Is your child high-energy and looking for dance classes that can match that energy?

Look no further than Jazz dance classes!

Level 1 jazz classes are great for kids who have already taken pre-jazz and beginners.

Jazz classes feature improvisation, fluid motions, and a ton of energy.

Each week, kids will get to learn technique, rhythm, and build on existing fluid movements that have been learned in previous classes.

These classes are some of our students favorites, as they get to hone their musicality and creativity. 

When your child is a part of the Level 1 Jazz class, they will get the opportunity to connect with other kids who have a love for Jazz dance as well. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your jazz dance classes, consider being a part of our ballet or tap dance classes as well.  Many kids find they develop their skills and friendships faster than when they take an individual class!  

Level 1 Jazz classes are weekly 45-minute classes and students will have the opportunity to dance in Spark’s spring recital.


We understand that you have many options for dance classes and we take as take it as a huge honor that you have considered us!

Dance classes at Spark give kids the opportunity to explore recreational dance in a small class size setting.  We have a max capacity of 8 students in our Level 1 dance classes.  This allows the teacher to give each child more individualized attention, allowing them to develop skills faster and not feel like they are just a number in a large class. 

Our main focus is getting kids EXCITED about learning to dance.  We do this by keeping all of our dance classes fun and low-pressure, only offering recreational dance classes, and emphasizing the importance of self-expression and confidence.  Each child has their own unique abilities and talents and we help children uncover those by not just teaching dance classes, but by being a positive role model to each and every child we encounter.