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    CloseBuying policies Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster – Hard Tail – Laurel Fingerboard – Tropical Turquoise

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    CloseBuying policies Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster – Hard Tail – Laurel Fingerboard – Tropical Turquoise


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    100% Designed by Fender Single-coil Stratocaster neck and middle pickups, humbucking bridge pickup Thin and lightweight body 6-saddle hardtail bridge Satin finish neck

    17 reviews for CloseBuying policies Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster – Hard Tail – Laurel Fingerboard – Tropical Turquoise

    1. James

      W purchase

      First guitar so I’m not really experienced with this. However I can for sure tell you the color is VERY nice and it feels really nice to play

    2. P. LucasP. Lucas

      Good guitar with some fit and finish issues

      I bought this for my daughter for Christmas as her first guitar. She liked it because the color was cool and I liked it because it was a decent starter guitar that wasn’t super expensive. It is a really good guitar and from a distance it looks fantastic but upon close inspection you can see where the cost savings occurred. If you buy this be prepared or at least open to doing a little basic setup and minor finishing to make it the best it can be and also make it more comfortable to play.The neck was nice to the touch, soft satin finish on the back. Not the softest i’ve felt but definitely nice for the price. The Indian laurel fretboard is nice but could use some oil treatment as it looked very dried out. The paint finish on the body was also very nice. My daughter quickly sticker bombed it to her liking.On my unit many of the screws were not flush or screwed in straight. some had quite a bit of gap between the screw head and the pick guard which could be sharp if you brushed your hand against it. Also although the frets and fretboard are nice, there were a few frets with sharp edges. You may want to buy a luthier file and dress the edges of the frets to make them smooth. The frets in general could use a good polish, many were slightly corroded and had a scratchy tone when bending a string. One of my string trees on the headstock was either mounted incorrectly or bent. The “D” string was bent quite a bit lower than the “G” string above the nut.Set up wise the guitar needed quite a bit of attention. The nut was fine, could be a little lower but was ok. The bridge was not set up properly, the “G” string was low. the pickups were not set up at all, they were flat even across the body when generally they should be lower on the 6th string side and generally the bridge pickup would be lower than the middle and the middle lower than the bridge. Intonation was a bit off on most of the strings.If you have time to spend doing some polishing of this guitar’s rough edges and doing a proper setup you can end up with a very nice playing guitar that looks great also for not much money. If you don’t have the time or energy to fix some of the finish issues you might find this one uncomfortable to play.

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    3. Dutch

      Ideal for what it offers

      This was a great decision. I have owned several guitars of various levels of price and brand. This Squier has a solid spot against the entire collection.Value obviously the best of all. Mine is a really beautiful choice. Plays great, stays in tune and can be a excellent platform to upgrade at reasonable cost. U do not have to upgrade to enjoy playing it. I certainly do not gig but am avid hobbyist and can play daily well enough to afford the habit.I will upgrade with pots/electrics and strings and have already selected Fender brand guard and covers. It stays in tune and I’m not a shredder so tuners not mandatory at this stage. Honestly I like this one and likely will buy another Bullet.I really like the Classic Vibes but for cost comparison the Bullet with even complete upgrade options gets the job done for me.Very pleased even as is out of the box. Fender has it figured out.PS-Specs on Fender site confirm maple neck and it really sustains and resonates. Very nice fit/finish as well. I will be treating fingerboard and trimming down fret edges a bit. No serious fret sprout however. I’ve had expensive brand guitars with same task as well btw.

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    4. SV

      Love it!

      Great value, good guitar. I’ve experienced many guitars and I’ve always loved the idea of a hard tailed strat, this delivers!. I’m impressed, even the setup, action, intonation was done right.

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    5. Reagan

      Good beginner guitar

      I really like this guitar, the color is awesome too. I bought a cheap Fender amp with it and they do the job for a beginner like me. I went ahead and replaced all my strings with Elixir strings since I had a string break after a couple weeks of playing everyday (despite keeping them clean) and that made a big difference as well.

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    6. Scrooge McDuck

      Great sound, great feel but measure and setup.

      Do a quick check the feelers or the micrometer and you’re off to jam.

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    7. Cindi M. Wilson

      Nice guitar

      Bought this for my daughter for her 15th birthday and she loved it!

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    8. Spencer Worlton

      Comes with an annoying vibration that I can’t fix

      When I got it there were some scratches on the white part, and on the back. As soon I opened it and tuned it, the bridge kept making the E string vibrate so it’s constantly hitting the bridge. I don’t wanna have to go through the work of taking the bridge off and trying to fix. If I buy this new I expect it to be put together correctly already.

    9. brandi

      Seller very good. Guitar okay for beginners.

      A decent, inexpensive option for a beginner. Seller was great; everything arrived safe and sound and a day earlier than expected.

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    10. AprilApril

      Perfect for beginners

      This is a very nice guitar and perfect for beginners!

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    11. Everything Music & Guitar Shenanigans

      I can’t believe the amount of guitar you get for the cheap price

      I’m a luthier. I was able to make this play like a $1,300 American made Stratocaster. I spent another $50 on parts and I had it completely playing like a real Fender

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    12. Jordan Ong

      Stopped working after a month

      Do not buy it unless you know how to fix a guitar. Mine stopped working after a month

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    13. S. Moe

      Get your new guitar properly setup

      I think, in manufacturing, they just turn the bolt for the neck truss untill it’s tight.This guitar was practically unplayable, the action was so low most notes on every string would rattle against the frets. I had to loosen the neck truss 3 full turns before I could see any bend in the neck, I gave it another 1/2 turn for good measure. These cheap maple necks are very stiff. Now it plays like a real Stratocaster.I love it. it looks great . It has that Strat sound, all 3000 of them. Very light and easy to handle. It’s not an high-quality instrument, it works right, but within 10-years it will break, and maybe you will learn how to repair guitars. What this guitar needs now is a eager-to-learn child to spend it’s next 10-years with.

    14. Brian Shackett


      Delivered quick good price beautiful

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    15. Jay


      it’s amazing! No problems other than needing to replace the strings! Lovely colors! 10/10

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    16. Bruce Garcia

      Precio justo y un buen producto

      Por el precio obtienes una guitarra decente para empezar, recomiendo hacer un ajuste de alma y puente para que quede mejor a tu gusto y cambiar las clavijas por unas de mejor calidad y así mejoras mucho la calidad de tu guitarra.En general satisfecho con este modelo aunque sí es necesario ajustar un par de cosas.

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    17. Bob Stone

      Raising the bar

      Can’t believe they can sell such a great guitar at such a low price.

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    Gretsch Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right, 2 Color Sunburst

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    Gretsch Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right, 2 Color Sunburst


    SKU: B00N28W72G Category:

    Basswood body with X-bracing 12th fret, 24”-scale nato set neck with synthetic bone nut Vintage-style 18 frets Walnut fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays Top-load walnut bridge with compensated saddle

    60 reviews for Gretsch Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right, 2 Color Sunburst

    1. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Cracked on side of body

      Like the guitar, a lot but crack in side of body

    2. OBK

      Great guitar for a few dollars

      I like it a lot. Reviews were good everywhere I looked. It’s well-made. It’s a parlor guitar so it has a circus-like sound. Not a beautiful sound. But it’s fun and easy to play. I think it’s great. I’m a beginning guitarist so don’t take my word about it in terms of its musicality. But for the money I think it is solid and worth it. I would not worry about taking it on a plane, or to the beach, or camping. Read review on best guitars under $500 and it makes many of the lists.

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    3. Jon F.

      My most played acoustic guitar

      I have to echo what many others have said–this is a great little guitar. I have a Martin, Taylor, and a Loar parlor size acoustic. I end up playing this guitar more than any other acoustic because it’s comfortable to play, has a cool blues tone, stays in tune, and lives on a stand in my living room instead of a case. It’s also great to travel with due it’s small size. If you want a great little blues box, this is it.

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    4. Roselyn Daneke

      The sound and the set up out of the box to get to it is amazing. I ordered the gig bag (mistake)

      This is every thing you will read about…unless you see under five stars. The sound and the set up out of the box to get to it is amazing. I ordered the gig bag (mistake). After leaving it out and picking it up everyday for the past three weeks… i ordered a gator 3/4 hard for 60% of the price. So what. Well between the 5th and 9th frets; there are amazing sounds from the D thru G stings. Bend them, slide them; it may be just my guitar, but after three weeks it was no longer a $149 guitar…hence the hard case. I have not changed stings yet. Are you kidding me $149? Acoustic Guitar Mag was the tip and i pounced on this guitar. How do they create that woody ghost tone out of $149. I would like to have a Keb Mo Gibson @ $2400 but will smile with the Jim Dandy until that day happens. OK…the Keb Mo Gibson would bury this guitar, but I would still take the Jim Dandy traveling…I love this guitar.

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    5. katie

      Great guitar, no ability for strap.

      This is a great guitar that produces a well rounded sound. It’s not the most beautiful looking and over all looks a little cheap, like the plastic tuning knobs. But the tune doesn’t slip so they obviously get the job done. One complaint is that there is only one knob to attach a strap. How you would attach a strap I would not know other than, perhaps glueing on another knob? So curious as to why this redunk design is in place, how hard would it have been to add an extra knob?

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    6. C. Lambert

      Better than the recording kings

      As far as budget parlor guitars this is it. I had a solid top recording king for a while but this one wins hands down craftsmanship wise. Intonation is spot on, tuners keep tune, action is great. X braced and clean internal workmanship. This is a players guitar and it’s made to be a beater, just as the stellas and harmonys and Kay’s of old…

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    7. Andrew & Rebecca

      Very nice for the price

      This is a pretty nice little guitar for the money. I was looking for a new parlor to have around the house, take outside, toss into the car for trips–and that’s exactly what the Jim Dandy is perfect for. If you’re looking for a mind-blower, this probably won’t do it. However, it plays good right out of the box, feels solid, and sounds like a good little parlor. Gretsch was going for a throwback guitar, like one of those department store parlors from decades ago, and I think they nailed it. I have a Stella and a Regal from the early 70s (both of which I love), and this fits nicely alongside those.If you want to add a fun little guitar to your arsenal, this is a good one to pick up. And it won’t break the bank. If I was looking at this as a starter guitar, it would probably get the fifth star.

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    8. tim behunin

      great guitar for the value

      for the price as a learner guitar the gretsch jim dandy is solid, it gets some negative press for the flat finish; however, this is a nice touch in both look and feel. many youtube videos with accomplished blues guitarists show the sound its capabilities. for someone new to the guitar, pretty forgiving and easy to play. strong value.

    9. Patrick Kennedy

      Yes, an actual musical instrument

      I’ve had this guitar for a few months now, and it’s delightful to pick up and play. The “boxy” sound isn’t for everyone (search Youtube for some good sound clips), but it was exactly what I was looking for in a parlour-sized guitar. The construction feels high quality, and the setup was pretty good right out of the box. I’m not a good player, but this is at least as enjoyable and beautiful to play as the more expensive guitars I’ve played.The only thing that feels a little cheap on close inspection is the finish, which I expect might pick up some wear and tear over time, but overall I would say this guitar is more inexpensive than cheap. I can’t imagine doing any better at this price point than this guitar.

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    10. Jeff Hanson

      Great bang for the buck

      Mine arrived thru Austin Bazaar. Everything was as described. I straightened the neck with the provided allen wrench (this guitar had a bit too much relief in it, but it was straight) took the old strings off and sanded the base of the string saddle down a bit for easier action. I restrung it with 11s and couldn’t be happier. The guitar intonates perfectly, the action is where I like it, and it plays like butter. I only wish it had a slightly wider nut but I’m adjusting.Great service with Amazon/Austin Bazaar. Probably couldn’t have picked out a better one myself. Both fingerstyle and flat picking are rewarding. I haven’t played a nicer guitar in this price range.

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    11. John Taylor

      One of my favorites

      I really like parlor guitars and this one is definitely a keeper. Been playing over forty years.

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    12. Stephen L. Graf

      A whole lotta fun for the money

      I was looking for something to throw in the backseat of my truck and roll with it. I’m a fan of Godin products and I looked at a number of their used offerings, even a baby Taylor and some old Silvertones. Of course ads for this Jim Dandy kept popping up and it was inexpensive and then when I got to looking, I noticed I couldn’t find a used one – that was telling. Reviews were mostly favorable and yeah, if I want to change things up or drill holes in it – so what. I like this guitar a lot. No it doesn’t sound like my others but that’s the point. It’s got that sitting on the porch steps in the summer heat sound.

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    13. Heath Hardin

      Great player!

      I got this guitar for my daughter for christmas. I have been playing guitar for 45 years…i have owned a ton of different guitars. I LOVED playing this little Gretsch. Out of the box, it was set up to play with perfect action. Just needed to tune in up. Was very impressed with the even sounds from bass to treble and it was a really easy-playing guitar. Sweet sound. Great deal for the money. I am hoping this will encourage her to play more and then down the road i will get her a Martin. VERy happy with the purchase.

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    14. cjg

      Great guitar

      Great value

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    15. rel


      I’ve had the G9500 for less than 24 hours and it really is hard to put down. I build CBG’s as a hobby and love the blues. I had been looking for an acoustic beater for my nightly couch playing. I love playing my cigar boxes, ukulele (s) and Stratocaster, but I haven’t owned an acoustic guitar since I was a teenager. I have a Gretsch Uke and its quality and sound is amazing, so when I found this parlor guitar by Gretsch, I gave it a shot. … and just WOW!I can literally not keep my hands off this guitar. There was a minor truss rod adjustment (6th string buzz) but besides that its flawless. Beautiful sound and very comfortable playability were the two things I was looking for and its got BOTH. I would have never believed that a 150 dollar guitar could ever be this great. Unless I’m just crazy… If you are trying to decide on purchasing this guitar JUST DO IT NOW or SOON.

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    16. Jonathan Freeman

      Fun and Inexpensive

      Perfect for just playing around, it’s fun to play and inexpensive. It’s nothing special by no means but well worth it for the price.

    17. Rose

      Amazing sound

      This guitar is well built and has a wonderful quality sound.

    18. joel clackum

      Buy this.

      The Jim Dandy is in line with the Gretsch Guitars of old. It sounds great and feels great. I bought this for my son to learn on, but I very much enjoy playing it myself and it sounds fantastic when Its mic’d up. Other reviews suggested that it was fragile, but I think it is well-built and will withstand whatever my son can throw at it. If you are thinking about this guitar, buy is fun to play, has a great sound, and travels easily.

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    19. kelsey stewart

      Great for travel

      Perfect size for what I wanted sounds okay the body is small so it doesnt resonate as much as a bigger body guitar but it looks sharp an is comfortable to play. Definitely a great travel guitar not something I’d play a show with but something to drag everywhere.

    20. Gregg

      Worth 169 and fun to play.

      Good value for the money. I really enjoy the size and neck. I will play this a lot. The paint is cheap. The white line is not solid on the front surface it is broken up like they did not have enough paint in the machine when finishing. The pick guard takes away from the fake old fashioned look with the G. I may remove it. It is worth the 169 paid. I am a beginner and it is very comfortable to have this size rather than the full size Dreadnought when walking around the house. The E and A strings do not have a ring like a regular size guitar. It was this or the 199 fender cp100. I would recommend it does have a quieter nice resonance. I rarely give reviews because I think most are laudatory over the top BS that seem paid for. This review is not paid for.

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    21. Gravey Shakes

      Love this guitar

      Bad – had to lube the saddle and nut the strings were sticking. It needs a machine head/tuner upgrade. They work but require a lot of effort to turn so you loose some of the ability to fine tune. Good – stays in tune once you get there. Absolutely love the sound – got that “blues” tone, size – light convenient,neck – smooth, color – flawless flat (I got the red) paint that can take getting bumped without leaving a mark. It sounds and feels like a $500 guitar. I am going to get another one to hot rod.

    22. Eleven

      Beautiful little guitar

      Confortable and good sound. Great for the money

    23. aaron Wagner

      Nice Guitar. Worth more than it is.

      I bought this guitar because i needed to have a smaller guitar for a boat trip down the Mississippi. Turns out it was still a bit large for our smallish boat. However, I was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship right out of the box. The sound isn’t booming, but i wouldn’t expect that from a parlor guitar. Instead, It’s a bit raw and perfect for starting slide work or for an inexpensive guitar that you don’t have to worry about leaving out of it’s case in order to quickly grab for a quick practice session.

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    24. John robbinsJohn robbins

      Opinion of a Manager at Manny’s Music NYC, a salesman at both Sam Ash NYC and Matt Umanov’s NYC:

      I worked at the above stores as well as several in Seattle for almost 20 years total. And I was looking for something that would stay in tune and I could actually play, and drag around to the beach or camping, perhaps busking and wouldn’t kill me if it were stolen or destroyed. That being said..This is an unbelievable deal. First this was shipped to me in December, and the frets were not protruding from the sides of the fretboard as often happens when a guitar is exposed to the cold. It was shipped from NJ to Seattle. The neck is streight and true, the action is quite playable though it could be lowered. It does not NEED to be lowered, it could be depending on personal preference. I searched each string and fret and there is ZERO fret buzz. Not a one needs to be filed down. And most importantly it stays in tune. I did not throw it out of tune from bending strings or traveling across town from warm to cold to warm. The tuners are the open gear type and aren’t the best but I haven’t had any problem tuning it so far. All the interior bracing seems solid, well placed and firmly glued with no gaps or spaces, drips etc. showing. Likewise the neck joint seems equally well made. There is a strap button on the bottom of the body, the other end must be tied under the strings on the headstock, or another strap button must be added. The bridge is well made and securely fastened to the face of the guitar. It does have the intimated B and high E string saddle which would need to be replaced if someone is thinking of stringing it lefty and flipping it over. It comes with a warranty card and an Allen wrench. If you are in the industry you can compare this to an entry level Yamaha acoustic from the late 1980’s early 1999’s as far as playability. It’s not a full scale nor is it a dreadnaught shape body as the top bout meets the neck at the 12th fret instead of 14th. But comparable quality. As far as sound it’s quite nice and much louder than I expected very articulate and …crisp mids, nice round highs, and the low end is pretty well balanced and has that growl you get in drop D owing to the short scale. Sounds like it’s just aching for a coricedan bottle!All in all I really can’t think of anything else to say other than I was really sceptical but hey this thing holds its own. For the money nothing else I have seen even comes close! I plan on using this live for a few songs.WORD OF WARNING: This came FedEx. I have received several packages this month from them. One requires a signature so I missed work to stay home and sign for it. Then at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon they changed the delivery date to “unknown”. because the item was still in Texas and wasn’t going to make it to Seattle by ground in the next day let alone by 8:00pm Saturday as they had been saying all week. It showed up Monday morning after I went to work (delivery date was still unknown on computer). And this guitar comes in a box that says Gretsch in giant letters on it. So I left a note telling them to leave it next door which is about 30ft from my door to theirs. FedEx just left the guitar on my porch with Gretsch facing out towards the street.

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    25. David Lewis



    26. Pcat

      Cheap Fun!!

      I was looking for a “knock-around” guitar and began stumbling across reviews for the Gretsch Jim Dandy. I have to be honest: I was deeply skeptical of the positive reviews this little $149 guitar was getting but I took a chance and ordered one. It definitely lives up to the hype but in the interest of being objective here are my observations:Appearance: Gretsch has nailed the retro vibe. If you’re looking for the aesthetics of deeply-grained tone-wood this isn’t your instrument but the Jim Dandy has it’s own vintage charm. The Tobacco Sunburst top is a matte spray finish that looks good and is evenly applied. The rest of the instrument is flat black which may be a fingerprint magnet … time will tell. The pinstripe on the top is obviously hand-painted; there are some minor imperfections but it really fits in with the retro theme Gretsch is shooting for. The cheesy (in my opinion) pick guard and open tuners only bolster that theme. My one complaint: Gretsch made the inexplicable decision to begin their fret markings at the fifth fret rather than the third. Overall, I’d grant the Jim Dandy an 8 out of 10 for appearance.Build: The Jim Dandy is a relatively light weight guitar and subjectively feels heavier than my Little Martin. My out-of-the-box inspection revealed no obvious flaws other than some small debris rattling around inside. The kerfing and bracing seems clean and tidy and the tuners, while stiff, function well. There are no bridge pins to lose with the Jim Dandy’s through-bridge design. Overall, I was impressed by the quality and the instrument was actually close to being in tune right out of the box! Further, the factory set-up is actually very good. The neck is straight, the nut is reasonably well cut, the action is quite playable with nary a buzz or dead spot. The real surprise is the fret work on this guitar. One British reviewer commented that the Jim Dandy had the best fret work of any entry-level guitar he’s seen. I’ll go a step further: the Jim Dandy I received has better fret work than guitars costing several hundred dollars more based on my auditioning of instruments at local music stores. Overall: a 10 out of 10 given the price point.Sound: Fun! Again, if you’re looking for high-end tone and sustain this isn’t your instrument. That said, the Jim Dandy has an enjoyable sound … it’s somewhat boxy yet sweet, especially when finger picked. If you’re a strummer I’d recommend trying light gauge nylon picks as these seem to emphasize the Jim Dandy’s mid-range where celluloid or tortex can ring a bit harsh. Does it have the clarity, voice or vibe of any of my Martins? No. But it has its own sound that is enjoyable. Overall: 8 out of 10.The Jim Dandy is an unapologetically budget guitar that manages to be playable and fun for a price point that’s really hard to believe. Really, it’s not hard to spend more on a case than you would spend on this guitar. In my opinion it’s a perfect instrument for places one might hesitate to take a more expensive guitar.

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    27. DylanDylan

      Excellent Little Guitar!

      I picked this up to learn finger style delta blues after reading all the positive reviews and watching the video of Eric Bibb singing its praises.This is a very fun and comfortable guitar to play. It has a unique voice, the low end is a bit muted and the mid range is very strong and ‘woody’. On the one I kept the low C booms out a bit more than the other notes both on the A string and high up the neck on the low E. I like that, it gives it even more character than it already has, and it has quite a bit of character to begin with.Currently my two favorite acoustics are this Jim Dandy and my Gibson J-15. Entirely different beasts, but both very enjoyable to play.If I hit the lottery I’d buy these by the case and hand them out to random strangers and spread the joy!I did have to send one back for rough fret work and a few other issues, but the one I kept is very nicely made, and far nicer than I expected for a guitar under $200. Unfortunately it came with a dent in the back. The outer shipping carton was fine, but the inner carton took a hard hit at some point which went right through the box and dented the back. However since it’s plywood and the paint is very durable, there’s no splitting or paint missing and no damage visible inside the body. It’s a very sturdy little guitar! Since every guitar is unique and I happen to really like this particular guitar’s “booming C” I’m keeping the dented one for life. I’ll consider the dent a “beauty mark”.I lowered the string slots at the nut and the guitar plays like silk. Nearly every nut has the slots set high from the factory since you can always lower slots, so they leave them high and let the customer, (or the customer’s luthier), lower them to taste. So high action at the nut isn’t a criticism of the Jim Dandy, it’s standard in my experience. The only other thing I did was replace the plastic strap button with one more in the spirit of this guitar, a vintage style ivorid, (imitation ivory), button from Iluak Ivory. Luckily the screw holding the plastic button on was a smaller diameter than the replacement so I just had to drill out the hole. I’ve attached a photo of the ivorid button.Note that the Gretch Resonator Roots Collection gig bag fits the Jim Dandy well and is a nice looking and very high quality gig bag.

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    28. Jose E Rodriguez

      Jim Dandy not parlor but parlor size

      Overall I’m okay with my purchase. It’s a parlor size guitar but it is not really parlor but Jim Dandy which is something unique on its own. That means that the style and tone are targeted for blues/country/folk and to be accompanied with steel guitar and-or resonator. Not your typical parlor guitar tones which is what I wanted until I played blues with it and fell in love with what I would describe as somewhat tin box tones mixed with slight touch of guitarlele tones in good taste. It is hard to describe but the wood used sure produces unique delta blues tones. Strongly suggest replacing the strings that comes with it, good strings makes a huge difference. I have to admit, it took some getting used to play with the short scale and no dot mark on the third fret. Definitely no high octave shredding on this. Also, the neck is chunky and action is higher than what I’m used to, probably for the use of a slide but it’s not bad. The guitar has great timbre for a small size, which makes finger picking sounds great and effortless but strumming is not as good in tone.I would say it’s a good beginner’s guitar if you are into blues otherwise your regular pop songs will sound a little off and the sound quality may not be as pleasant to you. If you like more of pop rock music spend a little more and go for the typical parlor Gretsch G9511 or Fender, Ibanez, etc.The guitar looks of quality that surpasses price which is something you see often with Gretsch. At first I thought the open tuners were not going to last but I’m pleasantly surprised that hold tune incredibly well and passed the beach and camping test. The size is perfect, makes it easy, fun to play and practice anywhere and that alone will make you love it. I have 2 more guitars but this one has become my go to guitar and it is the cheapest one. I assume because of the small size it comes with only one strap pin, thus the strap must go thru the tuning headstock but with strap it can hang on your back like a backpack very comfortably and it makes you look cool. :)I had to lower my rating to 3 stars because the fretboard is abrasive in some spots when string bending and even soaked in oil will occasionally have crunchy tones when bending, and it is becoming an annoyance. Is like the neck quality control is completely different from the body. I got it fixed with light sanding but it reflects price vs quality. Although double action thrust rod for that price is a nice surprise. But again, overall It’s okay or great if you’re not too picky.

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    29. Ratboy

      Updated: I do love this little dude…

      Well I just got mine… arrived a few hours ago. I’ve been playing it non-stop since. I really can do little more than repeat what others before me (the good reviews) have said: she’s a little darling… incredibly easy to play – fits perfectly in my arms and hands. The neck is beautifully shaped; the fretboard is fantastic. The string spacing is perfect for us fingerpickers… and when I tune her to an Open tuning and get out my Rock Slide brass slide – she’s at home. As far as looks go – well, I can’t tell what she looks like when I’m playing her so who cares? She looks fine sitting on my stand where she won’t spend a lot of time. This is, easily, the most guitar I’ve ever received for $150.00… do not hesitate to buy this baby if it’s an easy-playing small guitar you’re looking for… she’s just great. Love her instantly from the moment I get her the way I wanted… even the strings she came with are fantastic – with great action; Everything is really perfect. Couldn’t be happier… well there’s one thing: the frets are a bit sharp and need to be worked on, but… c’mon, if that’s the worst thing I can say about this guitar you know she’s a winner. Amazing price to value ratio.Update: I’ve had this guitar for, I don’t know, a few months now… I just wanted to say that this is the best guitar I’ve ever owned. I mean, not just in relation to the cost of the instrument, but… it’s the most enjoyable to play… it has superb tone (lacks a tad on the lower register but it’ a parlor, that’s too be expected…) and it plays like a dream. It is constantly by my side or in my hands. I love it. I cannot possibly imagine a better deal on a guitar anywhere or from anyone. Gretsch has simply *killed it* with this one. I am astounded… There must be something in the drinking water in Indonesia because every guitar I’ve had that has been made there has been good… but this… I just cannot recommend this guitar enough. Am I making myself clear? Buy this guitar if you are even remotely considering it. You will not do any better buying anything else. It is… the best. A great guitar. If I had paid 500 bucks for it I’d be saying the same thing, by the way…

      4 people found this helpful

    30. Natroneous

      Great guitar arrived with junk strings

      Overall I’m really happy. I’ve been looking to get one of these since they came out and happy I finally did. Love the finish and overall the craftsmanship on mine is quite nice for a sub $200 guitar.My only complaint is that the included strings were so tarnished and old that I had to replace them immediately (I used Martin Retro Modals). The Jim Dandy actually comes with decent D’addario strings, so it was a shame to cut them off without using (and a waste of $).When I wrote to “Gretsch” about the strings they told me “no replacements are available “ SAY WHA??? For one, they are actually even available on Amazon. 2, was I supposed to keep those old strings on for the life of the guitar? For those reading, it was very easy to find and replace them ;)Anyway, I’m certainly not sending back the guitar with my brand new strings on it. I like the guitar now, I was just hoping for a new set sent to me.Also for what it’s worth all responses came from a company named Adorma – not Gretsch, so even though it looks like it in the listing, I’m not sure this is really coming from Gretsch directly.

      3 people found this helpful

    31. jonesvox

      Just Dandy

      Well, isn’t this “dandy?” I received my new Jim Dandy yesterday. Packaged very well but still has an odd scratch on the front and some wipe mark as if the person who applied the pick guard got glue on it and attempted to “fix” it. Not that noticeable so I will keep the guitar. It was actually almost in tune out of the box. Never had that with a new guitar.Stings are a bit heavy gauge for me. Plays fairly well. No fret buzz. It’s a fun & quirky. I’m going to install a preamp and under saddle pickup. It will be fun and add a retro vibe to my solo gigs. It’s a fun little guitar to leave on the couch & noodle with. For the low price it’s a blast.

      2 people found this helpful

    32. Ringo

      Great Value, but keep in mind the small scale

      Great sounding guitar, beautiful finish, and very well made. A great recreation of the old parlor/ catalog guitars meaning its a smaller scale. Not only is the body smaller, the neck is a smaller scale, thus the frets are as well.

    33. Dave

      Very impressive

      Very impresssive guitar for the price. I wanted something I could take with me when I travel, and for family gatherings. This guitar met every need and sounds fantastic. I have always known Gretsch to make quality instruments but for the price, this guitar is worth a lot more. The small body size makes it very comfortable to play, and the neck is very beefy and instantly makes you feel at home. I have had this guitar by the campfire, out early in the morning, and have let it sit for over a week, and it still stays in tune. Whether you’re looking for a cheap beater to have around the house, or a solid back up travel guitar, this thing will certainly fit the bill.

      13 people found this helpful

    34. Dark one

      Looks better than it plays!

      I had been waiting to buy this guitar since September 2019. This guitar was so hot that it supposedly all sold out and we had to wait till Feb 2020 before they made anymore. I was hugely underwhelmed by the following. This is not a smaller guitar like the Baby Taylor. This is actually a 3/4 size guitar. It really only has 12 playable frets almost like a toy guitar. Any fret higher than 12 is not really playable or it sounds like a toy. Looks great like an ancient parlor guitar. It sounds deep and I could still smell the smell of newly cut wood because this was a new batch. The problem I have is, it just sounds like a cheap guitar. Nothing really special. It doesn’t sound like a parlor guitar as I expected. It just sounds a tad better than a guitar for that price but by no means does it sound like those old blues guitars and I am not sure if you can even get those types of tones. It sounds deep and dry to me. Maybe the guitar needs to age and might benefit from different strings. Clearly it looks better than it plays.

      13 people found this helpful

    35. Amazon Customer

      Great smaller guitar

      I’m a beginner and the size is perfect. It sounds great. The only beef I have is there is no where to connect a guitar strap.

    36. Grant

      Exactly what I needed

      No damage while shipping. Guitar is the perfect size. Sound is amazing considering the size and price. Prior to purchasing I read other reviews and detail and they were all pretty spot on. I’m a beginner and I find this guitar easy to play on. If you’re looking for a small guitar at a good price this is the one.

    37. john heckman


      For 150 dollars u cant go wrong with this guitar. I have a very expensive acoustic that sounds amazing, but its huge and a bit of a hassle to play. I bought this guitar with the thought of campfire songs and easier practice. Ill tell u what right out of the box i fell in love with it. Ie been playing guitar 6 years and this guitar is one of my favorites. It is so much fun to play, if your into noodleing and chords while your taveling this is the guitar for you.Now about the guitar, the finish isnt what u expect, its not a laquer, so i dont know how it holds up to temperature. Theie are slight cracks in the finish on the neck, probably from quick temperature flux. And th white line bordering the edges dosent go under the neck, it just stops. The intination is great, i only found one dead note, the tuners fit perfectly with the desighn. The only thing i dont really like about this guitar is the fretboard. The lay ins are huge, and the wood for the fret board just looks cheap. This is a 150 dollar guitar and u will be suprised how nice it feels when u start playing. Id buy it again

      15 people found this helpful

    38. nick tannehill


      Great guitar, solidly built. Anyone who may complain about finishing issues, I think, is missing the point of this guitar. It has a beefy neck which is taking some getting used to, It stays in tune better than the Taylor GS mini and it sounds great! At this price I plan to get every color and tune each one to a different open tuning. This guitar coupled with the Jim Dunlop 232 Harris brass slide(and a little truss rod adjustment to bring up the action) will transport you to the front porch of a rundown country house deep down in Mississippi on a scorching hot day, with dust kicking up in the wind and… I think you catch my drift. I decided to remove the pick-guard which was about as easy as removing the UPC sticker from a Bic lighter. I’ve handled both the Fender and Recording King parlor guitars and even if they were $149 instead of $199, I’d still get this guitar.

      29 people found this helpful

    39. April HApril H

      I ended up buying a second one for myself

      This is an incredibly good sounding guitar. I bought for my grandson. I had it shipped to me tune it up and started playing. And I bought another one for my son-in-law. And I thought I would just add a picture of my dog because she’s so cute that’s Maggie.

      11 people found this helpful

    40. Nicholas Mageras

      Very happy.

      My guitar arrived quite early, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s construction is solid. I was deciding between this and and something else, but in my opinion you can’t really go wrong with a Gretsh, even in this price range. It sounds like it was made to play the blues, and it’s perfect size for travel.

    41. C L Wheeler

      Awesome 12 Fret Small Body Blues / Travel Guitar for the Price (Cheap)!

      Met all the expectations I had after reading review after review about how great a guitar it is for $150. Didn’t have an opportunity to see one in person and I was skeptical when I ordered it because I’ve heard stories like that before. The finish is pretty terrible and sloppy and I had to take a minute to get over that before really deciding what I thought about it. Especially for a guitar it’s size (its small) it has great volume and tone; it plays really good right out of the box; it stays in tune really good and has good intonation; the frets, fret board, nut, and saddle setup are great, and the neck action is like a full size guitar not like the the action on other ‘Travel” guitars I’ve had experience with. What more could you want for a $150 12 fret small body blues player/beater?

      7 people found this helpful

    42. C. MarinoC. Marino

      A good little parlor for the beach

      Perfect for what I was looking for, a small, inexpensive guitar for travel, camping, beach so that one would not be devastated if it got lost or damaged. Of course it would be great if it looked and sounded like a $2,500 parlor guitar, but then it would not have cost only $169 and I would not be taking it to the beach. It is easy to play, balanced and a solid little guitar. I would have happily paid a bit more for better tuners, these work but slip a bit when tuning. Maybe an upgrade down the road.

    43. Amazon Customer

      Perfect parlor guitar

      This is not a toy guitar. It is a parlor acoustic guitar. These are smaller guitars, more comfortable and they unique sound. I love this guitar. And it is perfect for practice.

      3 people found this helpful

    44. kaveh

      An extremely comfortable guitar to play….

      I have the sunburst version. I took the pick guard off likety-split….to get rid of the unsightly “G”….came off very easy….looks eve better without the pick guard… This is an excellent guitar. It is extremely comfortable to play, mostly because it is so small. It is probably the smallest parlor guitar that you’ll be able to find. The sound is “tinny” ….as everybody who plays it will tell you…..because of the cheap/laminate woods used…..but it does give the guitar an old-school Delta blues sound. Those old-school blues guys weren’t playing fancy-pants expensive guitars….I have 6 or 7 guitars…acoustic and electric…that are more expense than this one….but I still come back to my trusty “Jim Dandy”….great guitar to learn on too….buy it…you won’t be disappointed…

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    45. Fatratdaddy

      Just picking it up will make you smile.

      It didn’t come double boxed, but it was well packed so there were no shipping issues. It’s set up very well and it’s ready to play out of the box. I changed the strings, polished the frets, oiled the fretboard and I’ve been really pleased with the results. It’s just a fun guitar to play.

    46. J. Ellick

      Another Gretsch Masterpiece !!!

      Wanted the blue one, but ended up with the cherryburst. The action was alittle high out of the box, but a quick neck adjustment lowered it where it plays comfortable, with no buzz and perfect intonation. The body is small but comfortable.I’ve played for 40 years and owned the best guitars out there,this acoustic is a quality instrument. Kinda ugly finish ,but a great classic palor guitar aka Robert Johnson tone. The hardware may be cheap but works perfectly, no tune slippage. The strings work well right out of the box , no need to change them. The neck is wide for such a small guitar but it serves a purpose, a great players design. I agree with all the positive reviews ,this guitar is worth every penny. Beginner to proffesional this is worth having. I’m happy I purchased one.

      11 people found this helpful

    47. iLean

      Not for strumming

      I loved that bass it put out, but only when you’re picking. I read a lot of good reviews and a few that said not good for upbeat songs, nor strumming. I took my chances and returned it after only 2 days. When in boxing, the G string was broken. I replaced them and initially thought it was going to be perfect for small group platform. I tried it the next day at one and boy was it a train wreck. The room ate up the bass and the clanging shrill was all that lingered. In a small room by yourself or with 2 people, it sounds clean and meaty. I was so disappointed with the sound quality I returned it immediately. I gave it great stars individually bc for picking it is nice, just not strumming. I bought a Yamaha JR1 the next weekend for $149 that does the job much better and more affordably.

    48. Jeremy

      You won’t be disappointed…if you know what to expect at this price range.

      I wanted to get back into playing, but didn’t want to spend a fortune. In the past, I had great luck with cheaper guitars costing $200 or less. All you’ve got to do is bring them to a guy or gal to get them set up.I’ve had a couple of hours now to play around with this beauty. I wasn’t expecting a great dynamic range from this type of wood & at this price, but this guitar is a keeper for only 169.99 plus free shipping.If any of you are looking for a guitar to travel with, to give as a gift for someone, then look no further. They say that some things are too good to be true, but this isn’t. It’s too good and it’s true.

      3 people found this helpful

    49. Kenneth

      Highly Prized !!

      This Jim Dandy arrived in excellent protective packaging with no damage. I owned a Baby Taylor but sold it and now have replaced it with the Jim Dandy and I’m very satisfied with the sound and quality. Ordered the brown which gives it a rustic look. I’ve added a removable pick up and practice slide guitar. This is a very good purchase and I highly recommend the Jim Dandy. I checked out the you tube vids and that’s what convinced me to order it. I looked at other parlor guitars and this has the best bang for the buck and hey it’s a Gretsch. I also own Gibson, Epiphone, Wechter and Fender acoustic guitars and I feel I’m qualified to make this recommendation.

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    50. Douglas R. Harwood

      Gift one of these to a child! Perfect social media killer!

      Bought this little parlor back in early August to set up as a Delta Blues machine and for slide. Absolutely loved the retro sound. Carefully removed the pickguard and kept the action a little high. Unfortunately my 11 year old granddaughter also loved it. So “Papaw” lowered the action, light gauge Ernie Ball phosphors, new gig bag and tuner and put it on Santa’s sled. She’s named it “Baby”. Priceless! Ear to ear smile. I wonder who’ll end up with my vintage Martin collection?

      2 people found this helpful

    51. K Ryder

      After two years still going strong

      I purchased this guitar in Nov 2018 and have been steadily playing it since then. I own or have owned Martin, Gibson, Taylor, and Yamaha higher end guitars. I purchased this as my knock around guitar. It has nice low action, stays in tune, and has held up perfectly since the day I got it with no issues. It didn’t even need a setup when it arrived, as it played great out of the box. It sits on a stand in my living room so that I can just pick it up whenever the mood strikes. All that being said, you should have realistic expectations. It has a boxy sound which is actually reminiscent of some low end guitars made decades ago. Think the old blues players from the 30’s who created amazing music on those cheap guitars. For the money, it has a comfortable neck and it’s good sounding for what it is. Again I’ll emphasize, it’s not going to sound like something that costs several hundred or more dollars. For this price it does what it’s designed to do.

      4 people found this helpful

    52. SteveW

      Great little travel guitar

      Excellent little travel guitar. Easy to take with you. Sounds is about what I expected for this smaller sized guitar. No issues with string action. Really fun to play. I purchased when it went on sale. For $120 this was a no brainer to purchase.

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    53. Parkerpusher

      This Blues Box Made For Travelin..

      Really cool little guitar….gets the most play now around the house. I bought it originally because I was looking at travel guitars to take with me on the road with my construction job that takes me out of town alot. I couldn’t find one locally, but I did play the little martin and baby taylor at the GC here in town. I didn’t really like the sound that much, and they were too dang small. This Gretsch has a 24″ scale, like a fender mustang or the likes, so it’s small but it is more parlor size than travel size. So, I bought it online here without ever playing it.How does it sound? Just like a cheap plywood parlor guitar should sound. Awesomely boxy, plenty of volume, not trying to be a small version of a bigger guitar but just content to be what it is. The old vintage Montgomery Ward guitars have some competition here. Put a soundhole pickup (Lace) and changed the strings to John Pearce 12s, and this thing is totally gig worthy. If you like the whole vintage thing, and don’t have any brand loyalties to martin and taylot (I only mention these since their small guitars are very popular for travel, which was my need), I think this is a better guitar for half the price. Action is low, plays easy, and has a nice chubby vintage neck (I like that, you might not). Intonation is perfect, open gear tuners with white knobs look killer. I love it.

      17 people found this helpful

    54. liquid

      I want another one

      Great little guitar. Comes with light strings that make it feel cheaper than it is.. I put some 13s on it and it sings beautifully. Can’t imagine needing more if you’re hoping to spend around 150 for a nice “beater” or whatever you want to call it. Perfect beginner’s item, perfect traveler’s item, perfect lounge item, etc. Great action, and I’m comparing it to my Martin DCME, whose action inspires faster playing than most electric guitars I’ve played in my time. It also has a very sweet minimalist look, which you can probably already see in the picture. Looks ever better in person. The red in the center is darker than I thought it would be, but who cares. So buy it. Buy it instead of that fender or yamaha or ibanez or whatever other parlor/cheapy you’re looking at or going to see while shoppin around. Buy it for your mother and tell her you love her. Then when she says “Why did you give me this? I don’t play guitar.” Tell her it’s the thought that counts and it will be there waiting when you go see her. Then steal it.You might be hearin people say “check ebay or craigslist for a nice kay or silvertone instead..” if you’re researching forums for a new cheap axe.. I have an old Kay parlor from the 50s that I love. It has a type of life that these newer guitars do not, but this guitar is smooth like butter and will outplay almost all of those vintage ladies that you won’t be able to play in store before purchasing. Just a thought.weeeeeeeeeeeI posted a short video of some live action on youtube. Go find it. No talkin, just playin

      64 people found this helpful

    55. ……lookylul

      grandpa’s gut bucket resurrected

      Its a straight up gut bucket from the old days. The tone is “cardboard” but it nails the old blues tone perfectly. A couple of points: the action is fine, many reviewers said it was too high. Mine was perfect outta the box. Other reviewers said its a good fingerpickin’ guitar. I wouldn’t know as that is not my style. I play chords and flatpick. Jazz chords sound ok, cowboy chords sound great! I played a classical sax piece in 5th position with no problem. The construction is very basic. I’ve handled guitars from the 60s that were also mass produced and this one feels exactly like that. I played it all day when I got it and it stayed in tune. So…you want a guitar to play at home? Buy it! You want to take it on stage…hmmmm…not really a good choice due to the low volume. You need a small guitar for travel? Yes, get it now! Maybe you have never played before and need a guitar to learn on? Do it! You will not develop bad habits from its size and the low projection means you can play longer without disturbing anyone. You play metal? Blues? Folk? Country? It will do the job for practice purposes. Hope this review helps.

      5 people found this helpful

    56. Ryan MooreRyan Moore

      My favorite guitar I own.

      A friend of mine introduced me to this guitar. I fell in love with his the minute I picked it up. So I csme straight home and ordered one for myself.

      One person found this helpful

    57. Ambodian

      The quality is much better than you would expect for the price

      The quality is much better than you would expect for the price. If you really want a comparison, you could pay the same amount for a guitar with the same price in dollars in the 1960s and get nothing remotely close to the quality of this guitar. I also took a look at some of the Recording King models, but the reports of seams coming apart led me to choose this. Now I can record my CD of hokey songs about cats.Update – this guitar really grows on you. I’ve also found it records really well, especially for late 20’s early 30’s style jazz. The tone is surprisingly fat, but not boomy, and I’d guess the upper mid-range frequencies account for this. The projection quality seems better than a larger guitar.Update March 7, 2017I installed a Tusq saddle last night, PQ-9216-C0, listed as being for larivee guitars. It turned out to be close to a perfect fit with a little bit of filing and sanding, mostly on the bottom, and a tiny bit on the thickness. I also put in a set of StewMac Golden Age tuners, a little over $40 last summer, which are a significant improvement over the ones that came with it..

      21 people found this helpful

    58. Ben

      Bravo, Gretsch!

      This little number is hands down the best value on the guitar market. First of all: it sounds FANTASTIC. Loud, resonant, warm. Secondly: it’s made extremely well for the price. The satin finish is gorgeous and enhances playability. It stays in tune pretty well. The frets on mine do stick out a hair, but not enough to gouge you or effect fingering. Ive seen worse on more expensive guitars. I had to adjust the truss rod a bit to lower the action but it was very easy. Cannot recommend the Jim Dandy enough. Bravo, Gretsch!

      3 people found this helpful

    59. Lisa Garcia

      Get it, you can’t go wrong.

      Outstanding quality and craftsmanship on a very affordable parlor-style, travel guitar. Can’t go wrong unless you are expecting a larger sound which this is not intended to do. The old time bluesy sound is incredible and just like in the YouTube videos. Wish I knew how to use a slide. This is my go-to, take-along, strum anywhere guitar. Smaller scale is easy to get used to but I have medium sized mitts. It’s a keeper.

      One person found this helpful

    60. Jonah

      Very pleased

      This is my first guitar, and I was told my friends not to get anything less than $100. That originally was not really my budget but I’m really glad I extended it to get this one. I’m a total beginner and this is perfect for me. I’ve struggled in the past with guitars that were too big for me (I’m 5’4″) but this one is the perfect size.The sound is great but there is a bit of fret buzz. The guitar itself is really nice looking, the color is great and it has a cool southern / Johnny Cash vibe to it.Really the perfect guitar for a beginner or someone looking for a smaller sized model. I’m so happy with it.

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    Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar – HSS – Brown Sunburst

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    Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar – HSS – Brown Sunburst


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    100% Designed by Fender Single-coil Stratocaster neck and middle pickups, humbucking bridge pickup Thin and lightweight body 6-saddle hardtail bridge Satin finish neck Hand orientation: Right

    60 reviews for Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar – HSS – Brown Sunburst

    1. Robert MellenRobert Mellen

      pick guard damage

      Just unpacked this guitar/ Noticed damage between the two sound knobs. Looks like something melted and scratched the surface. Need a replacement pick guard for free! Otherwise looks and sounds as expected tor Fender product/ Also purchased a Fender 20-20 amp and shoulder strap with strap locks. Would appreciate a replacement pick guard.

    2. Dr Despicable

      As Good a Starter Strat As You’ll Find!

      This guitar was exactly what I was looking for in a Strat – HSS pickups, hardtail bridge, bargain price, good tone, very comfortable to play, and a sensible headstock that isn’t cartoonishly oversized. What I *wasn’t* expecting was the neck wood! Sure, it’s maple, but… I don’t know if it’s “flamed” maple, or what the term is, but it has these marvelous, slightly darker striations, not just on the back of the neck, but on the headstock, as well, that (to me) give it a little more visual personality. All told, between the basic mechanics, tone, playability, and appearance, I am truly well-satisfied!

    3. Steve-o

      Short scale is easier to play, excellent sustain and loud.

      I love this guitar. The short scale is easier for my small hands to play and it has an amazing amount of sustain. The Asian build quality of these low end guitars has really improved. The fit and finish was excellent, the humbucker’s do their job, and the tone switch actually makes a difference. It’s also the loudest guitar I own. what I mean by that is it has a really good sound without even being plugged-in. Not “tinny” at all. For a beginner or someone who needs a decent road or “beater” Guitar, I think this is a great choice. Another thing about these inexpensive electrics is that they are a great way to learn about adjusting electric guitars. They are designed to be assembled quickly and easily and it’s unlikely you’ll break anything. And even if you do, it’s not like you broke a $1500 guitar.

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    4. Robert M

      Get ready to upgrade pots and pickups immediately.

      I own 2 Squire 51 guitars that stock have the finest tone anyone could hope for. These HSS Strats however have the worst tone ever. There is no excuse for the trash electronics in this thing. Not acceptable. They went with the cheapest Pots and pickups they could find. My kids toy microphone inside of a tin can sounds better. Now, I like the fit and finish, set up , and intonation. Spot on. Why is everybody immediately ordering wired pickguards to replace in this ? They like the lightweight . Me too . 7 lbs. I ordered a Musiclilly Pro to drop in. I should not have to do this. I was told this guitar is not returnable.

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    5. Chris

      Love it!

      I played guitar as a kid with a run of bad teachers so gave up. No, over 20 years later, I bought a used Kona strat at a garage sale on a whim. Had to do a lot of tweaking to get it to sound somewhat near what I wanted. So, based on reviews, purchased this. Wow! No tweaking needed. Got the sound I wanted right out of the box! I am a big Nirvana fan, so paired this with a distortion pedal and was able to play the songs I wanted.

    6. Cliente Amazon

      For beginners

      For a beginner it’s perfect. HSS pickups allow you to vary across different styles. The problem is the cheap components, the pickguard for instance has a small gap with the body and the pots don’t satisfy me pretty much. Especially one of the tones’ gives a bad audio feedback. Nothing to complain, instead, on the tuning: it remains stable. The guitar plays well (for its low-end soul) and isn’t too heavy. Perfect guitar for beginners.

    7. Ryan

      Great starter guitar

      This is my first guitar, so I don’t have a lot to compare with, but it’s been fantastic so far.I’ve been using the guitar to learn using the tutorials and app over at Justin Guitar (highly recommended beginner guitar resources). I’ve also been using it to play RockSmith and it works great.I’m sure there are better guitars out there, but I have been very happy with this one as my starter.Pros:More affordable than other guitarsEstablished manufacturerSounds greatCons:No whammy bar, so I can’t pretend to be Buckethead yet…

      One person found this helpful

    8. musiclover

      Excellent guitar at an unbelievable price !!

      The playability and quality of this guitar is excellent at any price – and the fact it is so inexpensive just blows me away! You will have to dress the frets as the ends are sharp, but it is an easy task to do. The neck is more like a Gibson than a Fender in that it is flatter and wider – and that is more to my liking anyway. Very, Very Happy with this guitar. (I am not a beginner – 54 years experience playing guitar) I bought it just to have a ‘kick around’ electric I could take with me to jams and not stress out if it gets banged around – and now find myself playing it all the time – it is my new ‘go to’ guitar! Love it!

    9. Ultra360

      Excellent Guitar for the Price.

      I bought this guitar for $122 as it was an Amazon open box deal. Out of the box its totally worth the price, but, I put about $100 into the guitar; Fender tuners, Alnico pickups and pre-wired pickguard, a bone nut, and an All Parts bridge. So for just over $200 I have a guitar that plays as good as most $1200 guitar and sounds really great as well. The neck is smooth, the frets are even, and the body is nice and lightweight. Once I changed the parts the strings contact, it made a big difference in quality. Eventually, you’ll want to change the pickups, and you can just buy a bridge pickup for $40 to see the difference. There’s plenty of youtube vids on the guitar and how to replace any part on a Strat. This is a great beginners guitar even at retail, and also for the advanced “project” player on a budget.

      5 people found this helpful

    10. Randy

      Great Guitar!

      The guitar was packed well for shipping. I’ve played guitar for over 25 years and this Strat actually plays better than any classic model Fender Strats I’ve played. Does not feel cheap at all! Smooth frets, good action. Very little setup needed. The Sound is superb as well. Not too bright and not too dull. Great sound for Blues, Country and Rock.I bought the Fender Squier Bullet HSS Hardtail Strat.

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    11. DangerousDangerous

      This Bullet Brings Bang for the Buck

      I’ve been playing guitar for 21 years and though I’ve only had it out of the box for a few hours, I’m pretty amazed… For reference I’ve played in groups doing everything from metal to R&B to pop punk to top 40 to jazz (combo and big band). As far as gear I’ve used, my ‘72 Les Paul Black Beauty reissue set the bar early on & various HH Jacksons, Kramers, LTDs, and Charvels have been about as wide out as I’ve gone. My tone quest has had me pining for the spank of single coils these past few years and was put off at the thought of my minimal experience with S-style axes having narrow necks with high action. I definitely could have spent a lot of time shopping around for used gear or spending more on a nicer Fender, but really just wanted something to wrench on/upgrade while wetting my whistle with single coil sounds.The box showed up dinged & nearly cracked open so I was even more skeptical about how this would feel. Despite minimal packaging the guitar was intact and clean. Immediate feel in hand was very good – .09 gauge strings, action no higher than my Paul, and the frets were dressed better than some signature models of other brands I’ve tried. After tuning it up the neck sighted amazingly well and while there may be a little room to get lower action, I’m not sure this needs it. The other big bonus is the unfinished neck. I’ve played painted necks exclusively and the one thing that always jumped out at me when trying out guitars were the necks where I could feel wood grain. We’ll see if I end up with a coat on Tung oil on it, but am enjoying the break in as is.Sound – definitely the signature warmth of the neck pickup and all the variance to the twang of the bridge. Controls feel solid and the only oddity is that the bridge doesn’t appear to be wired to a tone pot, but that will likely be a little used position anyhow. Chords chocked up nicely for tight stacatto riffs & the dynamics were very wide. My only gripe is how low output these are, but more than acceptable for value priced pickups.For beginners on a budget and even seasoned players like me, this value is unbeatable! I’m looking forward to upgrading this piece by piece too.

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    12. RegularJim

      Great guitar, but needs a little work

      If you have the desire and know-how to tinker with guitars, I would recommend this guitar. This is where I throw out what a good deal this is for the price. That’s true. Everything works, everything seems solid, but it lacks the finishing touches you expect on a more expensive instrument. Some people have gotten real gems in the Mustangs, right out of the box. Mine was so-so.For those looking for a first electric guitar, it’s very easy to play. It has a shorter scale than most guitars (24″ vs 24.75″ or 25.5″). It’s not a lot shorter, it looks and feels like a full-size adult guitar, because it is. However, that 1″ or so makes a significant difference in string tension, so it’s much easier to play, chord, and bend the strings. The down side to that is that it’s easy to accidentally bend the strings or press too hard on them and make the notes go sharp. Thicker strings will fix that (I recommend a 0.010″ set).For more experienced players, you’ll need to take care of the frets. Mine were a little rough on the edges upon receipt, and the tops had a film or patina on them that made them really scratchy (cue the 0000 steel wool). Also, the tuners were loose so you may have to put some torque on them (10 mm nut driver).Usually the humbuckers on budget guitars are rather dark and muddy, but these are quite bright sounding, which was a pleasant surprise. The neck was pretty smooth, but was kind of “sawdusty”. I used 0000 steel wool and a couple coats of Dunlop 65 cream of carnuba. Feels much nicer now, and has a glossy sheen. The tuners do their job, but are nothing to write home about. The sparkly blue finish is flawless.As far as the electronics go, you can’t coil-tap these humbuckers (only 2 leads). The selector switch is boxed, unlike the open style in Gibsons and Epiphones, and not at all like the blade type switches found in Telecasters and Strats. The pots are Alpha branded minis and work very well. The wiring job was neat and tidy.Sometimes you can find a cheap guitar that blows you away. For me, this wasn’t one of them, but it’s a nice guitar nonetheless.Thanks for reading!

      115 people found this helpful

    13. M2sDad71M2sDad71

      Beginner player, first ever electric. Perfect for me.

      I did a good amount of research before pulling the trigger, and this was consistently rated the best guitar in it’s price range. Honestly don’t have anything to compare it to after 6 days, but it’s perfect for me.Still haven’t replaced the strings as I’m waiting for my brother-in-law to come back from vacation. But it sounds really good to me. No whammy bar but I’m not missing it so far, and there are plenty of videos on how to install one so I’ll go that route when I’m ready.I pulled it out of the box, tuned it, and played. It was perfectly shiny and new, and I had no issues peeling the plastic off the pick guard. I really like the HSS pickups. Played it at least a couple hours a day since it got here, and so far it’s stayed in tune until the next day.Very satisfied.

      One person found this helpful

    14. Lukas

      My first electric guitar

      I love it, it’s amazing my first electric guitar.

      One person found this helpful

    15. Phil

      Nice but has some issues staying in tune and string buzz

      Great for small hands the shorter scale helps. Now that I have had it some time I have discovered some problems and did some google searches for solutions. The guitar can go out of tune pretty easy and the intonation (how well the guitar stays in tune within itself) causes some problems with open chords and barred chords higher on the neck (not an uncommon thing with guitars). String saddle intonation is set right but guitar just seems off on some chords, cant quite determine the issue. Action can be set low and neck truss rod adjusts easily. However I get quite a bit of string buzz and it seems to be coming from the bridge saddles. String buzz could also be do to short scale length and not enough string tension. If played with a light touch and not a heavy hand it plays quite nice and strings bending is easy. I’m going to shim the angle of the neck and raise the bridge saddles high to see if that helps with buzzing at the bridge. Note: I have quite a few $100 to $200 Squire guitars and no issues with intonation or string buzz. So not being overly critical, just trying to post some some issues one may have with this.

      One person found this helpful

    16. Jaysonnn

      First guitar

      Nice guitar sunblast is nice . Used a fender app to adjust the strings . Worked pretty good and now slowly but surely learning . Oh and buy a bag for it Cause to place it anywhere is not that easy or a stand if they sell it

    17. Mr. GoodwillMr. Goodwill

      beautiful guitars

      I buys these Squier Bullets to rebuild as it is much cheaper than buying parts separately. These are beautiful guitars as they are as well. Whatever you want to do with them you would not go wrong.

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    18. Jim Simmons

      Not bad

      This is a decent Strat clone for the money. I would have gone five stars, but there are a couple issues that could have been easily avoided by the manufacturer.1. The thing was packaged in such a way that it was allowed slide around inside the box with nothing more than a thin foam sleeve covering the body and a thin cardboard box covering the headstock. This resulted in minor scuffs all over what would have otherwise been a nice finish.2. The stings that came with it serve no legitimate musical purpose and were completely unusable.

    19. James Myers

      Great Guitar for the Price

      This is a great guitar for a beginner. It actually sounds pretty good and is easy to handle. It came set up better than some Gibsons I’ve bought. I had to send the first one I got back because it was damaged in shipping, the exchange was completed easily. The quality is on par with other squire instruments, the only issue is that the frets seem a little sharp on the ends, I might try to dress them when I put new strings on it.

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    20. SlackerjSlackerj

      Great Guitar For All

      Been looking for a guitar with humbuckers to supplement my Telecaster. I saw a lot of guitars in the $800 and up price range. Then I saw some reviews of this guitar and figured what have I got to lose for $200. Right out of the box it played fine after a tune up. After some minor tweaking, this guitar stands up to my Tele. If you are not familiar with setting up a guitar, head over to you tube. This guitar is good for all, be you a beginner or advanced player.

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    21. Mark C. MirandaMark C. Miranda

      Rock steady beginner instrument

      Great for beginners, short scale makes the strings easier to play and encourages students to actually stick with it. You don’t build finger strength as fast as learning on acoustic but you also won’t get frustrated and quit after two days. Good value for the money if you want a guitar to rock out on. Humbuckers will give a different tone than single coils so think about that before you buy, this won’t have as much “twang”

      One person found this helpful

    22. Amazon Customer

      Dissapointing QC, You Can Find Better

      This was a starter guitar, and it was not badly reviewed but there was an issue with the volume knob. It produced nothing but static, and if you can’t hear the thing you can’t really learn to play it.It was bought due to the reputation of the brand, but this was a very disappointing purchase.

    23. Brian Bennett

      Great Fitst-Time Guitar

      I purchased this guitar based on previous ratings and the users didn’t disappoint. This Strat is well-built, keeps it’s tuning well, and arrived well-boxed with no concerns for it being damaged in shipment. I haven’t changed the strings yet, but it looks easy enough. This would be great for any beginner, like me. I wanted a guitar that wasn’t expensive being I never played before and wasn’t sure I could due to a disability. It was a great choice. I would go with a more expensive Squire or Fender as I grow with experience, but this is a good model to get started with.

      2 people found this helpful

    24. jones

      Great guitar to learn on

      Got it for my twelve year old and it has been good. You get what you pay for…and for someone just learning to love playing it was the perfect investment before you get serious and drop a lot more for something of higher quality.

    25. Dylan

      Great for beginners!

      I’m only six months in and I’ve gotten very comfortable with this guitar and I have no problems with it. My first thought when looking at this guitar was that maybe its too expensive but that’s NOT TRUE! Getting a cheap guitar with a billion other attachments and addons is not reliable. Trust me, some of my friends started the wrong way with one of those guitars and they only lasted a couple of months before something went wrong. I have already strongly recommended this guitar to multiple friends and in the end, they’re all happy that they bought it.

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    26. V. J. HanV. J. Han

      Take care of those rough frets

      Nice guitar for beginners. I bought it to practice indoor without annoying neighbors by using acoustic guitar. Only issue was that frets were rough, causing scratches on my left palm. Used 220 gauge sanding sponge to smooth it out.

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    27. Dee dee


      For the money this is a big time score.played perfect out of box but put 10 gauge on tuners are ok, not as bad as everyone says,no fret sprout which I had on a much more expensive fender,so go figure,made in indonesia,better then China. Like the pick ups.i bought this for nirvana stuff,so put a ds1 in front and it’s very cool.squire did a good job. Also have affinity tele,supposed to be better, but pretty much the same. Mustang feels small in my large hands,but it’s great anyway and perfect for small and medium hands. They did a nice job.change strings,no need to waste money modding,but I own over 100 guitars and most very high end,but I dig this little guy

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    28. Michele Klein

      My daughter loves her guitar

      My Daught is loving her guitar. She is learning pretty on her own and is doing a mazing

    29. Andrew

      Solid Guitar for a reasonable price

      I casually play guitar and this is the perfect guitar for me. It’s not too expensive but the quality is great. It sounds great, it feels great, and it’s small enough to store anywhere. I use a headphone amp with this guitar and it works flawlessly. The look and feel of this guitar at this price point will be hard to beat!

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    30. Jose Lecuna

      Buena guitarra pero con defectos

      La guitarra tiene buen sonido y es cómoda para tocar pero trae defectos de fabrica costosos de arreglar. La estoy regresando para comprar una mejor

    31. Malcolm

      Perfect for smaller hands

      My daughter is only 8, so I was hoping she’d be able to work with this size fret board. She’s changing chords no problem, and the sound is great. Very happy!

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    32. P. Knese

      It has a matt neck,most guitars are glossy. I DONT LIKE MATT.

      the description didnt say it has a matt finish on the neck.

    33. Jason S.

      Competent entry level electric guitar.

      Squier guitars have come a long way since I started on one as a kid over 20 years ago. Those instruments were pretty much junk at the low end. But not anymore. For under $200 this guitar can last a long time for a beginner, and is pretty easily upgradeable for someone more advanced.Guitars in this price range will be very hit or miss as far as quality goes. The one I received needed serious fret polishing and filing at the ends. A common theme for these instruments. Action and intonation needed only minor adjustments.These models will most certainly need a proper set up, almost all guitars do. At this price range though, I wouldn’t pay for a pro and would rather do it myself. It’s a rewarding experience to learn basic guitar care and maintenance. Youtube can teach you how.

    34. Branden schubert

      Damaged and no help

      The guitar came with a huge dent in the body and I’ve tried several times trying to contact fender but no answer or reply. Fender really dropped the ball with customer service.

    35. Justin

      I was very pleased and very surprised at the quality

      This was my first guitar. The only other guitars I have played that I can compare it to were both much older guitars and probably needed some nut work and truss rod adjustment. Despite the mixed reviews on this, I was very pleased and very surprised at the quality.One of the complaints I have read on this were the tuners. I haven’t had any issues at all with it staying in tune. I tuned it out of the box and I think twice more since then. I have had it about 2 months, and the last time I tuned it was about 2 weeks after I purchased it. I check it on a regular basis (almost every day). I practice bout 1-2 hours a day with this normally, so it has seen some use.Just for reference the amp I have used is a Vox Mini-5.Out of the box, there were a few spots on it I cleaned off, one on the end of the neck near the fretboard, and one one the bridge pieces. Other than cleaning those (grease?) spots off, it was immaculate.It sounds wonderful to me, again without having much experience with guitars. There is some slight buzzing on the low E string, but nothing that bothers me too much.Overall I believe this was a great purchase for my first guitar, and I am very happy with the finish, performance, and sound quality.

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    36. steve norvell

      Value and a trusted name.

      Good value, it needed a very minor setup. Nothing out of the ordinary for a new guitar. The fretboard needed conditioned but again not uncommon for a guitar that was stored in a wear house for a period of time. The pickups are not super expensive but surprisingly don’t sound to bad.

    37. michelle michelle

      Second Ones A Charm

      This is my second bullet. The first one i ended up selling . I liked it but there were two issues the turner were horrible. The second being the tremolo. The tremolo was really not super usable.A couple of weeks ago I decided to get another strat bullet. I really like having a Squire. They are fun to play light and have very nice necks.So I bought a fiesta red hardtail Strat. This one is million times better then the first bullet I had.First of all the tuners are really really nice on this fiesta red strat. Fretboard is insanely smooth and always love the natural finish on the necks. Not a single sharp fret!Knobs are smooth, not raspy.One or two little imperfections in the paint. A small white spot on front of body and little bit of sloppy paint around the neck pocket.All very minor issues.Gotta love the fiesta red and the hardtail version is so much better.Pickups are loud ,punchy, sparkling and work really well for surf music. I use it through a Fender Deluxe reverb with an Echobrain echo pedal and it sounds outstanding!Yes I will buy another thinking a black strat bullet .

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    38. Poly Nomial

      Recommended Bullet Mustang HH

      The Bullet Mustang HH is a great value for the money. Here is why:Pros:The fret ends are smooth on mine.The pickups sound very good. Nice high end response and not muddy at all.The nut is finished and rounded at the edges. Usually only see this on high end guitars.Crazy light guitar, <= 7 lbs?Tuners are better that expected and hold tune.This is an easy guitar to play short scale guitar.The sparkle in the blue paint looks cool!Negatives:The frets are crowned but rough and will need to be polished.The pick guard is a little rough around the jack plate and the pickup opening.The wood on the neck feels a little rough.The negatives can be fixed with minimum skill but will require some time and tools, e.g., micro mesh. All minor issues though and this is still a fun guitar for a few hundred bucks! 5 people found this helpful

    39. Valerie

      Worth the price!spend a little more on some easy upgrades.

      Is about what i entry level guitar with minimal setup from the factory.First thing you want to upgrade will be tuning machines and a thicker set of strings. .46-.10’s minimum..the .42-.09’s that come on it are just too slinky for the scale length.maybe for a beginner with weak hands.but then again.more frustrating because it too easy to bend even on bar chords,etc.I upgraded mine with hipshot open gear locking tuners, tusq nut and string trees.i also put a set of DR pure blues nickel strings .46-.10’s.It is alot of fun to play and i would buy again.for the guitar +$90 in upgrades and a a half hours time max.uts entirely worth it.the pickups arent bad for stock cheap ceramics either.and the cavity had full sheilding paint.that was a big surprise.just grab one and enjoy

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    40. Mike H

      Killer product

      This guitar is a beast. I play everything from rock to blues to jazz to straight up unclassified. My previous guitar was a $2500 gretch solid body. The tone was essentially equal in terms of quality and after having it for two years some of the plastic peeled off and it has been in the repair shop for over two months now. I’m not sure if I will ever see it again. But I digress. Let me break this guitar down for the novice (or even profressional player). The tuners are essentially your run of the mill and work which is all I care about. The neck is solid. If you know anything about fenders or squires you know that by paying for a higher priced guitar than this one you get a “smoother” neck with a finish on the back. Let me tell you that I would actually pay more for this neck because the natural wood feels just poppin’ on my hand, I will never go back to finished necks. The body is also solid, great color and it is finished nicely. The pickups were good but I ended up replacing these with higher end pickups and this guitar sounds absolutely phenomenal. If you can’t play balls to the wallz music with this guitar, it’s not the guitar, it’s you. Hope this helps mon freres!!

      137 people found this helpful

    41. Mike

      Great inexpensive guitar

      I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years. I have a Les Paul and a Gibson Hummingbird from the 70’s so I already own top end pieces. I wanted something I could play without worrying about dings, plus I wanted to do my own upgrades just for the fun of it.I’ve read several reviews that criticize this guitar for plastic that is over the pick guard and includes a sticker to Fender’s online lessons. This plastic is there to protect the guitar, you just lightly pull it off and underneath you will see a beautiful, shiny new pick guard. It’s easier to get the plastic off with the strings off. You should change the strings on a new guitar anyway so this is a perfect time to take that plastic off.Out of the box, I was amazed at how well it played. All I had to do was tune it. I was expecting to have to adjust intonation but it was darn near spot on so I didn’t need to. But for a 125 dollar guitar the parts are darn good. The bridge is VERY easy to adjust the action and intonation and the changes hold, they don’t slip out of tune when you hammer on it a little. I also changed the strings just because I like Ernie Balls but the strings that came with it were just fine until you need to do the first change. Don’t buy those kits on Amazon that include the amp etc. Everything but the guitar is junk in those packages. The amps are pure garbage, so just buy this guitar for a little over a hundo, I am using it on my own Fender 20 amp and it sounds beautiful!! That amp is around 100 also and well worth it. So for the same price as one of those package deals you will have MUCH better equipment. First thing I did was put Fender locking tuners on it. IMO every guitar should come from the factory with lockers. There are two holes as expected, on the headstock to keep the tuner from spinning and the holes didn’t line up. But Stewmac makes a perfect jig so you can easily drill the new holes. Otherwise the tuners just drop right in once you drill the new holes. Don’t be afraid….it is not hard to do!!!!The pick up’s are very passable. I am going to change the bridge pickup and put in a better humbucker but that’s just me, you don’t have to do this. All the electronics work fine. No buzzes, nothing. I am very happy with this Strat cousin. Eventually I will put in a new bridge but again, this does not need to be done, it is just me wanting to upgrade.But….when I am done upgrading which will include the tuners, a new humbucker, and bridge I will have a tad over 300 dollars in to the upgrade including the purchase price and I will have a guitar that will go up against it’s 2000 dollar Fender Stratocaster cousin with EASE!!!!This guitar plays fantastic and you can’t go wrong at this price point. For someone just beginning, it’s a perfect starter. For someone more experienced, it’s a perfect practice, or knock around guitar and you can really have fun doing a couple upgrades.So don’t be afraid to work on your guitar. I should note that there are locking tuners you can use for this guitar that won’t require any drilling. Hipshot tuners use a universal mounting bracket and it looks great and makes the upgrade much easier.After playing this guitar for several weeks I did bring the action down a little. I didn’t have to adjust the truss rod at all, I just adjusted the strings down from the bridge using the allen wrench that came with the guitar and now I have it right where I like it. This was an adjustment that I made to suit my particular playing style. It’s very easy to do. Any time you are making adjustments to your guitar go slow, take your time.It’s now May 5th and I am back again because I forget that most who are reading this review are new to playing guitar. Experienced players can ignore this part. When looking over your guitar you need to perform regular maintenance. For instance, tighten the screw on the end of your tuners. These get loosened up a tiny bit every time you tune up. A small phillips screwdriver will work fine. I tighten mine once a week. Another step to setting up your guitar is you need to get some 0000 Steel wool to clean and shine up your frets, you should put some lemon oil on the fret board also because the wood gets dried out. If you look on Amazon you can buy inexpensive guitar maintenance kits that will include covers that go over the fret and keep you from scuffing the wood. If you don’t have one of these kits just be careful and stay off the wood as much as you can or you can place a piece of blue painters tape on each side of the frets and that will protect your wood. You really should buy one of these kits though because playing guitar is a lifetime hobby and you need to clean the frets and the fret board every time you change strings. I change strings once a week but I play a lot. For most, once a month, or once every two months will work. You will be surprised how much DNA gets your guitar. Fingering the strings takes quite a bit of skin off your finger tips and it has to go somewhere. You can also get cleaning kits at your local music store. That may the best source for your first time because you can ask the kids in the shop questions. While you are tightening things up every time you change the screens another spot you need to check is the nut on the front of your headstock that holds your tuners in place. These also become loose from constant tuning of the guitar. You will need a 10mm socket or a small adjustable wrench to tighten these nuts. You will be amazed at how much better your guitar stays in tune with all these parts tightened up. It will only take a few minutes to tighten everything and it will really keep your guitar sounding good!!

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    42. Nice case. I just got it but looks very well built! Very happy with purchase


      Very nice guitar for price. Great for starting out

    43. Christopher AaronChristopher Aaron

      Got an awesome deal

      It was on sale for $139.99, so I couldn’t refuse that and ordered it. I like it a lot, but it did require a decent amount of work to set up, so I don’t know if it’s the best instrument for beginners. I shimmed the neck to pitch it back slightly and raised the saddles to match the new pitch. That made it much easier to intonate the guitar. I also replaced the tuners with locking tuners. Finally, it will be getting one more mod soon, P90 pickups and a white pearl pickguard with P90 pickups.This guitar is good for casual player or someone like me that uses it as a mod platform.

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    44. DotneckDotneck

      I freaking love this guitar!

      My wife bought me one for Christmas and after modding I loved it so much and decided I had to have another.The most comfortable guitars in the world bar none. Too bad Fender doesn’t sculpt the bodies of their high-end Mustangs. No worries. Mine has Yosemite pickups, locking tuners and a Schaller bridge. I may get a third…. ❤️

    45. MANUEL A

      Very good begginers guitar

      The quality and sound is excelent for begginer guitar

    46. Crumpet_Guy2


      Ever since I got this guitar I could not put it down. Not to mention the great price. Great for a beginner or intermediate student, but if you consider yourself a professional, for sure check out Fender’s 70’s vibe series. I like the look of their 70’s jazz mustang, but just a great brand if guitars in general. Ty fender!!!!

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    47. Ram9Ram9

      Great beginner guitar

      I bought this guitar with the HSS and rosewood fretboard setup. Ive been playing acoustic for years and finally tried out an electric. I did plenty of research to find out which one to buy, and I was torn between a les paul special 2 and this one. I chose the squier simply due to price. Shipping was pretty fast and very well packaged. It had some sort of adjustable foam packs in the front and rear and pretty lightweight.After close inspection, I was pretty surprised at the quality this guitar packs, I was expecting sharp fret ends or craftsmanship flaws, but I couldnt find any of that.I immediately went to tune it, and I found out the tuning pegs are horrible on this guitar. It was a PITA compared to my acoustic. However, Im well aware that you dont buy a prius and expect it to have lexus performance, so I didnt knock down a star for that. Once they were in tune, it held the tune pretty good. Im sure itll get better once its broken in just like any other new strings. Ill be replacing them for locking tuners once I add new strings.This particular guitar had the action a little too low for my preference, so I adjusted it from the truss rod and the bridge. This is where i give it points over my current acoustic. The action is really easy to set up for your liking. All you need are a 1.5mm and 4mm hex keys. The 4mm adjusts the truss rod, and the 1.5mm adjusts the bridge. I got rid of the excess buzzing in a few minutes without having to file anything down like an acoustic. You can also just have a guitar shop adjust it for you, but theres nothing like learning and doing it yourself. Especially on something so easy.Once plugged in to an amp its kinda hard to review the sound because the amp itself will play a big part, but even with a cheap amp, it sounds pretty decent. The only thing I noticed (and read elsewhere) was that the tone knobs dont really do much when you mess with them. Maybe once you use a good quality amp you can tell the difference, but with mine, I couldnt.Overall, I think this is a great starter guitar if you know what to expect out of it. I have played with my friends expensive electric guitars, and all of them have some sort of flaw or imperfection, so this is no different. Just dont expect perfect tuners or the top of the line pickups, but for something youre just going to mess around the house and learn with, I think this is great. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is starting out or just wanting a cheap guitar to travel with.

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    48. Anthony R

      Great guitar that can’t be beat for the price

      The overall finish and look is amazing and way beyond it’s price point. The strings are light and the action reasonably low and easy to play even before a full setup. I would stick with lighter strings as these entry level guitars play best with them. The hardware is solid and it will stay in and tune very easily even out of the box, don’t worry if it takes a few tunings that’s normal with breaking in new strings and guitars about the 3rd or 4th fine tuning you’ll be pretty good and it’ll sound great. It is best nice and clean but you can play distorted if you really wanted to and this guitar will gladly play it. Yes you are getting generic everything electronics and otherwise but for the price of about 60$ more than the cheapest on the site you are getting a much better sound and playability in a rather nice funky body with beautiful sparkle paint. I bought this as a 5th guitar just to have some variation and while it’s not as great as a mid range it blows entry levels out of the water for what you get. I can’t stress that enough.

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    49. Daisy catDaisy cat

      Effortless workflow with FL Studio & Guitar Rig

      Really solid guitar.. for beginners and those who are more seasoned players. I have played the acoustic guitar on and off for the past 10 years or so, and switching to this one was a mostly smooth transition.The strings feel a little bit on the thinner side, so if you’re used to playing the acoustic, you’ll need to not put so much pressure on the strings of you’ll “bend” them and they will sound out of tune. It’s also good practice to re-tune the guitar every time you’re about to record some loops or play it as it does detune pretty easily. Probably the only negative I can think of. Not a huge deal breaker to me, but something some might want to know ahead of time.I bought the guitar with the main goal of using it with FL Studio and Guitar Rig, and so far it has worked flawlessly. It plugged right into my Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 and was immediately recognized in my DAW. I had the guitar out of the box and was recording loops within minutes.. so if you’re looking to make guitar loops for yourself or others, this is a solid choice.The guitar itself is very light but in all honestly it doesn’t feel or look much smaller than any other guitars I’ve played despite it being considered shortscale.A good rule of thumb is to NEVER spend too much money on your first guitar.. so I’m glad that I went with this one as my first electric guitar as I can see myself playing it for a very long time. The sound quality is for sure there.

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    50. Phil WagnerPhil Wagner

      MORE than just a beginner guitar, read the review…

      This mustang guitar sounds fantastic. The reason for 4 stars is 1. Head stock (1st headstock picture) the mustang logo is different than my surf green bullet mustang and white bullet mustang (2nd headstock picture). 2. I did have to remove strings polish frets and oil fretboard because it was dry however, I planned on doing this as a setup anyways. This is my 3rd bullet mustang and there all great especially to modify them. I bought pickguard from precision guitar off reverb or ebay and bought the stripes to make my own very custom competition bullet mustang. I already ordered the DP100 Super Distortion Pickup for the bridge to get that Kurt Cobain sound out of the mustang and will update the review once it is done. These bullet mustangs are amazing for the price and they come with Humbuckers!!! Buy as many as you can until there no longer available bc once there gone the price will shoot up and you will be sad you missed out. A guitar for under $200 and just a little work and patience to set it up and you got yourself a work horse guitar!!! Squier is getting so much better every year! I don’t think I would by an actual Fender Guitar because your just paying for the name. Get a Squier and modify it to what you want and it less expensive than a Fender and its custom to your liking!!!!

      4 people found this helpful

    51. Jacob

      Pretty happy with it

      Buy this if you’d like something to fix. It has buzzing frets and constantly goes out of tune. I bought this knowing it was probably going to be a fixer upper so I’m pretty happy with it.

    52. Daniel Salomon

      No wammy bar or wammy hole

      There is no wammy bar on the guitar idk why but it plays fine when i got mine it was dirty as hell with finger prints and stuff. i

    53. DDT

      Good value for money, if you replace the tuners with good ones

      Nice guitar for the price, but tuning pegs are horrible and the strings kept going out of tune.The white plastic was a bit scratched (only visible up-close). The wood is mediocre but does the job.I updated the rating from 3 to 4 stars after retrofitting Fender lockable tuners, which required some precision woodwork on the headstock (this will definitely void warranty).

    54. Amazon Customer

      I also like this guitar because it’s a stoptail therefore giving you better tuning

      It’s simply a great guitar. Great look. Great sound. Great feel. . I was very surprised on the quality. I’m not a beginner. But this guitar surprisingly brought back in me the excitement of when I first started playing. You can lower the action and you get no buzz. I was playing with it for six hours straight

      One person found this helpful

    55. Amazon Customer

      Pros cons/ quality

      Really good quality for a beginners guitar. Won’t recommend for the professionals but good sound with amp or no amp… needs to be tuned often for the first couple weeks – just until the strings are broken in… highly recommend getting a guitar strap because the guitar is kinda heavy. But for the most part just have fun with it! I sure am!

    56. Jack Perry

      Great deal for a solid guitar.

      I love this guitar. It looks great and seems very solid. I’m a beginner, so I’m not aware of all the nuances and can sound only so good, but I think it’s helping me along the journey. It’s a great value for a rookie like me.

    57. shon

      Great guitar for beginner or advanced players.

      This is by far the best bang for my buck I have ever gotten in a guitar, just needed to tune it up and it was ready to go right out if the box, the action was even at the height that I like. And it’s just beautiful. Still can’t believe I got it at the price I did, will be a great backup guitar to my Les Paul studio. Delivery was awesome, thanx again Amazon 👍🎸

    58. Debbi

      Absolutely unplayable garbage

      Got the guitar, tuned it up first using harmonics, then fine-tuning it with an electronic tuner. So far so good. Played an E major chord — all 3 of the fretted notes were horribly sharp. I double checked the tuning — it was all fine on the open strings. Every open chord I played was completely out of tune. Bar chords higher up the neck were slightly less awful but still out of tune. So I’m not sure if the frets are in slightly the wrong place or maybe the nut is too high, thus stretching the strings too much when they are pressed down, thus sharping them. Either way it’s completely, uselessly unplayable. Ugh. You get what you pay for.

      One person found this helpful

    59. K.L

      It is Orange!!!

      It is Orange not red, don’t let the pics fool you! They look on my daughters face was heartbreaking…

    60. Alex

      I love it

      I’ll start with the bad. I recieved it with a few small scratches on the white part, so I noticed it quite fast, other than that I can’t complain at all. It feels great, the neck is very smooth and beautiful. Also lightweight and absolutely fun to play. It’s exactly what I expected, plus some. I highly recommend it for any beginner looking to play guitar, or any experienced player who wants an extra guitar for a cheap price!

      One person found this helpful

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  • Guitar

    Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar – Natural Bundle with Hard Case and Accessories Bundle

    Buy now

    Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar – Natural Bundle with Hard Case and Accessories Bundle


    SKU: B07BZTTPXY Category:

    Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Solid Sitka Spruce Top Nato Back & Sides Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge Gator Cases Hard-Shell Wood Case for 6 or 12 String Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars (GWE-DREAD 12) D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner D’Addario EPS510 ProSteels Electric Guitar Strings, Regular Light, 10-46
    D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1: Book/CD Pack Show more

    1 review for Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar – Natural Bundle with Hard Case and Accessories Bundle

    1. Katie Nash

      Great deal!

      Bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves it! Such a great deal! I’m very pleased!

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  • Guitar

    Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Bundle

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    Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Bundle


    SKU: B01CTFSNFW Category:

    Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Solid Sitka Spruce Top Nato Back & Sides Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge On-Stage GBA4550 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium

    2 reviews for Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Bundle

    1. Erik

      Seems nice but arrived broken

      This seems like a great beginner’s guitar. The craftsmanship is nice, it has the appearance of a much more expensive instrument. There are a few plastic pieces I feel could have been upgraded, but the wood is very nice and it’s well constructed and finished.All that said, mine arrived broken. It has a 6″ crack in the soundboard. There was, what appeared to be, minor damage to the box… but I guess that was enough. The packaging is weak and does not offer any degree of protection if it’s not handled carefully. It’s a lightweight box with no interior protection.So I started a return and ended up buying the same guitar from a local music store. Funny thing is, that thought didn’t even occur to me when I bought it the first time… I need to work on that.

    2. YogeshYogesh

      Great sound quality !!

      The sound quality is really good. The accessories also sufficient for hobbiest player.

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  • Guitar

    YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar,Natural,Guitar Only Musical Instruments

    Buy now

    YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar,Natural,Guitar Only Musical Instruments


    SKU: B07CZ3PNYB Category:

    Solid sitka spruce top Nato back & sides Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood bridge Diecast tuners This guitar has an adjustable truss rod

    60 reviews for YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar,Natural,Guitar Only Musical Instruments

    1. Karl L PackerKarl L Packer

      Best beginner guitar available,

      Tuff guitar, been a great entry level guitar for many years. pretty good sounding if you keep practising. Best value, get a case for it! it’s made to last until your kids inherit it. By then you’ll playing high enders, like martin(it could happen)

      One person found this helpful

    2. Arjun

      Great Guitar but needs setup out of the box

      First of all I would like to point out that this is an excellent guitar. The build quality is great and the craftsmanship is on point for a $200 guitar. However one thing that I would like to point out is that it does not come with a great setup, so not something you can play well out of the box. I tried playing it since I wasn’t too confident to do the setup on my own but my fingers just end up hurting.The action was very high (much higher than the recommended action so not even a matter of preference at that point). I lowered the action, fixed the upbow on the neck and put on a new pair of D’Addario strings all of which took me about an hour. It was my first time doing all of that so took me a while but if you know what you are doing, you should be done in about half an hour. But once all of it was done the guitar sounded amazing throughout the neck. So no matter if you are playing chords in the lower registers or playing notes towards the middle of the neck it sounds amazing.It’s a great guitar and sounds amazing but needs to be setup before it can do that. I don’t really hold it against it for the price so still rating it 5 stars as this is an amazing equipment for the price and it forced me to learn a bit of guitar setup so it’s all good.For people considering this ,know that you would be getting an amazing guitar but you would need to get it setup either by yourself or take it to a shop.

      8 people found this helpful

    3. ARLARL

      Value for some amount of money

      For some hundred bucks you have a very beautiful sound of Yamaha quality acoustic guitar.

    4. suzy f

      Beautiful guitar

      Let me start by saying I’m a total beginner. My last interaction was 50 years ago, and I don’t remember much. In the space of about 2 weeks, I ordered two cheaper guitars on Amazon and sent both of them back. They were cheap looking, hard to tune, didn’t hold their pitch, etc, etc. So when I got this Yamaha, I was really impressed. The quality was apparent right away. There are no imperfections. The body is smooth as glass. It’s taking me a minute to get used to steel strings, but the callouses are starting to build up. 🙂 Based on a lot of the reviews I read, I did take the guitar to have it professionally set up. One of the things I really appreciate about this Yamaha is how well it holds pitches. I’m finding I may need to tweak a string or 2 every 3rd or 4th day, but overall, it doesn’t need to be tuned. The sound is rich.Overall, I am SO happy with this purchase. I’ve wanted to learn guitar for a long time and this Yamaha keeps me motivated.

      3 people found this helpful

    5. John C

      Great guitar for the price

      Bought this guitar to keep at a second property, so didn’t want to spend a lot of money. You can see where the money was saved in construction and components. The neck isn’t a scarf joint, but a straight joint and the tuners are cheap and inconsistent with how they turn, lots of rough spots. That all said, for just a little over $200 you have to expect costs to be saved in these places. Overall the build quality is solid, no real issues, nice clean joints and clean finishing. Great overall value.Most importantly, the guitar sounds very good and plays easily. One thing to note, is that the guitar needed to be set up when it was delivered. The action was very high and the neck had a significant bow in it. Again, you have to expect these type of things with the price, but if you’re a beginner, you might not know that this is something you have to address. The good side of this is that a hex wrench was included with the guitar and adjusting the neck and lowering the action was very easy and has held since adjusted.All things said, it plays a sounds well at a great price. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for something to get started with guitar or just want to have a value priced guitar laying around. Just know that you may need to take it to someone to have it set up if you aren’t comfortable making adjustments yourself.

      4 people found this helpful

    6. HAL2015

      Deep rich sound… Action?

      This guitar is a great value. Bang for the buck is there. It offers a deep robust full sound that I enjoy. The only knock I’ll give it is, the action is set higher than what I’m used to. It’s play-able, just not the greatest. A beginner who started with this guitar would earn their stripes a little in that department. But, the action is manageable and overall, sounds really good.

    7. Amazon Customer

      Out of Tune a lot

      This is my first guitar, so I’m not entirely sure if my Feedback is a valid, but I find that because the guitar tends to be out of tune quite a bit. I find myself having to tune it every day, and I’m not sure if that is normal or not. Likewise, I think the guitar sounds really good, but I haven’t played any other guitars to know if it does sound good. I do know that it sounds very loud which makes it easy to hear.

      One person found this helpful

    8. Robin Chavez

      Tuner materials & designed for the battery’s magazine do not hold up to the expectation.

      I love my guitar; the sound is amazing, and it stays in tune. However: I am very concerned about how long it would take for the cheap plastic and the metal connectors used in the magazine that hold the batteries (tuner).

      2 people found this helpful

    9. Christopher R Baxa


      Priced great…action could be lower.

    10. Jeffrey L.

      Great tone and playability on a budget.

      Reviewing the FSX800C – natural finish (Concert size acoustic/electric guitar with nato body). <= I feel the need to post that info because Amazon might very well combine this product listing and review with a Yamaha piano, motorcycle, snowblower or whatever else they make.OVERALL: This is just a phenomenal value guitar at this pricepoint. Don't hesitate.PLAYABILITY: It was ok out of the box. But all new guitars need a basic set up. I repeat: *ALL* NEW GUITARS *NEED* A BASIC SET UP. Wood is a natural product that moves around under tension and with changes in temperature and humidity. Plus the builders at the factory cannot possibly know what the climate of your home is or what type of action and string gauge you prefer, right? Right.Anyway, I've done all my own work for years and this guitar did not need much. The frets were nicely leveled from the factory but I did need to polish them up. The truss rod definitely did need some tightening. As on almost all new guitars (even guitars costing far more), the nut slots were high so I filed them down. After those adjustment, the action was great (with no fret buzz) so I did not need to touch the saddle. Btw, it's hard to see from online photos, but the stock synthetic saddle does indeed have a little compensation carve for the B-string. So my reward for an hour or so of work is that It plays as well as any acoustic I've ever picked up. Also, I find the slightly shorter scale-length very comfortable. The neck is pretty much in the middle of the road as size goes. Neither narrow nor wide, not too fat or too skinny. It should be fine for a wide range of players, (Personally, I prefer a huge fat neck but that's not an option down at this end of the budget.) I LOVE the finish on the neck. The body has a typical gloss finish but the back of the neck is NOT grain-filled and has a satin finish so it feels a lot like playing on raw wood which is fantastic.TONE: I bought a Yamaha FG 340 dreadnought way back in 1990 (still have it) but I always wanted a smaller acoustic/electric. This guitar doesn't quite have the deep bass that you get from a larger dreadnought guitar but I find that it's plenty loud acoustically and has a punchy, crisp voice. Whatever they did with the scalloped-bracing seems to have worked. It's versatile for solo playing, sing-along strumming and it mixes well with other instruments. (I've always found dreadnoughts to have too much boom and sizzle.)ELECTRONICS: Built-in tuner is nice and simple. I've only briefly tried it plugged into a PA and the volume and EQ controls seem to work very well. The parametric mid control can really help shape your tone.LOOKS: Fit and finish are very good. The 800 is classy but understated (you definitely get more bling on the 820 or 830 but they're more spendy, of course). The fingerboard inlays are pretty small and not super-visible but the side-dots are fine.All in all, this guitar is definitely worth what they're asking for it. 18 people found this helpful

    11. JayCal

      Despite the ad, returns are not free with this reseller.

      The guitar is good, but I found out I do not prefer a steel stringed guitar. No problem with the guitar- it is just my preference. When i went to return it – the seller says they do not go by the Amazon return policy – because they ship the product, not Amazon. So they charged me a restocking fee. After several communications, they say the free return policy that is CLEARLY STATED IN THEIR AD does not refer to them. So just be sure there is no chance you want to return the item you buy from them.

    12. Frank C

      Perfect sounding beginner guitar

      Can’t ask for a better beginner guitar for the money.

    13. Commitedpiggy

      Excellent for money-loud!!

      It appears well made, no frets need filing.They say small body-this thing is loud! If you need it to be. Yeah, great for money, and very good altogether. I’d recommend it to newbie learning acoustic-scale length a little shorter-a plus.After a few months-sturdy. Good tuners. Stays in tune. Loud! Comes with good strings, for an inexpensive guitar. Good value, good guitar.

    14. Jetson Jackson

      Fun times on the weekend.

      Was not expecting much at this price point, however I am pleasantly surprised beyond belief. This guitar sounds amazing. Intonation is perfect and tuned up within seconds right out of the box.Yamaha for the win !

    15. Eduardo Meneses

      Mas de lo que vale

      Revisé muchos videos y reseñas sobre esta guitarra antes de decidirme a comprarla. Muchas veces escuché o leí que sonaba mas cara de lo que realmente costaba y es así. Se siente muy bien y suena espectacular. Tengo un par de años tocando y me falta muchísimo, pero ya necesitaba otro sonido y nuevas sensaciones al tocar. No quería gastar mucho, pero tampoco quería una guitarra barata. Pero resulta que por $ 200, conseguí mas de lo que vale. Muy bien acabada y como dije, suena espactacular.

    16. Miguel

      Sounds great

      this is a pretty good beginner guitar, sounds better than most cheap guitars so I would suggest going with this one.

    17. Paul Hendrickson

      Very Happy

      Great guitar. Finish is perfect. Out of the box the action is high, and strings are pretty heavy for a beginner. Cost $56.00 at Guitar Center to have it set up, and lighter strings put on. It plays, and sounds amazing. The Luthier who set it up was really impressed with the tone. I love this guitar, and play it everyday. It’s marketed as a beginner guitar because of the price, but more advanced guitarists would certainly be satisfied. The reviews are true.

    18. Sebastian E.

      Excelente producto

      Es una excelente guitarra, suena muy bien.

    19. The other DaveThe other Dave

      Best guitar for the money, period.

      Being new to guitar, I figured that any guitar would be acceptable when starting out….I was wrong. My guitar teacher recommended that I lose the $80 guitar I bought, and buy a Yamaha instead, he actually said any Yamaha guitar. The Yamaha is such high quality, it is actually easier to play than other guitars, and being new to guitar this is huge. It sounds great, and I expect that it will last my lifetime.

      One person found this helpful

    20. Joel Y.

      sounds and plays great

      I love this guitar. it sounds good and plays great. beginner or intermediate, you’ll enjoy playing this.

    21. Matt

      You get what you pay for. Very poorly setup out of the box.

      EDIT: After I have set this guitar up (which involved mostly lowering the nut height, lowering the action overall and polishing the fret surfaces and ends) this guitar won me over. It just became mine. I put Eric Clapton strings on it which are slightly warmer and less bright and this guitar sings! I’m adding not one but two stars making it a perfect five!Original review:I’ve read a lot about how this guitar is a great value and a surprisingly good instrument at this price so maybe my expectations were too high, but I’m somewhat disappointed.First of all, the guitar arrived poorly set up. The action was extremely high due to, both, a very high nut and very high saddle. While updating the saddle I realize the original one was too thin: it fell out of the slot right away when I removed the strings. This caused it to lean forward in the slot, which affects the sound. It also affects intonation as it shortens the scale just a few micrometers (intonation was pretty good out of the box though but not perfect). After the saddle upgrade the intonation is perfect. I don’t understand how it is possible that Yamaha does not care to install a saddle of a correct thickness, it does not cost more to simply install a matching saddle. The nut had a poorly cut slots, there was a lot of strings binding. The fret ends are quite sharp and not properly finished. The middle of the frets are very poorly polished: if you try to bend a note you will feel grinding. Very sloppy! I have no idea what Yamaha is bragging about when they say that the fretboard has “rolled edges” – no such thing.When changing the strings I inserted a small webcam into the sound hole to inspect the interior of the guitar. The bridge plate has lots of splinting and rough edges around the string holes, it’s as if a 4-year-old drilled those wholes with a dull drill bit from a toy set (sad thing is that maybe it was ?). Lots of glue squeeze everywhere, bracing not being of correct length – don’t look inside if you want to love this guitar!After the upgrades and a basic common sense setup the guitar is very easy to play. Not the most inspiring guitar to play as it does not have what one would call a character, but very playable. The sound is quite decent actually but lacking in bass response for sure. Also, in my sample, the low E string sounds thudy, as if made of rubber. I tried several strings and now have a good quality bone nut and saddle – unfortunately it has more to do with the resonance of the guitar and/or the neck’s ability to transfer vibrations. It just sounds thudy with no sustain on anything other that open string. It is not a very nuanced guitar, does not respond to dynamics in playing well.However, somehow, I still like it. It is a very honest guitar. Very sincere. Does not pretend to be anything else that it is – an entry level guitar. It is not flashy, pretentious, fake. I still think that at $200 it is a great buy. Great as an everyday instrument that will not make me too precious about it, instead I will just play it without too much reverence towards it.

      6 people found this helpful

    22. Kortner

      An excellent starter guitar

      I started playing guitar in 1958. As a high school student I only had $13, so I bought a Japanese guitar. In a year it began to fold up into a circle! Those were the days when, “made in Japan” was a bad thing. What I learned from that experience was that, when it comes to musical instruments you don’t want to buy the cheapest thing available; it needs to be of substantial quality or it will discourage you.I ended up with a nice couple of Martin guitars along the way, but was dismayed by putting n nicks and scratches in them during performances or camping trips. I ended up looking for a beater and found a Yamaha similar to this one. With decent strings medium or light gauge, this guitar can hold its head up in any group.I bought this for my 12-year-old grandson who was showing proficiency on the ukulele. This was a big step for him, since it has a dreadnought-size body. He has accommodated admirably. He was immediately able to play chords and fret them well enough to eliminate buzzing. It came in good adjustment and in good shape.This is the kind of guitar I should have started out on: it is capable of playing in a professional setting, but it comes at the lowest price you can pay for a good quality, easy to play beginners instrument. I’m now on my fourth Martin, and would happily pick this up to play if one of my Martin’s wasn’t within reach.

      5 people found this helpful

    23. CW&D

      Every new guitar regardless of price should be set up professionally.

      After doing extensive research I bought this guitar in early December of 2018 for a 14 year old grandson and beginner player for Christmas. He wanted one of my vintage guitars, a 1965 Harmony Sovereign H1205 that I bought when I was his age after working all summer and saving to buy for $125 but he’ll have to wait till I’m composting. I originally planned to buy something for him in the $400-500 range but his mother thought that was too much in case he wasn’t serious. My first impression when unpacking this Yamaha was the fit and finish was better to anything the local music stores had to offer up to my original price point. After giving the guitar a couple days to stabilize to the temperature of our home and monitoring its humidity level I tuned it and said I thought I’d keep it and get another for him, grandma reminded me I didn’t need another guitar. The neck was adjusted perfectly and the action was so good I thought it had to have been set up professionally but coming from Amazon I thought there was no way and this was how it came from the factory.I took the guitar to the tech who had set up and worked on all my guitars for a thorough inspection and set it up. He had a bit of a frown when I told him what I had but he smiled when he opened the case and picked it up and confirmed the neck was dead on. When I told him I only paid $200 he thought I got a deal at a pawn shop. He had a bone nut sitting there that was a perfect match and with a couple strokes of a file he said the action was as good the Martin D-28 he had just finished setting up. He believes as I do that I got very lucky with this guitar because at this price they can go either way. He couldn’t believe it was a $200 guitar but after he finished it was a $325 guitar. Plus a case, tuner, picks, capo, humidifiers, strap and God knows what else I spent the $500 I promised my daughter that I wouldn’t. So unless you’re buying a guitar from a high-end music shop where the set up is included in the price, don’t forget that every new guitar regardless of price should be set up professionally. It won’t turn a $200 guitar into a $3,000 guitar, but it could mean the difference for a beginner becoming a player rather than a quitter.

      23 people found this helpful

    24. Martina


      My fiance LOVE IT!!! He is a guitar player and he said it was a nice guitar for coming off Amazon. Highly recommend 👌

    25. Jake CJake C

      Excellent sound for the price

      Guitar: FSX800C. Beginners, consider spending a little extra to get this guitar. You will want to practice more if it actually sounds good and stays in tune. 🙂

    26. Shawn Welch

      Nice for price

      Stays in tune and the action isn’t to high. Very nice sound. I will recommend this to others

    27. Tylor S Hartzog

      Good starter guitar

      You can tell it’s not made for quality. It seems really tough, but at the same time sounds pretty decent. It’s a good beater.

    28. curt9988

      Sounds 95% as good as my $1000 guitar

      Sounds 95% as good as my $1000 guitar … for less than 25% on the cost. Unbelievable value for the money. Can’t think of anything negative to write.

      2 people found this helpful

    29. KW

      Great guitar

      We ordered the light colored guitar but received the black guitar which my daughter actually likes a lot more. Guitar was easy to tune. High quality product.

      One person found this helpful

    30. Philip Bianski

      Has a very good sound.

      It’s a great guitar for the money

    31. Randy

      A great guitar for the money.

      I have played guitar for many years, and have played all levels of quality, so I can give you a pretty good assessment of this Yamaha. A lot of what I have to say will echo what many of the other reviews have mentioned.1. The guitar is shipped in a basic cardboard box without much protection. The first guitar I received the box was damaged on the side, and the guitar was cracked all the way down the front and I had to return it and get a replacement sent. Fortunately the second guitar showed up flawless.2. The fretboard inlays are very small and you really can’t see them when you are playing so you have to use the side dots instead. Some people said they put stickers or something on those frets and I can see why. I just made the adjustment of using the side dots, but it was annoying at first.3. Some people have complained about the action being too high, but that is not the case for me. I found this guitar to be very playable right out of the box, however I did tweak the truss rod just to make sure it was right. The way I determine that is by putting a capo on the first fret and seeing if the strings buzz. I see no need to mess with the saddle or the nut. The action is plenty low, and it’s not a strain to fret.4. Some people have complained that the strings that come with the guitar are terrible, but that must be just a personal preference because I don’t feel the need to change them right away. They are medium gauge which is fine for a strummer, but if you plan on doing bends you will want to go to light gauge strings.5. The sound of this guitar is wonderful. It has a rich, full tone. The built in tuner is fantastic, along with the volume and tone controls for when you plug in. The guitar stays in tune very well.6. I think the only negative thing I could possibly say is that the neck is a bit wide for me, but that’s just my personal preference.I strongly recommend this guitar for anyone from beginner to experienced who wants a good quality guitar without spending up to a Martin or Taylor.

      6 people found this helpful

    32. Sara N

      Pleasantly Surprised!

      Thank you, Yamaha and Sam Ash for a great instrument at a reasonable price. I bought this guitar as a bang-around instrument. I own a very nice, twenty-year old 00-17 all mahogany Martin that I don’t like taking to gigs or even out of its case on very dry, hot or cold days. At this price point I wasn’t expecting much, but was I ever pleasantly surprised! The guitar is practically flawless. When I first unboxed it there was a bit of paste left on the body from the polishing process, but it easily wiped off. The finish around the base of the neck is not quite as smooth as the rest, but the frets are well filed and polished so that none are protuding. The set-up is great. The action is nice and low with no buzzing frets. This guitar projects sound nicely too. The solid spruce top is a HUGE plus, especially at this price. The guitar has a bright and full sound, which I anticipate will continue to improve with time. This guitar definitely is louder and brighter than my moody mahogany Martin. When it lacks the depth and warmth of my well-seasoned more costly guitar, it has it’s own beautiful voice. It is perfect for finger picking but also sounds great with percussive playing as well. I love the size too. I’m so glad I found a solid top instrument at a great price that isn’t a dreadnought. I’m a five-foot woman, and the concert size works very well for me. My twelve-year old picked it up and was also comfortable playing it. It would be a great beginner instrument, but even seasoned players can appreciate it. I’m certainly looking forward to dragging this little gem around with me!

      2 people found this helpful

    33. Kevin Durkin

      Get Humidpak!

      This Guitar Yamaha FGX800C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Is extremely suseptible to drying out. Then the problems start. Strings rattle no matter how well you finger the frets. The high end sounds tinny the low end is muddy. It must be kept in a case with a humid pak and hygrometer. It must be kept at a minimum of 55% humidity. 65% is better. And, use a good wood polish. I just took it out and it was 68% and it has never sounded better. Resonant low end, bright pristene high end! Not the best choice for a first time buyer, total beginner. The fret board is a bit wide to learn on. Great for the money if you take care of it.

      2 people found this helpful

    34. Rocky

      Great quality!

      Sound and quality are super! Made very well to include a solid and not a laminate top which results in a much better sounding instrument. I’ve purchased Yamaha saxophones, Yamaha keyboards, and guitars and they are all of exceptional quality and sound.

    35. Tim

      A truly great acoustic dreadnought for an unbelievably low price

      I have been playing guitar, mostly acoustic, for 35 years. I have played about every kind of acoustic that one could imagine, from cheap beaters to vintage Martins and Gibsons. My teenage son has taken an interest in developing his guitar skills, so I did a bunch of research on beginner’s acoustics, and the FG800 kept getting rave reviews almost everywhere I looked. So I pulled the trigger and ordered him one.We could not be more happy with the guitar. It has a solid spruce top with scalloped bracing, laminated sides and back, and a Rosewood fingerboard, with a gloss finish. It is extremely well-crafted from all aspects, very playable out of the box, and it sounds and feels wonderful. If you are looking for something really decent for a beginner or if you want a sweet second guitar you can take camping or to festivals or wherever, I do not know of any other budget-priced acoustic which comes close to the FG800. It is equally impressive flatpicking, fingerpicking, and strumming, stays in tune well, has a killer tone and voice, and looks. I will likely buy one for myself relatively soon. A great, great value!

      9 people found this helpful

    36. Ricky Lee

      Lucked out

      I’m a senior citizen and decided to try learning the guitar. I have a friend who’s been playing for 50 years and has played in bands and even written and produced a CD. He offered to give me lessons and let me practice on his expensive Taylor and Tanglewood guitars. I decided to purchase a guitar and after researching many different sources went with the Yamaha FG800. I found it easy to use, it looks good to me and sounds good as well. My friend also gave his approval. I’m happy with my purchase. The only negative was that the box it came in was pretty beaten up so I was worried at the condition of the guitar but it was fine.

      6 people found this helpful

    37. A Random Consumer

      Literally perfect

      I’ve never had so much fun playing an acoustic guitar before! Coming from an individual who has only played a cheap Fender acoustic guitar, the Yamaha FG800 is amazing. So much easier to play, huge sound, high quality neck, high quality body, high quality and sturdy bridge, just everything about this guitar is great. Buy this guitar, do not buy some $150 Fender acoustic guitar like I did years ago. Fifty to seventy extra dollars for this guitar, this plays like it’s worth several hundreds of dollars more. It’s like night and day, 10/10 guitar.

      2 people found this helpful

    38. Kevin Baker

      Good starter

      The tone on this guitar is very good considering the cost. The quality is good. It’s has a large body so may need to take this into consideration.

    39. ironmage

      It is a real musical instrument. The best acoustic for the price.

      It’s a real guitar,it looks good and sounds just fine because of the solid top.

    40. Book lady

      Great guitar!

      Great sounding guitar and nice action. The small body makes it perfect for women and kids, and you won’t lose any sound quality!

    41. Scout977

      First guitar

      This is my first guitar but I really like the sound and quality foe the price.

      One person found this helpful

    42. Wilky Gunckle

      Sounds good but delivery could have been better

      I have actually gotten 2 of these… because the first one came with a huge gash through the back due to there being almost no padding inside. Luckily Amazon was very quick at sending me a replacement and it arrived within 4 days.Update: I’ve had this guitar for around 9 months and it’s honestly perfect. It sounds great and the tuners keep tune for weeks. If you’re a beginner I wouldn’t get anything cheaper but I also wouldn’t get anything more expensive.Slight con, the sound hole still smells like glue randomly but it’s not that bad 99% of the time.

    43. emersorc

      Great guitar

      Guitar sounds, smells and looks great. Craftsmanship and finish it very good. Stays in tune after strings are worn in. My only complaint is that the action was a bit too high out of the box. It was much easier to play after I made some adjustments. The neck profile was perfect, but I took about 0.060″ off the bridge and about 0.010″ off each of the nut slots. It’s easy to do yourself (look on YouTube) with an inexpensive set of tools, or any guitar shop can also make the adjustments, if needed. It was shipped double boxed with lots of padding. Arrived in perfect condition.

    44. Kindle Customer

      Great for new players

      I got this guitar just a couple months ago, not knowing much about guitars and not really knowing much about quality or anything I did a lot of research about what would be the best purchase for the right price for a beginner guitarist.. and I stumbled upon the Yamaha FG700, Fantastic reviews and ratings for beginners with great overall quality and overall sound, especially for the cost. I did a bit more research, comparing instruments and what not just to be sure I didn’t purchase something that was made out of cardboard and shoe strings when I stumbled upon the Yamaha FG800, which was said to be the upgrade of the 700. I did some reading and though it didn’t have as many reviews it was said to have improved sound and durability for the exact same price. Knowing that Yamaha has pretty much always been rather good quality I trusted my instinct and bought this guitar.. It sounds spectacular, easy to play and learn on.. Been playing for a month and already have two songs memorized of my own choice and taste. I don’t know much about guitars but I will tell anyone who cares and is reading this review that it was a good buy and a good experience, no complaints, it sounds beautiful and looks just as beautiful in my eyes. 5 stars and have recommended it to others vocally as well.

      336 people found this helpful

    45. Amazon Customer

      great value

      i,m an electric guy but wanted a simple acoustic to beat on. say a few u-tubes on this one number one sold worldwide was one thing that came up so i bought one am i,m very happy with it. tuner works great, batteries are excessable without going through the sound hole. dont plug it in much, i changed the heavy strings out for lights and it plays good action good also, tone surprises me and its plenty loud. great little guitar. thnx Yamaha.

      One person found this helpful

    46. Jordan MarloweJordan Marlowe

      Excellent budget/beginner guitar.

      This is the ULTIMATE beginner guitar.I have a much nicer, and much more expensive, Martin that I absolutely adore. But, I’ve been looking for a cheap guitar to beat on and not worry about leaving around my 2 year old. I did a good bit of researching, watching videos and reading before purchasing anything. I found this FG800 was recommended on literally 99% of all lists for top guitars under $200. I made sure to read multiple message boards and instead of possible sponsored websites seeing as how I was buying site unseen and unheard. Now understand this is not some $2000 Taylor/Martin, nor is it even close. What it is, though, is a great guitar for its price range. The action could be lowered just a little to ease playability, but sound is great for a laminate back and sides. Very full and loud. As long as you understand what you’re buying, I think you’ll be very happy with this guitar. It sounds as good as some that cost hundreds more. Looks decent as well.

      31 people found this helpful

    47. Tim Shanahan

      Great guitar for casual players and beginners

      Overall construction and sound quality is typical for Yamaha-excellent! My only complaint is the smaller profile. Immediately noticeable was the lightness of the instrument, and an almost Jr. size body and shorter neck. This is a dreadnought design like my other guitars; however, it was also smaller, and as a result- not as deep on the low end and much brighter on the top end. Since my playing style and sound preferences typically come from larger dreadnought guitars bodies and longer necks, I reluctantly returned this beautiful Guitar. I ended up going with a Yamaha FG850 built entirely from Mahogany.

    48. Clifton R. Baker

      Great guitar!

      I bought the concert-sized version of this guitar about a month ago, and it’s been well worth the money. I’ve owned a few dreadnaught guitars in the past, which are slightly larger than this version, and this is much easier to play from an ergonomic perspective.The guitar arrived in great condition, and the only thing I did was change the strings from the factory, and I took out the saddle and sanded it down slightly just to make the action a little lower. It probably wasn’t entirely necessary, but I’m very particular about low action. Other players may not need to do this.The overall sound and playability is very good. It doesn’t have the same resonance as a dreadnaught guitar, since it’s smaller, but you still get a nice, crisp, rich sound out of it from strumming or fingerpicking. The electronic mic in the sound hole works as expected through an amp, and you can dial in settings with the bass, mid, and treble levels to get the right sound you want.I’d highly recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a mid-range acoustic guitar that sounds good and plays very easily.

      7 people found this helpful

    49. Jay

      The Nicest Guitar I’ve Played in a Long Time

      After getting it set up by my local luthier (the action had to be lowered and the saddle sanded down a tad), the instrument and I have been virtually inseparable. I’m an acoustic man at heart. In musical minimalist style, this guitar has become my one and only. Its sound is homely like a warm log cabin. It can be appreciated by intermediate and expert-level players without a doubt. Everything you could ever ask for in a guitar is in this model right here. Yamaha knows how to produce quality and build a reputation on it, that much is true. You’re going to like the way it sounds—I guarantee it.

    50. S

      Go for it!

      This is an amazing product. I’ve owned my FG-800 for over a year now and I have absolutely no complaints. It’s no wonder that this is the world’s most popular guitar at this price range. Plays like a dream, sounds rich and warm. Recommended not only for beginners but everyone in owning an acoustic.

    51. Zachary

      Well Made, Great Tone

      I’m what you might call a campfire guitarist. I’m not highly skilled with fretting or scales, but I fingerpick a lot, play and sing. I also have an Epiphone DR400CE. This Yamaha is not far off in terms of sound quality, and I prefer the slimmer neck of the Yamaha, as my hands are only average for a male. I think this guitar is about as much as you can hope for from a $200 acoustic. I have also owned an Epiphone DR100, and I think this Yamaha is a step above that model. So, not quite as nice as the DR400CE, but closer to that than to the DR100, which by comparison has a hollow, more tinny sound.

      One person found this helpful

    52. Melvin E.

      Great little guitar

      A fine guitar at any price. A real hoot to play.

    53. Loki_Loco

      Good But it could have been Better

      It was a good guitar but the action was kinda a little high. I changed the strings and wanted to change the nut but I will keep it as it is for now. The sound was really good. They should have added the guitar strapbutton.

      4 people found this helpful

    54. Rosalia’s ReviewsRosalia’s Reviews

      Great guitar for the money

      This guitar is a great value for a beginner. I’ve purchased entry level guitars before and there was clearly craftsmanship issues, so when this Yamaha arrived I made sure to check all the places I’ve seen issues on previous guitars. The neck is nice and smooth and the frets blend perfectly into the wood. Other lower end guitars I’ve found sometimes have snags which can end up cutting your hand as you quickly move up and down the neck.But how does it play? The tone is subjective so you’re going to have to take a leap of faith in buying a guitar online. I think this one sounds great. I’m giving it as a gift and I know the recipient is going to love it. I would have sent it back if I had any doubts.Good luck! There’s lots of great people to follow on YouTube for beginners lessons and people to play along with. I particularly love Munson for his variety and ease of following along. Make sure to also check out the app guitar tabs for tons of songs to play along with.If this review was helpful please let me know by clicking the helpful button below. Thanks!

      18 people found this helpful

    55. Anas Khan

      Good for the price

      I’m a beginner to guitars, and this is my first instrument. Saw guitars by other companies on Amazon, but they all had common quality control, the cracked Bridge. The first thing I did when this got delivered was check the bridge and all over the guitar for any cracks. Thankfully, it was delivered with care and had no defects. The sound is about right for a guitar imo. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful on this. This is probably not the cheapest guitar you can buy, but its certainly a great entry level guitar which is delivered to your door. It comes unturned, I used an app called GuitarTuna to tune mine.

      One person found this helpful

    56. mfhorn

      Sharp edges on frets

      FG800 – It’s a decent buy for the price. The strings are hanging up on the sharp fret edges occasionally. Action was so high it was unplayable for me, especially on the upper frets. cost $80 to lower the action/shave the saddle. There’s a few sloppy finish areas on the fretboard and where the neck meets the body. The dot markers on top the fretboard are barely visible but the side markers are good and visible. I’m playing jazz chords, strumming with my thumb, and the low and mids can be boomy, while the highs sound choked off to me. Overall, to me it’s a plain and thin sound. If you play with a pick, your experience will probably be different, but that’s not how I play. I’m listening for subtleties in each note of the chords and not finding any kind of a pretty tone. It’s a good bang around guitar that I take to my friend’s house for lessons. For the great price there’s not much to complain about. It suits it’s purpose. I just ordered an AC5R. I hope the sound of that one inspires me a little more. I did replace the stock strings with Elixr PB 80/20s, ad maybe that dulled the tone. I do’t know. I’m trying to get a nice tone for outlining barre chords and jazz chords in forms 1 and 5 with my thumb. Maybe the electronics in the AC5M are the answer.

      4 people found this helpful

    57. Liu LiLiu Li

      great guitar for beginner

      after researched, found this great guitar to start my guitar learning journey without investing a lump sum of money

      One person found this helpful

    58. Mr. Tea

      Fine Construction, Excellent Design, Superb Value

      I purchased this as a replacement for my acoustic guitar of 15 years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase. The construction is excellent without gaps or excess glue around joints. The top is solid sitka spruce which is a very attractive feature at any price point let alone $200. The aesthetics on the DG800 are simple and the design on the head stock is painted and will rub off with time. However that has no bearing on the overall fit and finish of this guitar, both of which are excellent for a <$1000 guitar.The greatest features of this guitar relate to its design. The instrument is quite light and has a good balance between neck and body making it easy to play while standing. Most important is the neck. The neck has a matte finish making playing very smooth even with sweaty hands and features a compound neck profile. Closer to the body the neck is fairly thin and flat making barre chords and individual notes comfortable to play. As you move closer to the head the shape becomes a deeper rounded rectangle that fits nicely in the hand and gives great comfort and support for open chord playing. I cannot say enough about how smooth and comfortable this neck is to play. It is worlds away from the more U shaped profile of my previous acoustic.All of the above complements the excellent sound of the instrument. The bass is responsive and the treble clear and sweet. The whole package makes this a superb value. In my opinion the neck design alone makes this the best value guitar available. This guitar punches well above its weight competing with instruments $500 more expensive in terms of sound, fit, and design. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar below $700 this needs to be on your list of guitars to test drive. 73 people found this helpful

    59. Kevin Kuntz


      So I bought a beginners kit to start playing the guitar using an app as a trainer, and it went quite well. I was really enjoying playing… but some of the chords I had a hard time getting my fingers between the chords… so I decided to do some research and came across this gem. It has a wider neck which immediately made it easier to get my fingers in there! I haven’t had much time with this guitar but I can tell immediately it is well worth the extra money. Can’t wait to dig in!

    60. DF

      Plays nice right out of the box

      I’m not a very experienced guitar player, so I can’t guarantee you that this guitar will wow someone who is a true connoisseur. However, I did look carefully into the options and found this to be a well regarded instrument. Three days of extensive playing in, I can confirm that it sounds great. What’s more, I was able to take it right out the box and play it without any further “set up” than it received at the factory. Sometime down the road I might look into what a luthier could do to make it even sweeter, but for the time being I’m pleased with the action and intonation. The guitar stays in tune, has no buzzing frets, and intones with reasonable accuracy all the way down the fretboard (sometimes plus or minus a few cents). It’s affordable (comparatively), good looking, nice sounding, and high quality. I’m happy.Update: After owning the guitar for 8 months and playing it for hours every week, I have nothing but good things to say. It’s got a great sound, a really comfortable size, and continues to stay in tune for multiple sessions. After several months of use I replaced the original strings and opted for a lighter gauge. The guitar kept its superb playability and the tone remained excellent (though changed slightly given the lighter strings). I can now add, after developing more experience with acoustic guitars, that the neck is quite comfortable to play. That will, of course, be a matter of taste, but as a newbie I found it very easy to use pretty much right away. No regrets: this is a great guitar.

      83 people found this helpful

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  • Guitar

    Yamaha FS800 T Concert Acoustic Limited Edition Tinted Natural Top

    Buy now

    Yamaha FS800 T Concert Acoustic Limited Edition Tinted Natural Top


    SKU: B01GRO2D3E Category:

    21 reviews for Yamaha FS800 T Concert Acoustic Limited Edition Tinted Natural Top

    1. paul506

      Yamaha has surprised me!

      The most for your money is Yamaha. The FS800t was absolutely perfect and it’s sounds great. I was a sceptic about Yamaha. I love a good deal and I got a great one.

    2. Robert B.

      Great guitar, great sound

      Been playing an electric for awhile and wanted to pickup a acoustic to mess around with but didn’t want to break the bank, this is one of the best sub $300 acoustic guitars you can buy very happy with it so far.

      3 people found this helpful

    3. Pat Gilliam

      The sound and resonation.

      I love the size and comfort of this guitar. I put my preferred strings on and I haven’t put it down. I think my other guitars are getting jealous.

      5 people found this helpful

    4. TLJ

      Great instrument for the price.

      Easy to play, very nice tone for a small guitar, stays in tune. Couldn’t ask for more for the price.

      3 people found this helpful

    5. Eric Fallgren

      The Best Entry Level Guitar AND A Perfect Addition To A Pro’s Quiver Of Strong Acoustic Guitars

      Out of the box, after resting for 24 hours in my home, I found a well built and without mistakes (excess glue, lifting bridge). It arrived without tuned tension on the strings. Action and intonation out of the box for the first tuning was great. Tone is about 3/4 of a Dreadnaut. Miced with a SM 57, then a Presonus Condenser showed excellent results through ProTools, Studio 3 and Reaper. This is a perfect guitar for recording. Easy to play, finish is beautifle with the tinted vintage style finish. I give this guitar five stars.

      8 people found this helpful

    6. KD

      Great guitar!

      Wow, what can I say about this amazing little guitar? Out of the box, it looked really nice, and while the action was still a little high from the factory, it played just fine. After having the action set up properly and premium strings installed, it’s like having a completely different guitar that sounds a lot more expensive than what I paid for it. I think this is absolutely perfect for beginners as well as a more experienced player that wants something inexpensive that they can knock around with. As usual, Yamaha has made another quality instrument that I’m happy to own.

      6 people found this helpful

    7. cspu

      Very nice guitar for the price. Setup recommended

      This guitar really impressed me right out of the box. It looks fantastic and sounds great. It is perfectly playable but the action is a little high so a setup would be a good idea to make this outstanding.

      3 people found this helpful

    8. Stormy

      Love This Guitar

      Love this guitar so much. I have small hands and it’s a perfect fit for me. And it’s so affordable as well. I didn’t make a mistake with this one. 🙂 Nice sound and look.

      4 people found this helpful

    9. Richard Wilson

      Great guitar, great experience with shipper

      Very pleased with the appearance of the guitar and the sound. Extremely happy with the shipper. Described the way it was packaged to my son’s guitar instructor, including the information that told us to wait 24 hours before we opened the box to let the instrument climatize. His instructor was not only impressed, but used to stop at that store to play the instrument when he was younger. He as well as I am highly recommending this shipper for musical instruments

      2 people found this helpful

    10. P. Brodersen

      Excellent beginner guitar, quality retailer

      The guitar is excellent… bought for a new student. Setup out of the box was good, fit and finish very good for a guitar of this price. The Yamaha box was packed in a rectangular box, well marked, and instructions to receiver to all it to normalize temperature before opening – first excellent advice I’ve seen on the box especially for this price of guitar. I would buy both this guitar, and from this retailer, again, and will recommend them to others.

      5 people found this helpful

    11. mmattox

      Great Guitar for a Great Price

      I am a beginner and this has been the best Guitar to learn on.Sounds amazing.

    12. Scootampa

      Excellent Guitar that won’t break the bank!

      Came packaged beautifully. Sellers were wonderful and included personalized guarantee. Just learning with a few apps but am impressed by the sound already. It literally sings! Some notes/strings are a little “twangy” but I’m sure I’ll learn to adjust them. I bought the concert size and even though I have really big hands it fits me perfectly!

      3 people found this helpful

    13. Jason and Michelle Anderson

      Great Value

      Perfect beginner guitar.

    14. MichaelMichael

      Super nice, slightly smaller guitar.

      I love this guitar. The fit and finish on the T tinted version are excellent. The color is a bit darker and much richer than in the photos. It is a beautiful guitar. The neck feels great. It is smooth and a bit small with the strings a little closer together than on my Telecaster. It took me a few tries to get used to this. That said, the size of the guitar makes it way more comfortable for me than a full sized dreadnought body. It sounds great. Loud but not overpowering in my apartment. Many would consider this a good starter instrument but it’s a nice sounding keeper. There are simpley no drawbacks. I have much more resonant and expensive guitars but for something to carry around when on the road it sounds and plays just fine. at this price point you can’t beat this Yamaha guitar.

      2 people found this helpful

    15. Jon

      Very nice, very playable guitar.

      It’s no Martin or Taylor but this is a very nice budget guitar. The fit and finish is outstanding on the one I received and I have no complaints other than that it was made in China. So time will tell if you catch my drift.

      3 people found this helpful

    16. Stagehand Jim

      Perfect for me.

      Nice sound, resonance, action and simple good looks. Came packed in a top notch manner from Chicago Music Exchange. Vintage tinted top looks like my FG110 from the Seventies, without the dings and stains. Yamaha FS800 Concert size guitar: perfect for me to play at home with guests. – Stagehand Jim

    17. daniel l

      Some adjustments required

      The guitar arrived in perfect condition but did require a truss rod adjustment which i guess is normal. I changed the strings to what are apparently easier to play as well.Overall i really like this guitar and would recommend it for this price category

    18. Old Crow

      Amazing sound and playability, for the money.

      Very low action, perfect for beginners.Sound quality equals guitars 2 and 3 times the price.I would recommend this guitar to intermediate level players.

    19. Lucas MazzeoLucas Mazzeo

      Good guitar with two small issues.

      The media could not be loaded.

       This is a good guitar for the price. It looks really good and sounds great for a guitar at this price point. However it lost two stars for me for two small issues, but the seller wasn’t very helpful.The first issue is a small blemish in the finish. I understand guitars naturally get scratched up over time and I’ll eventually make a few nicks in it myself, but this is a brand new guitar so for it to already have a cosmetic fault out of the box is bothersome.The second issue is I was noticing some buzzing while I was playing and I realized it was coming from the headstock. Upon closer inspection I realized the washer on the G-String tuning post was loose. It seems the nut wasn’t quite tightened down enough. As a result the washer was rattling against the headstock from the vibration of the strings causing the buzzing. Again, tightening the hardware on a guitar is apart of normal maintenance, but a brand new guitar shouldn’t have come with loose hardware out of the box.When I contacted the seller about these issues I wasn’t offered an apology or any sort of compensation. I was simply given the number of their repair centre, which isn’t even open right now due to the COVID lockdown in Ontario. Granted that’s not their fault but I would have appreciated an offer of a discount, or possibly even a replacement for the guitar. In my email I offered to go to their store which is offering curb side pick up.Again, these aren’t huge issues but they aren’t issues that should come with a new guitar and I wasn’t offered an real assistance. When I pressed about the issues in a reply to the email they sent me with their repair centre info, they did not reply.

      One person found this helpful

    20. KarmicYogi


      This guitar is awesome! sounds very good for its price. Perfect for small hands, only short coming is I cannot attach the guitar strap to it, because there is no hook for it. I think because it is folk guitar, guitar strap is out of question as it is usually played in lap.

      2 people found this helpful

    21. Gary V. Reid

      You get what you pay for – its a starter guitar.

      An ok guitar for a beginner. Sounds tinny and sometimes muddy, lacking body next to much more expensive guitars. The action is uneven across the frets. But that’s what you get for a few hundred bucks. Its a guitar that a beginner could use until they decide if they really want to pursue this guitar thing. And if they become serious, then they are going to need something better.

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  • Guitar

    Yamaha FS830 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

    Buy now

    Yamaha FS830 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst


    SKU: B07CZF27BG Category:

    Solid Sitka Spruce Top Rosewood Back & Sides Rosewood Fingerboard Rosewood Bridge Diecast Tuners this guitar has an adjustable truss rod

    60 reviews for Yamaha FS830 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

    1. Donna Bowman

      Great guitar-Great price-Great customer service

      Sound is exactly want we were looking for in a guitar. Unbelievable for the price. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful colors. Definitely recommend from beginner to seasoned pickers.

    2. William Rafferty

      Nice guitar

      High quality, big sound for a smaller body guitar.

    3. gary reeb

      A Good Guitar for this price range

      I bought this Yamaha FGX 830C from Amazon (through Spotlight Music Store) on 6/1/22. It arrived in perfect condition in a single cardboard box and completely packed in bubble wrap. My first impression was that it is a beautiful guitar. I could see no defects whatsoever in the finish. The neck is arrow straight and the set up was just fine for me right out of the box. It is made in China but I believe the craftsmanship is excellent. I tuned it up with my clip on tuner and then checked the onboard tuner and found it to be very close. Right away I noticed that even though the tone is good–it was not quite to my liking. This is subjective, but it seemed a little tinny and lacking in “punch” or volume for a dreadnaught. After reading many, many reviews I decided to change the saddle to bone and installed new Elixer strings after about one month. The original strings felt rough to me and are noisy when doing slides. As many other reviewers mentioned; Yamaha could have used a bone nut and saddle and better strings for little to no increase in price. I did not change the nut. Seems like too much work for me to attempt, and not worth the effort. I do believe the new bone saddle and strings did improve the overall sound quality and tone. Maybe not as much as some reviewers claim–but, a noticeable difference. I did also change the plastic bridge pins for Rosewood pins. It does sound good plugged in and the neck is very smooth and easy playing. I would like to give it a 5 star rating but just can’t quite get it there because of what it seems to lack in tone and projection. ( Another matter I want to mention is that I am not sure if this model with laminate Rosewood back and sides sounds any better than the other model down which has Mahogany laminate back and sides. The difference is $200. But both use laminates, so is there really that much difference?)

      9 people found this helpful

    4. The Alpha Akita


      Honestly, Yamaha, I didn’t believe the hype. I didn’t exactly trust every review (hundreds of them I’ve read over the last 4 months while deciding on which guitar to get) which stated how great it sounds out of the box and tuned up.I’m now a believer. I’m in love with this guitar already. I’m having trouble putting it down. It’s a pleasure to use this instrument.The Tobacco Sunburst is just beautiful. The entire guitar is beautiful. The pictures just CAN’T do it justice. I’m amazingly happy to have chosen this color. It’s just a sexy guitar.The action is a little high for a new player, but it’s honestly not that hard.If you’re worried about it being built in China, don’t. The craftsmanship is excellent. It’s obvious that Yamaha keep strict controls on the build quality. A+ for that, Yamaha.My one gripe which isn’t enough to remove stars is that I wish the seller had double boxed it. It arrived fine, no damage, but it’s kind of unnerving seeing it only in a factory box as there was some crushing and holes in the box and the only protection inside of the box was a styrofoam pouch surrounding the guitar. Lucky enough that none went all the way through.

      5 people found this helpful

    5. Dave

      Product was as expected

      This guitar was exactly as I expected.. Very nice and good value.

      One person found this helpful

    6. Daniel Mcgraw

      Outstanding bargain IF you work on it a bit

      As shipped, the action at the 12th fret (Low E) was 8/64ths of an inch, not horrible for an acoustic, but higher than it should be. Fortunately, there was plenty of room on the bridge saddle for me to shave about 4/64ths off the bottom and drop the action to my preferred acoustic action of 6/64ths.The frets are nice and level, perfectly crowned, but rough on top where the strings actually make contact. It’s odd. The fret ends are the perfect length and rounded well, but the surface has so many grind marks that it looks like they completely skipped finishing them. If you bend any string at any fret, you’ll hear and feel it scraping along the top of the fret. Again, not good, but easily fixable. I smoothed ’em down with some 1500 grit, then 2000 grit, polished, and they were perfect.Other than those two things, this is one of the nicest acoustics I’ve owned, and I’ve owned dozens. I’ve been working on guitars since the 1970’s. It rings out with a beautiful Martin-ish chiming tone. Single notes sing out loud and clear with just the right amount of bass. Chords sound rich and full, with well-balanced projection from all the strings. It really is a beautiful sounding guitar, nothing muddy about it.The neck is a hair on the thin side of average, a satin finish so there’s no “sticky” finish feel. The neck relief came perfectly set with .012″ at the 7th fret (Capo on the 1st fret, string pressed to the highest fret). The truss rod is accessed at the sound hole like a Martin, not my personal preference, but really not difficult. The right wrench for that is included of course.The tuners are pretty good. Personally, I’ll be replacing them with some Grover locking tuners, but that’s just something I always do because I “Have a thing about tuning”, and like the ease of using locking tuners. The stock tuners are fine really.Cosmetically, it’s very nice, binding on the neck, body, & peghead. Nicely finished to give you a clear view of the grain but has a nice shine to it. Nothing amazing, but an overall pleasing look.All in all, this is an extremely nice guitar for the $300 range, but seriously, you NEED to be willing to adjust that action and smooth those frets. It sounds and plays every bit as nice as my Martins and Gibsons. I bought it as a beater, something to play around the campfire etc., but I’m finding myself using it for most of my recording.IF you know how and don’t mind spending an hour or so working on a couple small, easily fixable issues, I’d say you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a great value. I’m extremely happy with this purchase.Oh, I also got the AG1-HC case for it. Very nice case, fits perfectly. Very sturdy. Worth well over the $80 Amazon charges for it.

      67 people found this helpful

    7. jonathan remington

      Good quality as usual from Yamaha

      I chose Yamaha because my older brother along with my other siblings bought me my first guitar. Yamaha has never let me down and I still to this day am amazed at both the sound quality and build for the more budget price you get. I would even argue that Yamahas acoustics sound better than some more premium Taylor. Although I might be a bit biased when I say that I don’t like the sound of Taylor’s in general.That being said, this guitar in particular is different from my first none electric acoustic. And it’s not just because they put some electric guts in it. My first one is as the FG800. This one is a step not only by making it electric but also because it has laminated rosewood rather than the laminated foewood. The difference in quality is noticeable. It’s still rich and warm but has a brighter clearer crisp sound especially in the mid to highs. I love because I brought this for the purpose of playing on stage, and having a brighter more crisp sound will it come through the lows and with every other instrument that’s plugged in. The only thing that was unusual that I notice was that the control panel takes AA batteries rather than a typical 9v. It’s not a big deal, personally I prefer 9vs because it’s one less battery I have to worry about. The only thing I wonder about though is if two AAs will last longer then one 9v. Who knows. Other then that. I think this is an excellent guitar. Price wise I would nock it down 4 star than 5. It’s will good for the money but I think it’s worth closer to something like 450.00 or 500.00

      One person found this helpful

    8. rafael

      No es el mismo color de la foto

      No tiene el color de la foto

    9. TRACKER

      fs830 Yamaha Small Body Guitar

      The guitar arrived in a shipping box as flimsy as a cigarette carton and was poorly packaged. After all the reviews on this Chinese made guitar, I was shocked at the overall build quality. The back of the neck was rough to the touch, sharp fret wires not rounded, and was set up to be virtually unplayable unless you bought it to play slide or Dobro style only. The action was so high it was nearly impossible to make even major chords. Have played and owned many fine hi -grade Yamahas in my life long pursuit of the guitar but honestly, this was the worst presentation of a Yamaha I have ever seen . Tuned up to pitch the tone was unbelievably scattered and not as advertised. My first and last experience of ever buying a guitar on line again. This was a complete waste of time…returned it the same day. The finish was nice but it ended right there. This is a $100.00 price line guitar in any guitarist language.

    10. Tom C

      Wow! Yamaha does it again!!!!!! Too good to be true.

      Oh boy…where do I start?THE PACKAGING: I received this guitar in its original box with no shipping box to support it. I was lucky Yamaha packed their guitar well.THE CONSTRUCTION: As for the guitar. I was blown over with the beauty and detail. A pearl inlay around the sound hole, a pearl like brown pick guard and even the YAMAHA logo in a pearl like finish was unexpected to see. This dreadnaught size seems slightly larger than my Yamaha F325D I submitted my earlier review on. The sunburst finish is much darker and far more appealing than the sunburst color on the F325D. The sides and back are mahogany and the top is a SOLID spruce. The tuners, bridge, saddle, nut, strings and finish are in line with most Yamaha guitars. The fretboard surprisingly has pearl like inlaid markers on a rosewood background. These markers are MUCH smaller than the standard size ones on my other guitars. I have to say it looks AWESOME and richer. In poor light, however, you may need to squint. This guitar is sooooo beautiful I’m afraid to take it out of my case at times.THE SOUND: Amazing. As advertised, a better sustain, a more room filling sound, and well intonated despite many reviews which state otherwise recommending a luthier. Are you kidding me?? If you’re expecting the intonation of a Gibson, THEN SAVE UP AND BUY A GIBSON. This is absurd. The intonation on this guitar is spot on with the compensated saddle along with the die cast tuners and stunningly beautiful bridge.SUMMARY: This guitar clearly is an upgrade to my cheaper (but still modest priced) Fender and Yamaha guitars. As a proud owner of a Yamaha YDP-163R digital piano, the detail in Yamaha wood selection, extensive sound R/D and it’s reputation on stage and abroad just made me a proud owner of this classic FG series guitar, the oldest and best selling series worldwide. Trust me, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS CLASSIC GEM OF A PRECISION INSTRUMENT , built with pride by a world-class manufacturer. I may sound like I work for Yamaha but I only wish I did. None of their instruments from pianos to guitars ever disappointed me and shouldn’t dissappoint you.

      34 people found this helpful

    11. GM

      Love Yamaha

      Was trying to find a ’70s era Yamaha but couldn’t find one that I liked. Came across this one on Amazon and read the reviews which were all very good so I bought it. In spite of the fact that it’s made in China it’s up to Yamaha quality. The sound is bright and vibrant even with the factory strings. I played it for my wife and the sound was so strong that she thought that it had an internal amplifier. Having read through the reviews I went ahead and ordered a Tusq nut, bridge and a set of pins which I plan on installing as soon as my D’Addario strings come in. I’ll update my review after I do the upgrades. As an afterthought if your new to guitar this is a great beginners instrument for the price but it’s so much more because it’s a great guitar for experienced players, I’ve been playing for 56 years and outside of my Yari classical it’s one of the best guitars I’ve owned which would include Ovation. Well I did the Tusq upgrades and while I’m not overwhelmed it did improve the resonance, I could have very well lived with the original nut,saddle and pins so unless you really think that you’ll notice the difference stick with the original set up. Still one great buy.

      4 people found this helpful

    12. jerry vigil

      Well constructed

      Have played yamaha guitars since the seventys, very satisfied with their products…

    13. Happy Shopper

      Perfect choice for my needs.

      I’m a beginner and was looking for my first guitar to learn on and have for many years to come. I wanted quality and value for my money and something easy and to play so I could get enjoy the learning process. I’ve now had this for a little more than a month and am confident I made the perfect purchase decision to meet those goals and then some. The FG830 is also a beautiful sounding and looking guitar. I got the tobacco finish and am glad I waited for it to come back in stock after the holidays. While I’m going out through the normal issues of a beginner, I’m understanding the benefits of this guitar to the learning process as compared to other options in this price range. Really an enjoyable guitar to play.Update 7/9/22: It’s now been over a year since buying this guitar. I’ve learned a lot since my last comments and am still very happy with this purchase. Had it set up in 7/2021 which made a great improvement in ease of play. I highly recommend a good set up and a nice set of string. Just put my 3rd set of strings on and it sounds great. Almost ready to add an electric as my next step and start jamming with friends. Highly recommend this guitar for the money.

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    14. Mark Moceri

      For the money an outstanding value

      I don’t want to come across as the end all of end alls, because I’m not. I had however been in the business years ago and played many an acoustic from Martins and Guilds with Brazilian Rosewood sides and backs, to Taylors, etc., being lucky enough to own some and use them in recording. I may not be the best guitarist, but do know my way around enough to spot a value when I see one, and this Yamaha definitely fits the billing. Yamaha has always made decent products and I bought this under that premise. I was surprised however, (maybe I just got lucky), that out of the box, this guitar needed no action to be set up. It was pretty much dead on. Something I couldn’t say about the Taylor I owned, or even the D-55 Guild, (in fairness it was owned by someone else, but the folks in N.J. took great pride in making things more than right!). The sound from this Yamaha is more than satisfying. For the money, it holds its own against Martin D-18’s, Guild D-35, (U.S. made), and many others. The highs are crisp, lows, bellowing and mids smooth. For a Guitar in the mid $300 range, you will more than get your money’s worth, even if you have to have it set up. Good luck.

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    15. Roy D. Donaldson

      One of the best in this price range, but I did expect better sound.

      Great quality, flawless finish, looks great, and easy to play. However, I did expect it to have a better sound considering it is a solid top, and it is not as booming as I hoped. Don’t get me wrong, it still sounds good and is neither too bassy or too much treble, but not as powerful or booming as a dreadnought should be and sustain isn’t the best. Still a great upgrade from a first acoustic, and even better if this is your first.

    16. BurbDaddy

      I love this guitar

      Oh my gosh. I love this guitar. I bought it used from Amazon Warehouse and it was listed as “Good” condition. Since this is the third tier of rating, I was concerned about the condition. Came wrapped and boxed VERY well. It took me a while to find why it was only rated in Good condition. I finally found a few scuff marks on the back if you look in the light the right way. Saved $100 at the price of $219 vs $319.The guitar itself plays beautifully. Low action, beautiful tone, and resonates crazy awesome. I had done my fair share of research on best values in guitars. I set on the Yamaha FG series after reading/watching scores of reviews. Then I drilled own the 830 because of the rosewood back and sides, to give it a full rich sound. I did not make a mistake. This guitars tone and playibility are wonderful.

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    17. Mike

      Outstanding tone, great aesthetics

      This guitar is simply outstanding, right out of the box. I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years, and I am fully impressed with the FG830. It looks great and sounds amazing. It has really nice low-end tone to give a full sound (probably mostly due to the solid spruce top). The fit and finish is also excellent. It looks even better in person than in the pictures. Some might think down in the fact that it’s “made in China”, but this is really irrelevant – it is a wonderfully made instrument from a very well-respected company. You will not be disappointed by this guitar, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate guitarist. HIGHLY recommended.

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    18. M. Kitteridge


      I ordered this after researching and trying guitars. I love the comfort the size this provides for me as someone who has small hands and is petite in height. The package arrived on time-securely shipped in two boxes Since the weather was well below freezing-I brought it inside the house and left it to warm up for 24 hours before opening the box. The set up was perfect and it has a wonderful sound. Would highly recommend this seller and this Yamaha FS830 is beautiful.

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    19. Cesar Morales

      An amazing guitar for beginners. One of the best guitars for the money!

      I bought a Yamaha F335 for $150 US to learn how to play guitar. It sounded just fine to me at the beginning since I did not have a trained ear. I struggled to practice and make chords due to the action of that guitar (distance between the neck and the string). I practiced for two months daily until I decided to upgrade my guitar without expanding too much money. I was between this guitar FG830 and the Seagull S6. I decided to buy the Yamaha one due to the fact I saved $100 dollars and I like the looks of this terrific guitar. When I played it for the first time, I realized that the F335 sounds like crap compared with the pretty tone that the rosewood produces. The sound quality and sustain are incredible! Also, I have felt it is easier to play because I think this one has lower action (still, be sure to set up a new guitar to have a lower section in a guitar shop), better sound to distinguish among chords/notes, and a little more separation between strings (I have big hands). Lastly, I notice how more beautiful the aesthetics of this instrument is compared to the cheaper versions. It is really well crafted in comparison with my last guitar. I am more motivated to keep practicing and learning due to this musical instrument.

      5 people found this helpful

    20. Kurt


      There was price drop, and I had lots of Amazon points, so my final price was about $200. Not bad.I am a “hobbyist”, was looking for a decent guitar to leave at work and take to lessons, as well as to unwind with at lunch. Didn’t like hauling my good guitar around. Action was extremely high when the instrument arrived. Sound was ok. Checked with the only shop within a couple hundred miles of me, asked what they would charge to replace to bridge, saddle, and strings. $150 to $200 is what they told me. Not happening.Took the plunge and replaced the bridge and saddle with bone myself. Also installed Ernie Ball light strings. Thank you, YouTube. Total cost was about $14 plus several hours of sanding, trial, and error. Sounds like a different guitar now. I would easily put it above the low end Taylors that the local shop pushes.Classy looking guitar. I’m thinking it is probably a Martin clone. Sounds sweet, and sustain is as good as any I have tried. Just be ready to put some work into it if you want to bring out its potential.

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    21. Nachosgrande

      Worth four times what you pay.

      I seriously expected to have to do major setup work when received the guitar because of the price, but all it needed was a little height taken off the saddle. The nut slot heights were perfect to a 1/10 of a mm, the fretwork was spectacular, and the materials were top notch. I really don’t know how they can manufacture these for the price. The sound really opened up after about a week and compared to my Taylor 314 and Martin it’s 90% of the way there in terms of sound and 100% of the way there in terms of playability. I’m used to Grover tuners so these feel a little loose while turning, and don’t hold tune quite as long as I’m used to, but they do work. Really amazing for the money. Oh, and the best part, I don’t worry about dinging it, so as far as peace of mind goes, it’s way better than the Taylor or Martin.

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    22. Jeri

      Sounds great

      The guitar sounds great, arrived with dirt and water stains on it but a damp cloth got all that off. A few scratches on the pick guard but idc. The packaging could be better cause it was just some paper in a cardboard box but came with free strings. Recommend the guitar for sure

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    23. Danisoid

      Great instrument for the price

      Beautiful, very well priced instrument. Great high and mid tones, with good sustain. This is your typical training wheels or composition tool…won’t let you down. Right size body and terrific neck.That said, action is terrible out-of-the-box, and your first intervention is to get it lower. So crank the Allen key to the right several times to get to where it is to be. I have not changed the saddle yet but may do to lower it more.Overall, great buy even if it does not come with anything, not even a cheap gig bag, hence only 4 stars.—Updated— I changed the saddle to a bone one and lower it. Wood pegs and Daddario strings and voila ! even better with great sustain, and clear tones.

    24. David K.

      Possibly defective

      I thought it was a great looking guitar,but a little more Orange than I thought. It may be the strings, but it sounds a bit more treble,bright,and strings vibrate more than I like. The second time I played it the G string snapped. I am concerned it could be a defect of the guitar. I don’t know if I should buy different strings or return the guitar.

    25. R. Wang

      Love it

      I am a beginner. I went to Guitar Center first. I waited for 30 minutes and no one came to help as they promised. A nice boy who was playing there offered to play different guitars for me to hear the sound quality. FS800 stood out among the others within same price range. I came home ordered FS830 on Amazon. The sound quality is even better. I love it as a beginner.

    26. Louie Louie

      It’s Amazing

      When the package was delivered, I found there was a few small dents on the box. I opened it immediately and check everywhere for the guitar body. Fortunately, this Yamaha was keeping perfect! A lot thanks to Yamaha and Amazon!B.T.W, the sound is amazing, too.

    27. Jtech

      Great bang for the buck, maybe the best bang for the buck.

      Have to say, was pleasantly surprised, while i have am pretty picky for both play-ability and sound, the solid spruce fg830 is a very good performer, with especially nice sound quality. Out of the box, the setup was too high, a little adjustment and that was easily sorted. I play several different Taylor guitars most of the time, and lean towards a bright sound, which the spruce top and rosewood back/sides delivers. i use this one for parties or travel, or when you can’t risk an uber expensive guitar, it’s my go-to. It has a lot or presence and can fill a room with clear highs and solid base. I have some earlier Yamaha’s and the neck is now more D shaped, much like the Martin neck, than then older more flat necks, this works well for such a narrow neck. While it may not have the play-ability or sound of a 900 series Taylor, it’s great value for the money, wish i could say that about all my guitars.

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    28. Amazon Customer

      Great Guitar!

      this guitar surprised me it sounds like a dream and looks like one also. if your looking for a guitar in this price range or even if you are looking for a guitar that’s more expensive this is the guitar for you. unreal sound for the money easy to play satin finish on the neck feels comfortable and allows for easy transition between cords. The craftsmen ship is what you would expect from Yamaha. I needed to change the strings the ones that came with weren’t that bad but I’m picky about my strings.

    29. G. Williams

      Excellent value, beautiful quality and sound. Even better if you dial it in a bit more….

      I had a lower end version of this guitar for the past two years, and finally giving to my daughter to learn with. Stepped up to this one and get slightly better construction and finish, creme color binding on neck and headstock> Wow it is gorgeous! Action was really nice out of the box, but I like low action so was able to shave the bridge down a small amount, now is the best guitar I have laid my paws on…love it! Best guitars for the $$ Yamaha.

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    30. Chris Colby

      Great Guitar for Affordable Price

      The Yamaha FG830 is a well-made guitar and it sounds sonorous and full, not thin or reedy/twangy. The neck on my instrument was straight (and it has a truss rod, so it can be adjusted). The action was perhaps a bit high on the bridge end of the neck, but not by much. This is a quality guitar made by a company known for excellent student-model guitars and you would hard pressed to finder a better guitar at a comparable price.

    31. Grace

      useful !intonation!

      I have used it one month ,the guitar is not bad,every things are good!

    32. Jim DuBreuil

      Great acoustic-electric for the money.

      Great looking and, most importantly, great sounding guitar!

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    33. Jose G Torres Jr

      Sounds Amazing and Beautiful Guitar

      Sounds Amazing. A huge step-up from the FS800 a 50% increase in price but the value is phenomenal. Not only do you get a better sounding guitar, but you also get a guitar that’s a sight to behold. Get this one over the FS820 and FS800, you won’t be disappointed. I purchased the FS800 first at guitar center and I loved it but I was left wanting more and the colors available didn’t suit my palette. I am glad I kept looking for a guitar and found this one. Remarkable, and a must buy.

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    34. Jim

      Plastic, Hollow saddle

      Very good guitar for the money. For the more advanced player this is an ideal “take camping-to the beach” guitar. Light weight, easy to carry.Be aware that the fingerboard is fairly narrow…1 -11/16th” nut width (I believe). The action was high, so as part of my setup I replaced the saddle (lowered) with a bone saddle…curiously the factory shipped saddle was hollow plastic with four small holes in the bottom. The result was slightly less bass, but very pleasing…I liked it better!

      7 people found this helpful

    35. Edward Sarro

      Good guitar

      Very good guitar nice sound I like it the built-in tuner is a nice added feature

    36. ssmigs

      At this price point there isn’t a better made guitar

      I’ve been playing guitar actively for 40 years. I was looking for a dreadnought cutaway with pre-amp. At this price point there isn’t a better made guitar. I would have to spend 2-3 times as much for rosewood back, sides, fret board and saddle for a Taylor or Martin.My first guitar was a Yamaha, so I was happy to find another that took me back. It is aesthetically flawless. I think the Fishman in my Martin Custom X is a tad stronger but I can EQ that; and I love the tuner. If it matters to you, it is made in China. (I thought Yamahas were Japanese).Sounds amazing un-plugged with great bottom end. Very pleased.

      75 people found this helpful

    37. Surfer Hank

      Best for the money

      If you want a playable nice sounding guitar for a great price, this is it. In my head-to-head comparison the sound quality beats the epiphone hummingbird, the other guitar I tried.

    38. Randall J. Bohl

      Great, fun little guitar to play in the living room

      I bought the fs800 first. It arrived in poor conditiion and i didn’t like the guitar. I sent it back and bought the fs830. Its fantastic. I great guitar for the money. perfect for around the house. not as loud as a dreadnaught. nice finish with the binding around the body and up the fret board. I got the Tobacco Sunburst color. Looks fantastic. Its worth the extra hundred bucks to up grade to the 830. Love it.

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    39. Jair

      Wonderful guitar

      This guitar has a great sound and has good finishes. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to buy an Yamaha guitar since I love the sound. It is totally worth it.

    40. Skip Howland

      great sound, with minor mods

      to get a Martin sound out of this guitar, replace the plasics with bone. be sure the neck is correct,, use light strings and you will be amazed at the improved tone- VERY good and very pleased. It rivals $2000 guitars

    41. R. Payne

      Could have been 5 stars

      I’m going to break this review into pros and cons. Pros: Top notch wood, electronics, wonderful bound neck and great machine heads. The action/fretboard are wonderful (after being setup). Sounds beautiful!, and more so if you take my advice. One last pro, all of the cons are easily remedied. Cons: The saddle, nut, and bridge pins are plastic (kind of like putting crap tires on a good sports car). I replaced the saddle and nut with tusk, and for the bridge pins I went with brass. It was like the volume went from a 4 to a 8, and the tone went from nice to beautiful and singing. It was about a 40$ upgrade, that made it sound like a thousand dollar guitar. This is the first time I bought a guitar before playing it. The gamble more than paid off. Been playing guitar for 25 years, and I could recommend this guitar to hobbyist or pro (with proper adjustment).

      194 people found this helpful

    42. JimboJimbo

      Good sound, features for the price

      After almost 20 years with an old guitar, I wanted an upgrade. I play about 3-4 hours a week so I wanted something nice but not too expensive. Researched all the brands and for the money, I think it’s one of the best out there in the 500.00 range. I did return my first one as it had two strings that “buzzed” when strummed. The second guitar is very nice and has a great sound.

      One person found this helpful

    43. M. Petterson

      Seems good for the price!

      Granted, I can’t play a note, however, I got this one for my wife, took it to a luthier, and he said it looked pretty good. I bought the $120 Jasmine cut away for myself, kind of wish I would have saved up a couple hundred more to get this one.

    44. R. NarineR. Narine

      Change strings and add bone saddle/nut and you’re good to go.

      Beautiful out the box and shipped like a tank. The action it shipped with was far from bad, but optimally it should be a bit lower. The tone out the box was great but can sound better with some quality strings. I intend to play out the strings a few weeks while my martin strings and bone saddle and nut arrive. Then I’ll have the low action and sound that will make this guitar sound like it’s worth 500+

    45. JE

      Great Guitar shipped fast

      I wasn’t really keen on ordering a guitar online but I gave it a shot considering al stores are closed due to the coronavirus. I ordered the Yamaha FG830 guitar without the gig bag. I tracked the shipping which came pretty fast. After unpacking the guitar I examined it throughly no damage the only thing I had to was tune it which I expected and eventually will change the strings. Removed the plastic cover on the pick plate and it sounds great which amazes me because it’s not an expensive guitar but looks and certainly sounds like one.

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    46. Dennis Mulanax

      Superior quality and sound!

      For the money, this guitar is great. Superb quality in the craftsmanship and the sound is deep and solid. The fret board is sized just right. You can of course pay as much as you want for a guitar, there plenty to choose from. But for $300 ish, this FG830 is is more quality and better sound than expected.

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    47. AMZN$Fan

      A fantastic sounding and beautiful guitar

      This a a great guitar value. Scalloped bracing combined with spruce solid top and rosewood back and sides creates a large dynamic range and a rich and bright tone.There is a lot of guitar for the money here! This guitar is very playable and it’s larger dynamic range than other configuration allows a great deal of expressiveness. Besides all of that, it is BEAUTIFUL. This thing can make you a better player because you won’t want to put it down.I bought this with the accessory pack. The stand works very well and the tuner is actually quite good. It really helps you to tune to precision.I’ve been playing for a couple of years now and this guitar is really nice step up from a $100-$125 “student” guitar.Yamaha has really made a great guitar here. Go ahead… push the button! /;-)

      8 people found this helpful

    48. manuel r.

      Unbelievable guitar at an Unbelievable Price.

      Got my FG 830 today. Could be happier. I was skeptical about it arriving unscaved. Arrived without a scratch on it. What an incredible instrument. I challenge Martin or Taylor to produce a guitar with the craftsmanship and sound of this guitar at this price range. Thank You Yamaha!!!!

    49. Tony P

      Great Guitar for the Money

      I bought this for my son and he was really impressed and most importantly it inspired him to practice regularly. He was using a friend’s acoustic and my son found this guitar to be noticeably better. He mentioned it stayed in tune much better than what he was using also. What I like about it is the price. He can take it to church or if he plays out one day, he doesn’t have to worry about someone walking off with his $1000 Martin or stepping on the neck or something stupid like that. He can play it and enjoy it. That’s the most important thing.

      One person found this helpful

    50. Angela

      Great quality!

      Bought for college some who was looking to learn to play. Great sound out of the box and craftsmanship is spot on. Great value!

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    51. NMLNML

      Beautiful and sounds AMAZING.

      Beautiful! My friends and I sing together and 6 of them play (I’m learning). I brought this and they all took turns playing it, they love the way it sounds. Many of their guitars are a lot more expensive and all want to buy this one now.I bought bone replacements for the plastic parts with this and swapped them out first thing.Here’s the link:Blisstime 6 String Acoustic Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut and 6pcs Guitar Bone Bridge Pins Made of Real Bone

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    52. A.Blessing

      Don’t question yourself…get this guitar!

      I can’t believe I brought a guitar!!! I’ve always wanted to learn but have convinced myself that I’ll never be able to do it. Eventually, I gave up that thought and just went for it. And I’m sooooo glad I did. The music therapist at my job tuned it for me right out the box and he commented on how GOOD this guitar is. He said it’s “an excellent piece of equipment” and he said he would even buy one for his collection. This guy has a $2k guitar and said he would even buy this one!!! Wow!!! Don’t question yourself…get this guitar!

    53. Tracy M.

      It’s a YAMAHA can’t go wrong

      Sound quality is excellent. The neck is a tad smaller from the other guitars with the same price range from eat for my small hands. It’s a beautiful guitar. Practice on!

    54. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      The best woods, best quality, and best sound for any guitar within double this price. I love it.

      Shipped quickly and very well packaged.

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    55. Amazon Customer

      Can’t go wrong with this guitar.

      Excellent guitar. New, out of box , played great, just the tone I wanted from spruce and rosewood. It’s just gonna get better. Have played it for hours everyday for a week. Also purchased some ebony pegs and bone saddle that I will install at next string change. Very pleased with this product. Thank you Amazon.

      One person found this helpful

    56. Michael Mueller

      Great instrument, great price!

      In my opinion Yamaha makes one of the best quality instruments for the money. This guitar looks and sounds like a much higher end guitar. The price point is great. Can’t go wrong with this guitar. I use this as my main practice instrument as I try to keep the wear and tear off my high end guitars. So happy with it.

      2 people found this helpful

    57. Janelle

      Best guitar on the planet

      I been playing guitar for 30years almost I’ve owned a lot of guitars I have 4 martins and a ole gibson electric and this Yamaha you can’t compare the Yamaha to these cause the Yamaha wins sounds good plays great an didn’t cost 2grand I like what another review said the old yamaha guitar are all good to but the new ones are even better hard to believe you can say that these days about anything but Yamaha is a great company all the reviews can’t be wrong this is the real deal built great sounds great an most in important it’s very playable for a new person I hope this helps you decide you can never go wrong with Yamaha 👍🏻

      12 people found this helpful

    58. P. Maguire

      Great sound, good value

      Moved to an apartment and wanted a good guitar that would sounds great but not loud like drednoughts. Yamaha FS830 is a good looking and great sounding guitar. It’s plenty loud but controllable and works well enough in an apartment or anywhere you want to keep it down a bit. Good quality guitar throughout. Might want to change strings. Some have said they changed out bridge and nut. I didn’t do that. String spacing is a bit tight. But overall I like this FS830 a lot. Great value too.

      2 people found this helpful

    59. BL

      Excellent fit and finish

      I’m a rookie at guitar knowledge but I do know if something is put together with quality. The FG 830 electro acoustic is beautiful. I eye scanned every square inch and there is no defect. The binding is smooth and uniform. I have played $3,000 dollar guitars in music stores does this mean this Yamaha is only 16% the quality of a 3K Martin? No. This has some excellent stats and sounds great. My friend who plays semi pro played the Yama and he said I made a good decision.

      6 people found this helpful

    60. buschman

      Very nice product for the price.

      This is an excellent guitar for the money. It sounds fantastic out of the box. My daughter loves it! She’s picking up playing quickly using online tools. Resonance and tone are some of the best aspects of the guitar. Looks are okay. Shipping was fast and product was intact when received.

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  • Guitar

    Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

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    Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar


    SKU: B017XBSVHW Category:

    The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone Great for use as a travel guitar when space is limited Gig bag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea

    60 reviews for Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

    1. grass_junkie

      Nice But Not a 3/4

      This is a nice little guitar. It sounds good and plays easy but it is a 1/2 scale guitar. It sounds better than most 3/4 guitars I have played however. This one is for a student who is younger than 10 so it will be okay for a few years. The neck is beefy and the fretboard wider that most 1/2 scale guitars, I think that is why it’s size in confusing. It’s built like a tank with heavy bracing. The lack of finish on the neck may cause it to get dirty and stained but shouldn’t hurt anything. For a true 3/4 scale in this price range I would look at an Oscar Schmidt or similar, they are finished better and are a true 3/4 scale but may require more attention to the set up to get them playing as good as this FG Jr.

      15 people found this helpful

    2. Gern

      Fantastic guitar, well worth the price!

      We have two of these. Bought them for our kids, but I enjoy playing them too! They sound great, and are very well-built. Our kids have both outgrown them, but we’re keeping one of them because I like playing them so much.I really do not have anything negative to say about these guitars. They are durable, and sound great. Considering that they are a ‘beginner’ guitar, nothing at all feels cheap on them, they are very solid. The shorter scale is great for kids.

    3. Kman1


      Ok real quickly…the quitar sounds a bit “tinny”, not at all like the one I played in Guitar Center, I’m hoping some DiAddario 11’s Bronze strings​ will open her up some. That said…..great little travel guitar for my Tiny Trailer. The fit and finish is excellent and its so easy to play. I bought this through Amazon warehouse for a great price. I suspect the reason it was returned was the one zipper on the gig bad didn’t work but the other was fine, no biggie as far as my needs. Like others have said not only a great starter guitar for a youngster but perfect for a travel guitar. If strings wake this up a bit more I will change my rating to a 5 star 🙂

      3 people found this helpful

    4. Vincent Vega

      Great for very young / young beginners

      My 14 year old daughter, who is small for her size, has no problems playing this guitar.I stretched the stock strings and after that it stays in tune very well for at least a couple of days of practicing before she needs to make slight tuning adjustments.Yes it is small. My daughter thought I had messed up and purchased a Ukulele when she first saw the box, but now she practices daily on it and loves it.

    5. Paul Scheller

      Yamaha guitar

      Beautiful guitar we gave to our granddaughter, good size for a 13 year old.

    6. John Elliott

      It’s pretty and has a nice sound! Perfect for small hands.

      Bought this for a small nine year old. It fits her hands perfectly. Looks and sounds very good.

    7. Amazon Customer


      I’ve been using this guitar for almost 3 years now and it’s been nothing but great! It sounds and looks beautiful for the price, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start playing guitar, as it’s an amazing beginner instrument!

    8. Cindy McNeely

      Great guitar for the price

      This is great guitar for young beginners. I bought one for my grandson when he was 5 years old. He has several really good guitars but still plays this one all the time because it’s so small and fun to play.

      One person found this helpful

    9. Craig Stoughton

      Not just for beginners-this is great stuff

      I’ve been playing for thirty years and I think this is a great little guitar. I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that this does not seem like a 3/4th size guitar, seems maybe smaller, but, I like the size. The action is great out of the box. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned that this guitar projects and resonates lower tones a lot better than you would think it would due to its size. A fun, portable, easy to play guitar with some nice tones that has now taken up permanent residence next to my tv room chair. Great job by Yamaha (as usual)!

      21 people found this helpful

    10. NPmatt

      My son loves it!

      A very nice little guitar for my nearly-13 year-old son. I tuned it when it arrived (within a week of ordering) using the Snark SN-1 I ordered with it and he played around on it every day until his first lesson last night. His instructor commented that it was a nice guitar and said it was comfortable even for him and would make a nice traveling instrument for adults. Incidentally, he also said the Snark tuner was one of the best on the market–he has an identical one himself. Back to the guitar, my son learned his first notes last night and my wife and I have been entertained by the openings of “Smoke on the Water” and “Amazing Grace” since then. He loves this guitar! Thank you to those of you who answered my questions before I purchased this. It was money well spent!

      3 people found this helpful

    11. bowling

      JR Guitar

      Very nice. Grandson really liked it.

    12. Danimal

      The Best Reasonable Option For Small-framed Players

      I’m an active musician – so I try to buy the best musical instruments I can afford (within reason) for my boys. I worked at a local music shop for 3 years, and have played several 3/4 scale acoustics. For the value – the JR1 (some call it the FG Junior) is hands down, the best. The baby Martins have a cardboard tone (I believe some are even made of a composite material – yuck). Baby Taylor’s sound very nice, but they’re about 100+ bucks more, and they don’t sound 100 dollars better. These sound great and play well for their size and price. I should mention that I’m a primarily a drummer, and taught lessons for a few years. My suggestion for parents wanting to get their kids started playing music – get them something NICE. It doesn’t make sense to buy a “toy” guitar that sounds unmusical and will need replacing when it won’t stay in tune (Pretty much anything from the MART stores) – there’s no need to take money out of their college fund for a Taylor, either. Half my students quit playing the drums by 16. I’m pretty sure there are A LOT of $300 wall-hanger 3/4 scale guitars out there. If your child develops a true passion for playing, by all means invest in the next step up. I recommend the Seagull S6 if you’re partial to inexpensive guitars made in North America, or if they’re really getting good go for a solid top Martin, Taylor, or Gibson, etc. Shy away from often-times shiny, colorful guitars like Ibanez, Dean, and even Fender. They sound thin and boxy in person, and even thinner plugged in.

      14 people found this helpful

    13. Amazon Customer

      Good Travel Guitar

      There are a number of options out there for travel guitars. There is the Taylor Baby and Martin LX. Those are the same size as this Yamaha and sound and play better than this Yamaha. But, they are double the price. I also have a Taylor GS Mini which is a higher price point and is a larger travel guitar (7/8 Size instead of 3/4). The Taylor GS Mini is bit bigger in size. But, the play and sound is out of this world. I just did not want to take my GS Mini out everywhere. So, I got this Yamaha. It is good quality, nice size and nice and cheap so I dont have to worry about leaving it in the car to have it ready for playing when we go somewhere or are on the road.I have researched and tested many many different travel guitars out there. If you are looking for a decent quality and sound and reasonably priced travel guitar to not worry about getting banged up as you take it to places, this is one of your best options. Fully recommend.

      23 people found this helpful

    14. RJP

      Does not stay in tune.

      I’ve always had good luck with Yamaha products but this product is substandard. This guitar does not stay tuned. Not much else to say. Its tough to find quality acoustic guitars in that price range… almost impossible. Solid body electric guitars are a better option for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

    15. Jim

      Love it

      I bought this for my 7yo that is learning to play. I find myself playing it more often than I play mine. Plays well, stays in tune, pretty decent tone for such a small body. I’m happy with the purchase.

      One person found this helpful

    16. AdamBomb

      Best 3/4’s guitar for the money, no gimmicks!

      A real instrument made of real woods.. spruce, mahogany, and rosewood. I teach guitar lessons and this is THE starter guitar I always recommend. My son is now 9yo and has shown some interest finally, so got him his favorite color, sunburst. Guitar sounds as good as the Baby Taylor’s I’ve played. The deluxe gig bag is seriously really nice, didn’t expect that. Only a couple gripes cause I’m picky.. the sunburst color was a little too dark, more black than natural finish in middle. Then the frets were filed long ways on neck, the wrong way, so when you bend a string it felt like sandpaper. Must of been a newbie at factory cause the others I’ve played wasn’t like this. I just sanded frets and oiled fretboard and the guitar was good to go!

      4 people found this helpful

    17. Jeff

      Would give 5 stars

      but the zipper sticks on the case from day 1 and it’s a little annoying

    18. Robert McGrath

      Great travel guitar for adults (and kids)

      My old Yamaha acoustic that I got from my cousin (made in the 90s) was in rough shape so I decided to give this 3/4 size guitar a shot. I figured it would be nice to have something that would be easy to take on the go when I go on vacations and what not. I would first like to say that this guitar is definitely not too small for an average size adult. I’m a grown man at 5’10” with average size hands and the guitar is completely comfortable to play. I would only imagine it being a problem if you have very thick fingers. The guitar sounds very nice as well, sure it doesn’t have as full of a sound as a normal size guitar, but this thing sounds good, no question about it and it’s certainly loud enough to play alongside a full size acoustic. Its very lightweight and comes with a backpack style travel bag. If you’re looking for an extra guitar to take on the go with you I’d say this is it, especially for the price point. No string buzz, no issues, and a very full sound.

      6 people found this helpful

    19. Kindle Customer

      Great for beginners

      If you want to learn to play guitar, start with a good one like this. It is a bit smaller than a standard guitar, so you don’t have to spread your fingers as far to finger the chords. The play is easy. You don’t have to press down real hard to finger chords. The sound is nice. It keeps tune if you tighten it up a bit. The craftmanship is acceptable. I had to adjust it because the low E was rattling. But, if you are just learning, a little rattle isn’t a bad thing. You’ll eventually learn some good chords and upgrade to a better guitar.

      2 people found this helpful

    20. Xhiljola Dorsman

      Surprisingly good for the money

      The media could not be loaded.

       I wanted a small guitar that I could travel with and that I could take out on the balcony but I also wanted it to have some sound to it. I think this one for the price is great. Hopefully you can get an idea of the tone from the video I made. The construction seems sturdy enough. Just put some really nice strings on it like elixirs and it will sound pretty solid. I paid around $120 and I think for that price this thing is a nice little guitar.

      27 people found this helpful

    21. CW&D

      Huge Disappointment

      Allow me to preface this with the fact that I know guitars. having played over 50 years and have a guitar collection many would covet. I did my due diligence before buying this JR2. and what arrived was nothing like I saw locally. My young grandson wants a guitar like his big brother who has an FG800 in natural which is an absolutely amazing guitar for the price. The only thing available locally was a JR2 in sunburst. It had a nice gloss finish, perfect neck and sounded great but a JR2 in natural was only Amazon had one in natural, in stock and ready to ship.The top had an acceptable gloss finish while the back and sides were satin and the back or the neck and head stock were stained but hadn’t been sanded smooth. The sides of the frets were sharp and the fret board appeared to have never been treated and was dried out. Getting the thing in tune was time consuming and after playing a couple cords it was already out of tune. The the tone was tinny unlike the local store model in burst and it had a bad fret buzz on the E and A strings. The neck was okay and I probably could have adjusted it some but this thing needs a complete set up to get it even close to being playable it it’s at all possible.

      85 people found this helpful

    22. paul jones

      Won’t hold tune on E-string…. can’t play

      Was so excited to give my grandson this for christmas. Figuring it to be a Yamaha guitar it would be as a fine tuned instrument. Unfortunately the E string will not tune. The pieve that adjust the tension of the Estring just slips won’t hold tension or tune… VERY DISAPPOINTED in the craftmanship bc I have played Yamaha guitars all my life 60 yrs & am a big fan of Yamaha guitars…. needless to say this untunable guitar just sits there unplayed what a shame… I am going to contact seller & see if they will replace or repair this guitar. I will re- update after contacting seller. Other than the E-string not tuning this would be a good guitar worth the money but as of now it’s just for looks. UPDATE… BUYER BEWARE SELLER DOES NOT BACK PRODUCT SOLD!!! I PAID OVER $150 FOR THIS GUITAR ONLINE..BIG MISTAKE THEY DO NOT CHECK THEIR GUITARS CRAFTSMANSHIP B4 THEY SHIP. THEY SHIPPED ME AN UNUSABLE PRODUCT & SAYS CONTACT YAMAHA NOT US ….MY PERSONAL OPINION I WILL NEVER USE this seller ever again & will not shop Amazon ever again ….they just take ppls money & run …. BUYER BEWARE….

      7 people found this helpful

    23. JoJoJoJo

      Sounds great

      The sounds are great.

    24. Kazimo

      Met our expectations

      I purchased this item for my 7, soon to be 8 year old daughter and it’s everything we expected it to be.Within a day of our oder we received notice that our order was shipping and a few days later it was at our front door. The box arrived with a little damage and a huge boot print on it. I thought the worse. Pleasantly to my surprise, everything was intact. The guitar and gig bag where in excellent shape. I tuned the guitar and it has been holding tune and it sounds great. As for fit, it fits my daughter remarkable well and it looks like she’ll be able to play it for several years.Full marks for the vendor and for the merchandise. I am happy with everything and more importantly, my daughter is on cloud-9.

      5 people found this helpful

    25. Anthony K.

      Perfect for my 8 year old to learn on.

      Bought this as first real guitar for my 8 year old to learn on. I asked his instructor about it before purchasing it and he said it was the one he recommends for all of his young students to begin on. Sounds great and holds tune well. I bought the 3/4 for my son he is right on the line of being too big for the 1/2 and too small for the 3/4, but I thought it would be better to grow into it.

    26. MT

      Perfect Size

      It’s great! The neck is short and the body is thin. It sounds great as well. It’s perfect for someone short (around a 12-year-old’s height).

    27. Sylvia L.

      Great for all playing levels!

      This is definitely not only for beginners! The sound is great for any player but especially anyone with smaller hands playing bar chords!

    28. Heidi


      Even though this is sized for a child, it isn’t a toy– it holds its tuning week to week in between lessons so little guy can play it whenever without having to take that step.

    29. joe

      Absolute best guitar of this price range

      This guitar is amazingly well made. It holds its tune perfectly. It has a rich, warm tone that is beyond what one would expect from a guitar its size. I have had various discount garbage guitars both electric and acoustic plus nice electric and acoustic guitars from Fender, Gibson, and Martin as well as a Cordoba ukulele. I love this thing and it makes me want to pick it up and play it. The bonus gig bag it comes with is also of good quality.

      5 people found this helpful

    30. Tami Schmidt

      This is a very nice little guitar for youth

      This is a very nice little guitar for youth. I would get different strings because the strings are a bit harsh but that’s an easy fix . It’s a great little guitar. I highly recommend. The sound is very nice for the price and it’s a cute little guitar. It will also be good enough to take traveling to sit around the fire side if you need something small.

      2 people found this helpful

    31. Diane

      Classic quality from Yamaha

      Classic Yamaha. This is a well made 3/4 size guitar, purchased for a young girl just starting to learn how to navigate the instrument. The finish is beautiful and the case that accompanied the guitar is of good quality.

    32. Jesus Oscar Gonzalez

      nice guitar

      good nice

    33. Grant

      I shred it too

      Perfect for my 8yo boy. I play it all the time too.

      2 people found this helpful

    34. Marc L. Kelley

      A nice 3/4 guitar we purchased for our nine year old …

      A nice 3/4 guitar we purchased for our nine year old daughter. It’s a quality piece with great sound for a 3/4 size. It came with good strings, tuned up well, and holds its tune as expected.Our package only included the guitar and bag, which was some letdown. And, while the bag is nice, we have been having problems with the zipper. When it arrived the zipper was off track, and we have to unzip and zip again a few times to get a clean closure.Overall a good buy.

      5 people found this helpful

    35. Oliver


      The hiatal works great, and I love the colour. When I ordered it a thought, “I really hope I get my money’s worth”, and I did!

    36. G. Campbell

      Perfect for young child to learn on

      My 6 year old can’t get his hands around the frets of a full size guitar, so this 3/4 size unit was perfect. When in tune, it sounds fine. Compared to my full size Yamaha, this guitar goes out of tune more frequently, probably because the hardware is a little cheap. However, I tune this sucker up with my cheap Koirg tuner in under a minute, and my son is making good progress in his guitar lessons on it. Like I said, when in tune it resonates nicely and sounds nice. It also has pegs at either end of the sound box for a strap, unlike my full size guitar that only has a peg at one end (?!). If you have kid with small hands embarking on guitar lessons, this is a great choice.

      21 people found this helpful

    37. Mindphreak

      Great inexpensive guitar for beginners on up

      For the money this is one of the best beginner guitars you’ll find. I bought this for my 10 year old son who expressed interest in learning guitar. It’s sturdy and can handle some bumps and bangs. It sounds decent and feels pretty good. I bought a similar Yamaha as a teen 25 years ago and they still make a great product. I have no complaints about quality.I especially like how the size is reduced enough for a kid, but still very playable for an adult. I’ve enjoyed getting back into it as much as he is learning fresh.If you’re new to guitars you won’t be disappointed. If you’re an experienced musician, you probably aren’t reading this review…

      5 people found this helpful

    38. Brian Palmer

      Medium guitar

      First guitar for my six year old granddaughter, I’m sure she will be the next Carly Simon.

    39. Mike R.

      Great 3/4 scale for children.

      I was very surprised when this arrived. It was a purchase for my 7 year old Godson and the quality and tone were a very pleasant surprise. The guitar arrived in great condition, the action was set well, neck was straight and the playability was great. The case is also quality. No complaints at all and he loves it because it looks similar to my Gibson J45 and now we are “guitar twins.”

      One person found this helpful

    40. thomas gregory lemaster

      Perfect for travel or beginners

      Exactly what I was looking for to take with me when traveling. Soze and quality are great. Exactly what I expected from Yamaha.

    41. Jessica Stanley

      Amazing sound!

      This is a quality guitar, especially for a beginner’s piece. Very impressed.

    42. Ralph Gonzalez

      For any age, any level.

      Bought this for my 16 y/o daughter after she expressed interest in learning guitar. Her interest has waned but from day 1, I’ve been playing it almost exclusively. I have another full-sized guitar but I just love the way this one feels. I’m 6′ 200# and have been playing off an on for 20 years. Still a beginner but I know what feels good and this is it. Great product with a great sound.

    43. John

      Awesome Guitar

      Affordable, quality travel guitar. Love it!!

    44. lovesroses

      Very Good, But Small 3/4 Accoustic Guitar

      I am basically an advanced beginner, having started out about a year and a half ago on the Yamaha 3/4 Size Classcal Guitar (with nylon strings.) Also taking lessons. I recently purchased this Yamaha FG 3/4 Size Accoustic Guitar.In my opinion, it has good intonation, has a more than decent rich sound to it. It is definitely not a “toy” guitar. After about five tunings at the beginning, it has held its tune well–only very few tweaks. The action is low without buzzing, which is good for tender finger tips, and just plain, overall fretting. I have to agree with some of the reviewers who believe this to be smaller than a 3/4 size guitar. This one is pretty small. I don’t think it’s 3/4 size–more of a half-size. I am only 5 feet tall, female, with small frame and fingers, and I find the distance between the strings to be a bit of a tight squeeze. Distance in frets is okay for my stature.I was worried that going to a steel string accoustic guitar would be painful on the tips of my fretting fingers since I have nerve damage in my fingers–one of the reasons I started off on the Yamaha 3/4 size classical with nylon strings (which is a great nylon string guitar for beginners), but I don’t realize any difficulty or pain with this steel string guitar. I have calluses by now, but even so, for one just starting out on a steel string, I don’t think it’s any more painful than starting out on nylon strings.A setup by a luthier, I don’t think it is at all necessary unless you are at least an intermediate, at which point you probably own a $500+ guitar that has a louder sound (I think this one has more than average projection, and aginn, intonation). Besides a bit of a problem with the string-to-string closeness, the only other thing I can think of is the fretboard, compared to the overall size of the guitar, and the body, is more than average heavy–not a real biggie, but I thought I’d mention it.Because of its small size, if you are taller than five feet, or have average or large hands, I can’t give it five stars. If you know enough about guitars and think you can handle a guitar this size, I would give it five stars, especially for a small child.All in all, if you are looking for a beginner steel string accoustic guitar, especially for a child just starting out, I don’t think you could go wrong with this guitar. You get a real guitar at a very good price, that’s pretty vibrant, while keeping in mind that it is on a small scale. Here, I would give it five stars.If I had a child who wanted to start playing a steel string accoustic guitar, I would not hesitate to purchase this guitar. If you are taller than five feet, or have large fingers, I do feel this good guitar would be a bit of a tight squeeze, and also possibly not as comfortable to hold. If, on the other hand, you want to purchase a very nice quality guitar without shelling out big bucks, especially for a beginner, I would highly recommend this guitar.

      9 people found this helpful

    45. JC

      As Advertised

      I bought this “used – like new” to save a few bucks, but I am sure it is brand new, not a single flaw. The only problem was that the shipping box was a little damaged, but the guitar was packed safely inside, the internal packing was like new. It plays well and really rings compared to my full size Yamaha classical. It is a little small for my fingers on some chords but I really enjoy playing it. It would be perfect for a children’s beginner instrument. I tuned it a couple of times and then it holds tune well. The steel strings don’t stretch compared to nylon strings. I was worried that the tuners would be too cheap but they work well. Decent sound for such a small instrument. I will keep it.

      3 people found this helpful

    46. VeronicaVeronica

      Awesome transition from Uke

      I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. A few years ago I got a super cheap one for free from a friend. It was way too hard for me to play and I gave up pretty quickly. Then I got a ukulele and I actually got somewhere on it. I don’t particularly like the sound of a uke, but I love the size. I’m not THAT small, but I’m 5’3″ and a dreadnaught swallows me whole (or at least it feels that way). I’m used to keeping my uke by my favorite chair, which has arms and isn’t a great place to play, but that’s where I usually do it. So I got this 3/4 size guitar to ease my way into the guitar world. I love it. It doesn’t feel like I’m trying to play a sedan… my arm fights nicely around it, and it’s just comfortable. Does it sound amazing? I mean, it’s a cheap guitar, but the action is low enough without getting it set up that I can actually play it. Eventually I’ll get a nicer one, probably a smaller version of a full size, but for now, this one is perfect.ETA: I just got this guitar setup at Guitar Center, because the B string was sharping when fretted. It’s all fixed now and I love it even more. I definitely recommend setups if you need to lower the action or fix any intonation issues, even if you just bought the guitar, just consider it part of the price.

      3 people found this helpful

    47. Yuri hernandez

      Es muy buena

      Para empezar

    48. Ryan Jackson

      Best living room guitar.

      Best living room guitar know the guitar you got to just play while watching TV? This one is perfect for that. This is my second one in 10 years..last one I gave to a friend. It is actually really well set up, holds tube, sounds good, and super affordable. Perfect for smaller people that struggle with full size fingerings techniques..this guitar is awesome. They also hold up well at open mics.

      3 people found this helpful

    49. PenNameHerePenNameHere

      Great value children’s beginner guitar, just one solvable problem

      Overall this is a good beginner guitar for children and is solid value for money. The construction is necessarily cheap givenThe low price point, and the voice of the guitar is thin and limited in both range and volume, but of all the more affordable junior models the Yamaha JR 1 and JR 2 are closest to a small Taylor or Martin by far. This is a very small 3/4 and is really designed for children learning guitar, I think. The guitar comes with reasonable phosphor bronze strings: upgrading to Martin Silk and Steel strings going from 11 to 47 improves playability and gives overall warmer rounded tone (the kids’ guitar teacher recommended these and I agree with him now). The JR 1 is an identical guitar to the JR 2 in terms of construction (I have one of each for each kid), although the JR 2 comes with a _much_ better gig bag. The one major drawback of these guitars is the saddle: It’s both made of urea plastic and is not compensated giving the guitar very bad intonation out of the box. This saddle left the B string in particular out of tune – noticeably sharp – at various points along the fretboard. Upgrading to a replacement compensated bone saddle resolved intonation nicely and may help the guitar’s voice a little as well. I used a 72mm long saddle at 3mm thickness – the shorter length than the 74mm slot allowed me to position it right where it worked best for the strings and pegs. 3mm thickness is very snug in the slot which is great for transmission of vibration to the sound box. Since I have both JR 1 and JR 2 models I bought this set of two bone saddles and nuts – – and may upgrade to the bone nuts later (JR 2 saddle replacement in the pic attached). Overall recommended if you’re buying a starter for a child to learn on. An adult seeking a strong parlor guitar ought to look elsewhere.

      36 people found this helpful

    50. Happy dad

      Great LITTLE guitar

      This guitar is fantastic. My daughter wanted a guitar with a slimmer neck, so I thought a student size would fit the bill. Honestly, when I opened the box I was taken aback. The ad said 3/4 size, but that is much smaller than I expected. Tee body if the guitar is smaller than two typical shoe boxes. My wife thought our girl would be embarrassed by how small the instrument is. She opened it for Christmas and was not as enthused as I expected; later she did say it seemed “silly small”. I had already played on it and set it up, so I knew when she played it would impress her. My son who has been playing for more than a year on three of my guitars and one of his own is now asking for one of these to tote around.The physical size is smaller than I expected…much smaller.The “acoustic size” is much larger.Great sound, good projection, sonically it is exactly what I expected from a Yahama .The scale is length is such that an adult may have trouble fitting chords into the frets. I’m a three finger A chord guy, that is tough on this guitar.Very happy with the purchase.

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    51. Lauren

      A decent beginner’s guitar

      We bought this for our grandson and it is a decent 3/4 size acoustic guitar for a young beginner. He is just 4 but can hold it and strum it with ease. I like the fact that it holds its tune pretty well and doesn’t sound tinny or cheap like some smaller guitars. I think he will like it and be able to learn some basic chords and strums on it. I have given guitar lessons to children for years and would recommend this as a good beginner instrument.Lauren

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    52. Mr. Pickey

      Seemed to be a good pick. I was really surprised when it arrived …

      My 6 year old has a toy guitar that is always hooked to his side. I knew if he was really interested in playing I should get him somthing he could really play.After reading the reviews, this Yamaha FG jr. Seemed to be a good pick.I was really surprised when it arrived of the overall quality of the instrument. Going from a kids department store acoustic guitar to the Yamaha is like going from a toy guitar to an instrument you could use in at music lessons, recital, campfire ect.The guitar is clear, crisp, and loud.This is the real deal.

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    53. Sasuke

      Simply excellent!

      I bought this guitar with another Yahama piano for my kids. They are amazing products. Great quality, sounds great!!

    54. Amazon Customer

      Good! For Adults and travel. Jr1

      My earlier review was for the Jr2- I don’t know why it was posted for the Jr1! Well, anyway this is a nice guitar for the money. There is some initial buzzing in the beginning- but not anymore. It has great tone- it’s clear and bright. I like that. Great sustain. Great travel guitar for adults. comes w/ a gig bag. Jr1 is a great guitar- buy one NOW!

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    55. Win C.

      It’s not a Martin, but it does the job

      I bought it for my seven year old grandson and he loves it, we are just waiting for him to learn to play it. I play it for him from time to time, and it stays fairly well tuned. It is a better instrument than I thought it would be for the price. It also comes with a soft case, which is okay. I bought the case that Amazon advertises and it has more padding that provides more protection than the one that is included with it. I bought it because of reviews that I read about it.

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    56. Amazon Customer

      Very nice guitar for a kid

      This is a very nice guitar for a kid to play with. If you are looking for a realistic looking/sounding guitar for your child to play around with this is a nice guitar. You can buy something very similar that doesn’t look as nice at a much cheaper price elsewhere (toysrus). If you are looking for a guitar for your child to use in guitar lessons this is not the guitar for you. The sound is off/too high pitched for real guitar playing.

    57. Uday Thedlapu

      Best Guitar Ever

      I loved this product there is no reason to not buy this thing.

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    58. mazzas

      Hard to beat for the price…

      This is an excellent little guitar. It is well made and sounds pretty good for it’s size. The tuners work well; they’re snug and turn smoothly. The result is that the guitar says decently in tune from one day to the next. This is a weak spot in many 3/4 scale entry level guitars. Frets all seem level, neck is straight, and there is no noticable fret buzz. Action is pretty good right out of the box on mine.

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    59. champt02

      Great for beginner!

      My 7 year old son LOVES this guitar. Some have said it’s a little pricey for a beginners but I am all about buying something quality that will last. He loves playing on this guitar and is always so excited to show it to everyone. It is easy for him to tune.

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    60. Michelle Rae Buzzell

      Perfect first guitar

      My 10 year old son has been taking lessons on this guitar for about 4 months. His teacher is very impressed with the sound and that it holds it’s tune pretty well. It’s been a great started guitar and now my 8 year old is wanting to start lessons and I’m going to buy a second one. My son had no trouble playing on the steel strings, but my 8 year old complains about the strings, I will likely have the 2nd guitar restrung with lighter strings.

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