MYTH: Private music lessons are best for kids. 

TRUTH: Kids learn better within peer-learning contexts, especially while they are beginner/intermediate students, and that makes group music lessons the best choice for most kids. 

As parents, we have the mentality of “I did private music lessons as a kid, so that’s what my kids should do.”

But the truth is, every other activity that kids begin to explore are in a group setting.  Swim. Karate. Dance. Gymnastics. Sports.

So why do we feel the need to offer give kids private music lessons?

The truth is, group classes are best for kids.   

Here are the benefits:

  • Lessons are longer (45 minutes) and offered at a significantly reduced cost
  • Lessons include an independent learning element where students develop the skills to focus and practice alone without the teacher staring and listening to every note during that time.
  • Group lessons give children the opportunity to experience playing the piano in an ensemble, and all of the life skills which go hand in hand with that such as teamwork, collaboration, following instructions, and most importantly developing strong friendships and effective communication skills
  • Students can be asked to demonstrate something for another student, reinforcing what they’ve learned, and giving them a confidence boost in front of the class.

At Spark, our goal is to give students the skills needed to enjoy piano for a lifetime.  And our research has shown us that it begins with providing a fun and engaging group piano class environment for kids. 

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Your First Piano Lesson

We don’t require for our students to have an upright or grand piano in their homes.  At a minimum, we do recommend that each piano student has a touch sensitive keyboard that they can practice on at home.  A touch sensitive keyboard allows the student to play louder or quieter.  This is really important when our piano students start learning different ‘dynamics”.

For a beginner, the keyboard does not need to be a full 88 keys (we recommend 61 key minimum), but as the student gets more advanced, they will start exploring the lower and higher register of the keyboard.  A lot of time it makes sense to put in the initial investment and buy the full 88 right away, but we understand that budgets aren’t always there for that.  Finally, you’ll need a sustain pedal (when you hold it down and let up on the keys, the sound continues.)

With locations in Champlin, MN (right outside of Maple Grove) and Spring Lake Park, MN (just south of Blaine), Spark School of Music offers private 1-on-1 piano lessons and group piano classes to students 5+.  After your child gets comfortable playing songs in the practice room, they are eligible to take it to the stage and join our Rock Band class in addition to their normal piano class.

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