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    BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele, Guitar, and Bass 12 Pack

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    BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele, Guitar, and Bass 12 Pack


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    BoloPick Felt Picks are the ultimate in Quality and Durability. BoloPick Ukulele Picks are same profile as Standard 351 guitar pick shape, and 3mm thick. Firm enough for precise picking, yet produce a soft strum if held gently. Long-lasting, BoloPick picks can be washed gently, air dried & reused. Available in 6, 8, and 12 packs in a wide variety of colors and combinations. Perfect for Ukulele, guitar, Banjo, and Bass. An excellent Gift item. Proudly Made in the USA.

    60 reviews for BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele, Guitar, and Bass 12 Pack

    1. Heather

      These make strumming easy!

      I’m a beginner at ukelele. My strumming is often uneven and sounds different every strum, especially because my fingernails are too short. These make my strumming sound more even, consistent and louder.Love the bright colors so they are easy to see if I drop one on the couch, floor, etc.

    2. m. preston

      Didn’t really work for me but still might be a good product

      The felt picks are comfortable, firm, and came as advertised. My issues (which might just be my problem) are 1) that I had to grip it vise-like otherwise the pick slid around between my index finger+thumb. I hadn’t expected to have to hold that tightly. My index finger was a bit sore – thought using a pick would give my finger a break. Instead it made other areas of my hand hurt. 2) The loudness. I thought using felt would dampen the sound but using these picks made every strum so loud. I’m just playing for myself not an auditorium. Sometimes I play at night when others are sleeping. I really can’t have it be that loud. I think the picks probably work as they’re supposed to just not what I expected having never used one. I would advise anyone buying these to consider my 2 issues + if those wouldn’t be a problem for them then purchase. Otherwise, just strum with your fingers.

    3. Music Educator


      Produce a nice sound but the picks don’t last long. After a song or two they start to fray

    4. Amazon Customer

      Sound great with bass, but don’t stay stiff long

      Exactly the tone I wanted (I don’t have good bass fingerings chops, but I can use a pick just fine) Tip of pick gets soft after about 10 min of hard playing….not surprising because, duh, it’s felt. But I hadn’t expected it upon first use. Good thing it’s a six pack.

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    5. jacosta

      Great for sensory kids

      This was a great tool to use for those kids that have sensory issues while learning to play a stringed instrument such as the guitar or ukulele.When my daughter started playing ukulele (age 7) she had meltdowns in music class. Once we allowed her to use the felt (texture is soft) them she played more confidently and was able to play music with no issues. No or little meltdowns. I highly recommend for sensory kids.

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    6. Hsiaoling Dawson

      Perfect for Bass guitars and others….

      I purchased these for a couple of reasons. First, was to get rid of pick noise while recording my bass guitar. Second, to get away from the harshness of using a pick on a classical “gut string” guitars. It does the trick. They are pretty durable and offer a comfortable solid feel. They will wear out over time and if you play hard you might bend them. These are NOT for Windmill Power chords. They offer a smooth sound on all the guitars I’ve played with these. Would buy again!

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    7. elyse

      Cute and Colorful, Work Great

      I bought these for the elementary students in my ukulele club–they are colorful and strong enough for strumming with ease. The kids loved the different colors and felt special to get their own pick! 🙂

    8. Dominic T. Sedillo

      They’re fine…

      I bought these just to try them out. I’m not really one to play the Ukulele with a pick, but they’re pretty good if you’re someone who is used to playing with a pick. They’re not as hard as a normal plastic guitar pick. Their fuzzy/soft feel makes the sound on the Uke more subtle and it’s probably best for not breaking strings* (*because otherwise why make them out of felt).If you wanna give them a shot I’d say “go for it”. It’s a small investment and you may end up loving them.

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    9. Gabriel


      These picks were great! I got 12 of them. I play bass guitar and these work great for bass guitar. I highly recommend them.

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    10. 56

      Great on electric bass

      These are capable of producing great tones on electric bass guitar if you bend the corners back and forth first to soften them up a bit in order to help keep string amplitude more consistent while picking. If you cringe at the idea of using a pick on electric bass but have never tried a felt, these might change your mind for those songs that really need a pick.

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    11. Jodi Gilbert

      Overall good

      Fun using a different pic, sounds is very unique . Love it on my ukulele

    12. Jon Z

      Go for the solid gray ones

      A bit stiff. The solid dark gray ones by same company I like better

    13. HJ

      Bright colors, great picks

      These ukulele picks look great, feel great, and sound great. They make it easier to pick out melodies and chords in a standard and repeatable fashion. Love the colors

    14. KLR

      For music classroom

      I bought these to use in the music classroom. I am hoping that they hold up to many classes of 20+ students day after day. They seem to be sturdy but they will definitely get the kid test.

    15. Matt

      Sturdy picks. Many colors.

      I bought these to help my kids keep an interest in practicing. Every little bit helps. The picks are colorful and do the job. Note that using picks tend to make the practicing louder.

    16. MattP

      Love these

      These are so much better than the traditional type of picks and they work great on my uke.

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    17. DIANE HART


      Easier to hold onto than plastic pic…softer sound.

    18. Bill

      Not suitable for bass guitar

      These picks did not hold up on a bass guitar with flat wound strings. They are quite soft and bend immediately against the thickness of a bass string. Less than 10 minutes and the pick was useless.They seem like they would be fine for ukelele though.

    19. Susan Proctor

      Ukulele picks

      This is a Christmas gift so I can’t rate it

    20. Tawnya


      I bought these for a teen who plays guitar and who wanted a ukulele. They are cute and seem just as sturdy as the regular felt picks.

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    21. Debi M.

      great picks daughter loves them

      easy to hold

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    22. Debi

      Not what I like for picks

      They don’t sound as nice

    23. Uke player

      Works & sounds great!

      Easy to hold, comfortable & provides a great sound without clicking on the strings. A great help since I have an injured index finger & can’t use it to strum.

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    24. Randy Kienzle


      They are a little thicker than I would like. But do the job and don’t make a harsh clicking when you strum.

    25. glupavomomiche

      Great picks!

      I use these with my ukulele and Venezuelan quatro. They are very sturdy, the heart cut out makes them easier to hold, and I get great sounding strums with these. Very happy with these!

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    26. Arnold

      Product is soft but the felt is solid, feel it is well made

      Using any pick with my ukulele is a unique experience. The sound is louder which for me is not important since I only play by myself and I do not perform at all.. I am glad I have the picks and would order them again

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    27. Mary

      Soooo cute!

      When I bought my ukulele, the shop owner threw in a felt pick and I learned to play with it. However, after practicing nearly an hour a day for a week, the pick wore out. So I got these! The felt isn’t fraying out like it did on my first pick and it’s remaining sturdy. It’s lasting a lot longer! I love them! 🙂

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    28. JH

      Great for U Bass

      I got these to try with an amplified ukulele bass with the thick, rubbery Thundergut strings. So far I really like these picks. They’re easy to hold on to with the center cut out, the tone sounds great when plucking the strings, and they aren’t hard on the strings. I also got some leather picks, and I’m leaning toward liking these felt picks better for tone. My only concern with these is how long they will last. They seem like they might get softened up over time with use. But so far, so good!

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    29. Alice F. Cashwell

      Great addition to my Music Classroom

      I used these for teaching ukulele with 4th grade students. The picks are firm enough to produce a quality sound but soft enough not to damage the strings.

    30. Shanna


      Got these for my daughter as she liked the heart in the middle. I ended up liking them just as much as my daughter. I play my Ukulele about a hour a day and I have used the same pick for 3 weeks now. Other picks I’ve had only lasted a week or one session. Will be stocking up on these for sure!

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    31. Katie Anderson

      Love them!!!

      I’ve never tried picks for my uke before, but I am 1000x more inspired to play now that I have some! The strumming sounds great, and very even, and the colors are so bright!

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    32. Jennifer Plunk

      Great for kids!

      My daughter is just learning to play and these picks are very easy to use. She said they are much easier to hold than a regular pick and the hole in the middle makes a big difference. Will definitely purchase again in the future.

    33. I really tried it

      crisp sound

      I’m a beginner in playing the Uke. I used the plastic pick that came with the kit but wanted to try something different. These are great. Comfortable to hold,nice clean sound

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    34. Karen Bronchetti

      My favorite ukulele picks

      After trying many picks, these are my favorite. When they hit the strings, these picks do not make a sound that interferes with the music of the ukulele. I need the cutout to prevent the pick from rotating between my fingers. Perfect picks.

    35. Rhoo

      Great pics! Exactly as described.

      Product is exactly as described. The heart cut outs help you to grip the picks easily. They play just like a plastic pic but without that hard plastic clicky sound on the uke strings which make for a better overall sound. If you like to play with pics, I recommend this product.

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    36. Anthony Manansala

      Felt picks, help

      Teaching myself to play the ukulele and picked up these felt picks for strumming. Love ’em, I get a more consistent strum with them than with my finger. I know, I know, practice, practice, practice. But strumming is fun.

    37. Frank

      Works but thicker than I expected

      They works and are well made. A bit thicker than I hopef

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    38. PuffMama

      Cheerful colors and very useful!

      These picks are great, especially if you have small hands!

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    39. Kadence MarieKadence Marie

      Cute and works

      Just got these today and they are so cute! I’m probably going to gift some of them to my two best friends who also play the ukelele.

    40. P. Roland

      Great for little fingers or those who have trouble pinching.

      These work really well for grasping. Whether you have little fingers or older (and/or less capable of pinching fingers), these are great. The little heart-shaped hole allows you to hold on to the pick with less stress to your finger/thumb.

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    41. B. Clark

      Nice and affordable

      They were exactly as I expected. I bought them for my students at school. My only complaint would be that they show dirt easily- other than that they’re glorious.

    42. Lauren Bourgard

      Too Soft

      I used these picks with my tenor ukulele (one steel string for low G) and they did not hold up. One use and they already have become very torn up. If you use this product, they should probably be used with a soprano, maybe a concert ukulele. But they are much to soft for anything larger or with more coarse strings.

    43. Steven Rea

      I’m not sure I like felt picks in general. I’ll probably stick with plastic ones. But these work fine.

      Felt picks take a little getting used to. I’m not sure if they are for me.

    44. ErrJ

      Easy to hold, Fun colors

      Easy for me daughter to hold. Loved the colors and heart cutout. Should be good to help her as she is learning proper techniques.

    45. Ida bailey


      Thinner than the ones I am use to.

    46. HR

      Just right!

      Bolo picks are just the right thickness so they have the right amount of “give.” — I prefer these to the other “heart” uke picks.

    47. JohnnieFrancesGodwin

      Very easy to install

      It is movable was easy to install. I had it installed in minutes and it did not leak. Water pressure very good. Great produce for a great price

    48. Donna Mackie

      Nephew loves it

      Bought these picks for my nephews birthday to go with his new ukulele and he loves it!!!!!!

    49. Amazon Customer

      Four Stars

      I was looking for an even softer pick

    50. Vic

      They work

      They work.

    51. Rothko

      Does the job

      Colorful picks. Perfectly serviceable

    52. BanjoGuy

      Not just for kids

      These picks produce a more authentic ukulele sound than plastic or leather, both which I find are to stiff. For new players, there’s less chance of catching and breaking a string or pulling it out of tune with the felt. Also for any lady ukuleleists, you don’t have to worry about ruining your manicure by strumming with your fingers now. Great for strumming chords, less great for individual solo string play

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    53. Tippy Mueller

      Great buy

      Reasonably priced so I felt I could share them with the other 5 people in Uke class

    54. Amazon Customer

      Useful and comfortable

      They are almost all that I know since I took up learning ukulele. At the beginning, my fingers on my strumming hand invariably just plain old hurt. With these wonderful soft felt tips, that discomfort has been totally eliminated. And I don’t like the sound of plastic. The colors are a fun bonus.

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    55. justinetn

      9 y/o daughter loves

      These things are huge but easy for my 9 y/o daughter to use with her uke and of course she loves the way they look. They are a good size for small hands and felt so they easy to grip.

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    56. DHT

      Great Picks

      This was a good deal… 12 picks for a low price.If you play Ukulele a lot, the felts picks often wear out rather soon. Therefore, you end up using more picks. I am glad I found these, I don’t have to order so often.

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    57. Ryanetics


      I wanted to like these more than I do. Absolutely kills the tonality of the strings. Dull, lifeless, no ring to it or brightness at all :(I’ll most likely go back to finger picking and strumming

    58. DdDd

      Great ukulele picks at a better price.

      Exactly what I was looking for. Guitar pick size. Holding up well so far.

    59. Regina Schwartz Vazquez

      Cute and easy to hold.

      I think I can actually play louder with these picks. I had trouble strumming with my index finger because the nail is always broken. These picks seem to give me more control.

    60. Msmime

      I am tiny tim now.

      So good. I can play like tiny tim now.

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  • Picks

    Dunlop 449P.73 Max-Grip® Nylon Standard, Gray, .73mm, 12/Player’s Pack

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    Dunlop 449P.73 Max-Grip® Nylon Standard, Gray, .73mm, 12/Player’s Pack


    SKU: B09S2VB3KW Category:

    Molded gripping surface features a carefully engineered coarse grid Made of durable nylon Perfect pick for speed pickers and hard strummers Packaged as a 12 pack .73mm, gray color

    60 reviews for Dunlop 449P.73 Max-Grip® Nylon Standard, Gray, .73mm, 12/Player’s Pack

    1. Carol K

      They don’t slip out of my fingers

      These picks have enough texture that they do not slip out of my fingers like smooth picks. They are easy to hold and do not irritate my fingers even though they are not as smooth as other picks. They make playing easier because I am not worried about losing the pick in the middle of a song.

    2. Big Red Viking

      Good, quality nylon pick.

      For me the primary attribute is the gripability (if that’s even a word). The thickness and durability are great for my style of playing, which has been described as ‘percussive folk-metal’.

      One person found this helpful

    3. LMI

      This is the pick of my choice

      Hopefully the price stays affordable. I’m definitely not happy Dunlap charges a premium for a more grippy pick that costs exactly the same to make…but I have to admit, it’s worth a few extra cents to me.Dunlap makes good picks (as do others) and this is one of my favorites for a balanced sound with a acoustic steel string guitar. Around a 0.7 nylon is a pretty good balance of flex and firmness plus the texture ads a lot (and no, that’s not what “she said”).

    4. j. thiele


      I have been trying MANY picks and I’ve liked many. However, this is the best one. I have just about every major pick brand mad with TRADITIONAL pick material and these are the best. Now, they are nylon so they will have a different feel and attack to the plastics. The grip on these is the best. I used Fender’s rubber slip-on grips and they worked great, but I got tired of the rubber hitting the strings now and again.

    5. Jeffrey S. Canfield


      My wife likes them so that’s what I get her.

    6. The Ford Family

      Great Quality, Great Price

      These aren’t for me, 5 stars though as to product itself. You can’t go wrong with these if you’re looking for a sticky pic, MAN! I mean they stay put! It feels like they’re glued to your finger tips; I found myself constantly adjusting them just to make sure they weren’t lol! Alas, I do need to adjust the positioning of my pic too often as I bounce back and forth between picking and strumming. But I’m weird…I use very lite strings and pic. If you’re a thicker picker and like your pic to stay put then these are for you, I doubt you’re gonna find a better deal.

      One person found this helpful

    7. Adam Ballinger

      The picks I’ve used forever

      Hands down my favorite picks! I’ve used these forever. Definitely one of the easiest to hold onto

    8. Beammeup

      Easy to grip and not slip out of your fingers.

      Being a bass player I rarely use a pick but when I do it’s the Dunlop max grip. Even with sweaty fingers I can hang on to these bad boyz. The best.

    9. cannimagine

      Love these picks

      I use several types of picks but these have become my favorite. They are so much easier to hold than other picks.

    10. joebobhenrybob


      I do wish the grippy pattern extended all the way to the edges on the half of the pick that would be gripped – that said, this is the most grippy thin pick I’ve found yet. The maxgrip carbon fibre jazz picks are the best thicker pick.I used the 73 nylon after I found a bit too much clacking in my acoustic recordings – the softer nylon and more give seems to do the trick – I don’t think you can go much thinner unless you are using it purely for strumming with zero picking – if you’re going to do a mix of strumming and picking, the 73 is good.I also tried it on bass on a lark and that was kind of amusing. I found that playing over away from the bridge, with the right setup, it was a pretty cool tone – despite how weird playing bass with a thin pick may seem.Anyway it just goes to show it is always a good idea to experiment with different pick sizes, thicknesses, and materials for different tones. When people talk about tone being in the hands of the player, they may be neglecting one of the key contributors that stays with the player regardless of axe – the picks they use. you hand any guitar to Brian May and you know what he’s going to pick it with…

      5 people found this helpful

    11. Polly Burkeen

      Exactly as advertised

      Arrived promptly. Exactly as advertised

    12. mfbonafide

      Really easy to hang on to

      Best pick ever for me.

    13. Brian Bodine



      One person found this helpful

    14. Jeff24c


      Very nice picks. I like a heavier pick and these are it.

      One person found this helpful

    15. R. Elliott

      So far, so good

      I’m enjoying these so far. The grips are the best I’ve tried out among similar types of picks intended to provide extra grip, and they tend to stay between my fingers where I want them. The .60mm provides adequate, if not real good, attack, but what can you expect from nylon at this size. Overall, they’re comfortable and don’t slip – although I haven’t yet used them in a situation where I’m dripping with sweat.

      One person found this helpful

    16. Bookish


      I’m recovering from hand surgery and found I couldn’t quite keep my grip on a regular pick. These work great and make it possible for me to start playing again.

      3 people found this helpful

    17. S. Moe

      A nice pick

      I’m very comfortable with this pick, it has excellent grip, it’s flexible enough for strumming, and sturdy enough for picking. So a bit of a compromise, you can use it for any style of play, but it’s not the very best for any of them, but good enough. If I’m using only one pick I’d take one of these.

      One person found this helpful

    18. Brad4321

      Excellent Grip, Perfect for Beginners

      As a general rule, I love Jim Dunlop picks. I was looking for a slightly thinner pick than the .73 I typically use for hard/fast strumming on my acoustic and gave these Max-Grip .60 a try. These picks turned me from a beginner into an advanced beginner instantly. All the pick control issues I had with other picks is instantly gone. Just as other reviewer’s say, its like you glued the pick to your fingers. It does not shift when playing hard and the grip allows much easier single hand pick manipulation when you want to change position. As the years go by and I gain more experience and techniques I may change picks, but until then, its Max-Grip all the way.At my level, the .60 (and .73) is a great compromise pick thickness. It is thick enough for some single string picking and still thin enough for heavy hand, beginner strumming. The thicker picks absolutely give more control when picking individual strings, but makes it difficult for beginners to control while strumming.As long as I don’t lose them, a 12 pack will last a lifetime.

      One person found this helpful

    19. Carl Spackler

      Easy to hold

      I am a beginner and have been experimenting with different gauge picks to see which ones I prefer. I really like these max grip picks and think the thinner gauge (0.73 and 0.60) make strumming easier. Haven’t tested durability vs other brands but you get 12 picks in a pack so not really sure how important it is.

      One person found this helpful

    20. James MercerJames Mercer

      Won’t slip out of your fingers.

      Great pick for fast picking individual strings like I do as a metal player. These picks aren’t so good for strumming so if you’re looking to strum chords I’d get a thinner pick.

      2 people found this helpful

    21. Longride

      It’s the whole reason I can shred

      Just kidding, but does feel great and feel more confident that it won’t slip out of my fingers.

    22. Marci


      Durable and easy to hold!

    23. David F

      Maybe a little too grippy

      I like that this pick won’t slip out of your fingers but it’s almost too sticky. It can still move around a little bit and when I try to readjust it is so grippy I have problems getting it back into the correct position.

    24. JS

      Very good product

      Easy to hold, durable. Make strings sound perfect.

    25. Joe

      Nashville bound

      These magic picks are making me a star I could never play a guitar but more I am Nashville bound I am about to sign a million dollar recording contract Tomorrow Best magic pick everNow really how am I supposed to rate a small peice if plastic There make the guitar make noise Nothing wrong with them good product

      2 people found this helpful

    26. Mike M.

      Just what I wanted!!

      I play bass and use my fingers but some songs that were originally played with a pick sound best when using one. Love these picks!! The weight is perfect, not to thin, not to thick, firm with just a perfect amount of give… for picks, it’s my pick!!

      One person found this helpful

    27. Amazon Customer

      They work!

      Good grip.

    28. Dwight – Marietta, GA

      Comfortable Grip – Good for Beginners

      These picks are nice for strumming along or for essential skills practice (scales, etc). They offer the right kind of flexibility near the tip of the pick which helps with accuracy when strumming. The grip is nice if you don’t mind a tactile feel where you grip the pick.I was hoping to find something that wouldn’t slip out of my hand with soft strumming but I find the material a little slippery (even with the grip) for my taste. Most of that is likely related to my lack of pick skill so I would still recommend this pick to someone starting out who is interested in mastering the basic chords.

    29. KevinKevin

      Just what I was looking for.

      Nice non-slip grip that doesn’t interfere with use.

    30. Brendan Bailey

      The best pick brand!

      I’ve been using Dunlop picks for over 20 years. This version with the max-grip texture is by far their best pick ever!! Can’t recommend this pick enough.

      2 people found this helpful

    31. Emily E.


      Stays in my hand and doesn’t chip and break like cheap Chinese junk celluloid picks. DUNLOP MAX GRIP is good stuff. 👍

    32. entity3sf

      Excellent pick

      I used to use 1.0 Millimeter picks by Dunlop. They were fine until I bought a few new guitars and needed some flexibility. The .73 is great for that. Right now I can recommend them to anyone. They have a great feel and rough pattern front and back so you don’t drop them or have them turn on you during playiing. I’d recommend them. Hey, they are not expensive; worth a try,

    33. SR

      Good picks. Like them much!

      I enjoy these picks! Good gripping ability for me. Will get more if I need them. Dunlop are my favorite pick brand!!!!

    34. NomDePlume

      Never drop a pick again!

      Max-Grip 60’s — and the Max-Grip series as a whole — are simply the best guitar picks I’ve ever used. I had a previous favorite pick — the Fender medium, in the confetti pattern (because it was easy to spy when I dropped it on the floor). Then I picked up a Dunlop (an earlier version), and never looked back. The Max-Grip texture is pure magic — I don’t think I’ve ever had one slip out of my hand. I can’t even remember the last time I had to shake a pick out of a guitar body — it’s sure never happened with a Dunlop. I bought a 72-pack of the 60’s, and now I have a lifetime supply.I use the .60 for two very different acoustic guitars, and it’s perfect for both. My 6-string has D’Addario phosphor-bronze mediums, and that’s a fairly heavy gauge. My 12-sting has D’Addario EXP38 coated lights. I get exactly the sound I want out of both, with the same light pick.I use the 1.5mm for my electric, and occasionally for bass. Another match made in heaven.My only gripe — gray is boring, and the shades of the three thinnest are almost identical, and hard to tell apart. Make this in some colors and patterns please, Dunlop. My favorite color is still the Fender confetti.

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    35. Craig Fink

      These are my favorite picks!!

      I really like the shape and the texture of these..👍

    36. Crobine1

      Great for me

      Quality on all aspects !Actually, I have NEVER had issues with any Dunlop anything…and I’ve ordered a bunch.Solid 5 stars

    37. ཡaᎧᎹ

      My fave


    38. Picasso

      Good pick

      Good pick,perfect for me.these things last forever

    39. Israel Him R.

      Great guitar pick

      Great product

    40. Reggie

      Perfect for me.

      This is my go to gauge pick & the max grip is on point. For strumming or playing lead which I play both rythm & lead guitar. Jim Dunlop products are second to none in my book & are known world wide as a product that can be counted on. Durable & long lasting. As far as the price goes. You’re really paying for the Signature of EVH & in my opinion. They could be more reasonable in price. However ya gotta love the fact that he endorsed these great picks & I’ll use a couple & keep the rest for the fact that he tragically past this last year. Great loss to the music world. Very sad to say the least. I wished they made a Randy Rhodes pick?

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    41. Brian Gabriel

      Dad Hasn’t Dropped it Yet

      I like a lighter pick for strumming and control. This .60 fits the bill without being flimsy (.38).I bought this particular pick for the grip, of course, as my Dad drops his pick continuously due to his shaky hand. He hasn’t dropped this one yet, so hold your breath for an update on his pick-dropping calamities. So far, so good. And I like the grip, too.If you want a light pick with a fantastic grip… enjoy.

      One person found this helpful

    42. ALXDVS1955

      Dunlop Nylons, the best

      Over the years, I keep coming back to these picks. I use them in various thicknesses for acoustic and electric guitar as well as these 88s specifically for electric bass guitar.

    43. BLP3 Motors

      The bulletproof Pic

      I have used a Dunlop .60mm since playing 20 years ago. I love the bigger grip pattern since it was rebranded. A solid pick for strumming. I have only ever broken one pic in all my years….you pretty much lose pics into the great abyss. Great value and great quality. get chu some

    44. Lilysue

      Great Grip

      They do the job!

    45. PLC




      Love these

      These are all I use now. Great pics. I don’t drop them as much as other picks lol.

    47. Connie Sue

      My new favorites!

      I’ve used the old-style (standard?) Dunlop nylon picks for *ahem!* decades, and they’re great, but I decided to try these. As advertised, they are super easy to hold – they just seem to “stick” to my fingers, in a good way.

      One person found this helpful

    48. David Wiggins

      Great strumming picks

      The grips make it easy to hold and for pick manipulation. Great value.

    49. Hawkeye


      Tried this new pick today and something weird happened, the sound was different, bold and bright, and on two-month-old strings too. I’ve messed with picks before and always went back to what I really didn’t like but something was different this time. I know they’re thicker and thought well IDK. Does a pick or does the RIGHT pick make this much of a difference? I threw all my picks away just now and ordered another pack, today I’ve found something that has changed everything about my playing, something I can’t explain, this is the pick for me, this is the pick for this guitar, this little piece of plastic has changed everything.

      4 people found this helpful

    50. DCS


      The grip on these are game changing. I’ve always bought picks based on looks, and none of them play the way these do. I’ve always had problems with the picks sliding around in my dry hands. But these feel like sandpaper (in a good way though) where they are rough yet totally comfortable to play.

      2 people found this helpful

    51. davido

      Good picks but…

      I like these picks for how they feel when playing but I seem to get a brighter tone with celluloid picks which I prefer.

    52. Tony W.

      Not a bad start….I’ve seen better grippy picks, but these will do.

      These weren’t *quite* what I was expecting, but for what they do…they do well. Mediums with a slight hint toward the thin side of picks, but they provide juuuuuust enough grip not to lose them while you’re on a roll with your guitar jam. Definitely NOT the grippiest of picks I’ve ever used, but for the price….Get them.

    53. Eric Claptrap

      These picks are durable and certainly do the job.

      Could not order product. There was no way to select size or any option.

    54. Alright Mon

      Same tensile strength but thinner

      Same .88 tensile strength but much thinner. I was used to the .88 thickness so found the pick moving around more than regular .88. I guess it’s something to get used to but I don’t death grip my picks either.

    55. Amazon Customer

      very flexible

      good flexibility not hard and stiff

    56. Absolute Truth

      My absolute favorite. Love the grip and the feel. I use the .73mm

      Great pick! My absolute favorite.

    57. locutus

      They’re just picks

      55 years ago I bought a gross of fender picks for $2.50. I still have about 75 of them. I just paid ~$3.50 for 12 of these. Times change. Anyway, I found one of these mixed up in my stuff so I tried it out. I like how they sound on my bass and the etching keeps them from slipping. Over the years I developed a technique where I can keep a pick between my palm and third and fourth fingers and I can slip it back and forth so I can play with my fingers, too. These picks a great for that. But hey they’re just picks.

    58. David Smith

      Great Beginners pick

      I liked the grip on the picks. It has helped me as a beginner.

    59. Dan Barrett

      Not what they used to be

      They are the right size for most people. They are easily gripped. Unfortunately, they are not as smooth on the sides as they used to be, so I get a little scrape sound. Not so bad for acoustic, but distracting on all my guitars and audible on the Strat.

    60. Dennis

      Great pick (plectrum)

      The picks are great! The are flexible for acoustic guitar. Produces a mellow sound (of course, strings and the amount of force you use to strum affects the sound also) and is easy to hold. The raised dots help to keep it in your hand and not your sound hole! 👍I will purchase again when needed.P.S. They come in various thickness. Maybe an assorted pack to begin with to find your correct thickness. I also use the .73. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience. Practice, Practice, Practice!

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    Dunlop 449P.73 Max-Grip® Nylon Standard, Gray, .73mm, 12/Player's Pack

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    Dunlop 449P.73 Max-Grip® Nylon Standard, Gray, .73mm, 12/Player's Pack


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    • Molded gripping surface features a carefully engineered coarse grid
    • Made of durable nylon
    • Perfect pick for speed pickers and hard strummers
    • Packaged as a 12 pack
    • .73mm, gray color


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