5 Ways Music Changes At-Risk Youth (And the One Way You Can Help)
“Music can change the world because it can change people” – Bono

With more than 30.7 million American children in low-income families, there\’s no doubt that we need to help. That\’s 43 percent of the children in our country! Research is clear that poverty is the single greatest threat to a child\’s well-being, so what can we do about it? Here\’s how music can make a difference and how you can help.



1. Increases Self-Worth – Studies have shown a significant positive increase in a music students self-worth. This is likely because students feel free to be themselves in the music room, and can gain confidence.

2. Increase in Academic Results – Studies of 8th grade students with a focus on the arts and a low socioeconomic status were 31 percent more likely to plan on earning a bachelors degree. High schoolers who had access to the arts were 3 times more likely to earn a bachelors degree than the students who did not get those experiences.

3. Increase In Workforce Opportunities – Low socioeconomic college students who had high exposure to the arts had a rate were 2 times more likely to choose a major in a professional career such as accounting, education, nursing, and social sciences. 50 percent of adults with low socioeconomic status and art-rich background expected to work in law, medicine, education, or management.

4. Increase In Community Involvement – Studies have shown that kids with high exposure to the arts and low socioeconomic status are more likely to volunteer than those of the same status with low arts exposure. Young adults involved in the arts were also 14 percent more likely to vote than those with low involvement in the arts

5. Creates Consistency – Many of the at-risk youth have an unstable home life or personal life. Music lessons are at the same time and day every week, creating a constant time blocked off in their schedule. Even if it may only be 30 minutes, that may be the only thing consistent in that child’s life.

How Can You Help?

Spark Music Studio has partnered up with Lux Homes MN and Inverted Arts to create the Jimmy C Jensen Youth In Music Scholarship. Our goal is to give a creative voice to the youth who might not get the chance otherwise. We do this by giving several scholarships each year for private one-on-one music lessons and providing the student an instrument to practice on. Financial donations are tax deductible in the United States and made through Inverted Arts a 501c3 non profit organization – let them know your donation is for this program. If you would like to nominate a child for the scholarship please fill out the application here.

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