Dance Class FAQ

FAQs for Dance Students and Parents


My child has never taken dance classes before, where do I start? 

For beginner students ages 3-5, we recommend starting with our Tiny Tots classes! For beginner students ages 6-8, we recommend starting with our Pre-dance classes, and for beginner students ages 7-12 we recommend our Youth classes. We also offer recreational classes if your child is not interested in participating in a recital. 

For more information about our dance programs, click here:


What attire should my child wear for dance classes? 

For our Tiny Tots classes: any clothes for exercise, or ballet shoes, tights, and leotard

For Ballet classes: ballet shoes, tights, leotard (for male-identifying students: tights, shorts, and a white t-shirt)

For any Jazz/Music Theatre classes: jazz shoes, tights/leotard, or any clothes for exercise

For Modern classes: ballet/jazz shoes or barefoot, tights/leotard, or any clothes for exercise

For Hip Hop classes: clean street shoes, any clothes for exercise

For more information, check out our dance handbook:


Do I need to stay for my child’s lesson? 

For children under the age of 5, we ask parents to remain in the lobby for their child’s lesson. Otherwise, you are welcome to drop off your child and return when their lesson is done! If you would like to watch your child’s dance lesson, we ask you to watch on the dance cam to keep class distractions at a minimum. 


What is the billing process? 

Your initial tuition payment and registration fee will be billed the date you enroll to hold your spot. After that, tuition is billed at the 1st of every month by automatic credit card charge. Monthly tuition is based on a 48 week year, so in the long months you will get five lessons, in the short months such as November and December, you will get three, and in most months you will get four lessons. The tuition remains the same each month; i.e we don’t charge you more when you have five lessons, and we don’t charge you less when you have three. Books and other products may be required for your lessons or class. These items are not a part of our monthly tuition therefore you may be charged additionally for products and/or books purchased through the school.


How do I pause lessons? 

If you need to take a break from lessons, we ask for a one month’s notice. All you have to do is notify the front desk staff by the 7th of the month prior to the month you’d like to take a break (i.e notify us by December 7th to be done by January 1st) so we can send you a withdrawal form. Once that form is completed we can process your withdrawal. 


What do I need to do if I have to cancel my weekly lesson? 

If you need to cancel your lesson, you can visit the student portal here to self-cancel:

For dance classes: No make up credits or refunds will be given for any student cancellations. For more information about our cancellation policies and other terms and conditions, click here to watch a video on how to review Terms and Conditions in Opus1


What happens if our instructor is unavailable/ill for our weekly lesson? 

If your instructor is not able to teach, the school will arrange to find a substitute. If a substitute is not available, we will arrange to make up your lesson at a later date when it is convenient for you. 


Do you have recitals or performances?

Yes we do! At the end of the dance season in spring we have a big recital for our dance students. We also have smaller performances offered throughout the year. 


What are the dance recital costs? 

In early to mid November we will process a dance recital fee depending on which class or classes your child is participating in (the amount will vary depending on class). This recital fee will include your child’s costumes as well a video of the recital performance.  Please contact us at for exact dates and charges.