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    D’Addario Accessories Leather Guitar Strap

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    D’Addario Accessories Leather Guitar Strap


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    Accent your guitar with this classic black leather guitar strap from Planet Waves. The Planet Waves Deluxe Series sets the standard for leather straps. From basic single-ply styles to two-ply garment leather straps with soft suede backing, the Deluxe Series exudes class, style, fashion and function. All feature an exclusive tapered contour designed to prevent twisting when used with acoustic guitars. The body of the straps is 4″ longer than standard straps, giving you maximum adjustability from 44.5″ to 53″ long.Planet Waves, part of the D’Addario family of brands, is known for innovative, problem-solving, quality musical accessories. Planet Waves offers a complete line of award-winning accessories including cables, picks, tuners, capos, straps, humidifiers, maintenance tools and more. Basic black leather design Made from high-quality black leather Provides maximum comfort for standing situations Adjustable from 44.5″ to 53″ long A great gift idea for any guitar player

    60 reviews for D’Addario Accessories Leather Guitar Strap

    1. J. Rodino

      Nothing fancy, but does the job.

      Bought this for a couple of my lighter-weight basses (a Hoffner and a Dean acoustic). I have only tried it on the Dean, which is a VERY large guitar. I had to take it to the longest setting possible (maybe one more than it’s designed for), but I am close to 6′ tall and a bit *ahem* portly. Also, I use a detachable loop thingy to attach it to the headstock, which adds some length. If you have a button on the heel of your axe, it should be more than long enough. For the money, it does the job, and I much prefer the leather to a weave. The holes also fit my buttons very tightly (almost TOO tight), so I don’t worry about it coming loose at the wrong time. Just a good, basic strap at a good price.

    2. Cliff

      A few more notches and a 5 star!

      Great guitar strap, nice looking, comfortable around the neck. Put a few more notches at the end and a 5-star rating would be warranted.

    3. Amazon Customer

      Jimmy Hendrix/David Gilmour replica guitar strap

      I love the smell of this leather strap. Perfect for an addition to my David Gilmour replica guitar I recently built.

    4. Johnny B

      best value ever!

      I have other softer straps at more than double the cost. Bought a black one and love it, I hear people complaining about the leather being stiff or shedding. That’s what new leather does, it will get softer over time and the shedding will stopIn time or you can knock the pieces off.I balked up my strap, twisted it and withing a few minutes it was softer. As far as length I’m 6 ft and it works fine for me, I don’t play like slash at my knees. I heard complaints about a strong leather smell, I love that smell. It’s made in Canada and I couldn’t be happier. I just orderedA brown one, my local guitar shop had the same type strap made in China for $30. I guess to each his own but I can’t see how anyone could give this strap less than 5 stars. A great value. I might buy one more sine I have multiple guitarsWith different strap lock systems and a couple without. Can’t go wrong!

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    5. Tech Geek Reviews

      Great basic genuine leather strap!

      Yes, this is REAL leather for $10! Unbelievable deal. I use this strap on 3 guitars, my Fender stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul and ES-335, works great on all of them.Good-100% leather, no plastic buckle pieces to scratch your guitar-Very comfortable after some hours-days of break-in-Plenty long enough (I’m 5’9″ and have it on the shortest loop and use the closer strap lock hole, with about 10″ more length to spare. Mind you I’m not a low-slinging guitar guy)-Super bargain price!Bad-If you use Schaller strap locks, you will not be adjust the length without unscrewing the lock (can be a problem for swapping on different guitar types like my strat vs my es-335).-Beware of some dye transfer (especially black) to your shirt when new. It’s minor and a common problem with leather. This problem goes away with a bit of use-don’t let it discourage you, just be aware.5 stars! Now I own 2!

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    6. Luke

      Excellent strap and value.

      I play acoustic guitars. The strap length I need is 42.5″. This strap offers plenty of adjustment. The product dimensions look a bit goofy as listed, (9.4 X 7 X 2.6), but the 2.6″ is indeed the width of the strap. (Probly’ shipping dimensions).A tooled leather strap like this would cost $60-$100 if made in the United States. This one’s made in Canada. It’s split grain with a stamped/embossed leaf and flower design. The stitching that attaches the garment-quality leather to the suede backing makes it look really nice. It does not have piping. The strap is a LOT more supple than a new all-leather strap would be so there’s no break-in period to get the stiffness out of it: it’s flexible and comfy right out of the box.The only complaint about any new guitar strap is the size of the pin holes. It seems they always have to be enlarged and the slit made longer. This strap is no exception. (Glad the pin holes are not stitched).

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      Great color, nice length, sturdy

      Goes perfect with the Candy Apple Red Gretsch Hollow Body. Perfect fit. If you need a strap for live shows, get the padded version. Your shoulder will thank you.

    8. Nishchal R. Neupane

      Stiff Leather. Sturdy. Good Value

      Feels sturdy. Looks like leather (probably bonded). A little stiff. Like a belt, adjustments are done with the holes, so you can add holes to fit your need. Good value for money.But now I think I should have bought a textile strap.

    9. tfigs121tfigs121

      Simple leather strap. Great value.

      Simple, black leather strap! Does the job and much cheaper than many of the other leather straps. For the price, you can’t go wrong. It’s a bit stiff but will loosen up over time. Good thickness and easy to get over the strap buttons. Securely holds my bass. The 2 ½ inch width is perfect to support my Fender P Bass.UPDATE. This strap is simply fantastic! I’ve since tried other much more expensive straps from Fender with higher leather quality and have returned them all. This strap has held up well. Softens with age. Is the perfect width, comfortable and looks good.

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    10. JJ

      Comfy, affordable bass strap

      I have three of these that I use with my basses. The 3” width makes it more comfortable, even though it is thin leather.It’s not the easiest to adjust quickly, but once you find the right length you’ll probably leave it there anyway. Once you do set the length, you won’t accidentally adjust it either.

    11. AJB in AZ

      Great strap and wears well

      This is my second PW leather strap. My original one has been used for 3 years and still going strong with no visible wear. They are made in Canada and I’m not sure what tundra strolling animal gave its skin for this, but it is real leather. Reindeer eh? The matte black looks great on my satin black PRS. My guitar weighs in at about 7.5 pounds and I have it on for upwards of 3-4 hours for gigs and practice. For a non padded strap this is very comfortable and the price is great. If you need a no frills sturdy strap that won’t leave an indent in your shoulder, go for it. I think you’ll be happy.

    12. gusgus

      i like them

      i buy this for my non strats…some of them are couple of years old and still holding up pretty good ( very good price for thie quality)

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    13. The Lawn Ranger

      Nice 2.5″ wide leather strap

      I’ve bought three of these over several years – they are not top-of-the-line leather, and they are a bit on the thin side, but the price is right!I’m 5’7″ and for most of my guitars I adjust these as short as they will go, and the guitar is not too high – so there’s plenty of room to go longer if you need it. If you need shorter, there are three holes for the end pin – from the first to the third is 8″, so you could go that much shorter.The width of the strap makes it comfortable and helps hold it in place, as does the rougher leather underside, especially if you have a top-heavy guitar.I would buy this strap again if I need one and want the white color!

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    14. SlamnJamn

      Good Strap for the money!

      Some other reviews stated it was a bit on the thin side. Its not the fancy strap with fur. It’s not as thin as the strap i got with my Gibson Les Paul when I purchased it. So i was pleasantly surprised it was better quality. I use those washers to keep strap secured. It definitely feels sturdy enough for me. I would recommend getting it. I need this in a pinch for an up and coming gig since mine broke and it does the trick! Just think about it its under $15. I feel its a win win. You can always use it for some other guitar, like your acoustic…lol!

    15. James

      Great for the price!

      I’ll be buying a few more for my 3 other guitars.

    16. Long Long

      David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix need to quit trying to copy me. “Kidding”

      OMG.. What is NOT to love? David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix were rocking this before I was even born. I can only hope they enjoyed that awesome leather smell as much as I did when they opened theirs. I seriously nominate the Amazon/UPS/Mail/FedEx… delivery guy Man of the Year for 2020 in all this COVID mess. All my Strats… MIM, USA American Standards, Deluxe and even my new Ultra have Schaller Strap lock buttons on them but I could not bring myself to do anything but connect this with no locking hardware old school. I must be able to use it on my Martin GPCPA4 too. Yep, I’m a nerd but happy camper..! I will be ordering several more!

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    17. Amazon Customer

      Very comfortable guitar strap

      Got this guitar strap off of a recommendation from a friend that had one. I tried it out on his strat and loved how comfortable it felt. The previous leather guitar strap I was using was way too thick and stiff and it felt clunky whenever I slung it around my shoulder….but what do you expect from a leather strap that cost $30 (you get what you pay for.)I love the feel of my new D’Addario, 2.5″ Suede Guitar Strap. It may cost $61 dollars, but it’s well worth it. Comfort is everything.

    18. GDS

      Most strap for the money!

      If you simply need a quality strap without the ‘whistles and bells’ designer appearance…this is it! Have several of these, been using them for decades without a single failure or issue of any kind. Quite comfortable, supporting the heaviest electric basses or LP style guitars. Never have experienced any bleed from the leather onto clothing or the instrument case interior. Works well with both poly and nitro finishes. And no buckles to scratch and mar your axe’s precious exterior! Don’t hesitate – just order one immediately in a choice of colors and enjoy!!

    19. bruce

      Classic leather strap

      Just what I was looking for to replace one that wore out after 30 years.

    20. Mr Tall

      Great Strap – Great Price

      Like many others here have pointed out, this is a very good leather strap at a very good price and it is made in Canada. It is a simple design, but it is plenty long enough for a taller than average player, is solidly made, and did you notice how low the price is? I have looked at leather straps for some time, and could never pull the trigger on ordering one because of sticker shock on the price. Most straps I have seen in guitar stores of this quality start in the $30+ price category. I just cannot justify spending $30 or $50 or more for an overpriced version of this same guitar strap which has some fancy brand name label on it and is of no better quality. This strap was barely more expensive than a cheap nylon strap! (A nylon strap may work adequately but lacks any real sense of style) Also, most of the name brand straps are two inch or three inch wide, and this 2-1/2 inch wide strap is just right for me. I like this strap so much I am now placing an order for one in every colour I can find them in for use with my other guitars!

    21. Arie

      Fantastic looking, but thin.

      I thought this would’ve been a bit thicker for the price, but it’s quite thin. I still love it, but if your guitar is heavier, then I’d recommend something else, or buy something to put on the back of it so it becomes a bit more cushioned.

    22. Christian Andersen

      Decent. Gets the job done.

      Can’t beat the price for a real leather strap. I play V’s and other weird pointy guitars and nylon straps slide around on my shoulder aiding in the inherent neck dive if the odd shapes.Having a leather strap will add a bit of traction to the strap and will “grip “your shirt and you will experience less neck dive.This strap is nice, but it’s pretty thin and zero padding, single layer leather.

    23. TotallyC

      Strap is good

      This is a very nice leather strap. Combined with strap lols it made for a great set for me. The strap is stiff when new however, bending an rolling it quickly made it more comfortable.

    24. GDShepp

      Great strap (for the money) – very good otherwise!

      I bought this simple strap for my acoustic guitar. I’m a lifetime fingerstyle player and until Covid, I normally had a gig every week or two…I’ve run through a lot of straps and while my favorites for the most part are made by Walker and Williams, I just needed something simple. I received this strap today and already know it’s exactly what I wanted. I read a lot of reviews… some said it was too short, some said colors were wrong, some said the leather was too stiff, holes too small, too this and too that. Some folks rated it really high. Maybe they have improved them since those earlier reviews.Mine is black, made in Canada, embossed PW logo. I’m 6’5″ and slender, I play the guitar standing with the guitar between my chest and belly – high enough to articulate fingerstyle playing. The length is no problem – I actually set the length to minimum and then still cut some off the end. The leather is black all the way through so the cut isn’t noticeable. I find the leather to be very soft and pliable. Yes, the underside is a touch rougher than the finished side – but that keeps the guitar from sliding. I likely would not use this strap to stand and play a heavy electric guitar (although I believe the strap would hold it). A good padded strap would be a better choice.One more thing, many padded straps are rather thick at the pin holes, something to know, especially if you use over the pin rubber strap blocks. That will not be an issue with this strap.

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    25. Michael d

      This strap makes me look good

      I’ve been a big fan of Pink Floyd /David Gilmour since 1968 ==This strap was better than expectedthat’s why I ordered a second for my other bass or backup

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    26. Shane

      D’Addario Leather Guitar Strap

      Very nice strap for the price. Feels like it is quality made with real leather. Strap length is perfectly adjustable for short to long lengths. No disappointments at all!

    27. Saxman

      Great all leather strap!

      Great strap, easy to adjust and 100% leather. Buy it!

    28. Huevos Rancheros

      very red strap adds a little color to your music

      Nice strap, wide, doesn’t twist and kink like polypropelene or cotton straps. Plain leather, no padding, should you need padding you can purchase a gel pad or a foam pad and add it. I’m using it on a Yamaha AEX500 hollow body and being a lighter guitar it doesn’t need any additonal padding, the width of the strap distributes the weight of the guitar well.The leather is a bit rigid being fresh from an old cow and all, but it will soften over time. I added a bit of coconut oil to the strap to soften it up a bit and get the grain on the inside to lie down all nice and civil like. Bought it on a whim, and found it to my liking, will probably buy a few more. if you do the coconut oil, don’t forget to wipe the excess of after a few minutes unless you like coconut oil on your shirt… once its soaked into the leather it doesn’t seem to release onto fabric as long as you rub off the excess with a paper towel or an old sock, which are also great for wiping down frets when your done playing. socks are like mittens for feet except for the thumb thing.great strap, doesn’t need batteries, does its job without complaint and would probably make a great belt if your inclined to handicrafts. If you are thinking about learning guitar you might want to buy this strap to see if you like wearing something on your shoulder for a bit, then get the parents to, or save the dosh yourself, and spring for a guitar to hang off of it, then you’re half way there and after that its just plunking around for a couple of decades and boom, your a musician and people will respect you greatly but won’t loan you money or let you date their daughters.

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    29. kallen

      Great Strap but has an Strong Odor

      Great strap, comfortable and sturdy. I don’t know if they all smell but mine does. Me and the wife looked around for days for the burnt electrical smell, checking outlets, switches, plugs and appliances. Then I realized it was the new strap. Definitely smells like burnt electrical component. Hung it outside for a week and it helped somewhat but I can still tell it is there. It is acceptable though. It is a very good strap but deducting 1 star for the smell. Has anyone else had this smell? UPDATE: Odor did go away and I am still very happy with the strap. Bottom line: I will be buying another and I still recommend it.

    30. DMG

      A Good Strap: Planet Waves Leather Guitar Strap – Black –

      You can’t get more basic than this strap. Black, no image, no imprint; just a strap that will holdyour guitar without fuss or fanfare.This strap is 2-1/2 inches wide and 3/32 of an inch thick. The strap is 4″ longer than a normalstrap length, so for you tall ones it will work well. I am 6 foot tall, without shoes, and the straplength fits nicely and allows me room to drop the guitar below my waist if I wanted to do so.If you have a rather heavy guitar, say over 8 pounds, you should try this wide strap. It can helpdistribute the guitar’s weight and provide more comfort over a longer period of time. Your mileagemay vary.It is shiny smooth on one side and rough on the other side. The rough side helps keep your guitarfrom slipping around. If you like your guitar to slip do not buy this strap. This leather strap easilytakes Dunlop Dual Design Straploks without a problem. I was able to install them with very littleeffort.I’ve had this strap on my 2008 Les Paul Gibson Standard (weighs about 7-1/2 lbs.) for about threeyears and it has not torn, cracked, split or stretched in any way. Of course I am not abusing it onlong tours or crazy antics. I play about one to one and half hours a day and it appears to beholding up nicely under those conditions.So I would give the strap 4 stars because it is a simple utilitarian strap that does the job it isdesigned to do, no more no less. Add a bit of fluffy softness to the underside of the strap andit might make those heavy guitars even more comfortable.UPDATE August 25, 2015: This strap is still doing well. No rips, tears, or stretching.

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    31. JeffJeff

      Excellent Gilmour strap replica

      Do an image search for “David Gilmour black Stratocaster” and you’ll find some photos of him performing with his legendary black Strat, several of which will show him sporting a strap almost exactly like this one. When I decided to build my semi-replica Gilmour Strat (semi, because I opted for a 2-point trem instead of vintage 6-point), I found this strap and couldn’t resist buying it to complete the package.It’s all leather (and as such, it smells amazing), even the X’s are crossed strips of leather. It’s thick, about 5.3mm (0.2 inches) and as such it can feel a bit less comfortable than the thin, smooth seat belt material of the straps that I normally prefer, but it’s worth it. Sizing is a little bit finicky, and when I have it at the correct size for my comfort, there’s a 4.7 inch tail at one end that extends past the strap lug. A minor quibble, but worth mentioning.Since I had installed locking strap lugs on the guitar, I needed to widen the holes a bit to get the locks to fit. I (nervously) did this with a drill bit and it came out just fine.

    32. Tule991

      Quality at a Good Price

      This is a quality leather strap. This is the second one I bought, so that should say what I think of this strap. Looks classy. Comfortable, strong, holds guitarts well. This only thing that would improve this strap would be some padding, but since I don’t need padding, I went with this value priced strap.

    33. Paul F

      Better than I expected

      This is thicker (not width) than I expected. Has a really nice heavyweight feel to the suede. I wanted something different and not slippery, and this definitely fits that bill.

    34. Brent Marcum

      Good buy on a leather strap

      This strap is a good strap for playing heavy guitars for long periods

    35. Michael J. Reese

      A decent strap for the cost

      The leather is a bit stiff for my taste but leather conditioner and some elbow grease helps. The cost is great so I’m not complaining, just noting.

    36. Amazon Customer

      just what I ordered

      great quality for the price

    37. Rich R.

      Pretty Short

      Use on a Telecaster and have it set on the longest loop and the guitar is still pretty high.

    38. Ray Russell

      Looks Good and Does the Job!

      I’ve played guitar for 45 years and I can safely say this is the best gol dern strap I’ve ever used. The suede leather is just right for preventing guitar neck dive and it looks great to boot. You could do a lot worse than this guitar strap.

    39. Fatima BlancheFatima Blanche

      Budget Gilmour Strap

      I saw multiple versions of this strap varying from $300+ from boutique strap makers to $60 that I paid for this strap. I really wanted it as I went through quite an expense to build a Gilmour Black Strat replica. With the exception of the metal Daddario button it’s nearly identical. I read another review saying the strap was thin, but I couldn’t fit a Fender strap button over the strap because of its thickness. I’m happy with my purchase and think this strap compliments what I was trying to achieve with the Gilmour look

    40. Tommy Bowlin

      It’s worth what I paid

      It’s a good strap for the money. It not the most comfortable strap but yet it’s not the most uncomfortable strap either. It’s definitely worth the money if your on a budget and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this strap if you are on a budget. Probably the best strap you can buy at this price. Easy to adjust bit you will have to break it in, it’s a little stiff but after using for a while it will probably break in.

    41. DavidDavid

      Such a nice and iconic strap

      Really nice strap perfect for a black Strat

    42. Sal

      Can’t be beat for the price

      When they say basic, they mean it. I have a similar strap from an unknown manufacturer that is reinforced at the ends with plastic, but this one is just a simple piece of leather. The leather is just stiff enough that it’s a little tough to get it around the strap buttons on the guitar, but I’m sure it will break in and get easier with time. It’s very comfortable on the shoulder and looks nice. I’m using this on an acoustic guitar and I’m loving it. I might be a little leery of putting it on a heavy electric bass. . . I’m not sure how well the leather around the strap buttons would stand up over time. But then again, at this price I’d be willing to give it a try, and the width of the strap would distribute the weight of a heavier instrument over a little more surface area and make it more comfortable than a standard nylon strap.Bottom line is that this is a much better piece of gear than I expected for the price. I’ll be buying more of these for some of my other current guitars, and probably for any future guitars I may purchase.

    43. Sequoyah

      Leather Guitar Strap

      It looked some much better in the pic. I thought the leather would have been of a higher quality, but what do you want for $15.00 ? Well, “I WANT MORE !” It appears to be made of a “faux leather” material. It’s okay for the price, so don’t expect any type of rich (Corinthian Leather) like on your grandpa’s Córdoba. Go ahead, show g-pa the guitar strap and have him explain it the difference . . . . Enjoy

    44. Jones

      Long on quality, short on length…

      Received my strap a day early. It is beautiful! Quality leather…thick, but soft, and the detail is excellent.Only problem (and it’s my fault) I didn’t measure the length. Every strap I have ever bought has always fit just fine, so I assumed that all straps were the same. I mean, I’m six feet tall and have an average body (no huge gut or anything) So I was surprised that the strap was a good four to six inches too short.And I don’t play with my guitar down to my knees, but I do play it just below my belt buckle. So I assumed that a strap that extends to 53 inches would work. Bad assumption on my part, so I’m writing this to warn everyone to be smarter than I was…measure your current strap and make sure that 53 inches will work for you. Planet Waves does offer an extension, but it’s almost twice as much money as I paid for the strap itself.So good luck, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the leather store to make my own extension so I can wear this gorgeous thing!

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    45. dpayer

      So-so strap

      This is a rather mediocre strap. It is stiff but functional. It will support your guitar, and because it is thin there is plenty of room for strap locks on your buttons when using it. I prefer a softer, more pliant leather, however. Perhaps it will soften up over time.

    46. David L. Vasser

      Good strap value!

      Bought two. One for a gift and one for me. Normally I spend 6 times this much on a strap. It isn’t the best strap on earth and you can’t really compare it to the custom Italia straps I normally buy, but for the cost it is a very decent usable product. It appears durable and is comfortable. I’m really surprised. The design is very similar to Italia but the leather quality is not as good. Still for the money this strap rocks. I won’t gig with it, but it is on my home practice instrument. Much better than any fabric strap and looks more professional. I’m very happy at the value this strap offers and would have no trouble buying more of them. There is nothing on this strap to scratch your axe. It is all leather with no buckles, conchos, rivets, etc. A good strap for the money.

    47. D. M. Alspaugh

      Very stiff and uncomfortable

      I was excited to get a genuine leather strap, but I was not prepared for how stiff and uncomfortable this one was. It dug into my neck. Had to send it back.

    48. Larry W TuckerLarry W Tucker

      Long Leather Strap

      We’ll, the description is a bit confusing. In one part it says this strap is just over 53″ in length, then in another section it says length is 61″. Which is it? Mine came in at 61″ – see picture. It may very well be determined by the color. If you are a taller person a 53″ strap would make your guitar hang like a ukulele, so I like mine 57-60″ in length. The strap is fairly comfortable and it doesn’t bind up with your shirt at your shoulder, like some suede straps do. Happy with this item.

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    49. chad stradley

      Very comfortable

      Use this strap on 4 different guitars and it works well with all of them!!

    50. Nina

      If it were longer, I’d be in love with this strap

      I read a few reviews saying that this strap wasn’t very long. I thought that the length would be enough for me and I was wrong. It really saddened me to see that there wasn’t a longer version of this strap because this strap is absolutely beautiful. It’s thick so I feel I can trust it with my guitar, it’s soft and I like the adjustable aspect of it. The other negative aspect is that the holes with which to attach the strap to the guitar are a lot tighter than you’d think and it took me nearly 45 minutes to fit it onto my guitar but I did finally get it. When I ordered this strap, they accidentally sent me five and only charged me with one so I was able to use the adjustable part of the strap to adjust two straps together and that actually works great!

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    51. KGBoogie

      Basic brown – good for the money

      I bought basic Brown for $16. Just as expected, not fancy, thin leather, but not too bad. I trust Daddallio. Adjusting strap is way too long and I have to cut it. I returned it as I have many other leather straps.

    52. PhillipPhillip

      Feels good and looks good

      Love this strap! Used to have a Ernie ball strap that rubbed my neck raw so it’s good that this is made out of solid material so it feels good on the neck. One thing I could say is the sticker on it that says made in Canada should be moved or removed because it leaves a sticky residue on the suede. But overall great buy!

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    53. J-Man

      Good value

      Pros: This is a really economical strap. It’s simple design is great – no big company logo. It’s very adjustable. I only use all-leather straps because there are no rivets, buckles or other metal parts to scratch up the guitar. I have a different strap for every guitar because I don’t travel with all of them all of the time and I don’t want to leave my strap behind by accident. At this price, I don’t mind buying several straps. Cons: The leather is pretty stiff and very thin. This is most likely the tradeoff for the price point. Unless the leather starts tearing at the stress points, I don’t mind. However, I would anticipate the leather stretching out and necessitating strap locks…which I use anyway. I’ve had some heavy leather straps for 40 years. I’m not sure this one will hold up that long.

    54. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Good value

      For the money it a nice strap. No padding but it functions fine. It was what I expected for under $15.

    55. TXSugar

      No more neck dive issues… The bass stays in place.

      It is an inexpensive bass strap that’s wide enough and also keeps the guitar from diving; absolutely no dive. I have bought 4-5 already while I waited for a $40 suede one to arrive from the UK; pretty but could’ve bought almost FOUR of these straps. Laughing.

    56. Robert

      Stiff with a “poly like finish.” Not like soft saddle leather

      One order of these came with a “pebble finish,” and the other with a “shiny finish.” Both are very stiff. I have tried treating these with neatsfoot oil to soften them up. The shiny finish version doesn’t absorb any of the oil after three days, which leads me to believe there’s at least a synthetic finish on the guitar straps, if not the whole guitar strap being counterfeit and fake leather. I’m going to keep them and try them out, with the assumption that if I have any further evidence that this is anything other than a micro-poly finish on the strap that D’Addario will stand behind their product (fake or not). They make fantastic capos, strings, and other accessories, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.The pebble finished straps absorbed a bit of the neatsfoot oil, but didn’t get soft right away like the traditional leather products I’ve used it on.So I’m also going to try a strap from Perri’s Leathers to see the difference. Maybe if it isn’t listed as “Saddle Leather” they put a polymer coating on it and it therefore a “composite” leather product.I’m going to inquire with D’Addario about how best to soften these “leather” products, since the traditional neatsfoot oil isn’t working.

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    57. Ed Zingman

      looks good

      Soft and sturdy material

    58. kwb

      Very good cost/performance ratio as far as leather straps go

      When you need a no-nonsense leather strap that is not long, consider this. If you need something fancy, or want to sling your guitar low, or if you are a tall person, probably you want to skip this.I’m 5ft 8″ and I’m already using the longest setting with my acoustic that has a strap button on the heel of the neck as well as the end pin, and it’s not like I’m trying to hold my guitar particularly low. If you are a tall person, or if you want to mimic Jimmy Page’s posture or something, this is not for you.Apart from that, I have to say that the cost performance of this thing is really impressive (it’s more so if I believe the “made in Canada” sticker on it). Hard to beat it as far as leather straps go. At 2.5 inches wide, it’s comfortable, one-ply leather is reasonably pliable yet seems to be thick enough, and the looks of it is not that bad either. Sure, there should be nicer/better product, but you cannot buy them for 12 bucks.The only complaint I have is that a sticker that left some sticky residue was on the back side of the strap. Though it was not a big deal to remove the residue using rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease, it would have been nice if I was able to use it without any extra work without worrying about some gummy sticky thing rubbed on the guitar.

      16 people found this helpful

    59. Scott D. Briggs

      Reliable basic guitar strap

      It’s not a plush, padded strap, but a good one of those will run you at least $35–60 or so. ThisPlanet Waves leather strap is a good starter, basic leather quality strap that is very adjustable,and is ideal for acoustic guitars, not so sure about its suitability for electrics, however. I’m usingit on my acoustic-electric 12-string, which is not a heavy guitar, and it went on easy and seemsvery well-made, considering the low price. You could always add some padding to the main sectionif you wanted to, I suppose, if you can figure out a snap/velcro system or something like that.I’m satisfied, would recommend it if you don’t want to outfit a few guitars you only play at homeand don’t need anything heavy duty. Best for guitars that have dual strap pegs, of course.

    60. Rowland

      Nice quality

      This is, for the price I paid for it here on Amazon (far less than what it is currently selling for) a very good buy. At the current price of almost 30 bucks, I would pass or look at other options but that is just me. The leather is attractive, thick enough, soft enough for the price, and I found the length to be more than long enough for me personally. I almost have it on the shortest possible setting and there is far more room to let out. Only really tall people, big people, or “low players” will be disappointed perhaps. I only have a few very MINOR complaints and of course my complaints are subjective so YMMV. One, the back side of the strap is not black. It’s a blue/grey color and I didn’t realize that. You can see a tiny bit of the greyish color in the photo but not enough to really get an idea of what the backside looks like. I assumed incorrectly that both sides were black. Two, the embossed design is a little feminine for my tastes. All that said, it is nice and some will love it. Quality at the right price. Easy to adjust. Looks like it will last. Solid four stars despite me personal opinion.

      3 people found this helpful

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    D’Addario Guitar Strings – Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

    Buy now

    D’Addario Guitar Strings – Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


    SKU: B0BTC9YJ2W Category:

    CORROSION-RESISTANT, PRECISION WOUND – D’Addario Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings are precision wound with phosphor bronze wrap wire, over a hexagonal high-carbon steel core. WARM, BALANCED TONE – Phosphor Bronze wrap wire provides tried-and-true D’Addario acoustic tone, with beautiful balance and warmth suitable for all musical genres. MOST POPULAR ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRING –  Now the standard in acoustic guitar strings, Phosphor Bronze strings were originally pioneered by D’Addario in the 1970s. EARN REWARD POINTS – D’Addario Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings come with a code on the recyclable VCI bag, which you can register to earn Players Circle points. MADE IN THE USA – Our Phosphor Bronze strings are made in the USA—drawn to exacting specifications at our New York production facility.

    60 reviews for D’Addario Guitar Strings – Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

    1. Julian Gonzales

      The best guitar strings

      D’Addario Strings are the best that I’ve owned.

    2. Robert D.

      Great tone for a Newby

      I’ve started using these strings on a cheap Yamaha F335TBS and I’m really amazed at the difference from the factory strings. I’m a new player working my way towards getting better. I try to play 6 days a week for 45+ minutes so they’re “dulling up” after about 2 months but I’ve got no complaints. I feel like it’s a good deal for the price.

    3. KyleKyle

      Easy to string and sound great!

      I’ve been using these strings for only a few months so time will tell how long they last but wow they sound so clear! I’ve never strung my own guitar until I ordered these, super straight forward and easy to do. Simply put, I’d definitely recommend this product.

      3 people found this helpful

    4. Christopher S Peiser

      Maybe it’s just the gauge

      I don’t like these strings at all. I have been having a very hard time finding strings that sound good and feel good. These feel like they are rubber bands and sound just as bad. Maybe I just need a heavier gauge.

    5. Anthony tobio

      Excellent guitar strings 40 years of playing. Excellent delivery thank s

      Playing guitar … These guitar strings are really great Bronze and sound the best for live playing …. Changing strings for Beginners is difficult until they learn about strings.

      One person found this helpful

    6. William burke

      Great product

      Needed this for a new guitar I got, worked great z

    7. Dan

      Great item. Great price

      Exactly what my son wanted. Fast shipping. Great prices.

    8. W. Taylor

      Excellent guitar strings!

      Bright, full sound with long lasting tone. I change my strings every 3-4 months weather they need it or not and they never really have. They always sound “still new”. I’ve tried other brands and none sounded as good as these, and all of those were changed in less than three months. These strings tend to cost the same or less than other brands but never better. Finally, Epiphone Masterbuilt come with this brand of strings. As you probably know Epiphone is a branch of Gibson guitars. These are the strings they chose.Give them a try!

      4 people found this helpful

    9. Chris Schroeder

      Great sound, middling longevity

      The strings sound great – slightly bright and more “full” than a cheaper string. That being said, I come from a typical Elixer guitar string background and find that virtually every other string kind of stinks for longevity and playability. While these strings sound great and would be fine for maybe 1 week of playing, I wouldn’t recommend using them for anything professional beyond that – I’d be restringing my guitar weekly if I relied on these strings. They’re more cost-effective than Elixers but they last maybe 1/4 of the time as their brightness does wear off (a typical D’Addario experience IMO). Very good strings for a specific window of time.

    10. C

      Easy to use and work great!

      We have purchased these before and my son loves them. He just started playing guitar last Christmas and has really picked it up nicely. He said these are easy to use and change out. The quality is excellent too & way nicer than the strings his guitar came with. Very happy with purchase!

      2 people found this helpful

    11. Wayfinder

      Highly recommended. Very good strings.

      I usually play classical (nylon string) guitar, but have an Ovation deep-bowl acoustic electric as well and after the original strings wore out, I never have found strings that I really liked (don’t ask me why I never thought about contacting Ovation and asking them what they use from the factory. One of those duh things I didn’t even think of until just now).Based on reviews and questions answered here on Amazon, I purchased this triple-set of strings. Instant gratification. First, they tuned up quickly and retained their tune on a relatively respectable basis (no new string holds tune perfectly for the first couple of days, but these retained tune fairly well). The sound is excellent, the playability comfy. The tone of my Ovation was back.Here are my itemized observations:* First, three sets for $13 (currently). Cannot beat the value for price.* BRILLIANCE. What many people call “bright”, brilliance is the opposite of “dull”. Some strings sound dull right out of the package. These strings are brilliant, bringing out the full tone and maximum volume from the guitar.* TONE. The natural tone of the guitar is allowed to shine through, no hint of “tinniness”, “plunk” or “twang”.* MELLOW. Mellow is difficult to define, but the best definition I’ve heard is, “Ah, that sounds nice.” Mellow is a string settling into a guitar and becoming part of the guitar. It’s a pleasantness that doesn’t grate on your ears when you pluck a string. These strings are medium-mellow, just enough to allow one to enjoy the sound without falling asleep. : )* BALANCE. At first the E overtoned the b and e. But as the strings settled that became less pronounced and the strings balanced right out. The trebles became clearly audible while the E and A provided just the right touch of bass.* COMFORT. The 12-53mm diameter of these strings is comfortable to the fingers. Thicker strings are often more difficult to play and can even damage some guitars. Lighter gauge tends to cut into the fingers unless the guitar has excellent action. These strings are just right– especially the 53mm E, which provides the proper amount of bass without overkill or difficulty in strumming.SUMMARY: These are excellent strings, which doesn’t surprise me since I’ve use D’Addario classical guitar strings for years. Martin and GHS are both good strings, but somehow D’Addario just shines.Thanks to Amazon enthusiasts who helped me decide to give these a try. Highly recommended.

    12. timothy h.

      a Fine All around Acoustic string.

      i’ve used Thousands of set’s from this Manufacturer, and these work just fine!!i would have given a full 5 on everything, buy i do find them a bit Too brightover “Martin phos. Bronze”.. but after they get some play time on them they mellow.

    13. Andrew Glivic

      Good for what it is

      I’m getting older and thought I’d try these very light strings. They are easier to play. I have a high frequency hearing loss and notice the tone disappearing after 2 to 3 weeks of intermittent playing. I put on 11’s yesterday and the tone of the slightly heavier strings was noticeably better right out of the box. So if you just want a light string to practice on, and you don’t mind changing them frequently, these will work. If you plan to play in front of an audience, I would recommend something heavier to insure a better tone. Cheers

      One person found this helpful

    14. Bethany T.

      Good strings

      Usually I purchase this type of string, I find it to be best quality and sound for the price.

    15. A Photographer

      Great value, the 3% extra tension really helps!

      For as long as I’ve been playing acoustic guitar (sporadically over the past 15 years) I’ve always had a set of these. Recently I was using D’Addario 80/20s because that’s what my new acoustic came with, and while I liked the tone, they do tarnish quickly and were gouging my fingertips (I’ve just gotten back into acoustics and have electric guitar calluses from the much thinner 9 gauge). So I figured I would see what the difference between the 80/20s and the phosphor bronzes were like.At first I didn’t like the phosphor bronze’s tone, but after having them on for a week I now love what I’ve heard described as “warm and buttery” with just enough sparkle and long sustain. I love the rose-gold look, and they tarnish much less quickly than the 80/20s, almost as if they’re coated. Speaking of which, the gouging in my fingertips has decreased dramatically since installing these. I’ve read that these have 3% more tension than the 80/20s, and that extra stability seems to be helping tremendously in forming my calluses correctly. I’ve tried DR Rares and thought they had too much tension (as advertised); these are just right. Still playable, bends easy, solid, dependable.Some guitars sound better with different strings, but I would say you should always at least try one set of these. They’re affordable, come in packs of 10 (making them even more affordable), have corrosion resistant packaging and helpful ball end colors, and you get D’Addario’s Players Circle bonus points with each set. I may try other strings in the future, but will probably be sticking with these.

      One person found this helpful

    16. Mamaria

      Good but broke

      I think that these strings are indeed good, and I do believe that these are the best BRAND of strings but get medium gage because these snap early. Also these snapped while i was setting them up for no reason.

    17. Robert Grinis

      Twelve strings not six

      Be sure to get the right stringsfor your guitar.

    18. Dave

      IMHO the best acoustic strings sold at any price

      I will keep this short. The price is unbelievable, it’s nice to have three sets in a box and these are the best acoustic strings on the market. That’s only my opinion and everyone has one……so many will disagree.I have an regular acoustic and an acoustic electric and strung both with these strings. It made each guitar sound like a 3 thousand dollar guitar. I find that most inexpensive guitars have cheap strings, most can be vastly improved with something as simple as new strings. I really believe in these strings. When I find a good thing, I am hooked and I will not use anything BUT these on anything acoustic. On a guitar, strings are everything. The tone feel and bend is what’s important. These are very light and VERY easy on the fingers, unlike clunky stock strings on most acoustics. I guess they think you need big, think strings to produce volume….not so. Some will disagree saying they break if they’re too thin. I would rather have a shorter life with strings, getting a pure beautiful, rich sound than have a long lasting flat string. My thick stock strings were killing my fingers. These are effortless to play and sound so sweet and mellow, just like an acoustic should sound.Again, someone will chime in and bash me for saying this…but I would put my inexpensive Yamaha up against guitars costing 10 times what I paid. I have no plans of changing brands now I’ve made the string switch. Some say thin strings break easily, but you should change strings often anyway. I can do a string change-over in about 15 minutes on a bad day. It’s worth the effort. I don’t plan on hammering my acoustic anyway. That’s what the Fender is for. AND it’s not that I’m cheap either. I own 18 guitars, 16 of which are electrics. 3 Gibson Les Paul’s, 2 Fender Strats (one American) a couple of Dillions (another great find) and some other nice guitars.My Acoustic is just an inexpensive Yamaha 700 but is a very nice guitar for the money. But after changing the strings it sounds like an expensive Martin. It didn’t take me long to throw a set of these on my acoustic electric and got the same results.5 stars in my book, more if they’d allow that. There are no other options unless someone gives me a set that blow me away.

      2 people found this helpful

    19. Kevin West

      Can’t beat the price

      Just put them on. They sound great and haven’t stretched much at all.

      2 people found this helpful

    20. Kipper

      They are fine for what I play.

      Don’t last as long as I would like.

    21. Nina

      Great Strings for Beginners

      Installed on a Martin D-15M, had never changed strings in my life and it was easy. These lighter weight strings seem easier to fret and don’t buzz. Great for beginners like myself that haven’t developed the finger strength for thicker strings. If there is a compromise by using the Extra Light strings VS Medium I’m not sure what it would be. These sound great to me!!

      One person found this helpful

    22. Jeff Alquist

      Good strings

      This is my favorite brand of strings. Strings this light for a 12-string guitar were a challenge to find.

    23. ARL

      Loud and clear

      I decided to replace my EJ26 coz for me i think it’s so thick and my concern for thin string is the poor clarity. This string still has warm and clear sound like EJ26. Very nice!

    24. Badonka_what!

      Love these strings

      Strings have always been great.

    25. El Jefe

      Easy to install & sound great

      Headline says it all, love the warm sound of these strings & the extra lights make barre chords less annoying lol while not sacrificing any strumming tone (to my ears).

    26. TerryH

      EJ-19s = Dull sounding on my Yamaha, but EJ-16s = Awesome

      I like a warm tone and love the ways my Yamaha FS830 sounds. I thought the EJ-19s would sound even warmer than the EJ-16s, but just sounded dull. Not sure if just not a right fit for my guitar or possibly the low E and A strings might have been to big to fit properly in the nut slots, or so it seemed when I took them off to put a set of EJ-16 back on. (Which sounded awesome again!)

      One person found this helpful

    27. Moe Bility


      Works as described.

    28. Chris – Rosendale NY

      Arrived on time.

      Good quality nylon and wound classical guitar strings as expected.

    29. Greg Steele

      Dedicated User

      I’ve used D’Addariio strings since I started playing acoustic, 50 years ago. My choice for balance and tone.

    30. Kristen

      Bought for daughter

      These come highly recommended for guitars. Got them for my daughter and they work as expected!

    31. Jason L’Heureux

      Works as expected

      I’m a very hard strummer and these hold up well to the punishment…

      2 people found this helpful

    32. T.F. Mizuchi

      Good strings, but quality has gone down?

      I always used these strings for my acoustics but have noticed premature breakage with the last few batches I bought. These used to last me 5-6 gigs. Nowadays it’s more like 3-4.

      One person found this helpful

    33. Eric W.

      Bright and resonant

      These bring out a lot of harmonic overtones when fresh

      One person found this helpful

    34. happy customer

      Great strings for a great price.

      About the strings for my seagull guitar. Makes a beautiful sound. Easy to string one string did break but that was because I was being a little bit rough. As long as you’re careful you should be fine. Quality brand nice set.

    35. Amazon Customer

      Good when fresh

      These are very good when they are new but they don’t last as long as I would like…If you like changing your strings more often they are good. They cost less than some so it’s a trade-off…

    36. CJS

      The best of the best.

      Look no further than these. They are timeless and will last long enough to make you want to change strings when the time comes(to a fresh set of EJ42’s). Every other brand (and I’ve played most of them) sound great but have either had an early breakage (I play Beard’s so its not the instrument) or lose tone so fast that string changes become more trouble than they’re worth for most players.

      2 people found this helpful

    37. JS

      Amazing sound

      I’m using these on a Martin DX1. They have a great bluegrass sound.

      One person found this helpful

    38. Winston

      I like it!

      I give 4 stars instead of 5 because I haven’t try others!

    39. Jann

      D string broke while stringing guitar

      Absolutely love the tone, brightness of the strings. Easy to chord which makes it great for beginners and professionals alike. Only disappointment was the D string snapped while trying to string the guitar. I guess I will have to order another set just to get the D string. I will purchase these strings again.

    40. BuckBran

      Good for average players who don’t wanna pay a lot

      I’m certainly no professional or anything like that but I play guitar all the time. Because of that I run through strings fairly rapidly, so for the price these are a good option. Honestly, the reason I give 4 stars is because to me the sound fades pretty quickly, but they last well after they fade and because I’m just playing for fun, I just keep playing them despite the sound not being so great. So for the money and the initial sound quality they are perfect for me because all I really need is strings that can last a while and let me enjoy playing without emptying my wallet. Also I usually get the light(sometimes custom light), and not only have I never had a string break while stringing it like some other reviews have reported, but typically I don’t have a string break until well after it feels like one should. Also if I had to guess most people who complain of strings breaking either don’t know how to string a guitar or(and) are using extra light strings because I have with another brand had the extra light G strings pop while stringing which is one of the several reasons I don’t use extra light anymore. Those strings are just too tiny and too easy to break. I had to replace my saddle because I was breaking strings like crazy a while back. It was always my B string and finally I realized the saddle had a sharp pit in it that was cutting my strings. I was wanting to upgrade to bone anyway so it worked out and I haven’t had anymore issues with strings breaking before expected.

    41. randy6767

      Best acoustic strings I’ve ever used

      I’ve been playing guitar over 50 years and these have the best sound of them all.The bass really comes through with these strings. D’addario Bluegrass strings are my go-to strings from now on….BTW, I don’t play bluegrass.lolI don’t know how long they will last and don’t care as I will reorder as often as needed. Sound is everything and these strings have it all.

      2 people found this helpful

    42. Rayne

      easy to install, officiant packaging.

      As someone who’s never changed a string themselves before, I had 0 clue if I even bought the right kind of string in the first place, but it was surprisingly simple. It is a very pretty gold and comes with all 6 of the stings, and sounds great even next to my other strings that are not of the same brand. It’s pretty much everything you could ask of a guitar string. My only gripe would be the length. It had a decent bit extra to clip off but it still felt a little short but it didn’t cause any problems and I doupt it would for others. (for reference my string ended up being roughly 2ft 1in after applied)

      2 people found this helpful

    43. Wardbo


      Put the strings on a Gibson J45 Studio. Thanks

    44. R Smith

      Nice sound

      Easier to play than my old strings.

    45. Jerome Eckleberry

      Good value.

      Put them in my stock for future use.

    46. J

      Easy to install and works great

      My old Guitar strings broke, and I got this one. I am a beginner and it was my first time changing the strings. String were color coded and were easy to install after watching a short Youtube video. String & sound quality looks good.

      One person found this helpful

    47. Jeremiah

      Good stuff.

      Put them on my Martin and got exactly what I had hoped for and expected.

    48. Robert Moss

      My Go To Strings

      I prefer these strings

    49. Ashley

      Great Product

      Great Product.

    50. biblegirl

      Can’t go wrong with D’Addario

      Perform as advertised

    51. clarence

      Fast delivery

      Easy to use

    52. kovach

      Nice sound

      Trying these light strings on my acoustic guitar. Nice sound. Had a heavier set before.

    53. Esteban

      best for finger style

      amazing quality

    54. kathleen

      Guitar Strings

      Needed it for my guitar

    55. Amazon Customer


      Great strings. Have good sound

    56. Thantzin



    57. Jonathan Jared Fasick

      Easy to play

      I’m not sure how long they will last. They are easy to play. Good for beginners.

    58. Amazon Customer

      Best strings in my opinion and opinion of many musicians and store owners I know/knew in the past

      Prefer lighter D’Addario for playing out…a little brighter BUT for the guitars sitting around the house for constant play/practice/jamming with friends or whoever the mediums are just fine, last a little longerGenerally, ANY strings only last one set when playing out.

    59. Michael Dee

      High quality product.

      I like the quality and the price was pretty good too!

    60. D

      Good strings

      Good strings. Much cheaper than the other brand and still seem to be great.

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    D’Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser

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    D’Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser


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    This fits your .

    Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

    BUILD STRENGTH AND DEXTERITY – Develop and maintain strength and dexterity in your fingers, hands and forearms. The ergonomic design and over molded finger pads and grip help make your conditioning workouts comfortable CUSTOMIZED TENSION – Varigrip allows you to adjust and customize the tension for each finger so you can strengthen individual fingers and prevent favoring certain fingers SIMULATED STRINGS- By removing the reversible molded grip you can uncover a simulated string that helps develop and maintain finger calluses for string musicians ON-THE-GO CONDITIONING – Varigrip is the ultimate portable workout. At the office, at home or on the train, you can keep up your finger, hand and forearm strength and coordination D’ADDARIO ACCESSORIES – For over 20 years, D’Addario Accessories (formerly Planet Waves) has been leading the industry in innovative and problem-solving products that serve musicians worldwide.
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    Donner 36 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag

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    Donner 36 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag


    SKU: B0BGLHSX1T Category:

    Sturdy Material Well Protects Guitars: Donner acoustic guitar gig bag is made of durable water-resistant 600D nylon Oxford, 12mm padded sponge and 210D smooth soft lining fabric. Not easy to rip off and protects your guitar from unexpected collision, scratches, or other damages when storing and transporting Lightweight Easy Carrying Backpack: Design for your 36 Inch standard size Acoustic Guitar. The guitar gig bag has 2 adjustable shoulder straps and a padded comfortable side carry handle to ensure convenient carry for daily commute or travel 3 Pockets Offer Enough Room for Accessories Storage: The large front pocket is used to hold music sheet/documents and an extra neck pocket for small items, such as CD, strings, cables, capo, tuner etc. The exterior zipper pocket could hold your phone for easy access Durable Double Zipper Pullers: The gig bag is equipped with heavy-duty double metal zippers which slide very smoothly, not easily get stuck or break in both directions. The top loop hanger could be used to hang up the bag and keep the case clean All Donner products are built to last. We provide 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and world class customer service, you can rest assured to buy our products

    60 reviews for Donner 36 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag

    1. Caroline

      Perfect Bag at a Perfect Price !

      Love this bag : has a very sturdy handle and a nice rubber bottom plate for standing the bag upright. I like the all solid coloring not very busy to look at. The backpack straps tucked away neatly , so no catching on things but there if I need them.Perfect Bag at a Perfect Price.

    2. Maria

      Nice Guitar Case

      The stars say it

    3. AlexAlex

      Smooth and durable.

      I purchased this bag because of looks, and also because it’s thicker at the base (7″ as opposed to 4.5″ like other bags).

    4. David FL

      Protective soft case, storage pockets, sturdy enough, backpack straps

      It feels cheap compared with other brands, but for the money, it is a very good deal. It is thick/protective enough, feels secure, at least when transporting from home to car or whatever. I love the pockets, I can carry cables, papers, picks, and a 10.5in tablet w/o problems. The back pack straps are great and comfortable.

      One person found this helpful

    5. Tammy Gayheart

      Good purchase

      I purchased this for my 10 year old to take her guitar to lessons and it fit perfectly and she loves the pockets.

    6. S. Keiling

      Sturdy bag

      Purchased for my son to use to protect his guitar and carry to lessons. Sturdy bag, he loves the backpack straps.

    7. Sonny N.

      Perfect for my Cordoba Mini II

      The case is sturdy and fits my Cordoba Mini II perfectly. I’m sure it will last many of my trips for years to come

      One person found this helpful

    8. Dakota Stout

      Does it’s job

      I made this mistake in sizing but it works well for the correct size guitar, not super sturdy but fair for the price.

    9. Chrystal

      Suits Our Needs

      Bought for my son’a guitar. Sturdy enough for what we need it for – back and forth to lessons. Decent padding.

    10. A PutmanA Putman

      Great buy! Does the job nicely!

      This Donner Gig Bag is a great buy. It has nice padding to protect your acoustic. It fit my Yamaha acoustic beautifully. It also has the features you would hope to see. It has extra protection where the strings can scratch and poke holes in the lining. It has backpack straps for easy carry. It has a hook to hang the gig bag. A tie up strap to keep the neck in its place. The materials seem very durable and water resistant. For what you pay, you would be hard pressed to find a better gig bag at this price point. I’m very impressed! Nice job Donner!!

      11 people found this helpful

    11. FL Mom

      Good for why it was bought

      My 8 year old was having difficulty carrying his guitar to lessons. This has proven to be perfect as it acts as a backpack and he doesn’t hit everything as he goes with his guitar. That said, there is little padding in the case, so if your guitar is going to go as luggage or be packed, this probably isn’t the right bag.

    12. Bill Zankich

      Heavy nylon construction, well padded and has nice amount of extra storage.

      Just purchased this bag for my granddaughter to bring her jr size guitar back and forth to school. The nylon is a heavy weave and the padding seems very adequate. Nice storage compartments too. How well it lasts is still to be seen, but so far so good. This bag looks like a much better value compared to others in this price range. I would recommend it.

    13. George A.

      Excellent replacement

      Had a very old case this case replacement is alot better and nicer

    14. Cullen Graham

      Only if around $25

      Any more than that is questionable to me. These should be seen as a MINIMAL protection device, which is ONLY good against lighht scratches and such. The padding is thin and flimsy, and it is just passable for shipping maybe, inside a carboard box. But I would NEVER gig with it !

      One person found this helpful

    15. D. Gorman

      Great for backpacking

      Nice cheap gig bag. Strapped it onto my backpack when I hiked into the smokies and carried my Baby Taylor into camp. Everyone agreed it was a game changer to be able to pass it around – it got dark at 6pm and really kept us busy around the fire. Held up well and inexpensive so I’m not too worried about it’s durability

      One person found this helpful

    16. Ken

      Perfect size for an Octave Mandolin!!

      I bought this case hoping it would fit my Octave Mandolin. Cases for an OM are hard to find. This fit my OM like a glove! I cut a pool noodle to fit inside which made the soft case more substantial and form fitting. A great buy!!

    17. Ja

      Good Guitar Case

      It’s a soft case, so you still need to be careful with your guitar. Fits my child’s guitar perfectly. Has two pockets for his guitar books and picks. Like that he can carry it as a backpack, freeing up his hands. Material and quality is good. Have had this for several months now and it still is holding up well.

    18. k7889

      Good case

      The guitar case is still intact thankfully. I have had bad experiences with guitar cases falling apart. It protects my guitar very well since I have to bring it many places.

    19. Leo

      Great value for the money.

      Great value for the money. I have been looking for a bag for my acoustic epiphone. This guitar bag does the job and then some. I would recommend.

    20. Amazon Customer

      ‘Back’ to basics

      This gig bag is a gift for my son, fits perfectly for his Stella/Harmony guitar. The backpack feature is a great idea. Could you make a similar case for my meditation ‘rig’? It incorporates a zabuton, zafu, and a gomden?

    21. Robert H.

      Great purchase!

      I bought this to travel with my guitar via backpack on my motorcycle. Crazy, I know right! Hey, gas prices! MPGs baby. I have traveled long distances on a motorcycle with my guitar in this case, even on the highway!Pros:The case can pull as snug as you want.My guitar is kept safe and secure.Amazingly, my guitar has NEVER gone out of tune after traveling with the bag.Extra strap to guitar neck.Extra pockets.Strong construction.Quality construction.Waterproof.Everything works flawlessly.Cons:None really. The only thing I can possibly think of is that when I put books inside the front pouch, the guitar will fall forward when trying to stand case up on the floor. But that is to be expected.

      2 people found this helpful

    22. Ivie

      Absolutely wonderful!

      This is a beautiful case with thick, safe padding. I love the strap that keeps the neck in place but it should be noted that the Velcro is only on the ends of each side of the strap, so it can’t be tightened to truly secure the neck at its size. Other than that I loved this case. Unfortunately I measured my guitar wrong so it was the wrong size and I had to return it. But this case is beautiful and I almost considered keeping it even with the guitar floating in extra space because it was that well padded and made me feel like it was truly safe.

      2 people found this helpful

    23. Daniel Corle

      Fits guitar perfectly and is super comfortable to wear/carry

      This is exactly what I need. I walk to my guitar lesson about 20 minutes and it is light and comfortable.

      One person found this helpful

    24. Robert Hodges

      Hard to Beat for the Money

      When you’ve got 10 guitars, you don’t necessarily want to get $100+ gig bags or cases for each of them, but it’s nice to have enough bags to carry them all around. So I decided to try out this Donner bag, at a very affordable $20. I was not disappointed. It is lightly padded, enough to keep the guitar protected for normal carrying, but I wouldn’t test it out by banging the guitar around. The stitching seems nice, with double stitching most everywhere that I could see. It’s got one big zippered pouch that will allow you to hold all the various accoutrements you may need to take with you (like picks, capos, clip-on tuners, etc) and sheet music and such. The zippers (where you can distinguish between worth it or not in this price range) feel like decent quality. I have no fear having my guitar zipped up in this bag. The back-pack straps are padded and feel comfortable and their placement has the guitar nicely balanced on my back; I could walk around all day with it on and not feel off balance or overloaded. Over all, this is a really nice bag for $20. I’ve gotten name brand gig bags that cost more and didn’t have near this level of padding or feel this protected. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.

      18 people found this helpful

    25. Bittle78

      Got more than my moneys worth.

      Liked this guitar case because it’s durable, cleans with damp rag & fits guitar well. It keeps guitar dust free. Note it is NOT a hard case so please do not expect it to protect against drops or putting weight on it etc…

      2 people found this helpful

    26. CesarCesar

      Great bag, value and features. Great choice for smaller guitars.

      We recently got my daughter a new guitar and signed her up for lessons. Her Yamaha FG-Junior (JR1) came in a very basic case. I went into Guitar Center to get her a sturdier bag. They had minimal choices and very little padding. After some research I found this bag. It had really good ratings and for the price I decided to give it a shot. Best choice I’ve made, the bag is well padded, has a strap to keep the neck in place, has a aller accessory pocket for picks, turner, extra strings. The bag also had the larger pocket which is great to carry her book and sheet music. Has a great rubber padding at the bottom for extra support and a great loop for hanging the bag up.I would completely recommend the Donner bag to anyone. It’s a great value and has really good features.Oh…most importantly, it has the shoulder straps. Dad doesn’t have to carry anything.

      12 people found this helpful

    27. No.7No.7

      Logo doesn’t match photos…

      Instead of the nice Donner logo w the music note…I got this hideous font. Another thing, this bag was folded into a small box which made folds in the foam cushion and makes the bag look all warped. It doesn’t naturally stay in its shape. I’ve never received a gig bag like this, it’s usually in a big box so that the foam cushion isn’t compromised. I knocked 2 stars off for the above reasons.

      One person found this helpful

    28. dj

      A Decent Cheap Case.

      Let’s start with the obvious: If I could afford a hard case, I’d have bought one. That said, this is a decent, cheap bag. It’s not very sturdy. A quarter inch of foam (technically .3″) isn’t much. I’m careful when transporting my guitar because there really isn’t much protection.Overall, the bag is sturdy, made of good, heavy material. The zippers, though, don’t seem so sturdy. The zipper on the pouch was actually broken when it arrived, but I was able to fix it and it’s held up so far. The handle is adequate to the expected weight (an acoustic guitar). I don’t use the straps, so I can’t speak to them.So, as I said, it’s a cheap case, but for a cheap case it’s pretty good, and the price is right.

    29. JDE

      good quality bag to protect your guitar

      My guitar bag arrived two days ahead of the scheduled arrival date, which was a nice bonus. It is a sturdy and high-quality home for a guitar. It has several deep pockets and a good quality zipper; it also has a satisfying amount of padding and a rubber bumper on the bottom to absorb any shock from hitting the floor. I tested it with my Taylor 12-string, Ibanez dreadnought, and a full size and 3/4 size classical guitar. Although the body of the 12-string fits, the neck and head are too long for the bag, which is no surprise since it is not advertised as a 12-string case. A jumbo acoustic might also not fit. My dreadnought fit snugly in it and felt well protected, as did the full-size classical, and even the 3/4 size laid in it reasonably. I also tested a deep-body electric (Epiphone Les Paul), which is smaller than the bag and rattles around a bit in it, but the bag would do in a pinch. For its stated use, though, it is one of the best and most-reasonably priced guitar bags I have seen, and I would trust my beloved Ibanez in it with confidence.

      3 people found this helpful

    30. T. Pratap

      Lasted 4 weeks – Update

      First review: My 7 yo used this bag to carry his beginner guitar – basically from the car in to his teacher’s studio…..after 6 weeks, the straps tore from the seam and it is useless now :(Update: Contacted customer service by email –> they sent a brand new bag within a week – this seems to have reinforced attachments for the straps, otherwise unchanged. Great bag – hoping this one lasts longer – will update if there is a problem.

      2 people found this helpful

    31. Cecy L Longaker

      Fits my big hollowbody

      I have an old Gretsch Deluxe Chet Atkins hollobody electric which is the size of a White Falcon— 17” bout. It’s been hard to find a case that’ll fit it, since the zipper broke on the one I had. This one is great, although a bit tight, but the guitar is HUGE. So, I am very happy with it. I love all the extra pockets— I can carry a small array of cords and pedals when needed. The largest pocket is perfect for music books. I also use it for a small collapsible stand. Straps and handles are rugged. Passing keeps my old Chet secure and well protected from getting dinged while traveling. But, I wouldn’t recommend any soft case for checked baggage. Carry-on only. Great case for the price.

    32. Doug K

      Tough enough for my stuff!

      This gig bag is a perfect fit for my Gretsch Gin Rickey and I would guess most parlor size instruments. A good amount of padding will keep her safe in the cruel world. It’s pretty well built and the quality compares to other gig bags of this type. There are large storage pockets on board to stash a strap, tuner, capo or whatever you need to go out and about with. Carry straps and handles are strong and should hold up well considering the Gretsch isn’t a heavy guitar in the first place. If I were traveling by air I would want a hard shell case but for carrying or transport in a vehicle I wouldn’t worry.For the money I think it is a prefect new home for my Gin Rickey.

      One person found this helpful

    33. maria j infante

      good bag for traveling guitar

      I like that it’s a light bag, it has a good amount of fluffy protection for the guitar, the pockets in the front came very handy on the trip.I found that the short handles to carry it on it’s side were more reliable than the backpack straps just because the zipper had issues at times if carried with the back straps, that is the only reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 star. Besides that is a great bag for my small safari Luna travel guitar.

    34. CaseySays


      This is my second Donner bag, they both feel well made. Keep in mind these are inexpensive bags, so don’t expect to drop it off a bridge and have your guitar survive… But they do have some padding, and they don’t feel cheap to me. I picked this one up for my early 60s Silvertone 604 parlor guitar, it fits perfectly in this case!

    35. benchpress405lbs


      Great padding to protect my daughter 3/4 Fender guitar. The case it came with was literally just a dust cover, this is great. Only change I would make is for a pocket to be large enough to hold her book to take to lessons.

    36. Tommie J BarkleyTommie J Barkley

      Told my friends to get one.

      Great gig bag for transporting to and from class and quick jam sessions. Better padding and protection than some manufacturers provide. I also like the two strap backpack rather than the one strap sling. Perfect for both the dreadnought and not too big for the grand concert. I was concerned that the larger headstock on the Washburn would fit; it’s tight but works. The large pocket on the front will accommodate my 3 ring music notebook (my other cases do not) but doesn’t completely close ( I can live with that). The case zipper does not allow for a “full” opening but opens enough to insert the guitar from the side. Only miss to items from my most costly case: 1 – the small hang handle above the back straps and a neck rest.

      9 people found this helpful

    37. BOBBY CHIN

      Great sound

      Great price great sound be and looks great

    38. MTG

      Works well for Cordoba Mini II Bass – good value

      Solid, inexpensive small gig bag. Only reason for docking a star was that I’d really like to be able to hide backpack straps if they are not being used…not end of the world but would gladly have paid $5 more for that option. None of the others in this range had it either, and I’ve bought Donner music items before so went with them.

    39. Amazon Customer

      Good for the price

      Okay product

      One person found this helpful

    40. briana

      Nice, snug fit

      My daugter has an acoustic guitar and this fits nice and snug. Not a lot of room to flop around.It also has a velcro strap to put around the neck of the guitar for additional support.The only con is I wish it had another 1/2 inch of padding inside of it.It’ll be great for carrying to and from, but you ‘ll still want to be careful with it.

    41. Johnny Felix


      I like this bag. Protect my 3/4 guitar really well.

    42. RS

      Hubby loves it.

      We thought a hard case would be better,but the soft case worked well. Plus it came with a strap and picks.

    43. MIKET

      Will fit multiple instruments securely and adequately

      I recommend using this case with tool box liner, cut to fit, to fit multiple instruments.

    44. Amazon Customer

      padded and great for a bigginer

      Grand daughter just loves it .

      One person found this helpful

    45. Wireguy

      $38 and your bitching?

      Just a heads up. This bag measures 39″ long.Take care of your loved ones

      One person found this helpful

    46. rigger7906

      Decent bag but check your instrument size carefully

      I bought this for an epiphone hummingbird pro, and judged just on its merits as a budget gig bag, it’s pretty good. Keeping in mind it’s price, the material seems pretty tough, the padding is fine, the exterior pockets are decent sizes, and it includes a band near the headstock to loop around the neck if you want that.The one part that seemed a bit weak to me was the carrying handle on the side. It feels like it might not last long, but that’s just the impression I got, it could very well last for years, I haven’t had it long enough to really see what kind of mileage it can sustain.My biggest issue is that while it is deep and wide enough to fit the guitar I bought it for, despite checking the size of the bag vs size of the guitar, the hummingbird pro barely fits. I basically have to put the body in and then stretch the top of the bag over the headstock. This won’t happen if you have a slightly shorter guitar, for example if your guitar is .25 to .5 inches shorter in length than a hummingbird pro, you’ll have no problems. I’m not complaining about it or telling you not to buy, since there is a lot of variation between all the different models on the market, just be sure to measure the length of your instrument, compare it to the specs for an epiphone hummingbird pro. If your guitar is shorter than the hummingbird, you’ll be fine; if it’s longer you’ll have trouble fitting it in this bag; and if it’s identical to (or actually is) a hummingbird pro, it really only barely fits in this bag. I’m not planning to return it, since I already have it, it does (barely) fit the guitar, and it may stretch a bit over time, since it’s a soft sided gig bag.If your guitar fits and you’re not lugging it over long distances constantly, you’ll probably like this bag pretty well for the price.

      5 people found this helpful

    47. Geetar DonGeetar Don

      Good Carrying Protection and Seems to Weigh Just Ounces

      Guitars are delicate things. And bulky. But carry them with us we must.The old-time answer — and for some situations still a good one — is the hard case. But the bulk is always there. And with the added weight of such a case the total carrying weight can become an issue. Plus, such a case requires the full-time use of one hand, and sometimes both.All of this makes such a case not practical for a country hiker. And in some circumstances even less so for the urban dweller.Donner’s 41 inch Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag can be a perfect alternative for just such situations and needs.Light as a proverbial feather (It almost feels as if the guitar in the case weighs no more than the guitar itself. Not of course technically the case, but that is the feeling). Yet the case is remarkably protective.No, not to throw in with other gear or to go in the hold of an airplane. But for carrying, yes, Or for such things as riding the bus.The strap system mimics that of a a good camping/hiking pack. Adjustable for the wearer, and being so light, it almost disappears, weight-wise at least. But the wearer does need to be aware of its size. Even, at least for a tall person, going though average height doors. (I need to duck a bit just to be sure.)The padding protects the guitar — and the fit for such as a standard Dreadnought-size guitar is perfect.For a slightly smaller guitar the velcro neck adjustable strap that holds the guitar’s neck in place makes for added security — helping to hold the instrument in place within the case.There is a good, solid, exterior base “bumper” for standing the guitar up when in the case, and plenty of pockets. (Three!) -The largest big enough to hold standard size music and song books. Cool!I see the Donner Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag getting lots of use. More, even, than the hard case that I use to store the guitar and for commercial flight carry and so forth.Totally a winner! And highly recommended.

      19 people found this helpful

    48. Robert Wiley

      It’s a good case for the price guitar shops charge higher prices

      The guitar case is a fairly strong case I put my electric semi hollow body guitar in it .

      One person found this helpful

    49. Katrina PKatrina P

      Donner Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag is a great value

      I was really excited when I saw that Donner had new gear, and this was one, because I was actively looking for a case/bag for my 41″ tall Epiphone Masterbuilt Dreadnought.This bag is unfortunately not quite tall enough at the head for that one particular guitar.It does seem very sturdy with a good amount of padding to protect.Local stores in my area have bags that are more than twice the cost and are made of cheap nylon and basically no padding. Compared to those options this bag is very nice. Compared to no protection this bag is incredible.The fabric on the outside is sturdy. The zipper and pulls feel solid. I definitely recommend this bag.The only concern to be cautious about, in regards to this bag, is the overall height of your guitar. If it is 41 inches, it will be a tight fit, especially at the headstock. If it’s closer to 40″ like my Takamine, it will be great.They aren’t kidding when they say that your guitar won’t be loose inside of it. It’s a very reassuring feeling to have a bag that is just the right size without a lot of extra wiggle room.Good job Donner!Also, my wife and I share an amazon account, but I exist elsewhere online if you want to come find me under the name below.-drewcp

      2 people found this helpful

    50. Kenneth Harris

      Quality product.

      I bought two of these “Donner 36 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag” and they are great at protecting some old guitars I own. The case is fitted and allows me to maintain humidity for the guitars when being stored in the case. Plenty of pocket space, good zippers and ripstop material!

      One person found this helpful

    51. Colby and Mom

      Sharp High Quality Appearance!

      Great value for the money and it looks really sharp with the contrasting outline! It is exactly as represented the only reason I did not give it five stars is that I have not had the opportunity to use it and see if it holds up but I will update my review later. I ordered four different cases and this was one of the two of the highest quality!

    52. Robert Zamora

      A bit too floppy

      I had to return this item, as it provided very little protection for my tenor guitar. I mean, I know it’s a gig bag, but it might as well be a Hefty trash bag. Cheap, but not much else.

    53. Levi K.

      Donner makes good stuff

      I bought this to take on the plane as a personal item. The padding is nice it’s easy to carry. I wasn’t sure what size case for my electric guitar that I built, its a one off. It fit good so did my others and I had room for some shirts and guitar stuff. Worth the money

    54. Abe

      Worth the price

      The soft…ish case arrived folded in thirds. The creases after a few days are still somewhat evident.But it is not bad at all for the price. The more expensive bags by Taylor and Cordoba are thicker, sturdier, and are double the price (or more) l wouldn’t use this for travel, if I thought it would end up on the bottom of a pile. Otherwise, thumb’s up

    55. LL21

      Good quality!

      We purchased this cover for our daughters 1/2 size guitar. I feel that this will help protect if from getting scratched and dinged up sooner rather than later. I felt it was a good value for the money, and seems like it is pretty durable. That being said, a 1/2 size guitar is a touch too small for this case, but it does have a Velcro strap inside to keep it in place. For that feature alone, I feel like this is a great product!

    56. BirdinBaltimore

      Very well made guitar bag.

      I bought this for my Cordoba Requinto 580 guitar and have been using it for several months. It is sturdy, has good cushioning and the zipper entrance is easy to manage every day. I am a little hard on my things so getting a bag that would protect my guitar was important to me. I made a good choice.

    57. PC

      Great guitar case, high quality

      I liked everything about it!!

    58. Rod Wagner

      We’ll padded, good construction

      Well constructed, good materials, good value for the price. Very good padding offers protection for instrument. Lightweight enough for traveling.

    59. Daina3894Daina3894

      Great value!

      This is a really great case for the price. It’s well made using quality material. The shoulder straps are sturdy and well padded. Has 3 assorted size pockets for all your stuff. I didn’t give it 5 stars as the largest pocket is still not large enough to holda standard size music book and it would have been nice to have the hand grips on both sides of the case for ease of carrying. Still a great value.

      One person found this helpful

    60. GeezerCavemanGeezerCaveman

      Not bad for the money

      Best I can tell, the positive reviews for this bag are classic examples of Amazon’s failed review process. Assume any 5 star review for this junk bag was bought and paid for. At best, it would be a 3 star product.I bought this case for a Composite Acoustics OX acoustic guitar. Initially, there was a slight amount of padding in the case, but not enough to protect a guitar being dropped even from a few inches. The longer I owned this case, the less support it provided, though. The padding just seems to be compacting into nothing. The zippers are fine. The extra storage is decent, but prone to toss the contents when the bag collapses in a soggy heap. This bag is pretty much a sack in which to carry a guitar, in no way protection.I’ve had the bag for some time now and the more I own it, the less I like it. It is mediocre protection, at best. The limp rag quality of the case “structure” lends to dumping the guitar when I am trying to unpack it, creates unnecessary and precarious hassle when I am packing up after a gig, and has caused me to lose various items when the bag collapses in its usual heap spilling the contents of the storage pockets. Initially, I was slightly negative about this bag, but after extended use I think it is barely more than a towel wrapped around my precious guitar. I ended up giving it away and buying a decent gig bag; which cost about 3x as much.

      16 people found this helpful

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    Donner 39 inch Electric Guitar Bag Gig Bag, 0.5 Inch Padded Sponge 600D Ripstop Waterproof Nylon Dustproof Soft Electric Guitar Case Adjustable Strap Black Musical Instruments

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    Donner 39 inch Electric Guitar Bag Gig Bag, 0.5 Inch Padded Sponge 600D Ripstop Waterproof Nylon Dustproof Soft Electric Guitar Case Adjustable Strap Black Musical Instruments


    SKU: B08YN2676S Category:

    Sturdy Material Well Protects Guitars: Electric guitar gig bag is made of durable water-resistant 600D nylon Oxford, 12mm padded sponge and 210D smooth soft lining fabric. Not easy to rip off and protects your guitar from unexpected collision, scratches, or other damages when storing and transporting Lightweight Easy Carrying Bag: Design for your 39 Inch standard size electric guitar. The guitar gig bag has 2 adjustable shoulder straps and a padded comfortable side carry handle to ensure convenient carry for daily commute or travel 3 Pockets Offer Enough Room for Accessories Storage: The large front pocket is used to hold music documents or notebook and an extra neck pocket for small items, such as CD, strings, cables, capo, tuner, etc. The exterior zipper pocket could hold your phone for easy access Durable Double Zipper Pullers: The gig bag is equipped with heavy-duty double metal zippers which slide very smoothly, not easily get stuck or break in both directions. The top loop hanger could be used to hang up the bag and keep the case clean All Donner products are built to last. We provide 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and world class customer service, you can rest assured to buy our products

    40 reviews for Donner 39 inch Electric Guitar Bag Gig Bag, 0.5 Inch Padded Sponge 600D Ripstop Waterproof Nylon Dustproof Soft Electric Guitar Case Adjustable Strap Black Musical Instruments

    1. stephanie

      Great value

      I love this guitar case. It’s light weight and much more convenient than a hard case.

    2. Nikki

      quick shipping

      my only con is that it is folded in thirds and put in a small box to ship. I still havent been able to get the creases out of it! Other than that it is a great bag!

      One person found this helpful

    3. Chris Poussaint

      Great Value

      Well designed and attractively priced.

    4. THL

      Good product

      Nothing to complain about. Product is as advertised.

    5. jughed jonez

      A little on the small size

      Bought for the cheap price, but it’s a really small bag. was able to stuff my jazzmaster in there, but will probably get rid of the first chance i get.

      2 people found this helpful

    6. Mikey PMikey P

      Great bag @ an awesome price!

      I like Donner products. Everything I bought I’m very happy with. I have an electronic drum kit, a pedal board, patch cables, & a fog machine. All great!

      One person found this helpful

    7. Robert HodgesRobert Hodges

      Greate Value for the Money

      OverviewI bought this as an extra gig bag to carry my guitars around (when you’ve got 10 guitars and need to move them all, you need a few bags). For $25, this is a nice bag. It is lightly padded. It’ll keep the guitar protected if you don’t bang it around (which you shouldn’t do, even with a heavily padded bag). The seams all feel strong, with double stitching on the handles and backpack straps. The zipper feels mediocre, but more than adequate. It has three pouches that will hold whatever the aspiring student needs to bring with him/her (cables, picks, sheet music, clip-on tuner, perhaps a mini pedal or two).User ExperienceI tried this out with a Stratocaster and a Les Paul-type, since they have different lengths. The Strat fit in with plenty of space to spare, length-wise. The Les Paul-type fit snuggly. If it were any longer, it wouldn’t fit. The zipped up fine with both of them. The backpack straps are fine. They could use a bit more padding to up the comfort level, but worked well as they were. Wearing it as a backpack with the Strat in it was comfortable and well balanced.Final ThoughtsFor the money, you can’t beat this gig bag. Is it as nice as bags 2x or 3x or more times the money? No, of course not, but it’s still works really well for what it is. Would I carry my Fender American Stratocaster in it? Nope, but I’d have no problem carrying my Squier Strat in it. This is geared towards the person on a budget and it works just fine for that. I’ve had similarly priced gig bags from name brands that weren’t as nice, missing the padding and backpack straps. This is better quality and I would take it over them. For the money, you can’t go wrong here.

      17 people found this helpful

    8. Michael Pete

      It keeps my guitar warm

      It’s sturdy, light and a great value for money. I just wonder how or when does the bag straighten out. From the way it’s packed it’s bent like a z which is a little annoying when you want to put the guitar back in.

      2 people found this helpful

    9. Chris P. Bacon

      Good for what it is.

      Fit my daughters Mitchell MM100 with a few inches to spare. Nice value case.

      2 people found this helpful

    10. George

      What a (Jim) Dandy!

      I recently bought a Gretsch Jim Dandy so wanted to find an inexpensive case or gig bag to protect it when not in use. After researching a few options decided on the Donner 39 inch gig bag because the JD is listed at about 37.5 inches and didn’t want to risk the other bags I saw that were advertised to be 37 inches.Bottom line: It fits. There are 2-3 inches of space lengthwise which is not a factor because the neck rest/pocket area has a velcro strap to secure the guitar and eliminate movement. The Zipper is pretty snug around the body when zipping around the lower bout but expect it will stretch slightly over time–After getting the bag in the mail today (it was wrapped up in a small square for shipping), I immediately wanted to confirm it fit, so again expect it to “form to the guitar” over time and even so, keeps the guitar from creeping inside during travel.To conclude: For $30 bucks the Donner gig bag will suit my light gigging/travel needs. It’s built well enough for trunk travel and the occasional, short trip gigs that I do. I highly recommend for the Jim Dandy Guitar.

      One person found this helpful

    11. Juliet

      Good bag for the price.

      This is a nice bag, seems well made and works fine for our 10 year old daughter’s inexpensive guitar. She keeps it in a fairly well protected “slot” so keeping dust off the instrument is what we needed most. This is not as thickly padded as I had expected (although I am not doubting it is “as advertised “). Our older boys have said they will NOT use gig bags for their guitars, but this was a very cost effective way to add just a little more protection without the cost of a true case.

    12. Amazon Customer

      Affordable Useful

      Good gig bag. Carried an eart headless guitar and it fits with some space at the top. Enough room for cables and a tool kit in the pocket and more goodies on the neck pocket. The guitar I use is pointy at the body so there’s a small tear already after a few months. Still a good purchase.

    13. Lawrence Cugini

      Very sturdy gig bag for your “player” guitar

      This is a good gig bag for my Firefly Thinline T-style guitar, but I don’t think I’d trust a mint ’60 Fender Tele to it. Like any gig bag, it protects well against scratches and temporarily insulates from rapid temperature changes but it cannot prevent stress damage to the neck or blunt force trauma to the body or headstock if dropped from a helicopter or wedged into an overloaded VW Minibus. But it is nicely made and has a nice big pocket on the front. I would buy it again.

    14. Timberalan

      Doing its job for me

      Zipper works well and the front compartment for books or accessories is handy.

    15. Patrick C.


      This is a terrible case. It offers zero protection for your guitar aside from being a dust cover. I had no faith that this would be a safe way to transport an instrument in the slightest. Picture tossing your guitar into a plastic garbage bag, this is one step above that.

    16. Alia Hoyt

      Zipper broke

      Zipper broke after a few months of use and my guitar fell on ground. Update: They replaced it at no charge.

      One person found this helpful

    17. Willie Hines

      A baclpack for your guitar

      As a temporary housing unit for your acoustic or electric guitar these “gig bags” do the trick. In the long run any serious guitarist wants a hardshell case but until then these do nicely.

    18. me

      Just enough, as advertised.

      Pretty good value for money. Not the most cushioned, but if you’re trying to bring it along in the car with you on a road trip like I was the guitar was more than protected enough to sit in the passenger seat.

    19. Happy@lake

      Provides protection

      The case has good padding, however was hoping it would be a bit more rigid to hold it’s shape. It seems to have held the folds and wrinkles from shipping. If you’re looking for a case the will protect your instrument, this one will do the job.

    20. Kristina Sumakis


      The arrival time is the start of the good quality of this item. It gets the job done. It protects my new guitar against “the elements.” It is light, the zipper is quality and I am happy.

    21. h

      barely fit my schecter

      is light and comfy but could be like 1 inch longer for my schecter

    22. Bill68Bill68

      It’s the “thickest” advertised case in its price rang but…

      I just opened this today, immediate observation was the velcro situation on this strap, I think I would want more velcro to hold the neck semi firmly in place, but there’s only an inch and it’s super long.Also not sure what the writing is inside the pocket, is this standard?

      2 people found this helpful

    23. JoeagainJoeagain

      Great bag overall for the price

      Out of the starting gate, for the price paid, you can’t expect this bag and its contents will survive a fall down 3 flights of stairs. Now, having said that, if what you are looking for is a bag that is perfect for carrying your guitar to and from practice, or to and from your luthier, with an additional small compartment which can hold an instrument cable and some picks, then this is worthy of a look!Pictured is the bag with a Squire Vibe50 Strat in it, plus an instrument cable in the compartment. The same only with bag opened so you can see the fit. Note, while it is padded, again, it is for minimal protection, this is not a bag you’d want to use going on a flight or checking in to a baggage compartment on a plane!

      3 people found this helpful

    24. Zachary ButterfieldZachary Butterfield

      Sheet music doesn’t fit

      Standard sheet music and music books do not fit in the pocket! Zippers were messed up on arrival due to being folded in quarters for shipping. Returning and finding one that will carry what I need to bring with me, which is the whole point after all.

    25. Jeff Meyer

      I am very happy with Donner products.

      I like the guitar bag very much. I have previously bought bags for my guitars. Zipper works well and it fits the guitars .

    26. sk8rtim

      Great Value

      Great value. Seems sturdy enough.

      One person found this helpful

    27. Amazon Customer

      Decent guitar case

      Overall a pretty good product for the price, I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s healed up very well. Although, there isn’t much padding on the inside, if you where to drop it from a high height it wouldn’t do much. But it was a good purchase for the price.

    28. J-Kenney

      Good light duty bag

      Good choice if you a looking for a storage bag or “travel to band practice” protection. I wouldn’t recommend for regular gigging and definitely not touring. The protection is just not there for hard road use. However, if you are needing protection from Dinh’s and scratches while going to band practice, then this works well. I can fit my Schecter Damien (strat body) in, but there is absolutely no more room in the length to give. Has no problem zippering and the width is spot on. The main pouch can’t really hold anything of much depth. I put a 10’ cable coiled and that was about max tension. The neck pouch is pretty handy for narrow items and will hold extra picks, strings, and multi-tool no problem.

      One person found this helpful

    29. K. Gulledge

      Good value

      Nicely padded and well put together. Plenty of zippered storage.

    30. Patrick

      Three thumbs up 👍👍👍

      An absolutely great case for the cost. Simple, decently padded, solid, protects and holds my guitar in place while being carried. Anyone who complains about this case at that price point is just looking for something to complain about. If you want a rugged bruiser of a case with tons of storage that would survive being hit by a truck then pay for one. Don’t whine that a cheap case didn’t save your guitar from a gorilla attack. I’m carrying my black on black Mexican strat which upgraded is easily worth $1000 in a $30 case. If something happens that would be my bad. If I were gigging or carrying it multiple times a week I would upgrade but for the occasional jam session or a little extra protection around the house this case is top notch! Get one!

      4 people found this helpful

    31. Greg CGreg C

      Great soft case for the money!

      Very nice case for the money. My Stratocaster fit exactly right, and wasn’t too tight or too loose and slide around. It has a sturdy comfortable handle. I often have trouble with the zipper on other cases, but this zipper seems to be a very sturdy and smooth zipper. The shoulder straps are equally comfortable.The pocket is good for small book, plenty of strings and other accessories.

      2 people found this helpful

    32. Eli


      It’s very light weight, very spacious and fits my guitar perfectly. For how cheap the product is it’s good quality. Definitely a bang for your buck.

    33. Felis Leo

      Fits my Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass

      Fits my Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass perfectly padding is decent and has some nice pockets up front. Top Pocket is big enough for my headphone amp, and bottom pockets are perfect for my folding headphones and an extra cable.

    34. Jack12

      We use this as a GUN CASE instead of a guitar.

      It’s a great way to lawfully not attract attention when going from a vehicle to the shooting range or in the home. Excellent protection for the rifle with plenty of room for ear muffs, glasses, magazines, cleaning supplies and more.Quality of materials is excellent. Great price at $30!

    35. Kim Jablonski

      Great value

      Bought this for my daughter who just started lessons. Great case for the price , but could use a bigger pocket for a music folder.

    36. Zach the Outdoor AddictZach the Outdoor Addict

      Good padding, needs new straps, bigger pocket

      This bag is just ok.Pros:-thick padded handle (see picture)-typical amount of padded protection found in most gig bags-good zipper-my electric guitars fit easily-inexpensiveCons:-non ergonomic shoulder straps are too close together up top (see pic). Not comfortable on neck-front pocket can only fit magazines not larger music books (see pic)-straps are difficult to adjust due to double strap mechanism (see pic)-only one pocket on whole bag

      One person found this helpful

    37. Nicole Blu

      Good for home but not travel

      I bought this knowing this wouldn’t be safe for traveling around. It protects your guitar from dust, liquids, and small bumps.

    38. Claire Bryan


      Zipper pull broke the first time I used it. Can replace it pretty easily, but it’s a hassle. Okay quality but good price.

    39. Hollie

      Great Value

      This works perfect for my son’s electric guitar

    40. Taymi

      Tiene muy buena calidad y muy bonito.

      Si muy bonito y con buena calidad , lo recomiendo.

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories, Instrument Accessories

    EASTROCK 1/4 inch Guitar Instrument Cable 10/20 Foot

    Buy now

    EASTROCK 1/4 inch Guitar Instrument Cable 10/20 Foot


    SKU: B082MGN5WH Categories: ,

    Durable — Don’t to worry about guitar cable underfoot for long time abrasion, EastRock guitar cable flexible tweed jacket which will not easy to bend/kink or even break. Richer sound guitar cable — Faster audio transmission, no delay .Powerful and rich bass,clean treble. It suitable for live performances and studios. Various choose — According to your choice, connect instruments such as synth, keyboards, guitars, pedal and other professional audio equipment. Valuable gifts — EastRock guitar cable plug is made of gold-plated material and has a high-hardness casing protection that is both durable and beautiful appearance. Warranty — We promise you that there is any problem with the guitar cable in 1 year, just contact us for a new or full refund.

    46 reviews for EASTROCK 1/4 inch Guitar Instrument Cable 10/20 Foot

    1. C.M.

      Great Value!

      Cable works great! while sitting on the couch. Just long enough and tangle resistant.

    2. Kathy B.

      Looks great and appears durable – great buy for the money!

      For the money, great value. Looks good, works as it should and appears very durable.

    3. Jerry Smith Jr

      Better than expected!

      The only downside I’ve noticed with this cable is the stiffness. I’m a stickler when it comes to my patch cable care/ handling! I have all my cables trained & this one seems a bit hard to train because it’s so stiff, but time will tell! Overall, still a thumbs up 👍🏽!

    4. Cris Dennis

      great value for the price

      I just started using the cable so I gave it 3 stars to start as it’s too early to gage durability. Other than that, the sound quality is good and the cable seems durable so far. I would buy this product again after I see how it does over time and use.

    5. Bob Desrochers

      Ready to Rock!

      Seems to be well made, no crackling or buzzing. 10 foot length is perfect.

    6. Amazon Customer

      Well made cables

      Very happy with these cables.

    7. Brian Giller

      Quality Components and nice Fit and Finish.

      Very nice cable, quality plugs, shrink tubing used over soldered connections. Very nice cable even at a higher price. No complaints at all.

    8. Bryce A.

      Looks good, no buzz

      Quality cord, no buzzing or noise!

    9. Brian & Yvonne

      Great quality guitar cable

      Very nice cable for the money. My only regret was not getting the longer cable, I’ll end up using them for my pedal board pass/thru and get the longer ones for my guitars.

    10. Sboj Evets

      Nice looking but doesn’t hold up

      The cable looks very nice. The woven cloth jacket is nice. The hardware looks impressive too but the solder joint began to fail after only minimal use. I re soldered the connection with less tension and it seems to be holding.

    11. Geremias


      Buen Material

    12. Dave

      Good quality at low price

      20 ft you can get away from stack. Good cable. Nice pattern. End plugs are perfect. Love the low price.

    13. Andrew McCarty

      Cost is very reasonable.

      I like the cost, the durability is fantastic.

    14. brunomascarin



    15. Jacqueline:)

      Awesome Beginner/Intermediate Sound

      This is my first ever guitar cable since I have an acoustic electric guitar and just got an amp. I was a little scared at first because I thought maybe it would be a wrong fit or have a bad sound, but the cable is perfect for any occasion. Very durable and easy to store. It’s also the perfect length for sit down/stand still performances:).

    16. The Image Doctor

      Seems decent enough for the price

      I bought two versions of this cable: one w/a right angle end and one w/ straight ends – these were the cheapest, well rated cables for sale – and they are decent cables – not top-of-the-line but just as good as the other no-name cables I’ve had laying around for years – recommended

    17. Chaleff

      Works great, good price

      Perfect cable, used from pedal to guitar.

      2 people found this helpful

    18. Brian J. Roberge

      Good quality

      This is a good quality cable for an amazing price.

    19. Calvin Aaron


      Good cable looks nice well made

    20. Kelly jo

      Worth it!


    21. stewart tomkinson

      Good guitar cable

      Love it

    22. Canadianchic72

      Good quality

      Works great

    23. DMK

      North, South, West….Eastrock!

      One heck of a life line!

    24. Paul



    25. minnesotaphotog

      Complete junk

      Item makes noise if cord is flexed or moved. Cheap cord but all that was available at one time due to covid. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone for any reason

      2 people found this helpful

    26. Heather

      Absolutely junk

      Right out of the bag, glitchy. It cuts in and out. So doesn’t work.

    27. Sherry


      Im an absolute novice guitar player.. This cable is absolutely perfect for what I need! If I could change anything.. I would prefer a straight plug vs an elbow..But i got exactly what iOrdered the price and quality cant be beat for my needs. Tyvm

      One person found this helpful

    28. Davy J.


      No issues works great

    29. AC

      Good for home set up, but…

      Affordable cable that gets the job done for my home practice set up!

    30. Amazon Customer

      great deal.

      20′ cable with no buzz and heavy duty for $9.00. Can’t beat it.

    31. Ben

      Nice Cable

      Good cable for the price. Not quite as high quality as the expensive ones but a nice upgrade from your standard cable. Solid connections and good signal.

    32. Pauline Justice

      great value

      Well made

    33. ATTICUScc04


      Needed a new guitar cable as my other one broke. Works as advertised and seems like great quality. I will probably order another one soon as I need a longer one.

      One person found this helpful

    34. Amazon Customer

      Easy customer service

      First cable I ordered had problem at the input area- they quickly replaced it free of charge – new one works fine.

    35. Mark L Landvatter

      Awesome price and value – not as flexible as I had hoped it would be

      Such a great price, I bought two right away. Looks a lot like a Fender cable I used for years, but it is really “Stiff” – not flexible at all, and honestly it’s a tripping hazard for me and my fellow group members because it actually stands up off the floor when lying there … easy to get caught on a person moving over it. I hope it “softens up” over time. Seems to be very well made but I can’t give it five stars because it’s so rigid.

      5 people found this helpful

    36. Pablito

      Static free

      Seems well made. No static noise. Clear amplification continuously even with Boss pedals.

      One person found this helpful

    37. Niaz K.

      Damages your Guitar socket internally

      This is so sturdy, that with movement, it damages your Guitar socket internally and causes scratchy noise with the damage. Dumped in garbage.

    38. m lewis


      Started humming after less than a week of daily use,Ithought it was my bass at first but played it through another cord and it was fine.The cord shorted out after a week,but i resoldered the connections and it works fine just a crappy soldoring job

      2 people found this helpful

    39. Tiffany boyd

      Good quality

      Good thick cable. Should last a while

    40. BaylorAlumnus

      So far so good…no complaints.

      It works without issue. Can’t complain.

    41. Al Rees

      Quality cable

      Quality cable

    42. Drew

      Yes I am impressed

      Easy to use and have a good moving around flexibility

    43. James Acord

      Good quality at a great price

      Well made.

    44. That guy with the mustache

      Great affordable instrument cable

      I found myself short one cable as I was hooking up my amp. I needed another one and didn’t have a lot of money. I found this cable and it works well no noticable interface or undesirable distortion of the audio. If you need a cable for practice or similar. this inexpensive instrument cable is an affordable option.

    45. Melenero

      Awesome cable…could be more expensive…but the price is awesome for the length

      Cable was super affordable and went it arrived I realized the super well made thick cable that could easily cost $40 or more

    46. Cathy

      Quality product

      Just as described.

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier

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    Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier


    SKU: B0BT862N4P Category:

    This fits your .

    Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

    10 Watts 1-6″ Fender Special Design Speaker One Channel Controls: Gain, Over-Drive Select Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass Other Features: 1/4″ Instrument Input, 2-Band EQ, 1/8″ Auxiliary Input Jack for Jam-Along with Media Player or CD, 1/8″ Headphone Output Jack for Silent Practice, Closed-Back Design for Heavier Bass Response


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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    Gator Cases Gig Bag for Mini Acoustic Guitars

    Buy now

    Gator Cases Gig Bag for Mini Acoustic Guitars


    SKU: B0BLLKKFR8 Category:

    Fits mini acoustic guitars up to 3/4 size Nylon construction with 10mm internal padding Reinforced interior at headstock & Bridge Exterior pocket for accessories and adjustable backpack straps Interior dims: Body length: 21″ Body Height: 4. 3″ Lower bout Width: 14. 6″ Middle Bout Width: 13″ Upper bout Width: 11. 4″ Overall Length 38. 5″

    60 reviews for Gator Cases Gig Bag for Mini Acoustic Guitars

    1. RG

      Used for a Cordoba Mini II

      Bought this for a Cordoba Mini II nylon string guitar. It is bigger than needed for this guitar but works OK. The custom fit case for the Cordoba Mini II was as expensive as the guitar. This was an economical option that protects the guitar. I needed a case for winter to keep the guitar from being damaged by low humidity. I use a dampit humidifier and this case.

    2. dude

      It fits my Fender FA-450CE Acoustic Bads

      I have had a hard time as many do, finding something to protect my acoustic bass. This works for my fender FA-450CE. It’s tunig keys stick out quite far making it hard to fit into cases. It’s not a hard case, but it seems to be made well and it does what it promises to do.

    3. Amazon Customer

      correct size

      Hard to find a case to fit his acoustic,electric bass guitar.Yay! this one fits.

    4. P

      suites the purpose

      nice quality

    5. Rob Solo

      Fits the Mitchell T239B acoustic bass

      It fits the Mitchell T239B line of bases. It’s not a well padded bag but it does the job. It has the backpack like shoulder straps.

    6. J. D. Lynch

      Great gig bag for a mini acoustic

      Bought this gig bag for my new mini Sigma acoustic guitar. Perfect fit. Well made.

    7. electron jockey

      Great for acoustic bass

      This case was a great fit for my Fender CB-60SCE acoustic bass. Not frilly, just gets the job done.

    8. Hector

      Works well for my Ibanez acoustic bass

      This didn’t fit my instrument perfectly. It fit the body of it just fine, but has a lot of “bagginess” around the neck area. It still holds the bass and protects it well enough. I’d recommend it if you need it

    9. Chuck from Chicago


      I recently purchased a Harley Benton Hollowbody HB-60-WB MODEL bass. At time of purchase Harley Benton had no gig bag or case available for this bass. I looked all over for a suitable gig bag and took a chance on this. This bass fits in fine. Should be fine for a Jack Cassidy, Gretsch or other basses of that form. It is a little bit bigger than I would like but not by much. Not the best gig bag I have ever had but not the worst. The price is not that great for what it is but in time of need it fills the bill. This is not going anywhere but my studio anyway and that is about all this bag would be suited for.

      2 people found this helpful

    10. Jason L

      Nice gig bag

      This bag is not fancy. It is a slightly padded case that will keep the guitar protected from dust and from a possible scratch or mark if you should happen to bump or brush past something while transporting your instrument. It has backpack style straps for convenient, hands-free carrying. It is perfect for its intended use, and its construction is high quality. A good value for the price.

    11. stephen b. lewis

      Fine bag, perfect for Gretsch Jim Dandy.

      The bag is just what I expected for a reasonable price. The five stars are not to suggest it is the best of all possible bags, just that it is exactly what I wanted. The padding is sufficient to take this to jam sessions. I got it for the Gretsch jim dandy. As others have said, it is a perfect fit for the gretsch. I am pretty sure it would not fit a longer guitar, especially a 40′ guitar that one person has asked about in the questions.

      One person found this helpful

    12. Amazon Customer

      It’s okay

      It’s a fine case for the money. If I’m real honest it’s not top quality materials. It provides mediocre protection, yet adequate for now.

      One person found this helpful

    13. C. Minor

      Good bag for acoustic bass

      It’s a good bag and the padding is adequate for everyday use–probably not the sort of thing you’d want for heavy use or travel. It’s just about the only gig bag we’ve found that fits an acoustic bass. Be warned–don’t load up the pocket with heavy stuff like ring binders or pedals–we’re on the second of these bags now because my husband did just that with the first. Adding a second luggage strap (we cannibalized the one from the broken bag) makes it backpackable and less prone to get stuck in doorways. Turn the hooks away from your body so they don’t get pressed open and cause a strap to come off while you’re wearing it.

      One person found this helpful

    14. Bass player

      The bag is loose on standard acoustic bass guitar.

      It works but I expected a better fit.

    15. Bob E.

      A Deal at $25.00 (twice)

      Really nicely padded case (10 mm thick) that fits my new (42″ long, 16 widest, 4″ thick) Jasmine S34C cut-away acoustic. The zipper runs around the outside seam instead of splitting down the middle of the case as some do. The inside has high needle count fabric that should protect a guitar without scratching it. The double slider zipper allows for easy closure. Just a small gator logo at the top, leaving plenty of room to cover the rest of the case with other decals if one is so inclined. I liked the thing so much I bought one for my latest guitar acquisition from Amaon.

      One person found this helpful

    16. gabe

      flimsy gig bag

      I intended to purchase a more robust and sturdy gig bag for my 11 years old Larrivee parlor guitar.The stock gig bag from Larrivee is very light and has quite a delicate outer shell.Perhaps their newer gig bags offer more protection,this one was made in 1999.I have owned little Martin guitars in the past for use as a travel guitar.The gig bags that came with the little Martins were much more sturdy with better padding.During many flights in the US and Canada I felt secure that the little Martin’s gig bag protected the guitar very well.And it performed that function very well.Particularly when it was crammed in among the heavy carry on luggage stored the overhead storage compartments.IMO,the older Larrivee case would have not been able to withstand the above treatment and I am certain my guitar would have been vulnerable to damage.So I received the Gator mini acoustic gig bag, expecting an improvemnt over the Larrivvee gig bag.Well, it is not any better.The lining is flimsy and the overall padding is much inferior to the gig bag of the Little Martin’s.It has no stiffness,no “bumber” guards and doubles over on itself without the guitar inside.Even after you have boarded an aircraft you can be asked to “gate-check” your guitar and be denied the ability to store it overhead.It then gets loaded like a checked bag.That’s the reason I always pack my guitar with extra bubblewrap -for that potential situation.With such a flimsy outer shell on the Gator mini ,I would be very concerned about puncture of the shell during the “gate -check “process.I suppose the Gator bag would be adequate for carrying your parlor to a gig.Or just to have a basic covering against the elements.One probably needs to spend in the $50-$100 range for a truly durable bag that would have a better chance of protecting your parlor guitar in the majority of travel situations.

      5 people found this helpful

    17. Derek Fountaine

      Great quality for the price

      Holds our guitar great and is great quality for the money. Probably wouldn’t want to take on the road with you, but to protect at home and during light transit, it works just fine.

    18. Ger

      Fits flamenco guitar

      It’s amazing how it fits my Yamaha flamenco guitar. The bag is perfect.

    19. John D.

      A good deal, just make sure it fits.

      I received the bag and stretched it out on my bed. At first I was impressed with the sturdiness but worried because, even though I knew my guitar was on the small side this bag looked like it was too small. I opened it up, unzipped the zippers all the way around and proceeded to stuff my gutar in the bag. Well, it fits like a glove, which is a good thing but if you have a guitar that measures more than 40″ long or more than 5″ thick you may need a larger bag. Mine is exactly 40″ tall x 4 1/4″ deep x 15″ wide (widest at bottom) and it fills the bag up just like the picture shows. It has some decent padding, and a zippered compartment for a music book, picks, etc… but not much else. Overall I think it’s well made with good zippers and padding. If you have a guitar like mine or smaller it’s a good choice.

      30 people found this helpful

    20. Joseph Gonzalez

      Excellent for the price

      Fit my acoustic electric bass perfect and feels nice and sturdy, the straps rock and make it convenient to carry!

    21. David

      Great bag for the price!

      A few weeks ago I picked up an Ibanez PF2 tenor guitar and I needed a case for it. I picked this one up and can confirm that the PF2 fits perfectly. It seems well made and the zippers work smoothly. It has a conventional handle as well as two adjustable straps so it can be worn like a backpack. It also has a front zippered pouch for sheet music and other supplies. It is flush with the front of the case, so I don’t think it will take real bulky items, but it’s big enough to take sheet music or a small music book without folding it.

      One person found this helpful

    22. Lindsey

      Good bag for the price

      I think overall this bag is pretty well made. I was concerned after reading reviews of other bags in this price range, but think for the price range this was a great purchase for my son’s 3/4 Laguna guitar. Seams and zipper seem well constructed. There is an exterior pocket for storage. The padding is not super thick, but I did not expect anything other than light protection in this price range. The guitar fit in there perfectly, with just the right amount of room. There is a single shoulder strap that can be switched to fit a left or right shouldered carry. The only reason I cannot give 5 stars is I really wish they could’ve gone the extra step and put another strap to make it more a backpack style carrier. The only soft cases I could find with backpack straps were much more expensive, so I think this is a reasonable option at a great price.

      One person found this helpful

    23. Richard E. Kozak

      Good quality for the price

      My long scale fender acoustic electric bass guitar fits, and the quality is good. It should last a long time. Great for short easy travel.

    24. Ed Arlington


      I’m quite pleased with this gig bag, I got the mini acoustic size. It took awhile to find a decent gig bag on amazon, as there are a ton of cheaper quality ones. This came in the biggest box we have ever seen (I got the mini acoustic for my 1/2 size classical guitar). Has a zippered pocket in front for extra strings, tuner, capo, books etc. Fits my Yamaha 1/2 size classical guitar perfectly, you might be able to squeeze a 3/4 size classical guitar in there. Padding is sufficient and the bag comes with backpack straps you can cinch up and make them out of the way. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone.

      7 people found this helpful

    25. amy g.

      Perfect fit for my Ibanez Talman acoustic electric!

      I was looking for a smaller gig bag to fit my Ibanez Talman acoustic electric guitar. Ibanez only makes a hard case for this and because of its body shape it was hard to find something that would fit snuggly. It would slide all over the place in a standard gig bag because it’s only a 39 in guitar. This is the only one I could find with the correct measurements. It’s a perfect fit!

      4 people found this helpful

    26. JJ53

      Light weight and rugged

      Got this gig bag for Granddaughter’s 1/2 size acoustic guitar.

    27. Gerry Scott-Moore

      Super Light, Capable of Backpack Carry

      I schlepped this thing across Europe for 6 weeks with a parlor guitar inside. Worked like a charm. Very light–which was my most significant concern. Only one thin pocket on the face; generally suited to storing a few folios of sheet music. I used it for a songlist and a stash for a heavy scarf since the weather was given to rapid changes.It comes with a shoulder strap, which doesn’t seem indicated above, only the rings to which a strap would be affixed. But it’s there. The short rubber part that makes contact with your shoulder, is not the greatest, but it will do. It can be shifted to another ring for right-handers. I had another strap from something else year’s ago, and so *added* it to the configuration: Viola, it’s suitable for carrying “no hands” like a back pack.

      One person found this helpful

    28. J. Piatt

      Too big for 3/4 guitar

      I bought this for a Laguna 3/4 size guitar, which is about exactly the same size as a Taylor or Martin 3/4. The Taylor and Martin came with bags that fit them very well. This one is almost big enough for a full size guitar, but not quite. Would probably fit a 7/8 size guitar better. It has a ton of extra room with the 3/4 in it though. A lot of reviewers seemed to like that about it, but I prefer the bag to be about the same size as the guitar. Otherwise what’s the point of getting such a little guitar if it’s swimming in a huge bag? Other than that it’s decent. The pocket is big enough to fit a bunch of stuff in. The strap is adequate but the buckle digs into your shoulder. Decent manufacturing quality.

    29. Amazon Customer

      Good generic case. Worth the price.

      It is a generic gig bag for an acoustic bass. It has to be large to fit a wide range of different basses so it is not custom made for my bass. I knew this going in and just wanted something to cover my bass when I play at friends houses. I did not pay a lot for my bass and I do not gig with it so I do not need a great case. It is well made but not thickly padded. I consider it exactly what I needed and expected. There is not a large selection of cases for acoustic basses in the price range I was willing to pay.

      2 people found this helpful

    30. P. Constantine

      Perfect fit for Tacoma Thunderchief ABG with room to spare

      I bought this case for my Tacoma Thunderchief Acoustic Bass Guitar (4 string)I have a hardshell case, but wanted a soft case for a quick jam situation that didn’t need all the protection. For those of you who have this bass you know it’s a big boy and the case makes it even bigger…kinda awkward when carrying around.measurements were approx- 49 1/2 ” full length top to bottom- 22″ body top to bottom- 17 1/2″ lower bout widthThe bass fit in this soft gig bag no problem, i’ve been searching for a while i’m happy i decided to grab this, especially for the reasonable price. If you’re truly worried about getting your bass all dinged up or “hurt” no gig bag will really full protect it. This one is sufficient for your minor bumps and bruises, but for the rest….GET A HARDSHELL CASE.with that said, great bag, does the job

      8 people found this helpful

    31. Teddy in Seattle

      Great Case for a reasonable price

      This is the second case I ordered for my Yamaha CG 102 classic acoustic guitar. The first case had thicker foam but it smelled of a solvent. This case fits perfect! I was concerned after reading about different sizes in guitars. My guitar is 39 1/2 inches long, 14 1/2 inches at the widest part of the body and 4 inches deep. There is some room in the case beyond all of these dimensions. Great case, the single shoulder strap is removable, nice pocket in front for music and a good carry handle. I have a stand for the guitar at home so I pick it up to practice but the case is needed to protect it going back and forth to lessons. Yes, my guitar is inexpensive, it is my first but I felt bad when it accidentally hit the edge of my car door which resulted in a small dent. This inexpensive case would have prevented this damage. Great case, great price.

      5 people found this helpful

    32. Edel Blau

      Decent fit for Luna parlor guitar

      I got the Classical size for my Luna parlor guitar. The body of the case is wider than it needs to be for this particular instrument but length is perfect. Seems sturdy, will get the job done!

      One person found this helpful

    33. Skinner

      May NOT fit your guitar. Dimensions listed by Amazon are incorrect!

      Despite the listing shown (40.9 x 15.7 x 5.2 inches) this case is NOT even 4 inches depth. It does not fit a Cordoba Fusion Acoustic/Classical/Electric guitar. Had to return. It seems like a nice case but it may not fit your guitar because the listing is not correct.

    34. J

      Jim Dandy

      Nice case as expected from Gator. It would be nice if the foam was a little thicker however it should be adequate for my needs. Now for the fit! There is a lot of confusion about the size needs for different guitars. This case is the perfect size for the Gretsch JIM DANDY which is a parlor size guitar. By calling it a mini you can’t help but think it is correctly sized for the Mini Martin, Baby Taylor, Mini Yamaha, Little Hohner, and so on but not so this case will be a bit big as well as long for those guitars. I hope this description helps others in what should be an otherwise simple purchase. And don’t forget to measure your guitar before ordering.

      16 people found this helpful

    35. Weekender

      Nice bag, tight fit

      The bag is nice, zippers are fine and there’s adequate padding. The only concern is that I have the bass pictured in the ad, a Dean, and it is a tight fit at the headstock. The points on the headstock will likely wear through the end of the bag eventually. The bag fits very snugly around the body. For the price I’m fine with it. The official Dean bag is half what I paid for the bass on Craigslist, so I wasn’t going there.

    36. Scott Kendall

      Fits the Recording King Dirty Thirties

      Classic Size – Good bag for what I needed. I won’t give 5 stars to something so ordinary because I don’t “Love” guitar bags…ever. BUT, good bag. I have a little Recording King RPH-05 Dirty Thirties parlor to play while sitting around, watching the tv. Got that for 99 elsewhere. So invesing in Recording King’s $46 bag for a $99 guitar made no sense…. plus it’s never in stock. This one has enough padding a quality for the little RK, and very nice fit…not skin tight but good enough.

    37. C. Smith

      Fits perfect for my Takamine Jasmine S35

      When I received this gig bag Gator GBE Dread I was a little worried earlier if it would fit but when I received it everything was fine. The quality of the bag is very good. It has some nice padding inside and the zippers work really smooth. The seam work on it is really tight there no flaws. This fits just right for the Takamine Jasmine S35. The pocket is pretty nice size on the outside, you can even almost put your 15″ laptop in it in a upright position with the exception having 2″ above and outside of the zipper plus your song books. It has padding on the inside pocket so it would not harm the guitar or your laptop. It also has a warranty that comes with it.I really like having just one shoulder strap instead of the back pack method and you can switch the strap over for a left handed person or right handed by clipping to either side. The price is very reasonable for a quality gig bag.

      15 people found this helpful

    38. Logan

      Perfect fit, but smells really bad.

      It smells horrible. I am going to have to search for ways to get the smell out of this bag.It is a perfect fit for my KALA-TEM Tenor Ukulele. The accessory pouch is a good size too.I rate it 4 stars. If it didn’t smell bad, I would have given it 5 stars.

    39. grx

      Some coverage, but not super cushy

      I like this bag for the price I paid. I’d purchased a similar one for my parlor size and decided it was worth having a light weight dread sized bag – for when I didn’t want to use my dread hard case (which is very protective, but also pretty heavy to carry). Gator is a good brand and seems durable enough. I like the back strap and extra large pocket.However, I do feel like the padding on the top is a bit thin. If I brush up against the bag I can feel the bridge and strings through the fabric very easily. I feel like I’d want to drape a hand towel across the body – just to give it a little extra padding/protection. The minimal padding surprised me, as the parlor size I’d already acquired from Gator seemed to have more cushion – couldn’t feel the bridge through the fabric.I’ll definitely reserve this case for short travel or temporary protection when I’m rotating through the guitars I’m playing.

      6 people found this helpful

    40. eMeFW

      Standard gig bag protection. Works for a 12-string acoustic

      I actually bought this for an Epiphone Texan 12 12-string acoustic guitar. I couldn’t find a case or gig bag to fit it – it’s an extra long guitar, even for a 12 string.That all said, the case is nice, exactly what I would expect from Gator. I wouldn’t go checking my guitar in as luggage with this case, but for keeping it protected at home, and carrying it places, it works great.Some gig bags nowadays are actually pretty rigid – this is not one of them. This is a true gig bag – lightly padded, and you can fold it up when it’s not in use.

      2 people found this helpful

    41. Amazon Customer

      Fits an Epi Jack Casady (EJC)

      A bit big for the EJC, but the economy Gator bass bag was a bit too snug for my liking for the EJC.

    42. Mike S

      It fits a Michael Kelly Acoustic bass

      Michael Kelly basses are a little bigger than others for some reason, tough to find a case to fit.This one does, and it does it well

      One person found this helpful

    43. Thrifty Guy

      Nice and simple

      After using for a few months, seems ok. Very basic but that’s fine. Could use a bit more padding in the base where the guitar body strap button sticks out, I may add a piece of foam with a hole in it to support the body.

      One person found this helpful

    44. Amazon Customer

      Bery good product and it fits my daughter’s needs. Good quality!

      The bag was a really light. My daughter use it to carry her guitar and her guitar lessons book. She said to me that what she likes about it so that she either carry it as a backpack with her guitar inside. She said it is comfortable on her back. She really enjoys it. Highly recommended!

    45. C. Hosford

      Does its job well for a classical guitar

      I just upgraded to a Cordoba C10 classical guitar, which lives in a hard case, so I needed something for my Yamaha travel guitar. This Gator bag fits them perfectly for both, and I would highly recommend it. Both of my guitars are around 39.5 inches in length, and classical guitars have different dimensions than many steel-string acoustic guitars, so be mindful of that. It’s got a little pouch in front with a zipper, a nice touch for sheet music, and shoulder straps in the back if I ever decide to go into the subway here in NYC and live as a busker. I notice there are other brands that offer heavier padding and pouches for this and that, blah, blah. Go simple and get this little guy.

      5 people found this helpful

    46. Yoga Hobo

      Perfect for 000/OM-size guitar

      Although this bag was designed for a classical guitar, it also fits my Recording King Dirty Thirty 000 folk guitar. It’s a snug fit, so you should definitely measure before ordering. Here are my guitar’s dimensions:40″ overall length (just barely fits)4″ deep at lower bout15″ across at widest part of lower bout11.75″ across at widest part of upper boutThe Recording King headstock has a pointy do-dad thingy on top that makes the guitar about half an inch longer than a normal 000/OM guitar, so this case fits *very* snugly from top to bottom. I know from other bags I’ve owned that it will stretch out a wee bit with use. But to echo several other reviewers: this will NOT fit a dreadnought guitar. If you’re unsure of what kind of guitar you play, google “acoustic guitar body shapes.”The padding is adequate. You can’t expect a gigbag to protect your guitar when shipping it or when flying (shudder). A gigbag is not designed for that. It’s just a lightweight carry case for short trips or home storage. If you’re worried about damaging your guitar, you should carry it in a hardshell case, not a gigbag.There’s one zippered pocket in the front, about 14″ wide x14” tall, not very deep. (Personally, that’s all I need. Room for a setlist, spare strings, pick box, slide, tuner, and I’m good to go. I don’t like a bulky gigbag with too many outside pockets that I don’t really use.) No interior pockets. Zippers seem sturdy and each has a red nylon tab attached to the zipper pull; the red stitching makes it easy to see where your zipper is. The bag unzips only to the midpoint of the bottom panel, not all the way around the bottom, but that’s typical for a low-cost gigbag.Several people complained that there’s only one strap, so you can’t carry your guitar like a backpack. This was not a problem for me, because the bag does have attachment points for a second strap, so I just unsnapped a strap from one of my other gigbags, and voilá! Backpack configuration.It has a bit of a funky chemical smell right out of the package, but so did my other Gator gigbags. The smell will fade.All in all, this is an outstanding value; I don’t think you can beat it for the price.

      7 people found this helpful

    47. Sea Duck

      Fits my Cordoba Cadete perfectly

      I wanted a very lightweight carrying case for short distances. This fits the bill nicely. Have a much sturdier and much more expensive nylon case for taking to and from rehearsals and, of course, a hard and much heavier case for planes, trains, etc.

    48. em

      Nice classical guitar bag for the price.

      So far it is a good bag. I bought it to carry my classical Manuel Rodriguez guitar in. This bag has good padding. It does not have a neck strap to hold it in the bag. But it still works for me to carry my guitar to class.


      Feels like a custom fit

    50. accessrobby

      Does the job!

      I don’t do gigs, I’m just using it for easy storage, and so far so good👍

    51. K. Harriger

      For Classical Guitars, and some other small bodied guitars, too.

      Great bag. For starters, if your guitar is 40 inches long, 14.75″ across the lower bout, 11.50″ across the upper bout, and 4″ deep, it’ll fit. Anything bigger than that will not fit. For example, if you own a jumbo or dreadnought, this will not fit. I see that someone else posted almost identical dimensions, so I’m guessing the size of these bags is fairly consistent and doesn’t vary much. If you’re still with me, here’s the rest of the review.This is a rock solid gig bag made for classical (nylon stringed) guitars. It’ll also fit a variety of guitars in the OM, 00, and 000, and parlor guitar range, even though they’re all technically different sizes. The main thing is that they are no bigger than the dimensions I’ve already listed.It’s well-padded and sturdy, and the only weak link in this product is that I don’t trust the straps. If you’re going to use this as a backpack bag, be very careful. I put electrician’s tape around the snaps to make certain they hold, but I mostly just use it with the handle.This is a gig bag, not a hard case. It will protect the instrument from small knocks and dings, but will simply not take the abuse that a hard case will make. In spite of this, I still hear people complaining about how it didn’t protect their guitar from a serious impact. Duh. It’s a gig bag. It’s not designed for that.I own two of these, and for the money, there’s not a better gig bag on the market. Almost everything else in this price range is simply Cordura nylon with little padding. This is a good, solid, cheap gig bag with very adequate padding, and well worth the money.

      14 people found this helpful

    52. CJnOC

      Is This What You Really Wanted?

      You really need to adjust your expectations with something like this. My classical guitar is my go to guitar. I use it daily, and every once in a while it goes with me to the beach and camping. Sometimes I will leave it out by accident and in the evening at the beach or by next morning when camping it gets covered with dew, which just is bad for a guitar, so this case does the job and protects it from this, and gives it a little more protection as well during transport… But realize that this is NOT going to protect your guitar from getting accidentally crushed like a hard case or even some soft cases that are built better. The best analogy I can provide for feel of thickness is like taking an oven mitt and pulling it over the top of the tuners. That’s roughly how thick (or thin depending upon how you look at it) the case is. The finish work is good, dual zippers to open, the storage part can hold full size sheets of paper, and there’s a single strap that can be adjusted for either left or right shoulder to sling it over your back, but it doesn’t have 2 straps to wear like a back pack. In the end, when you consider the price, you realize that it’s a fair price… Just make sure you adjust your expectations to see if it will meet your needs.

      11 people found this helpful

    53. B.A.R.

      Perfect length for 1/2 size guitar, but a bit too roomy elsewhere.

      The bag itself is really nice quality. I had checked out the full size ones at a guitar store first, liked them, then came to Amazon since they have this smaller size.My daughter has the and that’s what we bought this bag for. The length is perfect. I has a bit of room so that you’re not stretching the bag over it. My only issue is the width. This bag and guitar combo should be about perfectly matched, but the body of the bag is too big. It could probably fit a full-size guitar in it. Therefore, this 1/2 size one can slop around in it. The padding and everything still protects it well, so I’m not too worried, but I do wish it was more snug.The single pocket is ok – it can hold a book and small tuner just fine. There’s no other pockets, though, so if you have a ton of accessories, it might not suit you. My kids use this bag to take the guitar to school about once a week, and it’s great for that. The carry strap is a good addition.For the price, this bag was a no-brainer, but I really thought it would be more snug on the body of the guitar.

      One person found this helpful

    54. Addie p.Addie p.

      Good Quality Bag

      Unfortunately I had to return this bag because it did not fit my dreadnaught Ibanez acoustic guitar ( Concord model 699 from the 70’s ). The guitar dimensions were within the referenced measurements of the bag but the bag would not zip past the upper bout. Called manufacturer ( Gator ) and they couldn’t figure out the problem and suggested I return the bag and order another one of the same model ( GBE-DREAD ). I think I will just shop for a different brand rather than have to return a second order. Otherwise, the bag is great.


      Fit perfect

      It fits my acoustic bass guitar perfectly.

    56. iSnorman

      Nice Fit for my Guitar

      This case fit my acoustic guitar very well! I’ve been using it for three months now, and I haven’t had a single problem. The exterior pocket is perfectly sized for folder or other sheet music. If you have small items like picks, I would recommend getting another, smaller bag to keep in this pocket, as the pocket is deep, and it is incredibly easy to lose pencils and picks in the very bottom crevices.The shoulder strap isn’t super comfortable, but can easily be swapped out for better a better one. I’m sure you could replace the shoulder strap for a full backpack-setup if you wanted to. I like that there is both a shoulder strap and a handle on the side to easily grab the case from whatever angle.For my guitar, the fit isn’t too tight or too lose. Definitely check the dimensions to see if this will fit your guitar, as many reviewers complained it didn’t work for theirs. The dimensions provided were accurate to the product.Overall, I’m a big fan of the case. At some point, I’ll probably sew something new over the logo, just because I prefer logo-less items, and there isn’t any color on the bag. I definitely recommend this guitar case!

      4 people found this helpful

    57. Mikethebike

      GBE-DREAD Guitar Case

      I like the case , it is a nylon ‘canvas’ weave cloth bag , and is suitable for my minimal requirements for storage purposes . It is exactly per the advertised dimensions & so was a bit tight for my guitar . I’d advise potential buyers measure carefully before buying , a little slack would be welcome , tho I did get it inside . I am sure that with time & use it will ‘ relax ‘ some . I am not dissatisfied , in the least ; it is a great value . Thanks !

    58. Pavi M.Pavi M.

      Product is ok but has fake warranty tag

      The product is decent. However, they send a tag with date inspected and information about going to their website to register the product for warranty. So, following their instructions I went to their site and it says they do not have a warranty policy. Pretty much a click bait to let customers to go to their website. This would have received a better feedback if not for that misinformation.

    59. Robert Folen

      Great Gig Bag!

      The packaging is great! The packaging was large enough to hold the entire gig bag without having to be folded.The Gator Cases, Gig Bag for Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitars. Haves good foam all around the guitar to keep it safe from dents and scratches, and has several big pockets for all my accessories that are small.Good Product, Good Packaging, I like it.I recommend it, not just as a Gig bag but also as a Guitar case.Robert Folen

    60. P. S.

      Gator Cases Gig Bag for Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitars

      I really like this gig bag, and it is a great fit. My guitar measures 41 inches long. Higher body depth 4 inches, lower body depth 4 3/4 inches. Guitar body height 20 inches, top body width 12 inches and lower body width 15 3/4 inches.

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    Gator Cases Gig Bag for Standard Electric Guitars

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    Gator Cases Gig Bag for Standard Electric Guitars


    SKU: B0BG4BZC5L Category:

    Zipper closure Fits Electric Guitars Nylon construction with 10mm internal padding Reinforced interior at headstock & Bridge Exterior pocket for accessories and adjustable backpack straps Interior dims: Body length: 20″ Lower bout Width: 14.9″ Middle Bout Width: 13.5″ Upper bout Width: 12.7″ Overall Length 40.3″


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    GLEAM Guitar Stand – Adjustable Fit Electric, Classical Guitars and Bass, Guitar Accessories, Folding Guitar Stand (CG-4) Musical Instruments

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    GLEAM Guitar Stand – Adjustable Fit Electric, Classical Guitars and Bass, Guitar Accessories, Folding Guitar Stand (CG-4) Musical Instruments


    SKU: B07PPDY2NS Category:

    Fit Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass and 26 Inch Ukulele. EVA is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument to protect its finish. Made by strong iron and have different height adjustment. Lifetime warrenty and service. Notice: No not fit Jazz Bass and Jazz Guitar.

    60 reviews for GLEAM Guitar Stand – Adjustable Fit Electric, Classical Guitars and Bass, Guitar Accessories, Folding Guitar Stand (CG-4) Musical Instruments

    1. Emeterio Rivas

      You get what you pay for

      First of all it does the job does hold a guitar 2nd of all it is very loose in general not very sturdy but if no one is touching it or anything like that itll do the job instructions kinda self explanatory but if your someone who cant follow instructions this is gonna be a deal breaker for you since the instructions kinda suck

    2. Matthew Hansen

      Just get the Rokit

      This is incredibly low quality. Get the Rok-it stand instead if it’s a stand for your space. Only adv of this one is that it collapses down a little more so might be better for gigs.

    3. Amazon Customer

      ok for the price

      works ok for the price, serves it’s purpose

    4. Ronald A. Green

      Decent for the price

      The past couple stands I’ve had broke down because of plastic parts which were critical to it’s purpose. No plastic on this guy, I suspect it will hold up well. No complaints so far! Based on what I know so far, I would recommend it.

    5. Kittie Peters

      Handy little guitar stand

      This stand is PERFECT for my Baby Taylor. I wanted an inexpensive stand to put by my family room chair to keep my guitar close by. It’s too light for stage use and I wouldn’t trust one of my expensive or heavier guitars on it, but for that little Taylor, it is perfect. Also a good deal at 16 bucks.

    6. Nightsedge

      Light, portable guitar stand – Beware the somewhat unstable ‘front’ legs and light build quality

      It’s a portable guitar stand.I purchased it to hold my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid in the corner of the living room, which it does just fine.It’s NOT thickly built or particularly rugged-feeling, but not exactly ‘cheap trash’ feeling either. I suspect that for most people, and most guitars, it’ll be fine.It IS highly portable and folds up nicely for transport, though again I don’t know how rugged it would be if folded hundreds of times.Lastly: The two front ‘legs’ are too short for serious stability, my guitar sits fine on the stand, but pulling the neck forward about 4-6″ will ‘tip’ the stand over forward.

    7. Crizette B. MiguelCrizette B. Miguel

      Just what I wanted

      Easy to assemble and the perfect stand to display my guitar.

      One person found this helpful

    8. Kyle

      Top part doesn’t lock into place properly

      Stand is portable, easy to assemble, and overall decent. The only issue I have is that the top part that’s used to hold the neck of the guitar locks in place through a small knob that when pushed in, allows the neck to be positioned upright. However, that knob doesn’t fit/line up with the hole in the top neck and therefore won’t lock in place. It’s an inconvenience but the stand works fine regardless of this issue

    9. Amazon Customer

      Great for the price

      This isn’t anything too fancy, but it does what it is supposed to do and is easy to put together.

    10. Sanya

      Very sleek and stylish guitar stand

      This is the exact guitar stand I wanted to get! Its sleek, stylish, assembly was easy, it looks minimal and holds the guitar from bottom as well as the fret board. Very convenient to take the guitar off and put it back. Get it!

    11. D. Chan

      Easy Great value

      Good value. Easy to assemble. Acoustic Guitar sits nicely on it.

    12. JAJA

      Lightweight, but does the job

      PRO: Used it for 5-string banjo. Fits nicely. CON: bottom cradle rotates unless stabilized (I used a rubber band).

    13. james gillies

      Guitar stand

      It holds my guitar

    14. Dale in Los Angeles

      OK for thin, light guitars

      This is OK for thin, light guitars. The construction quality isn’t great so I wouldn’t trust it with heavy or expensive instruments. It also won’t accomodate dreadnought-sized acoustics that are over 4.5″ thick at the bottom (and some are 5″ and up.)

    15. Miceland

      My stand guitar up . No play

      Me like guitar standMe take guitar and stand up

    16. Kenneth Bondurant

      It’s exactly what it is

      Not much to comment on. It is a simple guitar stand. Pretty standard. A classic design that does exactly what it says. I guess I’m writing a review just to let people know it’s not something that easily breaks just because you use it. I say get it… it’s fine.

      One person found this helpful

    17. Mrs. Meanie

      Very poor construction.

      The feet, the neck part, all feel sturdy-ish and this guitar stand was easy to put together, but the piece with the arms that holds the guitar bottom is so flimsy, it puts the whole thing off kilter. There is nothing that locks it in place and nothing that locks the arms open, so it is left to spin freely.I took it apart and returned it as soon as I realized that I could not easily load my guitar on and off. I have a fairly lightweight acoustic guitar, so weight is not a problem. maybe it would stand sturdier on a harder floor as opposed to carpet? But I don’t feel like that is the problem.I got a stand to safely store my acoustic guitar. I don’t have a problem learning an items quirks, but sometimes, my husband may have to move it all out of the way and I just want a stand that is heavy duty and ready to go, so neither of us accidentally damage anything involved.I understand that this is still cheap, even though I did not choose the cheapest option on purpose, imagining that the extra few dollars would make a difference in quality. Unfortunately, I don’t think it did.

    18. Rin

      Not the sturdiest design

      It does the job and holds up the electric guitar like it should. For the price point, it’s a good product. However, I had two minor complaints.The bi-bracket fit into the tripod, as shown in the instructional video. However, the insert from the bi-bracket made it difficult to rotate it 180 degrees and it took several frustrating tries to get it to work. Perhaps the product we got had a faulty design? I also thought that the end of the insert of the bi-bracket should have had some sort of cap, screw, or other mechanism to lock it into place and prevent it from slipping out of the tripod. Assuming you don’t move the stand, the weight of gravity will be sufficient to prevent accidental slippage of the bi-bracket from the tripod, but it still worries me a little.Additionally, one of the ends of the safety buckle fell off. It barely lasted a month and a half of daily, gentle use. It seems to be very thin, soft, and fragile. Using a glue gun might fix the problem but I wouldn’t be surprised if it falls off again. It would be great if the ends were made of a sturdier material.Overall, you get what you pay for. It does the job. If you plan on using this regularly, expect the safety buckle to break. Watch the instructional video for help on how to assemble the stand.

      2 people found this helpful

    19. BuckzBuckz

      Quality stand

      This guitar stand is my favorite guitar stand. I look forward to our future together. It’s so good I never want to take my guitar off of it. Highly recommend

      4 people found this helpful

    20. Joe

      It does the job… just barely

      This is a very lightweight and affordable stand. It’s not terrible but I wouldn’t buy one again. It’s too unstable for my liking compared to other affordable brands. The piece that holds the neck up can sometimes become easily dislodged and fall down after you remove a guitar from the stand. Not a big deal, you just have to remember to put it back up before stowing your guitar again. That’s not something one typically has to do with a guitar stand. Overall it gets the job done but I would spend a couple extra dollars and buy a more robust product.

    21. BlakeBlake

      Nice stand

      Good stand, sturdy and easy to put together, it’s my first stand so can’t really compare it to others

    22. Familia Zepeda Olalde

      It’s great

      Very good for its prize it goes its work. But very sensitive.

    23. Amazon Customer

      Cheap for cheap

      Nice and light, so definitely portable. Definitely on the cheap – The top is pretty “squirrelly”. I have a fairly heavy bass and it makes me a little nervous, so I’m getting a heaver-duty one for my mental health. OK for cheap, light guitars I suppose.

    24. Amazon Customer

      Decent enough stand for the price.

      Not all that sturdy but it gets the job done. What are you expecting for 15 bucks? If you’ve got a high dollar guitar don’t cheap out, buy a quality stand. This thing is perfect for cheap guitars or those gigs when your worried about stuff going missing.

    25. larry d McNeill

      Works great

      Works great for regular guitar but will not fit a v shaped guitar’s

    26. Amber


      Good quality. Great price!

    27. RandomUser


      A little flimsy when there’s no guitar on it, but works fine as a guitar stand

    28. Milo Bloom

      Looking for a really nice stand? Look elsewhere.

      The bottom portion of the stand folds up easily, just a little too easily. The way it connects to the main part of the stand doesn’t lock in any way so it spins in the hole easily causing the bottom portion to turn upside down which makes it fold up. If you just want something to cart around to shows and only get minimal real use it’s probably fine. If you’re looking for a really nice stand for home or studio, look elsewhere. Spend a little more if you have to. You’ll be glad you did.

    29. Amazon Customer

      Works great

      This works good not the sturdiness though.

    30. Bedo☔Bedo☔

      Fits my OUD!

      It is perfect for my Oud. I am in love it looks so pretty and it is sturdy. Great price also and fast delivery. It was hard looking for a stand that will fit my Oud but thanks for the person in the comments here who tried this for his Oud, that is how I knew this was the one yay thank you seller!

      2 people found this helpful

    31. Amazon Customer

      So far so good

      I’ve received the stand a few days ago and I’m pleased with it. I use it to store my electric guitar and it does that just fine. I’ll update my review in case anything changes. I think it’s priced right for what you get

    32. S. Moniz

      It works!

      For cheap money this stand works exactly as I needed it to. Sturdy enough to support my guitar without worrying it will fall over and padded to prevent damage. Plan to buy a couple more.

    33. Terrence Simpson

      Cheap, but works

      Not for shows? Wouldn’t travel well with other gear packed.Great for house, studio. Cheap enough for that, but again not for giging

    34. Bobby

      Well made

      Well made and sturdy for the price

    35. Rosa

      Es buen soporte para la guitarra de mi esposo .lev

      El soporte , era para la guitarra de mi esposo , así que si le gusto y quedó satisfecho.

    36. Angie Capps


      Fits my husbands guitar

    37. Review Guy

      How Does This Have So Many 5-Star Reviews??

      Seriously! This thing is flimsy and very cheaply put together. Granted it’s cheap, and it works great for a cheap kids’ guitar. But with this many stars I assumed it’d be a reliable, quality product, and it certainly is not! The bottom portion that holds the body of the guitar folds (probably to cut down on shipping costs), so when you unfold it to use it, it completely exposes the metal hinge. If you’re not careful it could seriously damage the bottom of your guitar. The top of the stand that supports the neck of the guitar also folds and unfolds. When it’s pinned in place it still is very loose, and it holds the support at a very odd upward angle. Overall though, it does hold a guitar. I would never trust this stand with a guitar I cared about though! You’ve been warned.

      3 people found this helpful

    38. Teagan

      It’s nice, but…

      This is good in a pinch. My issue lies with the bottom of the stand (*Not the base, but the piece that holds the body of your guitar). Unless I’m missing something, it really isn’t that sturdy. It will hold your guitar! The problem really only occurs when there is NO guitar on it. The piece folds in half, which is excellent for portability, but it doesn’t have any kind of locking mechanism. That being said, the attachment to the neck of the stand doesn’t prevent the piece from rotating, which means you’ll constantly have to spin it back right-side up before you can put your guitar back. It doesn’t bother me too much, just a bit of an obnoxious extra step. Overall, it’s fine for the money.

      8 people found this helpful

    39. S.Lee


      Nephew liked the portability of it for taking between his parents houses.

    40. Clifford L Ponder

      If you want something to hold your guitar

      Another product that does what you expect. My acoustic guitar sits nicely waiting and wondering when I will pick it up. The guitar seems very relaxed and comfortable. I was concerned the guitar might feel scared it could fall, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. I think that being relaxed has helped with its tone. Like all of us, if we aren’t relaxed we can have a harsh tone. Being relaxed yields a much more cheerful and gentle tone. I think the guitar is pleased.

      7 people found this helpful

    41. Nathan David Hughes


      I’ve had a couple stands like this and I don’t expect much but for it to hold my guitar. This is barely passable. I’m not worried about my guitar falling over but the stand is in no way sturdy. The top arm that supports the neck swivels from side to side. It’s not so bad that I want to go through the trouble to return it, but I definitely wouldn’t purchase again.

    42. Evelin Grillo RojasEvelin Grillo Rojas


    43. PT

      Neck holder fails; bottom support a nuisance

      Two issues: First, the neck holder–that ‘U’ holding the top in place–is supposed to swing up 90 degrees and snap into place, secured by a spring-loaded nub that locks in place through a small hole in the vertical support. Unfortunately the spring is far too weak, and so there is no pressure holding the nub in place. This causes the swingable neck to fall back to its closed position. The second problem is the bottom guitar support. This also folds, sort of like butterfly wings–it is designed to be unfolded and held open by the weight/bulk of the guitar. The problem comes when you remove the guitar, and that weight/bulk is gone. At that point the bottom support folds back onto itself, and spins over 180 degrees so that the inside of the fold is facing 180 degrees from where it should. For this reason you cannot just simply place your guitar back onto the stand. Instead, you have to flip the bottom support over, unfold it, hold it open/unfolded with one hand, and put your guitar back onto the support with the other. It’s a bad design (I bought more than one of these; this literally is not a one-off).

    44. BobcatFan

      Fairly stable

      Works well for basic use. I will say it’s fairly stationary, I’m not taking it apart and transporting, but works well for my use.

    45. Skyent

      Better than others

      I really like these stands. I have 5 guitars (3 electrics and 2 acoustics) and the 2 acoustics I use these stands because they have a better fit for the larger guitars, especially the 12 string. The other stands I got at a local guitar store and they are much cheaper and not as sturdy feeling. These are great stands. As I get more guitars, I will buy more of these stands.

    46. Shadow eX

      Worked well

      Holds my guitar up for display and easy access. The rubber loop to keep the guitar in place doesn’t easily latch and unlatch so I just don’t use it.

    47. Amazon Customer

      I just got it and like it, but…

      It does not feel very sturdy. However, that being said, I’m not jacking up my car with it. It holds my bass well. It is very portable. It is stable, just don’t bump it hard.

    48. Daniel Perez

      Flimsy but

      It’s a good guitar stand for the price but definitely would not trust an expensive instrument on it due to flimsiness of the overall product.

    49. Juanita

      Trouble with lining up holes to connect parts

      Holes didn’t line up to put top rest on stand.

    50. Chauncey

      Will not work with a ukulele but great with most other guitars

      It holds up the guitar. If you need more details please just ask.

    51. egghead

      Okay for home but not stage

      It’s fine for home use but not heavy or sturdy enough for the stage. You also need to tape down the neck support with duct tape to make it a little more stable.Good value for money and would buy again. (I have 2 already)

    52. Liane Swisher

      It holds the guitar, but too light for my preference

      It is an overall good product. It does hold the guitar in place and I like the thing that makes sure the guitar doesn’t go off it. I just don’t like how light it is, but that’s just me.

    53. Al

      Good for very light guitars.

      I use is for my lightest bass, 6.5 lbs. If you have a 8+ lb guitar, pick something more stable.This one folds up for easy transport, that’s its redeeming quality.

    54. Raymond E. Hausele, Jr.

      good product for the price.

      Good prodfuct for the price.

      One person found this helpful

    55. Alan Watson

      Decent quality stand for the money

      I like the light weight and portability of this stand. I tried it with acoustic and electric guitars and it was fairly stable with those instruments. I tried it with a banjo and it didn’t seem quite as stable. Overall the quality was good for the money.

    56. George Hubenko



    57. CraftyCollins

      Does what it needs to do

      Holds the guitar just right

    58. jared

      Good Stand but was shipped in flimsy original manufacturer’s box and NOT Amazon’s packaging.

      Guitar stand is fine… don’t listen to negative reviews, it works on all of my guitars perfectly. Some people are just remedial and don’t understand how to properly follow directions… either that or they got a lemon. You can return defective products but you can’t return stupidity.Anyway, didn’t come in Amazon box and is clearly marked as a, “Prime” product. Came in original manufacturer packaging and that flimsy box was shredded. -1 star for lazy employees. Luckily, the stand wasn’t blemished or broken.

    59. Shawn Metz

      feels cheap

      feels cheap … so much so i had to buy another stand

    60. Trevor Goodchild

      Could be sturdier

      Could be sturdier works as described. Good for money spent

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    Grover Guitar Capo (GP750BL), Black Musical Instruments

    Buy now

    Grover Guitar Capo (GP750BL), Black Musical Instruments


    SKU: B00KWKQ3NG Category:

    Unique offset design allows more room for your thumb Effortless to position and disengage Stage-friendly non-glare matte finish Comes with limited lifetime warranty

    9 reviews for Grover Guitar Capo (GP750BL), Black Musical Instruments

    1. DWJr.

      Superior Capo

      My son bought one of these for his guitar from our local Sam Ash about 2 years ago. Springs and resistance have held up very well, still feels like it’s new. Had to get one for myself as my old Kyser has seen better days.

    2. Hagen LeBray

      Great Capo

      Probably the best capos I’ve ever used for six-string guitar. (I have several.) Up until now, Kysers have always been my favorite, and still are for 12-string. (Don’t get me wrong; Kysers are great capos, too.) I don’t play professionally these days, but my daughter does, and I gave her a couple of these. She really likes them.

      One person found this helpful

    3. J. M.

      Five Stars

      very nice capo

      One person found this helpful

    4. Lovemonger1

      Clears Thumb, Obstructs Index Finger

      Leaves more room for thumb, but obstructs index finger instead, which is worse! Returned this and sticking with my simple and low-profile, trusty Shubb GC-30, which obstructs less than any capo I’ve tried.

      One person found this helpful

    5. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Wish I had this years ago.

      It just works. Set it and forget it. Didn’t have to readjust like another popular capo on the market. Twice the surface area to evenly spread tension on the strings.

    6. Anne Bussell


      Spring is not tight enough and really it is awkward and gets in the way even more than a standard capo.

    7. MARK

      Nicely made.

      I misplaced my nice kyser capo & having previously used cheapie ones, I bought the best deal on a ‘branded’ one on the day.I didn’t read that it was ‘offset’ when I purchased, but it seems like a reasonable idea for players that don’t like the proximity of the back of the capo with the hand. The offset is only about 5mm or 3/16inch, but it’s probably worth having if your hands/style need extra clearance.Has a bit more radius than other capos I’ve used, so if that’s been an issue for you on a particular guitar, this could be worth a try.Nicely made & finished. Does the job.

    8. M. P. Folan

      Nice Idea, Well Executed

      I’ve been a fan of Kyser Capos for a few years, the only problem with them is the problem that this Capo addresses, the lack of space when playing in the first fret, cords such as a B7. This Capo gives you enough space up there to really make it sound nice and clearThe finish is a matte type, which I don’t find attractive to look at but, it does help to blend in with a dark colour fretboard such as rosewood or ebony

    9. ROB P

      Easy to use does the job!

      Good product no nonsense product light weight strong works well on my Les Paul

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  • Guitar & Bass Accessories

    Guitar Strap Acoustic Folk Guitarra Belt Straps

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    Guitar Strap Acoustic Folk Guitarra Belt Straps


    SKU: B093BWG66N Category:

    Comfortable and Adjustable: Guitar Strap length 36 to 62″ inches Adjustable -suitable for men, women and children guitarist’s. 100% cotton woven strap and leather ends, will also prevent strain on your shoulder or back and will eliminate sweat discomfort. Universal and Durable: This universal shoulder guitar strap is perfect for your classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric or bass guitar. Fit different player and guitar types, this hanging guitar strap ensures safe holding of your instrument. Easy to Use and Will be Loved by Guitar Player. This guitar strap pack will bring the players a comfortable and stylish performance.

    24 reviews for Guitar Strap Acoustic Folk Guitarra Belt Straps

    1. COLIN F. MACK

      Good deal. Pretty good quality for the price.

      I was a little worried that this stap might be poor quality because of the price, but I got one and found it to be good. The leather ends are made with fairly thick leather, and the whole strap seems to be of pretty good quality. I will probably be ordering a second one soon.

    2. W. M. Haynes

      Works great, nothing fancy, a light weight option …

      Easy to use and adjust, holds my Hofner Bass just fine. I like it light like my bass. I don’t think it would be enough with a full scale bass.

    3. Arizona1

      Well Made-Well Designed

      I am very surprised how much I like this guitar strap, I have had about 5 or 6 over the years but this one beats all of them… It is very well designed, the stitching and finish detail on the one I received are excellent, and it looks great…and it’s comfy. Love it.

      One person found this helpful

    4. Elizabeth Morrison

      Good for the price!

      This is a good strap for the price!

    5. Frank Silvestro


      Really comfortable and well made.

    6. T. Smiley

      Wonderful strap

      I have been using this thing for about a month on my Ibenez Gio guitar. It is very comfortable and stable. Works just as described. It is a little on the light side of construction, so you may want to get something a little heftier if you play Bass, as it might tear a bit with a heavier instrument. Also, I am a small guy, and it might be a bit small if you are a bigger person. Great strap, and you can’t beat it for the price! 9/10 would recommend

      One person found this helpful

    7. bobbie willard

      LOVE my new strap!

      Exactly what I ordered & excellent quality!

    8. shopper 314

      Guitar Strap Adjustable Shoulder Strap

      Strap is light

      One person found this helpful

    9. jazman


      very satisfied

    10. ME

      A very nice guitar strap.

      The strap is high quality and works great with my GS mini Martin guitar.

      One person found this helpful

    11. iRockDenim

      My ideal strap

      I think this strap is awesome. Most newer guitar straps I’ve seen are very slippery and can cause a guitar with head dive to keep shifting. This material is perfect for anyone that wants a strap that doesn’t stick to your shoulder but also can still shift positions when needed.

      5 people found this helpful

    12. James C.

      Not the length advertisaed

      For a budget strap, it’s fine. However, the the fully extended length is 56″, not the 62″ advertised. Too short for me.

      4 people found this helpful

    13. Johnathan

      Perfect budget strap for any guitar!

      Shipped really fast. I ordered the green one for my Fender Telecaster. Fits perfect and is comfortable. Highly recommended.

      2 people found this helpful

    14. Anthony Goiburn

      Stitched Leather strap

      Great inexpensive strap with stitched seams around the strap button.

      2 people found this helpful

    15. siahmon

      Only 1 strap…

      This is very misleading. There is one strap only but all the pictures have 3 straps. 1 star for misleading information. Otherwise nothing wrong with it.

    16. Sginn36

      Just dont. Lol

      What happens when you buy a low budget strap? It splits and your Schecter hits the floor and chips it! Stay away from these.

      One person found this helpful

    17. Jaxin Walker

      Great but very uncomfortable

      It’s great for its pricing but I recommend something with cushioning if you have a heavy guitar.

      2 people found this helpful

    18. Brian Clark

      Classy and understated.

      Very well constructed, comfortable,and easy on the eyes. Can’t ask for much more.

      One person found this helpful

    19. dRU RavyndRU Ravyn

      Adjustable Shoulder Strap For Guitar Electric Guitar

      Excellent, durable guitar strap at an amazing price!

      One person found this helpful

    20. Son Huynh

      It suits the purposes very well

      Biggest plus is it just works at an incredibly low price comparatively to other straps sold on Amazon.

    21. Lanie

      Great strap for bag.

      I purchased the strap to add to a tote bag to use as a carry-on while flying. It worked out great, and held a lot of weight. It was still comfortable to use as a Crossbody, even though the bag was full!

    22. D. Martin

      Good Value


      One person found this helpful

    23. A. King

      Looks great

      Nice look and feel. Looks like a more expensive strap. Great for small gigs.

    24. Kevin Kiefer


      Just a shade short for me

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