Step aside Fred Astaire…

There’s a new tap dancer about to start!

Tap dancing is a fun (and noisy) way to get your child dancing!

Pre-tap dance classes at Spark put a strong emphasis on rhythm and giving kids the tools needed to begin learning the art of tap dancing. 

Kids in the pre-tap dance class will get the opportunity to express their creativity through movement. 

But more importantly, kids in the tap dance class will build confiderence, musicality, and friendships with like-minded kids!

Looking to get the most out of your pre-tap experience at Spark?

Many kids take jazz or ballet dance classes too!  

This helps them continue to develop and grow their friendships, flexibility, and skills as a dancer.

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We understand that you have many options for dance classes and we take as take it as a huge honor that you have considered us!

Dance classes at Spark give kids the opportunity to explore recreational dance in a small class size setting.  We have a max capacity of 8 students in our Pre-Tap dance class.  This allows the teacher to give each child more individualized attention, allowing them to develop skills faster and not feel like they are just a number in a large class. 

Our main focus is getting kids EXCITED about learning to dance.  We do this by keeping all of our dance classes fun and low-pressure, only offering recreational dance classes, and emphasizing the importance of self-expression and confidence.  Each child has their own unique abilities and talents and we help children uncover those by not just teaching dance classes, but by being a positive role model to each and every child we encounter.