Has your child been inspired by the music and dance in Hamilton?

Or maybe they saw The Sound of Music and can’t stop dreaming of being on the big stage, singing and dancing to their favorite song.

Youth Musical Theatre dance classes are a great way to get your performer prepared to hit the big stage!

Kids in the youth musical theatre dance class will get to learn how to perform based on character acting and really get to stretch their imaginations to their full potential. 

Students who participate in the musical theatre dance class will get to sing and dance to hit Broadway Musical numbers. 

This is the perfect dance class for kids who want to pursue musical theatre in school or who are actively performing in their school and community. 

Creativity, musicality, and technique will all be part of development that happens for kids in the youth musical theatre class.

If your child wants to develop friendships faster and hone their flexibility and technique, we recommend students to participate in ballet or jazz dance classes in conjunction with musical theatre dance classes. 

Don’t throw away your shot to be a part of this high energy dance class. 

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We understand that you have many options for dance classes and we take as take it as a huge honor that you have considered us!

Dance classes at Spark give kids the opportunity to explore recreational dance in a small class size setting.  We have a max capacity of 8 students in our Tiny Tots dance class.  This allows the teacher to give each child more individualized attention, allowing them to develop skills faster and not feel like they are just a number in a large class. 

Our main focus is getting kids EXCITED about learning to dance.  We do this by keeping all of our dance classes fun and low-pressure, only offering recreational dance classes, and emphasizing the importance of self-expression and confidence.  Each child has their own unique abilities and talents and we help children uncover those by not just teaching dance classes, but by being a positive role model to each and every child we encounter.