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    Alesis Recital 61 – 61 Key Digital Piano Keyboard

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    Alesis Recital 61 – 61 Key Digital Piano Keyboard


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    The Ultimate Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano – Electric piano with 61 premium full-sized semi weighted keys with adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style Premium Sounds – 10 voices (including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and more), built-in FX: Chorus, Reverb, and two built in 20W speakers that deliver crystal-clear, room-filling sound Connectivity Covered – ¼” sustain pedal input (not included), ¼” stereo headphone output for private practice and stereo RCA outputs for connection to speakers / amplifiers Play Keys Anywhere – Power via the included power adapter or 6 D cell batteries (not included) for professional piano performance wherever you are Powerful Educational Features – Standard, split, layer, and lesson modes with 128-note max polyphony and Skoove 3 month premium subscription for expert interactive online piano lessons Interactive Piano Lessons Included – 60 Free Virtual Lessons from Melodics and two months of free live video lessons from TakeLessons where you can interact and learn from an expert instructor

    60 reviews for Alesis Recital 61 – 61 Key Digital Piano Keyboard

    1. Gilberto Garcia

      A mi me gustó.

      La verdad es que no se mucho de pianos, yo apenas estoy comenzando a aprender y esta muy cómodo, las teclas no son muy duras, pero tampoco están muy blandas, el sonido es a mi parecer muy bueno.

    2. Client d’Amazon

      Très bien

      Très bien

    3. marco

      Touch is ok but sound is bad

      Touche correct pour du « semi weighted » mais le son des speakers est horrible

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    4. hails74

      Really good sound

      Boufht it for my son he’s going GCSE Music, he’s really pleased. Like the feel of the keys

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    5. Phil Crompton


      Bought it for my mother’s 86th birthday. She hadn’t played for 30 years ans isin lockdown.she’s delighted with it.

    6. Stan

      Mangelnde Qualität des Keyboards

      Abwicklung und Lieferung perfekt, 5 Sterne. Was das Instrument betrifft, ist die Qualität sehr durchschnittlich. Die Größe der Tasten weicht vom Standard ab, sie sind robust und kantisch. Ich wollte ein leichtes Keyboard für Übungen während der Reise kaufen. Bin enttäuscht, nicht empfehlenswert.

    7. David Martin

      good product

      suitable for beginners and experts

    8. robert dubois

      Très bon rapport qualité prix


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    9. pat granger

      Came on time good condition

      Used it to play the piano absolutely brilliant came on time

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    10. Lupita

      Sonido y peso de teclas ideal para principiantes

      A mi hija le gustó mucho porque es principiante y el peso de las teclas está bien, puesto que se sienten pesadas como un piano. Aclaro que es la percepción de una principiante.

    11. Yanick Blanchette

      Parfait pour semi-pros

      Pour le prix, c’est imbattable. La touch est vraiment agréable en générale et le son direct du piano est très bien sauf les effets « stocks » qui sont plutôt médiocres. Par contre le reverb est très bien. Bien sûr l’attaque en pianissimo n’est pas le point fort…. Vous commencez ou êtes intermédiaire et voulez apprendre sans les mauvais plis causés par un instrument bas de gamme qui ne possèdent que très peu de variantes d’intensité et aucun feeling sur les touches !? Hé bien c’est LE clavier pour vous à un prix très raisonnable 🙂

    12. Neil Roberts

      Great for Portable Practice

      You cannot fault this for the money. The sounds are more than adequate & the piano action feels good. I prefer the sound through a larger speaker, but at low volume the little speakers are okay. I’m using it mostly to take around with me, but when practicing I midi it & use professional Yamaha pianos & Roland synths from it.It is great to use in a smaller studio as a midi piano keyboard too. Obviously a £6,000 88 note electronic piano is going to be better, but it is what it is. Cheap as chips as David Dickinson would say & an absolute bargain to boot. I’m very pleased with it when all said & done. 😊

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    13. Cédric

      Perfect for beginner and pro!

      It is so nice and Confortable to play with it, you can plug you headset on it, play anywhere you can install it and having fun practicing! No regrets !

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    14. Lee Porter

      Ideal first piano

      Well, I’ve had this piano for two weeks now and I am delighted with it.The sound quality is excellent, the keys have just enough resistence to give a genuinely piano-like feel to them, and the touch sensitivity is very welcome, so for anyone looking to learn piano rather than just keyboard I will defiitely recommend this.I spent a couple of months over the summer umming and ahing over which keyboard to go for, eventually narrowing it down to the Recital 61 (I have limited space) or the Yamaha 373; deciding that, whilst the 373’s grand piano sound is gorgeous, it lacks the key-feel of a real piano. For anyone learning to play piano, as opposed to just ‘keyboard’, this feel, the combination of weight and touch sensitivity, is vital, and as the 10billion bells and whistles on the Yam did not interest me, the Alesis won out by quite a distance.Are there any downsides to this piano? Only a couple of *very* minor ones related to the power cable. The wire for this is seriously short (a little over a yard in length) and the jack plug/socket connection feels a bit too tight (so much so that unplugging it from the back of the machine feels a little uncomfortable in case I may damage it in some way) so instead I unplug from the wall rather than from the piano itself. These are though, as I said, very minor quibbles and certainly would not have stopped me buying this piano if I’d known in advance.So, summing up, I’d recommend this piano for anyone looking to actually learn piano rather than ‘keyboard’. It has everything you need to learn to be a decent pianist from scratch. All you need to do now is buy one and practise.

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    15. Brady Brown

      Greay value

      Great value for the money, not an overwhelming with too many bells and whistles.

    16. Sarow Narrow

      Parfait pour débuter

      Je le trouve super bien pour débuter, je ne suis pas forcément d’accord avec tous les avis…Points positifs- Toucher dynamique très proche de la sensation piano- Beau design épuré- Son pur et délicat- Réglages faciles- Prix imbattablePoint négatifs- Câble court (prise française donc OK)- Les aigus (dernières touches) me semblent bien trop faibles par rapport aux graves

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    17. Marieve

      Great quality without a gazillion gadgets

      The feel of the keys (semi-weighted) and sound quality are amazing, possibly because with this keyboard, you’re not paying for a millions synthesizers buttons but for a well developed keyboard. I’m sad I couldn’t fit the 88 keys in my house, but the 61 fits just right at the end of the dining table. Great features include the possibility to hook it to an iPad and headphones so no one struggles hearing your struggles as you learn to play 🤣 very happy with this purchase.

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    18. jiajia


    19. Guy RichardGuy Richard

      Très bon produit

    20. Greg

      Great for beginners

      I bought my Alesis Recital 61 keyboard having no previous piano or keyboard training, having decided in my mid-forties to finally put in the time to learn for fun. I have been using the keyboard now almost every day, following along with the included 3-month Skoove subscription, and have been enjoying every minute. I have not used some of the included features, but expect to as I gradually improve my skills. The keyboard is light enough to carry around easily from room to room, and solid enough to rest on whatever playing surface you choose with no wobble or bouncing while playing – I use an X-Frame stand and have no complaints. I would recommend this brand and model to any beginner looking for a sturdy keyboard to learn on.

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    21. BJ Gore

      Good Keyboard

      Great piano for beginners! It was advertised as having ability to record but it didn’t have that feature.

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    22. Janice H. Benton

      High Quality and Affordable Piano Keyboard

      I originally bought this piano keyboard for my seventeen-year-old son who has Autism and loves music! This piano keyboard was the perfect fit for him…looking forward to him progressing in his piano skills. I am very pleased with the investment made in this specific keyboard and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality and affordable keyboard.

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    23. Christine Miner

      Closest you can get to an acoustic piano for the size and weight!

      Such a great practice piano for a beginner! I have a large 88 key with weighted keys that I can’t just carry around and it takes up a ton of space. I couldn’t find any other keyboard this small and light with full size semi weighted keys except for this. It’s the closest you can get to an acoustic piano for the size and weight, and it sounds great! Great price too! Love it!!

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    24. Annie Kretzer

      Great for Beginners!

      I am so happy with my keyboard. I am teaching myself piano for the first time, which is difficult enough, I really needed a user friendly keyboard.

    25. no

      Very good choice

      I purchased this for someone taking a piano class at school to have at home. It seems as though it will serve that purpose well. it is quite robust/heavy for the price, and seems well-made. It sits in a middle ground between those full-featured plastic keyboards from Yamaha and other brands with a range of sounds and buttons, and a lower-end professional keyboard. The keys are the right size, and the sound quality is very good. Nothing fancy, but it does what it is supposed to do very well. You could practice on this, entertain people, goof around, write music with it. I don’t think I’d take it on tour, but otherwise, it is a good choice.

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    26. Amazon Customer

      Works great for practice piano

      Like the smaller size and great sound for my needs. Was just wanting something for myself to practice on. Played piano years ago and decided to pick it back up again. Good way to get refreshed. And the smaller size doesn’t take up a lot of room.

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    27. weaselbit

      fantastic, just what I wanted

      Fantastic. Has a nice weighty feel with variable volume keys. Feels solid like a piano. 10 sounds it comes with are sweet. Now I can learn piano, as planned.

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    28. Sanh Nguyen

      It’s pretty good

      This keyboard is especially great for beginners. However, I noticed the sound from one of the speakers start to produce a fuzzy sound when pressing certain keys, so I don’t know how to fix that. In terms of its portability though, it’s very well portable; however it’s pretty heavy to carry as well. One thing I also want to mention is that headphones don’t seem to work when plugged in, so there’s that.

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    29. Momma Neek

      An actual starter for real musicians.

      I am the keyboardist for my church and I’m used to a high quality keyboard around $5000 quality. During Covid I have been doing worship videos from home with my piano but wanted to have a synth effect to add more ambiance I had ordered a slightly more expensive Yamaha let’s just say any of those under 1000$ sound like toys lol. This I am unbelievably Happy with. It’s still not as great as the churches of course but it has the sound quality any vocalists and genuine musician wants. My only complaint is I’m used to 88 keys and I can tell the difference but that’s something I can live with

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    30. LuvJazzCantPlayIt

      Semi-weighted keys does NOT mean weighted keys!

      I bought this under the assumption that it was 18 lbs for 61 key and that it must have had weighted keys….alas, I was wrong, these are spring loaded keys. I WANT A SMALL KEYBOARD TO USE AT WORK, WITH PIANO-WEIGHTED KEYS—-apparently I search in vain—-HELLO MANUFCTURERS!!!!!—-so I pissed away my $200 hard-earned US Dollars (last yrs AGI in NJ was 22632) on the ONE keyboard which I THOUGHT had fully Propah key feel, to NO AVAIL! HELLO NAMM 2022, since it’s too late for 2021…make some good stuff that we can sneak into work. I already bought a Roland Go-Keys 88, and a Yamaha Piaggero NP-32, and finally a Yamaha P-125, which fills the bill, except that an 88 key thing is hard to bring to work—thus I HOPED BEYOND HOPE THAT SOMEONE MIGHT MAKE A 61 KEY “board”….HELLO MANF’s and NAMM hangers-on. The Po folk all round da woild need a 61 key weighted key piani!!! Take MY WORD FOR IT! I watch Jeremy See and James Pavel Shawcross and other youtube influencers. You just don’t think that THERE IS A MARKET FOR IT, do ya? Well…I have stated my case.

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    31. George J Hansen

      Great entry keyboard!

      I purchased this back in may 2020 have had no issues, this keyboard is a perfect fit for beginners!

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    32. Ol Skool

      Great keyboard!

      Great keyboard for price, portability and usage. I am a Piano Guy so this works fine for me if you are not looking for a lot of bells n whistles.

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    33. John G.

      Unreliable and only for begineers

      electronics unreliable – runaway functioning, loss of controlfor beginners only – key weight and sound unrealistic compared to acoustic piano

    34. Clan Duncan


      At max the volume is incredibly quiet. The piano sound is tinny, and the worst one on the board. I didn’t even have this board two hours and I packed it up and sent it back. Never thought I’d say it but you’re better off with a Casio.

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    35. Diego L.

      Ojo, la descripcion esta mal NO me entregaron uno de 88 teclas

      Ahora a ver como puedo cambiarlo por el que necesito

    36. Andrea Salerno

      Do not buy it used on amazon

      I bought it used but very good on amazon. IT was supposed to have minor cosmetic defect and work perfectly. It came with one key that never worked. Unfortunately I could not claim within the timeline for return and got no assistance. Please buy it new or do not buy it. The Amazon label of used but good cannot be trusted.

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    37. Miguel Rafael lopez



    38. Amazon Customer

      Sounds awful!

      If you care about how it sounds, this is not the keyboard for you!

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    39. Jim Simmons

      Portable Piano

      I purchased this unit to use for piano practice in my office while on lunch break and while on the road in my RV. The overall quality is very good and it has just enough extras and effects to make a complete and very user-friendly instrument without feeling cluttered.

    40. marcmarc

      Piano de très bonnes qualités

      Ce piano est très bien pour l’apprentissage le son est de qualité, j’ai ajouté des stickers de notes de musique pour apprendre plus rapidement.Il ya un support intégré très utile pour mettre une tablette ou des notes de partition.Le toucher est plutôt agréable c’est très bien pour débuter.Par contre la livraison était impeu longue.

    41. Marcelo

      Excellent for a beginner

      The piano is very good for the price, I don’t have any complaint. The sound is not the best, I find the virtual instruments that I have way better then the built-in sounds, but it does the job. The learning app that comes with it Skoove is not bad, but it doesn’t recognize notes very well. I am just disappointed with Amazon, I bought the 61 keys instead of the 88 because this wasn’t available, but in the end it took so long to arrive that if I had bought the 88 keys(that I actually wanted) it would have arrived at the same time. I understand we’re facing a complicated moment but it’s a bit frustrating.

    42. Adam Rose

      Description says 6 D cell batteries but it’s actually 6 AA batteries

      Piano works fine, but the description says the wrong type of batteries

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    43. Cliente Amazon

      Perfecto para empezar

      El piano suena bien. Tiene 10 voces y aunque habría echado en falta una tipo guitarra no está mal. La única pega que le pondría es que hay algunos programas que devuelven un error de falta de memoria del piano cuando ll conecto. No sé si realmente es cosa del piano.

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    44. Amazon Customer


      Pros: compact and light weight with full sized keys. Good volume. Keys feel slightly better than an entry level keyboard but are absolutely NOT weighted.Cons: keys are not weighed (if I had to guess, I would say they may have a spring underneath). The sound isn’t great- the volume is fine bit the actual piano sound is rough.Overall, I think this keyboard is overpriced. It’s better than an absolute entry level keyboard but not by much.

    45. David & Nikki Spencer

      Excellent product but don’t bother with Skoove if you’re an Android user.

      Received this yesterday and first impressions very good. It is a replacement for a very old Roland ep-7e that gave up the ghost and it compares very favourably. The only criticism so far is the included Skoove Premium trial – this only works on a PC, laptop or Apple product (iPhone, iPad) but not Android. Therefore Skoove is useless for anyone, like me, who wants to use an Android tablet. That negative aside I am very happy with this product and it appears to be excellent value for money.

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    46. jean gosselin

      Qualité service et prix.

      Tres bien pour débutant et plus.

    47. MGMG

      Excellent keyboard with great sound

      This keyboard is well built and robust with nice sound (comparable to a piano) and is large enough to play almost any beginner song. The keyboard is useful for not only beginners but also intermediates as it has a plug in for a pedal and controls such as reverb. Great price for what you get and would highly recommend for any user especially beginners.

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    48. KenM

      Easy to use

      It is easy for young kids who want to learn to play the piano.

    49. James D Metzger


      good quality and great for self learning

    50. Tony

      Très bon piano

      Idéal pour débutants ou musicien désirant transporter sont piano sans difficulté très bon son très beau piano il as tout d’un grand

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    51. D.J.

      Baby Boomer Keyboard

      Like a lot of kids growing up in the ’60’s, I took piano lessons for a few years, but I was not gifted so I lost interest. However, I always thought I would try again as an adult. I decided that during the quarantine was a good time to try. Love this keyboard! The sound is great, the keys feel good, and I’m having so much fun being a basic player. Totally recommend this keyboard.

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    52. David Mellor

      Great portable keyboard

      Alesis has a long history and a great reputation for sound quality and mechanical action. This Recital 61 deserves its name. Lots of stops, lots of ways to connect, midi compatible, great music stand. Industry standard interfaces. We use it at home for pleasure, but I think it would work well for a small band or a teaching application too.

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    53. Dodge Prints

      Does not have Semi Weighted keys

      This was a gift. And I feel ripped off. I wanted a small keyboard with weighted keys, Any weight. There is none, this has spring loaded keys. If I wanted a keyboard like this I would’ve purchased something used from the 90s, for around $20. Voices sound cheap, Can’t adjust FXs (hope you like a fast chorus) It’s weighed in the sense that it feels like it has two cement bricks in it. Build quality is decent.

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    54. Sandy J.

      More than adequate for a beginner.

      Every bit as heavy as advertised. Nonetheless still portable. I have mine in a fixed location. The sound quality is just a little less than I had expected but still very acceptable for a beginning student like myself. I would definitely say this is a great alternative to a full 88 keyboard if you don’t have the space.

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    55. Jess Kufahl

      Good value

      Better sound than piano.Head phones great for practice

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    56. Paul Fehrenbach

      Easy to use but…

      Very easy to setup and get started playing. However, the sound without earphones does not seem quite right. Also miss the extra octaves of the 88 key version.

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    57. kuroneko

      Unexpected value at a low price.

      Amazing keyboard for the price. The keys are satisfactory, the sound is quite good for a keyboard at this price, build quality feeling very solid, and the midi works as expected. Haven’t used the metronome as I have other devices for that., as such I can provide no feedback on how well it functions. All in all for a $200 keyboard it is a great buy. I will definitely consider this brand for future purchases.

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    58. Clementine

      Exceeded my expectations

      I love it! The sound is very clean and the board looks cool as well. In perfect condition and it arrived super quick. Definitely worth your money 🙂

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    59. Michael Greig

      Can’t beat the price!

      Love the semi-weighted keys. Battery option makes it so portable. great purchase!

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    60. ColetteColette

      Good sound quality and perfectly weighted keys for beginner/intermediate

      A beautiful clean piano with decently weighted keys. I haven’t explored all the sound options and effects but this is excellent for a beginner or someone with experience brushing up on their skills. Good sound quality and excellent value.

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  • Piano

    Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand

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    Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand


    SKU: B09JT1HPW1 Category:

    Classic keyboard and piano stand with a single-X-shaped design for stability Adjustable-height options include 39 inches, 37 inches, 33.8 inches, 30.3 inches, and 25.6 inches Made of durable steel and PVC materials (with a plastic PP bottom) for long-lasting strength Sleek black color for a stylish appearance and easy coordinating with other equipment Measures 16.1 by 17.7 by 37 inches; weighs 6.6 pounds;

    60 reviews for Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand

    1. Singing Otter

      True to description

      Probably could have done with a single but for heavy keys this one’s alright.

    2. Grant

      Good for the Price

      I have a small 49 key keyboard and this is perfect for it. There is a bit of wobble if the legs are tightened all the way due to minor imperfections but went away when loosened ever so slightly. It is a little taller than some may like but overall a good stand for the money.

    3. Jessica Bollinger

      Works great!

      Use my piano quite often. Bought this for my Casio and it works great. Doesn’t fit perfectly but i like being able to slide it closer or further away while I play to keep me comfortable.

      2 people found this helpful

    4. Nithin Thomas

      High quality for a low price

      Most similar products are 3-4x the price. This is a steal at the price.

      One person found this helpful

    5. Ted Wynn

      You won’t be disappointed

      This is a great product. Bought it to support my new piano keyboard. It is well designed and strong. Easy adjustment with several detents for exactly the height you need.I am very happy with my choice of this product and you will be too.

      3 people found this helpful

    6. Andrew Wilkes

      A little misleading selling these with the X shape stands

      This is a functional and sturdy stand, but if you need an adjustable one, do not get the Z shape. I assumed because the Z shape was was offered as a variation on the 2 adjustable X stands, that would mean it too was adjustable. It is not and I already have a pretty tall keyboard. My fault ultimately, its still functional, just a little annoying. I have to sit pretty high to play comfortably.

    7. Amazon Customer

      What I neeeded

      Is perfect for what I needed. It is made od welded box beam and is well designed for what it is. Its pres and cons are basically the same because of its heavy construction it is sturdy and stable and doesn’t fold for transporting. It is capable of holding and of me keyboards I put on it even when my cat climbs on it. I got t to keep it set up with my keyboard on and don’t have any worries. It replaces my X frame stand because of its sturdiness but I use the X frame when traveling because it folds up and is easier to carry. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a sturdy stand that is not needed for frequent transport from one place to another. Would definitely buy again.

    8. Katie Did

      Easy to assemble and adjusts easily.

      My 12 year old grandson assembled the stand and set up the keyboard! It was easy to assemble and seems very stable!

      One person found this helpful

    9. Kevin J.

      27″ High Z-Stand Too Tall For Most Digital Pianos

      This is a really solid and easy & quick to assemble stand that was perfect for my synthesizer. But be warned if you’re buying this for a digital piano the keys will most likely be too high for the 28.5″ floor-to-keyboard standard seating position. Otherwise a great stand that I’ll keep around due to its ease of assembly and sturdiness.

      One person found this helpful

    10. Jay

      Not adjustable but good.

      I was reading reviews claiming it to be adjustable, but it’s a fixed height. Not terribly high, but higher than my office chair so it looks like, ill have to find a proper seating. Took 2 mins to set up, out of the box. Nice and sturdy, but the height is kind of annoying.

    11. RY



    12. Steven Smith

      No assembly required!

      I pulled this out of the box fully assembled! Very sturdy. Could use better way to make adjustments for uneven floor but it’s just like a rickety table at a restaurant; Shove something under one leg and done!

      One person found this helpful

    13. Chris Espinoza

      I use this for my rane one dj controller

      I absolutely love this thing. Holds my rane one no problem with an odyssey case. Awesome. And way less $$$ than a main stream stand.



      The specs say this stand can hold over 100 lbs. A good sturdy keyboard stand needs to hold over 45.This is the most satisfying stand I’ve ever had for easy of assembly, sturdiness and because the design leaves ample room for my knees, legs and damper pedals.I fortunately like the height, which is 21 inches. I place my heavy keyboard on it and my lighter keyboard goes on a more versatile, higher stand in front of it.This stand also was deemed to NOT accommodate an additional attached rack stand.But I do love the ease and sturdiness.

      One person found this helpful

    15. StephanieStephanie

      Easy to assemble, sturdy, roomy

    16. Kaizoku!

      Sturdy enough for a Korg B2, 88 key

      I wanted a good stand for a nice keyboard that would stand up to some use by an 8 and 5 year old.It had to be sturdy, stable and strong enough to hold up a Korg B2 and so far, so good!It’s easy to set up (just make sure the wider legs are on the bottom) even though my package was damaged and I had to put the end caps back on.The ratcheting/locking handle seems very secure and I’m confident (especially since you can also velcro the handle in the locked position) that it’s going to stay in the position that I set it in.

      One person found this helpful

    17. JW

      Easy setup with adjustable height

      Functionally, it provided the proper support I need for the portable keyboard. It is easy to setup and the adjustable height is good. The only thing that it can improve is that the non slip grip that the keyboard sits on actually slips quite easily and needs to be adjusted to ensure that the support for the keyboard is sturdy.

      One person found this helpful

    18. Jacqueline Hanna

      It broke my finger

      This is a great piano stand but I don’t like how you adjust the height. I was adjusting it yesterday for my nephew to play on and the whole thing collapsed and locked closed onto my finger and broke it. So now I have a broken finger and I can’t play using the stand I bought. Just be careful when adjusting the height and know it’s going to try and close downward.

      One person found this helpful

    19. DanielDaniel

      Pretty big. Solid.

      The stand itself is pretty good. It’s not adjustable, so you better like it’s default height.It’s very stable, but at 20 inches it’s way too deep for my 10 inch keyboard.

      2 people found this helpful

    20. Amazon Customer


      Great product and priced well. Had to return this due to needed adjustable height to accommodate my height needs. Otherwise great product.

    21. CDW

      Its missing 2 protective plugs that covers the ends. Don’t have time to replace them or send back

      Using to hold my keyboard to play for a service. Missing parts make it look a little rough.

      One person found this helpful

    22. customer in WI

      Great Stand

      Product is easy to use and set up, velcro does get caught in clothing, so make sure to put that side away from the side you’re sitting at.

    23. Amazon Customer

      Didnt come with screws

      Pretty annoying. It’s useless without screws. Doesn’t use normal screws you would have around the house either. Ordered a replacement and it also didn’t have screws. Would not order again.

    24. Louis W TurnerLouis W Turner

      Great for DJ gear as well!!

      I had been using a folding plastic table for my DJ gear for years now. I wanted something a bit more lightweight, easier to carry, and more stable. I thought to myself, “Why not try a keyboard stand?” I have a full flight case with a pioneer DDJ-1000 and a very heavy Alienware 15 R3 laptop sitting on it. I haven’t used a keyboard on a stand in 20 years, so I have no concept of how sturdy they are. I went ahead and bought this stand after racking my brain reading very concerning reviews on many stands.I set it up and did a live set for about 3 hours. I am extremely happy with the stand!!Not only is this stand sturdy, it feels very well constructed. The rubber grips the floor and the flight case so well that I pretty much must lift components to move anything. The handle for adjustment comes with velcro wraps to keep it locked down. However, I don’t think you’ll need them. A fair amount of force is required to lock that latch. That is very reassuring. I honestly have no complaints and I believe my flight case could weigh 3x as much as it does and this stand would be fine.All this said, I’m sure this stand will not perform as well on uneven ground and may even be a bit wobbly on carpet. But, on the composite flooring I have, it works perfectly.

      2 people found this helpful

    25. Mariya


      Overall it is a nice and sturdy stand. The reason I took off one star is because it’s not adjustable at all. After reading the reviews and questions it seemed that the height of the stand is adjustable, it’s not. Good thing we have a taller piano chair that my kids can use to play comfortably and rest their feet on the bar, otherwise we would have to return it.

      One person found this helpful

    26. Lang

      It’s not shaking at all with my roland e-piano

      It works perfect with my roland fp30x, it’s very stable. nice to have it!

    27. Bee

      Missing parts

      The stand didn’t come with the bolts to connect the pieces. Not sure what I am supposed to do with it now or if amazon can send me the bolts?? Other than that the pieces seem sturdy and i am gonna try and find the bolts somewhere else.EDIT: I ended up finding the bolts! They are already screwed into the stand, which I didn’t expect or could see. Which definitely made it difficult but they should hopefully be in the stand

      One person found this helpful

    28. Francisco Vallenilla


      Great product. Easy to assemble. Steady.

    29. Carter


      Perfect for what I needed it for

      One person found this helpful

    30. NYC Gal Out☆NYC Gal Out☆


      Easy to use, no tools requires. You basically just open it up and then lock it in place by pushing a plastic lever. Doesn’t take up a lot of room. Seems sturdy enough… isn’t the most visually appealing though. Height is adjustable based on how wide you want the bars extended. The wider it is, the lower it is, and vice versa.

    31. Jammarrae Summerour

      Very Good Stand

      The stand works great for my son’s pianos. I would love the grip to be on long to cover the full length of the side base of the stand where the piano would be placed.

    32. 🍎


      No tools needed.Easy to set up. Sturdy around. The height is what it is and so is the width. It doesn’t expand further.

      One person found this helpful

    33. DoctorByDayDoctorByDay

      Sturdy and easy to adjust

      Great piano stand! I researched stands and ended up with this one. It arrived today so I haven’t had it long, but I’m very happy with it so far. It’s easy to adjust and I like the velcro strap to ensure the lever stays in. I don’t understand why it’s so wide, though.

      2 people found this helpful

    34. Nettie

      Great stand!

      I Bought it for my husband, as he’s beginning to learn how to play piano. He needed a piano stand and I saw this one. This is a great stand! Sturdy, easy to assemble and relocate if needed.

    35. Andrew M Crete

      You had two jobs: holy keyboard and don’t wobble. You hold the keyboard

      Was really hoping this was gonna be sturdy. The BUILD of it is sturdy, but when it’s expanded/deployed it still wobbles quite a lot. Lame.

    36. Kat

      Good stand for keyboard

      The stand is perfect for my 61 key piano. The assembly was a breeze. Only needs to screw in a couple of things with the provided tool. It’s sturdy and ajustable. Perfect for the price.

    37. Amazon Customer

      Does the job

      I bought this for my daughters keyboard, it does a good job and stays in place however it would be nice if there was a way to tighten the keyboard to the stand so that I don’t have to worry about her knocking it off accident.

      One person found this helpful

    38. Debbie

      grateful it held up my heavy roland concert piano

      just didn’t know if it would be sturdy enough for such a heavy keyboard about (40) lbs?

    39. kindjal

      Works perfect with Alesis recital grand

      This stand is quite sturdy that holds my Alesis Recital Grand keyboard well.

    40. rachel tang

      Good product

      It has the best quality and steadiness. But unfortunately the height is not adjustable. And it’s too tall for my need. Have to return it tho.

    41. Stefanee

      Solid but tall!

      This is a great stand! It’s solid! I have a Kawai VPC1 88 key keyboard. It fits beautifully and doesn’t move around or feel like it will fall. My only issue is the height. Once you add the keyboard it’s awkwardly tall. We’ve had to find an adjustable height stool to make it better and that changes your posture and how your feet reach your pedals. Aside from that it really is great and not enough of an issue for us to have to return it.

      4 people found this helpful

    42. leprkan

      Good stand with a slight wobble – which goes away on carpet

      I currently use this to hold up my Native Instruments Komplete Control A61 keyboard controller. I don’t play professionally, I am still only learning, and mostly use it to play with sound clips when I’m putting together music with my Maschine MK3. If I setup on a hard floor, the wobble is prominent and is a little annoying. This stays in my carpeted office 99% of the time, so I don’t even notice it. I recommend it if you’re just looking for something cheap to hold up your keyboard (or ironing board, or whatever). If you want quality, I recommend spending the extra money for a professional grade.

      One person found this helpful

    43. My


      The stand is nice and sturdy but it’s prop big for my husbands 61 key keyboard. I was trying to surprise him since he’s been wanting a stand for his keyboard but it is kind of big (width wise) like a good 4 inches or so. I don’t know anything about keyboards or stand but He’s ok with it. For anyone looking to buy a keyboard stand please check out the dimensions and purchase accordingly. Lesson learned

    44. PJG

      Flimsy stand for a DJ Case & Controller

      Did a test with this stand with my DJ Controller and Case and did a session with it. After using it for a few minutes I noticed how bad it was shaking and swaying. I was thinking it was the position of the case, but it wasn’t. After looking at where it was swaying, it seems to sway due the second bar bolt mechanism that uses a spring to hold it in place. The second bar isn’t strong enough like the other with the locking latch. I wished it worked but doesn’t work for my purpose. Hope this helps others who consider using it for DJing.

    45. Bizzburple

      Good stand, could use a couple of tweaks

      Great keyboard stand. It’s extremely easy to adjust, and I love that the locking mechanism is metal, not plastic. The top and bottom prongs are the same length and look identical so I suppose it could be used either way. But it would be nice to have a little more travel for the rubber pads. at its shortest distance, its barely narrow enough for the keyboard to sit on it. It would be nice to have some sort of attachment feature to ensure the keyboard does not slide off.

      9 people found this helpful

    46. Jason N

      Solid stand

      Been sturdy for the past year I’ve had it

    47. Gabriel Holbrook

      Solid stand for the money.

      Stand was strong and supported a small 61 note piano. Good adjustability for height. The only problem was that the bottom “feet” were a bit warped and so the stand is somewhat rocky on the floor. Not the biggest deal, as you can correct it with a beer mat.

    48. Gabriella Campbell

      A great stand.

      I got this for my 8i key digital piano. I do not trust a single x stand because of the weight of my instrument. The stand is sturdy and solid, no shaking. It is comes set up. All you have to do is adjust it to your preferred height setting and you are good to go! I am satisfied!

    49. E.A. Robinson

      usually don’t think of Amazon Basics as pro gear.. until now.

      This stand is everything you need at a great price. I was very surprised to see how sturdy it is. I have a heavy PC88 weighted keyed piano on it and I could literally put four of them on it and it would not have a problem. Doesn’t move at all when I play. Just very happy with this purchase.

      One person found this helpful

    50. jro806

      Good stand, warning for parents.

      This is a very sturdy and well- made keyboard stand. A word of warning, however for parents of curious children: the lever that adjusts the height does not lock. Yesterday, my 6-yr-old pulled on the lever, causing the stand to come crashing down, keyboard with it, catching his arm in between the bars. We thought, at first, that his arm was broken, but thankfully it is not. Good stand, just be careful!

      88 people found this helpful

    51. Roxanne

      Not a sitting stand

      I was confused by the product description. The graphic shows a person standing beside the assembled stand, but that person must be over 8′ tall. The height in inches is accurate, but the graphic and the printed description “designed to be used while sitting” was misleading. The quality was excellent, it was easy to assemble and very sturdy, but it is much too high to be a sitting stand, unless the musician is sitting on a barstool-height chair. Had to return it.

      3 people found this helpful

    52. JJ

      Good product

      It’s easy to assemble, at first I thought it didn’t come with the screws but they were already in their hole, I just had to take them out.

      One person found this helpful

    53. Robert Bowman

      Nice item

      Easy to assemble and the perfect item I needed for my keyboard

      One person found this helpful

    54. Adam S.Adam S.

      Gets the job donw

      My Yamaha keyboard is nearly 60 lbs and close to as old, and I needed a replacement after misplacing the original wooden stand. I needed something sturdy and safe up to this high weight limit. This product meets my needs. The locking mechanism appears nearly immune to mechanical failure, so I don’t worry about it coming down. I do get a lot of shaking when playing loudly in the upper and lower registers. Easy to bump my knees against the stand as well. But overall, I am pleased with my purchase. I bet for a lighter keyboard it would be a perfect pick.

      13 people found this helpful

    55. Aubrene E Knott

      Great product for the price

      Very happy with this purchase fits our Donner keyboard well without any issues. No wobbling or safety concerns so far!

      One person found this helpful

    56. Birmingham, Alabama

      Decent item! Works ok! I will key it and be happy

      The product is a good item. You will not be able to bang on the keyboard with this stand, take it easy. This is a good item

      One person found this helpful

    57. mandi blais

      Does Exactly What It Is Supposed to Do

      Very sturdy, simple to assemble. I have a Korg MS 20 mini on it right now. I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but it looks like it will hold up well.

    58. Owl

      It looks nice but is a bit too tall

      It’s non adjustable and a bit too tall. It does look nice. It doesn’t fold. It felt sturdy. The top pieces are too long, so it wastes space. Mine had 3 of the 4 pads put on the top and bottom put on crooked. One actually had a sticky part sticking out. The amason basics sticker looked removable. I returned it for being too tall and the amount of space it takes up. It will probably work well for taller people.

    59. Amazon Customer

      Sturdy for heavy digital piano

      Sturdy for heavy digital piano. My only gripes are two. First, as one might expect, there is no legroom with these “X”-type stands. I have to position my piano at the front edge of the stand just to be able to sit close enough to play comfortably without having my knees against the X parts. Second, there is no rubber padding in the middle of the keyboard supports to keep your keyboard from sliding around the top of the stand. There are rubber parts towards the outer ends of these supports, so your keyboard is not likely to slide *off* the stand, but I wish the manufacturer would include grippy rubber parts in the middle of these supports, between the double-X members, to keep shallower keyboards in place.

      6 people found this helpful

    60. Juanita Acosta

      Buen stand para piano

      Personalmente siempee busco un stand que sea ajustable para cualquier altura asi que este cumple con esa cualidad. Es fuerte y soporta mi piano yamaha p45. Lo que no me gustó fue que en la caja que vino, estaba en pobres condiciones. Por todo lo demás, el equipo funciona de maravilla

      One person found this helpful

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          • Piano

            M-Audio SP-2 – Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos & More Musical Instruments

            Buy now

            M-Audio SP-2 – Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos & More Musical Instruments


            SKU: B0BT9R8MMV Category:

            Universal sustain pedal with chrome foot pedal for a natural, realistic pedal action Classic design with a conveniently located polarity switch for compatibility with all electronic keyboards Premium build with a robust, heavy-duty mechanism for uncompromised reliability Lightweight, ultra-compact aesthetic provides classic piano style sustain in portable footprint Specially designed rubber pads located on the pedals underside grips the floor and stays put while you play Includes 6 foot cable with 1/4 inch jack; 1 year warranty

            60 reviews for M-Audio SP-2 – Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos & More Musical Instruments

            1. William Rolfe

              Good quality

              Very nice little pedal. Great quality for the price.

            2. brandonbrandon


              very heavy very well-built perfect

              2 people found this helpful

            3. Lawrence S.

              Real nice pedal

              I’m glad I got this pedal; it works well on my Yamaha p-125 electric piano. It has a switch on the pedal to reverse what stepping on the pedal does. It also makes it compatible with all the synthesizers. Looks and works well. Has a nice weight to it, so it won’t move around while using it. I would recommend this to a friend if they were looking for one.

              One person found this helpful

            4. Will

              Great pedal.

              Nice weight to it. Sturdy and satisfying to use.

            5. Jodilynn Galuski

              Icing on the practice cake

              Nice material, weighted just well enough to stay put. From an amateur, this seems to work nicely.Plus its validating to learn a tune without the pedal and then add it after you’ve practiced it a bit! Glad I bought it early on to practice good mechanics from the start and build that muscle memory that takes some getting used to.

              One person found this helpful

            6. Mitch

              I love it!

              I am satisfied with this product.

            7. JDR

              Essential Accessory For A Keyboard

              My Yamaha P71 (P45) 88 Key Keyboard came with a sustain pedal but the included one is very light and doesn’t have the feel nor the half pedal ability of the M-Audio SP-2 or the weight which helps to keep it from moving around. I bought it at the same time I purchased the keyboard and it’s reasonably priced and a “required” accessory for an intermediate player and possibly a beginner.

            8. Amazon Customer

              Works with my Yamaha digital piano

              Yay! It works with my Yamaha digital piano. I am so happy.

              One person found this helpful

            9. WILLIAMWILLIAM

              Value for money

              Create control of sustain and sound texture!

            10. Peter Tran

              Great customer service

              The First one I ordered was defected, (Reverse sustained). But was replaced with another one the next day. very speedy, very good. Thanks

            11. Daniel

              Great value for money

              I used this item to play keyboard in church it work great could have have more features but it holds up to what it delivers

            12. ChrisJL

              Great pedal!

              Feels good. Looks good. Works great!

            13. smartbargainsdeb

              A great addition to our keyboard

              Easy to connect

            14. Rich56

              M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal (The Best!)

              I’m going to make this quick because it is simply that good! I have an older model digital synthesizer: Suzuki SP-40e. I wanted a sustain pedal and the first one I bought cost about $5.00 less than this M-Audio pedal. However, regardless of what I did, (using every variation offered in several websites), I could only get the sustain effect when the pedal was in the ‘released’ position.That first pedal had an “no/nc” switch, (as does the M-Audio), The switch would not work in the “no” position, only the “nc”.I noted in the reviews of that pedal as well as many others, that the same trouble was being experienced. Some people were able to get the pedal to work by using one of the ‘polarity reversing tricks’ that can be found on line. As I said, I used them all and variations of each with no success.So I sent the pedal back and decided to look at the M-Audio Pedal. The reviews were all ‘home-runs’ (that already was unusual) so I bought it. The instant I picked it up from the box, I knew this was a much higher quality pedal than the one I bought earlier for $5.00 less!The weight and action of the pedal was outstanding and of course, it worked, as it should from the very first moment I plugged it into the Suzuki keyboard. The M-Audio Pedal came with a very high quality 1/4″ jack & cable. It was obviously well made and engineered.The unit was boxed with two layers of protection covering the high-polished, steel pedal. One seems to be designed to be placed on the pedal for storage protection. In fact, it appears that you can leave the ‘scratch/scuff protector’ snapped in place on the pedal when you’re only practicing and remove it for those more ‘formal’ engagements, thereby reducing the possible scuffing of the pedal unnecessarily.As I said earlier, the action on the pedal excellent and comparable to one that can cost 10 times as much! The “NO”/”NC” switch is discreetly hidden under the pedal instead of on the side as was many of the other brands. In addition, M-Audio offers multi-pedal units that have multi-function applications and all at an extremely good price.Don’t waste your time as I did, trying to save $5 or $10 bucks. Just buy this M-Audio pedal and you’ll never look back!5-Stars!Rich

              15 people found this helpful

            15. Jesse

              The switch!

              I like this, but when I first plugged it in, the sustain was on without stepping on the pedal. I was like, “WTH?” and when I looked on the bottom, there was a recessed area with a switch, so I slid it to the other side. Easy peasy. I don’t think I would reverse it again, but I guess some people like doing that for whatever reason. A good product.

              One person found this helpful

            16. Owen Schultz

              Never need a new one. Ever.

              May seem expensive. But you’ll never need a new one, ever again.

            17. Christian I.

              Great pedal, but will not last forever

              I’m buying my third M-Audio sustain pedal, because they eventually break where the cord goes into the pedal. When my first M-Audio pedal broke (an SP1) I was able to open the pedal and install a 1/4″ phone jack to replace the permanent cord, and that one is still working two years later for my gigging setup. My second pedal (an SP2) was for my practice studio, and when the cord broke I tried the same fix as my SP1 but the interior space is too tight to allow a 1/4″ jack to be installed.For those of you thinking of buying this pedal, I recommend it as an inexpensive but solid sustain pedal that works with virtually any keyboard with a 1/4″ sustain pedal jack. My complaint with this pedal is also true of any other sustain pedal on the market – they will ALL eventually fail where the cord goes into the pedal.I doubt that M-Audio pays attention to these reviews, but if they do, please PLEASE make these pedals with a 1/4″ jack and a removable cord!

              One person found this helpful

            18. Alexander L.

              Muy Bueno

              Excelente producto

            19. Abu Kizkaga

              much better than the original

              Purchased for a yamahah digital keyboard. It works much better than the original one.

              One person found this helpful

            20. zach

              My favorite pedal

              This is a great pedal, it is heavy so it doesn’t move much on hard flooring like most pedals and it also doesn’t get stuck. This is my second on and the only reason I don’t have my first one is because by other one got loaned out and never returned. It’s a great pedal, you won’t be disappointed!

            21. The Unknown Rater

              Quality pedal with a good weight

              If your pedal doesn’t work the first time, make sure that the polarity switch on the bottom is set fully left or right. That switch reverses the effect, a convenient addition that many others don’t have.It’s heavy duty and feels like it will last. The only caveat with all digital pedals is that you have to press all the way down for it to switch on, the effect is all or none – you can’t get different levels of sustain with lighter pressure on the pedal.I prefer this to the footswitch style pedal I had before.

              One person found this helpful

            22. Andy Rohde

              Good sound quality but tight on larger head

              I got these for daily use. The sound quality is great for the price but they clamp tightly. The ear cups are smaller than I expected. The headphones ended up fitting more like an on-ear pair instead of over-ear. I can wear them for short periods but I have to take them off for 15 minutes every other hour. If I have glasses on the time that I can wear them decreases.

            23. Daniel BrehmDaniel Brehm

              Finally they got it right. Great featured Headphones.

              The best features are a Threaded Adapter! Single Wire Fixed Wired cord. Incredible Comfort Fit and Sound! Greatest for Cost.

            24. Rosko

              WORKS GREAT!

              This is a simple and basic pedal and works well. It is a great deal for the money!

            25. Sherri L. Pickard

              Good value

              My first keyboard and first sustain. Works great.

            26. Anonymous

              Solid pedal, mediocre action

              I got this to supplement a similar Yamaha pedal I had, which didn’t have the “polarity switch”. This one gets the job done, although the action isn’t as smooth as the Yamaha. There’s a bit of a pneumatic noise partway through the motion too.

            27. E.S.J.B

              So nice I bought a 2nd pair.

              So I purchased a pair of these over a year ago and they have performed so well (and still perform just as good as day 1) with countless hours of studio use, that I couldn’t resist buying a backup pair just in case these get discontinued or something (a little silly I know) but I couldn’t help myself. These have excellent sound quality, impressive low end and nice crisp mids and highs. Highly recommended if you want some banging studio quality headphones for a more than reasonable price.

              5 people found this helpful

            28. RonnieMarz

              Nice Pedal

              This is a very nice sustain pedal. I like it better than my Korg Pedal. I did not like the protective cover so I took it off and I love the pedal works very well.

            29. Verified Customer √

              Works Great

              I ordered this months ago and just opened it and began using it. Works 100% better than the small square plastic one that came with my piano.

            30. JahJones

              Not Bad, low end a bit muddy

              Light weight and fairly comfortable. Very good clear sound across the board for the price. Not as good as a top end pair of phones, but pretty decent. i have a rack of about 8 pairs of headphones for my home studio and these (bought for workouts in the park) are just as clean as most of those on the rack. The low end is somewhat muddy sounding though, but not a game changer.

              2 people found this helpful

            31. JGibbJGibb

              Put this pedal to the medal

              A great pedal. Solid components. Solid weight & balance. Stays put. Works as advertised. I purchased it after a musician-friend loaned me a Korg keyboard (I will buy it from him ultimately I suppose). I use it as a dedicated sustain-pedal. It’s sweet. Nothing more, nothing less. Would purchase again if needed. Thanks.

              One person found this helpful

            32. CosmoGirl

              Great Sustain Pedal That Stays in Place

              Got this sustain pedal to replace the flimsy one that came with my keyboard and never stayed in place. This one doesn’t move around on the carpet and was a good price. I would recommend.

              One person found this helpful

            33. Hoopy Frood

              Amazing deal with one caveat… emptor!

              This pedal works perfectly (when it works), the bulk of the hardware is built like a tank and it’s dirt cheap. That is fantastic.But be warned this probably will break within just a few weeks. Mine almost made it two months, but I don’t play more than 30 minutes a day.Any product that breaks so fast and so easily deserves a 1 star rating (read the bad reviews, they’re accurate!) The ONLY reason I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 1 is because it was super easy to repair for me. It uses 26ish AWG wire and and may have poorly soldered connections or improperly routed wires. When mine broke I pulled it apart and found a loose wire not connected to anything.The circuit is very simple. The two pressure/contact switches are wired in the normally-open position and in parallel with each other. The reason one of them appears “normally-closed” is just because the pedal is only going to close one switch at a time when it’s either up or down. The red lead on the 1/4″ cable should be wired to the selector switch on the bottom of the pedal. The white lead on the 1/4″ cable should be wired to the node where the “output” of the two parallel pressure/contact switches come together. In mine this was indicated by a white wire with red + signs on it.The repair consisted of de-soldering the node where the two wires should join, trimming the wires back as needed and re-soldering them correctly on the node. Be sure to route the wires safely around the moving parts, they can easily be cut or broken by the pedal motion.A very easy repair for anyone with soldering experience. If they had just soldered it intelligently in the first place, this pedal would be bullet proof and deserve 5 stars. As it stands this could be a 1 star for many people. But if your a musician and a music gear nerd with soldering skills, this is a deal that can’t be beat. Maybe you could find some “broken” ones for free and repair them? Even better.

              29 people found this helpful

            34. Mark R. Wietstock

              Best I’ve seen/tried for the price.

              I’ve tried a few of these momentary pedals, including Boss FS-5U (switchable), Hosa FSC-502 (normally open/off) and Roland DP-2 (normally closed/on). The Boss is the best, but it’s also the most expensive, and doesn’t come with a built-in cable. This pedal is designed a little differently than the Boss pedal, but it shares a feature with the Boss pedal that the Hosa and Roland pedals don’t: an external switch that allows you to go from “normally open/off” mode to “normally closed/on,” so this single pedal will work with pretty much any piece of equipment/feature that requires a momentary pedal. It’s quiet; the construction is very heavy duty … steel bottom and top, with thick rubber non-skid material on both; it comes with a built-in cable, all at about half the cost of the Boss pedal. At this price, nothing else I’ve tried even comes close. Very pleased.[After reading a few older reviews, I came across one that explained the remarkable cost difference between this pedal and the Boss FS-5U … the “guts” of this switch are FAR more rudimentary and prone to glitch/failure than the Boss design (M-Audio switch is activated by two bare internal wires being pushed into contact when you press the pedal). The Boss switch relies on a more sophisticated mini-button momentary switch mounted on an internal circuit board, so I still favor the Boss switch in terms of quality/reliability, but this one DID consistently work for my application, right out of the box. Buyers should also note that the manufacturer seems to have responded to older complaints about the rubber pads coming off/loose by changing to pads with little spikes on their bottoms that stick through corresponding holes in the metal case, to hold the pads more permanently/securely in place. So, still a great value, as long as you’re aware of its limitations/potential shortcomings, and the more rudimentary design works for your application. My five star rating still stands.]

              10 people found this helpful

            35. Derick Snow, Amazon Customer

              Nice weight and zero squeaks

              I’ve used a few cheaper pedals, from the little square plastic boxes to a different brand of pedal. This one is easily the best so far. It works as expected, but the added weight prevents any slippage as I play. Best of all, it really doesn’t seem to make any noticeable sounds as I use it. Some of these spring-activated pedals can get really squeaky. I hear nothing!

            36. J. Clark

              Audio is ok, but I find them uncomfortable for extended wear.

              This headphone fits too tightly on top of my ears. Of course, ymmv.

              One person found this helpful

            37. Jermaine W.

              Highly Recommended!!

              I use this pedal to play every weekend. These Pedal have a great feel, they are very durable.

            38. g

              good piece

              easy to use

            39. Tallis Lockos

              Best pedal for the price.

              Bought this one again. It’s quality compared to many others. It’s a little more expensive than many others, but worth the longevity.

            40. Samara S.

              Was a great pedal until it started squeaking incessantly and loudly

              Would have been a great pedal but it started squeaking about a week or 2 after I bought it and is driving me insane now (I play for on average 5 days out of the week for 1-2 hours). I saw a review about how to address it but I’m an extraordinarily UNhandy person and worry I’ll wreck the pedal by taking it apart. I’ll have to try it anyway since it’s my only option as I can’t return it at this point. Ridiculous that they could sell a pedal with an issue like this. Good grief.

              One person found this helpful

            41. Rob Not

              Works fine, sturdy, no half damper pedal function

              This M-Gear SP-2 sustain pedal has a feel of being well-built, sturdy, and stays put on a smooth floor. This is the second I’ve bought, this one for the purpose of engaging the push-to-talk (PTT) function on a ham radio, and it works fine for that. It takes about 8 pounds of weight to fully depress which is a bit heavy, but not too bad. It functions bascially as a momentary electrical on/off switch, and there is an switch on the bottom to change whether it opens or closes the circuit when depressed. The resistance I measured for the closed position was between 1-10 ohms, but it was not continuous over the range of pedal motion, it just varied randomly across those values after depressing the pedal about 75% down. So this is not a variable or 1/2 sustain pedal. It’s either on or off. This is different from the first SP-2 pedal I bought 10 years ago, which I still use today on my Triton Extreme. On that SP-2 the resistance varies continuously from 175 ohms 75% depressed to 80 ohms 100% depressed. So it can be considered a variable or 1/2 sustain pedal. A global setting on the Triton Extreme allows calibration for half damper which works for this older pedal, but not for the new one. Only a few of more advanced sound patches make use of this feature. I deduct 1 star for the change in design and function over the years for the same product model number, but otherwise a fine product (so far, but not so sure after reading some of the recent reports of the newer ones failing within a year).

              3 people found this helpful

            42. FrickandMabFrickandMab

              Works fine with my Casio

              Works just fine but it’s not the same as a sustain pedal on an actual piano which I think people think it will be.It literally sustains a note, as in it captures the note you played and holds it. That’s all it does. It is meant to be used with MIDI. If you ha e other effects it will capture the note with those effects. If you use a synth, it’ll hold the note but in sustained form so it may not keep the effects. Sometimes pumping it a bit gives uou a different effect.I can’t attest to how sturdy it is but it is in a plastic casing so probably can’t handle too much rough handling.

              One person found this helpful

            43. Mychelle

              Purchased it Pre-opened and saved some money

              I watched a quick 3 minute video on YouTube and connect this pedal to my electric piano within 5 minutes. I saved a few bucks by purchasing one that had already been open.

            44. AmazonCustomer92

              for me the pedal works consistently and as intended and I am more than happy with my purchase

              I’ve been using this sustain pedal with an M-Audio Keystation 88 with Logic Pro X as my DAW of choice. That being said, for me the pedal works consistently and as intended and I am more than happy with my purchase. The resistance and shape of the pedal is similar to a real piano’s, which is great regardless of weather or not you have experience with acoustic pianos – the most common alternative, electronic pedals that look like a car’s gas pedal, are horribly unintuitive and flimsy imo. This pedal also weighs enough that, thanks to its rubber under side, it will stay in place as you use it on both carpeted and hard floors. The length of the cable is perfect and should meet any wiring-layout that you have with some length to spare still. In 2 months of near daily use I’ve only had one experience where the sustain pedal was not working properly, but it resumed working again after unplugging it and plugging it back in (it should be mentioned that this happened after leaving the pedal plugged into my keyboard which was plugged into my computer overnight so the issue could have just as likely been due to the Keyboard, Logic Pro, or my computer). This is significantly better than my experience with other pedals where similar issues would occur a few times per week or where, even worse, the pedal would function in an “opposite” manner indefinitely (sustained while the pedal is NOT pressed and then not sustained while the pedal IS pressed). I highly recommend this pedal as a quality product without price being a factor, so with the price of only ~$20.00 it is an absolute bargain and must-have for any musician no matter what your skill level or application for it.

              One person found this helpful

            45. Batu

              Good for its price. With real limitations.

              I have been buying and using the SP-2 pedals since I went to music school years ago. Used them on all kinds of shows and sessions over the years. I only recently gave up on them. There’s much to like, but they have some real problems.Pros: It’s cheap and good for its price. Sturdy make. Has a polarity switch at the bottom – fits any professional keyboard. Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Nord, Kurzweil, etc,… either the sustain works right away, or one flip and it works good. Feels solid on the foot. Has a decent grip on the floor. If you’re buying this pedal at this price you are most likely not worried about half-damper/soft controls etc., and you shouldn’t. It does what you paid for it to do. Excellent for all kinds of contemporary music on the keyboards for live use, or in the studio with your keyboards or midi controllers. Again – it will work with any keyboard.Cons: DURABILITY. For such a sturdy-looking design, it’s really surprising how quick it stops working good. Now this may not be a problem if you are a hobbyist or you just intend for your pedal to sit in a corner in a house. But for touring keyboardists, or session players needing their gear to function 24/7/365, do beware. I went through 5-6 of these in about 2 years. Various times on stage my pedal would suddenly stop sustaining in between songs or sets. Or the polarity would get switched up. I keep spares in my rig just in case, but this happened so often it became genuinely annoying. For something that you literally use with your foot, it’s borderline unacceptable that this thing can’t be kicked around (gently) without breaking. It has got to the point that now when I play concerts where the backline company supplies the gear, if I see them handing out those pedals during soundcheck, I demand they change it. No joke. Also the pedal squeaks after a while. The squeak is usually at “I can ignore it” levels for live shows, but if you’re in the studio it’s a no-no. One time I had it hooked to a Nord Stage 88 EX for a recording session, and this pedal just couldn’t stop squeaking. It sure didn’t affect my piano tracks since I was going DI, but it did irritate the hell out of the vocalist – not a good look for me that day.All in all, it’s good for it’s price. You get what you pay for. But if you need a professional, dependable pedal that won’t die on you without notice, spend $10 more and get the Yamaha FC4A.

              151 people found this helpful

            46. Jeremy

              Best sustain pedal on the market

              When replacing this pedal, I thought to myself at first, “Wtf, what do I have to replace these every…ten years?” That’s obviously good value for money, and they hang in there, even if you beat them up. Don’t underestimate the utility of being able to change polarities, either: a useful and overlooked feature. The bottom is also rubber, so it doesn’t slide around. Lastly, I received the item in under 24 hours. Can’t beat that with a stick.

            47. Matthew

              its worth the 20$

              I needed a sustain pedal for my Alexis Recital Pro.I plugged it in and it worked properly from the box.I feel it’s worth the price, it feels well built and of quality for the price.

            48. Michaela Hillier

              Awesome job on the order fulfillment

              I purchased this pedal to be used with my new Yamaha 115B keyboard. I had read reviews saying that the Yamaha came with a flimsy little box for a pedal, so I was proactive and ordered this at the same time as my keyboard. The shipping on this was VERY fast. I ordered it on a Saturday and it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until the following Wednesday, but it showed up on my doorstep on Monday (which also happened to be President’s day). Awesome job on the order fulfillment, Amazon!This foot pedal has a solid, high quality construction. The action is very similar to a real piano, which is perfect for me because I wanted to get as close to the real-piano feel as I could. Setup was easy, I only had to plug it into my Yamaha and start playing!I did run into the “switch” issue that many people are writing reviews about. I unplugged my keyboard to move it while keeping the pedal plugged in, and when I turned it back on the piano was sustaining all notes and then the pedal had to be pressed to release the sustain. I unplugged the piano and the pedal, then plugged the piano back in and turned it on. Once the piano was on I plugged the sustain pedal back in. This fixed the issue, and I haven’t ran into it since.Pros:- Works as expected- High quality, very sturdy- Great Price- “Real” action- Easy setup, just plug in and playCons:- The sustain “switch” issue

              6 people found this helpful

            49. Scott M.

              Beyond Expectations – Very nice piece.

              For what I paid for this item, I expected a lightweight cheapie foot-switch that would suffice as an electronic sustain pedal. What I received was a very nicely designed and made piece of professional musical gear.The unit itself is much heavier than it looks. This is a good thing for performance use, since it will remain in its spot. The construction is very heavy duty, with the pedal piece itself being a solid piece of heavy cast metal (I had rather assumed it would be shiny plastic). The finish on the pedal appears to be bright nickel-chrome, but it comes with a removable plastic protective cover for those concerned about smudging. The pedal is quite usable with the cover on.In terms of the sturdiness of this unit, I think a car could run over the casing and it would be undamaged (though perhaps scratched). The bottom of the casing is held on by five large black enamel screws, not just one or two.The underside of the unit is a thick solid piece skid-proof rubber tread that runs from one end to the other, covering the entire underside. Placed on a smooth clean surface, I cannot make the pedal skid even when I TRY. That’s an amazing feature for anyone who performs in live situations.Conclusion: If you want a top quality sustain pedal at an amazing price, I doubt that you’ll find another value like this anywhere. Elegance, ruggedness, durability, and usability, this pedal has it all. I was very pleasantly surprised given the price. I definitely feel as though got considerably more than I paid for.PS, to those readers who might assume that I’m just gushing, a quick glance at some of my other reviews will reveal that I am by no means all that easily pleased, much less easily thrilled.

              One person found this helpful

            50. David A. Skates

              Does what it is suppose to do

              The product is a sustain pedal for a protable keyboard. This is my second of this brand. It appears to grip the floor better than my last one so it seems “sturdy.”

            51. Patrick M. Simmons

              It works great

              Liked getting it the next day. Used with my professional keyboards

            52. Montierth Tribe

              It’s what all keyboards are missing…

              Let me tell you, the moment I plugged this bad boy in, the room was filled with the sweetest sound of sustained notes that could put any audience into a trance. But not just that, I discovered it also doubles as a footrest, making those long sessions even more comfortable.

              4 people found this helpful

            53. Sean Hall

              I can’t see any other pedal performing better, feeling better and looking better than this pedal and at this price.

              I bought this sustain pedal along with the Williams Legato 88 Key-Keyboard and I am so happy with it!Most importantly it works extremely well! Sometimes, when playing piano, I may adjust my seating and when the time comes to press the sustain pedal I have moved slightly out of position to press it down fully. But the pedal picks up the signal and it sets the sustain just as I would expect from a real piano. The reason I am mentioning this is because I do know of some plastic sustain pedals for keyboards that DO NOT set the sustain unless you press that pedal all the way to the base and I do not like that. This can get you in a bad habit of “stomping” the sustain pedal which will lead to damaging the pedal and it creates a subtle but none the less audible “thud” in grand pianos. However, this pedal is forgiving and it never get’s stuck in a pressed position (again, like some plastic pedals I know of)The pedal has a rubber grip that covers the whole underside to prevent from sliding and it has weight to it which is really important. When I press down on the pedal it always remains stationary and the feel/resistance from the pedal is spot on with that of a baby grand piano (which Is what I play on when I’m at my mother’s home – I grew up with the instrument.) Underneath the pedal (on the base, not the pedal) there is a raised rubber stopper which prevents the pedal from every touching the plastic base. This is fantastic because you will never hear “tap” sound when pressing the pedal down all the way. It also doesn’t have noisy springs inside which make a subtle crackling/popping sound when compressing and expanding. I have heard these affects on other plastic sustain pedals. This pedal is excellent quality.Not only does it feel right, it also looks fantastic. The sturdy plastic case is a nice solid black and the chrome pedal itself is just gorgeous! It is a smooth round shape at the end which I prefer – it looks really nice. It comes with a small plastic cover for the chrome portion (doesn’t cover the whole thing, just the majority). It is a sturdy cover, not just a cheap and flimsy one to keep it safe during shipping, it is part of the product. It fits snugly when attached, doesn’t slide and is easy to remove. I have decided to keep it on just too keep the chrome shiny for as long as possible. It is a pedal to be proud of.The cable is long (~6ft), perhaps longer that necessary for any setup I can think of but regardless; I would much rather prefer too long than too short when it comes to cables. I am sure anyone else would obviously agree. The plug is the standard 1/4 inch and it too is well made. It isn’t flimsy.The only issue I experience (know before reading the rest that it may not be an issue with the pedal) is having the sustain pedal invert when I turn on the piano. This means that pedal will set it’s sustain while unpressed and shut of the sustain when pressed. This only happens rarely which is strange – might happen from pressing down the pedal while powering on the keyboard but I’m not sure. Either way, It really doesn’t bother me so much. If this issue occurs for you it is easily fixed by powering off the keyboard, removing the plug, putting it back in and turning the keyboard back on. However, I can’t say it is even the pedal’s fault because it could just as easily be the keyboard’s fault (which I think is more likely and makes more sense). I just thought this would be fair to mention just in case it is the pedal.To sum it up – I can’t see any other pedal performing better, feeling better or looking better than this pedal at this price or even more! It is an excellent choice! I recommend it.

              3 people found this helpful

            54. yakkk

              Adds a new playing dynamic

              Now I can sustain my wrong notes for a longer time.

              3 people found this helpful

            55. CM Shifflett

              Good pedal

              Big improvement (perhaps because of the more familiar feel) over the small, flat pedal that came with the keyboard.

            56. django

              Does NOT have advertised half-pedal capabilities

              Regarding M-Audio SP-2 which I recently purchased . . .The description given on the Amazon site includes the following three phrases:1- Designed to work and feel just like acoustic piano’s sustain pedal. 2- . . . with expressive half-pedal capabilities. 3- Piano Style ActionI’m far from being an expert on this. However, I know that this pedal is actually an ON-OFF switch with no gradation between those two states. I find each of the three phrases above at least misleading. Number 2 is simply incorrect.It cannot ‘express’ itself in a ‘half-pedal’ (or half-damper) state which I think means the digital equivalent of the acoustic piano’s damper pedal which, when pressed, swings the damper cushions completely away from their normal position of pressing against the strings. Doing this allows the sound of the strings to continue as the sound fades to silence naturally. With the damper pedal at a so-called halfway point the pianist can cause the damper cushions to slightly touch the strings, slightly reducing the sustaining effect until the pedal is released to silence. I’m used to an acoustic piano and was looking for more control than you get from a binary (instantly)ON to (instantly)OFF. I found that marketing really pushes the envelope with ‘works and feels like an acoustic’ which simply means that the pedal,not the sound effect, “moves up and down with resistance similar to that of the acoustic pedal”. But “works” like anacoustic? Yeah. And, since the dampers look to be part of the Piano’s “ACTION” which is the series of levers and hammers that translate the press of a piano key to the sound that it makes by causing a hammer to hit a string or strings, I felt that saying it has “Piano Style Action” would only barely stand up in court. This is a popular pedal, witha polarity switch which is a big assist in mating the pedal to the keyboard. It’s a beautiful looking thing and feels really nice underfoot. Nothing wrong with the pedal – only with the description – plus, it’s inexpensive. Mine quickly developed an intermittent habit of cutting out while my foot held the pedal in the sustaining position, but it seems to have a good warranty and I could have it repaired, but I purchased it based on the promised half-damper effect whichis at best inaccurate. Amazon is not being intentionally devious. I suppose not all technical writers are musicians. I’m a very amateur piano player returning to the keyboard after many years without a piano to play. My technical knowledge is limited and based upon several days of web-surfing vendors and musician forums. I recently purchased the Roland DP-10 which really does have half-damper capability with a switch to toggle between ON-OFF and half-Damper. I just can’t seem to get half-damper working on my Yamaha P-95 which I know is capable of it. However, I find that its sustain effect is not as quick to get muddied as the M-audio SP-2. Not such a big deal, maybe more of a personal preference – and the DP-10 is more expensive.

              6 people found this helpful

            57. John munch

              Love this pedal

              Love this pedal!… LOVE IT!… Ordered on April 29, 2009 with free super-saver shipping… Had it in my hands on May 4, 2009 (and the transit time included 2 weekend days!…). FINE JOB, AMAZON! M-Audio SP-2 US65010 Sustain Pedal Piano Style Sustain Pedal for Keyboards LET’S SEE, WHERE TO BEGIN?… I looked at several brands of pedals at local music stores but, none of them had the classic rounded pedal shape (like on a grand piano) that the SP-2 has. Most had squared-off pedals… I prefer the round pedal. The black plastic part of the unit has a simple, clean, elegant shape (I have a design background, so this is important to me…) with precise fitting parts. The rubber bottom plate is held in place by five phillips-head screws (count em’–FIVE!… Two, maybe three would be sufficient, I think…). The over-all impression I get is that this is a solid product. The pedal “maxed out” my 16 ounce postal scale, so I put it on my bathroom scale and it looks like it weighs about 1-1/2 pounds. Lift a 28 ounce can of vegetarian baked beans to get an approximation… It takes a fair amount of effort to depress the pedal, just like on a “real” piano so they got the “feel” just right, in my opinion. The pedal does not squeek and has no side-to-side play whatsoever. It is really a solid, solid product. Another reviewer gave a lower rating because they wrote that the pedal slips on the floor… I strongly refute this claim! Why?… I believe that if that individual would take a moment to wipe off the floor and the bottom of the pedal with a wrung-out soapy rag and let things dry, the problem would be solved. My floor was dusty (oh, the forced-air heat that blows dust into the air…) and transferred dust to the brand-new-out-of-the-box pedal bottom and it slipped a bit… But, once cleaned off, it stayed solidly put. Remember when, as a kid, you got brand-new sneakers and wore them for the first time on the freshly waxed gym floor at your school and tried to skid them along and they made that loud squeeking sound as they skidded to a halt?… It’s like that!… NOW, there is something that I want to point out to potential buyers– AMAZON left two (2) very important features off of the product description… FIRST, the SP-2 does (YES, PEOPLE, IT DOES!…) have a POLARITY SWITCH on the bottom sole plate. This makes the pedal compatible with ANY type, ANY brand of electronic keyboard with a 1/4″ pedal jack (on my Korg M-1, the pedal is called the “damper”). Don’t you dare let ANY manufacturer FOOL YOU and try to tell you that you must buy THEIR brand of pedal. They just want your money to go to THEM!… Enough said on this matter… SECOND, the SP-2 also comes with a PLASTIC COVER (it’s kind of an opaque white color, sort of like old-school tupperware, if you can imagine what that looks like…) for the chrome plated part of the unit. I know, we want our pedal to gleam forever and never get scratched, but it still looks great even with the cover in place. For that recital, maybe just play in your socks and show off that shiny chrome plating!… I realize that I am writing a lengthy review and you may be thinking to yourself, “gee, this guy has too much time on his hands”, BUT, I am actually VERY busy, but just felt compelled to give this excellent product a great review that it DESERVES… NOW, I will end by writing, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, and “BUY IT!!!”…

              One person found this helpful

            58. Hewdiddy

              About the best you can do with a floating pedal

              It is pretty heavy and seems well made, but it still slides all over the place on carpet. Would probably work better on hard wood floor, but it isn’t a good solution for carpet. The problem is, there is no good solution for carpet other than a piano with built-in pedals. I ultimately did buy a home digital piano with three pedals (not just for this reason, but it was a factor). This is probably the best choice if you absolutely need a floating pedal but just be aware it will drive you crazy on carpet.

            59. Kenneth Lewis

              Works great with novation keyboards

              The product works great with my novation launch key 61 keyboard.

            60. R. Linden

              Slides on carpet

              I thought the bottom of this pedal would allow it to grip better so that it does not slide away from the keyboard every time you push it but I. Find that I have to move it closer towards me

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                    Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Musical Instruments

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                    Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Musical Instruments


                    SKU: B071V34XYF Categories: ,

                    Includes the P45 Digital Piano, power adapter, sustain pedal and music rest 88 fully weighted piano style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos Dual mode lets you combine 2 voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience. Tuning- 414.8 – 440.0 – 446.8 Hz

                    60 reviews for Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Musical Instruments

                    1. Terry edwards

                      Learning piano

                      I bought this to learn how to play piano. The piano is of very good quality. Can you tell me when I purchased this. I’m trying to figure out how long I’ve been taking lessons.

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                    2. nico k

                      E and F keys (all of them) stopped working after 5 months

                      This piano was absolutely fantastic. For five months. Now the E and F key don’t work. They do this odd thing where if you strike the E you can’t strike the F next. Or if you strike the F you can’t strike the E next. If you try to play them one after the other, silence. And they do it for the whole range of the keyboard. Strange. Very irritatingly, we’ve just signed our daughter up for lessons and now we are out of the return time and have to take this lemon to get repaired. SUPER ANNOYING. Yamaha is being pretty unhelpful. Incredibly irritated.**UPDATE** In the middle of lessons and recital season, our piano is currently being held captive by a local repair shop. Yamaha would neither accept a return or make a trade, nor would they send a loaner; taking the piano to our local repair shop was the only option. We are now in for the cost of the piano and the transport to the repair shop, out for the cost of lessons and have a child with a recital looming who cannot practice. The local shop has been disparaging about Yamaha products and customer service and has no date for return of the piano as they “wait for parts.” I will be calling Yamaha again today to plea my case for a replacement or refund as I’m souring to the consumer treatment. They could have resolved this easily. If this had happened sooner, we could have just dealt with Amazon’s amazing return policy. Instead, we are here.**FINAL UPDATE**Yamaha customer service is abysmal. I empathize with anyone who goes through what we did trying to get our piano repaired/replaced. Re: the above update, I called Yamaha that afternoon as promised. Again, I was met with a snotty attitude and ridiculous remarks. The Yamaha representative told me a) I never should order from Amazon as they would have dealt with this differently if I’d bought directly from them (I’m sure Amazon will be thrilled to hear this) and b) it’s very common for consumer products to be sent out for repair before replacements. Fair enough. But the example he used was a car—if your car needs a repair it has to go into the mechanic. I would argue that most car companies offer a loaner when they are remiss. It’s not called a courtesy car for nothing.But in Yamaha’s world, there is no courtesy and there is certainly no courtesy piano. The CS rep transferred me to the parts department to see if they could determine “if” the parts (of which I still have no clue what they were) have been ordered and if so, how long it will take to ship them for repair to my local store. I received a voicemail, left a message and as you can probably tell where this is going, never heard from them again.I dropped it at this point. My sanity wasn’t worth the constant huffing and puffing from Yamaha and I couldn’t bear to argue anymore. 7 weeks after our piano stopped working, it returned home. Minus the cost of transport in a hired car x4 (we are in a major city and walk everywhere), minus our child’s prepaid piano lessons (she made due on a janky old keyboard with missing keys in the interim—thank goodness we happened to have access to that, thanks friend) and minus time and effort dealing with a pretty crabby company.Our piano works fine now. If I ever have to go through this again, I don’t know how I will react. Honestly, I just don’t get it. I don’t need companies to bow to my every whim, but this is 2016, and money talks. And so do poor reviews. I will never recommend this product to anyone. In fact, I will likely never recommend ANY Yamaha products. It’s kind of like that pretty girl/handsome guy that has such a bunk personality you quickly realize they aren’t attractive at all. And you end up falling in love with the person who treats you right. Yamaha: treat your customers RIGHT.

                      888 people found this helpful

                    3. Steven White

                      Good value gigging keyboard for the price

                      This is a good keyboard for its price. Its value proposition is that it’s portable, light enough to lug around to gigs, and decent-sounding enough to just plug in and perform with. It’s simple to operate, does what you’d expect it to, and the weighted action is great. I have few reservations about this keyboard as a gigging keyboard. I wouldn’t use it for production, and I wouldn’t play it at home, because the samples aren’t that good and the samples trigger when a key’s only partway down (which feels and sounds weird at times). But for ease of transporting around, and for setting up quickly and gigging, it’s going to be great. It’s far lighter than my controller keyboard, which ironically isn’t even as nicely weighted as the P45.By the way, I ordered the P45 after an unsatisfactory experience with a Williams Allegro 2. I bought that from Guitar Center. A power supply isn’t included with that keyboard, and the staff had picked out the wrong one, so when I got home I had a non-functioning setup. I started looking online for a power supply for it and things were just so far from straightforward about getting the right one (not even the Williams website would tell me what model# of supply I needed, nor even did my email to them asking that question) and I started to think that it was kind of bad of Williams not to even include a power supply with the keyboard. That keyboard is 150 dollars cheaper than the P45 but it’s about a tenth as good, I’d say, all things considered, so I returned that and ordered this. It came within 3 days, which was amazing.So, I’m satisfied with this P45 and I’d recommend it to anyone with similar needs to mine.

                      8 people found this helpful

                    4. CarefulPurchaser12

                      Decent Piano But Weighted Keyboard Not Like A Real Piano

                      I bought this piano and have been using it since 2016. I play it for at least an hour most days, sometimes much longer.Here are my main points:Pros:1. I love the sound programs. It comes with two grand piano programs, electric piano, two pipe organ and two harpsichord programs. The first pipe organ and first harpsichord program are stunning. To hear how good they are, plug in a pair of headphones, or connect to a home audio system.2. Very portable. There are a number of stands you can order that fit this piano. It is light. I wish it had a case.3. The keyboard is responsive enough to play virtuoso music.Cons:1. The keys are weighted but nothing like a real piano. Doesn’t seem to have as much dynamic range.2. The keys are noisey. They make noise. Turn off the sound and play, you can hear it. Some keys are more noisey than others. It may be the more freqently used keys are noisy. However, if you wear headphones (I have wireless ones) or turn the volume up, it doesn’t seem to bother.3. The speakers are not so hot. It has two very nice piano sound programs, they sound great with the headphones, they sound mediocre to bad on the piano’s speakers.4. The piano is of course, light. Very light. Don’t get carried away and don’t place anything like a cup of coffee or a metronome on the piano.5. The headphone plug is in a VERY inconvenient location.6. I am not sure how much longer this piano will last with hours of practice per day. It just doesn’t seem robust enough to last 10 years with 2 hours of use per day, especially since the keys are getting noisey.On the whole, I needed a keyboard, I am in an apartment, I have neighbors, I play classical and baroque music. This instrument satisfied my needs and allowed me to grow as I play Bach, Beethoven, etc. I am able to play my pieces on a real piano, though it takes a little getting used to, and I am able to practice organ and some harpsichord technique (holding notes for the correct values and precision release).I suspect there are better pianos out there, but they are all more expensive. This one is doing the job for now. $500 wasn’t too much to spend.

                      88 people found this helpful

                    5. Tezza

                      Truly amazing!

                      I was a little disappointed to see the packaging was somewhat damaged when it arrived. Nevertheless, the keyboard emerged unscathed. After a few minutes of looking over the setup instructions, I had the keyboard on the stand, powered and ready to go.My first reaction was the piano sound. If you closed your eyes, you’d have no idea that you weren’t playing a reasonably high quailty upright piano. Some people have said the sound is a little muffled, I would say it sounds like a typical piano backed up against a wall with a bunch of sheet music draped across the front. I have zero complaints about the sound.The action of the keys is heavy, perhaps very slightly stiffer than an older “broken in” acoustic piano. If you close your eyes you won’t necessarily think the action feels exactly like an acoustic piano, but it is a nevertheless very acceptable and pleasing action.The sum total of this instrument, and I do believe it is an instrument, is phenomenal for the price. You won’t be disappointed in the sound or the keyboard action. You’ll be wondering how they pulled this off quality instrument at this price point. Truly amazing!I tried the other sounds. The two piano sounds are great. The only other memorable sound for me is a pretty convincing organ (there are two). Haven’t tried the metronome yet.This is a great instrument if you’re buying a digital piano to learn how to play, or if you just want something that is really close to an acoustic piano with the weight, bulk, cost, tuning problems, etc. Highly recommended!

                      40 people found this helpful

                    6. cfc

                      Has a defect on the 5 highest keys. Otherwise great sound and proper key sensitivity

                      I haven’t yet activated the guarante to fix the issue with the 5 highest keys, but I will update this review with the result.The key sensitivity is very good for this price range.The sound is great, not just the loudspeakers, but also through the headphones (depending on your headphones of course)My daughter has played piano for only a year, but this was a massive upgrade from her first, semi-sensitive piano.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    7. Music Theory Student

                      By far the best deal for quality, full electric keyboards, on a somewhat budget

                      Great volume controls, great key action and weight, and a good selection of sounds (although I think there could be more). This is a great keyboard for those looking for a high quality entry 88 key keyboard.

                      4 people found this helpful

                    8. Patti Todd

                      Beautifully made, Beautiful Sound

                      This piano is exactly what I wanted. 88 keys, weighted keys and beautiful sound. As a beginner, I wanted to feel comfortable that I had the right piano on which to learn and play for years to come. I also love the look of the piano on the stand that is made for it as it looks and feels substantial and yet is is portable. A perfect mix of benefits!

                      3 people found this helpful

                    9. Ian Hegarty

                      Either the Nicest Student Keyboard or the Cheapest Professional Keybaord…

                      Depending on how you look at it. For someone who wants to learn, and possibly even gig or open mic night, this is the absolute bomb. I have played Casio’s equivalent, and the keys on this are way faster. I also much love the UI, it only has 3 buttons, 10 tones, a metronome, reverb, and a 2 person mode (splits the keyboard in half and duplicates the octaves, which is great). The keys themselves double as buttons while you hold down the button. For me this was a huge plus, as I wanted to sink my money into weighted keybaord and cared nothing for all the tones, or more polyphony, or even an LED screen.This is exactly what I wanted, it’s like Yamaha read my mind, I can’t recommend it highly enough, with the only exception being if you have the clams and can afford it, get the next model up, as the speakers on here do leave something to be desired, which doesn’t detract from it for me at this price. I can also work around this issue either with the USB out or the headphones jack.Pros:-Price-Minimalistic-Key action- Sounds great-Feeling of keys-Looks great- 64 Note polyphonyCons– Speakers face the floor -Speakers are a little undepoweredOverall at this price, it’s exactly what I want and then some

                      19 people found this helpful

                    10. mmcwatters

                      Just wonderful

                      A great proxy for a real piano. Most keyboards we’ve tried are tinny, flimsy, with poor sound and keyboard feel. For the money, this is as close as we’ve found to replicating an actual piano experience. My sons are both learning to play and they love it. It has rich sound and a full keyboard, both surprising considering its compact size. Highly recommend for beginners, people on a budget, or people with space constraints…or all three!

                      2 people found this helpful

                    11. Adam

                      Great quality

                      The quality and the sound of this piano is absolutely amazing. Worth every penny.

                    12. whatsleft

                      Good keyboard for most levels of player

                      What you expect from Yamaha. Great keyboard touch and feel. Minimal sound choices, as outlined in description, but the ones they have are right on. Sound through the onboard speakers are OK, not great, but loud enough for an indoor setting or small get together if needed. Connecting to an amp is a little tricky as you need to use an adapter for the headphone jack. I had one in my bag of “stuff”, that worked fine on one side, while another didn’t. Basically need to use a stereo to mono adapter that avoids phasing on the mono side. In most professional stuff w/ a L/R output, left output is also mono output. Haven’t really tested that aspect of it yet so don’t know if a stereo to L/R splitter will work properly. Overall, though, very good keyboard for beginner to pro, depending on what using it for.

                      4 people found this helpful

                    13. Reny Greenleaf

                      Love this

                      My kids play this constantly!

                    14. AnnieAnnie

                      I got the like new version and it is perfect

                      I got the “like new” version which is almost $100 cheaper. The box was a little bit damaged as seen in the picture. But everything else is brand new. The sound of the piano is great. So far so good.

                      9 people found this helpful

                    15. Joseph A. McGranaghan

                      This is a serious keyboard with excellent sound reproduction.

                      I got this so that my grandson would have something to use while staying with us over the summer. He loves it, his teacher loves it and it is an outstanding keyboard. I had another Yamaha that was more for beginners with lots of voices and features. This one is light on features but heavy on sound quality, piano feel and playability. Highly recommended.

                      14 people found this helpful

                    16. Mara Llanos


                      Soy principiante y me encanta, excelente sonido y fácil de usar.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    17. Robert Dwayne Horton


                      I bought this keyboard after returning the Yamaha P71 due to high note keys not making a sound. After receiving the P45 I realized it’s the same keyboard as P71 with the same problem. The only difference is the P71 is it’s only available at Amazon and is $50 cheaper so if you’re looking at purchasing one of the them save your money and get the P71. However if you know you’ll need the high end keys you will be disappointed. I spoke to Yamaha tech after first purchase and they said to send it back. I’m going to reach out to them again and probably return this one as well. Really disappointed.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    18. Ougm

                      Really good

                      Just updated from a 64 key Yamaha to this one for my daughter, it’s a huge difference in sound. Really nice compared to the 200 dollar sge began taking lessons with. Very happy with the purchase

                      4 people found this helpful

                    19. Marcellino FurtadoMarcellino Furtado

                      Acoustic snob – impressed!

                      I am an intermediate pianist and I usually practice on a wurlitzer console piano, an hour a day, but I had to buy this in order to practice while traveling. I am an absolute piano snob. I strongly believe that the touch and feel of an acoustic piano is infinitely superior to the feel of a digital. That being said, I am impressed. Let me be clear: this is not a replacement for a piano. It is impossible to learn to play the piano well on this device because it does not have any character whatsoever. However, if, like me, you are in need of something-rather-than-nothing to practice with then this may work. There is a lot I could say about the feel but at the end of the day it’s just an imitation of a real piano and theres a certain quality of life that is missing. Just know what your getting. I am happy with it and I cant wait to get back to my real piano, but in the meantime it will do.

                      9 people found this helpful

                    20. Weston N.

                      Decent Piano on a Budget

                      This piano feels pretty darn close to a real acoustic piano. The keys are fully weighted and the sound is decent.With regard to durability: I have owned this piano now for four years. It still works. But it is not the same as when it was new. After about a year, no noticeable changes. After two years, still going strong. Three years, no problem.At about the four-year mark, the action does noticeably degrade. The keys feel mushier than a year ago and not as crisp. This in and of itself is nothing to complain about on a keyboard with weighted keys. All keyboards with weighted keys will eventually degrade over time and at ~$500 it is not held to the highest of standards. That said, the keys develop a “clicking” sound over four years’ time, which is much more annoying than mere mushiness. The “clicking” sound comes from the mechanical action of the key (it does not come from the speaker). The “clicking” sound is very soft and not an issue if you use headphones exclusively. Over-the-ear headphones will block the “clicking” sound. If you do not use headphones, however, the click is loud enough to disturb your internal rhythm and is very, very annoying.I still give the keyboard 4 stars, because I think for the money, it’s a good value proposition. Yamaha generally makes good, decent products. Take it or leave it. If you’re looking for a decent sounding, decent feeling keyboard to tide you over for a few years, this keyboard is perfectly acceptable. If you’re looking for something that will last a decade, you should probably be looking at more expensive equipment.

                      22 people found this helpful

                    21. Bugs Bunny

                      Love this piano!

                      For six months I have been taking piano lessons and I am completely new to this. Been using a borrowed digital keyboard and it has been making my learning a rather slow progress as the keys were to “soft” not sure how else to describe it. I had to un-learn what I had learned when I played on the grand piano (my teacher’s). It was very difficult to keep doing this. Since I am loving playing the piano I decided to purchase the Yamaha p45 and I absolutely love this thing. The feel and the different sounds that I can play is great! It is making my learning much more enjoyable!Very happy with this purchase.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    22. Michael White

                      Great Instrument

                      Yamaha describes this as their entry-level piano with weighted (vs. spring-return) keys. It’s an awesome practice piano. Touch is heavier than my Yamaha C7 grand at home, but very realistic and nicely engineered. Not a particularly loud maximum output with the speakers, but definitely satisfying sound quality. Bass is way better than expected. Be sure to order a decent sustain pedal, like others have suggested. The only real minus is poor access to the 1/4 inch headphone jack. It’s in a deep recess in the back of the unit. The Knox z-style stand pairs nicely with this if you hacksaw about 6 inches off the fronts of the supporting arms (very easy) and pop the plastic ends back into the holes. Good purchase!

                    23. Joel Hernandez

                      Llego a tiempo y de muy buena calidad

                      Muy buena calidad

                    24. Ton S.

                      Great choice for beginners.

                      If you were looking for something to start off as a beginner, this Yamaha is another great choice to start off. I bought it for my children. It is simple to use. Great sound for the price.However, if you are an experience player, I would skip this one and go for more pro level keyboard.

                    25. Kristine

                      This was the best Christmas gift my son received

                      I bought this for my son in college and he loves it. He has already connected it to his computer and uploaded some tunes he has played.He is one of those gifted people who can “play by ear”.There is so much you can do with digital, and this is exactly the same “feel” as playing a regular piano.The seat and the holder for the piano were perfect as well.It is nice he can carry this piano anywhere, without multiple humans helping.This one is #1 as far as digital “weighted key” piano’s go.Certainly not a toy.Elated with this purchase~

                      One person found this helpful

                    26. Lisa P

                      Plays great!

                      This piano is great. I’ve had it for about 2-3 months now. It was easy to set up and I think it sounds great. The pedal confused me at first because it wasn’t working and I thought it was broken– but I googled it and turns out you just have to turn the piano off and on after plugging it and maybe keep your foot on the petal the whole time. You have to buy special adapter plugs in order to plug your headphones in (I bought eboot adpater and it was very cheap).I like the feel and the sound. I would recommend this!

                      One person found this helpful

                    27. Bobbi Conley

                      Awesome instrument

                      Very happy with this product. The sound is very good and it is extremely easy to operate the many functions it comes with. It’s perfect for our Country Chapel Church.

                      One person found this helpful

                    28. Mountain Charlie

                      Sounds great, stuck key

                      I’m a 74 year old rookie at piano playing, so am NO expert. But this sounds to me like a regular piano. The very highest keys I can’t hear, but I won’t blame the keyboard. One problem though is not my deficiency: One of the black higher note keys won’t play. It gets blocked by something so it won’t go down like the other keys. I found someone on Youtube that shows how to fix it, so I’ll try that myself, rather than returning it. I don’t think it will prevent me from learning how to play.

                      7 people found this helpful

                    29. Eagle101

                      Wife loves it

                      I bought this for my wife for Christmas because she expressed an interest in playing again. She says that the keyboard feels great and the sound quality is excellent. She has so far enjoyed playing the piano again.

                    30. Wendy R.

                      Great quality for price and beginners.

                      I purchased this keyboard to learn how to play piano. The sound quality is amazing and I love that it comes with a sustain pedal and music stand. I would recommend purchasing a stand and stool along with this product.

                    31. Lloyd B Miller

                      I’m not an expert but for me it works well.

                      There was one problem with my particular piano. I couldn’t fit the adapter into the hole in the piano.Luckily, I had the right person check it out. He knew other ways to open up the piano and get theadapter into it. Then it worked. So if you have this problem, don’t give up. You have the correct adapter. That can be determined from the numbers on the adapter. But you might need help if it has this problem.I’m particularly interested in composition. I don’t need the most expensive piano with the highest fidelity sound. To me, it sounds great.

                    32. Ben

                      the real deal!

                      This feels and sounds absolutely amazing. Everyone goes on about how it’s a good beginner keyboard, and that’s true of course — the price point has a lot to do with that, but it understates the quality — this plays and sounds better than *any* piano I’ve ever put my hands on in the music store.. and it won’t require constant maintenance to keep it at that level… In fact, if I ever encountered a classic piano that sounded this good, I probably would not be allowed to put my hands on it..I like the function button + key combo thing a lot, I guess they did it to cut costs, but a single button gives a clean classy look vs having a ton of buttons on the top of the unit. However, they could’ve labeled what each key does! they literally all do something, but they’ve only labeled a few. In particular, split keys and octave up/down are not labeled, nor are the tuning options or reverb options, or any of the demo songs but they are all there.. I’ll have to keep the manual handy until I can remember the important ones.

                      23 people found this helpful

                    33. Otero1016

                      Sounds amazing

                      I bough this piano for my 10 year old son how is been playing for a little more over a year. It was time to get him something more professional. His music teacher recommended me this piano and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted something that the sound quality sounded like a grand piano and this really does. The sound is amazing my son loves it. Makes me happy to see him happy. And best part the value of money is exactly within my budget not having to pay for something pricey like a gran piano. I would definitely recommend this to anyone loving for something with in a budget but want something that sounds amazing.

                    34. Bethany K WalkerBethany K Walker

                      Weighted Keys! like a real piano!!

                      Bought this for Yamaha P45 my teenaged daughter (thus the condition of the bedroom😂)She upgraded from a Casio 66 keyboard and we are SUPER impressed with this piano! Wow!Weighted keys 🎹 and comes with a foot pedal,Real piano sound. We did research before and found this is a one of the best models and getting it from Amazon at a lesser price PLUS it shipped to us in 1 day was the icing on the cake for the sweet sixteen surprise!

                      9 people found this helpful

                    35. Bert Honeyfellow

                      This is a better problem than before but it is still a problem

                      I am no professional piano player. I have as an adult only been practicing for about a year. I was practicing on a yamaha dgx-205 which does not have weighted keys. I got sick of going to my lessons and playing on a real piano, only to find that the key’s weight would trip me up. So I looked for the cheapest possible keyboard with decent reviews and weighted keys and I settled on this one. Now as I said, I’m not pro, and I haven’t played on a lot of pianos. But I gotta say that the keys on this keyboard seem way heavier than the real pianos I have played on. I have played on two different uprights and a baby grand piano. They all now feel lighter than what I’m used to! This is a better problem than before but it is still a problem. It is really hard to get intonation right now as I always seem to mash on the keys when I’m at practice. I guess you get what you pay for. I just wish you didn’t have to pay so much to have remotely realistic weighted keys.

                      6 people found this helpful

                    36. donna

                      Wonderful piano!

                      I love this keyboard! To my ear, it doesn’t quite sound like a good acoustic piano, but it’s very close. I just play for my own enjoyment, anyway, and for that the sound is just fine. The only thing I find rather feeble is the sustain pedal—it’s small and lightweight and moves around a lot (maybe I emote a lot while playing?) and I may have to replace it with something more substantial. Initially the sustain pedal didn’t work at all, and I was groaning mightily at the prospect of having to send it back. But I consulted the manual, and lo and behold there it was: my problem and the fix, which worked like a charm. The sustain pedal has never given me trouble since then. On the whole, for this price, I think the Yamaha P45 is a terrific piano. So many conveniences that an acoustic doesn’t have! The only features I’ve used (besides the marvelous mobility, and it’s light enough for me, a woman, to easily carry) are volume control, which works beautifully, and the “grand piano” function. I’ll eventually get around to some of the others, but I truly just wanted a piano and I’m totally satisfied with the Yamaha P45.

                      10 people found this helpful

                    37. Dr. babbo

                      Fun to have in a small home!

                      Fabulous keyboard! Feels & sounds like a real piano, I use it for fun & to teach my grandchildren!

                      2 people found this helpful

                    38. Strawberry Girl

                      Not as good as I expected

                      I’m a beginning/intermediate piano student, and I was looking for a keyboard that would feel and sound close to an acoustic piano. I play on a grand piano during my lessons, so I’ve had many opportunities over the past few months to compare this keyboard with the real thing, and I am dissatisfied enough that I’m currently shopping for something better. First the good: the weighted action keys are great. I can’t tell any difference from a real piano. The pedal on the keyboard is obviously different, but I don’t have any trouble switching back and forth with the acoustic piano. My real complaint is with the sound. Beginning with the octave below middle C, the notes are very loud, so much so that they drown out whatever you’re playing with the right hand. The other problem is the dynamic range. Although the keys are touch sensitive, the difference in volume between pounding on them and lightly touching them is probably half of what it is on a real piano. This makes it hard to develop good technique, and pretty much everything you play isn’t going to sound well balanced or have interesting dynamics. I have tried readjusting the settings on the keyboard, but it doesn’t help. I highly recommend spending a little more to get something better. Also, I recommend the blog AZ Piano News for unbiased and thorough digital piano reviews.

                      223 people found this helpful

                    39. Connor

                      A Quality E-Piano

                      This piano is an awesome home piano when paired with the L85 stand. The P45 has a great feel, sound, overall look, and number of voice options to choose from. I was conflicted in choosing between the P115 and the P45, and I know I made the right choice. The P115 is also a great piano, but the extra $200 wasn’t really worth it in my eyes. When it comes down to it, an instrument doesn’t need iPad connectivity to get the most out it when its main purpose is to be an electric piano. The inside of the main piano box contains a music holder, sustain pedal, AC adapter, and the P45 its self. In my opinion, anything past this is going to give you diminishing returns, I found the 64 note polyphony is plenty unless you plan on doing some of the more advanced classical music.[ I also recommend getting a better sustain pedal separately as the one that comes with it is lightweight, moves around, and doesn’t look or feel like a real pedal ]

                      3 people found this helpful

                    40. Doug W

                      Great student option

                      This is a really good solution if you have a beginning piano player in the household. The quality is fine, it sounds good, the action is good. My daughter has been taking lessons for a year and a half with it and is progressing nicely and when she plays a real piano she doesn’t have any problems in terms of the action being different or whatever. She can practice with headphones (which was GREAT when she was first starting, now she sounds good enough I’d rather just listen). When we first got it a friend who plays nicely banged out a few things and it sounds surprisingly good.I’m sure we’ll be upgrading eventually – I’ve noticed her choir accompanist bringing a P-115 when they’re in a room without a piano, and it seems like a real workhorse – but I’m definitely not feeling any rush. There will probably be a better model out by then anyway.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    41. Ryan B.

                      You will be happy with this purchase

                      This is a great entry level weighted key keyboard. Yamaha has a great rep for a reason in this space.If you are looking for an entry into weighted key keyboards, this is the one. Simple as that.The only complaint I have is that the headphone jack needs a enable/disable function so that you don’t have to reach on the backside of the keyboard and plug/unplug every time you want to switch between headphones and the internal speakers.

                      One person found this helpful

                    42. Prime Mike

                      Sounds great.

                      This is easy to use and sounds great. My wife and 10 year old grandson both enjoy playing it.

                    43. Eric

                      Sounds and Feels just like a Piano

                      This piano doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, actually it only has 10 sound, but they are all GREAT! The graded hammer action makes this feel just like you are playing a real acoustic piano. The grand piano and organs as well as harpsichord sounds are the best, but simply pairing the grand piano and strings, will give you a sound you can’t stop playing. Highly recommend this keyboard!!!

                      One person found this helpful

                    44. Alan XuAlan Xu

                      Elegant piece with extraordinary sound!

                      This is the second time I purchased a P45 (this time it’s a gift for my friend). The sound texture and quality of it are just amazing. I compared several e-pianos, and this is the one that’s most similar to a real piano both in sound and weighted touching feeling. Price-wise, it’s absolutely the best choice comparing to other products within the price range. Hugh recommendations for those who are still wandering around.

                      3 people found this helpful

                    45. Mark W. Dunn

                      A very satisfied customer.

                      My nephew was interested in learning to play the piano. He and his parents agreed that the flexibility a keyboard setup could offer might make the learning process more enjoyable, increasing the likelihood that he would stick with it over the long term. So this was a gift I purchased for him. The one requirement was that the play action of the keys simulate, closely enoug, those on a conventional piano so that my nephew would have no problem switching from one to the other.The Yamaha P45 was a great choice. If blindfolded, I don’t know that I would be able to distinguish between a piano and the P45. My nephew has been taking lessons for a few weeks now, and shows no sign of losing interest. His two brothers have been enjoying the P45 as well. One has taken it upon himself to download music from the Internet and learn a few songs on his own.I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

                      One person found this helpful

                    46. ____

                      Quite legit, you’ll be happy with it.

                      I bought this for my wife to learn piano. She is happy with it and here are my impressions:I’m a part-time professional musician (10 yrs and still going) although I do not play piano much, I do know good from bad. This one is great. The weight of the keys and response feels like a real piano. The sound is pretty good, not great. But I haven’t heard it plugged into an awesome sound system yet. The tone options like organ, synth, etc all sound good enough to gig with. But this thing is pretty bulky and heavy to lug around so I recommend keeping it in one place. It is definitely not a toy, it is a musical instrument and for the price it’s very hard to beat. Overall Yamaha is a brand you can trust when it comes to sound equipment, I’ve had a lot of experience with them in the past.

                      155 people found this helpful

                    47. Sue K

                      I found this P-45 provides a great piano tone

                      As a long time P-95B and Clavinova CVP-301 user, I found this P-45 provides a great piano tone. With the quality and price, it might be the best choice for grown-up beginners, and even for a dorm room keyboard for those who are looking for a solid piano sound.However, if you are looking for a keyboard for little ones within the similar price range, I would recommend YPG-535 since it has a variety of sounds, styles, and a display.Also, X-shape keyboard stand is uncomfortable for legs. So, if you can, thinking about the long-term investment, purchase a home bundle or H-shape stand separately!Pros: Great piano tone quality, affordable price, MIDI connectivityCons: Limited sounds, speaker is not loud enough for an ensemble with different instrument, but solo practice or voice accompaniment is just fine!

                      6 people found this helpful

                    48. Stephen Spinner

                      i spent a “good part” of 1 month in a nursing home rehab with this great keyboard

                      Wow! Amazing hammer-like action on this very substantial $500 keyboard; just a tad too springy next to the real deal but great key bed and authentic sounding sounds for so little money. Also, needed a very narrow keyboard and lightweight due to my particular situation and this one fit the bill perfectly!!! Highly recommend.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    49. Andy

                      Great keyboard!

                      Feel of the keys and sound quality are as close to a real piano you can find.

                    50. Rosemary R. Pushkarewicz

                      It was wonderful. My son plays and that was the b st choice for him. Excellent

                      My son to practice on. Full set of keys and other sounds to be added in.

                    51. KVae

                      Awesome keyboard, needs adjustable music stand and fixed sustain pedal to be perfect

                      I couldnt be happier with this piano. The quality of the sound is amazing and even better than my churches $1,000+ Arius Model. The only thing is that I wish it had a built in fixed sustain pedal as the one it came with slips all around the place and the music stand does not swivel forward so it makes the piano come off the wall an inch or so (tight apartment)i wish it was ajustable so the piano could fit flush on the wall(you can remove it if you want it flush against the wall), otherwise, the best keyboard Ive owned, and for the price the sound quality is too good to be true. I shopped at guitar center and compared casio’s and williams models, some more expensive even and this was far beyond the best. Happy playing!

                      5 people found this helpful

                    52. Lorraine J.

                      Great keyboard

                      After 2 months the sustain pedal is not working —it now works when you don’t step on it and stops when you press on it.Would love a replacementAlso the headphone jack should be located in the front —- very difficult to place it in and remove it up against the wall.Otherwise I love the keyboard and the weighted keys—–bought it to get back to my roots during the quarantine.

                      2 people found this helpful

                    53. Eric Epling

                      Great sound quality and feel

                      This is a great product for a beginner or an experienced musician.

                      One person found this helpful

                    54. leo

                      get your own USB A/B cable

                      The MIDI connector is USB, I don’t think you need any special interface.It did come with a foot pedal which, when pressed, continues to play keys that have been pressed.It does not come with a USB A/B connector (for the MIDI connection). Or at least I didn’t see one anywhere.Because that I didn’t see it come with a cable for the USB MIDI connection, I will probably leave off a star.Unfortunately, one of the keys, low F, is significantly louder than the others so I must return it (touching it lightly plays a sound like you hit it). So the lowest octave is rather unusable because of this artifact. Despite that, I keep giving it more stars because it doesn’t deserve a low rating for a random defective part.

                      3 people found this helpful

                    55. Pop

                      Failure to Success

                      Received on time but unit had stuck key; easily made arrangement to return; new keyboard showed up very quickly (even before bad one was returned) and replacement is great; grandson loves it and it sounds great. Definitely not a toy.

                    56. J. Proffitt

                      Nice key action, low volume

                      The piano is basic. It looks basic, feels basic, and if you want no thrills whatsoever then this is the piano for you. The keys have a nice action, the pedal not so much. It’s hard to tell if you even have it pressed by feel alone. I like the sound of the piano, the tone is nice. However, my largest complaint is the volume. It’s really low. You can crank it wide open and not bother anyone in your house. I like to play at louder volumes because I like to be immersed in the sound, and in order to do this I have to wear headphones.

                      5 people found this helpful

                    57. CACTUS


                      Great value for a beginning piano student. 88 weighted keys and very portable. No tuning costs, easy to move, doesn’t take up much room, moves room to room easily. The action is not going to feel as good as an acoustic piano or a higher end keyboard, but is adequate for study.This would not be a bad choice for a music student that needs something to keep in a dorm room, etc.I would recommend ordering an aftermarket sustain pedal. The included pedal is a small plastic box that is more or less a throw away item.Me: I am a musician with music degree, but not a pianist. This is perfect as I teach my kids beginning piano skills and also plunk on my own.

                      5 people found this helpful

                    58. Gary


                      This was for my wife she loves it

                    59. Cameron Blair

                      Perfect beginner piano

                      Great for if you are still learning piano.You can connect to your desktop with a midi/printer to usb cable.You can use an editor on pc with it, or use flowkey to learn on your own (which i would recommend)Great piano.

                      One person found this helpful

                    60. KarlaKarla

                      The sounds of the piano is great ! Great quality

                      It’s great to begin to learn how to play the piano

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