5 Positive, Confidence-Building Affirmations For Young Musicians

Learning a new instrument isn’t always an easy rodeo. Sometimes your little musician might be feeling discouraged after their music lessons and in need of a serious pick-me-up. I’m sure you’ve tried different methods to soothe your kid when they’re frustrated by their instrument. But have you tried using positive mantras? 

Teaching your child some confidence-building affirmations is an excellent way to learn how to encourage themselves with positive self-talk. What are these affirmations, you say? Affirmations are phrases that we speak or think to ourselves, whether positive or negative. Children and adults can use positive mantras to motivate themselves, encourage positive life changes, and boost confidence. 

So, when your child feels intimidated or defeated by their instrument, pick a few feel-good, encouraging phrases for them to repeat. Here’s a lineup of 5 positive affirmations you can teach your young musician: 

 “I can learn how to do this.” 

When your child starts to feel frustrated or defeated by a challenging note, or passage they’re trying to master, this is an excellent affirmation to speak over themselves. Yes, nailing a new technique or song may be challenging, but they absolutely can learn how to do it. This affirmation is a testament to that truth! 

“I can learn from my mistake.” 

No professional musician got to where they are today without making mistakes. If your kid feels discouraged by mistakes, this positive affirmation will remind them that shortcomings are not only okay but they’re welcomed. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world, and they only present an opportunity to grow and become a better musician. 

“I can ask for help when I need it.” 

It’s not abnormal for some children to be shy when it comes to asking for help. Have your child repeat this mantra if they could use the extra boost of confidence! When they feel overwhelmed, your kid will remember that they can always ask their teachers or you for help when they need it. 

“I am doing the best that I can.” 

This positive affirmation for kids will be one they can hold onto for the rest of their life. Who couldn’t use a reminder that they’re doing the best they can? Your kid might want to compare themselves to other musicians, but the truth is, everyone has their own path, and it’s important to acknowledge their current accomplishments. 

“I am growing as a musician.” 

Not many people are born musical prodigies, so it takes time to hone a craft! Even professional musicians never stop learning. If your child needs a little boost to keep going, this affirmation will inspire them to keep looking forward to the journey! 

The best part about affirmations is that they are 100% customizable. Words are compelling and possess the unique ability to uplift people, so use them to your advantage. There’s nothing better than seeing your kid react to a stressful situation in a positive manner, and affirmations allow them to center themselves. Try these mantras out with your child, and watch their self-confidence flourish!