Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Piano Course Book 1

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Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Lessons * Technique * Theory * Online Support

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Adult Piano Adventures enables the adult beginner to play music for pleasure while developing musical understanding. This comprehensive “All-In-One” book includes lessons, technique, and theory in a single volume for ease of use. Book 1 presents the fundamentals of music notation, chord playing, and musical form. The redesigned layout improves information hierarchy, putting focus on key concepts and step-by-step learning. Online support is now included, with over two hours of instructional videos and audio accompaniment tracks that inspire rhythmic vitality and artistic expression. Songs include: Amazing Grace • The Can-Can • Catch a Falling Star • Danny Boy • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik • The Entertainer • Greensleeves • The Lion Sleeps Tonight • and more!

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Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Take a Closer Look!

Get a sneak peek inside this comprehensive course.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Take a Closer Look!

Get a sneak peek inside this comprehensive course.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Take a Closer Look!

Get a sneak peek inside this comprehensive course.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Take a Closer Look!

Get a sneak peek inside this comprehensive course.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

The book is divided into progressive units.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Example of lessons in the unit on pentascales.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Song examples teach lesson concepts.

Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Piano Course Book 1

Try a 3-minute technique.

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Faber Piano Adventures; 2nd edition (January 1, 2002)

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184 pages

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60 reviews for Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Piano Course Book 1

  1. A Customer

    Buy Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course instead

    I’m returning to piano after a long hiatus, so I needed a refresher. I bought this book and (book one of) Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course at the same time, and worked through both.I found the Alfred book to be substantially better than this one, on many counts. First, and most importantly, the arrangements in the Alfred book, while not necessarily fabulous (a concession to being an introductory text), are far, far better than this one. That’s really important—it’s annoying to play music that sounds bad, and it’s hard, too, when it doesn’t make “sense” to your ear. Second, and related, the Alfred book feels like it has broader coverage of music and musical styles, which makes it more interesting. Third, a lot of the music in this book leaves the hands almost fixed in place on the piano. That’s okay early on, but it goes on for too long. It also leads to weird arrangements were the left hand contributes random parts of the melody, which is a bit unusual. Fourth, this book seems to assume the presence of a piano teacher or “friend” a lot (there are duet parts to a bunch of the music). I don’t have that, so that’s just a waste (not a big deal, of course, just not helpful). Finally, the Alfred book covers a lot more ground. That might mean you need to go through it more slowly, bit it also makes it a better buy.All in all, while there’s nothing wrong with the Faber book, I recommend the Alfred book instead.

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  2. Robert O’Connell

    Good refresher

    I almost skipped this after having self-taught some piano a decade ago. I’m glad I didn’t because it includes a lot of basic information along the way, with many terms cataloged in the appended dictionary. The pace is slow, which is the best way to learn. At this price, it would be pound-foolish not to start here. Emphasis on pedal use from the get-go motivated me to buy a pedal for my electric keyboard. The large-format, ring-bound book is essential for those of us not visually-gifted.Even for autodidacts the duet pieces are useful. By the time you master this book, or at worst the second, you can use the duet pieces for practice.

  3. Olga Brooks


    I thoroughly enjoy how the Faber’s have compiled this book for Adults. Moves forward quickly enough, but not so that it overwhelms.

  4. Elvira Gallardo

    Good product

    Good lesson book and easy to follow

  5. C. M. A.

    Great book for adult learners.

    so i’ve been following the directions out of this book for about 2 weeks and am on Unit 9 so far. It’s a wonderful book and the pacing is perfect. I have never played an instrument in my life, am 34 years old, and practice for about 30-60 minutes every night and the amount of progress I’m making seems good. The supporting online materials are also good but I wish the accompanying/demo tracks were just piano, because sometimes you just want to hear how the piano should sound on a particular piece. Luckily there are plenty of you tube videos demonstrating every piece of music in this book. The music selections themselves are pretty good. Some of the tunes I’ve never heard before but rather enjoy playing them now that I can. Others are pretty forgettable, but for the most part it’s a good mix of music that you should recognize.

    23 people found this helpful

  6. Amazon Customer

    Good for a beginner

    Good book for a beginner. A bit slow for an intermediate player.

  7. Junpeng Zhan

    very good book

    Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Piano Course Book is a very good book. I have used this book for one semester and got very good grades. I’m going to buy book 2 to prepare for next semester.

  8. ellie

    Easy piano book to learn

    Good book to learn from and easy to read, download to your iPad or tablet so you don’t have to wait for it to get it in the mail just over all great book to learn the piano I would recommend this book to anyone that doesn’t have any experience in piano to get this book and learn the piano it is very fun and easy and you will love it

  9. Beth A. Ryan

    Great beginner piano book.

    This is forcthe most part well-written. The online versions of the played pieces are sometimes confusing to hear, as there are other instruments added.

  10. Dr. D

    Great resource for self-motivated adult beginners.

    The lessons are written simply with supporting visuals that guide a beginner to succeed. There are aspects of a self-taught program that one loses when one has the advantage of a person-person lesson, of course, but this is a book recommended to me by my daughter who uses it with her adult students. I practice 15-30 minutes per day and return to review previous lessons as a part of my routine. I am making progress and have enjoyed this resource.

  11. Ray H Tsai

    recommended by piano teacher for a senior beginning piano player

    My father (a senior) always wanted to learn piano so we got him online zoom lessons as a gift.This book was recommended by the teacher so I am sure it is a good book for learning piano.It seems to cover enough concepts if you want to go the self-taught route, and there is a good selection of music in this book.He took once a week lessons for about a year and made good progress.So definitely get this book if you are an adult looking to pick up piano for the first time.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Great book for beginners

    My piano teacher recommended this book to me and I just finished reading and playing this book. It is very helpful to build the interest at the beginning of learning.

  13. Sean Fritz

    Great book to use with an instructor

    I worked this book with an instructor as an adult piano player.Great into to piano book. It’s paced very well, and I was able to easily master technical material at the pace of this book.The early songs are, predictably, quite boring to listen to, but it picks up towards the end. After about halfway through the book I enjoyed polishing the songs to perfection as they were fun to listen to and play.The arrangements in this book are well suited to trying your hand at improvisation, and they translate well to other instruments you might be practicing.If I gave any feedback, I would suggest putting more improv/composition exercises in book one. By the end of the book, a student is quite capable to compose simple melodies in C/G major, and a few practice exercises would be appreciated.Of note, I found the lack of dotted quarter notes in a lot of songs difficult, as they were popular tunes that are heavily syncopated in their recorded versions. It took me a lot of practice to “unlearn” some songs that are jazzed in their most popular recordings as well.Overall, this is my favorite piano 1 book, and it gave me the skills I need to play well 60-120BPM 4th and 8th note melodies in C and G major.

    6 people found this helpful

  14. Ric Trexell

    Good examples, not for kids but adults should be able to handle it.

    I’m the most unqualified person to review a piano book, but I’ll give it a try. I’m currently using the Learn and Master DVD program which is good but can put you to sleep at times. I would recommend this book with a teacher, although you can learn a lot just by yourself. I do think it progresses a little fast though. It does have nice large print diagrams of such things as placement of your fingers and what the notes are on the staff. I also give any book an well deserved star for being spiral bound. I wish more educational type books would do that. When I bought this I read the reviews for it and Alfred’s Basic Piano Course. I bought them both. I think that (Alfred’s) moves a little slower but does lack the examples that Adult Piano Adventures has. With any book, I would say what they say in the Learn and Master course, that is to break it down and slow it down. You don’t have to play at waltz time while you are learning Mary Had a Little Lamb. What ever you do, have fun. Ric said that.

    6 people found this helpful

  15. Kimberly Church

    Arrived quick as described

    It arrived exactly as described.

  16. J Pearson

    Good book for adult piano students

    Both my piano teacher and a relative of mine who teaches piano recommended this book. Now that I have used it for a time, I recommend it, too.

  17. B.aB.a


    This book really takes you step by step and it is very important to know the theory and also is impractical ice you fingers on the keys. If you are intelligent then this book is for you. If you don’t have a teacher please check on the you tube videos for clarifications. I really like this book.

    2 people found this helpful

  18. Amazon Customer

    Great for adult beginners

    I just stared piano lessons rather late in life this book has been a great addition to my lessons

  19. B. Schilling

    Glad to move away from the “kids” books left over from my children taking piano lessons in the 90s.

    This moves quickly through concepts with lots of exercises and songs in each unit. No silly pictures and games to deal with either.

  20. StarStar

    Easy to read and learn piano with!

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     I love this book! I’ve been using it now for a while and it’s really easy to learn piano with and it’s super helpful! I love that it has on every page diagrams that are easy to follow along with. I had tried learning piano a few years ago and it didn’t work, I tried this book out and it’s amazing!

    2 people found this helpful

  21. Siavash Aval

    Great book for adults

    I am a beginner and at first, I tried an all in one book from another author in amazon. After few months, I saw my self lost in Majors C,D,E,F,G…Z :))) without having enough focus and practice on each one. It was confusing and the songs in each lesson was not interesting to me. Then I decided to try Piano adventure which I heard from youtubers in which songs are more attractive and lessons are well organized. So, I bought it and in comparison with the other book, I should say, yes! it was true. The lessons have a fluent direction and you will be focusing on only two Majors, C & G. So, you practice enough to play nice songs through and by the end of the book.I highly recommend this book!

    21 people found this helpful

  22. Gabrielle Martin

    What A Nice Book For Seniors!

    I teach piano and one day a week I teach in a senior living facility. There are always seniors who are just starting or taking up piano again after many years. The Faber Adult books are wonderful for this purpose. None of the too-adorable graphics that are found in the children’s beginning books. It’s difficult to find good beginning books for adult. Either they don’t teach enough or they move too fast. This book is just challenging enough to hold their interest but at the same time it has enough repetition of concepts that the student doesn’t get overwhelmed . Great book for adults of any age, plus it’s good for older children or teens who cringe at the sight of frogs, cats or gnomes on every page and the childish titles given to every song.

    40 people found this helpful

  23. grnthmb

    Best for students interested in playing by the chords and lead sheet music.

    I have a couple books that I use for beginning adults depending on what they want to do. If the student is interested in learning how to play music for worship services, this is my go to series. After learning basic keys it starts right into beginning of chords and will lead up to playing for worship lead music. Even in the first book. The second book really goes into this a lot more.

    One person found this helpful

  24. Mae R

    Delivery on point, book is solid good.

    When I first ordered the piano book, amazon stated it would be delivered on Thursday May 7 but lo and behold it’s Sunday May 3 and here it is 😭🙌🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. It is quite perfect as my digital piano arrives tomorrow.Now I am reviewing this amazing book and I cannot wait to brush up on some old skill and master new ones.I will write another review for the actual book in a week or so.

  25. Jazzin’ in Jersey

    Good Learning tool – wish the CD was included with mine

    The lessons and teachings are really excellent. My uncle recommended it as he is a musician and instructor for over 50 years. Problem is – I think a CD was supposed to be included and it wasn’t I just noticed that ! But the songs are recognizable and fun to play. I find the most challenging part of the piano is the LEFT hand ! I drew a big chart for myself and labeled it with the notes that would be played with the left and right hand with the corresponding Cheat words (AGBFA FACE)It helps alot, especially if you end up skipping a few weeks !

    One person found this helpful

  26. Fazio

    Lots of Pictures, Little on Substance

    This manual provides a gradual process in learning the piano. While it does this though, one is struck by the poor utilization of paper to introduce topics — example, an entire page on how to use just three keys. It is not a good utilization of paper resources. It reminds me of elementary school books, and how a minimal amount of information is presented on one page. Kind of a waste, poor utilization of space. There are other manuals out there my friends that are provide more information.

    One person found this helpful

  27. bigleaf

    Wonderful lesson book!

    I am a senior studying piano (virtually) for the first time. This book is well-organized with good descriptions and keeps my interest piqued. I appreciate that it slowly layers techniques and information, all while presenting tunes familiar (and unfamiliar) to me. I have been practicing every day for about a month now, having lessons once per week and I am delighted to hear improvement each week!

  28. Sans Serif

    Excellent for adult beginners, & great value.

    Excellent book; can’t wait to buy their other books (but I’m making myself wait as I’m not finished this yet). After receiving this, my impression of them went through the roof. Excellent for adult beginners.

  29. Jeff D

    Great Lessons, But Get The Spiral Version

    Love the lessons, but could not get the pages to stay open. I ended up buying the spiral version to replace this one.

  30. SB

    Great for Adult beginners with little to no experience!

    Wanted to teach my self while in quarantine how to play piano. I had a tiny bit of memory from childhood…but not much. The way this book is laid out…you don’t need experience AT ALL. It gradually teaches you true music terms and how to read music, all while providing music for you to apply it to so it isn’t just textbook learning. I’m LOVING this!!!

    One person found this helpful

  31. Tezza

    Recommend this book for beginners

    I bought this book for self study. I’m an adult learner with previous experience (maybe one’s year’s lessons) on another instrument, so I had most of the basics of music theory and very basic sight reading. This book definitely brushed me up on that while I learned piano, and maybe went a little beyond the basics I already knew. By the end of the course I could do fairly low level sight reading, with some ability to play chords with the left hand and melody on the right hand. I think more study would be required beyond this book to ensure property use of fingering for various scales, cords, and broken cords, which the 2nd book starts to cover. So all in all, I would recommend this book for beginners.

    One person found this helpful

  32. emely

    So easy to learn!

    I bought this for a class I needed it in and I find it easy to learn and understand

  33. Logan

    Great book for adult learners!

    I bought this book under instruction from my piano professor. This book will teach you the basic of music along with the piano, so you do not need to worry if it is your first time learning an instrument. After the first lessons and shirt excerpt the this book has wonderful prices of music for you to learn and practice the piano. I would recommend highly for anyone who wish not only to play the piano but to play it well

    3 people found this helpful

  34. Cindy C

    Great piano method for all ages

    I have been a piano teacher for over 40 years and have become disenchanted with a lot of the series written for kids, which focus on distracting, obnoxious art work on every page. I have used the Faber Adventures series with student ranging from 12 through adults, but have currently started using it with several nine year olds. They are all advancing beautifully, and this new revised edition is fantastic. The kids have QR codes on every song and can check how songs go, and watch someone playing the piece. I recommend it for everyone!

    7 people found this helpful

  35. A. Ravitch

    School book

    Purchased for school use. Excellent book.

  36. VIrginia

    Very clear and easy for beginners.

    I’m a novice and this was recommended.

    2 people found this helpful

  37. Alejandra

    as described

    Item as described

    One person found this helpful

  38. Woz

    All books have spiral binding. None look like the image.

    I’m writing this note to tell about the difference between “Paperback” and “Spiral Bound”. First, let me say that the contents look great. Second, I had a LOT of trouble trying to get a “paperback” version. The spiral bound version has rather glossy pages. I thought that perhaps the paperback version had more manuscript-like paper, which I would have liked. But every time I ordered paperback I received spiral bound. After doing this more than once, and several calls with Amazon Customer Service, I finally realized that “Paperback” versions come with a cd and dvd, whereas, apparently, “Spiral Bound” versions are the same book without the AV aids. But there is no version of the book that doesn’t have spiral binding. Picture shown on website is not accurate. I have written about this to Amazon, and also spoken with several representatives, who were very kind. And I have asked Amazon to change the descriptions. I’m not sure if this will happen. But at least I am putting this word out.

    23 people found this helpful

  39. Dennis D. Wikoff

    Never Too Old to Learn

    I bought this piano lessons’ book bcz. my new piano teacher recommended it. I do already know the notes, from playing a woodwind. However, I always wanted to play piano with correct fingerings and learn the keyboard.I will say, it is much easier with the motivation of a teacher. However, it is easy to practice on my own at home with this book.

    5 people found this helpful

  40. Alexander Lowry

    Great for an Adult Returning

    I played piano as a kid, but hadn’t touched it since fifth grade. I am now 24 and picking up piano for fun. This has lots of important info that I wasn’t able to pick up from just playing random things. Breezed through the first couple dozen pages, now I’m working through things more slowly as I regain muscle memory and a sense of rhythm.Contains lots of familiar pieces and gently gives you hints on how best to move your hands if you don’t have the hang of it yet. If you’ve never played any instrument, I’d still have a teacher, but if you’ve played another instrument, it’s got most of what you need.

    4 people found this helpful

  41. Ladyhawke

    Adult Piano Adventure

    Adult Piano AdventurGreat book thank you

  42. vocalise

    I like the accompanying theory lectures and videos, and the way the music is arranged in this book.

    I have been a music teacher for many years and they use this series often. The book as well written, the accompanying theory lectures can be found on YouTube. The music as well structured for learning.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Jean d.shepard

    The book arrived as promised and it is in excellent condition.

    The price was right . I am a piano teacher and will be using this series for my adult beginners .

  44. J.Peale

    Not for the self taught

    This was recommended to me by someone who plays and teaches piano. I have some experience with other instruments in past, and can read music a little, but have had difficulty using this book after the first 15 or 20 pages. The concepts and skills take a big leap that would probably be fine if using this book with actual piano lessons, but hard to follow for me on my own.

  45. Kate M.

    Required by a trusted music teacher

    My daughter is taking piano at school. She took lessons as a child, but quit before she really got it. She is a junior in high school and decided to take piano to fulfill her music requirement. This was the required book, which might tell you more about the book than I can.My daughter says that it is fine…good. But, as a teenage, she says that about pretty much anything I ask her. How was school? How was the test? How was the dance? You get the picture. So, she is even a less-helpful reviewer than I am.While the book does contain some “pieces” that we’ve never heard before, it also has lots of well-known tunes in it. I play piano and have since I was a little kid. As an adult, I would probably want the tunes to be recognizable so that I would know if I made a mistake or was playing it right.My daughter has asked me to check and see if she was playing it “right” when it was an unknown tune. But when it is Camptown Races or Yankee Doodle, she can self-assess.My five-star rating is based on the fact that a fabulous music teacher (we’ve known the guy for years through my older sons’ experiences learning from him) requires that his students use this book and the fact that the familiar tunes allow the learner to know if they have the notes right (or not).

    37 people found this helpful

  46. Parents w/ 3 kids

    I prefer the “Accelerated Piano Adventures for the older beginner” books

    I self taught through this book. I liked working through it, but there are pros and cons. I started with “Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course” and didn’t like it at all, so I bought this book. It has a very good selection of music and was enjoyable to play. You move around a lot, not just staying in middle C position and it works fingers of both hands, not just chords on the left hand like Alfred’s. I felt like I wanted more pieces to work through and more technique and theory. I could play the songs alright, but I didn’t feel like I got a very good instruction in playing, even though I could play the pieces. If you want to be able to sit a play some and not get too serious this book is great. I really want to dive in and have a deeper education on the piano. I contacted an instructor who I’ve started with and she recommended the Accelerated Piano Adventures series. I bought the 4 main books in the Accelerated series and it cost me about $4 more than this book, but there is a great deal more music between them and I wish I had had these books from the beginning. So the Adult Piano Adventures is great book and I love the spiral binding, but especially if you are going to self-teach I recommend the Accelerated series from the same authors/arrangers.

    222 people found this helpful

  47. SandraM

    great book for the adult learner looking for more classical tunes and recognizable songs from the get-go

    I ordered this book for self-teaching piano based off of the numerous positive reviews here on Amazon. I am so glad I did. I have the Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method, book 1 and though I enjoyed that one, I didn’t feel completely satisfied as a learner after about a month with that book. I come to the piano as someone who never studied it, but I have played the flute for 20 years, so I do know how to read music. This book is organized well for the total musical novice, but is also organized in such a way that someone who reads music already and understands the grand staff (thank you Hal Leonard book for that!) can do the quick exercises at the beginning of each section and then jump into practicing the tunes that are recognizable and easy for a beginner, but are satisfying because the songs are songs we hear and know. You get to feel like you’re playing real classical music (and some other tunes) right at the start. I’m so very glad I bought this book. Also a total plus with this book is the fact that there are people who have played these tunes on youtube. Just type in “adult piano adventures” and the song name or “faber” and the song name you’re looking for, and there will be youtube video you can watch that help you get the rhythm of the song right and the melody.

    15 people found this helpful

  48. Seashell Angel

    Gradual progression that reduces frustration

    A common issue I have had with musical instruction books is how they will start off very slow and then all of a sudden you are expected to play a loaded staff with both hands, when just the page prior you were slowly pounding through treble staff only.This book does NOT do that and so I have made rather surprising progress.I played the piano self-taught long ago as an 8 year old, but quickly lost interest once I had to start using both hands, so my prior musical knowledge of reading music was all but non-existant.Another huge pro to this book is that they have a REAL song that you have probably heard before which integrates whatever new thing you have learned.It makes it much more rewarding because even at the earlier levels you are able to play simplified versions of complicated songs.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Amazon Customer

    So far the best adult basic piano book, particularly for self teaching

    I think it comes down to this and Afred’s All In One book for a completer beginner. Frankly both are good, but take a somewhat different approach. Alfred’s is more hand position and chord oriented and progresses much faster, but I feel Adult piano Adventures does a slightly better job presenting the material and I think most adults will find the practice songs to be more to their liking. Adult Piano Adventures seems less chord oriented with a slower progression in difficulty. Both will get you there, but I think some beginners will find this approach a bit less frustrating. This would be a better book for self teaching as it moves slower and is somewhat easier then the Alfred’s version. For someone with past piano experience this book may be too basic. Adult Piano Adventures Book 2 is closer to the latter 1/3rd of the Alfreds course.

    3 people found this helpful

  50. Patricia M. Bindert

    More thorough than Alfreds.

    I especially liked the fact that the left hand work is introduced so early, and that there is a significant amount of theory. It feels like a true music education.

  51. KimmieKimmie

    I just ordered this book to learn piano

    I ordered on book and received five. I don’t need five to learn. I was recommended this book from a lady in my church that is why I bought it. Can’t wait to study it.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Kelly

    Simple but good

    This is a great book for beginning! Well written and fast paced. I use it in middle school choir to help my students understand piano

    2 people found this helpful

  53. cccccccccherieparis

    New version lol

    My teacher assigned this book as textbook and we both are surprised by the new version(compare to her old one). This book contains QR code and recorded practice video which helps me as beginners.

    3 people found this helpful

  54. Amazon Customer

    As a piano teacher- this is the best out there.

    I teach piano for a living. And in my opinion the is the absolute best book for adult beginners. I started teaching with Alfred’s because that’s what I grew up with, and they’re fantastic books as well……But I noticed with my students that it was almost like Alfred’s moved the tiniest bit faster than most people could easily keep up with. And over time, even with me really making sure they understood and mastered each concept, eventually they’d hit a wall where it would be very difficult to continue (usually around book 3 or 4).With Piano Adventures, you are so gently eased into every concept, that the sky is truly the limit. And there’s far less frustration. I’ve started switching all my students over to Piano Adventures, because it feels less like you’re jumping over hurdles, and more like you’re confidently gliding into new skills.But it is recommended you use this with a teacher, as you don’t want to develop any bad habits, and the right teacher can accelerate your progress and unlock the needed doors for you!

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  55. Nicholas Resch

    This is good product for beginner pianistd

    This book has a lot of familiar tunes that makes learning more fun it also incorporates lots of theory that will help you learn faster and save you from having to buy a second book the things I guess I don’t like about it is how much review there is if you like that then go ahead but I find myself skipping a lot of things

  56. Billie Jo

    Great book

    My piano teacher has been taking me through this book for the last two months. It’s great for beginning adults!

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  57. H.V.

    Adult learner

    I bought this book for my son-in-law who has never played the piano before. This was a very helpful book for a beginning pianist. He did have prior musical knowledge and was very astute.

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  58. Amazon User

    Excellent boo

    I was using Alfred’s book and I didn’t really care for the song selections or the way they were composed. ‘Oh When the Saints, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, “Come Marching In, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, etc.. I was not inspired to keep practicing the songs over and over to perfection because I’m just not a gifted piano player like my piano teacher, who can make any song sound fantastic. Faber’ s songs are so much more enjoyable to practice and play. In fact I like the songs so much that I want to master each song and play it beautifully. Faber provides audio accompaniment tracks that are very useful. This is important to me, a beginner because sometimes I will practice an unknown song and not understand it; what is the song’s message/meaning? Overall, Faber’s method has taught me that a good/great piano composition is really a special gift that we are given to create and enjoy. After 2 months with this wonderful book my teacher recommends I move on to book 2 and I can’t wait.

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  59. Ciro Rueda

    Excelente el contenido del libro y buenísima la experiencia de compra

    Excelente el contenido del libro y buenísima la experiencia de compra

  60. kjv1611

    Great Introductory Lesson Book – And Probably a Good Reference

    So far, I’ve been taking some piano lessons from a friend, and have been using this book, as he recommended. It is very well laid out and organized. It also gives loads of tips along the way, and is easy to read and follow. I’ve been involved in music in one way or another my entire life, but finally wanted to sit down and really learn (at least at an introductory level) how to play the piano – not by ear, but by reading music. With the help of my friend(teacher) and this book, I now have more confidence when reading music, and particularly with lining up the notes on the piano with the notes on a sheet of music.Don’t be fooled into thinking (from my review) that this book ONLY covers the most basic aspects. It covers many items. I was just already more aware of many of the items, b/c I’ve already had a background in music in the past. I just hadn’t made myself pay attention to what each note was, etc, on sheet music in years. It covers very well, I think: site reading of music, learning to follow rhythm, finding patterns in music, etc. And particularly to this book’s praise, I think its’ taught me well with little time and effort on my part (I’m shamed to admit).Conclusion: If you’re an adult wanting to learn to play the piano without spending loads of time and money on it, b/c you don’t have much of either, then this is great. It also does not make you feel like silly, like you’re learning with a child’s book. I will admit I did feel silly with a few of the mini-songs played in the book, however, each did help emphasize a particular point in developing the art of piano-playing.

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