Imagine your child, guitar in hand, up on stage, rocking out to their favorite song.

Meanwhile, beyond just living out their wildest dreams, your child is building confidence and being mentored by the coolest teachers in Minnesota.

Spark School of Music thrives on giving your child the experience of playing guitar in a setting you wished you had as a kid.  Whether or not you’re interested in acoustic guitar or electric guitar, we believe that guitar lessons are meant to be fun, and that starts with learning the music your child wants to play.  When this happens, practicing begins with enthusiasm rather than being a chore!  Can you imagine how much that could have changed your experience playing an instrument?

Located in Champlin, MN (right outside of Maple Grove) and Spring Lake Park, MN (just south of Blaine), Spark School of Music offers private 1-on-1 guitar lessons to students 7+.  After your child gets comfortable rocking out on guitar in the practice room, they are eligible to take it to the stage and join our Rock Band class in addition to their normal guitar lesson.

If you child is between the ages of 4 and 7 and wants to play the guitar, check out our awesome Ukulele lessons to get them started!

Are you ready for guitar lessons as cool as your kids?

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Your First Guitar Lesson

We know how important it is to learn the music you listen to!  During your first guitar lesson your teacher will ask you what your goals are, what music you listen to, and any specific song you may be interested in learning.  After getting to know more about you, your guitar teacher will create a plan to help achieve your goals.  This generally includes a guitar method book and sheet music for your favorite songs.