Hey parents,

We know you are extremely busy running your kids all over the place.  Sports, dance, school, and everything in between. We also know that you want to give your child an experience they will never forget, and someday even thank you for. And right now, maybe you’re recalling your experience with piano lessons. Dreading going to lessons every week?  Parents forcing you to practice?  Maybe even a slightly traumatizing experience?

We see you.  And we’re here to change your perception

We believe piano lessons are meant to be fun, NOT a chore.  We have found that kids who get to learn the music they love on piano, actually WANT to practice! What does that mean for you? No more headaches and frustrations, and no more crying from your child about how they “HAVE” to practice piano.

At Spark School of Music, our goal is to set students up with an amazing piano teacher who will motivate them and build their confidence.  We know if we do this, our students are going to love coming to piano lessons every week (and you’re going to thank us for that).

With locations in Champlin, MN (right outside of Maple Grove) and Spring Lake Park, MN (just south of Blaine), Spark School of Music offers private 1-on-1 piano lessons to students 5+.  After your child gets comfortable playing songs in the practice room, they are eligible to take it to the stage and join our Rock Band class in addition to their normal piano lesson.

Are you ready for piano lessons as cool as your kid

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Your First Piano Lesson

We don’t require for our students to have an upright or grand piano in their homes.  At a minimum, we do recommend that each piano student has a touch sensitive keyboard that they can practice on at home.  A touch sensitive keyboard allows the student to play louder or quieter.  This is really important when our piano students start learning different ‘dynamics”.

For a beginner, the keyboard does not need to be a full 88 keys (we recommend 66 key minimum), but as the student gets more advanced, they will start exploring the lower and higher register of the keyboard.  A lot of time it makes sense to put in the initial investment and buy the full 88 right away, but we understand that budgets aren’t always there for that.  Finally, you’ll need a sustain pedal (when you hold it down and let up on the keys, the sound continues.)