basics

    Good book for learning or reviewing the basics.

  42. Simon Segal

    I’m happy with the item I’ve got from

    I’m happy with the item I’ve got from you

  43. CWalker

    Five Stars

    Great book for beginners, children or adults.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Don’t buy this if you are looking for the chord progression chart.

    It is missing the last page of Chord progression chart. I bought this for beginner to have the legacy chord progression chart.

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  45. loraleep

    Five Stars

    Great book, great condition

  46. DuArte

    Five Stars

    Great deal!…

  47. Dudley E Craig

    Basic Guitar Method ???

    Only 3 pages of measly instruction; the rest of the book is some music reading but mainly sheet music you can get in many other places.I would return it but I was only suckered for $7.00.

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  48. Chan Chun Man Philip

    Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method 1 (kindle)

    I bought the kindle version for convenience sake. But the images in the kindle version were so blur that I feel being cheated. It is below the usual expectation. Finally, I have to buy again a printed version.

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  49. Mary A. Harris

    DVD missing

    My husband likes the book but it does not have the DVD that was suppose to be included.

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  50. Kim B.

    Easy to Understand

    This book is great, however we can’t access the digital files to listen to the samples that you follow.

  51. Jasonian

    Great guitar lesson book for beginners

    Great guitar lesson book for beginners! I bought it for my son who just started lessons, but I’ve been using myself to practice and learn so I can keep him interested. Very easy to follow.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Great book

    I sell learned allot from YouTube. But with this book I learned to play melodies and read music. It has some great songs.

  53. Pina

    Easy to follow

    Easy to follow

  54. Ninjagal

    Easy to follow

    Very easy to follow. This was highly recommended by a friend who teaches basic guitar and I’m glad I got it.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Fundamentals of music

    This is a great book for beginners. It will have you playing music withpractice in no time.

  56. sveda277

    This was a great deal because I got the basics 1&2 and the …

    This was a great deal because I got the basics 1&2 and the theory book for the price the music store was selling each.

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  57. Claudio

    Four Stars

    really good

  58. vincent

    it helps


  59. donna casale

    Love it

    I had same book 30 yrs ago very goid

  60. Emma


    Good helpful for the beginner. Teacher recommend me to buy. Good good good. Hope to play guitar well. Fighting fighting

    One person found this helpful

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