Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Lesson Book 1

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faber piano adventures, piano, faber piano, lesson book, piano lessons, piano technique, music

Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner – Lesson Book 1

Lesson Book 1. Composed by Nancy Faber and Randall Faber. Method. Softcover. 96 pages.

Book 1 covers fundamental rhythms, all the notes of the grand staff, C position, G position.

Contents include: Aloha Oe, Amazing Grace, Bagpipes, Bus Stop Boogie, Camptown Races, Chant of the Monk, Chant of the Monks, Chinese Dragon, Chord Crossings, Dreamscape, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, English Minuet, Fife and Drums, Forest Drums, French Minuet, and many more.

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faber piano adventures, piano, faber piano, lesson book, piano lessons, piano technique, music

Faber Piano Adventures Level Overview

Faber Piano Adventures is part of a complete Student-Centered Curriculum.

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Faber Piano Adventures; Illustrated edition (January 1, 1998)

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96 pages

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60 reviews for Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Lesson Book 1

  1. Maddy

    The kindle does not have the cultural awareness update

    The kindle version does not have the cultural awareness update…

  2. JoeDanna

    Very Helpful

    This book is very helpful step-by-step and I’m glad I purchased it.

  3. Judy Abbott

    Anyone can play the piano

    I took piano as a child and decided to take it up again now that I’m retired. My piano teacher requires this book. I am remembering reading music and doing well on the exercises and songs. It was just what I needed to get me back to playing right away!

  4. T.F.T.F.

    A very complete book for the older kids to learn the piano 🎹.

    This is a complete piano lessons book for the kids that are a little bit older and are really interested in playing music 🎼 right away. This book includes theory and many common tunes that the students can learn quickly.

    16 people found this helpful

  5. lily

    great beginner book

    well organized, great for self study.

  6. jeremiah

    Great for kids

    My son did well with this book in a class.

  7. Tina C.

    It’s a good book but it moves really slow – it’s good …

    I had about 1.5 years of instruction about twenty years ago so I’m definitely really rusty. However, this book was a little too basic for me. It’s a good book but it moves really slow – it’s good for complete beginners in that sense, I suppose. The older beginner seems to refer to teenager/adult learners than have never had any instruction in piano. It’s good at explaining the concepts in a understandable and succinct way though.

    6 people found this helpful

  8. notes4words

    Overall a solid method

    This is a good piano method for older beginners, about 4th grade and up. It would be helpful for students to have some sort of basic knowledge about how music works, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Students will not progress as quickly in this method as in the primer level, but they will gain a much deeper knowledge level of music and piano overall by the time they finish this book.Some of the vocabulary is very antiquated – I skip over that. Semi-quaver? That’s the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars.

    8 people found this helpful

  9. rawlins joseph

    Accelerated piano adventures

    Great product, very helpful for music learning

  10. MomOfMomo

    And the Piano Adventures Player app for iPads and iPhones is terrific! (I think it’s available for Android as well

    I played piano for 6 years as a kid and want to pick it up again as an adult. This book fits my needs perfectly. It covers reading notes, understanding timing, chords, and other music theory. The songs give you appropriate practice for each new concept presented. And the Piano Adventures Player app for iPads and iPhones is terrific! (I think it’s available for Android as well, but I haven’t tried it.) It includes a series of videos that accompany the material in the book. It’s like having private piano lessons!

    5 people found this helpful

  11. Mengyu L.

    Good book for teacher

    Great for my students

  12. Ann Anderson

    Good starter book for older piano students

    Good beginners book for older student – I teach piano. Good resource.

  13. Joan Hager

    Quick delivery

    Arrived on time and exactly what the piano teacher ordered.

  14. D.C.M.

    Not a Good self teaching piano book

    I was looking for a way to teach myself piano. I had taken piano 15 yrs ago for 18 mo as an adult and have not played since. Anyway I returned this book and bought Alfred’s Self Teaching Adult Piano Course. It is really good. Well thought out and with thorough instruction and guidance with some corny enthusiasm thrown in!Do not bother with this book if you are trying to learn on your own!

    One person found this helpful

  15. maddog13

    too easy for me

    it is really okay for people with no piano experience

  16. Luis

    Book pax

    great quality product

  17. Marianella Villanueva

    Great book to learn as an adult without the kiddy intro

    Great book for adult beginners.

  18. mepperson


    I love teaching from the Faber Piano Adventures books – and when my friend contacted me about learning piano, I purchased this for her birthday! The “Older Beginner” books are great for just that; as an older beginner, the material can be presented and comprehended in more complex and entertaining forms. Instead of having to pick up books that were designed for very young elementary school children and their level of comprehension, this book is great at teaching an ‘old dog’ new tricks!

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  19. Kindle Customer

    Great for returning adults

    I haven’t played piano in over a decade and was thrilled to start again. But I was also dismayed to discover that it’s not quite like riding a bike…I couldn’t remember everything about it, and I no longer have the books I used when I was a kid. Happily, this series exists! It moves quickly and has interesting pieces earlier in the book than other books I looked at.I would highly recommend this book to adults who are getting back in the habit of playing but can’t remember a darned thing.

    55 people found this helpful

  20. Nikcole Zamarripa

    It arrived quick

    It’s exactly what I need.

  21. Jamie O’Malley

    Textbook for applied music class.

    If you are practicing under the tutelage of an experienced piano player and you are indeed an adult, then this book is for you. I did not have a choice as it is required for class, but it turns out to be a wise choice all the same. The progression is fairly simple and easy to perform after enough practice, but also tricky for beginners who must develop left/right brain coordination to play more complicated pieces. This book will take you there in simple terms of learning how to play the piano without dumbing it down to child like prose and unnecessary repetition as children often need to keep their attention. The practices are short and sweet, and prepare you well in their simplicity.You may not know it from the first week of practicing, but by the end of the book you will know a lot of music theory and technique to take you to the next (in my case class) level. My only gripe is that other texts use darkened/filled keys representation for tricky fingering techniques like hand shifts, and some illustrations of these would ease the practice part when the teacher is not there to correct me easier.Other then that, great textbook.

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  22. sorrowsangel89

    I was hoping for something a little different

    I taught myself piano when I was 9 years old, but I haven’t ever really had lessons or properly learned how to play the piano. I already knew how to read music, and where all the keys were on the piano, so with this book, and after reading the reviews on it, I was hoping to learn the techniques for playing piano, and how to put together the treble and bass clef staffs, but this book spends the first half of the book explaining the basics of music and where all the notes are on each key. I guess that would probably be great for someone who doesn’t know anything about the piano, but I feel like a lot of it is just explaining stuff I already know. I was hoping that with the title “Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner” I would get to learn things I never learned when I was younger. But still, it is a good book. I would suggest it still to anyone looking to learn more about piano.

    6 people found this helpful

  23. Mowsart

    Great books!

    Love these books! I’ve been a pianist for 50 years and decided to try to teach my grandson. These books and my grandsons love of music have been a big hit. His parents are very impressed. The book flows very well and the accompaniments are great.

  24. Sienna Ottenbreit

    5 stars for seller, but not for content

    This specific book series falls short, in my opinion, in comparison to Faber’s other books. The content moves at a strange pace, and covers certain topics in a weird order. I much prefer using their adult beginner book for teens and adults starting piano, and the regular series for kids below teen age.

  25. Christy J


    Easy to follow. As an adult who hasn’t played in a LONG time, this is exactly what I was looking for to get back to playing.

    2 people found this helpful

  26. DMac

    Nice to have a book geared toward students 10 years and older

    Worked well for my students. Very concise, but thorough, explanation of how to read music, reminders of the Bass and Treble Clefs as the F Clef and G Clefs, respectively. Students used this to review sight-reading and was a great first book for the older beginner (middle schooler).

  27. dhoped123

    Great for self teaching

    My daughter has been playing the violin for about three years, and she was interested in starting to learn the piano. We bought this book so she could teach herself some of the basics, mostly because we weren’t ready to spring for more music lessons right now. This book is excellent for a beginner. The tutorials are simple and clear, and the pieces are fun to play.For any parents looking to do this, I would recommend checking in periodically to quiz and instruct the child. My daughter understands the lessons in the book, but she tends to shortcut things if I don’t check in. I also think this approach makes sense for an older child, or for a younger child with a few years of musical experience.

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  28. Angela J Sorgenfrei


    This book was recommended by my 13 year old’s piano teacher who is schooled in classical piano. She finds this easy to follow and easily understood but not easy or boring.

  29. nour

    Recommend this book.

    This book is really good for beginners I really recommend it

  30. Sofia GF

    Great for kids too

    My daughter has been playing violin since 4to, and now at 5.5 we gave in and added piano. The first teacher we tried gave her a baby book with colored pictures and music for separate hands. We switched, and the new teacher told us to buy this book. It has been 3 classes, but I can already see it is an excellent choice for my daughter.

    7 people found this helpful

  31. Joseph O’Neal



  32. Barbara T.

    Just a FYI: this is a Non-US version

    This version uses slightly different terminology than the US version. Not a big deal, but if I’d realized, I’d have bought the US version (that matched the instructor’s).PS: The lessons are easy to understand and follow while containing lots of information. I would recommend.

    3 people found this helpful

  33. Barbara RaneyBarbara Raney

    Simple and informative.

    Great beginner book. Very informative. If you’re learning to read music for the first time, it’s set up very well. There’s a glossary in the back, also.

    8 people found this helpful

  34. Isaac M.

    Great for adult learners

    For anyone who is an adult like me with no musical background, this book has great material to get you started with reading music.

    2 people found this helpful

  35. Bumblebee Adams

    Great for kids too!

    Piano is complex. Especially when just starting out. Ther are so many different things to concentrate on. Beginners need a book that progresses slowly. This is that book. Despite its title, the “Faber accelerated piano book for the older beginner” is not accelerated. For instance it moves much more slowly than the bastion beginner book. It gives the beginner more opportunity to learn many of the different aspects of piano playing without having to struggle with reading music that is too difficult. And it’s great for kids too.

    7 people found this helpful

  36. Kissell

    A good traditional solid entry level, but enjoy Synthesia a lot more and find it more useful for my goals.

    It’s a good book… I kinda was looking for more of a step by step lesson plan that would have me with some solid basics by the time I got to the end… instead this isn’t as rigid as that… it’s like “here’s how you read notes on a staff, and here’s a simple song to play” and yes, that’s definitely a good lesson, but there’s no way I could be a master of that lesson after completing the lesson, so just have to repeat and repeat over and over the same really simple boring lesson before feeling really comfortable with moving forward… and really, I’m more interested in being able to play a song from memory that reading sheet music as I play… so Synthesia is really a better tool for me that I have more fun with and gets me the results I want. While this is a great starting foundation, the foundation is based on the old style sheet music which is kinda like teaching someone to read an analogue clock… sure it’s nice and all, but it’s not necessary, and at the end of the day I have no progress towards playing in front of other people, just progress towards a good traditional solid foundation.

    3 people found this helpful

  37. Robin C.

    This is a good lesson book.

    I started my 23 year old student on the lesson, theory, technic and performance book. The song are mostly recognized. He loves his lessons and enjoys the series, thus he is doing well!

    2 people found this helpful

  38. Kimberly Church

    Arrived quick

    Arrived quickly and exactly as described.

  39. Burton, OH

    Watch out for “International Version” when ordering

    I normally love the Accelerated “for the older beginner” book to start with anyone 7 years and up, HOWEVER, I did not realize I was ordering the “International version”. It’s going to be okay–the songs are the same, but they call whole notes “semibreves”, half notes “minims”, and quarter notes “crotchets”, for example. It has the terms we use as Americans under it, but unless you are from a country that uses those other terms, why confuse new students with foreign terms? My review for the non-International version would be: I have taught piano for over 20 years, and Faber’s Piano Adventures is my favorite series I’ve ever taught out of. The only book in the series I’m not thrilled with is their primer book, so unless my student is very young, I use this Accelerated version “for the older beginner”. I use it for first or second graders even. It gets you into reading notes on the staff by the second lesson. It’s very well done and the songs are as musical as they can be at the level. I highly recommend this for a new student unless they are very young.

    19 people found this helpful

  40. frugalmommy

    Great book for jumping in and getting going on piano

    This is my favorite book for teaching piano to older kids, especially those who already know a little about music, can play piano a little, or just learn really quickly (my favorite for younger/slower students is Celebrate Piano). It still starts slower than I’d like – I like to get my students playing a song they like first, and start filling in the details second, but it starts them up and gets them going faster than any other method I’ve tried, and fits in all the important concepts, too. (Other books/methods I’ve tried and don’t like as much: John Thompson, Alfred’s, Peanuts, Usborne, Bastien, Schaum) Something I especially like about all the Faber books is that they never tie notes to a particular finger or hand position, and the right and left hand start playing together from the getgo. This avoids a lot of slowdown and temptation to quit later on. Also, in this Accelerated course, they don’t waste any time playing on the black keys, as they do in the regular-speed Primer level books. The Lesson book is meant to be used as part of a set of books, but this book alone is sufficient for students on a tight budget.

    27 people found this helpful

  41. Emilia ValenciaEmilia Valencia

    It’s good

    I liked the book. It is really helping me to become better at playing piano.

    One person found this helpful

  42. carla

    Works good

    I played for several years when I was younger. This book has helped me remember which keys are which I’ve gotten very rusted.

  43. Lighthouse Rita

    Great Piano Book for the Older Beginner

    Great book. I am 63 years old and have been trying to teach myself to play the piano. The find the Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner the best that I have used. It is simple to follow and the songs are fun to play. I also bought the theory book to reinforce what I am learning and love that as well. I would highly recommend this series to any older beginner.

    18 people found this helpful

  44. schanteuse1

    This is the Book Series for the Older Beginner!

    These books (Lesson Book, Theory Book, Technique Book, Performance Book and Sightreading Book) are perfect for the older beginner, age 10 and up. They have really appealing songs that challenge but don’t overwhelm. No horrible children’s drawings accompany the material, as there are in some other method books. I recommend all the books as they really reinforce concepts and skills, each approaching the learning from a different, specific angle, but all working together so effectively and enjoyably.

    29 people found this helpful

  45. Dreyna

    Good book for adults.

    My piano teacher recommended this book since I am an adult. I had no previous piano experience and the last time I read music for guitar was when I was a teenager. I am enjoying following the lessons and find it easy to understand with just enough challenge.

    30 people found this helpful



    Muy útil

  47. Mary

    Good book for players

    Teacher recommended, my son plays well, easy to learn

  48. mia2608

    best piano book

    my teacher says this is the best piano book!

  49. Kay Meyer

    Highly recommend

    Great for the older DIY beginner. The videos are instructive, and the background music is much better to practice with than a metronome. I highly recommend this.

    One person found this helpful

  50. Keeyana

    Easy to understand as an adult learner

    Great book to learn with as an adult. Very easy to understand

  51. Michelle Mayer

    Great starter for the late beginner

    I give lessons to children, and have used different methods; this summer I have older beginners, and have started them with “It’s Never Too Late To Learn Piano..”. It’s a fine book, but recently my niece came home from college and asked me for lessons. She is a relative and gets her lessons for free, so I decided it was time to experiment on her with a new series. I really like this one; it is not as dry, and I like the included teacher duets. I have been using the Faber supplements for some time for recital pieces, and was excited to learn that these books complement this series.

    11 people found this helpful

  52. Gwen T. Jorgensen

    Great, for the young teen- adult beginners.

    This is great for the teen, through the adult beginner. I love how it combines the theory and some technique, with the curriculum. The pieces have a broad generational appeal, and my older students do well with this as their core book, in the beginning.

  53. Sumbul

    Good book and fast delivery

    Needed book for my son’s piano class. Arrived home in just about a day.

  54. Barbara Monte


    My adult son who has taken up piano to help with stress after cancer diagnosis has taken to the way this book teaches and is making advancement in leaps and bounds and us getting an excellent foundation in music.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Anonymous from Oregon

    This is a great lesson book

    This is a great lesson book, one of my favorites ever, (and I have been teaching piano for 20 years.) I would recommend it highly for ages 9 and up. Very ambitious 8-year-olds can also try it. I love using it with teen and adult beginners especially. Many of the adult books go too quickly for complete beginners, unless they have played piano or another instrument before, in my opinion. I like the pacing of this one…not too fast or too slow.

    8 people found this helpful

  56. Joshua G.

    Great practice series for the beginner

    My 10 year old ordered this at his piano teacher’s request. He loves working his way through the book and discovering songs he’s heard of before.

  57. Prez

    Good book

    good so far

  58. Burton, OH

    Great Way to Start Great Series

    I’ve been teaching piano lessons for over 25 years, and I use this all the time for my beginning students from 7 or 8 years old and up. I only use the non-accelerated version for students who are younger or have learning difficulties. I don’t care for the Faber primer. It takes way too long to get kids reading music on the staff. All the other Faber books are great! This version gets you going reading notes on the staff much earlier.

    34 people found this helpful

  59. N. R. Early Byron

    Faber Accelerated Book 1 is Perfect

    As a piano teacher, I’ve used Faber piano method books for many years. It is the best series by far. However, for some students, primer/level 1/level 2 can progress a bit too slowly. That’s why Older Beginner book 1 accelerated is a great fit for most students ages 11 and up. It also works for high-ability beginners as young as 9.

    72 people found this helpful

  60. Suzy R.

    Learn what you need to know for the long road

    This book is great pared with the Theory book by the same title and authors. I am learning ways to play that will help me in the long run, practicing what I will be doing in the future but on an easier scale- building good habits at the beginning!

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